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National Day of Prayer w/3 Godly Leaders!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 6, 2021 1:30 pm

National Day of Prayer w/3 Godly Leaders!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 6, 2021 1:30 pm

National Day of Prayer w/3 Godly Leaders!

Today on the national day of prayer we take some time to pray with Bishop Patrick L. Wooden Sr., Upper Room Church; Brad Harbaugh, President of Capitol Commission; Congressman Mark Walker (NC)


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone decides what is noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble was pretty sad state of affairs that were so busy. What got coalbed and violence policing and back. The blue and racism. Critical race theory and yada yada yada on down the road that I didn't even realize shame on me that today May 6 that the national Day of prayer. This is to be such a big thing on our radar screen. And yet, for at least for me. Somehow this just kind of slipped and that which is ridiculous. I don't have a good excuses for that, other than to say that I think it probably indicative of a problem that a lot of us have that we turn to prayer as a last resort as opposed to our first stop. And so today I just reached out some of them godless men I know and they're going to help lead us today as we work through instead of a regular theology Thursday were going to focus on the needs of this nation, which are many and intense and worthy very worthy of our prayers and our consideration, and so didn't take very long. Friend Bishop Africa wooden senior of the upper and Church of God in Christ here in Raleigh, North Carolina how are you my brother doing good all week. That's great to have you. Just a delight. And of course me just ask you this, and then we'll get right into praying in the sound like a cliché, Patrick, but I don't really think I've known of the time I'm 55, in my adult life.

When America needed more prayer than it does right now. Do you know for I don't 59-year-old, but have no agreement term quite like it is not, and I think that much of it due to the suppression of the truth Steve Wynn a time where people with immediate lies about the police killings you would think that all non-black man of being indiscriminately killed in the street when the numbers show that does so for this year hundred and 14 white man and back to being killed by the police and 62 black man we just watched on Sean and his show last night where Sean repeatedly called a man a woman will just quit and a time where people just simply and when the truth is suppressed things a lot about the calls problems in the community and part of things I want to pray about today that the truth prevail comes out that truth is given free course that we go back to the days of just telling it like it is right and reminds me of Romans chapter 1 you write your prayer, that what we do. What is this world do the Lost world suppresses the truth and replaces it with a lie and we see that happening all over the place so I've got my clock right now, Patrick. I've got 409. We hit the break in about 4:13:30 they probably have about four minutes. If you want to go that long, but if you can lead us in prayer about the truth that would be awesome thank you sir. Pray dear God and father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God of the Bible true and living God. All God who is in wall is to go God who made this country great God, who established the world and all that is in you. We are your people. We are the sheep of your pastor, your God in you great and we love you today on this national Day of prayer we stop we poles we hesitate. We need to pin down the old whatever prep posture, one may assume weather was standing on we call your name and we ask of God, that the truth of God that the truth prevail Lord.

There are people who have interest in pushing and promoting line children are being lied to in school about the origin of this country. We are being lied to everyday. I was seeing people.

We formerly could trust call man women and women man law enforcement of being at all to the point where it is such a dangerous preferred profession now and many a good man are retiring early and leaving the general public at the hands of criminals. Although all God, many preachers have quit preaching your gospel and we turn to stories. It totals it was seeking to be accepted in like the world but father we pray that the truth prevail. Jesus, you said that you all the way, the truth and the life and you declared that the gates of hail would not fail against you and Lord, we believe it. And yet Lord we read in Daniel chapter 8, in other passages will be thrown to the ground.

Daniel Peter, 12, and how the Antichrist and the spirit of the wicked would be allowed to practice and prosper, but we pray against the spring, we pray, oh God, that you would move as never before.

The obstacles out of the way open the doors for those who are know the truth and who have the courage to speak. It may our forces be heard and not mutate.

We know what the truth would do.

