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Special Guest: Anne Graham Lotz!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 17, 2021 1:05 pm

Special Guest: Anne Graham Lotz!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 17, 2021 1:05 pm

Special Guest: Anne Graham Lotz!

Today Steve is joined by a special guest Anne Graham Lotz!  A great opportunity to sit down with Anne in her office to discuss her recent cancer battle, how the LORD brought her through it, and what she learned.  (Note: We had audio issues so the sound was not normal studio-quality - I'm so sorry.)


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host Steve Noble back everybody this is so aware of Hush Puppies and theater of humble pie. That's what's got here my friend and my dear sister in Christ and grandma today live from her office which is beautiful and comforting and warm and it's so great to see you and how are you I'm so glad to see you Steve try to think you just mentioned. We tried three different dynamics I hazardous and each time ran into a roadblock.

So glad to be here. Just trust the Lord had this day planned for us and and so it's great to be here. It's great to be back in and we flip back and forth a few times on the you don't you probably know this very first time I did Facebook live in my studio, which was out at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. The person we are.

Did that was with you and we had so many people tune and I was thinking unfortunately is like wow, look at this is awesome. Look at brought to a great start in the next day. It wasn't so well it's good to have a lots in your corner, but that we did that. There we did once hear what course you done radio together studio and it's great to be back here in an interesting season personally ministry wise in the country around the world to work.

I cannot talk about all these different things that the Lord has done in your life and is doing a lot of other people's lives. I mention this when I first got here. Listen, I think encouragement is a currency we don't trade in much anyway. But, given what's going on for the last while you're now with Cove Ed and I shared a little story with you before we got on the air about that young girl who took her life.

She was only 12 and that's just one story. I think there's a lot of devastation people are getting their covert relief checks in the mail but that's that's just money. That's not to change things and so I definitely want to make sure and I know you will because this is just how God built you to toot toot. Let's encourage people today because I think there's a whole lot of people that are in a whole lot of pain and and like you said a lot of things online for your ministry have just exploded as a result of I don't know what the darkness in God just move that's right. And I think it's enough thank the Lord for the privilege of being alive at this particular time in human history because it is a dark time, but units Isaiah says that darkness is covered the land in the great darkness covered the people but his glory is arisen and so those of us who want to share the light and share the gospel and tell people about Jesus that the contrast gets greater.

Knowing what were saying and the world around us or actually can draw attention more attention to the gospel and what were trying to give out so it's it's a very challenging time to be alive, but I think if you if your aim is to be comfortable and go back to normal.

And you know all that, then you can be very frustrated.

But if your aim is to use this opportunity to share the gospel and to share hope for the future and we can have peace in our hearts, we can have the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and it's a wonderful time to share the truth but we have to live it just got to be something that we've experienced. That's right just talking about it, but that you actually experience. We talked about that you absolutely any and I managed as Danny is with the Lord. Your husband used to always say let your light so shine before men in the darker gets the quite frankly, the easier it is to have your light shine. What you actually have to follow through and I think it's oftentimes I think we avoid marketing type language.

As Christians, but I think we should all be very opportunistic right now with respect to the darkness and the difficulty that were experiencing not only this country but around the world. But as gospel ambassadors we should be like leaning into and falling back, not afraid, but leaning in doing this and asking God to give us as opportunities and then taking them you know whether we given him or not, but is there people that they want to hear the truth. I believe in and there so much political correctness and so much cancel culture and all that that is intimidated us Baptist decided to be intimidated. I'm gonna lay it out there like the Lord is my doing, and if they cancel me so be it.

My ministry, my life is in God's hands.

Anyway, that's right. And I think he's bigger and more powerful people that are making these decisions yes II think that Twitter is probably not intimidating the Lord paying attention to it at all. It's important to remember that and I think this is also the unique opportunity. This is the tension of the Christian life that I mourn for the here and the now I long for that. There and that then I'm stuck in between those two things right now and you know whether were talking about your dad or your mom Billy or Ruth were talking about Danny, your husband, who was a dear friend of mine people that are there and there out here man and we need to celebrate that, but there were still stuck here like what's the deal but but we it's okay to be in that tension in and on the one hand I'm broken every day I'm broken I have to read the news at the deal with all this garbage all the time because I do radio five days a week, but the other hand, I might guess where my house is just what it's built on the rock is built on the sand and then you get excited but that's the deal and you have opportunity to speak into the culture junk into people's lives. And that's more people listening, watching now than ever given your incredible opportunity to both of us and we praise the Lord for that. Well I'm in the darkness code and everything else but but for you personally.

