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Worshipping Aztec gods!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 9, 2021 2:30 pm

Worshipping Aztec gods!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 9, 2021 2:30 pm

Worshipping Aztec gods!

Steve talks about worshipping Aztec gods and some other great ideas from the progressive left.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's ties with his noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble hello all my how you doing vital media is ready to worship. Symantec gone to join with the caliphate of education and with the ethnic studies model curriculum and let's just do a little Aztec God worship together and that's what will teach our kids and I'm sure the American society will just improved by leaps and bounds. We gotta get you theists idle Christians out of the way and then will usher in an age of enlightenment and peace and prosperity for all mankind.

It will be beautiful.

Hey, how you doing Merry Christmas, happy new year happy Easter Mary, happy Kwanzaa go this is Steve Noble honesty Noble show yes while Steve charged yes well you spend as much time reading through the news that the day as I do, you would be snarky to okay do so many things to go through here and I'm in the theists idle maniac activity on the save that for the end. That's a story from National review came out just about a week ago bonfire of the sanity's. California's deranged revival of the Aztec gods in your light come on just California. Now you gotta quit saying that we in this country in 2021. You just gotta quit saying oh that's just that's California men land of fruits and nuts, right know that that's largely becoming the United States of America. California is not the outlier.

She used to be so will get to that one because that's just to rich to go first on so let's let's talk about. Let's have a Job I Joe Biden the binder ministration did you catch this actually let me give the president some props here the last two speeches on on the infrastructure bill in his crackdown on guns. He he sounded a little more coherent to me. I mean, I don't know if it's the smoothies. The energy drinks on the quencher was happening there but maybe it's prayers because we need to pray for the guy. Okay II can't stand just about anything he's doing and it really disturbs me to see him speak publicly, but we do pray for right that's the deal. Paul said to Timothy to pray for those in authority over us which was Nero at the time and so I think we can we can muster up a few prayers for a presidential bike okay so that was on Wednesday coming out as far left executive order. This from the daily wire aimed at cracking down on the Second Amendment. Of course then they they got to this part, the statement said that the administration was quote try to help me understand okay because I certainly don't try to help me understand this because you got me on this one. Investing in evidence-based community violence. Interventions what that mean this is so this is such bureaucratic governmental gobbledygook okay.

We are the same as that of the humans administration was quote investing in evidence-based community violence. Interventions okay well let's go there for second showing violent crime is skyrocketing all over the country, especially in blue control Democrat-controlled cities skyrocketing in Minneapolis where they wanted to do away with the police department to defund the police and the other places where they played that game de Blasio New York City things only got worse. So when we call that evidence-based community violence. Interventions what would that that evidence-based community violence interventions.

You know what intervention they need a good law enforcement no good guys with guns going after bad guys with guns is that evidence-based community violence intervention. I think so. Finally, the administration announced they will nominate David Chipman, did you hear that name yet this week to serve as director of the ATF alcohol. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, Jim and worked at Giffords, which advocates for gun bans scene and called Chipman a fierce advocate for gun control loops. That's not good. Chipman locked as Twitter account or nothing to hide there so people cannot see what he has stated publicly. However, a comparison of online archives to his current account appears to show that he is deleted well over a thousand tweets. No problem buying zoo actions run contrary to his pledge to unite and heal political divisions in the country as tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners will rightly see his actions as an assault on their freedom in a statement. The ministration also renewed their call for banning so-called assault weapons, which is a made-up term that refers to semiautomatic long guns which essentially function the same way as pistols, meaning that a shot is fired every time the trigger is pulled.

The ministration also call again called for Congress to repeal gun manufacturers listen to this repeal gun manufacturers immunity from liability which Pro second amended advocates say is a blatant attempt to bankrupt the gun industry.

Okay, here's how this would work.

We put that in practical terms for you if you're not a big set commitment person let's say that that there is no immunity from liability.

So you are out in your for driving on your Ford or Toyota your keel, whatever, and you get a terrible accident and somebody in the other car dies horrific terrible right hand step.

