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NC Legislature WINS & Some American Meltdowns

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 21, 2021 4:46 pm

NC Legislature WINS & Some American Meltdowns

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 21, 2021 4:46 pm

NC Legislature WINS & Some American Meltdowns

Today Steve talks with Matthew Winslow about some NC Legislature wins.  Steve gets snarky about some American Meltdowns.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your host Steve Noble all right here are looking forward to a good weekend. I myself and not tomorrow 9 AM. By the way, on Facebook, on the love life. Love life live believers across the country. At about 20 to 25 different abortion clinics out there for a prayer ministry prayer gatherings on Saturday mornings I'll be hosting that tomorrow morning at 9 AM so Eastern time, so make sure you're part of that you can be a part of that movement a part of those cortical peaceful protests purple protests outside these abortion clinics right there on Facebook so just go to the love life Facebook page and that starts promptly at 9 AM tomorrow and you'll see me on there so always look forward to getting an opportunity that every once in a while and and when I'm not there doing that which is not very common for four or five times probably and here I'm here in Raleigh. But today on the show. I want to get to in a second after showing to get to several things on the national level in my snarky Friday's persona will deftly come out as I dig through some of these things, but for the first half of the show I will stick to our own backyard will take care some North Carolina business because recently we had to cross over which is the date when things that get passed in the house go over to the Senate and vice versa instead of something doesn't make it doesn't get past about a crossover date was dead until the next session, but there's a lot of good things going on there and I one of our good friends representative Matthew Winslow North Carolina House District 7 is going to help us understand and see some bright spots, how you doing Matthew is doing great.

Good to hear from you as always. And I know it's a bit of a race to the finish line with a crossover date. So I've got several different things and end up like that.

You are right with them on one thing that I put on the list wasn't House Bill 190 was House Bill 180 that that goes along with the opioid thing sorted talk to those. But first, I know you wanted to talk about unemployment we heard the numbers recently. The national numbers when they are hoping there were to be a million new people on the job role, but they're only about 200,000.

They fell way short in the big problem is this whole unemployment mess that we've gotten ourselves into, because were making it more profitable for people to stay home and go to work anymore and you wonder about about the house and out of your local bookshop through things unit industrywide in every industry right now you seeing shortages and backlogs were not getting people back to work. Every euro paid in the study at home and not go to work in them or the week. There is no work search requirement. They took that away and go to COBIT and reduced it. So now there's no work search requirement should you go out there, click check in just a yes work. Good job. That's all you gotta do you prove that you search for three jobs and so we took all away with all the work.

So now you see across the board Esq. sling on his back longer shortages because we have a whole section of the workforce at home. It's really remarkable so so BC I think most of us see the problem there and there is a time perhaps to extend some grace and some mercy to people that were negatively affected by COBIT and what we did to ourselves.

With the economy but at this point I'm see people need to get back to work. So is there anything we can do legislatively at the state level Matthew that can help turn that around the world work on the work requirement back to work. Search requirement back in the wall on the Grosvenor change that you know we COBIT. I don't have a problem because it was a week we moved the goal on people you know are renewable going all okay with you the right hello are you crazy, we hold people accountable to all people, tell, show grace when needed and we now the country reopening your back works really remove go back the way it was before. And so there is some legislation that solutions working on the governor today and change the work requirement and continue his yellow. Hopefully that will get you around in the coming on the governor doesn't at this point because he is not running again doesn't have any reason other than just to kind of keep propelling that Democrat narrative forward, but for us as believers. Matthew and and I know you know this is a business owner and people that you work with all the time with your homebuilding business from a Christian perspective God made every single individual at their capable of it mentally and physically. He made us to work were made to be productive and when we incentivize a system that keeps people from working were actually violating the image of God and you end up with that with people that might feel good in them. In the short term but it's really harmful, we see that across the board in the welfare state in America and it's just from the Christian perspective Matthew, we have to understand that it's actually good and loving, and God honoring to make it incentivize for people to get back to work. It's not good for them or society for people to just to sit around and collect the check agree with you, and when God is making it make different services you not when when you create your critic or the crates that know you you and it was good. It was good that we all are you working you look back into the project is not product with that is what God is instilled enough to do work as we look back and we go and it was good because he created he created yet so important to remember that and so make sure you please let me know what's going on there legislatively why the governor want to turn this around. It's just a Democrat talking point, but please let us know what's going on there at the legislative level. Hopefully you guys can force his hands. Okay, there's a number of bills that have been passed that I wanted to go through between now and the end of the second segment and so there's a lot of good things happening out there. Most of the time people aren't aware there's only few things that really get any spotlight, but there's actually a lot happening down there and of course there was a big, big protest and a movement, not that long ago dealing with the vaccine mandate so that was HB 572 which was kind of a replacement for that, so that one got past what what does that do exactly so wanted to make sure that we have cooperated particle that we can continue to operate that way so that we can't have that we can have an executive order that mandate back and that's what the focus was on it and so we all live our lives the way you know if in harmony with the rules for which we all fold and now all the software just as that was travel, so there's no exact teams have are picking up there and Matthew were twins only come back right after this little North Carolina business and look at national issues and second-half fish are good friend Matthew Winslow other in Christ when house districts have been joins us today and just going through a wrap up of something that happened and move from the house over to the Senate before the crossover date came about.

