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Biden Wipes Out

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 19, 2021 4:02 pm

Biden Wipes Out

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 19, 2021 4:02 pm

Biden Wipes Out

Today Steve talks about our current Commander In Chief and the tragedy that befell him.  Steve also discusses the impact and scope of HR. 1 and HR. 5.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time Noblesville where biblical unity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host mobile hey how you doing pretty good pretty snarky Friday right what happens on Friday. I don't know I think it's a high. I think when you spend the week swimming in all the news and culture war and always stop sooner or later you just kinda you know, some just kinda cut loose in your brain and it turned into like Mr. snarky by Friday and so it's good that I just got try to survive, not destroy my witness here on the air and get into the weekend, go home, do a bunch projects in my sanity. It's, like Nebuchadnezzar, after seven months or seven years out eating grass in the Scripture says a deal that his senses returned to him gently what happens me over the weekend as I recover my senses returned to me. I come back Monday and I'm more call, but on Fridays I just got up right on the edge of losing it. So I put up a video earlier today. Pray for the president. I know, but most of us are really not happy at all that Joe Biden is the president Pres." By the way you want to see me doing your quote, you can join us here in Facebook live as well as YouTube live I we have a channel in both places in a page at Facebook the Steve Noble so there you go to see Noble show page on YouTube if you want to be faulted right here that literally teleported right here in the studio with you'll see me doing air quotes president. I don't know how much of the president. He actually is, but kinda sad and hard to watch this just happened earlier today he's going and I'll show you this on Facebook live in YouTube life during the next commercial break but going up the steps to Air Force One today have no idea where he was going.

Not once, not twice but three times slipping tripping the kind of falling. I was amazed. I'm like why did anybody run up there to help this older gentleman.

It was just it just a bad luck just sad you not my flesh is wanting to read into that.

Like all great but this and the political ramifications of this are obvious to our enemies. That's a really bad book. Hey, here's this week feeble old man who can't even make it up the steps to his jet and so wow maybe we got another paper tiger in the White House, or at least he doesn't know what he's doing. This poor old guy and so that emboldens our enemies. But what do our allies. Nothing good because you be like okay for the same reason. This is a part like who's running the show here is actually is it Jill.sorry Dr. Jill, a micro-aggression. Sorry I Jill is it is it Jill, is it, who is it like who's in charge and is he ever going to do a press conference if he does every this whole thing is bizarre it's weekend at Bernie's. The presidential version presidential edition. If you don't know what I'm talking about. Go look it up. Watch the movie.

Whatever but you just really sad and unnerving. So pray for the guy. Okay, let's just pray for the president were called to pray for those in authority over us. Anyway, specifically with this stuff to me. It's almost like elderly abuse, to a certain extent I'm nothing. He's all gone because he isn't, but he certainly compromised is just not not doing great and the present state and worth what two months in a case on the on the on the other side of that get turn that frown friend turn that frown upside down. I love this story. I love that line CNN's ratings of crashed since Trump left office. We should be surprises in the daily wire will is what happens when your Chino Jesus leaves what you gonna do you see it, and built itself for 4 1/2 five years on attacking Trump and all of a sudden the chocolate bunny for all of you that appreciate veggie tales chocolate bunny is left the room know what to do.

According to the daily wire.

CNN is lost about a million viewers on an average and average each night since Donald left the White House foxes reported seeing an average student, have million primetime viewers from the river forth the day following the presidential election through Inauguration Day, but viewers fled the liberal networks like where they go. Once Pres. Biden took office and seen in his average only 1.6 million primetime viewers from January 21 to March 15 seen as viewership during the primetime hours each 11 PM dropped 36% since Biden took office after its bite. Following election day. This report comes a CNN's coverage has made an overt pivot to focus on conservative media.

For example Brian Stelter claim last week in the Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump got have somebody right.

