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Is it leave public school?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 18, 2021 4:32 pm

Is it leave public school?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 18, 2021 4:32 pm

Is it leave public school?

Is it time to leave public school?  Alan Hahn and Bob Newman from Iron Academy join Steve to discuss the obvious issues and offer some pointers for how to choose the right school for your kids (especially your son).


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your host Steve Noble government school system and so we got a lot of talk the talk about the day and for number reasons, but this is just kind of an egregious example. This is down for youngsters. Okay, but this is actually out there.

I found out about this book I purchased it. Of course on Amazon thank you Mr. Beto's and here it is. It's called the gay BC is rally a friend who is there to stand up for you. With love, with strength, love and care IPA. That's good that B is for by you can shout it out loud. I like boys and girls and that makes me proud. C is for coming out, you're ready to share what you feel deep inside it's okay to be scared. D is for drag.

You can strut and dance and close that you love dresses heels or pants is very quality expert family G is for gay ages for help eyes for intersect and joy Kiki lesbian Mountain non-binary orientation pan, queer respect sachet trends unique Vogue. Wonder and ask is for acts of course. And that is the gay BC.

Okay, that's an extreme example of one resources out there, but super younger people children's book but but it is out there now. Maybe for you if you're in the public school system. Perhaps it's critical race theory would done a lot of shows on that in the last three or four months permeating the public school system out there. I was already in the colleges amount in the public school system right here in wake County and across North Carolina's been a big issue Joan about cross-country. Maybe it's just all masking thing in teaching from home and being online or speaking a COBIT now maybe it's COBIT vaccines because they cannot mandate it yet because are still experimental, but the word on the street is sometime this summer. The FDA is going to give full approval McDonough Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Whatever else comes along and once they do, your school system can require you to have your children fully vaccinated for COBIT and maybe you don't want to deal with any of that are part of that. So the question becomes what you do what one of our great partners that's been on the show many times and just a great story of God's grace and and that what he likes to do through his people. Iron Academy and Alan Hahn is been here many, many times over the years, Alan. Great to see again. The CEO, chief education officer, how are you very well. Good to see you you as well and then you brought somebody that I just met with you today wanted to introduce Mr. Newman and them will dive in. Yes, this is Bob Newman. He's joined iron Academy this year. Terrific man of God. Wonderful educator, supremely experienced and been teaching, not just around here but really, around the globe.

Yes, around the room you got a lot so what was it about iron Academy that attracted you never to basically be talking about if you're in the in the in the pool at to the point where you're ready to put your kids out of school. Generally, what should you look for instead of just running away from something. What are you gonna run to sort of talk about that. Of course we'll talk about iron Academy in the context of that. If you have young men in your household or grandsons here in the wake County area. We want to talk to you specifically but not for you, Bob. What was it that attracted you iron Academy. What is you said it's something to run to what I thought about iron Academy is set, it takes not only the takes not only the mind but it also challenges a man's heart and and that's what attracted to me tea is an education without putting a man's heart into it is just words and it in fact it creates more of a problem then if you have a man that's educated not only in his mind, but in his heart. Yeah that's such a huge point. Of course that's really kind of the essence behind iron Academy is not just an excellent academic experience and education. But what you do with these young men's heart having so just for people that maybe might be nude, iron Academy on just to give him a 101 on iron Academy number to talk the rest of the show about to what's going on in public school system and if you're ready to leave. Where should you go, but trying to get short so iron Academy is a middle and high school for young men were really focused on three things, but the primary thing is revealing God's perfect design for young men within each young man that comes to us so biblical manhood is.

First, we have a an education that is male centered. It's very engaging. It keeps them active throughout the day but it's it's it's very good to getting the results we want.

