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NC Governor says: Get the shot!!!

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March 29, 2021 11:07 am

NC Governor says: Get the shot!!!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 29, 2021 11:07 am

Governor Says: Get the Shot!

NC Governor Roy Cooper says, "...we will have enough supply for everyone who wants a vaccine to get one. When that happens, each of us is going to have to talk with our friends & family who are hesitating about getting the vaccine and convince them to do it."

What do YOU say to Governor Cooper??? 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your house back out all Monday holy week. Thank you Lord ethically try to do whatever we can on the holy week in the resurrection, and he is risen he is risen indeed that by far, supersedes, overshadows reps out of the way.

All the garbage of this life at this present time in the do your part to get to work on it myself to praise Jesus's weekend or revisit the resurrection and to revisit salvation by faith really, and grace. Really, what about the law. No forget the law. If you are in Christ to be born again.

The laws gone, Sia. I just wrote a devotional about that this morning the daily dose devotional just started in the book of Galatians. A couple weeks ago. So join us there.

Just text the word dose to 6646. See, I don't have an intern in the studio today so I don't even know my own stuff offered for hearing go to website the Steve Noble and I just text on the daily dose and you'll get that in your email that goes out at about 11 AM every day Eastern time. Okay so you got this is what I want to focus on our good friend David Fisher: capitals back with the money Monday update at the end of the show. The last segment and on Facebook alive. Some folks are just saying hey Biden is now wanting to push all the governors to do the math mending okay. Don't stop double down gloomy optimism. It says on

Of course, because power does not relinquish itself.

Okay, think of Joe Biden in the left and the federal government, and just about the entire swamp both sides as Emperor public team from Star Wars who said he after after you give me emergency powers. Once the wars over them to lay those down. Okay this is just short little things need to suspend democracy and the Democratic Republic here for little while and I flat the curve and all that stuff and then I'm in a put all that power back in the box on the put that genie back in the box yeah right. Theology 101 human depravity and nobody nobody D lays power down without pressure mixed coded messages sent as Biden touts vaccine progress. CDC warns of impending doom yes him the lady that's in charge of the thesis is that all I have this feeling back soaker my feelings feelings I have this feeling of impending doom. Of course, because we actually achieve herd immunity. Some of that being natural.

Some of that being from the vaccination, then you lose all your special sauce power and fallen human beings just don't want to do that okay so there you go there to keep double there and figure out ways the whole time to keep doubling down because they do not want to relinquish power. The whole system.

The federal system, especially the left all progressive left all about power control because you idiots out there don't know how to run your lives and so you plebeians need us. The elitists whatever running Microsoft or twitter or Facebook or Google or whatever or Amazon in then the government in the great reset all around the world. You plebeians are just idiots.

So there and use whatever they can write, so there's that. And then there's this chair this in the days where I want to spend the majority of the show today and open up the phones do you 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Especially if you're here in North Carolina with me 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH I want to know what you would say to Gov. Cooper after his tweet came out at the end of last week from Gov. Cooper here in North Carolina, and Cooper. We aren't there yet, but in the next couple of months we will have enough supply for everyone who wants a vaccine to get one when that happens, each of us is going to listen. This is the governor North Carolina. When that happens, each of us is going to have to talk with our friends and family who are hesitating about getting vaccinated and convince them to do it. To which I would add or else because like New York is using. This is a start. Shop around the world.

New York launches nation's first vaccine passports.

Oh, Steve, chill out to quit pouring gas on the fire because that's voluntary. Yeah, for now, starting Friday New Yorkers will be able to pull up a code on the cell phone or print out to prove that they been vaccinated against COBIT 19 recently tested negative for the virus that causes it. You know so you can get access to things eventually maybe you know like your own bank account now again I said this before and I don't like conspiracy theories. I don't like hyperbole two years ago I would've said half the things that all say on the air now because in the last 12 to 16 months we've seen shocking things go on not just here in America but around the world and and 24 months ago the great reset I'd be like yeah world economic forum, whatever. Now I'm like oh yeah yeah this is all setting up nicely and because I'm a follower of Jesus Christ have a pretty strong knowledge of the Bible. I also know what all the toffs set up nicely felt that not nicely take away whatever your end times eschatology is Jesus coming back. The rise of the Antichrist persecution. It's all set up nicely is in it so so I take some solace in that I take some comfort in that just reminds me that the Bible is true and God is revealed. Every thing we need to know. Not everything there is to know everything there that we need to know and so were ready so I want to know from you what you say the government. Gov. Cooper is basically saying one want to get organized vaccines for everybody.

