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Security at Your Church?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 14, 2021 3:28 pm

Security at Your Church?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 14, 2021 3:28 pm

Security at Your Church?

Steve is joined by Tim Miller and Steve Eccher who both served under several presidents in the Secret Service and today, they are helping churches take security seriously and with a ministry mindset.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble to make any difference to you coming on day you knew that there are people in your church arm and ready for well something bad going on what it bug you are would you feel better. Would you feel good about some your tithe money going to hire a security firm to come in and check out your ingress or egress your facility and talk about people having weaponry, or perhaps having off-duty police officers are former military and their who are armed and dangerous. In the in the middle of it, or is that a lack of faith to think of the lack of faith. We just need to trust the Lord, you have that attitude about COBIT's.

You don't wear a mask so you do the same thing when it comes to security at a church or you could think back to Texas or some other places where there has been violence. Or you could go to the garden of Gethsemane and you could consider when Jesus was being arrested and one of the swords that they had in this case hotheaded. Peter's hands took things into his own hands and decided to do what he did but when they asked him, you know, should we take a sword. Jesus asked them how many do you have and they said to and he said that's enough. Jesus did not disarm the church in all the times when Jesus as well as Paul encountered Roman centurions and people in the military. Not one time did they say to them you need to quit your job so I'm knocking to turn this into a Christian ethics class on pacifism. But we are gonna talk about church security today in light of an increasingly darkening world here in the states of America and your pastor.

You should deftly be listening here.

I think this is about a friend that was is very capable of strained SWAT people around the country Krav Maga black belt weapons expert and he said party or love loving your neighbors being able to defend your neighbor if they cannot defend themselves and so working out, fold all that into the show today Tim Miller and Steve Acker in the studio.

Tim was on not that long ago.

It's good to see you guys again and Tim was calling and when we had the shooting in. That was the grocery store shooting right right yeah which was just not that long ago.

And of course with the situation going to Minnesota here which were in it. Talk about just a little bit not too much time, but similar spirit.

Normally, when, and what's the regular because were talking about secure church today secure but your other security business is called it's called Lionheart international services group and we can't help organizations prepare for violence and and train them up because it's changing our country. Yes, exchanging in our country today will specifically be talking about church security if you're anywhere in the Triangle area. By the way, but if you're in other parts of the state of North Carolina or even South Carolina. Whenever you happen to be listening and you're concerned about security at your church or your pastor, your deacon, you're on staff. Whatever the case may be, make sure you go to secure and check that out and these guys are to be doing training free training coming up on Friday, April 30 here in the Raleigh area up in Youngsville Faith Baptist Church up there which is Friday, April 30 from 10 AM to 12 PM and you can register for that the links up on the Facebook life are you today and also tell you where to go on that one.

In terms of the website, but Tim is here and then Steve Akers here as well. Steve, how are you good to see you doing great welcome. Great opportunity to be on the show and share with the listeners. I like it when the guest welcomes me that was good. Thank you is any fun. These guys are cagey in their couple years older than I am so working at some fun today even though it's it's a very difficult subject in an let's start with you Steve because you guys have unique background which is going to add to the gravitas to quote something we talked about 20 years ago to the conversation. So let's talk about your background and will talk about Tim's background started in the aircraft industry had its ups and downs quickly. In 1971 join the United States Secret Service shows a member of the uniform division spent the next 11 years in the various assignments, including conducting guided tours of the White House scheduling all the special guest whether it be friends of the president or special guests at the president invited taken them on tour the White House but at the same time simultaneously providing security for the president and the White House. My second part of that career was spent in technical security when all the undercover operations for investigative side of Secret Service responsibility and doing the advances for presidents, vice presidents and foreign heads of state literally around the globe. Quick question. Do you think the average American. Whether were talking about church or anything else you think the average American has a decent grasp at all on the darkness that's out there, absolutely not just in terms of potential threats the threats and their increasing significantly as we go forward in the times were in with the with the policeman's issues were seeing and that complicates their responses to us as citizens and it really gets scary yeah and that that that's an operative word now again before you go sharpening your Bible knives.

We understand that were not given a spirit of fear but of love power to sound. Amen when I talk about that kind of fear. When we say it's scary were talk about sober mindedness, and in dealing with the reality that you are surrounded by a pool full of 7.5 billion people who are simply depraved and that's just the deal and you be sober minded and accept that reality and deal with that even in church.

