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Senate Democrats vs. America

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 31, 2021 12:03 pm

Senate Democrats vs. America

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 31, 2021 12:03 pm

Senate Democrats vs. America

HR1 is the Voting Act & HR5 is the Equality Act: Dump the filibuster...pass them both by a 51-50 margin...and destroy America as we know it.


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, here's the reality craft in the U.S. Senate have way pretty soon, not very long from now they will be fundamentally reshaping the nation and changing the course of the nation really into perpetuity. Unless the United States Supreme Court would act, and I don't know I don't really have much confidence in the US Supreme Court anymore at all and so what you know about that, do you call your senators call U.S. Senate will your senator happens to be a Democrat.

You can call and you can email you can write him. You can try to go get an appointment stuck in a matter if your senator is a Republican. You can write a meeting column. You cannot email and you can try to go see them but they have no power literally in the United States Senate. So that's not getting anything done. So what you do when we talk about HR one, which is the for the people act, which is a federal lysing of the federal election. A portion of your ballots when you vote every two years so it's president and Congress U.S. Senate in the US House of Representatives.

They want to federalize all that all take you through that what that looks like HR one and then HR five. The equality act.

All of these names of these things, the equality act. I would say, given new numbers and they sent him over the Senate, but HR five. The equality act as anything but that's basically a hammer blow into an all-out assault on religious liberty and other things. There's a lot of things that are going to get hammered by HR five and a lot of things at the federal level in terms of the federal government controlling federal elections.

That is president, U.S. Senate, US House of Representatives, which is patently unconstitutional. The Constitution makes it perfectly clear that election law is to be handled by state legislatures, which is why when the governor in Georgia just recently signed some of their changes to election law. The left is going ballistic. Saying they're trying to disenfranchise voters and intimidate voters and intimidate black people and intimidate for people and cut them out of the process by the law.

The law, which is a bunch of garbage there trying to shore up the election process because we can't trust our elections. You no longer live in a representative republic. Those days are over. You live in an oligarchy.

I think the most part we live in an oligarchy. Anyway oligarchy being a government controlled by very small elite group of people. I think were there are ready.

We still call ourselves a representative republic. But I don't really see that in play, especially in the United States Senate.

So when you really don't have any options any weapons at your disposal. Let's remember that as Christians appear Christian through the blood of Jesus Christ then our weapons, primarily are not fleshly. They're not of this world. Their spiritual return down strongholds write their spiritual and number one is to pray because like Joe just sent a Facebook like the only thing that we can do is pray pray because only God can change the stuff only got in so let's pray together on a set that tone today.

All our work is through. I've got a five minute clip from Michael Ferris is the head of the lines defending freedom ADF the greatest a conglomeration of Christian lawyers in the country an incredible organization and he's got was on that the world prayer call will print network the other night and so this is a five minute clip on the player for you in the second segment of the show today could still walk you through some these details I got other things, written things here that I'm a walk you through but because I don't have my intern with me this week is just me in the studio by myself. It's GarageBand times I'm gonna play that Michael Ferris clip all five minutes of it in the microphone from my iPhone 11 which which probably will sound okay but it's not exactly what I would normally do. But I have to do it because people just are talking about this. Most people aren't even aware of it only on the equality echo of the voting public. The filibuster the Filbert were safe at the filibuster Joe mansion and that you and Kristin cinema from Arizona might be bulwarks against it there both Democrats, but then again just recently. Here's a headline from the Hill them will pray together before you break bite nominates mansions wife to culture. The Appalachian regional commission.

Interesting timing. There and so I don't know there's any hanky-panky going on there. Gail mansions wife will cochair the Appalachian regional commission. Now she was the first lady when he was the one he was the in West Virginia when he was the governor and so she's got plenty of experience they do in dealing with Appalachia on the poorest parts of America. There, throughout the mountains and and so it there's part of me to go look is make sense, but the fact that Joe mansion is like the finger in the dike person in the U.S. Senate.

As far as Democrats go because he said flat out before I would not agree to get rid of the filibuster in the filibuster again. Just as a way of reminder is you have to be able to if you want to block legislation in the Senate because the Senate is supposed to be like the saucer that the teacup the teacup is going to radicals. That's the House of Representatives much more rambunctious. We reelect House members every two years the Senate every six years so it's kind a calm, cool and collected right there. The saucer that collects hope garbage falling out of the cup and so the sentence there to stabilize, which is why they've had the filibuster, which is essentially unlimited debate on a bill if you kill Bill you just keep debating but you can. You have to have 60 votes to overcome that which is a way to give the minorities some ability to not be completely trounced by the majority.