The truth makes us free. The truth gives us joy the true truth narrows that it is the enemy of racism is the enemy of all things that are evil, so father today with this prayer in this space that you've given, and we thank you for brother Stephen. This platform and now he has dedicated this time to the national Day of prayer all father we pray that the truth of God will prevail in the hearts of man and women. Lord, let it be preached from the pulpits across America taught in schools all God Jesus name we pray, echo that sentiment course because we got amen thank you so much brother. I appreciate you, bless you and thanks for the prayer. I will talk to you soon. Thanks Patrick and and what an important prayer. I mean that's the number one thing people asked me in the last year in the midst of everything we've been through is who can I trust what what news source what website what twitter accounts that I follow. Where can I get the truth there is only one source of absolute truth. You know what that is, start their infill filter and everything else through that. Which means you have to be steeped in biblical truth in order to find the truth anywhere else will continue when we come back, nobody is there a safety national Day of prayer I did you know that I wasn't aware of any. We all get busy and everything will keep line through stop at the national Day of prayer is today and and and unfortunately I think it slipped a lot of people's radar screens and slipped mine. I have no excuse other than just were so inundated with all kinds of stuff that we just can't miss it.

But is that maybe a reality in our lives.

I said that at the beginning before a bishop when lettuce and a prayer for truth and a little ironic breaking news today from our broadcast yesterday when we just asked you to call in and share what you thought of mandatory vaccine requirements were not. There is a nation yet but it's happening in certain places and ballparks are starting to do that I can't come to the ballpark's other arm and mandatory vaccine requirements out there and it's gonna grow and we had a conversation yesterday, you shared your opinions. I know what you thought of that in the night I brought up some concerns about coping. 19 but for YouTube. Verily we cross the line so they dumped that show from yesterday.

We do YouTube lives was Facebook like they don't that show yesterday and gives the warning. I would is 3 1/2 pages of stuff that shows you all the different ways that you can violate.

Basically, if you say anything that contradicts the World Health Organization or Dr. County or the CDC hates in any way try to poke holes in it anyway. Well, you're a danger to society apparently and so that's what they said that's a warning and the next time will cancel you for seven days and then we'll go from there. Right charming. So the truth the truth.

By the way tonight national Day of is the website national Day of tonight at 8 PM. They have an official I think it goes live at some 45.

It's the start that actually starts at 8 PM. They got a great lineup of people. I can be praying. Pastor Greg Laurie have worked with for years how the harvest resides and stuff the part of that Tony Evans is an incredible pastor. Our friend Engram Watts as part of that Jack Graham awesome pastor as well as Ronnie Floyd and other people Shane and Shane and some other people are performing and so that's tonight which would be a much better use of any of our times than Netflix or Amazon prime or whatever, but that's what that's what we need to be doing a regular basis. When the Scripture says that we should pray without ceasing.

That's an attitude and a posture of prayer throughout the day driving on the road and any pray about something is not sitting in your room and praying 24 seven. Although some people are called intercessory prayer, but that that's a big deal, and especially right now in our country. So I was happy just thrilled that Bishop would call in and lead us in that powerful prayer about truth in the next segment of the show after the bottom the hour will talk to Brett Harbaugh is the president of Capitol commission and there's a website that you need to go to with respect to prayer. I've mentioned this many many times over and over again over the years, and I'll remind you again right now to go there. Okay, it's pray. One Tim is in first Timothy chapter 2. Pray one Tim just go there and you'll see a map of the US click on your state and you can sign up for a daily email that will give you six or seven members, one from the federal level, Congress, Senate occasionally the executive branch and the Supreme Court. And then they'll give you members of your statehouse, your state Senate to pray for me to and then with a little prayer props will talk to Brett Harbaugh and ask him specifically to pray for elected officials and the third segment of the show and then former Congressman Mark Walker, who also is a pastor and right now current candidate for U.S. Senate here North Carolina calling for the first segment and lead us in a prayer. However, he feels lead so that's kind of what were trying to lean into today in the national Day of prayer, and I just wanted to take a minute and pray here in a couple minutes on a pray for us in our role in this in this world. I have been teaching students this week as I do every week coming up on the next week.

I think their last day of class and we take a break for the summer and teaching. I think I got 62 6364 something like that students right now all high school homeschoolers and in trying to make them understand hey you guys gotta come to the realization that functional you live in a pagan nation where the vast majority of people are no less than 85%, but perhaps even a size 90% actually are Christians that are not born again or not.

Actual biblical Christians see are surrounded mostly by people that don't know the Lord and in our nation looks that way.