No question about it, so somebody sues Ford whatever the manufacturers of your car toward key Cadillac for all you theists, idle Christians will BMW and and you sue the manufacturer because the manufacturer created something that that you purchase that was capable of killing another human being. And so now the manufacturer is culpable there liable. So right now, gun manufacturers have immunity from liability if you're a criminal psychopath and he's going to kill somebody that's not the gun manufacturers fault. That's yours.

You my friend need help your murder. Your guilty your criminal gun manufacture. You are in the olden days we call that personal responsibility so the binder ministration that it's you know that was can happen and how much of that's Joe Biden how much of that is the puppet masters. I don't know. There's no one, Biden wants to cement a governing majority know this is a really important story at a political okay, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought it quote really could be definitional for our party for the next 50 years it's all about power that don't think it's about money. It's really about power about power and control. Okay so this is about the bill back better bill.

This is the infrastructure bills I want to take you through this article. When we come back from the break because there are several points you need to understand here. This is always about power and control is not about the kids is not about the kids at the border is not about humanitarian crises is not about helping poor people are black people or Asian people is not about any of that stuff is not even about's" saving the earth.

It's not about anything other than power raw, unadulterated human power. That's it. What is that ultimately that is idolatry.

We don't want God to have authority and God to be the moral authority of the world. We want that job same things. The issue that Satan had same issue that every fallen man and had since the first man and woman were created idolatry and government. Nothing new under the sun will be right back. Price your brother with you and let just get your wondering what's the deal Steve on Friday and and like being smirking stuff. Well, if you read all the stuff and with all the stuff like as much of your snarky as well. So here's this one. Biden wants to cement a governing majority number is all about power to build back better bill back better say that 10 times over the past. Bill back better. So were talking about the infrastructure bill presidential run strong sprawling infrastructure plan doesn't just attempt to turn decades-old progressive policy pursuits and the law. Aides and operatives inside and out of the White House are coming to view it as an ambitious political plate to cement and even expand the coalition of voters that deliver Democrats to power. November remember that so it's all about power, more, more power, how we keep the power which by the way when they get to 70 stories but was going on the southern border. It's kinda messy now but don't worry my liberal progressive friend is a little messy now, and that you know we got some issues with some kids in 1015, 20,000 of them unaccompanied being dropped over walls and stuff but but ultimately went to get past all that man were purchase literally breeding voters in the future that are largely in a country that secularizing itself abandoning the God of the Bible, but because we are made to worship the gotta replace it with another, and I can have no gods go from G Doug God to little Jeep they got Celexa for God now choice in America that would be G government binds advisors contend the pandemic is laid bare the need for spending hundreds of billions of dollars in a long list of" care economy priorities that like roads and bridges have been neglected for too long, exacerbating keyword, inequality, and so in addition to pursuing more traditional infrastructure package. The White House is eyeing a second component that will include historic investments in everything from paint lead to community college. Why to buy boats to increase your power.

It's a once in a generation opportunity to remake the structure. The American workforce and potentially firm up electoral realignment that is that was hastened during the Trump years in to the administration's delight. Polling shows that voters suburban dwellers and women in particular are embracing not just those individual components of the bill, but the broader concept of the federal government stepping in to help with their problem, thereby erasing personal responsibility.

Yuck we like that and we don't have to bow down to some omniscient and omnipotent and loving sacrificial patient God in terms of determining morality what's right what's wrong who will hold us gun we can we do what we this is a real opportunity is the quote to redefine what are economic profiles going to be like with an aspect of that building part in the caring part and really could be definitional for our party for the next 50 years, said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster and advisor to Biden's 2020 campaign room there you have it, it's all about driving control out in the future. Ever since Reagan. The concept of let's shrink government has been fairly popular. What been a fairly popular one among some people said representative Susan Wilde, Democrat from Pennsylvania and yet the truth of the matter is that what we discovered with the global health emergency think the great recycled look it up is that you actually do need government for some things, and that a lot of a lot can be accomplished not just on the health side of it, but also the recovery piece of it. I think she goes on to say that that has enlarged people's way of thinking about government and what the proper role of government should be. She had so like I just said hears that the theological angle on this. We are a nation that is increasingly secularizing. Okay, I think by most polling that in studies that I've looked at for the past 15 years that may be 9 to 13% of the American populace is born again, talking adults. So let's 87%, not born again, not actually Christians because of what they may self identify as so you're in, and when a skull and subscriptions they still live largely secular life so you got a country that's largely embracing secularism that means no G God, but then we need some other source to take care of us. I don't want to judge me. I don't want to hold me accountable. I just wanted to give me stuff.

