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Pray for the Catholic Bishops?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 28, 2021 5:06 pm

Pray for the Catholic Bishops?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 28, 2021 5:06 pm

Pray for the Catholic Bishops?

Steve tells us we may need to pray for the Catholic Bishops of America after taking a controversial stance against the left.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now is your host Steve mobile accounting and accounting. By now some of you. God bless you with me for years. The count but nothing sacred cow is right things we like to talk about things they want to question those things in order to make anybody nervous. We don't want anybody to be uncomfortable were trying to avoid the awkward moments, but here on the Steve Noble shall never have been, never will be any sacred cows, myself included. So that's the deal.

And often times just for those of you that are newer to the program for Adrian, I see it. Thank you God bless you. This is, here's the deal all over these years news talk I do I consume news all the time right this is part of the deal. And so we do news talk. Days like today I got a bunch of stories on work through today, but always going to confuse that with the biblical worldview with some gospel thinking some gospel points in sanctification and discipleship of for all of us not just you but myself as well and so I'm so not to talk about the news or politics every single day because I don't think that's healthy.

That's called gluttony, which last time I checked was a sin. So what we try to do what I really feel called to do is talk to us in the church are in the choir. Whatever you want to call us, not large, most of us are very conservative and we been known to a certain extent consumed by politics, not just for the last year and 1/2 but probably for a few decades, at least since 1980, and so we try to rounded out a little bit member, the overriding shows on TV. Anybody your hand up big ICS or think you and that's what I try to do so. So were to be all over the map applying the truth of God's word every nook and cranny of life and often times it's not comfortable so I'm to say some things that upset liberals that's easy, but also to say some things that upset conservatives like you. Good chance and I don't do that because it's fine even though sometimes it is. That's not my motivation. My motivation hopefully in the Lord is to check me on this is out of love. Love for the Lord, love for you love for myself. Love for our neighbor right.

That's the deal. So that's kind what's going on with the show FYI in case your newer and wondering what the whole deals with the with the cow moving in the show intro right somewhere ago today, when we go get some of the things only do I love this story. I rarely say most of the time. I'm just pulling what hair I have left out of my hat but this time I bet I this this a good prayer request right here for the Catholic Church in America. Let's pray for the US Catholic bishops okay practices do that right now. Shelley join me (seriously spray but again we just come before you. I just want to lift up to the US conference of Catholic Bishops Lord I don't know where any of these men aren't with actual belief in being born again or anything like that but I do know that the wrestling was something that I'd like to see wanted to see the Catholic Church specifically here in America do for years, which is to take prominent Catholics and refused to give him communion because there for the murder of the unborn, so that I want to pray for them as they take this up in June that they would have the courage to do what I believe they know is right.

Lord move amongst for this issue but also for salvation again. I don't know any of these men are but that are actually born again or not. I know it.

It's easy to go after the Catholic Church on this that or the other thing but I do not know their hearts, and so I pray for them as well.

We ask all this in Jesus name, amen. Okay from the Federalist dated today. I love it. US Catholic conference of Catholic Bishops will determine at the next meeting in June whether Pres. Joe Biden are you watching tonight 9 PM Eastern time. Watch watch Joe Biden watch a a slipping old gentleman spend $1.9 trillion in about an hour okay what watch that 9 PM will determine at the next meeting in June whether Pres. Joe Biden and other politicians who support abortion should be urged to stop receiving communion.

According to the Associated Press that I say a big yes amen. Biden is the second Catholic president ever. The first being John F. Kennedy was not vocal about abortion and nominated pro-life. Justice Byron White at to the spring court talk about Kennedy supporting abortion is a grave moral evil set Archbishop Joseph Nahman of Kansas City, Kansas. The chair of the US CCB committee on pro-life activities quote because Pres. Biden is Catholic and presents a unique problem for us. Nahman told the AP, it can create confusion. How can he say latest on you to you happen to call yourself a believer but your pro-abortion. How can he say he's a devout Catholic and he's doing these things that are contrary to the church's teaching unquote. Great question.

The bishops aim to send a clear message to Biden in change his mind on the abortion issue luck, but their actions would not prohibit the president from receiving communion. That's too bad.