What a difficult season you been in because when when did you get your cancer diagnosis. How far back as August 2018 go there how you doing right now under new great thank you all that hair. I'm so glad I have some sort of wild and crazy and I hadn't grown out evenly and is still girly but anyway so you know work with it, but but that's been two years ago it was two years ago. One year ago. I guess I just finished my radiation and I Chris two years ago in September. Then, and that was six months after my father went to heaven unexpectedly.

Although 99.

Joe is going to go up that morning and not that way just went for breakfast and took a breath and he was gone. And then six months later than I was diagnosed with breast cancer and and so that was such a shock. Although the Lord had prepared me for that. I went and had a mammogram on you before had the mammogram that they would find it.

I told him that just HD mammogram because I know you gonna find something so they were so good to me this in Raleigh. People in that imaging clinic and just, I mean they and the little girl the technician. She prayed with me and as we went out there and I was fine and then the biggest challenge was how to tell my children. I waited for three days because were having a big family reunion on the day and when I hosted that and then felt like the Lord just reassured me that I was to tell my children. He gave me how to tell them in such a way that it was a blessing. Yeah that's it's interesting to try to get ourselves for some people it's going to be harder to save the B word to say this, the blessing yeah but God is gives us an opportunity to be good stewards of our franchise, whatever that affliction and offer his glory, and all the advance the gospel so you count it all joy when you can suffer for that will be right back with anger and lots job loss or perhaps a diagnosis of cancer diagnosis. It's not always the same easy to say.

Were these the land we can get down, stuck in a pretty dark place and a lot of people been there for the last year, but God is there God is available. God wants to bring you through it and bring you through it. It's like okay the Lord said to him, he limped across the finish line know God has big plans for your affliction and for your struggles were here today, and Engram wants his office.

Thank you again, and for letting us come set out to have you. Steve anytime and take over think you are okay to write that down anytime okay because you know me to be careful at that. But anyway, it's great to be here with you and you're starting to share about your journey that the Lord had prepared you that cancer diagnosis and the new look that you said this while we're on Facebook life if you want to join us here in Anne's student office. You can't just walk over here you can join us on Facebook life or YouTube like to just go to the Steve Noble show at either place, but that you said that you saw it as an assignment what you mean by that that the Lord had given this to me as a platform for ministry so so that I felt like because I was going through this I would have a broader audience then if I hadn't picked and I think some people who go through something like this think that somehow God is not pleased with them. That done something wrong that they're being punished that God has blessed them because they're now sick and and I knew those things right on. I knew God had given me. This is an opportunity for the Steve images go back. My aim in life is not to do ministry and is not to be healthy, wealthy, prosperous primary aim in life is to know God so so God is put me in some hard place for you because it sometimes in those hardest places that you get to know them because you were allowing him in a way you would if everything's going well so he took me through inner two years in the past two years going on three years now. I guess with my father and Danny as you know and and then going through some of these health challenges, but he help me every step of the way.

And one of the biggest things was after I told my family and they were so sweet they gathered around me and they put their hands on the right over me and how they were tears, on their part but I was fine and I knew the way out shared with them.

I used one of Jonathan Kohn's devotionals in the book of mysteries and we talked about the little black-and-white soldiers and that you trying to cross the valley and the they are the white soldiers there to help you get across the valley and the black soldiers there to keep you from getting across the valley and finally when you get across and you make it and you you are properly supposed to be. You turn around and little black soldiers take off their robes and their white soldiers.