Whether it's Democrats over Republicans or Republicans over Democrats so the Republicans didn't knew the filibuster before, but if the Democrats do if they knew the filibuster and they can get rid of it with a simple majority vote that they can change the rules simple majority vote. So I think it Joe mansion and if they get Kristin cinema with all kinds of pressure as those are Joe especially you could say them in one way is the most powerful Democrat in the Senate then then it's a tie 50-50 because none. Republicans will vote to get rid of it and then in steps, here is the vice president/president of the United States in cast the deciding vote 5150.

They do away with the filibuster. Now they only need a simple majority which they would have with, Harris voting and they pass HR one and HR five and then that's pretty much the end of the future of America as we know it was all explained to you and you'll understand more about that as we get into it but that's pretty right quick for him the commercial break because nothing you can't do a thing else about this right now but pray pray we will find a guy we come to you with our hat in our hands completely powerless except except you accept God, and we know that these two things these lead the these proposed bills, Lord, past the house, sitting in the Senate that they were the passing of the president's signature and fundamentally alter the future of this country in a terrible way terrible way and would be an all-out assault on religious liberty. What is even a bed in proportion, and would give a government takeover of federal elections led to so much about this that unjust, so we pray against it. We pray that the filibuster were whole and you're our only option. Pray to you is a myth will be right back.

So we finish with a prayer will pray a couple more times Joe because that this week when it comes to HR one and HR five so-called equality act in the so-called for the people asked for the people act as HR one equality act, HR five that's what they are called coming out of the house. Were there any past and you can call you can write, you can visit this nothing you can do. You cannot alter the layout of the U.S. Senate. Right now the only thing in the way of them passing, but these things which will fundamentally alter this country forever unless the Supreme Court stepped in on the for the people act the voting act because it's patently unconstitutional. Did you just don't have the power you got nothing prayer that the only thing you have been in Nazi Germany when you know you can't do anything about the third Riker or Hitler or the SS or anything else.

So what you do you pray, and then what we struggle with. I don't see anything changing way.

I prayed about that, really, really hot how often only a a few times. Much time did you spend in prayer over that I don't I don't know Steve cheese get out of my business Summit judging you. I can't judge you. You can't judge me in, but that system we need to discuss.

So are we pray. I'm telling you these past and I think there to dump the filibuster in the Senate because they know they got a two year window that's closing when they might we affect this is a foregone conclusion that the 2022 election.

At the end of next year will sweep Republicans back in the control the Senate and the house and that'll be metal stymied by the administration.

Don't don't make assumptions right you know it assumptions me right when you make an assumption when you assume you know that old saying so don't do that. Don't assume anything, but in prayer and supplication make your requests known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will be yours in Christ Jesus, and we pray for those in authority over us. First Timothy chapter 1 verse two art great why. First Timothy chapter 2 we pray for those in authority over us white so we can live quiet and peaceable life. Just leave us alone. Well with HR five and HR one quiet and peaceable new. That's toasty so you pray for God to block these things, however, that would happen so that we can live quiet and peaceable life, which means we can provide for our families. We can share the gospel. We can disciple we can worship we can do the things that were called to do these things pass that stuff starts to go away now and God's sovereignty. What's best for the kingdom that's that's just like Jesus in the garden, not my will but thine be done in a serious question. Can we bombard mansion sure you can bomb you can bombard mansion's office, but if you're not from what West Virginia why would he listen to and what you care about conservatives anyway who knows what goes on in the mind Joe mansion, but I think that would be a waste of time but if you feel led to do that yourself do it. Look it up but Google Joe mansion Sen. West Virginia. Whammo, you'll get right to his office. Okay I got a garland garage band this this is Michael Ferris in the world. Prayer call.

Just the other night explaining what's going on with these two things.

HR five and HR one but because I'm without an intern this week.

He's on vacation.

God bless him and some garage banding this literally using my iPhone 11 into my microphone so that you can hear this a listen up Michael Ferris you know is the head dog at a line spending freedom brilliant guy, a constitutional attorney and this is him explaining what's going on okay you need understand this was will help you pray you just measures reverse numerical order. HR five is also the quality and most people these days ensure all heard of the equality is basically the LGBT and pro-abortion dream scenario together a massive package of provisions that would advance their cause unbelievable ways she's like when Republicans take charge. We are trying to be timid in basketball. Generally, very slowly present from being pretty little exception to that.