But when that happens, each of us going to have to talk with our friends and family who are hesitating about getting vaccinated and convince them to do it. Let's let's let's narc on her neighbors and basically force them somehow I read that 866-34-TRUTH is the phone number 866 34 truth 866-34-TRUTH 784 square Chris out natural Chris, thanks so much for call and insult what what you think about Gov. Cooper Street here going. I had not one but not being I don't believe you love political all men yeah so when you first had you heard about this tweet before Chris or did you just hear when I read it or read it and what was your what was was a watch your language because my language was a party when I first heard it.

But what was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard me read that sweet thought about yeah that's a good one. Chris, thanks much for going to Logan's radio out there in Asheville, North Carolina.

Praise the Lord for that. 866-34-TRUTH 878-844-8664 truth. Gov. Cooper says working have enough vaccines for everybody here, North Carolina, and then not working have to convince everybody else. Those people that didn't get it to get you anyway back at Noble to see Miller show above the normal you can go there, sign up for our new series in Galatians daily dose devotional 6X86 is the number, just text the word does the OSCE to 66866. Because if you are not getting a daily dose of God's word in the midst of what were going through in this country you're going to struggle you do that to yourself and further we get away from God, the less power we have, the less security we have in terms of our faith versus the world, the less peace you're going to have so it's an easy thing to do. I write these are Monday through Friday. I don't miss hardly ever and we just started the book of Galatians word did Galatians 221 today talking about it if works of righteousness actually were still on the table. Work your way to heaven.

When Christ died for nothing, which is one of the problems as we talk about what's going on here at the COBIT thing is, the vast majority of Americans fear death because they don't know the Lord, they probably could. They probably would not be able to express that they probably aren't even thinking it in the front of their thoughts but that's their because they're human beings right and so I think that's what were seeing. So again I want to know what you would say, especially if you're here North Carolina.

What you say to the governor, Gov. Cooper tweeted this just the other day went there yet, but in the next couple of months we will have enough supply for everyone who wants a vaccine to get one. Okay, he started off okay if you want one get one paint Pro this this pump. I'm with you if you want one get one payment that's my position. You want one get one. One get one scolded you don't want one get one wow that was complicated RAC startup okay. Then he says this many changes directions like biology when it happens each of us is going to have when that happens, everybody wants one gets one when that happens, each of us is going to have to talk with our friends and family who are hesitating about getting vaccinated and convince them to do it so that that's what he sent everybody that's that plays along all you people that are following are recommendations getting in line from their perspective, not from yours.

Okay relax then once we get to the end of that list, which are to be all the Democrats in in the maybe a few Republicans here and there. Again, I'm I'm projecting here. It's not what I think. Then all of you that are smart and care about your neighbor are going to need to convince your neighbor to quit being an idiot. Quit being a suicide bomber and go get vaccinated and that I would add to the end of this tweet or else because they're knocking to just be satisfied with it. So then what is it you need to have your vaccination record like in New York, the first vaccine passports of the get on a plan for what you do if you if you travel for living and they say you need to be vaccinated.

Gunplay what if it's a movie theater. What if it's a school, there's some colleges are you doing this I think Rutgers University said in this fall. If you don't have vaccination, you can come back on campus what you write this. This of course is a great foreshadowing of the market-based right nothing at this podium to what you say to Gov. Cooper. Please, I want to hear from you. 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

Great point Jennifer on Facebook live just convincing involve turning your neighbor and just convincing involve turning your friends and family and the government. Yes, I think working to get there, I do. I think working together. 866-34-TRUTH 87884, my fellow North Carolinians.

How do you react to this and if you want to say hey I appreciate the governor and I think everybody should get the vexing call and say it, that's fine you not to worry about getting excoriated on the show. I don't do that to people here on the air. I just don't so you want to worry about them or be afraid to call in her but I want to hear what your reaction to this is the governor sent will give him everybody wants him.

And then everybody that God is going to have to work hard to convince your friends and family members who are hesitating to get vaccinated. What he how do you read that he responded that you gotta have a response, this is the United States of America.

Were talking about liberty and personal liberty and personal freedom and and you do have a right under a biblical worldview. You have a right to make your decision.