So you're like Daniel in Babylon. You are at Steve Day said a couple weeks going to think of ourselves more now as pilgrims then patriots still be a patriot, but you're more pilgrims now because first of all, scripturally. This is not our home. Right were sojourners are passing through were aliens, so we should not be very comfortable here and hopefully you are and I certainly am not. I get more comfortable all the time but one of the things that we need to do is pay attention to our witness. We do that on social media. Our out there engaging people in and just a reminder, we are walking in the story doing business wherever you're at, whether they know you're Christian or not God is glorified by the way you treat people so you're Christian witness that they find out.

This is one of my favorite things all your Christian you know and and for some when I walk in the situations that they know I am the nurse. To me I'm just a firebreathing so far to the right about the follow-up, the flattered, jerky Christian that's condescending and judging everybody hates everybody, especially sectionals and Muslims, and transgender people in this that and then I try to give them anything but that which is difficult.

You're full of the Holy Spirit you love the Lord, you love your neighbor and you experience some self-control for the spirit you can be kind and compassionate and loving, and some to pray for us not just with the two minutes we have for you to break about our witness to watching world. Father God we thank you that we are ambassadors to the shed blood of Jesus Christ and Lord I pray for anybody listening right now.

That's not sure whether they can say that I think I'm a Christian and probably a Christian I hope so that Lord they would know that your word says they can also say pray for those that might not be sure of their salvation. But Lord, for those of us that are you call us to be ambassadors.

That's a 24 seven gate, whether it's in our house in our marriages with their kids, with friends, neighbors in the workplace on the street on a radio show on Facebook and social media. Whatever the case father so I just pray you would help us to navigate the that the world that needs to hear the grace and truth that comes from your work to your spirit that we need to be people of truth like Bishop was talking about but with grace always given it at ready to give an answer for the hope that we have with gentleness and respect and with patience, Lord.

So help us to be well on the one hand, we know that where the aroma of death to those who are perishing, but on the other hand, Lord.

We want to be a sweet fragrance of people that love you and love your neighbor more. That's difficult to do these days of people yelling at each other about mass in vaccines red versus blue and all that stuff. Lord in their their real issues. Real truth hills to climb in the sand and fight for the Lord. Ultimately, none of that is as important as the truth of the gospel that every man and woman is an eternal creature CS Lewis said either an eternal horror everlasting splendor based on what we do with your son. So Lord help us to be good representatives. Good image bearers of you and your son to the power of your spirit with the gospel with the truth of your word word were bold and courageous can standdown a lion she's a lion and dog snowy pit like we read in the Old Testament, but also be loving and kind where a sinner would come down out of the tree and have lunch with us because they know we love the Lord help us to navigate truth and grace in a way that's glorifying to you attractive, even though uncomfortable to watching world that for your glory in your glory alone in Christ's name.

Amen this is Steve note on the Steve Noble show the national Day of prayer back to Brett Harbaugh, the president of Capitol commission will be praying for elected officials. Looking back at Steve Noble to Noble show something national Day of prayer. Just a reminder night 8 PM Eastern time. They'll have a great program that's online that you can watch us go to national Day of national Day of prayer.organ. As I mentioned previously, before you do that I want to go to pray. One Tim okay pray one Tim as in first Timothy chapter 2 I exhort therefore, that, first of all meaning. This is important supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving thanks be made for all men, while including new for kings and for all that are in authority that we Christians may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who will have all men to be saved in the coming to the knowledge of the truth that's first Timothy chapter 2124 and that website from our friends at Capitol commission Brett Harbaugh is the president of Capitol commission. Brad, thanks for calling buddy how are you doing well. We are people that good capital today and participated in a national Day of prayer service are general and downgrade OF prayer and others joined a phenomenal time of lifting up Lord I saw spirit of dependency and God may be seen as much in the past so that was a real praise. Just wanted to mention that we began yeah and I think that's we should all be thinking that way right now. I may not based on how crazy things, events the last 14 months were wrapped politically, socially, culturally, morally, everything going on in the division inside the church with masking and politics in vaccines. Our reliance on God, our dependence upon God's instead of looking to Fox News or whoever you look to to go to go on let's go get some answers will the only house we can really lean up against of on to be safe and to be secure would be the house of the Lord and that that the and got himself some so glad that you mention that tell everybody a little bit about Capitol commission because this is such an important ministry that people need to know about and supporting get involved with and then Brad if you can help us pray through, praying for elected officials and by the way friends that's all of them got really used Capitol commission and its founder Jim Young in my life to really correct my heart and my mind on how I looked at politicians and elected officials, especially ones on the other side of the aisle so it's really when you hear more compassion and patience with me.