But the rest have no embarrassment about advancing the most radical agenda they equality after the fact. Seven particular areas. The first that's gotten a lot of attention these days is title IX that is whether or not girls can continue to compete only against girls in sports, we were raised in focused on the South Dakota situation at Arkansas this last week asked the law. I was there in the chambers on Monday, the governor and two days later, the governor signed into law so I told Mississippi and Arkansas now have passed strong protections for the girls in their states. Title IX, which was getting equality for girls in sports, was supposed to be properly interpreted as are you going out and national level.

For a long time where litigation right happy to hear any cases on title IX was radio case where the winds are fighting for keeping girls sports for girls second area is so in general.

Women's rights example we represented the a women's shelter for homeless and abuse women, most of whom suffered sexual assault in Alaska and the local officials in the city of Anchorage. Trying to worst, the this Christian women's center to let a transgender man coming in sleep to 3 feet away in the next car from all these rollable women ultimately won their case number. This is all HR five then gives the Democrats the federal government the ability to cross all the stuff shelters in other situations like into compliance would have a devastating effect on stage and he would like to repeal the Hyde amendment, it would repeal religious freedom in many respects, you will bring these this time the religious Freedom restoration Hobby lobby. One is case in the screen or a few years ago. It didn't win on the basis of the First Amendment, even though it should have been able because of a bad decision of the Supreme Court in 1990, Congress passed in 1994. Religious Freedom restoration. I am the guy who named Nesheim's refinancing, she realized nobody else had another suggestion meeting so they just want my suggestion going to religious Freedom restoration was the chairman the group of lawyers who wrote it.

What reference does is it sits on top of federal law. Much like a constitutional amendment and says unless Congress specifically overrides the provisions of retro and provides religious protection for everything to get government just wealthy equality act overrides with everything touching abortion everything touching LGB dogs running which are the real clash which is freedom would be automatically overruled in Safari statutory laws to ensure no esprit de corps can reverse that 1990 decision of the and give us constitutional protections again. But until that happens is very, very dangerous development of children in need would also suffer because Christian foster care agencies be driven out of business. Unless a valve in the will go to protect LGBT families iPods right there. Okay that's Michael Ferris is the head of the line. A line spending freedom, unpacking the seven different areas that are going to be absolutely hammered and destroyed by HR five and HR one, which is the cornucopia for the people act as anything but I'll get into more details about that know it's a lot of information. I just want you to be sufficiently scared, concerned and disgusted so that you will sufficiently pray this is Steve Noble will be right back back is noble to Steve Noble so talking about the HR one and HR five which are now in possession of the United States Senate. All that standing way of passing those things before the people act, which would federalize the federal election side of the ballot, which is the president, the U.S. Senate US house of representatives, which is patently unconstitutional. By the way, the Constitution expressly leaves election law in the hands of the states closer to the people not in the federal government's hands.

For obvious reasons you don't put the box in charge of the henhouse and so that's the HR one, which is the for the people act out what people would that be Nancy I think you know. And then there's HR five also humorously named the equality act, which is anything but. So Michael Ferris is the head of the line. Spending freedom is on the world prayer network.

All the other night and explain these things on the let this clip continue but I'm playing and then I'll unpack some details for you and will also talk about of the for the people act and I want to make sure you're sufficiently aware so that you can be prodded. Hopefully, to pray over these things because literally all we have all we have at our disposal to deal with these things is pricked. Pray for Groucho mansion Christensen pray that the buster stands and pray that these things don't pass but they do pass is fundamentally going to change America for good, unless the Supreme Court knew anything sprinkler retouch would be the for the people act the voting act in inkjet, but are you really cannot throw down with your assumptions about Supreme Court which is allegedly conservative 54 now I don't I don't trust it. And so you cynical or powerless woman you're powerless you really aren't right if you're a follower of Jesus Christ you prayer. Prayer is most powerful thing in our possession.

But it's the thing that we utilize the least so will pray a couple more times for the show on Sunday but that's when I finished playing this clip for Michael Ferris, the head of the line, spending freedom, walking us through HR five.

The equality act rights would be charmed in many ways parents not being able to give their children and want to get so kindergarten quick nutshell of the seven main areas of difficulty for the equality HR one is one more time just need name right now. Also for Jim to also highlight an extra sports women's rights sanctity of life, religious freedom, children need free speech.

No problem saying here concern on the cross. There's so much in HR five.

Quality is really neat. HR one is another dream is legislation, and in the shortest way to to encapsulate it is difficult and dangerous. In my opinion, illegal things were done in the last election.