I don't have a right to impose my view on you, even when it comes to salvation. That's your choice. You have individual autonomy liberty under God to make decisions. I don't run around hurt other people that's on, let me but you make decisions for yourself. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH what's your response to Gov. Cooper Clay thinks recon and go right ahead where he Broder crop of the marble work Monday. I'm looking for good week to week. I made it or we won't have to hear too much of theocracy from Grover about that because we know that it fit in Sternberg." God the father and Jesus Christ ago I made the set stuff like this is going. I will sure what to think. But you know all bureaus with the share with you my neighbor him in a way, neighbor him Cooper's Cooper. Cooper and thing you know about got locum on this route through the VA he did not flesh or screen on the TV about a month ago. It was the VA that flash the screen and eluding overwhelming veterans condo on the TV is about getting vexing. Okay so did the government are good. You know are very critical to look that I don't think I think the current disorder lost it up think you turn to make up for what you got before I really actually say all that because of judging a man, but I think you covered gold at all clear what you know try to make it happen before, you know, I honestly between you and me and everybody else out there. I really think you said, I really do. You know, because are you trying to really make for kiss and tell her whatever he loved the world why would we have to go talk co-owner neighbor about things Clay and I appreciate Connie commencing at one that's one of the things that I most concerned about. Listen, this country is divided in getting worse along all kinds of lines now are adding in this backs anti-back so there is there is already enough challenges there in the in the anti-vaccination crowd and and people in the vaccination crowd, which it wasn't that big of a deal subculture thing but now it's in everybody think now it's nationwide and Cooper and other governors just like other presidency and Abbott down in Texas was a Neanderthal Windows almost 3 weeks ago that they dropped the mass mandate and by the way the numbers in Texas are going down the not going up but now this is just increasing the division in the hatred we say we want unity.

Ha ha this is doing anything but that's really really dangerous. Pushing us beyond what I would call cold Civil War to an actual one and and I think that's a legitimate concern Clay. I got a bunch other callers, he writes, gotta jump over, but I really appreciate you as always, thank you. Thank you for bringing the trip. Thank you for doing it. You know I really think you are really really sad and I also feel that what is going to lead to what God the father, but Yep that's right, I think I appreciate you have a great afternoon, jump these other calls but I don't touch off so Carrie and Clemens him to go to you and Susan come back from the break and Carolyn in Raleigh. I just am up against break in about 40 seconds and I don't want to get you on the air and then have to put John Holden get chopped off all start over and keep talking about this.

Joey mentioned this on Facebook live hate you don't have a right to fly and airlines are going to a movie theater and I had three private businesses can do what they want in the market will do what it wants. So you have a Delta Air Lines and says they do that Delta Air Lines will get the business of the people. I don't care about it and they will not get the business of the people to do in the market will adjust and some businesses will prosper and some will get punished that the free market on a vomit that will be IPA show Gov. Cooper. We aren't there yet. He says that in the next couple of months we will have enough supply for everyone who wants a vaccine to get one okay got no problem there free market.

One can when it happens is where go south. Each of us is going to have to talk with going to have to talk with our friends and family who are hesitating about getting vaccinated and convince them to do it at your governor here in North Carolina. Let's go to Carrie's gone and from Clemens North Carolina Carrie, thanks for calling. Sorry keep you on hold, go ahead.

Good man, how are you alright alright so you become going to be what it will be Bob. Bob, you know you got to comply or will job Get what we need to have a conversation with you all will will it go because it is coming to word you're going to have to talk to the nation or if not stored in your labor. Unfortunately, but I see how it happened. You Jewish people all people widely followed by 5 x 4 and that will yeah really is and they had no problem cordoning off power in keeping power in and because the fallen human nature than I can easily let go of it, especially for just going along with the Carrie thanks much for: I appreciate your opinion I'm in will talk to you later.

Thanks so much Carolyn is calling in from Raleigh and Carolyn, thanks for being on hold. Sorry to keep you on their well go right ahead, no not very implement.

He was Atty. Gen. when I worked at that guy yet. I thinking he cannot have the strength to fade.

No going along with the program and not what is right for me, but I think it's terrible to say to someone, you have to convince them I don't want to take their banking I'm not hold. However, there that can cause me harm. And then not revealing everything that ended that need to take it.