So in other words got their blessings in disguise and I felt like that's what this diagnosis was and then the next biggest thing was where do I go for treatment and what do I do and because I didn't have a husband or father give me counsel, and God did got out I was having lunch the day that I felt I was with the wrong doctor. I had scheduled a lunch three months before thy sister-in-law and Sylvia had told them she was the women's basketball coach. It University North Carolina and she gone through leukemia and is for stage looking and beaten one hen told anybody outside my children but I told them at lunch and and I asked him if they knew of a good doctrine both simultaneously gave me the same the same day and then Sylvia got on the phone they had of the Leinberger Cancer Center in Chapel Hill and next thing I know he was setting me up with appointments and I knew that was the place I was to be and they took good care of me. I still go back every three months but they're taking good care of them and that's a good here and in you mention platform and I just want to clarify for everybody and challenge everybody. With this single okay well Engram Watts is a platform. Steve Noble is a platform I don't have. Yes you do. Everybody's got a platform in in in my platform is any better or worse than yours because it's different size. It's just different, and so everybody has the opportunity to impact others. It doesn't matter. Forget the calculator some cochlear site is about faithfulness about the messages about the size of the platform that's exactly right. But it is getting people's attention yeah and so that your neighbors are part of your platform, your friends, your coworkers, your classmates, you know, and when you're going to something really hard. They want you and your children are your pie from there watching your grandchildren watching you and and when they see you going through something difficult and see that God is real in your life.

Him and he is but but your experience of you is something that they can see that impacts them almost greater than anything you could say to them, so it's it's the way we live out our faith. So I so I have you now look back and I thank God for the blessings I had no chemotherapy seven rounds of that that were brutal and out after the fifth round I wanted to quit almost did, and I thought I God spoke to me very clear from Scripture telling me I need to finish out the seven times and then I went through your four weeks of daily radiation and anyway, we got took me through all of that and then is just a process of trying to get your strength back and get your stamina and your you know that, but so far I'm doing good surprise you at some point in all that was there something new about your relationship with the Lord that came out of it may be in on an unexplored cave some aspect where it really affected you personally in your own walk with the Lord. I think just the depth of it and the intensity of it and I don't think there was anything new except that because Stephen I'm a student of the word, and I've lived, I've lived it out.

All my life. Actually, so I know that he's there for the hard times. I know he's there as is difficult to something and be I know he's right. And so, so it wasn't. I didn't feel separated from them. I didn't feel abandoned by him. There times. I didn't feel his presence, but I knew his presence was with me and that he would see me through. And if he didn't you know that you referenced that fact that were sort of stuck. After they in the and daddy and conflict. We have this world and that you know the world to come, but I don't look at it that way because when when Danny left the Lord.

I thought you gave me a verse that for me to live is Christ and the dyes gained in the next verse says, but if I remain here in the flesh, then it's because I have more fruitful labor and I'm not quoting that right. They met this guy shall select have I felt like God left me here because he has more fruitful labor for me and I want to finish my course I want to I want to have everything God has for me.

I want to fulfill the potential that he had in mind when he created me. I don't want to miss out on nothing.

So me home and there's nothing else on my tree, no fruit, no later I'll sap you would say no more seeds in the bar no more reading absolutely everything out of for God's glory glory alone, and that's really the Westminster catechism. The number one question the Westminster catechism are what's the chief end of man, it's to its tumor clerk joined in and enjoy him forever. Which file why can't wait to get to return to your it. Now you're arty in it. The minute you became born-again that will everybody's in eternity already, but in terms of a heavenly eternity. The minute you're born-again you're in it and what happens now matters matters and so whatever comes your way. We have to look at the God's providence and I think people struggle God gave me cancer got allowed cancer unit all wrapped up in that fascinating theological conversation, but I think the bigger question is, is what you want me to do with this. Whether it's cancer or financial problem or relational problem. It's always what I know. Romans 828 all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.

When you're in God's will. There's nothing that happens to you, that isn't for that purpose to bring him glory and and it's for your own good. So I take it from God's hand. I don't take it from you know what it whatever could have been the reason Fred cancer better take it from God's hand. Yet God's God's at work and he's at work for his kingdom in your good and his glory and everybody's gonna win, and that we have where I live it interim lots's office.

This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble sure to come back and talk about some of the other fruit that's come up that tree some books and Bible studies. Things that you can do some online opportunities as well. For those of you that need hope will be right back to bring him back and Steve Noble shall live today with the n-gram lot that live with n-gram lot if we still have things the Lord has for us to do in that were here in her studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. This HQ of Angel ministries has been here in this building.

Can't remember it's been a long time is been a long time. What's great to be as great to see you as always, thank you.

I'm I love seeing that long flowing rock of hair really weird but actually Anna and I she has her hair done. I get my hair cut at the same place so Doug of ours and so so I was aware of the fact when you changed your hair shaved out put it on top of that on Facebook you will like that was. He made it fun. You know, because it's very my hair, which is falling out goes after 10 days of after my first chemo and just came out and said that he shaved right down to about, you know, rather than hide this somewhere.