Changing the rules established by the state legislature intrusive absentee particular for mailing down to the absentee ballots in the boxes they put in parking lots over and they didn't count the meal and balanced.

According to the normal rules verify the signatures all those kinds of things that were done we put into permanent federal law, which would tend to override all state law on elections. This is an effort to micromanage election process so that is very very difficult to guarantee a election integrity. Okay so I'm in a stop there, walking through this I got a couple of resources from the heritage foundation to talk about the sink since he was talking on HR one the for the people asking me walk you through this HR one would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states imposing unnecessary, unwise and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process, which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom. Okay, so again, this is the federal takeover of the federal side of the ballot meaning presidency, U.S. Senate and US House of Representatives. Okay doesn't touch state positions. It does federal positions federalize which is patently unconstitutional. Okay so that's what HR one is that's that's in the nutshell not here some details sees the authority of states to regulate voter registration in the voting process by forcing states to implement early voting, automatic voter registration same-day registration online voter registration and no-fault absentee ballot. These are all some of the these this is like a list of all the problems from the last election which they are now wanting to take federal control.

Another point make it easier to commit fraud, promote chaos of the posterior same-day registration. Okay hurt voter turnout through 15 days of mandated early voting by diffusing the intensity of get out the vote efforts would raise the cost campaigns voters to vote early. Don't have the same information as those who vote on election day, missing latebreaking development that could affect the choices they want. Early voting day Democrats vote early. Republicans vote day. Another point to grade the accuracy registration list by requiring states to automatically register all individuals as opposed to citizens minor issue from state and federal databases such as the state Department of motor vehicles corrections of welfare offices and federal agencies such as social security administration okay this would register large numbers of ineligible voters, including illegal aliens and cause multiple or duplicate registrations of the same individuals and put federal agencies in charge. Great idea constitute a recipe for massive voter registration fraud by hackers and cyber criminals through online voter registration.

That's not tied to an existing state record such as a driver's license is another point requires states to come ballots cast by voters outside of their assigned precincts overwriting the precinct system.

What legal vote anywhere yet no problem with fraud there so you can runaround the state literally and vote. I had a people jump in line if you know doesn't vote but that maybe the register is all kind. This is why we don't like all this type of voting that was put in place not by legislatures, which is the constitutional way, but by governors and boards of it at election in various states. This federalize is all that stuff mandate no-fault absentee ballots, which are the tool of choice for voter motives.

It would be in witness signatures or notarization requirements for absentee ballots for states to accept absentee ballots receive up to 10 days after election day there postmarked by election day. No problems there requires states to allow vote trafficking or boat harvesting sitting gone" from people prevent election officials from checking the eligibility qualifications of voters and remove ineligible voters band state voter ID laws like the one we just have fought for it here in North Carolina violate the First Amendment.

With respect to a vast range of legal activity, voter intimidation or coercion. The prevent someone from registering your voting is already a federal crime would add a provision criminalizing hindering interfering or preventing anyone from registering your voting, which is so vague and so broad that it could prevent providing any information to election officials about the ineligibility of an individual secant actually point out what's wrong. Expand regulation and government censorship campaigns and political activities, speech, rent, reduce the number.

Federal election commission members from 6 to 5 allowing a political party with three commission seats to control everything.

Wonder why they want to do that prohibit state election officials from participating in federal elections requires states to restore the ability of felons to vote, transfer the right to draw congressional districts and state legislatures to independent commissions. Lots. This is crazy authorize the Internal Revenue Service to engage in partisan activity. All let's let's continue to weapon eyes the IRS.

It would permit the IRS to investigate and consider the political and policy positions of nonprofit organizations before granting tax-exempt status. By the way, it would also allow it would force 501(c) four's severe 501(c)(3) like this radio ministry did contributions of totally tax-deductible he could give money to a church but a 501(c) four which has more electioneering ability vote think you can't look up their donors are like like FRC action alliance defending freedom action all these action groups, local and state and federal Christian action groups. All of a sudden it this this HR one would force them to reveal their donors. Well, what's the price even that transparency, no that's Doxey now working up. Think about what happened. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity any these folks going back when.

Also need find out what businesses are supporting them. The neglect of those business trying to train wreck the revenue will now that's what you gonna do, that's what they'll do the labs the progressives to Christian organizations that have 501(c) four's action groups that get out and getting directly involved more directly involved in in electioneering and then now they're going to know who the donors are so supposed lot of those donors probably are business owners. Let's target the business owners. Let's docks them.