So we are talking about the no vaccine mandate during the executive order or rule or a papacy if you will about Gov. Cooper and then this one.

Several of these things. Matthew are kind of a response to things that we've seen happening in the culture. Recently, HB 324, ensuring dignity and nondiscrimination in the school. Sounds like it's a little bit of a anti-critical race theory, Bill hello I will like what everyone should be treated fair and equal one of Dr. rise one race or one or the other Republicans. We promote regularly but Democrats are trying to play the game in weapon my great meeting agenda and what does the work we just want everyone treated fair thing dignity and rights, fight for all your list not go backwards.

Make sure were all treated fairly so that one affects primarily the public school system across the Carolinas are correct that the root for the public school: schools are chronic changed their other critical race theory on the HP 805 prevent writing and civil disorder. Obviously you are you are cosponsored that in that one was a reason I would imagine was a response to what we saw happening in cities across North Carolina and in fact the nation last year. Is that correct recruitment penalty and also what you want your chart will what I really like about it is that with the global hires Matt Winkler to go downtown and write it, and I do that locking the wall, after Steve Noble because he was a gator in the right one person also will help you.

What's important is paid agitators and writers across the country. Absolutely, absolutely.

And I will go back Oracle talking to about one group of villanelles like you that we will hold all called Makarios liquid. Allow them to excellent. HB 605 which I know is near and dear to you, the voter right to know accurate. The primary sponsor that that's move quickly unanimously passed in the house which is which. RBC needs is bipartisan. We talked about it briefly before but help us to understand what that's all about HB 605 voter right to know act very workable. There a lot of people out there information I needed didn't quite understand all the process but they were all not go to vote and will work on that one person, one thing different so what your coda phone number and the website lacquered before you walk in any information that you won't.

No question about it. They brought the drive integrity back into the system you voter feel comfortable that you have all that you need to make a Y when you go to me. I think that's when anything else about the integrity back excellent and then these next two are both about opioid HB 93, which is required opioid antagonist education which is really important excited you to explain that. Then a follow-up HB 180, which is just making August 31 is opioid awareness day. This is a huge issue by demonstration hasn't really set a peep about a trump administration was doing a great job of engaging this I'm glad to see these making it out of the house. Tell us about these right quick.

Remember that like myself are saying that her family because of this, or doctors prescribing opioids and you comes an issue with the patient and so what is now we were educating and advance the potential to also educating them in a loosely that you got one elderly in the family and they need opioid but also educate them on the dangers that but when you're on the household has overdose. What can you also give lifelong you can get a prescription for Narcan which immediately your blocker. So if you do have a child actively interested, it will block your report you think you and RCC 180 opioid awareness day.

Is this because a few years ago and I've had a number of guest on the show Matthew including a former Raleigh police officer who was injured on the job and then part of his shoulder surgery and in opioids and then that ended up he got addicted.

He wasn't looking for and I mean it was a devastating story and it's something that moms and dads and husbands and wives.

I had did a number of shows on it and people were just screaming for more awareness. So it's good to see this. HB 180 just designates August 31 is opioid awareness day with that kind of the point behind it. Robin awareness will you all on the broadcaster talk about politics greatly from the old problem solve the problem of land of the work that way. And so for me I'm like well you know the or crisis within your daughters that we don't want to build doctors and I don't agree you know what I think awareness day and bring it to where if the household what the opioid crisis is something that affects household and vision will not talk about street dealers and the average person, Rush Limbaugh, no one knew but a long time until he came out I recovered from this and help bring light to yes and super important HB 453, when I saw this line. I was anything that's kind of advancing the pro-life cause you and your family been very involved and very supportive of the pro-life cause RBC.