Just give me we can begin giving me hey you can eat from that tree. What's the part of Kenny for metric to God surely say that you won't die right so we been on this autonomy thing for about 5000 years. So that's what's going on here so you get rid of the God of the Bible you need another one to replace it and that got in the American context of politics i.e. the federal government starts going in their favor. And that's fitting in nicely to end times theology so it shouldn't shock anybody doesn't freak me out. It's sad. It's enraging and I'm still gonna speak out against him but I know it's behind because my house is built on the sin. What happens in the here and now I don't lose my mind about it and I hope you don't either but it's still serious because it affects our neighbors. This is charming, publicly funded religious colleges named an LGBT Q class action suit this from ministry watch a class-action lawsuit just filed March 29 against the US Department of Education names 25 schools that are specifically mentioned, including Liberty University, Baylor University Bob Jones and Fuller theological seminary is 33 plaintiffs.

The suit claims. Any one of these nasty evil schools doing the suit claims that although the schools receive government funding the government did not protect sexual and gender minority students as required under 10 to title IX okay stop right there. Title IX which is supposed to protect like that protects women sports things of that nature based on sex, FCX sex, not the act. Male-female okay volatile fashion people.

So now, because this is what the equality act would do redefine sex to be sexual orientation and gender identity, so there just ahead of the curve here on this lawsuit. The suit also says LGBT Q students are being denied their constitutional rights by the schools, including the right to privacy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity and gender expression. Lawsuit said because of the DOE is an action.

Students were left unprotected from the harms of conversion therapy, expulsion, denial, housing, and healthcare sexual and physical abuse and harassment, as well as the less visible but no less damaging consequences of institutionalized shame, fear, anxiety, and loneliness. How do you institutionalize shame, fear, anxiety, loneliness, here's how you do it you stick by declare and ask people to sign a statement of biblical worldview faith. That's what you do and so if you refuse to repent or cause a sin a sin you can feel shame, fear, anxiety, loneliness, by the way, that's what Paul was talking about in Galatians that the law is there to convict you of your sin.

Go to Moses to get convicted of your sin.

I wrote about this in the daily dose devotional the other day and then Moses pushes you to Jesus to get say, but you gotta get convicted of your sin. First, because ding ding ding you are a sinner you're not a great person. You're horribly depraved. The heart is desperately wicked deceitful above all else who can know it. Jeremiah said, meaning only God is actually the proper judge of the human heart. We all judge ourselves in the curve or are up against ill Hitler.

Whatever. So this is going on is lawsuit. That's why the equality act, which is now in the Senate, they have to get rid of the will the call what I call it senior moment. They have to get rid of the 60 vote threshold the filibuster. Thank you in. That's why I mention this yesterday, but I think I mentioned it off the year so the filibuster that the only thing stopping the equality act in HR one and HR five equality act, which will destroy religious liberty and then the that the voting act which will destroy is any integrity that's left of the voting system given to those with the filibuster requires 60 votes in the Senate to stop debate on the bill for getting it through that door to even vote. Well, obviously the Democrats don't have 5060 votes in the Senate have 50 anti-they have 51, Harris. So what is the deal with the filibuster in one Sen. Joe Manson will go to combat normal show Friday and were talking about the HR one HR five that are now in the Senate you wanted Troy voting system and to let the federal government who cared old man such an old document.