When you do hear that for elected officials and in talking about praying for them. It's because of my friends at Capitol commission to tell us little about the ministry and then will pray together. Come about happy state America we do something uniquely different and we are planning a state minister like a missionary pastor capital that becomes their mission field and the pursuit we pursue opportunities to bring gospel open spiritual strength to governing leaders that helping each want to know Jesus Christ the Lord of what makes it different error ministry. There's a plethora of ministries in the name of Jesus spent trying to pick good ministries had been a really therefore cost burden is to for good cause displaying information rallying the church. The two I get behind some of those causes. I love the portals ministries. But that's one wing of the plane and were the other way way and it today. I know with one of the presidents of one of those organizations. We need that we need the other way and I just did it. Three. Capital in the last five weeks and I could tell you the difference between someone who's there with the only agenda being here to minister to the souls of the legislators and see the difference in empowerment between the difference in the biblical worldview of those capitals.

It's a clear different and I with their capital back in an in-state but but there I see those other ministry there, but I can't fully tell people the gospel with an agenda isolate you you you immediately become a lobbyist and you just so so when you are there with the gospel in your focus is that person's soul and your caring for them the gospel without an agenda is powerful and in the church today needs to unleash that gospel Steve McGraw the Lamb.

I believe the church today and I this year traveling. I see the church being crucified between Christian nationalism woke theology thing the main thing thing the gospel just want to stay be what God called us to be fair and reach the souls of people too much political agenda.

Politics are not the answer file that and and a lot yeah they are downstream lobbyist David Karesh said he had been her 35 years and I've been here every day for 35 years and we amen are not. I am now that that's powerful and not again it's two wings on the same plane.

And if you only have one wing that's can be an issue, but especially if you don't have a prayer wing and a gospel when you're in really big trouble and you want to see hot hearts and minds changed and policies changed will guess what somebody that loves the Lord knows his word and is committed to that truth is good to be the best player down in any state capital and so we need more gospel people, which will equate to a better policies coming out of our government will lead us in prayer. We got about probably about four minutes. Brad Acevedo's help us to pray for those in authority over us according to God's word, that would be awesome. Pray for the leaders, pray.

I want you to help bother help you today for our president Joe Biden by Kemal Herrick Mdm. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny all your mock minority leader looked out the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Jordi Webb Dick Gergen Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip shampoo Lord. These you have placed in leadership as I read your word like this is a direct act of you. This is not a mistake or that there there there you either allowed to directly position the father we cry out to you for their salvation that they would know that you Christ for first we cry out to them. Lord, that they would. As Proverbs 2 tells us this week after the instruction of the word of God as we would seek after so God. We pray that they would know the fear of the Lord and that you would give them your discernment and your courage and your perseverance to do what is right and righteous God give them humility sir, give them teachability to have their hearts open for things, especially in this day when no one wants to be challenged because of expressive individualism. Lord, they don't want to be challenged with anything that's against what they believe is what is right. Lord, help them to be teachable God.

We pray for the moral integrity unit all God. We think of the things that you hate lying and deceit is one of those through those things that we cry out to you because we see all this in our nation and we ask God that you would forgive us for this great why people and spending the true and not being upfront about what you're really doing this characterizing our leadership on Bostock we crap you and ask for forgiveness that God give them self-control. We pray these things today. We asked if they would come to know you more would know the true God. There is one true one authority for all people for all time and we thank you Lord that you given that throughout the Bible the word of God give you glory and praise today. Lord, for we know that you ran on I and Lord you even in those big conspirators you only recognize that there is going to come a day when every knee will bow before you, Lord Jesus Christ and we we just know and it breaks your heart that many of those that will do that will be people going against you even what they bow that God we pray that you would bring revival to the church. We cry out to you today that callers focus upon you will. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. God bless you Brad I really appreciate you.

Thank you for all the work you're doing in the rest of the team at the Capitol commission pray once is the website.