If the play rose left to make an inventory of my life online. Not awful yeah and that's a great point Carolyn, thanks much for calling and sharing that. That's a great point. Listen, what's the long how much how much information how much data do we have about these vaccines. MRNA how much data do you about nine months worth. We don't even have a year yet of people that have gotten the vaccine. Even the clinical trials were late summer. Okay, so we haven't hit a year yet most these vaccines get two or three years of clinical trial results to see what the long-term results are before they released him to the public doing operation work speed. Yada yada yada. But now it's hate hate. I don't care if you're concerned about your your body weight in seconds. Whatever happened to my body mind choice. My body, my choice when it is even your body that babies not your body. New/my body, my choice. Whatever happened to well it's okay when you want to keep the abortion mill going and all that money and all that degradation, and in not having any responsibility for our actions. That's cool.

So just kill babies right and left, whatever my body, my choice not in this case, though your body nope nope nope currently not your choice pretty dangerous grounds were in here in North Carolina and nationwide us go to Jenny's gone and from Greensboro. Jenny, thanks for calling the redhead would not be nice. Don't you wish we could do that like California have a reality. Lexington, California. So what will our choices away from real every level.

American solely on Americans right when you first heard that between whether I was when I was reading it he heard beforehand what is your so what was your emotional reaction to that Jenny these please see and he wrote it is like KDE everybody I I'm your governor. I care about you, but now you're going to have to talk to those people that won't get the vaccine. I mean yeah that's really our free choice. That's right, were made thickly with your own research and listen and read. I read a lot of articles on training made you think they'd all say okay she's able fail. I'll never is a lot to learn and unfortunately most people only learn from headline and they're not doing the research to anything. So much for calling and I appreciate that Matt is gone and from Wake Forest.

Matt, thanks for calling the redhead everyone: you're right. People are not going to research or not.

Do your homework.

No one seems to know about Dr. James Lyons Weller prominent finetooth to petition the FDA to have these companies remove dangerous epitopes, vaccines, and they refused to do so and people are in judging the stuff without having blue, extremely startling people are just so willingly, blindly, sheepishly getting aligned for this and following all but I do think the precursor for market.

Let's face it, what another interesting thing is why why why we have celebrities.

What we have people like Cooper wire, people pushing Krispy Kreme offering free, why why are we having to do this.

If this is such a deadly virus that a recovery rate for people under 70 years of age. Why are you pushing a vaccine cohort what's behind us there in the forest things behind, that's right, not just about public health and public safety, etc. I haven't won a mask that they want they want Walmart, target, you name it places that belief, but I don't wear it is all a scam.

It's a high-level cam in the global it's just amazing what people will not research and read up on a lot of people call peopling the conspiracy. Until the conspiracy through crazy crazy crazy mad thanks for calling me and I appreciate what you meant. Talk you later.

And that's that you go do your research okay that doesn't want to do any research you just want you to submit just comply. And there is a high level agenda going on here.

I don't want to sound like a wacko conspiracy theorists.

I don't know you know they say they are doing this, the people are doing this they are doing their commanding this on my Tuesday really. There's only him and that Satan okay power the prince of the air and Jesus made it perfectly clear your one team or the other. If you're not controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Your control by saying you don't like that. Hey Steve, you're not shot well your problems with God and with the Bible. Your problem isn't with me. I'm just telling you what it's dusty that your triptych know that interpretations been there for a couple thousand years.

Okay that's the deal. So there's definitely as we move down the road to perdition for most as we move down the road to an antichrist. One world government.

However, you want to unpack the book of Revelation and Daniel and all the other places we can go. This is all setting up nicely for total control and it's easy to control the populace to his point that is so fearful they're driven by fear, because people are afraid of death, and so this is just like what happened after 9/11. How much of your freedom. Are you willing to give up for allegedly security how much of your freedom.

All that the NSA collect every text, every phone call every everything for the one in 1 million chance that that I'm in a get killed by a suicide bomber here in America. I'm willing to give up some of my freed some of my liberty.

Some my freedom for that. The notion of security and because people are afraid to die because they are not in a right relationship with God whether that's at the forefront of their thinking or not, I can tell you based on the word of God that is true is when when a Christian dies. We know what the deal is I know what the deal is. Whether it's today or 30 years from now. My day is coming. I know that and I know in the blink of an I'll be face-to-face with my Lord and Savior, and eventually having will manifest here on earth.