Goodness gracious, you would drive a car made in 1791, which there were so we just look at the constitutional whatever man you want the federal government take over federal voting regulations know that's unconstitutional Constitution specifically set that voting is controlled by state legislatures, not governors, not Secretary of State secretary of whatever. It's the state legislatures. That's the problem with all the swing states in the past election.

They blew that off some who cares what the Constitution really so you've got that and then you got the equality act, which would essentially decimate religious freedom in America.

Both of these passed out of Nancy Pelosi's house. Of course, while she was digging in her $25,000 refrigerator eating some 15 Dollar Ct. ice cream and then you got one Joe mansion. So just the other day April 7 in the Washington Post. His op-ed second paragraph is no accident that a state as small as West Virginia has the same number of senators as California or Texas.

It goes to the heart of what representative government is all about the founding fathers understood that the challenges facing a rural or small state would always be very different from a more populous state designating each day with the same number of senators, regardless of the population ensured that rural and small states in the Americans who live in them would always have a seat at the table unlike welcome the Constitution class friends unlike in the house, which is purely based on population because population does matter. In a lot of ways, but you don't want the big states the plot. The little states. That's also why we have an electoral college. By the way, and so you have the Senate operates differently and it's an even Stephen deal Maine gets to Texas gets to the filibuster back to Joe Montt mentions op-ed from the other day is a critical tool to protect me the that input in our democratic form of government that his wife said it before and I'll say it again to remove any shred of doubt, there is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster.

The time is come to in these political games and usher a new era of bipartisanship insert laughter here where we find common ground on the major policy debates facing our nation working legislation he says later through regular order in the Senate prevents drastic swings in federal policymaking. This is wisdom here Constitutional wisdom from Joe mansion, a Democrat from West Virginia good listener, voting rights reforms instituting healthcare protections and changes to the federal tax code and business regulations take time to implement on the state and local levels that the filibuster is eliminated or budget reconciliation becomes the norm, which is a way to see things a new and dangerous precedent will be set to pass sweeping partisan legislation that changes the direction of our nation every time there is a change in political control. The consequences will be profound.

Our nation may never see stable governing again. His point is when you get rid of the filibuster, then all you need is 51 votes in the Senate pass what ever you want the minority has no protection. So right now the Democrats control they can just go hogwild then when you flipped control to Republicans which may happen again, but that's why we're talking module bites infrastructure plan because that's we gotta quit that goes Wasco Leawood publicans we get to keep them from getting control of her again but say that they do then they come in and they pass sweeping Republican driven legislation to bowl over the Democrats all away the left way to the right way to the left waive the right.

Joe Manson's like that's that's not the sin, it's not supposed to be like that sentence must be a stabilizing force.

That's why they have a six-year term as opposed house representatives which only has a two week reelect every single member of the House of Representatives every two years. We can kick them out of the tail end quickly. The Senate no slows down a stabilizing force, which is why the filibuster is been there for hundred 50 years, last paragraph, we will not solve our nation's problems in one Congress.

If we seek only partisan solutions instead of fixating on limiting the filibuster or shortcutting the legislative process or budget reconciliation is time we do our jobs. The beautiful thought Joe Wetzel fashion that's dead okay out of control down the southern border pushing through some things are and will get the Aztec God worship, starting in California. Coming eastward in the last U.S. Customs and border protection.

This is horrific. What's going on down the border.

Thank you Joe at all because they essentially threw the sign open and said hate the truck the trumpeters dead were open for business, baby, and we, the Democrats baited the trap so when kids show up and get dropped over the wall in their heads get caught in the trap who put the cheese on the trap that would be the Democrat party is that loving is that Christian no your praying on people's desperation and the risk their lives and their kids up here drop them over a wall why the coyotes and the drug cartels take advantage of and raped them, kill them make money on so you can do what have political control of sick man Lord help us total crossings for 2021 already surpass all cross for 2020 and March 2021 CBP customs and border protection encounter more than hundred 72,000 persons attempting entry on Southwest border. This total represented a 71% increase over February 2021 71% increase in one month this fiscal year.