Sadly, on a Sunday and similar courses here Tim working at switch over to you and and to tell you also have a pretty intense background, though, how did you end up in this world world that's no longer did you learn it out and I get that question in the world of spirit what my father was a World War II vet and also police officer in from the time I was young. He stressed the importance of caring for yourself, your country and protecting others.

So I went to college, graduated with a bachelors, became a Marine Corps officer immediately went in and took command of the unit overseas came back in, oversaw company of Marines, a protected nuclear weapons and thus started my love for security. I came off active duty but stayed in the reserve state and counterintelligence for the next 20 years.

Recently retired couple years ago was a Lieut. Col. but again focus protecting Marines overseas but then also had a parallel career was a police officer in Fairfax County Virginia and then became us Secret Service agent in Washington, so protected presidents, both domestic internationally. Shortly after 9/11.

I went over to the Department of Homeland Security. Where were you on 9/11. Actually, I was assigned to the Ronald Reagan building in Washington DC. I was overseeing security and when the plane hit the Pentagon, changed justly all of our world, yesterday should and and so after that I worked with the FBI chasing terrorist but then I ended up my career at the federal law enforcement training center. Oversaw our training which is where I really started developing a fashionable factor. All that into the conversation. Yeah, I this is the noble to see publishers talk to Tim Miller and Steve Ecker about church security in the event coming up here in the Raleigh area on the 30th here website will be right back.

Horton is purity. If you want to go sleep here when you go to church maybe you shouldn't have to think like that, but you do and if you think it's bad now you need to just hold onto your shoes because it's going to get worse and we knew this is nothing new under the sun. Solomon was right. New news is just old news happening to new people. Okay, so this is getting it worse that the persecution in America, which in light of international persecution. Most of us will feel guilty using the P word here in the American context, but within context, it's true. And there's persecution coming at starting told the story yesterday about the church up in Canada they actually erected a fence around the church to shut the church down the pastor served 35 days in jail and that type of stuff is going to grow because the church is a source of truth is a problem for the forces of darkness and there are some people that hate the church because they hate God even if they don't have that in the front of their minds, that's it's a spiritual reality is going on your own. One team or the other I said this recently on the air the day of Jesus's crucifixion the entire world was there on one side of him on one cross is the one that repented. On the other side is a man that didn't that represents the entire population of humanity ever since that event ever since.

And that's true, still true today. So you have to be aware of the force of the darkness whether there actually intense on that and then mental illness and all that kind of stuff so is your church protected as I were talking today with our brothers at Tim Miller and Steve Ecker who are going to be doing an event here in the Raleigh area coming up on Friday, April 30 secure is the website it's going to be at Faith Baptist Church up in Youngsville, it's faith in is the website of those links on Facebook live.

You can follow that. But Tim and Steve both have extensive background in security at the national level presidential level's us military and Tim's case is as well as law enforcement in this vessel services up in DC, the Secret Service, but before we talk about the church security Tim since you're here, I wanted to ask you how you can because I want us all to learn from your perspective as former law enforcement some its opposite professional comes to security.

We look at the situation with the shooting of the young black man senior police officer female white woman up in Minneapolis.

Taser thought she had a Taser is the he dies.

How do you how you can read that true professional experienced lands because most of us don't have yet and I think Steve. The bottom line is, our hearts break because a young man died and that shouldn't happen. Obviously, everybody thought it shouldn't happen but I think it's important to recognize it that police officers are human to and they have to make life or death decisions and quarter seconds. It's clear that that situation was evolving quickly.

We often train quarter seconds. She'd been on a long time she'd been in training, but I wonder how much actual muscle memory we would describe it.

Obviously, tasers are on one side. Weapons are on another side for a reason, but you can understand how if in a life changing situation happening and quarter seconds. It looks like he's going back to his vehicle to get a weapon, so she came out with one weapon had an erratic on out there is a warrant out for his arrest right and all that's in your mind because police officers aren't perfect.

Now with that said, it's a tragedy it should not have happened that young man should not have died.

But it's important to understand that just like doctors just like everyone else. Police officers make mistakes. I will tell you this, those officers, chief on down will never be the same so they could use our prayers. Yeah, now you know bringing her up on basically manslaughter charges right are we getting to the point where police officers are just to be uncomfortable being police officer. I think Robbie past that point, Steve. There's no question my son-in-law is a police officer in Maryland.