And the third thing is leadership development. We give them active daily opportunities to practice real-world leadership associate that's really what iron Academy is not show those three things are what were focused on yeah and obviously quite a different way of going at education, not just the educational process itself reaching the man's heart is. Bob is talking about. I will always conduct myself as a gentlemanly peer speak true right wrong and follow the king that the honor code it, iron Academy, so are you finding over these last couple years and maybe especially in the last 12 months Alan that you have families coming to you with young men six through 12th grade are rising seniors that that are ready to get out of the public school system, or perhaps transfer out of out of the homeschooling world, but hasn't changed in the last 12 months because the COBIT and what's been going on. Yes it has changed yet, so we've actually had to turn away more families than ever before. We do have openings but the families that we have brought him are very much in tune with what we believe, from a biblical perspective. They want more for the young men also wouldn't say we've had an inundation of public school families. We certainly have had them in the day doing really well me been pleased to have them, but we've also seen a lot of movement from homeschooling to and from other Christian schools of sweetheart it's it's been a good fountain from several places yeah and and what we've seen over the last 12 months is I think a lot of people went on slamming here in North Carolina. The homeschooling registration website crashed last. I think it was April or May. As parents are getting frustrated stay at home education you look at North Carolina look around the country and the percentage of children that were getting especially middle school, high school level that were getting F's on their report cards just skyrocketed up 30 and 40% in some places in LA County. They had they had about 40,000 students that never showed up online. They just didn't show up.

And so parents were getting frustrated in the mental and emotional and even spiritual problems that have occurred as a result of pulling our kids out of school and then but you guys. You know you had to deal with the reality of COBIT, especially early on. So how did it affect iron Academy will like everybody else here. North Carolina did affect us, especially March through May of last year we did have to go fully remote. We did a few things differently than most people. We were we were alive the entire times we had video and audio. The whole time with our students. We had active engaging classes, but one of the things we found is as much as we want to we keep it's very difficult to develop the biblical manhood aspect remotely and we don't know how to do leadership. So we were excited to get back here in August and completely live again got completely live in person. I know it's a shocking but sober and unpacked when they come back will start talking about what's going on in public school systems. What we need to be concerned about. And then if you're ready to leave. If you're getting out of there.

Where should you go iron Academy being an obvious option if you have young men six through 12th grade.

The wake County area. This is Steve Noble will be right back to back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show six 789-1011 and pushing towards senior year at that you, your son or your grandson, then you're here in the Raleigh area, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, wake County, basically North Carolina and you understand you realize. And I think most of us do, and I don't really know any people personally that think the public school system is okay and even private schools, which on an educational level can be much better but still you have a moral issue. A worldview issue and perhaps a critical race theory type issue and then you go to a private Christian schools which all don't operate the same in then you have issues with how young women are taught versus how young men are taught that's a very serious issue and there's very serious differences there.

We have COBIT issues all kinds of other stuff, but if you are ready to make that leap. It's not just a matter of running from but what are you running to We've talked often about iron Academy of always heard them their messaging here on the show because we been partners ever since I got started in Allen and I've known each other for gosh how long 15 years, 18 years yet long time so I became a crazy activist and the noun became a crazy educator is already an educator, but then iron Academy got born and this is just been a partnership in a friendship that we see God bless and use in many different ways.

Iron starting six grade I went to high school, but were talking about.

I we were just talking about the break of Bobbitt taught internationally for the last 10 years, 26 years in the military.

Thank you for your service.

By the way Bob and I was asking on the brake kind of what was your perspective when you came back to America as an American in somebody that served in the military but having been gone for 10 years did America really changed all that much in a decade. Oh gosh yes it's hard to believe. First, people outside America sees coming to the land of stuff while you walk into a Walmart and there's 26 different types of toothpaste and for 10 years. We were used to. One or two types so that's a change that can be a I can be a very hard thing for somebody get used to but the sad thing is, is the moral values are are slipping away from us. It is just become a land of stuff yet. Yes that's a great point. Such a profound way of looking at just the land, stop, and then I also asked you about and I will get into the cell and asked you about head you have would you ever consider teaching in the public school system in your answer was meaningful. Yes no that's lost its soul yet lost its soul. And so there's no heart there. It's just process but it's not devoid of about of an agenda is Alan no, but I think we are to be careful not to disparage the public school teachers because right of the direction does come from the top of but there does increasingly seem to be an agenda that is contrary to biblical worldview with us in regards to sex and gender.

How we view one another.

Our sin nature and which people are sinful and which aren't. Because that's were starting to see that more and more, but yes, there is definitely a worldview agenda. It is changing very rapidly.