The left has nothing to do, is not an enemy but don't worry, God always exists, and so there are always going to have an enemy. Not all of them obviously but a lot of them, and that Carlson had taken Trump's place as the leader of the conservative movement that's not good work CNN better than that, to the despair of those in CNN. However, by achieving their goal of unseating president Trump and replacing him with Pres. Biden. They have destroyed their singular focus is bunny at the binder ministration continues to wobble under a variety policy failures really think including a crisis that the US-Mexico border, what crisis should quiet everybody. There is no look into my eyes. There is no crisis listen to my voice.

There is no crisis at the southern border, say it with me. There is no crisis at the southern border.

Yes, there is no case you get the point all by the way we jump over here. I'm using Pelosi binder ministration getting border situation under control So amusing quote. I think that the administration is pulling this thing under control and I think it's important to know that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters during a brief briefing on Washington in between tokes. I had that part. Okay I'm just like not everybody tried to anyway. The difference between the attitude towards the people and the children is so different than just these two months versus what happened in the past four years so Deborah cares what the attitude is you get your taken hundreds of unaccompanied minors in every day on the border. By the way I heard earlier today that the coven of positivity rate for those that are that they're checking on the border is like 40% recently, 40% here in North Carolina were all excited because the positivity rate is like 3% or something. So 3% of the people that are getting tested for coven are coming back positive right so before Comrade Cooper saying of its 10% everybody to go to just lock yourself in the bathroom like it's a tornado but at 3% were good men. Now you can you can maybe gather on 4 July in your backyard, put down the border 40% positivity rate. Hundreds of unaccompanied minors coming in every day. It's a train wreck down there working to see more immigration problems this year than we have in 20 years and is piling on, but no Nancy you know it's a different attitude now know it is as soon as we knew from without fighting within the sign was open the doors are flung open the sign is flashing. Come on in Vacaville we get there.

I bet Brad I bunny by the way, pray for the guy we just did that during the commercial break during up for our friends. With video Facebook live in YouTube live going to join us here in the studio so stop and pray you not get really snarky and smart-alecky and in and say things in my head and come in out of my mouth better not very loving and Christlike at all when it comes to politicians, especially those on the left, but we need to stop and read just look yourself in the miracle hate you bash away but you pray dear.

Pray for these people and if you don't stop and pray for those in authority over you. That's a violation of Scripture. We call it a sin in the church. Whether you voted for him or not, whether on the right of the left doesn't matter we need to pray for those in authority over us. Okay, so try to remember to do that.

Speaking of those in authority over us to play disc. This clip hey thanks Erhard she's on my board and lots of people that send me great information. She's one of Matt's neighbor is the head of Liberty Council in heat. This is about what 4 1/2 minute clip or something. Pretty long, but this is to go over some things when it comes to HR five okay HR five which really talk about which is the cortical equality act solution every time you hear equality act just laugh, billow, and then not but this is HR one, which is the federal takeover of the front of the federal election system across all 50 states.

It's a nightmare.

So Matt's neighbor great godly man great attorney Liberty Council. This is up this about a four and half minute clip so I want you to listen. Listen carefully, because there's not that much separating the United States of America from this kind of heinous destructive oligarchy. All tyrannical bill that passed the house. It's now in the Senate where they can play some games. Listen to what Matt Sievers gonna say about that. Not just trying to get rid of the filibuster, which they call the nuclear option which had yet to get through a 60 vote. Walter then get to a regular vote.

Okay, that's the filibuster. Right now the filibusters in existence only to mingle round that is what is like a revenue bill so maybe they can attach it to a revenue bill.