They just withdrew the police officer Bill of Rights.

That means if these officers that are answering 911 calls putting themselves in harm's way no longer have a protection or process that stops them from being judged instantly fired and imprisoned in a course that that's the government in Maryland doing that but I think your average American still has an appreciation for policing and police officers. There's absolutely no doubt that the average American still appreciates police officers but I will tell you and I train a lot of police officers there, not feeling the love you so one of things I would say to your listeners. Get out there and let them feel the love.

Make sure you affirm them because whether you recognize it or not there are heroes there to be the ones that lay their life down coming to save you.

I believe as believers we ought to be all over giving them the honor that they deserve. Wasn't that the picture of the gospel itself.

That's right that the wood laid on your life or your brother writing a greater picture than that will thank you for helping us understand that and let's all be in prayer over that situation will pray for them together at the end of the show on the radios over so if you want to pray with us at the end of the show we do it every day after the shows over but that's on Facebook live in you to live so you have to jump on your device. What you're probably looking at anyway and you could join us there. I church security.

How did you get involved in that and and Steve, I want to know how you got involved to serve you well unit was a short story for me. I was an agent I was attending a large church in the outside of DC and I wasn't involved I was involved in pure ministry and we begin to have's a series of incidents and the pastor came to me what we were experiencing what had we've never experienced before in and I'll tell you. Since that time.

That was about 12 years ago. It's gotten way worse when you say incident. What is that what we had a series of of folks that were mentally ill that were obsessed and we had some domestic issues and it's important to remember that everything that the world experience experiences. The church is experiencing no and since were hospital, we have to expect that folks are hurting will be there and that's what happened and so I began to look at church security. I've been a Marine. I been a police officer I've been a Secret Service agent. Nothing prepared me for church security because it's totally different and what I begin to see is if we try to take the practices of the world and implant them into the church because a lot of products from.

That's right as I don't want to go to a church that looks like a pleasant right, whether security all over the place at six is much as I love visiting Israel. I don't my church to look like Jerusalem, that's right, as an 18-year-old with M-16 on the floor in every corner. That's right. That's how do you do that whichever to talk about today. It's opening the show, but Steve let me ask you because Honey did you guys meet. We we actually met in the Secret Service or else melt. We met in mid-2000.

Because Tim's obviously older than you are better looking. We met with though an agency where working together, the Food and Drug Administration has an office of criminal investigations. Tim was heading up the training for that agency.

I was doing a lot of the technical undercover work in the facility side of it and is Tim and I realized we were brothers in Christ first we came to realize we had a Hartford church security and in the people in the churches and coming from that protective background. The Secret Service gave us it just it seem like a natural thing brought God brought us together and from there we started to even just banter. The idea around of how to bring church security to church was there, was there a point for you Steve that something happen you observe something you saw something happen in the country that you're like okay I need to move from being concerned about this beginning of all the training and being proactive.

I say it was one event I think Justin general trends were seen were law enforcement is being pushed out. Yeah, and the need for security is increasing the days of calling 911 and an officer being there and get 30 seconds laser growth days are gone in on a Sunday morning when you got 100 people 200 people printer people, even the average church in America ~95 people that still 95 people in a confined area that don't really know what to do forever talking to Tim Miller and Steve Acker about her security will be right back in here about eternal from a protectant standpoint. If somebody crazy somebody demonic. Whatever were to come into your church on Sunday and they were carrying a firearm a what would happen.

I actually have a buddy who's a pastor who shall remain nameless, who trains and is involved in anti-sex trafficking efforts around the world.

One time I was at the National religious broadcasters convention in the grand old Opry. That huge hotel thing in Nashville and in he's a guy that's always ready okay and so were sitting there talking and this is the sum of the biggest leaders and evangelical communications.