We would say we've seen a lot of change in the last 16 years. What we've got. We've got state governments like in Florida, others that there's an effort afoot here in North Carolina to literally band critical race theory because it can be so destructive. Should we be willing to talk about race and ethnicity in the history of this country from an honest perspective absolutely critical race theory goes well beyond that turns everybody against each other. You want to talk about United we stand, divided we fall radical racer is an excellent way to get there faster than you would expect and so those are issues that are expanding and in I appreciate what you said we can't throw every teacher on the bus. Not all teachers are bad teachers but not all teachers are good teachers either.

There are teachers in there like we had black lives matter type curriculum here in wake County, not that long ago and there's teachers that actually believe in and why they believe in it.

I don't know I'm not gonna judge their hearts, but I can certainly look at the fruit in these very serious things for young people. I mean, they're not being taught how to think are being taught what yet very true and my issue with some of the direction were going there, especially in regard to races we don't want to make the same mistakes we made in the past. We don't want to disparage people for their color and we don't want to do the opposite of what we did in the 60s and prior to that, God tells us God doesn't make mistakes when he created us, he created us different skin tones different heights different intelligence different looks, and we hit making mistakes, we should values that in each other. We should protect that we should never deride that of some of the modern theories are or forcing us to disparage people or to consider people more sinful than other people, which is a dangerous place to yeah yeah based solely on their skin color which is exactly what's happening out. You are showing me something before we went live on the show that you guys incorporated kind of terra-cotta pushback of what's going on specially with critical race theory and how we see each other and again at iron Academy just like on this show in our lives whether Bob or you Alan and me and my family. Number one. The foundation is Christ. The biblical worldview and how do we look at other people how we look at each other, but I really appreciated you, you go through this right quick is it for very powerful points is a huge difference to me what's going on at a place like iron Academy and what's going on your local high school and middle school. So with all the things, especially since last March when the quarantine happened and I think this will go on the devil's greatest hits. If you want to destroy a nation or culture. The pandemic was a way to do it and separating people out. We have we have made it very difficult for people. Young people especially to learn how to live in community with one another and with the race riots in the in the different things that were happening and were hearing that were systemically racist country and were starting to tear ourselves apart. We had to look at is it all right what is it we really was God really want us to do with this and we had to take a look at of it and what we came up with was a document that we use internal internally called how we shall treat one another down before things but first and foremost is we do not devalue God's created beings.

If we are made in his image. We don't we don't make fun of people.

We don't want people. We value those things.

So if it's if it's intelligence looks, color, weight, conjunct congenital abnormalities that we don't make fun of this, thinks Cozart does or not, mistakes everybody is to be valued as an estimable worth simply because there may be image of God. Just thinking of life.

What we can debate and should debate are the human conventions.

The things we do in a culture moral values cultural expressions, beliefs, opinions, those kind of things we should talk about. We as Christians were were supposed to do that when some we were supposed to bring people to us, but we can debate them and we can say no that's not right or yes that is right and we need to be focused on virtues for those first two points. I mean it's just like John 114, Jesus, full of grace and truth.

You got grace in the first point when we never devalue anybody in the up truth and the other point nobody's truth claims should be beyond examination and debate in in schools that simply not allowed, but but in this situation with iron Academy.

Yeah, you can come in and espouse it. Be ready because working to talk about and that's fine, okay, what point number three so point number three like Jesus boil down the 10 Commandments we love God we love people. That's our lifelong duty to learn how to love God. But as we also learn how to love people. We need to learn how to talk to them and respect them. So if we have people who differ with us theologically or reject our theology if they embrace the gay VCs or if they promote gay marriage, we don't mock them.

We don't deride them we love them. We can disagree with them because we can talk about those things because as human conventions, we must love them well in the number four well, we must be beacons of truth.

We must bring people to Christ.

So we need to learn how to pursue righteousness. And that's pursuing virtue, so that's that. Those are basically the four tenets of our document of how we shall treat one another.