There's all kinds of tricks here right this is very dangerous in both HR one and HR five past the house, which is controlled by the Democrats. Now it's in the Senate, and this is high-stakes poker okay so let's play this Matt's neighbor talking about HR one, which is all about taking over the voting process on all federal elections will split done online where you would not have any identifiable address. It will force the states to balance up to 10 days after the election actually would never be able again to determine who was elected in house, Senate or Pres. on election day. It will allow people to vote outside the precinct. Mario want to come back to that in just a few moments it will command states to provide balance to voters by email by email when you cannot verify someone's authenticity or the specific address where they got it or not but you know it will punish anyone who questions the validity of a worker or I should say motor five years in prison and up to $100,000 fine. Come back to that as I circle back to the increasing goes required so prevents poll watchers that are at the polls from cooperating with election officials to identify and challenge voter registration fraud issues states from requiring the full Social Security number in Ian's partner states working back and forth to determine whether someone's voted in more than one state that will be abolished, thus allowing people to vote in multiple states and it will allow same-day registration, meaning that the polls close at 7 o'clock, 6:55 655, you can come in there voter ID and you can register right there on the spot poll worker questions whether you're an illegal alien. Whether your age to go where you live.

Even in the state whether you've already voted.

Whether you have any identifiable information to document who you are is a question that an and hesitate on allowing you to vote right then and there that person face up to five years in prison and $100,000 fine and that's just the tip of the iceberg, so allowing people to go precinct to precinct with no precinct requirement vote anywhere means you can vote anywhere in your state. In fact you can even identify them as being a state resident because there's no voter ID so somebody for example the lives in the Panhandle floor and this is just taking for example on election but I'll explain it before election day as well just say election so we can get up early in the morning when the polls open at seven they can run around all the different precincts in their's geographical area as many as they can vote in because nobody can identify whether that person is just vote and you can use different names with no voter ID can then run over to Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, vote in those four states and be home to watch the results later that evening. This is an incredibly broad and it legalizes voter fraud and its potential level you go back several years ago. Former Pres. Jimmy Carter on the Democrat side Jim Baker on the Republican side bipartisan commission looked at voter irregularities number of years ago and said that we need to bring some tightness to these mail-in ballots because there fraud. And of course what we saw in 2020 is an explosion of mail-in balance and this would make it even more broad and literally legalize election fraud. Let me Mario and Jim if I could just right so it really talk about because if you've experienced this experience is this. This cross my tailpipe every time every time I go to vote as I walk in there and all they want to know is name Steve Noble address given address and they all get your ego is no voter ideas were coming up on that here north, no voter ID so this one HR one would, for federal elections. Okay, Congress, House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and president, they irritate no voter ID in any state. I don't care what state you're in.

I don't care what your state law says, which is the constitutional way to run elections. You leave it up to the states. That's what the Constitution said so.

HR one is actually a violation of the U.S. Constitution, but I don't care about that. So so you walk in and all I have to do is tell him that. So if you get information and you beat somebody to the pole or just somebody that died. Perhaps just somebody that's register that doesn't vote you get that information to show up anything on my names Jim Smith what your address to 27 Crescent Lane in Raleigh or whatever. Okay, here's your ballot okay cool then you know of another one in a different precinct and you go there because you want to present the idea nobody's checking anything and then you go somewhere else. That's what Matt's neighbor was talking about. Okay so this is a federal takeover of federal elections president Senate, House of Representatives in HR one which passed the house announced in the Senate. So with the filibuster they'd have to you can stop, you can stop vote you get 60 to stop the debate.

That's the filibuster, which is put into place so that the minority in the Senate has some rights. They have a little bit about Casey got a get past that this is a simple but so HR one they can get around that if the if it's that they're not finishing that the session for the day until three in the morning and there's no senators and no Republican senators around. They can run it up there and get it done. For they can attach it to a revenue bill so they have to literally watch this every day my mind, sorry. You meet online, but I know a lot of praise the Lord. Praise Jesus to be didn't catch the show yesterday. Welcome back nobleness. The normal show yesterday theology Thursday a passage at Harvey from cross assembly church here in Raleigh, North Carolina a great preacher good teacher and a great on the radio. We have a lot of fun together but very thought-provoking. Spent the whole hour yesterday. Talk about heaven and and you want to deal with all the garbage going on in the world and what's happening here in the states of America in the political arena the cultural arena.

Critical race theory intersection malady cancel culture, you name it.