Okay, all gathered in one place and like if somebody crazy came in or knew what they were doing. How bad would this be because there's I don't see any security and he said I am well trained on well armed and I have some other things with me. I could probably kill 60 or 70 people here before the police could stop me. And that was coming for my brother in Christ, so is your church secure. Do you know so maybe that's a question you should be asking deacons, elders, your pastor or anybody on staff with our church during about church security loving your neighbor as himself as yourself is going to have to include that these days, the days are dark and getting darker as in the days of Noah when men's my thoughts and actions were evil altered all the time right that's worth were back there just about so be realistic about us are talking to Tim Miller and Steve Acker today about church security. The website secure is the website or to be here in the Raleigh area of the site today. Obviously on Friday, April 30 and so I'm hoping you'll get your church involved at least invite your pastor and pastors. If you're out there. Check that out for yourself or your flock. You are responsible for secure right so Tim you're talking about earlier that you are prepared even always background in security and law enforcement in and being a part of security at the White House level in the Secret Service, but you you said you weren't prepared for church. What did you mean by this. Well, what what I learned quickly, is if we begin to go in the way many have with the language of fear, then that's not of the war.

The church is a hospital. I do things as a church security team member that I never would do in a Secret Service or police training environment and in its important that we recognize that church security must be a part of the ministry.

The overall ministry of the church and not this standalone SWAT team gun force. If not, it becomes an obstacle to the to the gospel. You know we've had so many people come and I oversaw church security team for 12 campuses 40,000 overall folks on a weekend and it was important that our team understood that just like the worship team.

They had to come with the right heart is the right focus is if they're going to be used by the Lord. Now my thing with our teams is you have to have the heart of David. Also, the skills of David and I remind our team all the time. Skills come with training, preparation and faithfulness and so as we train these folks. What I learned is, they began to acquire a heart for ministry. As they saw their skill in security under the umbrella of ministry being used by God to trick to change life. I could tell you story after story of guys that came into the ministry have you know where I get my God and but soon the spirit of God began to work and pretty soon they're praying over people and that's a win because their stronger fathers and and wives and you know and the teams are that are focused on ministry become a joy and a blessing to us is that a paradigm shift that that is surprising to churches that that that you need to talk about it is it is totally think about it first on like okay security that's a secular thing.

Yeah, unfortunately we have to bring the secular thing into the sacred thing. Yeah but yet loving your neighbor yeah is pretty ministerial yeah and it's also important we recognize as things get you.

You mentioned a number of times things are to get worse violence is going to focus on the church.

We want a safe and secure environment where the good news of the gospel can change people's lives. And that's what we get to be part of in a church security ministry.

Now the other side is I work with a lot of churches who it's all about concealed carry in SWAT tactics and all let me tell you that can be a big problem for church because although we need those skills, we need the heart of ministry way more than we need, because I said our teams all the time. You know God can do more in a second than men can in centuries. So if we're prayed up. We are prepared were faithful were humble were servants that changes the whole dynamic of church security know about dealing with the church when like the leadership of gung ho they they realize they need this but it makes the makes the congregation uneasy yes across that bridge yeah you do and I'm fortunate you know my my go to versus from Nehemiah, but we pray to our God and posted a guard we get to be part of God's work on this will listen since you brought it. I think that the disciples would've been pretty happy to stay in the upper room and just pray the gospel yeah but that's not the way it works yeah so in order to get them out of town persecution came yeah.

Is that okay will if you will leave all kick you out.

That's right see that again this is sober mindedness and just embracing the fact that this is the reality of the world. It is in you know Steve, it's so important. Pastors recognizer number one role is to protect the flock.

Now someone's in an adulterous affair that we write all over what what about something that could destroy the very bodies we need to have that heart, especially in leadership. Now it has to be under the authority of ministry, which is why, especially in smaller churches. I believe the pastors are to be leading a spiritually leading the security ministry and and give that the same priority level that you would worship or you know Sunday school work because that's the key. That's where God works is in a humble environment where ministry is the phone for the last time I checked the shepherd analogy shows up yeah netbook we keep talking about you and and one of the roles of the shepherd is to protect the sheep and is not walking around unarmed overlooked. There's a wolf I'm a better pray you think about that right. Let me think about it, pray the Lord is like I said to be below you come home in your I do this with with my students, especially myopic students. We talk about abortion and showing up at an abortion clinic and some were some people are praying in the silent yet, but other people are crying out okay and that makes some Christians uncomfortable should understand. But if you show up today and your your neighbor across the street is beating the tar out of his wife by the mailbox yet. What do you do yeah you walk inside and pray no you do you offer him attract. Maybe after but what what what might you do. I'm in I'm in a yell call 91911 while I grab a baseball bat or something Yemen to try to stop that, take immediate action which is not not being faithful and Steve you know if anybody should lead the charge to sacrificially protect others.