Yeah, and am working to have breakers a second lobotomy come back. I want to ask you again because your perspective, having taught in other countries. For the last 10 years and will review what countries those are in then your perspective on what's happening here in the environment and the environment of education, but in general on the issue of race because people would ask that question. I've been to Iraq have been the applicant had been to several places in the Thailand racism is different here than it is in other parts of the world Well, how does that affect your kids will be right back world and I cannot hear what's going on what happened with you on a minute if you know what it is worth what talk about that another time. Welcome back at Steve Noble and Steve Noble show today without one of my favorite guests and a dear friend Alan Hein from iron Academy, the chief education officer just an incredible school for young men strike boys from your vocabulary. If you want to raise boys.

That's what you're going to get there to be boys under 10 when their 15 when their 18 and unfortunately they're still good to be boys when they're 25 and 28 and 30 and 32.

We got a nation full of boys, men without chests. I think with that CS Lewis is been without just mostly that's because we we've allowed it to happen. We out some get on a rant.

Now we outsourced our our religious education for kids mostly to youth group this outsource it to. We don't really live it out at home.

We don't talk about it much. And then we sent them off to school. Here's the map okay since Bob is here today. Prof. Newman is here. The bat teachers up at an iron Academy so much more kindergarten to 12th grade. Bob okay, here's the numbers in America kindergarten to 12th grade is about 16,000 hours butts in the seats okay literally in school 16,000 arson concurrent with great let's say you tell me what can a Christian family visits other. There son and daughter.

They go to Sunday school for an hour they go to the church service for an hour.

They go back Sunday night for Sunday night youth group or whatever for an hour and they come back Wednesday night for dinner in the Bible study on Wednesday night.

That is good Christian family Goldstar Christian family will**okay to our Sunday morning another hour Sunday night another hour Wednesday four hours a week kindergarten through 12th grade $2400 16,000 hours butts in the seats verse 2400 hrs. Goldstar Christian family. Now let's throw in popular media on top of it which is about another 16,000 32,000 hours. Concurrent growth grade versus 2400 hrs. Goldstar Christian family and church in my question always Alan for appearances.

How good of a parent do you think you are can you do Bob Matt so near those numbers on the go to her mathematician verse.

How should we approach that Bob knowing that that the numbers are against us as parents in terms of that's mostly godless teaching how do we do think where we are really aware of the daily lives of anti-biblical teaching. While we might not be a we might not be aware of it but as parents were were instructed to protect her children keep them from the world, but let them know what's in the world and so I would say out of the 16,000 hours or needs to be some parental involvement in the choices that the children may come in. That is why there at home. That is why there.

The parents have an active role.

That is why iron Academy wants to partner with the parents yeah and that's the whole point and to be intentional because on the break, Alan. We were talking about. There's a word that that people are very nervous about when it comes to public education being in the government schools and the word is brainwashing. And when we hear brainwashing or and or indoctrination. People tend to go. I'll hold on a second.

You guys are just crazy Christians are little over the top. You might as well be Mennonites moved to Pennsylvania. Whatever. But do you think I mean, for those are the don't know Alan. He's very levelheaded, not given to hyperbole. Okay is that hyperbole brainwashing. No, in fact, that's a large part of what education this work is not playing Washington getting them to absolutely have to think a certain way. But when you present information you do create people who tend to see the world in a certain way.

That's been the purpose of education in the colonial times after colonial times and then we started creating workers and today were more towards social engineering. Sounds like a terrible term it is. But whether you go to a biblical school or a public school. You need to have people who your child is being taught a worldview how they see the world how they see the beginning of the world what they see. The purpose of man is what our ethics should be how we should live.

How we shoot and react to different things and so yes we are children are being brainwashed to think certain ways and the less we have less. We are involved in that the more susceptible they are to believe whatever they're taught, so it won't clearly one of the most important decisions we ever make is apparent is who are we going to ally in the education of our children who we can entrust with that. Yeah that's their mind. That's a very serious decision and I think 50 years ago grown up here.

Bobby grew up in America this idea in and when we think back to childhood education.

It's kind of simplistic and nice and sweet and kind. You don't really look bad. I don't look back at it and go there something else going on there, but that obviously there was but I will have much much memory of that but is that tech talents point everybody's teaching a worldview whether they know it or not, of course you are. It's it's what's behind the curtain, but the the idea, and in America was.