Man, I got nothing. I got nothing to lose. I got everything again and I'll be a been gaining since I got say okay so when you talk to me about coronavirus. I will yet serious and in some people and we've had 30 million Americans get about 30 million 40 million somewhere in there with 340 million Americans here and we've had allegedly a little over half a million die. A lot of those with coconuts from COBIT, the whole thing is shrouded in confusion and chaos and power in spiritual darkness and manipulation and politics. And if you think you've been getting 100% the truth deal for the last 12 months you're not it's you're not and throw our own sin nature and there we see through the glass dimly, we lack wisdom, which is why James says the gas port and we lack discernment, so everybody's hand handicapped in this deal and then you throw everything else in there and it's just manipulation and power, and darkness. Is there some truth here and there yet.

Is it easy to find no it is not, but I got a governor priming the pump that working I have to basically get you to turn in your neighbors. What's next, a gold star on my shoulder.

That might sound crazy, but that seems to be the direction we're moving into and you think were divided now getting a whole lot worksite setting that aside, what's going on in the world of finance our good friend David Fisher return to this everybody's noble elbow showed great to be with you. So if you talk about these days and tomorrow and show me a really important show tomorrow get a PhD, author Christian, prolific author or speaker's name is Preston sprinkle he's been around for a few years now. He wrote a book that my's oldest son recommended to me called embodied transgender identities the church and what the Bible has to say, really, really, was a helpful book for me. Read the whole thing suppressed and can be on for the whole show tomorrow as we unpack.

It's a very difficult subject.

I know can be very frustrating subject. It can be a maddening subject can be a subject that easily.

For some of us in the body of Christ, where you talk about transgender is him.

We get angry we get disgusted bubble bubble blah we have to work our way through that as followers of Jesus Christ and have a biblical view as we consider what's going on in the in the in the culture and politics.

And these are people that Jesus loves that God made them in his image and that we should care about from a gospel perspective so this is a really really important conversation. The whole show tomorrow with Preston.

Sprinkle embodied transgender identities.

The church and what the Bible has to say about it. Let's jump back over. It's so good to have our friend David Fisher from landmark capital back on the air. Hello how my friend. I'm so glad you guys had a long vacation.

That's awesome.

And although I do agree you know I have a 2018. Every person remembered I have some major heart issues and I wanted to hike Diamondhead. Back then, but I can walk about a quarter-mile and be out of breath while I hiked Diamondhead here Lowe's in Hawaii you want to use the incredible experience always fears almost spiritual yardstick.

The milepost and another thing, crossing off my bucket list showing the miraculous healing hand of the Lord in my life so wonderful about one of the highlights of the trip. That's so awesome and so glad to hear that and praise the Lord all up and down on that deal because it's only possible because the him so that's wonderful. Thanks for sharing that. Welcome back in. It's good to have you.

Obviously the markets don't go to sleep while David Fisher is on vacation, so plenty going on, but let's start as well as doing a deal money Monday update and I think will do a full show next Monday, the first Monday in April, but Hebrews 9 such an important passage of Scripture. I was just talking about this earlier. Actually, to go ahead. Let's start there are good verse 27 and 28 just as people are just printed.

I want after that to face judgment, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many, and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who were waiting for him. Obviously, this is the week of Good Friday. Markets are not open then and we are close, celebrating the death of our Lord and Savior and then three days later we celebrate. He's risen and he is risen indeed. Obviously this scripture reminds me of the time when I do not know Christ and I was destined to die without knowing you and faith that judgment of the wrath of God because there is peace in my life that was unforgiven, but obviously at age 16 and a crusade. I gave my life to the Lord in my life forever change and get so emotional about it because the grace of God and his loving arms is everlasting but for those that do not know him. I wanted tell you from personal experience of walking with the Lord of over 54 years that it's those who speak, 40, 46 years ago I met my math is off a little bit. I was in this battle of that period of time.

I've seen a lot of changes the faithfulness of Christ in my life and others. I can post if I just been remarkable.

When I question God's will, he will reveal yourself when you seek him. You will find them when you search for him with all your heart, that's exactly right.

Praise the Lord.

Amen and amen. Thank you for sharing that and you know I've been watching the stocks the last several weeks haven't been all that excited about my own placement what was going on with our own retirement.

But you know it's it's been a job but the trend is kinda upward, but there's a lot of selling of stocks last week. Today kind of mixed certain stocks are getting hammered.