It should be you and I am in labor was, you know, at the end of the day.

If there's an active violent situation.

You and I know when we step off this earth where were going, I am not worried at all about that in my life because if the Lord calls me and that second that's good. What should we as believers model what sacrificial love really looks. I think somebody great said no greater love hath any man something along those lines I read like that where this ring a bell, but I think in the church security ministry that ought to be the model exactly right Stephen to get in here on this so as as you been involved in an as want you to reflect on what Tim's been sharing in terms of how it church kinda receives what's going on in this message and trying to embrace that security is actually loving, absolutely it.

It's always amazing when you sit down and talk with pastors and even the people responsible for church security and you explain the ministry side of the emphasis of church security their eyes.

It's almost as if their eyes are open now like wow no longer is it just concealed carry geyser cops standing in corners but now it's a matter of looking out for the hearts of people and and a good friend of mine said you know can you imagine killing someone in a in a church environment in snow and not worry about him being saved where's he going with you when you kill them, so there's there's that side of your Savior saving souls out to be our goal and leading people to Christ but also doing it in a safe environment. You such a great appointment and back to the ethics course only talk about and I teach on this a just war theory. There's a right intent and motive, even when he going to war you going to war actually going to security action where where weapons have to be employed. That's never a gleeful thing but you said this earlier time that even for this officer in the in Minnesota that that's the worst thing that can happen to somebody in law enforcement or somebody in the military is actually have to take another person, that's right, you know, but it remember front for all of us as believers were in a war. The spiritual war. It's important we get it week.

We understand Scripture on Apple were also in a physical war times and in the situation where someone's being beaten or murdered or press I think we have a duty to step in and defend them. And I think again that is genuine love when we are willing to do something at our own expense. My dad was a World War II vet and he said you know son, you gotta figure out early. There are certain things are worth dying for a great point where were getting coming to the last segment of the show here just a minute so I want to give you guys an opportunity.

I was in plain and open in the phones but I will because if you have questions about this. I want to get your questions answered.

We have a Tim Miller here and Steve Acker their experts. Obviously they love the Lord's if you want to take advantage of that which you should, on the issue of church security 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is the number is always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH is Steve Noble and the Noble show will be right back to back in the sales. If you have a question Miller and please Acker here.

Church security is your church pastor general questions learned about it be an issue at all. Maybe in a small church. Maybe you're in a big church.

The average church in America still less than 195 so if you're in a church of 500. That's a mega church you may not feel like it, but that's what you are. And this is the situation the matter and to mention this earlier. That was a multisite 40,000 people and those are out there, but that's at that's abnormal even a small church 100 people 200 people should church security be on the radar screen there. I think the clear message. Today's yes so what you do about that. If you have any questions, please give us a call we got there the last segment of the show. It's about 11 minutes long so you definitely have time and will and will deftly get you in there so it's not too late. Just give us call it whatever it whatever your question is about your security for Tim and Steve 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH or if you have a question and you're watching a Facebook live or YouTube just there in the comment box and I'll keep an eye on that when you guys do one of these church security meeting strict security as ministries.

What this is called here in the Raleigh area on Friday, April 30 go to faith in to get registered for that fate and when you talk about What Happened What You Know.

The Focus of Church Security Teams. It Is Very Different Than Traditional Law Enforcement. Obviously, We Need Some a High Level of Skills in Terms of Things like the Escalation Dealing with Domestic Scene of Dealing with Mentally Ill Folks in When It's Framed in a Ministry Focus like That, Rather Than You Know My Duty. Carry in the Guns and in All That You're More Likely to Happy to Get Hit by Lightning Can Have an Active Shooter Event at Your Church, but I Guarantee You Every Week You Will Deal with Mentally Ill People Domestics You Will Do with Angry People. So Our Focus Is Just to Let Pastors Know When That's the Focus of This Meeting on the 30th That Is a Ministry. It Is a Truly Exciting Thing to Have Guys That Know How to De-Escalate and Know How to You Know Deal with Mentally Ill People Because Now Were Actually Pop Part of the Triage at the Hospitals Called Church Because Hurting People Are Going to Come so We Just Look at We Want to Explain to Pastors the Difference between Having a Standalone Security Team.

It's out There Kind of You Know Standing in Corners, Watching People Versus Having a Security Ministry.