I'm not suggesting it until you get to the website and get on the prayer list and begin to pray for those in authority over us every day will change your life and adjust my change this nation back unless you print expert on what welcome. We'll talk again soon they going to keep praying with Congressman Mark Walker is running for the Senate or North finally come back. Yeah, we need a lifeline in a lifeline as an individual with my marriage, children, business, industry, whatever it is there's really only one lifeline for any for a group or for community or for a country and that the Lord himself and so today in the national Day of prayer. We just trying to focus in on that really appreciated a bishop, wooden Patrick, a wooden senior Conan first, and he was praying about truth, he just felt led that we live in such an age of lies and deception. Romans chapter 1, we suppress the truth. Replace it with a Y and our friend Brett Harbaugh what the Capitol commission pray for those in authority over us, which was probably a little uncomfortable for some of you as he was praying for members of national leadership up in Congress which which included names like I don't know Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, and, Harris people like that and you might bristle over that, but the word does not give you an option. Pray for the people that you like. Pray for the people that you agree with pray for people that you voted for its praying for all of them and somebody that knows a little bit about that because he was a pastor because he served for six years up in Congress and is currently running for the U.S. Senate here integrates in North Carolina's our friend Congressman Mark Walker Congressman how you doing thanks for calling your grade you bring the word right there. Amen. Well, if it's if it's working, then that means it's from the Lord doesn't work and that was just Stephen being Steve Noble so I appreciate that I wanted to ask your acquaintance because I know a lot of people in the audience will will be curious to know this.

I know that you are with the president trump the other day.

Generally, we like to talk politics. How's he doing generally you write about the time you know what you think. You did pretty good spirit always bond with with print your truck because you better have an outline of what you meant. Maybe because it your is like a bit of fireworks, a Roman candle to let it go and bring it back but he's doing very well, brought what you want to do that at adjust to meet with them and Brenda director John Radcliffe, the help they made a good discussion about the about the beginning. You are right, but just that I would if it was a very good discussion enjoyed meeting with you that's awesome.

Thanks for sharing that. While I was when I talked to Brett Harbaugh of course was that knowing you are coming up next, and once again you've been involved in church life in and pastoral ministry, but being up in Congress. Help us to understand Mark how important is it to you when you were serving in Congress is now running for the U.S. Senate here North Carolina house important is it to you that people like us are out here praying for you what what is that me everything, absolutely everything. I know there always gather on our flyer that usually Monday afternoon, but throughout that week the members who are really trying to hold up and live out the Christian faith.

When you get on that plane to fly back Friday afternoon.

You are emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted.

You know people to people praying for you.

There's nothing like it in the world for people that are willing to spend time to do that. I think it makes ultimately the difference the sport cupping our country get working. Yes, it's a great point and in a somebody that's been up there spent all that time up there and engaged up there now working around the state you wanting to represent the greats in North Carolina and the U.S. Senate what what what kind has been on your heart. Mark is you been through this this journey that the Lord has allowed you wanted is used to greatly and what's what's been on your heart lately just in terms of the state in the nation and things that we should really be leaning into in terms of prayer.

What a great question. Here's what's been on my heart to been reading a crate brought if I think about Nehemiah and I think about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall rebuilding this country, or whatever put you that he had both are stored in a trial and I want to make sure that we as believers, we stand up and we fight for what we believe in. But we also remember that were called to be builders to be able to carry out the great commission and it fit our lives we are to walk you through 13 we can remove mountains, but if we don't have low pulse that I have nothing to be able to find that balance, I believe take the baby walk with the Lord.

But that's where my heart and prayers, a conservative Christian we can hold the line.

People can still see Jesus in a lot such a great point in Alaska here just a minute to pray and that because I know we can all get caught up and I have been at this for a while. Mark became an activist.

Here, North Carolina back in 2004 intent one of the challenges with the culture war which you know I'm the last of four kids. I've read here. I got a bad attitude. It was a perfect fit for me getting into the culture war and what I found.

Is it really in me and a lot of people that I know and I met in the movement.

It it tends to breed self-righteousness because as I look out at this broken darkened culture and see this.

This cultures choices, whether it's abortion or whatever else you want to talk about. I can feel pretty good about where I'm at, morally relative to the culture and so you start that breeds a little self-righteousness.

Self-righteousness is addictive and you start the and it also from in my case I think it cut into the sanctification process a little bit because I was grading myself in a curve as opposed to grading myself against the word of God and in the and one of the things that got left in the in the in the dust of all that Mark very personally again and I know a lot of other people involved in the culture were from a Christian perspective where that was a challenge as well was prayer and evangelism and income like I'm swinging my broadsword all the time.