You're not young enough to know what that means to dock somebody means to put out their private information publicly.

Hey, here's where Steve Noble lives. Here's his phone number is home address that's Doxey and now they never can make it by force of law.

You have to reveal your donors. 501(c) four is a nightmare establish a commission to protect democratic institutions that would threaten the independence of the judiciary HR one defines democratic institutions as those that are quote essential to ensuring an independent judiciary free and fair elections, and the rule of law, the commission would be given the authority to compel judges to testify and justify their legal decisions. Threatening their independent judgment in subjecting them to political pressure and harassment HR one.

Literally, the federal takeover of all federal elections and let me let me clarify that that would be the federal like the federal takeover. It will be the Democratic progressive takeover of all federal elections because then everything with her doing here favors the Democrat party what they're trying to do is ensure that they have power and control in perpetuity. Which means if you're conservative you're out you're just just a plea via living in a progressive liberal democratic state and HR one is there way to get lithography quality actually come back to this is a man going around in the free delay days counted, everybody, and also slid any cash knew it. He knew the word old letter. So the question is do you do I know the word. What is your house built on the soil United States of America. You are and I say that because I love the Lord and I love you. Do not sink your house foundation.

Your life down on United states of America love her fight for her. Pray for her, absolutely. That's what I do but put my hope and my trust in her new nothing from the seed of mankind without God is worth a hill of beans and so I love this country I care about this country.

I specially worry about her. With respect to my children and their children will be a grandfather in June. Second, another generation to be concerned about. But right now friend we have zero power in DC in the U.S. Senate when it comes to things like HR one and HR 50 power.

So the question is when you have nothing will you do you turn who you gonna call Ghostbusters know you pray. We pray that is your only power right now when it comes HR one and HR five what's going on in DC because Republicans, conservatives, whatever they don't have the power in DC right now the only thing stopping the U.S. Senate from enacting these things is the filibuster which is unlimited debate before which you can use to stop up a bill from getting to the floor. That was a rule put in place many years ago in order to give the minority in the Senate, at least some power to not be trampled over. But if the Democrats get rid of it which they just need a simple majority something get Joe mansion to change his mind because Joe mansion from West Virginia. The Democrat said he he's knocking to get rid of the filibuster, but if they can get them to do it and you know they're working on it. Well then now it's a 50-50 boat. Kristin Cinema will probably fold another Democrat. She's from Arizona shall probably fold and it's 50-50 tithing and steps, here is the vice president who also serves as the president of the Senate and the only time she gets to vote is when there's a tie so then boom neatly given to the filibuster 5150 and then HR one HR five which are renamed house to the Senate and the pathos 50-50 time.

Hey, a hey can you come back permanent. Yeah okay great.

A great 5150 boat dear heavenly father put pray with me. Everybody okay let's put put some fee to our faith and we say we should pray pray father we just we just cry out for our nation. I'm heartbroken about what I see in this country Lord and and I've been heartbroken for a while yet here we are. We still we still show up. We still talk about it were were we care I care anyway because I 340 million neighbors who are affected by these laws in and not to mention children, our children and their children and their children generations.

I haven't even been born yet affected by these laws.

Lord and we just see it slipping away as our nation becomes increasingly more secular turns its back more stridently on you and your word in your truth even rationality in the natural law were rejected. And so, Lord I just cry out for our nation. I cry out for your intervention in the Senate and in the heart of Joe in mind Joe mansion and even Kristin Cinema or that they would stand their ground in and protect something the filibuster that helps the minority not be trampled by the majority in Lord just strengthened for this fight that they would understand that if they they do that one day that roles will be reversed and the Republicans can take advantage of it and trounced the Democrats but Lord, maybe if these things get past HR one and HR 58. They don't have to worry about Republicans because they can control the elections in inches human depravity on an institutional level on a governmental level Lord and we know that you put up and take down leaders that there's not a nation that gets anywhere only by your providence and maybe this is the judgment we deserved after 62 million dead babies and all the other things we've done in our past as a nation. I don't know Lord but I do not know that we care, and I know my friends on the air and on Facebook live in YouTube care so we pray because you're our only hope that all of these things so we pray that you'll intervene and we just cry out for your mercy and your compassion and your grace and your patience.

Once again, which we know have no right to it.

But but were asking boldly. Lord, for the sake of ourselves, our families and our neighbors in Jesus name, amen. Okay. HR five. Here's the other one so-called equality act okay.