One of the Hard Things I Had to Deal with. Initially When Deal with Church Security Guys Is Getting to Talk to People They Want to Step Back yet They Want to Watch and Talk in the My Cannot Stop but the Reality Is He like You Secret Service. Yes That's Right Yeah but the Reality Is They Need to Be Engaging People Asking to Grow Them in Their Ministry As Well As Teach Them How to Talk to People.

The One Thing You Just Said That Help Correct Me Because I Was Thinking Church Security and Thinking. Worst Case, Active Shooter, You Crazy Whatever but but What Were to See an Increased Amount of Is Is Aggressive Disruption. That's I Think That I Coming Yup Protesters Protesters Got People Coming in and Showing up on Me That They Can Get into a Senate Judiciary Many Hearing and Dress up in a Red Outfit like Stepford Wives or Whatever That Was. I Think That Was during Cavanaugh's Hearings, They Can Certainly Get into Church Because the Church Is a Welcoming Place You Said This Earlier Hospitality Prior Deal and so People Come in They Just Sit There and Wait for the Right Time to Get up and Start Disrupting. That's a Church. Such a Huge Church Security and by the Way, It's Happened There Been Church Takeover File and so the Key Is What We Do about That.

While We Prepare the Team to Deal with a Variety of Stuff but but Make No Bones about It Is the Gun Stuff in the Act of Violence Which We Train That Hey, I'm a Firearms Instructor of Talk for 30 Years. I'm Big on on Safe Firearms but at the End of the Day They're Gonna Need the Other Skills to De-Escalation. Yeah, I Think I Shared This with You but It's Huge. We Work A Lot with the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

I Don't Know That yet.

So There That the Watchdog Organization for the Nation's Mental Health in 2017 I'm Sorry 2019.

They Assess That about One in Five Americans Is Clinically Mentally Ill so They're Struggling. Guess What, after COBIT There Now Saying It's One and Four.

Know It's Gotten Worse and so Were Dealing with a Mental Health Crisis in Our Country and Big, We Hope, We Pray That They'll Come to Church, but If We Had People That Don't Understand How to Deal with Them How to Help. What What Are We Really Salt and Light in a Community That Needs Only the Grace of God in Their Life to Help Payment.

While That's a Great Question Then and Again We Set Aside the Cowboy and It's Really a Ministerial Hospital like You Said Earlier Kind of Attitude That There's A Lot Of Broken People Messed up People and Some of Those Will Come to Church Looking for Help.

Some of Them Come Looking for Trouble, and I Guess That's That's the Sermon the Training As Well, Whom I Dealing with Here That's Assignment Right That's Right.

And, and Those Are Skills That You Gotta Develop Unit Your Spoof Hey You Know It. There's Not a John Wayne Clone Waiting to Jump down an End to Have All Those Skills You Know I Think It's Important That We Understand That for Church Security Ministry. It Is a Huge Commitment to Have the Skills Again. Heart and Skills of David Dillon, My Friends on Facebook Live in and I See This Question.

Stephen Then Tim Can Jump in If You Want Was Asking about How Do We Pray into the Subject, Praying, and the Subject of Security for the Church and for Pastors for the Christian World at Large. And I Think They Also Asked in Terms of like Law Enforcement Stop This Help Us Have Some Prayer Point. How Can We Can Pray in This. What Will Do All Kinds Action Stuff in the Lead Prayer on the Cutting Room Floor Right so Give Us Some Help with That Clearly Certainly Praying for the People That Are Coming to Church on a Regular Basis. They're Coming There Bringing Their Hurts Their Hangups and so Forth and Being Able to Talk to Those People in a Christlike Manner, Making Them Feel Welcome There, but Get Trying to Look at Their Heart and Say How Are You Doing Today Those Words Are so Important That Greeting People and You We Can Learn A Lot from Body Language, but We Can Really Learn A Lot by Talking to People What's Going on in Your Life and How How Can We As the Church and That's Were Going into This Prayerfully As a As a Ministry with the with the Team That's Were Almost Every Member of the Church That Is out There on the Front Lines Whether They Be That the Parking Lot, or the Greeters to Prayerfully Consider Their Job, Their Position and What They're Really Trying My Mind Welcoming Right People to the Church, Whether They're Believers or Not, Because Were Going to Get Both in the Any Need a Whole Lot of Discernment. I Mean Obviously Because and I Wanted Asked That That Brings up a Question I Had Tim. I Guess When You're Talking a Church Security. A Lot Of Us Probably Have the Thought of People in the Sanctuary, the Church Security Starts out at the Street and If You Think of the Recent Shootings.