See the border patrol is already had over 569,000 encounters. This represents an increase of 24% from the total encounters we had during all of fiscal year 2020. So they're going to work and it's probably to go up by at least 100% maybe 200% over 34% from approximately the same timeframe of fiscal year 2013. It's a train wreck salute look at his this total enforcement actions in the fiscal year 2019. There were 1.1 million total enforcement actions on the border by customs and border control in first quarter of this year. In the first quarter. There's been 674,000 in the first quarter, 674,000 in recovery March this year versus 1.1 million in all of a 2090 or really low because of a COBIT 646,000 last year. We already passed last year's in the first quarter of this year because Democrats hung the sign on the wall don't even finish the border fence say come on in. We love you guys.

We care about you will stick in cages will cover you tinfoil will ship you off to places that look like downtown New Orleans after Katrina we got you, and then later on your to vote for us and keep us in power going okay then there's this article. This was in the LA Times nearly 19,000 children traveling alone across the Mexican border in March, a complex mix of factors.

Factors in United States and Central America drove the increase is coincide with the Biden administration's decision to exempt unaccompanied children from pandemic related policy up to immediately expelling most people without giving them an opportunity to seek asylum skull border security friends is not hateful.

Got endorses national sovereignty. Read the Old Testament children instead released to sponsors in the US patent usually parents or close relatives while being allowed to pursue their cases and heavily backlog immigration courts, meaning they won't want your and your huge increase in children traveling alone, some as young as three. Thank you Joe three. Could you imagine the meltdown. The media would be having at this were exactly what was going on with Trump with Trump cages. Now the Joe cages originally built by bite Obama with Joe by his side. By the way, some as young as three and families that are severely strained border holding facilities with transposed old people for more than three days, but often do is let the government scrambling to find space and hire staff to care for children and they can be placed with sponsors carry Potomac government care for children. What's that all about government is God government controlled everything, including your kids will get to that border officials had to 52,904 encounters with people arriving as families with about one and three being expelled as the rest allowed to stay in the US to pursue asylum, so there really expelling about 33% of families that come through looking at a few million plus this year easily million plus Democrat voters in the future. Most of will be Democrat voters in the future which tells you exactly why they're allowing it to happen.

They don't care. The people are suffering. They don't care that the drug cartels are making money, they don't care that there's human trafficking going on. They don't care about the rate plunder and pillage happening all on the trail of tears down there. They do not care what you think they support Planned Parenthood in the abortion industry. They don't care and I don't even know how much of this is in their frontal cortex versus just the depravity of not being in Christ and having the Holy Spirit lost people do what lost people do and oftentimes it can even see the justice, power sick, really sad. I write more about our kids care about this care about kids would do it for the children know about the 62 million. We've killed this is from the San Francisco Chronicle just the other day ninth grader Andrew Tate felt like he was in a deep hole when he dug himself from his San Francisco bedroom as he procrastinated for months in school assignments is motivation absent a straight a student in middle school and you started ninth grade in August at home is classmates tiny faces and square boxes on his computer screen is called zoom. It took a really big mental told the 15-year-old Thurgood Marshall high school student said he started missing assignments and failing classes.

The growing backlog overwhelmed him.

I felt a lot of guilt from it. He lost hope that he could academically recover in the wake of stay-at-home orders that pitched California students in academic and socialized isolation year ago, countless students have endured similar mental health struggles, families, and watched as the previously motivated and chatty children became despondent, angry, listless, afraid, and in some cases, suicidal another trail of tears. Courtesy power hungry progressive. We don't care about the kids will say they do, can you hear the hiss of this Steve Noble will be right back in my seat back to field all the village children to be when you're walking through your proof that our liberal friends and neighbors consider care about the kids and care for the baby.

We don't because we do all kind of horrific things to them as were moving through this life were bankrupting them in the future with our 28 1/2 trillion dollars in debt that's going to grow and we killed in the womb. In our mess them all up in the head and their emotions by keeping them out of school yada yada yada and then pretty soon starting in California were to teach them how to worship Aztec gods and that's gonna bear a lot of fruit right for the devil back to the story and and we just pray together Facebook live during the break, so if if you just on radio you join us on Facebook lives go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook live on Facebook and you can join us here in the studio that you can watch a show later. So when you're in a commercial break which is important we love all our our radio partners. This epicenter of this ministry and has been for a while. We have an opportunity because the video in the commercial break so we just prayed together.