I have as well. HB 453 preventing abortion based on race, gender, and/or down syndrome down to know there is that there is a headline about two years ago, Matthew, and a major new fan of the New York Times or whatever it was like eight up in Greenland are up in Iceland. They cut the rate of Down syndrome babies almost down to zero. That was like wow that's great. How did they do that and then of course in the second paragraph it's because there aborting Down syndrome babies up there like crazy.

So tell us about this on HB 453.

I give a little bit hollow humanlike nondiscrimination papermaking. I don't want a girl. I don't want aborting about abortion.

I think they might have Down syndrome and I want held abortion breaks my heart even talk about making yourself only 50% effective parent making the own children based on what might be correct.

And besides that the children are our children are God. God created children want us to take care of a local work to make the board give him a chance because we think they may or may not have Down syndrome. This terrible and so went when I saw little pop up all removing the line in the direction anybody with a heart before his work in the hearts and minds of men and women in the story. Amen. Matthew, as always, thank you so much for your work down there. Thank you for helping us understand this and will be watching these things and praying for God bless brother we appreciate you love no show Matthew Winslow: his good friend of brother in Christ, also a member of the Nikon house district 7 I mentioned we are talking about the bill that is trying to push back on basically eugenics type abortions, and I reference the story. I didn't remember exactly where wise. I just found it on the break so this is in Iceland OKC. See the CBS news on assignment story and here's the title what kind of society do you want 11 inside the country were down syndrome is disappearing now and you see that Down syndrome is disappearing like wow did they find a cure for Downs and her mama what's going on, what's up with that okay with the rise of prenatal screening test across Europe and United States. This was from August 2070, the number of babies born Down syndrome is significantly decreased.

But few countries have come as close to eradicating down syndrome births as Iceland. You'll note the irony in a minute. Since prenatal screening test were introduced in Iceland in early 2000's. The vast majority of women close to 100% who received a positive test for Down syndrome terminated their pregnancy up Down syndrome baby you know what that means. Tell him Don Pardo well you know it's you don't want Down syndrome baby, do you think you really want to mentally, emotionally handicapped child and bring them in this world I mean is that life difficult enough as it is, and so nearly 100% of those women terminated. You want to get you want to get rid of Down syndrome of people in your society just kill. I know that sounds brutal and harsh, but it's just the truth that's exactly what's going on CBS News, making it look like Iceland's doing some awesome. They're doing some awesome all right awesome for the kingdom of the devil himself sees. I couple of coven stories because the scope it Pelosi ditches the mask at White House while doubling down on house floor rules when she like up close the jihadist what is a matchless House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mingled indoors at the White House event Thursday amazing. This is news while still enforcing coronavirus mass mandates in the house for that amount of $500 fine. Your Republicans balking at Pelosi's continued house mass work requirements hey what about the CDC.

Despite new guidance from the CDC called out Democratic leader for a double standard. This is the definition of hypocrisy representative Mark Green from Tennessee told Fox and friends on Friday last week Green veteran West Point graduate physician. What is he now is among the several GOP lawmakers find to 500 bucks this week for not wearing a mask on house for subsequent violations could reach 2500 Pelosi went matchless Thursday at the White House during his room celebration sign a new COBIT 19 hate crimes act and the law that it's dripping with irony is that she was spotted hugging and mingling freely at the event did not observe social distancing protocol hold Nancy a spokesperson for Pelosi noted that the official White House guidance for the event said that fully vaccinated guests would not be required to wear mass or socially distant nonvaccinated Guests, you know you are were asked to wear mass and keep their distance from others. Yes, separate but equal.

Perhaps White House guests were also tested for coronavirus before entering the event the speaker was required to attest her vaccination status are required to submit a negative test result, in order to attend this event drew handled spokesperson for Pelosi told Fox news. The CDC issued new guidance last week saying that mass are not necessary for fully vaccinated people in all circumstances.

While the White House felt followed by lifting its mask requirement. The house did not heal. Why that because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That's why Pelosi is relaxed Max guidance so that members could take their face coverings off when they were recognized to speak on the floor.

Meanwhile, there's no mass role in the Senate.

Pelosi and the capital attending physician Dr. Brian Monahan of said the house mass requirement will remain unchanged until all house members are fully vaccinated that we had freedom here apparently not.