But, like you mentioned forgot that I had a trial and I was supposed to be a builder and ultimately the building was supposed to be the kingdom in the kingdom is made up of people who know Jesus Christ, so that such a such a great powerful reminder. So if you could pray end of that in our role as both swordsmen and builders. I think that would be just perfect for today. Happy to pray right now. Father God we get all the first thing on my family's. Even his funeral is taking place. These two deputy families in western North Carolina provided family you're working will come out of this where you can be honored for nation. I pray specifically to date my specific prayer is for the individuals even listing right now, or starting with me that we can be more your street you get. We can also be multidimensional. The fact that people can feel the compassion your heart that we are flipping out the spec you gave us to love our neighbor or help us to find the balance of doing that we can stand to protect our religious liberty. We can be bold with this is for you, but we can also speed the world the way Jesus Lord give us that fresh art thank you for people like Steve and others who are willing to get out there and do something amazing with your life or continue to give us the strength to be able to do so, but I pray right now for those that may be struggling with that ballot that you would repeal reveal the calling and all reply Lord James 517 utilities basically that that that prayer is the most powerful weapon that we have the that that prayer for the righteous one can avail or change much. We believe that prayer today by the Holy Spirit go to court. Even now, drink this. We pray for all of that that we pray in the name of Jesus.

Amen, amen, brother Mark, thank you so much for taking the time to call in today.

We look forward to having you on again and in May God bless you and use you and all that you're doing. We appreciate you send you my friend got glad to hear. Thanks, you too will talk later. That was the former Congressman Mark Walker running for the U.S. Senate here in North Carolina and just a great man of God. Listen, there's there's good politicians out there some good politicians out there, but I am always inclined to get behind men and women of God that are running for office because besides/and besides, experience, and beside wisdom that's gained through that experience. I also know I've got Holy Spirit there.

I got the Holy Spirit trump card if you will that's involved in that person's life in their own sanctification in their own development in their own walk, but also in their ability to see the truth to have discernment to have biblical godly spiritual wisdom select is me a lot more to work with a particular politician than ones that aren't.

I'm not saying that in that an nonbelieving Christian nonbelieving person is not a Christian, not born-again Christian. Okay when I say Christian.

If you have been listening to the show for long I can do air quotes on that all day long because we still have about 65 to 70% of this nation that will self identify as Christian, but if you start asking them and trying to get all of us to do this if he urges the conversations of legal you go to church and now you are you a Christian. Yeah I am a Christian to ask a little bit of maybe a little bit of a strange question Mike and I don't mean to put you on the spot or make it awkward anything.

I'm just curious and trying to understand because most of us. They were Christians. I'm just wondering, why do you consider yourself a Christian like we believe that that makes you think of yourself as a Christian. And so there can be good people out there that can be effective in office and I would I would actually personally if I have a Christian that's not very wise and not very experience and not really capable in terms of their actual worldly ability to do a job versus somebody does that very a lot of experience and stuff that's not a believer to go with the one that can do the job because I'm not hiring them to be a pastor but in this case. If I can get both fine get experience and wisdom and knowledge and a good witness, public witness, good ability to handle that job and the believer okay that's a no-brainer for me and so that's that's good how I look at politicians and even people that get on this show you, you might have noticed, I'm not Sean Hannity so I rarely have guests on that hour to do for an hours argue with each other. I don't think it's productive. I think there's enough work to do in our lives as followers of Jesus Christ from a discipleship perspective and end up.

And if I'm barking at you.

I can guarantee you have been barking at myself to and so that's where I feel called to work is inside the body on me on you in and I know that there's people that are marginal Christians, or maybe perhaps not even Christians. All the listen to Christian radio and maybe hear the podcast or watch the YouTube live or that Facebook life and we want to be a good witness to them. So I appreciate Mark reminding us. Yes, we are warriors for the truth and for the good of the culture were also builders of the kingdom, and the only bricks that build the kingdom our human souls are saved Jesus Christ.

So let's remember that we actually can walk and chew gum at the same time fight for the truth while loving people sharing the gospel. We can do both power the Holy Spirit such a great reminder 8 PM tonight if you watch that National Day of Patrick Chris Connellan here tomorrow Stu Epperson on Monday I'll be back next Wednesday, God willing, I'll talk to you then like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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