America was a place of creativity. America was a place of differences where you could bring varying ideas to the classroom and they would all be accepted. Yeah, that is not true today. Yet critical think that's classic liberalism right is a classic liberalism is.

Let's put it all on the table yes, and let's put it all under the same microscope and let's examine it and see what stands up, but we don't do that anymore because you're not allowed to talk about ulterior things you don't.

If you have a problem with COBIT or you have a problem with gender. You have a problem with the KDC book that I have severe all the sudden you're an enemy and you have to be silenced. Not sounds like indoctrination or brainwashing to me. What used to be a coat be accused of not being open-minded, most open-minded yes because you come into a chrysalis so so young man comes into his classroom. Maybe your classroom Bob and they have an opinion that's different or off from a biblical perspective. What happens to ground him to give extra work. They got side to 50 push-ups. What happened today Mike that they might not disagree.

They might not agree with the biblical narrative or biblical position. How do you handle that one of the things we definitely try to do it.

Iron Academy is we do want our guys to have a safe place to ask all those questions, yeah.

So when a young man to put it comes from us to us in 6/7 ninth grade they believe everythingin section 7 integrity believe everything their parents told him the church has taught them in eighth grade they start to question those things and what we want in ninth through 12th grade is the opportunity to really test those things. Sure we do apologetics we teach all those things about. We want them to feel comfortable testing those in talking those through us that when they do go off and they do get challenged with about those things in college are they been well grounded. They know who they are in Christ.

I know what it means to be a godly man. They know what right and wrong is they know what virtue is a new advices and they heard some of the arguments before it, but they've been allowed to own that for themselves and in no we do not force-feed that now we are a little bit different than many, even Christian schools in most Christian schools are evangelical nature, which is a wonderful thing and we need 10,000 more evangelical evangelical schools. But instead of being an outreach trying to bring people to Christ. We are trying to create a genuine discipleship community. Yes we do have people who do put profess a belief in Jesus Christ and his ability to change your lives, and that is the force of North so we talk about those things and if your school primarily focused on Biblical manhood. You do have to people who believe in Jesus Christ but there is a broad avenue to travel for Biblical manhood and to figure out what that isn't to figure out what that means and how I should live. We have lots of opportunity to agree and disagree and we want them to question these things with the last thing we want them so we were not about behavior control and no biblical community can be just about behavior control. It will usually be outside of just yelling sewer for if we could do one thing it iron Academy would be heart change which is the one thing we can't do. But we try to create an atmosphere ripe for God's perfect design for Biblical manhood to count Alicia meant that with all your strength, not just in teaching Bob and being in the military for 26 years. How have you seen the effectiveness of that since your newer iron Academy what you seen since you been there with with respect what islands talk about what want to send it out at an iron Academy that oppresses me so much is that leadership development and servant leadership. Just today I came from a study hall. One student was struggling with the subject to other students came by to help him.

That is something that it makes you proud to see but you can't mandate that you can't mandate a person to look at another person and see them as a brother you can't look at that and see that on minute care about somebody else besides myself. I mean it could be forced but this was the force I was just an observer saying hey, this is somebody in my class there struggling this the subject, let me help them out and that leadership development that opportunity to grow is a is a man that that's not always a perfect run but it's for dark sure yet Jesus fits and starts so much easier to learn it as a younger person than to wait till you're older and that's the environment that that the leadership is offered it iron Academy jacket.

Decades of things to unravel. But if you start out the right way so I want to focus on the rest of the show Alan on the people to say okay I'm done with public school system and by the way, if you think everything's fine in the public school system. You need to pray for wisdom and discernment on that because it isn't okay and you got to remember, even though we might think you know here in wake County. What we have awakened the Board of Education not going to stop most of the Board of Education around the country are controlled by the federal government by via money.

Okay, so the national government sends money down to state and local level for education, but their strings attached.

Title IX is all kinds of strings attached so you can implement federal educational philosophy on a local level V of the pursestrings. So you have to remember that you cannot trust the public school system implicitly, even if you love your teacher if you're ready to get out where you go you make that decision. What agenda are you looking for what kind of programs. What kind of pluses are you looking for will talk about that with Valentine from iron Academy.