We have a responsibility quote we have a responsibility to make sure that the House of Representatives chamber is not a petri dish because of the selfishness, some not to be vaccinated. Pelosi said on Thursday, but some Republicans of openly ditch their mass this week in a face fines of $500 apiece provide. I would just fill in and say I'm not can answer the question. I don't have to answer the question that I have a violation to sue Green the Congressman's accused plosive, ignoring the updated signs of stress harassment basically said you think then there's this pope found she hanging out with Chris Cuomo of the dynamic duo rate. This was kind of funny but really important.

Okay so you gotta pay attention to this stuff. Cuomo invited the president's chief medical advisor that Apache to address confusion over the by demonstrations really relax CDC mass guidance which bounty said, quote triggered an interpretation that we cannot just throw away mass, which is obviously not the case unquote fully vaccinated people would gladly follow the advice to shed their mass outside said Cuomo, but people who have not been vaccinated will cheat again.

You know who you are, quote the fix here. This is serious. This is the left. The fix here is something that is been studiously avoided by the administration.

Cuomo stated, you have to have a tracking mechanism, yet they have a vaccine passport otherwise this will never work.

Cuomo said because there is no way to differentiate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated sure there is sure there is little yellow star that'll help. Why do administration officials avoid the passport. Cuomo asked incredulously. Boucher replied that quote if you in fact require passport international level you're going to be discriminating against people and putting people at a disadvantage. Wow, sober minded moment there for the Pope denying unvaccinated people access to the public would amount to essentially forcing them in many respects to get vaccinated about, she said. Why shouldn't I get opportunities as a vaccinated person that you don't get as unvaccinated white men. Cuomo asked see I had that but that is listless and that preferential treatment for the faxed you unvaccinated to the back of the line.

Perhaps the back of the bus if you want to preference. People who are vaccinated.

You have got to give us a way to distinguish between those who are in those who aren't.

Cuomo said again this is seen in Cuomo Chris.

Okay, why put it on everybody else.I'm sure his brother would agree. Why not do it centrally at the federal level you guys that the best way to do it. You got the most date of the most manpower. Dr. Patsy responded Chris I don't have an answer for you.

She doesn't have the answer. Cuomo said in mock disbelief. This is really disturbing. A Gallup poll released earlier this month revealed how divided Americans are over the issue we are. While a slim majority of those surveyed supported private sector decisions to require proof of vaccination for very few activities but only due to overwhelming support among Democrats and liberals between 62 and 85% of Democrats welcomed a vaccine passport. Wait a minute, what about equality happened that diversity, while less than a majority of registered Independents Republican support documentation of vaccines for any public activity known how they said that while less than a majority so that could be like 40%. That's still a high number that are good with vaccine passport.

You think that's impossible in this country at this point with eschatological considerations looming in the background. I don't think so. Quote is a government mandated passports does raise legal and constitutional questions involving equal access from the Gallup poll as of the beginning of this month seven states that Artie pass legislation prohibiting government agencies and/or private businesses from requiring people to provide proof of vaccination before accessing services. I wish we were one of them, but not all seven states, at least not generally okay.

We talked about that very specific one. That's what Matthew was document. This document, a blanket one across the state. The one that did Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Texas and Utah all led by what they have in common class that's right Republican governors. Americans consider the idea of needing a federally issued document a fearful development quote. We are on the verge of East Germany.

Show me your papers said Fox news primetime house will cane on Monday.

The fight to control you to lord over you has just begun. Kane learned the left is going to push the vaccine mandates in vaccine passports. Yep that's exactly right. That's exactly where they're going.

Okay what to do next. Okay, this one new survey shows nearly half of millennial's don't know care or believe in God, okay. The latest survey of the American worldview inventory from Arizona Christian University cultural research Center found 43% of millennial's born between 1984 in 2002, said they don't know don't care or believe that God exists only 57% said they were Christian. Nationally, by the way across all age categories for years.

Nationally you've had somewhere between 70 and 80% of people that I'd self identified as Christian, doesn't mean they are, such as how they identify themselves.

Now it's just crashing down. Okay, so by the way, George Barna Barna research George Barna started buying research now is off doing his own thing, but he's behind this worldview inventory from Arizona Christian University, the cultural research center. He runs that now and eight George is going to be on for the full show coming up on June 22 okay I will let you know as I get closer by June 22 full show at George Barna were to talk about the state of Christianity in the nation from a religious perspective spiritual inventory perspective so will have George on for the entire show on June 22 so little bit more from this article the talk about the national debt, which is only expected to approach 89,000,000,000,000 x 20 29, so no issue there. And then ESPN Stephen a Smith slams Tim Tebo's return to the NFL as an example, white privilege will have a little fun that Steve Noble will drive yeah yeah thanks for the noble show.