Just a minute ago all of our elected officials in all the stories. I'm hoping that not just rage, that's normal. But do we do that will allow this to drive us to lament to prayer over our nation for neighbors so this is the story from the San Francisco Chronicle talk about all the destruction is going on with her kids, which were abusing kids don't the border and everywhere else, so this is children's mental health during the pandemic. March 20 March 2020 to February 2021 increase in mental health emergency room visits from listener.

This is in San Francisco provide 11.24 percent increase in hospital revisions for mental health issues in 12 to 17-year-olds 31% increase this because COBIT we kick them out of school for power, paranoia and fear thoughts is not the kids. The kids way outnumbered the teachers and the teacher unions right we don't care about kids is just call a spade a spade. Parents noticed an increase in anxiety or worry and their children 36% create increase in their girl children, 19% increase in their boy children negative changes in teen sleep 24% for girls 21% for boys parents say that their child's emotional health is worse than before. COBIT 1931% of parents and yet that's us parents say they have noticed worsening mental health and the child during the pandemic.

46% say Yep, that's us.

Emerging research shows a mental health crisis is unfolding among children filling hospital emergency rooms in child psychiatric facilities while leaving overwhelmed pediatric therapists and counselors unable to take the client so when you talk to me about stopping the spread. Almost nobody talks about all the other dominoes that are following and crushing the most emotional, psychological, physical in them anyway spiritual lives of our children but who cares. What's most important is my personal hell for communities of color and families are struggling with poverty, their traumas, compounded public health experts say in their less likely to be able to access mental health resource, but where's the wool crowd on that one.

The increase of children in crisis is striking Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland saw 651 children seeking emergency mental health services from May to December last year, up from 368 during the same period in 2019, 77% increase because of spiking demand the capacity to treat these children is limited but long waiting lines for licensed therapists and full psychiatric has hospital beds so we didn't overwhelmed the hospital system at all with COBIT, not at all, but we can't help all of our kids were getting crushed by our shutdowns and all the other stuff, especially in the school again. We don't care about our children, largely as a society were bankrupting them, killing them in the womb were keeping them out of school and mess them up at home. Excellent just love your neighbor Bay Area child psychiatric site psychiatry beds are full and children are waiting days in the emergency room to be admitted to residential facilities group Berkeley health official said to me there because mana not only goes in circles really sad. I just shared a link for up on Facebook live to pray for that smarter pray for make vaccination a prerequisite for college kids next fall. This was in the New York Daily News by two doctors the next two months, hundreds of thousands of college students will crisscross the country, leaving behind residential campuses to return to their family, suburban, urban rural homes. Almost all the students are unvaccinated in the coming weeks. While this population is accessible we must seize the moment and vaccinate all college students for culminating you think that coal coal bed passport thing is just hyperbole.

It is, it you wait, you watch, I'm not.

This is the mark of the beast but it's all really good foreshadow of it, and uses watch out people line up the good of the guys of caring about their neighbor. But what they really care about themselves. Same story, different century so the stocks but always gets it right and get kids kids kids kids get.

Okay, let's look at that when it comes to COBIT deaths 2020 through 2021 two right now is from the CDC 1 to 17 years of age, there been 251 deaths that's out of 75 million of them in America, which means there totality rate from COBIT is .00033% in the 18 to 29 year age, your your bracket.

There's been 1996 deaths, every one of those tragic but there's 43 million of that population. So the fidelity rate in that population from COBIT is .0046%, not even 1%, not even 1/10 of a present 9100th of a percent K. Let's look at some of the things a death by pedestrian incident, your pedestrian walk around in get hit by car. Whatever you know, your odds are that .016%, way more likely than COBIT if you're between one and 29 airplane accident crashing in an airplane .00048% think getting hit by lightning .00087% you die in a bicycle accident .025%.