When we come back, looking back at talk about something that is important should be important. All this listen. By the way we talk to Alan on the day and Bob Newman from iron Academy what my kids are out of school, our grandkids are young, whatever list of whether your kids are in the school system still or not is irrelevant. If you call yourself a Christian and if in fact you are the blood of Jesus Christ than you have to worry about your neighbors as much as you worry about your own family. So when I engage the school system years ago and called action started in 2004 we went after the wake County Public school system here in the Raleigh area on all kinds of stuff in the media used as mealtime because they knew we were homeschoolers so they say. What were your kids go to school is the same old garbage every time I like we homeschool the cooling of the questions, well if you homeschool Mr. Noble. Are you involved in wake County Public school system. I think you are my constitutional answer my biblical intertie will give them both to my constitutional answer.

They're spending my money where my money goes. I have some say the taxpayer okay as my Constitution is my biblical answer whether my kids are in that school.

The relevant somebody else's kids are his wife to love my neighbor as myself. I need to look at the school system and how they treat children as if those children were my own biblical standard and so for all of us with your inner out you need to care about what's going on in public school system. There's a word that we don't use very often that our founding fathers use regularly and included it in the Declaration of Independence and that word is posterity, not prosperity pills very posterity. What's happening to the people that are coming behind us in and I think we don't pay much attention to our posterity anymore.

Alan, we just thrown in the system and hope everything is gonna turn out all right and whether or not doing much in their late 20s worse were shocked that it ended up that way but help people understand, to get out of that mess. The public school system. How do I find the right spot where they start will we shouldn't choose alternative schooling because we care less because we care more now if I imagine the people who listen to this radio program are more intentional than your average person who calls himself a Christian, definitely.

You should only allow people to be your educational partner if they share your worldview.

The basic tenets of August with your homeschooling you share this world is right that is your world right but you need to find a Bible faithful school that they may love the word and their date here to the word you need.

In my opinion, a teacher centered environment it rather than a student centered, because we mean by that. Okay what I mean by that is most modern schools are leaning towards a student centered educational experience or trying to teach toward social improvement goal, whereas a teacher centered environment is is the teachers, the boss of the classroom there taking the students in a direction educationally that they know is the proper place to go and we do need to trust teachers to do that. That's what they're paid for. You need to have that same month biblical wound like a rabbi back in Jesus's day come, follow me Rabbi and his disciples. We believe that it should be virtue focused so you should be learning what is right what is wrong, you should be learning about the vices and the virtues it should be content rigorous because it is a school. Schools are schools in school yet.

Got to teach it should build capable citizens under you and I are both Constitution teachers. That's the one class I still have not given up that I will not give up. I love teaching the Constitution. This is a very important one. If you're going to share in this experience with other parents and this this pertains to homeschoolers to pleasure you do have community, it is not locked up in your homestead. The whole time, but you need to find lot like-minded parents, parents, and I'll give a real simple illustration of that if you're trying to teach her son or daughter that they don't need a cell phone that they don't need this digital key to the entire world until there driving age, or so you say were not to give our son or daughter, a smart phone until there driving another 17 or their 18 well that you have very good reasons for doing that. But if you don't have a community of like-minded people makes it very difficult doesn't mean you can't do it and you are still the parent but it makes it so much easier if you have like-minded people with you, so find people who were of like-minded community who can do this the bar the African proverb that Hillary them. Then Barb does take a Christian village to do this be like root minded regarding the use of technology as well. Technology is a big one is what you're going to trust another educational partner to help you with this and how much educate how much technology do you want in the classroom. How do you want textbooks do you want everything to be digital.