You may notice I actually talk about Friday snarky Friday because by the end of five days consuming this type of time. If you are sitting room sitting you probably pretty snarky as well. I'm sure you do with it.

Your own life as we go through all these things, but really again.

I hope and pray that you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Okay, if you do with your born-again then your house is been placed on a firm foundation and so no matter what kind of crazy stuff going on in this world even personally. It's all temporary. Okay, only the human soul will last forever.

This planet eventually will I when heaven comes to earth, but that's that's the ultimate vaccination against all these things in this world you have trouble.

But be of good cheer Jesus and I've overcome the world. And so do you have that hope because if you don't the news of the day and what happened in the culture and everything will just wreck you real see you this to see nothing but darkness. But if you're in Christ you always have hope, and that's why I can come in here and do this, most of the time with a really good spirit and no lack of little but humor here and there because for me personally it helps to get through okay where you dive into this more in June. June 22 with George Barna, 43% millennial's book, people between born between 84 2002, so they don't know they don't care they still believe that God exists.

43% okay staggering the 2021 survey was conducted by intervening 2000 adults with a 2% margin of error. The report released earlier this month underscores the declining importance of religious faith in American life is highlighted in pandemic re-openings when pallet politicians prioritize restaurants and tattoo parlors and strip joints haven't had over houses of worship right and so we've seen pastors and churches get in trouble and you seat up in Canada they get. They arrested this guy. They've arrested a couple of pastors up in Canada because they dared to open man, but in a nation that's listen up. We talked about this with Steve days not that long ago with the blaze and you know he he he can be kind of a doom and gloom you know Bronson. While I mean we went through his whole list of 12 different things and one of them was hate you just get a deal with the fact you being you Christians meet you. If your believer that you live in a pagan nation.

Your Daniel in your living in Babylon.

Okay that's the deal and what you expect at about you.

We don't try to affect things in the here and now.

Absolutely love your neighbor as yourself, that we want to sit on the sidelines, do nothing, moved to Montana be on your 20 acres or whatever and let it all burn know because these things that happen in our country affect people. People made in the image of God and so you have to engage otherwise, you're not loving your neighbor as yourself is also a violation of the first major commandment when they asked Jesus that were the greatest screens command. Love your neighbor love the Lord your God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself because those two things fulfill the law, by the way you look at the 10 Commandments verse four vertical love God. Next six horizontal neighbor, the middle ones a little bit about time so loving your neighbor well if I'm gone the evening on I come 55's on 40 years. Most likely I'll be with the Lord if he gives me that long, US national debt expected to approach 89,000,000,000,040 years, no by 2029.

This is an Forbes beginning of May that and this is what were doing to our posterity. Nobody talks about this people in DC don't talk about this because they're all guilty that's I then talk about the US national debt is rising at a pace never seen in the history of America with the current debt exceeding 28 trillion, an increase of nearly 5 trillion in 14 months. Washington is now debating an infrastructure bill with price tag close to 2 trillion. Even without this additional spending. The national debt will approach 89,000,000,000,000 x 20 29.

According to US debt clock which I reference regularly and here.

This would put the country's debt to GDP ratio at 277% debt to GDP Gross domestic product how much you make versus how much debt you 277% make on a grand theory of $3000 in debt, boots, and you keep doing that every year problem surpassing Japan's current 272% debt to GDP ratio. The good news tongue-in-cheek is that the US economy grew by 6.4% the first quarter of the year. The bad news is that after we return to normal future economic growth will not be as robust, primarily due to the burgeoning debt.

Yes, America is losing or perhaps already has lost control of its public spending that was going while looking at data since 1901. This is an Forbes federal government receipts and expenditures were mostly in line until the early 1970s. Sure, we had deficits at times. Where were wine. The Great Depression were were to even then washing had some measure of control over expanding when the country was still in the gold standard.