That's actually that's that's a much higher likelihood than all the other so if you put them in order. If you're between the ages of one and 29 here's your Richard mortality or fatality rates is which got me worried about number one die by bike. Number two dice, pedestrian, number three die from COBIT. These are all super small percentages right then die by lightning die by airplane crash at the bottom of the list kids from 1 to 17 dying of covert. They have a .00033% chance of dying from code. Let's also shut them all down in the dismissible who cares over that. I'm not saying that any of those, 271 deaths are 251 dozen tragic they are or the 1996 deaths in the 18 to 29 year bracket. Those are all tragic as well, which don't destroy the rest of them for that bonfire to sanity's California streams revival of the Aztec gods while so set.

Please Lord Board of Education, California recently voted unanimously to approve an ethnic studies model curriculum for use in all of its states public schools. This curriculum is probably the most radical, polemical and ideological loaded educational document ever offered up for public consideration the free world from an article in National review, its purpose built program of indoctrination in the worst kind of tribal politics, a project of social engineering designed to erase the unique personal distinctiveness that the human being and remake each of us into avatars of our immutable characteristics. The knowledge that entire generations of Californians will soon be catechized in the dog dog was of such a bleak and thoroughly political Gospels, almost too grievous to bear is in the national review.

As I noted a few weeks ago. The most astonishing part of the curriculum is a section that deals with religion. Students are taught that white Christian settlers committed side against indigenous tribes.

When they arrived in the New World by murdering Native American gods and replacing them with the Christian God. That's deicide according to the curriculum. This replacement ushered in a regime defined by Colin not count colonial. It colonialism dehumanization and genocide and explicit erasure and replacement of holistic and dig in the dig in deity and humanity. But all is not lost were told for. Students will learn that they have the power and the responsibility to build the social order defined by counter genocide which will eventually supplant the last vestiges of colonial Christianity and pave the way for the regeneration of indigenous up estimate for stomach and cultural maturity. Wow that's been the curriculum presents listen this work. It's really crazy.

The curriculum presents the pagan gods.

The Aztec empire as worthy or objects of study and veneration the Jesus of Nazareth as Christopher F.

Rufo is observed. Teachers are encouraged by the authors of the curriculum to lead their students in an ethnic studies, community chant, which takes the form of worship offered up to these deity well is it really that dangerous worshiping the face the fake Aztec gods, what they stand for students first clap and chant to the God has calla polka, whom the Aztecs traditionally worship with human sacrifice and cannibalism. Good asking him for the power to be warriors for social justice.

Next, the students chant to the gods. A quizzical who is put a Clay and Z pitot tech seeking healing epistemologies and a revolutionary spirit. See how that is working for progressivism. One of them in particular the attic deity of war inspired hundreds of thousands of human sacrifice during Aztec rule, so you will all that's terrible what we've killed 60 million babies in this country. Finally, the chant comes to a climax with the request for liberation, transformation and decolonization, after which student shall patch up a pen survey in pursuit of ultimate critical consciousness while so just consider little bit about Aztec history, the insatiable appetite for human sacrifice in this article the priests of whatever it's called what it would appease their patent DB by laying out a sacrificial victim on the stone at the apex of the gods pyramid carving out said victim's heart while you still live in than rolling the body down the side of the pyramid at the base of which there is there dismembered into the disposed of or eaten post-conquest sources report that the re-consecration of this pyramid in 1487 about 80,400 people were sacrificed. In this way.

Over the course of just four days. You go to the Bible and said she was impressed he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened mouth versus the Aztec God then there's another one to Lilac all about sacrifice of children, but they had to torture them because their tears would bring rain today. Torture dismemberment in column children and this is what they just passed as part of the curriculum. You can see it's all lining up nice as Satan grabs more and more territory here in the United States of America and more and more Americans secularize and walk away from the God of the Bible to their destruction was a way that seems right but in the end it leads to destruction, Ray revival in the church to be bold and pray for awakening in the culture of lost ground. The only hope no one to Steve Noble shows God willing I'll talk again real soon.

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