Do you want them to be programming the whole time or do you want them to get into the classics and write in books and write on paper so there are all kinds of things that you need to make sure that your educational partner believes what you believe values what you believe what you value that you have a common direction. If your primary goal is to get your son or daughter into MIT for engineering then you pick a certain type of school if you want to reveal God's perfect design for them as a godly young man or dog young woman, then you have a different educational partner you can do both of there's no prohibition on Christians being strongly educated and being able to go to MIT sir, but that may not be your primary focus is the things you should look for as is responsible Christ following father and mother you want the very best for I just can't overemphasize how important it is to trust the right person with your child right mind right well evidence is like, you can have somebody come babysit your kids for $16,000 in kindergarten to fourth grade who even a higher you're probably get an interview. That's probably not can be a lackadaisical processor can be very intentional about that. What about Boys and Girls Club men and women versus a single-sex environment because we talked about this whole shows on this in the past where he talked about the difference between how young men learn and how young women. I think all the snow that instinctively Bob knows that you know that I know that is apparent and is a teacher but what about that, should that be an issue in terms of making a good choice and is that a bigger deal for a boy than it is for girl though. That's the last was a good question, no I think it's an equal issue for both in so worse on all middle school young ladies aren't the problem is not it's the opposite sex.

That is the problem that is the distraction, and it goes the same same way for young men and boys being the distraction. If it depends which educational outcomes are what you want them to be.

But if you're focused on education really teaching your young man to how to be a young man then you focus on that.

If you want to to help a young lady become the young lady. She was created to be the new focus on that so many the dangers of a coed environment. Right now our our society is teaching young ladies how to address that's putting all kinds of terrible pressures on them to address certain ways. It to behave certain ways to their sexual behaviors, all of which are leading them away from a biblical worldview.

Will the same thing is true for guys, usually is less social media pressure and more that of the of what they'll get on on discord or gaming platform or toward their sports euros. So that's taking them away from a biblical worldview and how they treat one another. So if if any of us who are older can look back on our middle school and high school years. We probably didn't treat the opposite sex very well go view them when they were a target. A goalie a conquest to be had and that's that's not a godly way to do things and is the father of a son in a daughter. I don't want that for my son and I don't want that for my daughter from an academic standpoint as a matter because you always learn differently than girls yes well I will I will speak for an Academy. The average IQ increase after one year and I are an Academy is 8.7% after two years, it's almost 15%, and that it goes down. After that, because we run out of room on the bell curve, but it works. And again this is not against women. It's just that we we are teaching them the way young men prefer to learn. We are giving them an honor code that always yields a gin and a gentleman scholar. Eventually I we do brain breaks here we get them up and moving around throughout the day. I took my Constitution class out today and we are out there. We had dumbbells and one partner was doing squats while the other was doing push-ups on the alternative for three minutes were back to class and no problem endemic having them being in an environment where they can expect more and hold each other accountable is great and there's no reason young ladies can't do the same for grade-point Bob from your premier experience and not just being at iron Academy, but your education on the international field and military as well. What would be your advice or couple minutes for parents that are like okay I want to get out of public school system but I'm not quite sure what would you say would be some of the top priorities will certainly it's not something away from something to run to and what you want to look for is you want to look for an education that educates the whole person. A holistic approach. Yes, you want to educate the mind. She can look for a class with rigor you can look for a class that can present a challenge to all types of students for those that may dwell on that subject to those that might be challenged, but then you got also have the heart in it and you gotta teach why do I need to have this I mean you can look at history of World War II, the Nazi leaders.

They had master's degrees of the mine but they had no heart to see you got it you got educate the heart and it's not just a heart and and ahead matter. But then a sure soul because as a Christian I know that I'm more than just this world.

I know that that I have an eternal purpose. So then you better tie that together that brings together a strength that brings together where you can rely on all of the parts of you, and you can go to your creator and you can and you can find your purpose and not just wandering around and I think if you look for an education that holistic approach is the way to go yeah think that such a great point because you cannot you can to your point Bob. You can you can have Alan an educated monster. You can have well educated people that do nothing effective for society and in fact you have well educated people that can tear society down thoughts that the education mind, the heart, the center, the person that the eternal spirit in the public school system ain't doing what they are there just doing it from the wrong perspective and from the wrong direction. Iron website six through 12 grade now here in the Raleigh area, wake County iron Alan, always great seeing you. Thank you for helping us understand think he was a pleasure to be here about again thanks for your service. Thank you. Thanks for coming in today was great having you here when another show when we get some of the young men and without any of us, all got me and I know you guys mind again will be back tomorrow let's talk about not happening as always is noble and noble shell, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon. I like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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