Patient W. Francis Maloley of Washington, Wilmington, Delaware Cardinal Wilton Gregory Washington DC have both said they will allow the president to receive communion. To which I say you men are cowards in November US CCB president Los Angeles Archbishop Jos Gomez said Biden's support for abortion gives the church difficult and complex situation in a difficult anything complex, brothers. It's simple, you deny a clear teaching of Scripture and the Catholic Church were not going to give you communion. That's not complicated as it after making the statement, Gomez announced the creation of group to study it so sick of study groups. These policies pose a serious threat to the common good.

No kidding.

Gomez said when politicians who profess the Catholic faith support them recruit meeting abortion.

It creates confusion among the faithful about what the church actually teaches on these questions. Thank you San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Carty Leone told the AP is a growing sense of urgency and communication and communicating to Biden he ought not to receive communion. This is from an Archbishop in San Francisco.

This warms my heart.

Abortion is not just one among many important issues.

It's a direct attack on human life.

He continued, politicians need to understand the scandal. That is because when they say they're faithfully Catholic and yet opposed the church on such a basic concept. Let me correct you there sir oppose the church. She's thinking Catholic Church I'm talking about opposing God and the word of God and that is a problem, especially when you're a public official and elected official and especially if you've ascended by hook or by crook to the highest office in the land. Joe Biden Catholic is the present United States who is all in for abortion which is it, sir, is you can't do both. When you are but the Catholic Church and stand up and say can't be both. You can get a little bit pregnant.

If you clean Catholicism, which he does then you have to answer sir publicly for why you decry, ignore or disobey the clear teaching of Scripture on the issue of abortion when you have the power to be a healer instead of a co-conspirator to put them on the block for that they need a two thirds majority in June.

Let's pray please Lord give these men chess spines to do what is right for your glory. Jesus name. This is the nova will be right back you today airline citizens for constitutional rights. Talk to them the other day and we were talking about what's going on down at the legislature here in North Carolina about HB 558 which the bill to try to help not just the government here in North Carolina but businesses you cannot require can't discriminate based on the vaccination. You can't do that, they can't fire you hire you, they can't allow you back or not allow you back. Based on that, so translate the government can't do the vaccine passport and businesses can't do vexing passports that look like it was moving along and then now it looks like it's not. It looks like the members on the committee are not moving along because they're afraid to put their foot down with businesses really run as I'm a little kids in retirement discrimination in the workplace based on whether you get a vaccination or not. My body, my choice. Whatever happened to that.

So I'm not sure who's going to call and it will be Taro or Mindy. That's got a call in working to talk to them after 430 break and get an update on that and what we can do which pretty much what we can do is pressure the people on the committee on the health committee okay so they'll probably tell us about that tell us what we can do will talk to them after the 430 break Tara and Mindy from North Carolina citizens for constitutional rights. Again, they were just on on Monday so that's really important.

As were looking at vaccine passports and that turns into a nightmare.

Fast also will talk to them after 430 break okay I did you see this today. This is where you change control of the judicial branch, not the judicial branch executive branch, the government and you get this kind of stuff going on.

So this just happened earlier today Rudy Giuliani's home and officers by federal investigators executing a search warrant all depends on who's got the gold right that's the golden rule. According to initial reports, federal investigators have executed a search warrant on Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan apartment in his office. Prosecutors obtain the search warrants as part of an investigation and whether Mr. Giuliani broke lobbying laws as president of personal lawyer reported the New York Times. The search warrants were reportedly executed early on Wednesday at his home in his office, according to three people and knowledge of the investigation. The mood by federal investigators represents a significant ramp up in a criminal investigation into Mr. Giuliani's dealings in Ukraine. Why because they were hunting down all the garbage around Hunter Biden so maybe that's what's going on.

Wow, I can't imagine the president united states whatever use the power the of the federal workhorse to do his own bidding there in the executive branch. Well remember when Obama weapon eyes IRS, you'll probably see that again they would go they start going after anybody related to the tea party whatsoever. You weapon eyes IRS sauce probably was going on here. The investigator sees Mr. Giuliani's electronic devices and services apartment on Madison Avenue in his office on Park Avenue about 6 AM, the execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors take against the lawyer of all people, let alone a lawyer for the former president Robert J. Costello Giuliani's lawyer describe the actions as legal thuggery, adding that the searches were unnecessary because his client had offered to answer prosecutors questions except those regarding Mr. Giuliani's privileged communications with the former president. So of course, under the Biden administration there to go after anybody you have anything to do with the Donald Trump for the most part, but especially if they were going after Hunter Biden and this is just unfortunately life in the United States of America in the swamp. You know the golden rule, don't you, he who has the gold makes the rules. Well now we have a different person who has the goal, so expect to see more and more of this. Speaking of Biden. This is kind of funny, kind of. This was in Fox contributor Jason Javits is great if you ever seen them on boxer briefs formerly served in Congress is really good.