But just remember it's all temporary. You have so much more to look forward to. Then you have to deal with this rumor that Yahweh more to look forward to. Then you do have to deal with the deal with is what 78 years average lifespan here in America. That's it. That's a blip on the radar screen at best, relative to eternity.

So there's what you have to deal with 20 compared to the growing weight of glory. It's nothing any of what you have to look forward to. That's what we did yesterday in the show. Talk about heaven. Okay I was HR one which is this train wreck, a liberal takeover of federal elections.

Here's HR five, which they call laughingly the equality act member. Every time you hear the equality at Christmas to do that. It got five is a bill that pushes the LGBT agenda. This is from Liberty Council. No kidding on all people and targets Christianity in every area of life. Bill destroys bathroom privacy. So does that at the equality thing go to whatever bathroom you feel like going to based on your gender identity, and I'm sure no pedophiles or rapists would take that address religious K-12 schools and daycare centers to force children to obey adults who show up at work one day the man next a woman so it wears the point, you can't essentially takes what the Supreme Court did before and saying that you cannot discriminate in America based on age, sex, race for the member that one then they take the word sex and expanded to mean sexual orientation.

LGBT Q plus and transgender is in gender identity so that the trends woman. The man that thinks he should be a woman dressed like woman whatever it wants to come get a job at your Christian daycare center and you say, can you sign the statement of faith here in the affirmation of biblical norms. They say no and you say I'm sorry I can't hire you up. You can't do that. The equality act within say you're discriminating. It's the same thing as if after American's showed up and you said sorry we don't hire black people right. We would all be should all be outraged by that appropriately now or redefining sex in the equality act so that now to him or go after churches, Christian businesses, personal businesses, Christian's colleges, Christian schools, preschools, whatever.

Also, this bill gagged counselors from giving professional help to those facing unwanted same-sex desires or actions get even criminalizes those who share their own story of finding freedom in Christ from homosexuality. In a book or speaking engagement. This bill literally sets the stage for banning the Bible which offers the power to Fritos when you turn away from same-sex conduct, and there's no religious exemption is bill by the way, so if you get HR five which is the equality act and that passes through the Senate through some shenanigans. They get rid of the filibuster or they attach it to a revenue bill which means you only have to have a simple majority and they do if you get 50-50 vote in locks, the present United States and she breaks the boat right though they know it's work remarkably and dangerously close to these things becoming law, the federal takeover of federal elections to HR one and then the equality act, HR five. The bill demands that every religious stop saves the place innocent children homes with adults involved in same-sex conduct so little sister's the poor. Sorry you have to place kids in same-sex families. Same-sex homes, same-sex couple homes.

Transgender couple homes and you can't say no otherwise were to come after you. The federal government will come after you for discrimination.

So play or shut down home-based businesses would be forced to hire in welcome LGBT Q people in a privately owned okay and that might not be an issue for you, but if you have little kids at home. It might be my just like no and in you want to hire people and that you run a religious organization, a Christian organization, whatever. And you want people to sign a statement of faith. Nope that's discriminatory now. This legislation would create many more victims like women in shelters have been sexually assaulted by a man posing as a trans-transgender gain access. So your woman is been abused or in a shelter and now trends woman is a man thinks is woman comes in there and you're forced to then share space with a man you're traumatized because you are abusing assaulted by me.

You can see the problem right churches would be forced force to host same-sex ceremonies. Churches will lose tax-exempt status for noncompliance. We could deftly see that colleges will lose accreditation have a college loses accreditation a noncompliant college then you're ineligible to receive student loans so most Christian colleges. See you later you're out churches and religious organizations take overnight trips including sports or mission trips. They cannot segregate rooms by about biological gender, biological men will have access bathroom showers nursing mother rooms at any time. Churches would be forced to hire staff, cross-dressers, whatever you can't discriminate based on any of that.