There's just gonna fly through some of the stuff just to understand the weight of what you need to pray about the equality act okay makes mainstream beliefs about marriage, as well as basic biological facts about sex differences punishable under the law every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

We all agree on what the equality act makes discrimination. The law of the land by forcing Americans to conform to government mandated beliefs under the threat of life, ruining financial criminal penalties. The 1964 Civil Rights Act outlawed state sanctioned discrimination that cause systematic economic and material harm to black Americans. The equality act however is different.

It forces every American to agree with controversial government imposed ideology on sexuality or be treated as an outlaw.

The equality act demolishes existing civil rights and constitutional freedoms, meaning if you don't agree that sex now includes an don't discriminate based on sexual preference hetero Homo bisexual or sexual identity trends mint trans woman gender fluid gender queer.

All that stuff. And if you you cannot make any decisions based on your Christian principles in your belief in God standard about those people with those situations in your school in your church in your Christian run business. Whatever you can't do that.

It would be like I said this on Facebook live during break or be like me hiring a new intern and in walks a young black man whose qualified and I say old sorry can't hire you really why's that Mr. Noble you know your black while yeah the full force. The federal government should fall on me, let alone the judgment of God, but now you can add all this other stuff to the equality cuts the religious Freedom restoration act and threatens constitutional freedoms by eliminating conscience protections from the Civil Rights Act conscience protection, if enacted, HR five would force employers medical professions national educators and religious organizations to allow men and women shelters pay for or perform sex change operations engage in speech that violates their consciences may face adoption and foster care agencies would be forced to violate their belief that every child deserves a mother and a father meeting. You can't not go through the adoption with this child to this gay couple are the couple. The transgender couple, whatever you can't because you think in your mixed up thinking that a child deserves a mom and a dad so you're not going to go through the adoption to the gay couples that were you Tony yeah yeah that's okay, that's a violation of the equality act in your filing the law and the federal government can come down to problem there. By expanding the definition of public accommodations under title II of the Civil Rights Act. So what happens with the equality act to include any establishment that provides a good or service or program, including a store shopping center online retailer or service providers to Landesbank gas station food bank servicer care center shelter travel agency or funeral parlor or establishment that provides healthcare, accounting or legal services with big lists many more individuals and establishments would in fact become liable to discrimination claims, including doctors who do not want to perform abortions will HR five endangers unborn children the equality act opens the door to taxpayer funding for elective abortions, which the vast majority of Americans oppose regardless of political affiliation. The bill does not contain any conscience protections for those with moral religious objections to paying for performing abortions. It also takes away judicial relief by blocking claims based on the riffraff rest free from religion act gave the equality act expands the term sex to go far beyond the state of being male or female includes pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. See the problem there, both equal employment opportunity commission in the third Circuit Court of interpreted related medical conditions to include abortion so you can't refuse to do an abortion. Dr. OBGYN, whatever this expanded definition of sex applies to public accommodations which, under the equality act includes providers of healthcare. Section 150 of 1557 of the affordable care act Obama care looks to title six of the Civil Rights Act, which addresses nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs to interpret that constitutes what constitutes discrimination at the equality act were to pass section 1557 nondiscrimination regulations could be used against providers who refuse to perform abortions organs. Hospitals that receive federal funding and do not provide abortions.

That's why it helps the abortion cabal is not on the quality exchanges.title VI of the Civil Rights Act do not uphold title IX of the 1972 education amendments. Ferris was talking about that earlier in the clip gender identity policies will require violent biological males to be permitted to participate in female only activities and sports. The physical body's biological males put them out an obvious unfair advantage right, but with the equality act. Sorry guys struggle in the gender dysphoria, and so on and so forth. You want to go compete against the girls wipe the floor with them, so to speak.

You can and you cannot if this passes anybody out there any school sports program. You can't deny that also includes bathrooms, locker rooms, all that place all that stuff okay all single-sex bases will be open to both sexes on the equality act by adding sexual orientation and gender identity rules and Civil Rights Act on desegregation of public education not a doctor. Person schools on and on and on. Go okay HR one HR five fundamentally reshaped the future of this country destroy religious freedom almost across the end provide the Democrats the progressives and liberals the ability to rule. Federal election president U.S. Senate US also represent. We are powerless to do anything that Frank my question for you if you care lament will you pray, pray every day. This stuff is moving in the Senate paper. Joe mentioned pray for the filibuster to stand pray for these two pills. This is Steve Noble and Michelle God willing will talk again real soon as I always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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