I saw the headline seen in reporter raises eyebrows by promoting Biden's moderate radicalism. That's like us subtle dismemberment. Radek moderate radicalism. Well, Akash, is there any other kind. So this is Jason Javits I president Biden commented comment campaign on a sharply progressive agenda, but media outlets frequently referred to him as moderate and centrist in the 2020. Coverage now these govern in such a way that even far left representative Alexandra Casa Cortez has been impressed.

Outlets seem to be having it both ways, such as CNN analysis piece that proclaimed Biden's moderate radicalism quote unquote will be on display when he addresses Congress on Wednesday that's tonight 9 PM Eastern.

If you need some help falling asleep and want to see somebody spend $1.9 trillion in less than an hour. That's what you see tonight I'll talk about tomorrow.

Biden is quite radicalism is expressed through a huge pandemic rescue bill a larger proposal that redefines the concept of instant infrastructure.

Oh boy, does it in a massive health and childcare blueprint, which is what you learn about tonight liberal scene and White House course I reporter Stephen Collinson wrote it's an agenda that argues government can still solve national problems.

40 years after an era defining Collison blame Pres. Ronald Reagan's famous admonition that government is the problem for heralding a shrinking of the state that widened economic inequalities. Okay so this is the deal generally between a conservative and a liberal liberal generally looks to the government to move the country forward. Progressivism to progress through the power of the government were to make society better working to make you better reanimate conditions better by using the power the federal government. We will make progress. Thank Darwinian evolution. That's liberalism, conservatism, hold on. Not so fast. We want the country to get better. Who do we trust more of us appear in DC or the people. Maybe we should unleash the people live their lives according to the dictates of their faith or beliefs. What have you. That's liberty versus always having the government jump slats was going on so ring is like the government out of the way and liberals like Biden are like no, the government's the answer Collinson whose pieces have been largely favorable to the new White House skier quoted radical describe what he felt was Biden's reasonable belief in the role of government writing quote president Joe Biden's clinical radical ideas that government is not the problem in America but the multi trillion dollar solution that can in the pandemic equalize the economy and make life better for millions of working people. Apparently this gentleman at CNN, either by old-fashioned map or perhaps common core doesn't realize that we are. And our debt 20 1/2 trillion tonight is unit that's for another 1.9 trillion recently asked for another 2 trillion really $5 trillion over in this fiscal year alone we are swimming in red ink.

And it's not that far off in the distance. When our federal government's nothing and appealed to make interest payments now. I'll be out here. I'll be dancing on streets of gold lobby outer my kids there to be hosed, your kids, your grandkids wheat we are literally taking credit cards out in their names and driving them all the way up, but who cares because it makes us look good now so that we can get reelected and maintain power.

That's is going on or it's disgusting. You see, in all its glory tonight by the way, for as long as Biden can handle it. Republicans have struggled since the presidential campaign to portray pretrade Biden a classic Washington Democrats centrist 50 years as some kind of raging socialist who wants to bring down the US society.

Collinson wrote as a white elderly man. Biden is a different difficult target for Trump loving conservatives who like to portray racially diverse Democrats as a threat to what they see as Anglo-Saxon cultural traditions. Okay that's so offensive, but that's critical race theory thinking like that. I know what your white people I know what you're thinking. Boy was hard to demonize a fellow white person that's so condescending, so messed up that is critical race theory by the way, which I'm going to talk about this critical race theory from the epic times is about to face its day in court over to talk about the North Carolina business and some people without backbones when it comes to the vaccine issue will be right back to back its signal to Steve Noble showed that Johnny is going around about to judge and judgment day she needs to be something that we brace when it comes to politician and having to deal with them and I like Ronald Reagan used to say either make them see the light you educate you engage have conversations or or you make them feel the heat at that doesn't work you turn on the phone calls, personal visits, all that kind of stuff so that they know there's enough people that want something or trying to push back against something, but if if nobody says anything of nobody shows up nobody engages in the okay will just do whatever we want.