Okay, that's what HR five would do the equality okay were that close is very serious so one thing you can do is get yourself educated hats off to my board member Sarah second-rate piece of information so Michelle Bachmann is now working at Regent University and the Robertson school of government so they got a virtual conference coming up on election integrity, coming up next Tuesday, March 23 12 PM to 6 PM Eastern time, and she's been in the Robertson school government now. Michelle Bachmann they've got does she speaking Dr. Ben Carson is speaking Mark Stein who you. You would probably recognize because he helped coat guesthouse a lot for Rush Limbaugh, Eric, my taxes J Ashcroft like they stayed in Missouri a bunch of great speakers talking about this particular bill were talking the one that we started with, which is HR five or HR one and the just election integrity.

In general, that's next Tuesday, March 23 it's free. Just need to get signed up his register and you can be a part of it in great speakers and great information you need to get educated, get educated, so I put that link up on the Facebook live feed today for a Regent University analyzing American election integrity. Okay that's coming up next Tuesday, March 23 from 12 PM to 6 PM.

Also remind of her buddy on Facebook so make sure you like the page on Facebook the Steve Noble show page on Facebook and I'll share that information with you there okay here's a North Carolina story but it's happening all over the country. Okay, but since most of you are here North Carolina with me and I'm this story is about week County where I live now, Mike, we been home school family for a long time is illegal. Why do I care about the public school system because you love your neighbor as yourself. So what are your kids are in their already have kids or not, really is irrelevant. If your Christian you care because there's anybody a human being. In this case children subversive education is the title from the city. Journal written by Christopher Rufo North Carolina's largest school district launch the campaign against whiteness and educational spaces will get through all this before you hit the break, but I'll finish it. On the other side last year, the week County public school system, which serves the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area held an equity theme teachers conference with sessions on whiteness micro-aggressions racial mapping and disrupting texts, encouraging educators to form equity teams and schools and push the new party line anti-racism, which again use the go Steve, you have a problem. Antiracism of course not.

Of course I don't, but I do have a problem with re-segregating America and I do have a problem with the political agenda and a cultural agenda in a anti-Christian agenda that's teaching our children to hate one another and ate themselves based solely on skin color.

Not that we can't have honest conversations about that date.

Role of racism in this country since its beginning. We should, we must do for people of truth.

We talked about the good the bad the ugly Americans like you and me got a checkered past. Man, you have one. I have one the country as one don't suppress it. Talk about it, but this goes way beyond at the first session, whiteness, and educational spaces.

School administration provided to handouts on the norms of whiteness.

These documents claim that white cultural values include denial, fear, blame, control, punishment, scarcity in one dimensional thinking that's me right here like I according it doesn't matter what my characteristics medical commerce can according to notes from the session. The teachers argued that whiteness perpetuates the system of injustice and that the district whitewashed curriculum was doing real harm to our students and educators.

The group encourage white teachers to challenge the dominant ideology of whiteness and just dropped disrupt white culture in the classroom through a series of transformational interventions can't.

We spilled a lot of blood over this issue. We fought the country did African-Americans MLK the whole civil rights movement. All the abuse. All the challenges all these years and now were re-segregating the country and these people are putting themselves on the back.

This is right out of scripture by the way we suppress the truth and replace it with a lie. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil everything that slipped inside out and upside down. Okay, so many keep going through this in the last segment, subversive education, North Carolina's largest school district launch the campaign against whiteness and educational spaces.

You gotta hate me, me, Steve Noble, you need to hate me, fear me because I'm white, which tells you everything you need to know about because I'm white. I'm all about denial, fear, blame, control, punishment, scarcity, and one-dimensional.

Thank you.

The nail right on the head. You need to get to know me at all. What is pretty good that lineup a little. Thank you Lord. Remember that the good one from today we have so much more to look forward to that. We have to endure with endure. Now we have so much more to look forward to praise the Lord as I did the show yesterday past Chet Harvey on theology Thursday talking about heaven, so go back and listen to podcasts regular podcast. You can find Steve Noble show there or you just go back to our Facebook page or to our YouTube channel. The Steve Noble show and watch it and which means would during a commercial break in the radio urine commercials, but were still talking and stuff week, hit the pause button on the main conversation have a sidebar conversation during the commercial breaks while were here in the studio but that's just on Facebook live in YouTube life so you can catch I can. It's like adding 15 minutes to the show now for some of you that sounds like torture in front of me really 001.