It Started the Attack Started in the Park in the Parking a Grocery Store so That You Know Just to Echo What She Said You Know What Our Teams All Get There an Hour Early. You Know Why As We Get Together We Read the Word and We Pray, and I've Had Hardened Police Officers Warning Say That Were Part of That Original Thing and Then Come Out Of That Role Call in Instantly. We Would Be Faced with a Situation That We Needed the Help of the Lord and in You Know We We Get It, but Folks We Can't Protect Anything without Power the Holy Spirit and That's Where It for Your Facebook Callers Gun without a Gun about Bullet You Please Pray for the Safety We Know That When Prayer Activates the Supernatural and Wheat. I Could Tell You.

I Wish We Had Time.

I Could Tell You Supernatural Amazing Stories of T Encounters Our Teams Have Had Where It's Funny Because When We First Started They Were One into Minute While I Tell You, Let Me Give You That the We Got It We Had a Guy Week in the in the Rollcall.

We Were Talk about How Jesus Never Walks by the Broken You Never See in Scripture and so We Had a Guy Show up Homeless Guy with with Bags Want to Come to the Church Will Coming Out Of That That Prayer Time You Currently Make the Trial Is Mild Ahead of Us Interpreting His Work Yeah and so Another Nail in the Coffin of the US Dollar Being the World's Reserve Currency, and One That Drops Friends Is like a Tsunami You You Can See It, You Know It's There. It's Come in but There Is No Way You Can Avoid Damage Because It's Just Too Powerful and, and It's Just Really Sobering and Scary to Think about That and so I Need to Pay Attention. That's Why David Is Here Each Week to Try to Help Us Understand What's Going on.

Lowest Low Interest Rates Have Deftly Fueled the Stock Market in the Economy but but What's Can Happen.

Another Standard to Keep Them Artificially Low That What's What's Happening out There with Interest Rates and What What Might Happen Later This Year Forced to Raise Rates and Eventually the Paper You'll Find All the That Part of the Government from Producing Cold Treasuries and There Also Going to Be Forced to Raise Rates and the Thing That the Fed Is You Don't Even Older Than Our Concern about Inflation. What They're Really Terrified Is That Alicia of the Lord through Good Deflation like Princeton Cell Phones. Obviously There More toward Technology Nowadays Than I Don't Know What That Was so about a Minute and Half Left, Just an Invitation to People That Are Involved in Their Churches.

They Should Take It to Their Pastor or for Pastors Themselves to Come out on April 30 Yes so It What What Were Trying to Do. II Get out Work with A Lot Of Church Security Members, and They're All Frustrated That Well. The Leadership Doesn't Get It and and I Could Certainly Turn around and Go Well. How Are You Presenting You but on the 30th We Have Learned That As We Are Able to Talk to the Pastors and the Leadership in the Church and Can't Present. Hey, This Is What We Feel like God Is Calling Us to Do in Our Nation, Then the Leadership Goes Back and Is Supportive and Encouraging of the Ministry Itself. So We Feel like Presenting to the Pastor Will Have All Have a Solid Presentation for Them and Then All Whole Lot of Time for Their Questions and Then at the End of That We Are Going to Come Back into the Raleigh Area and Do a Full One Day Training Conference Yeah at Faith Baptist in August Wonderful and so That Will Be the Hands-On Training on This Good Little Intro Class Coming up on Friday, April 30 Here in the Raleigh North Carolina Area Go to Secure in General. Okay, but Specifically for the April 30 Event, Which Again Is 10 AM to 12 PM Friday, April 30 at the Baptist Church Was Young, the Youngsville, Just Northeast of Raleigh Right outside the Suburb Go to Faith in and and Click on the Events Tab to Register and Go There's Free of Charge 10 C Thank You so Much for Being in Here Today Such an Important Topic Will Continue to Talk about It Brenda Went and Served and Remember You're Still on Earth Are Not in Heaven. Yet, This Is Steve Noble and Steve Noble Shall, God Willing Us out Again Real Soon and like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever Forward Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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