There, kids that way if you get away with it your skin. Keep doing so that's the challenge. And most of us that are and complain, but very few of us actually do things and that's one of the things that we try to promote here on the show is apathy simply as a Christian and as a Christian that cares about your nation and your neighbors apathy just really is an option. So the question becomes what you do and so we try to talk about that pretty regularly on the show just couple days ago we had a couple of the folks here in the studio from North Carolina citizens for constitutional rights were to get an update from Tara who is one of the volunteers with NCC for an CME talking about it. We look at a good nurse going to citizens for constitutional rights NCC for Tara thinks recon and give us an update. It sounds like things are getting pretty frustrating down there in order all agree all our and our regard our paper and white and everything all at now you want to speak by Friday we were able to work primarily dealt with in contact me that we have agreed 19 back off will offer the business with you work overtime all that we need people dictating and contacting, are you going to have that information about the website it's NCC for that's the number four nurse going to citizens for constitutional yes if you think that the problems with these Republicans on the on the on the health committee is limited to the things you're talking about covering in the amendment like a like okay fine you have some concerns. We understand will address those early think there's something more to that white meal out there by that old cataract era that we are interfering with imported liability. If a person came on the property and got not like. So, have you gotten any response from the Republicans on this committee to the amendment language in the in the fact that it's covering some of the things that they say are the big concern I worked on all day.

I hear you able understanding what were we compromising or without watering down where people were not really feel like one and what ever I get there.

We there yet. That's where he got them is based on what they're saying and then you meet them there.

Ago okay we dealt with that and I will seek is when will they actually vote on this. Tara right now we are all on your it will not be made.

However, you know, they'll drop ever.

By May he day are dead on arrival beriberi Dell we are encountering. Yes, so that's next Tuesday, May 4 from 9 AM to 4 PM meeting right in front of the legislative building in downtown Raleigh. So if you're out there for the real pendency rallies.

This flows right along nicely with dad as were trying to push back against state government.

In this case as well as business is not discriminating against people because you don't want to get the vaccine. That's your decision is not the government's decision but now they're willing to penalize you for it. That's an America that were none of us want to live in. That's the antithesis of liberty. Tara thanks so much for calling with that update. Make sure you let me know what's going on as we move towards a vote here in the will continue to urge people to get out there on Tuesday. You're welcome to talk to you later thinks recon and that was Tara, one of the volunteers with NCC for is a website I just put the link up on Facebook live okay so it's NCC for the number four and literally right at the top of the page. There's just a little a navigation button says call to action so they can get that updated later today probably in the next hour or so and it's going to have the information for you to build a contact five Republicans on the House health committee who were getting cold feet.

I understand generally the government because I'm a conservative. I don't want the government dictating things to businesses generally that's a general rule, but occasionally businesses will trample on the rights of the American people and that's a problem when it comes to this vaccine. You get it you don't get it. That's your choice. And by the way if other people of God in their mad at you because you didn't get it that they get it supposed to be so effective. What are they worried about. They should be worried about you. It's really your problem is not their problem. But all of a sudden, if you can allow business businesses, schools, your employer, you come here you can't come here. Show me your vaccine passport you consider this goes south fast right so talk about segregating the country were doing it were were headlong doing it through critical race theory were doing it through masks in our doing it through Cova 19 vaccinations segregating the country you thought it was divided during the term presidency, you ain't seen nothing yet so make sure you go there NCC for that's a stance for North Carolina citizens for constitutional rights and are battling it out down there trying to get this legislation there so that you have the freedom to not be put. You will be penalized by the state or your employer or businesses for you making decisions based on your own choices again. Whatever happened to my body, my choice what really matters. Apparently when liberals wanted to matter, but you can just you and complain about it, but if you don't get involved. You don't send an email. If you make a phone call.

If you don't go downtown on May 4 here in Raleigh. Then, just to get what you didn't pay for that make sense right so critical race theory, and the resegregation of America. This was in the epic times. I'm willing to start this and will finish up on the other side and I wanted to something really interesting to hopefully give us all some hope before you finish the show today, critical race theory is about to face its day or days in court.