But when that Nixon abandoned the gold standard and 71, the shackles were removed. Why, because then we could just print it again when he had a gold standard healing as much Money as you had goal. Now you get rid of the gold standard you have what's called fiat money just print while in more recent times Washington's propensity to overspend is been unparalleled when the financial crisis hit late 2007, Congress passed a series of spending bills on his quantitative easing to help the country emerge from the great recession back then expenditures were about 67% greater than receipts the Cova 19 pandemic is brought in a new wave of spending our nearly 92% greater than receipts higher okay. Simply put, were leveraging our future to stimulate today's economy there you go there it is. Who cares about our posterity. We need to keep the stock market propped up. We need to keep the dollar propped up and we need to keep our jobs here in Washington DC. The massive case of immoralities, systemic immorality, especially at the DC level and first states. The vast majority of states in these United States. Their second or third largest source of income to the state's federal money did you know that second or third federal money all things completely upside down. It's a train wreck and in that's what my students every year and I show him a couple of different videos and we talked about, and the like will Mr. Noble. What can we do and I like honestly I don't know we can't grow our way out of this we can cut the budget out of it.

That's not can work well. Maybe we balance our budget.

Okay fine but were still were still going to be 30 trillion 40 trillion 50 trillion in debt, you can't pay that down it just doesn't work. So what you do. For example, with a company that's going on there like that you get some of bankruptcy protection while you reorganize right I think is kind of where were at right now but eventually what you do it either closes down or gets bought or emergence. That's what I think were moving towards and I would bring an end times theology and there which the book of Revelation talks about 10 different kingdoms in the end, not about America but 10 different kingdoms, so does America just emerge. I think that's what we'll have to do. Hey Canada hey Mexico a couple of the people he got a deal for him to make an offer you can't refuse.

You help us out and we all slammed together here economically or you get nothing. Take your pick. Lord help us then there's this this one was just us. This is just to be an example of a critical thinking and how you can a deal with some of the stories. If you deal with facts and stop ESPN Stephen a Smith slams Tim Tebo's return to the NFL is an example of white privilege. ESPN sports commentator like I thought there about sports there Stephen a Smith claim Thursday that white privilege is the primary reason that former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebo has been given another opportunity to make it the National Football League. This is from the story I'm going to bring up white privilege when I brought up Steve Nash getting the job in Brooklyn. Is this not an example of white privilege. Smith said on ESPN's first take before asking what brother do you know that's getting this opportunity site about African Americans obviously now that makes people uncomfortable because were talking about race Smith continued, but let me be the first to say I don't give a Blank how you feel. I mean what I say it is white privilege Tebo and outspoken evangelical Christian former NFL quarterback signed a one-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week in a bid to make the team at the tight end position Tebo's former college coach at the University of Florida urban Meyer is now the head coach of the Jaguars. Maybe it's a little bit more like I don't know of team history, nepotism opposed to the fact that Tebo's white Meyer had previously defended his team's decision to give Tebo a trial earlier this month by claiming his former player was in the best shape of his life in a competitive maniac and and a statement expressing gratitude to Jaguars for the opportunity. Tebo said, quote I want to think the Jaguars for the opportunity to compete in turn, the chance to be part of this team. I know to be a challenge but it's a challenge I embrace I'm dedicated to taking the direction of our coaching staff and learning for my teammates. I appreciate everyone's support as I embark on a new journey." It reminds me of member this when Michael Jordan went in the minor leagues in baseball and they gave him a job. I mean, he was later in life right wrapping up his NBA career as the greatest of all time. Without a doubt you Lebron fans out there but you know why he got a job in the minor leagues, because obviously it was white privilege away the 33-year-old athlete last play in the NFL in 2015 he was drafted in 2010 by the Denver Broncos where you know we had a little rush there, but then it fizzled out during the segment on ESPN. Smith said he was happy for Tebo as a person, but argued that similar opportunities would never be given the black athletes such as Colin He also linked his reaction to the black community's reaction to George Boyd's death last year because quote Smith because black people have repeatedly felt like we have the proverbial knee on her neck. He said we constantly have to scratch and claw our way when we see someone of a different ilk of a different ethnicity getting opportunities. We know we would never get. That's where the words white privilege comes okay so I saw the headline might know this be good. Then I read it and then when I got to the end of the article I did something that I usually do with articles like this I go to Google what you think I Google the thing that I googled came up with an answer of 68.7%. We think that it that's the percentage of the NFL.

That's made up of African-American white privilege is alive and well in the NFL, then why is nearly 70% of the NFL made up of African-American players. Mr. Smith. What's up with that one will. Maybe they just deserve to be there and maybe, just maybe, Tim Tebo, deserve a shot at me doesn't perform.

I can guarantee they'll cut even though his wife, Mrs. Steve no longer felt God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always have her for another program powered by the Truth Network

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