Like the show, so 15 minutes more. That's like another scoop of ice cream cool throat on right so the but you have to do that via video Facebook live the Steve Noble show or YouTube on the Steve Noble show YouTube page okay or channel back. This article subversive education. I got a couple others here. We really need to be paying attention children and grandchildren, neighbors, children, we are indoctrinating our kids are being indoctrinated in so many different destructive ways. Hating each other, hating themselves and throw on top of that, everything that we've seen with the covert shutdowns, anxiety, depression, suicide, it's aptly heartbreaking, and these dominoes are to be falling for years, we have absolutely in the state the sake of political power have thrown an entire generation. The bus it's disgusting and really really sad heartbreaking parents. According to the teachers is zero. Wake County where I live, North Carolina. But this is happening all over the place should be considered an impediment to social justice you parents. When one teacher asked how you deal with parent pushback. The answer was clear ignore parental concerns and push the ideology of antiracism directly to students quote you can't let parents deter you from the work. The teacher said white parents children's are benefiting from the system of whiteness and are not learning at home about diversity LGBT Q, etc. therefore, teachers have an obligation to subvert parental wishes and beliefs.

Any push back the teachers explained is merely because white parents fear that they are going to lose something find it hard to let go of power and privilege see you guys, white people. This is an aberration and by the way this appetite so Pastor JD Greer is the summa church, Raleigh, North Carolina present in the Southern Baptist convention on Wednesday night posted the story just hit the pause button posted little a really nice, caring, prayerful post about the murders. The horrific murders down in Atlanta at these massage parlors, the cycle guy saying he was dealing with his sexual addiction is just crazy grew up in the church against obviously he's he was in treatment for sexual addiction just a mass crazy lunatic murder okay but then he said, and then especially quick reaching out to her Asian-American community case of the soap pastor Greer included that so I I just posted on their on his Facebook page and said why are we inserting the race here because that wasn't a part of the story as a Wednesday night in the still not a proven part of the story that this guy's motivation had anything to do with hating Asian people, but now we and we infer it we put it in their we injected, although that's not been proven at all and has hardly been alleged.

Some people are alleging it because now or just consume. This is what critical race theory in black lives matter Inc. and all the stuff does. We just consume everything is about skin color and where you're from, which just segregates the whole culture so you eat. There's your people than everybody else somehow is a problem, especially white people and so I just said is bad enough that these people were murdered because they are made in the image of God and my point was the racial motivation of the guy in question wasn't a part of the story, not a proven part of the story at all. So why are we inserting it in and it just would not so in a bunch people like sleep. You're obviously a racist, you need to look in the mirror figure out where your racist tendencies are coming from. Based on what I said and then over and over again like this isn't a part of the story. There's been no proof that he was motivated by the race of these people, six of which were Asian. That's not your inserting it and I think now or to such a point where we wanted to be true. That's what happens and then because we suppress the truth and replace it with a life you don't see, if you don't agree that the Emperor has no close you're not your problem.

Your evil guess I that's me, white guy and if I say anything that doesn't fit the narrative you gotta squash me cancel culture, by the way for godless people because are made in the image of God. They still are can operate out of that image that a Mongol day. And so, what's damnation to a lost person cancel culture. You must be punished very self-righteous by the way we expect for people that are outside the faith. Romans one. Go read it. This is an aberration. The story says. In fact, the district's official equity and action plan encourages teachers to override parents and the pursuit of antiracism equity leaders should have the confidence to take risks and make difficult decisions that are rooted in their values. The document reads even in the face of opposition. Equity leaders can draw on our heartfelt conviction for what is best for students and families. Hey, it's not your decision what's best for my child.

That's my child, not yours.

Reading, writing and route arithmetic. The rest of your personal views keep it out. By the way, you wouldn't want me doing that to your kit with my crazy Bible stuff right right in other words, the school should displace the family as the ultimate arbiter political morality yup that's from this article and read a post it here little bit.