This is in the epic times so Pres. Trump issued an executive order last September banning the teaching of this maligned ideology.

That's they called it the federal employees and federal contractors so they acted at the federal level. Okay Trump span was blocked by a federal judge in December and immediately revoked by Joe Biden upon occupying the White House in January you think Joe Biden understands critical race theory. No way. Since then, federal agencies and federal contractors have resumed staff training on unconscious bias micro aggressions systemic racism and white privilege.

Some of the most common, but also most disputed concepts associated with the four decade old academic theory, critical race theory. Okay, now critical race theory is about to face a major real-world test in a spate of lawsuits alleging that listener. This alleging that it encourages discrimination and other legal legal policies targeting whites, males and Christians. So this is what were doing. Critical race theory is re-segregating the country reintroducing Jim Crow laws. It's just changing the groups that they can use the Jim Crow laws against that's as I learn this and I read this and I studied this. That's what I see coming were already were re-segregating the country.

Everything is about skin color separate but equal but not really.

And then you start working into like Jim Crow laws and we got a deal with you poor white folks who don't understand your white privilege and your white fragility and your white guilt and all the other stuff in order to deal with you because you need to learn right to the problem back to the article, the common thread of these legal challenges is the inescapable logic that making accommodations for critical race theory will erode the nation's antidiscrimination law as it has developed since the 1960s boom very go so when we come back usually keep working through this article. There's a lot of a few more really important points here, which is why need to understand what's going on.

The critical race theory as we re-segregate the country reintroducing Jim Crow laws in this case will just be pointed at other people as opposed people of color that feel like what's happening. It's like talking about it will also one of the great things that I see the Lord for this little lie daily talk radio show specially with our focus here North Carolina is that we can be nimble and when God opens the door and we can talk of our great elected representatives or can help us understand what's happening in our own backyard. Then we have the opportunity to do that. I ran into my friend nurse, Sen. Ted Alexander a few weeks ago at the Black Mountain retreat within forest and he had mentioned that they had some great initiatives, and update believed at a press conference earlier today and not fortunate enough to have Sen. Ted Alexander on the phone with us.

District 44. Here, North Carolina Sen. Alexander how are you thanks for calling I'm doing great. The well. I am thinking very much so tell us.

I know the press conferences earlier today get us up to date and let us know how we can help. Sure thing will we had a press conference today on and it built for 97 which is the top media mentorship act and the name is pretty self-explanatory. I don't. I am almost positive that anyone within your listening range year you happen to be on social media. Note someone or has themselves experience some warm recently, especially of social media censorship regarding you know your political or religious elite sure and what this is what this field is it takes to manage pension federal law.

The exemption allows for a two allow individual or individuals to take take action again social media company.

If they answer things that are not you know are just regular run-of-the-mill political and political and this bill will allow for individual if they if they feel like they have been unduly censored, then they can ask the Atty. Gen. North Carolina file suit.

If the Atty. Gen. fails to do so within a certain period of time than the individual and filth can can do take it upon himself to do that. We hope that this that this will law you know cut down on so much of the gosh basically just censorship of art men give me First Amendment right well it's flat out censorship may not happen to me and in the December Ted I was I was knocked off of Facebook for a week and they referenced something that was three months old and another thing that was almost 5 years old, which I think they got all that we need to set this guy down the just go find something that it allegedly violates their community standards, which you can't really understand that course you have recourse you can't do anything to you. Agree to disagree.

Do you want, I replied. That's it just goes off and into the netherworld and you have no no ability to hit back at all.

What about that the federal law as it is, it rule 320, and try to remember what it's called. That gives these guys in section 2 3230 and and there's little flexion in their that allow the exemption unit because of federal law.

230 E, paragraph three, and the community. The act and basically this that that that section carves out an exemption date can pass laws or whatever that that would protect the been done in a number of other state early in another state.

Utah, Texas, Kentucky and Florida. These are ones that either have or passing that all NDN actually believe it or not, the this is a this is a bipartisan thing alone in many respects. There are several course Republican-led date.