So what's what's been going on Great Lakes Rick recently what's going on today what really started the wind, secretary-treasurer Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the Fed chairman Carol Powell acknowledged prices in some areas of the market looked expensive fact Janet Yellen said that the assets of the value of evaluation of some assets are elevated by historical metrics worker quote and on that very same day one of my good sources sent me an email that shared that J.P. Morgan was going to have to rebalance the portfolio by the end of the quarter, which is this Wednesday and so they're making preparations to cells around $300 billion in stocks to maintain the split of 6040 between stocks and bonds percentagewise as a result of that other companies doing the same company called Hercule's capital was forced to sell more than $20 billion in stock on Friday and it was like the bathtub drain being drained out of certain markets guy by the name of Bill hang runs Oracle's capital anything he do the liquidation pleaded guilty for insider trading in 2012 and what happened as a result of that Goldman Sachs emailed her quietly Friday and informed them that they were selling massive amounts to 10.5 billion Wall Street Journal reported $30 billion in stock sales on Friday.

Deutsche Bank also sold large blocks insulted Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley reported a huge amount of block stocks being traded liquidating and as result of that billions of dollars were lost.

On Friday they got what got hit the worst were banks, stocks and Morgan Stanley fell 3.4% in the Mira which is a Japanese investment bank US subsidiary fell 14% in one day Chris was struck 11% on so this was like a March magic man this really we call margin call madness yeah one company caused the greatest margin call in a decade since 2008. Yes, it was that I was just asked you just watch the SQL de la Wall Street the other day so so is this is the security and exchange commission get involved with something like this receipt is domino effect in the literally jumping billions and billions of dollars tens of billions of dollars in stock while they made the announcement of her closely following the liquidation, and they also were monitoring this issue but nothing was done wrong for league illegally and in what was happening as the bloodbath in certain markets in stocks and banks was brought to light one of the dark deepest corners Wall Street in what you call equity trading called CFT's knowing all technical, but it's called so-called contracts for differences in other words, this is the leverage position member Dirk. The term derivatives form 2001 buffet so these are financial weapons of mass instruction's product on the market in 2008 derivatives or leverage money. This is just another term for leverage money.

CFT's this what this came down.

Bloomberg says that Archie goes actually never owned any of the stock security itself. What they did is that they own future contracts, which means that the prime broker Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, whoever was the one that's holding the exposure and were taking the big hits.

So this is the leverage money that brought on the market in 1929 brought down craze and linked in your 2000 that brought down 2008. It's all happening all over again in this company. Bloomberg news is saying there's five there's 10,000 public companies just like this whole market capitalization of $6 trillion and the Dodd Frank act. We talked about this before the Dodd Frank act that was passed in 2010 says this about the things called CFT sisters, family offices, which is what archaeologist or Clark or Trios capital is a family office are exempt from reporting requirements as they don't leverage they don't have influence in the market completely what they have the market highly leverage in fact close to hundred percent leverage. Yeah, I mean it did circumstances and the storm clouds just continue to get bigger and bigger.

Which is why we talked to David on a regular basis talking to David Fisher from La Marque capital landmark is the website and in trying to understand what's going on here so we haven't talked in several weeks what's going on with gold and silver as result is very obvious. It is a challenging time.

Things are getting worse. Financially, the stock market continues to entranceway up because it's it's odd animal in and of itself, but what's going on with gold and silver. Well, here's what drives gold, silver stimulus, we passed $1.9 trillion. There's three true $3 trillion to much package the binding is now preparing his team plus the $5.5 trillion budget coming I said in January. Working to be between 8 to 12 trillion were close to 9 trillion when you have those numbers up.

So there's that side of the government side there's the Fed balance sheet since December 2019 is gone from 4 trillion to 7.7 trillion. $3.7 trillion increase in the federal lawmakers up authorized $6 trillion just to your to date, and tax cuts loans and grants in mind and subsidiaries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic we have massive spending overspending massive printing of money and turn inflation and Wells Fargo came out today, saying, 22, $2200 gold by the end of the year were 1700 and yeah that's why we talked about it. That's why considering going to get educated educated.

So people and some help David how to get information actually call it 446042575 Jos began 844604575 or go to landmark we do not talk about next week. Really, things must talk you soon follow my friends willing, I'll be back another program tied to Truth Network

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