The equity plan outlines this new ideology and chart format announcing the districts commitment here in Lake County where I live to a series of fashionable pedagogy's, including color consciousness, white identity development, critical race theory, intersections of power, privilege and antiracist identity, and action. According to wake County Public schools. The purpose of these programs is to achieve equity, which it defines as eliminating the predictability of success and failure that correlates with any social or cultural factor, whatever that means. This is nave at best. Cultural traits patriarchal, such as family environment transmitted values and study habits have an enormous influence on economic outcomes.

The radical left. Educators believe this that this is an injustice. They see their job as leveling cultural differences grouping students in the categories of inborn identity and equalizing outcomes that is Marxism and socialism. Equalizing outcomes fair share equal shot at it absolutely equality of outcome. No, that's not the deal that doesn't work. Parents across the US should not assume that the local district is immune to these trends, the new political education spreading everywhere that is true. Critical race theory. Do we have some issues with white people that have powder cocaine versus crack cocaine whites versus Blacks some inequality in a punishment stuff like yet. That stuff exists some people to talk about that is institutional racism okay II can have a conversation with Buddhism way beyond that, way beyond were re-segregating the country which is so destructive you think the division bad now. This keeps going on. It's good to get violent. Re-segregating this just five colleges embracing meal segregation in the name of inclusion dear this one understood this when Columbia University announced that it will have six graduation ceremonies divided by race, sex, income, another intersectional identity the Ivy League school says that the ceremonies, including native graduation for Native American students. A lavender graduation for LGBT Q students and FL I graduation for first-generation low income students and Asian graduation Latina X graduation by the placing Latino and black graduation will complement the normal school light ceremonies that let's just increase division that's gonna work well congratulations are in order for liberals in Columbia University for successfully bringing segregation back by packaging it is diversity, inclusion wrote the daily wires Candace Owens just one question which ceremony do biracial children at that's a good question, quote the left does not want to colorblind society, commented Larry Elder, who is black. They want to color coordinated one divided they do the coordinating.

Sen. Tom cotton from Arkansas said that there ceremonies marked segregation, which is the endpoint of critical race theory.

Yup. Seems that way.

New York, NY use doing segregated housing black pilots floor and Britney Hall served uplift black identifying students by creating a safe, what did I want black identifying students so fight if I'm gonna be transracial and I get away at that identifies a black person, member Rachel Dolezal by doing every black person should be offended by stunned nonblack at once identifies black right just like every woman should be a fit of offended at some level by a man who thinks all it takes to be a woman to declare yourself one hey ladies, my cards on the table. I would never want to trade with you guys. Tough gig tough gig. God created man. Me being funny here.

So relax. God created enemies that year, make, and he created Eve coming in any monthly. There's this professor criticized critical race theory at University of Vermont. Now students one fire generally the one tarred and feathered, maybe even jail and even killed.

I don't know where this goes human depravity. Hard to predict. Last week, professor at the University of Vermont uploaded a video criticizing what he dubbed the secular religion of race at the school hoops Aaron King kinds Vader better said he was afraid to make his comments because he doesn't want his current or former students think he's timid dismissing genuine complaints of discrimination they may have faced but he said that on campus. There's now a new form of discrimination taking place that's right quote.

This discrimination is against whiteness it is today said he continued to whiteness falls under the umbrella and the derogatory meaning of the word falls under the umbrella of critical social justice. The thinking that informs it is so crude and so lacking in false ability to falsify ability. I first heard of whiteness on the faculty member offered to help me with it like it was some kind of disease said it was a dehumanizing experience.

I just couldn't believe that someone would dejected denigrate another person by the race crude way in the progressive camp and I know this could sound offensive that what is what we doing here whites can be the new black Lexus separate identifying, segregating, and with little kids. If you're 18 and over fine. We can have a different conversation when you're six or 88 yourself hate others to keep boiling up in this country to destroy truly, this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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