There are some Democrats say the Democrats are carrying the bill. Similar bills and those are in Rhode Island. Why in New York and there may be others that these are ones that I'm unaware and you're so right that people have almost no recourse if you get canceled or if you get answered my right. I give example, this morning Emma and Mr. she is a veteran. She served 20 some years in the Air Force as a major and in my young baby sister six years year younger than me basically every day. All she because that couple times a week. Bible verse from the King James version. Well, couple months ago. She posted a couple verses and lo and behold they took him to. And you know it's like what what is to follow what is that. I mean, think about the other groups and people that had been center unit former Pres. for crying out loud that White House Press Secretary you know that the Babylon be sort of tearful on the entity in Dr. Seuss for crying out happening all over the place because liberals have a conversation that is like control and that's what they have.

That's exactly right. You know that ended the strange and frightening thing that of the regular media unit of the print media in the mainstream media like that.

You would think that they would be opposed to ship. And yet, in this respect.

You'll find them.

That vast majority are taken up for the big check that we don't have anything again. Big tech companies per se. There, they certainly fulfill is good role in society. They they locate they have job they do good things in the community and in the people who work for them are good but there are times when any company or any business does thing that are not good, and we feel like the censoring of people for their purely for their religious or political belief is not very dangerous for all yeah well it's Fred Solomon just ignores the fact that we have a Constitution. Do you think this will goad find in terms of a vote for crossover Ted in the Senate. It is hard to say the bit that we are you know your listeners and so forth can hopefully make a difference.

There is a companion bill in the house and that's been introduced by Representative Jeff McNealy. It is not quite a companion bill is very similar yeah, and if either one were to make it that would be fine and and represent McNealy would've been here today but the session and said he represents Ardell can and over and states the on that area.

There really good guy. He's very course like I am very protective of our First Amendment freedom. You know, we hear this so many times. The hemi tentatively heard people say regarding have to take Mike on my hands are cold dead hand well, we don't like we will be dead before we realize that our first train we need to be just as vigilant to protect. And as we are or are second amendment because they're both crucial to our democracy and Republic.

That's right, so make sure you ask your State Sen. on the SB 497 and then on the house side what's what's do you know the bill name on in the house side Ted I knew you that there the digital information censorship feel okay. The battle over there and I'll find out.

I'll mention it later this week I'll make sure that that that's where you know your your your folks can help make a difference because the you know otherwise it's just one more controversial bill. You know we got other things to do and they may not want to do exactly right that centered.

I got Sen. Ted Alexander District 44 here North Carolina. Thank you so much my friend.

I appreciate that I will make sure we start lighten up the phones there at the Senate as well as the house. I appreciate you calling it.

Thank you and God bless you all you two things will talk again real soon.

Appreciate that, again, that that's the deal you first women rights and censorship right were all complaining about it while whining about it as we should be.

But the question always comes back to what you doing about it now. We should pray for our rights here in America.

I as a Christian I don't run the flag up the flagpole say I've got rights as a Christian as a follower of Jesus Christ when it comes to my walk with him. I don't have any rights. He's my Lord, my king, my master okay so I lay down on my rights before the Lord. But then he'll have you take things up for the good of the kingdom of the gospel, the good of your neighbor and it comes to free speech.

You want to be able to speak about the gospel.

Yes, do you want to be, will speak out against the immorality in our nation. Weatherby, abortion, sexual ethics, whatever. Yes.

And if you can't speak out well then you just lost your voice. You lost your platform you lost your ability to be an ambassador for the gospel. All kinds of stuff and so that's a problem that's tyranny they have to do something about it so that's on the Senate side, and that's an easy things go look up to your North Carolina. State Sen. is and say I'd like you to support Senate Bill 497. Stop media censorship act. Again, this runs around the federal rule 230, which is how they designate what the social media companies are say no you can't go after him for censoring the habit they carved out a little protection thing for them and only conservatives try to get rid of that but like Ted said there is a little part in the paragraph there. Paragraph three at 230 E federal law that allows states to push back. And I know you got a Democrat Atty. Gen. most likely they're knocking to go after social media company, but it sounds like after certain amount of here you go after him yourself. That's the challenge given problem, Facebook, twitter and supreme whatever you call who can email nobody the black hole is to give you an opportunity to engage a lot to pray for a lot of work for Senate Bill 497 Ted Alexander also number 558 that we were just talking about that in cc for, but I'll keep an eye on it and will keep talking about it received over the seasonal show, God willing, I'll talk you always say another program powered by the Truth Network

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