Let people see because how many women are doing the same thing that's real exactly right.

And I bought awake because I didn't want to just wear scarves all the time but my sister sent me a whole stack of her beautiful designer scarf psycho herder chemo or go through radiation not have her scarves and hats and people gave me so many things that you get cold community for highly know that back here and so I thought you look like a Leica you could in a cage fighter. I thought you look tough. I like only looks I've never been to that is told I look like a cage by you alone there you go you got bless you and your brothers here for. Let's talk a bit more about the message that the Lord is giving you and you talked about you neighbor another prayers he got just bringing more fruit up that tree. The light and of his presence with just prayers that you've written and then before that Jesus and me, which is really a focus on the Holy Spirit.

We are talking about this off the air that here and what the Western church. We really struggle with the Holy Spirit like we we get it we understand it's the third member of the Trinity. We understand the him as such a some ethereal force out there, but he's like the strange uncle at the party and nobody really knows what to do with them so that just me or is that kinda our challenger what you know just learned my experience of this book is about my experience.

And when I was right who was raised in the church and he was referred to as the Holy Ghost and only time he was mentioned was in benedictions or baptisms or weddings. You know, and not as a girl. I didn't really want to know a ghost so I just ignored him and and and because he's 1/3 person of the Trinity.

I thought that many was the least that you have the grand glorious God the father and then you have the blog and that that but he's like a PS and you don't really need him so I treated him like an optional extra. And I found out that he's a divine necessity. You cannot live out your Christian faith without the Holy Spirit. So when when I was a little girl and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I was, I had watched a picture of Jesus on television and in the scene of the cross convicted me on you.

I had sand and got down on my knees told God I was sorry asked him to forgive me and believe Jesus died for me and I told God that and asked him to forgive me of my sin. I believe he rose from the dead to give me life and asked him to come into my heart and I believe he came into me. I asked Jesus to come in my heart I did not know that he's a man up in heaven getting ready to come back and rule the world he couldn't possibly come into my heart, but he knew what I was talking but he came in and the person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jesus in me, and then as an adult. As I began to study the Scriptures, primarily the gospel of John and I came to know who he is. He's not like you said, a strange uncle. He is also not a flame of fire, he's not on a dog. He's not a wind he's not oil he's but he's symbolized by those that but he's a living invisible person and he is God himself so and in the fact these, the third member of the Trinity just means that God the father was primarily revealed in the Old Testament, God the son and the Gospels and it's actually epistles work Holy Spirit is primarily revealed trees 1/3 to be primarily revealed in Scripture and I could not have made it through this cancer journey without them so so this book Jesus and me. I was working on it before then. And I'm so thankful I was Steve because my focus was on the Holy Spirit and in my experience of him in my life. So going through this journey.

It just deepened that understanding deepened that and so the subtitle is just learning to embrace the Holy Spirit as your wife's companion your divine companion because I think oftentimes this little boy it would be would be great to be back in the first century and walking with Jesus and the digits, begs the question will which would you prefer Jesus next to you or Jesus inside of you read the Holy Spirit what he said. He said that action in John chapter 16 he said.

Jesus said it would be better for me to go away.

You can have the Holy Spirit come in and I thought about that that was a mind blowing statement so it's better to have Jesus visibly absent so that we could have the Holy Spirit in visibly present, yeah, yeah, that's amazing.

So as of the Holy Spirit is all that Jesus is but without the man's physical body. So how did the Holy Spirit can walk with you through that difficult cancer battle you know of moment by moment, day by day, but I'll tell you this, Steve and I use an example from the Old Testament when Moses said God show me your glory and God putting in the cleft of a rock to remember Simon to put my hand over you, but on the past by adjusting the back side of remove my hand and you can see the backside of me so God puts us in the cleft of rock sometimes and a hard place and then he puts his hand over so we know his presence with us, but then he can remove his hand so that we don't feel his presence at all, but we can see the backside of his glory. I think that means we can see him.

In retrospect, and his glory is not the shining cloud. He said in Exodus. He said it is not goodness my faithfulness my mercy my kindness my love and and it's his character so so at the moment. Going through this journey I might not have been aware of the Holy Spirit helping me do this or do that but I'll look back and I can see all my goodness you help me with that I bumped into so many people because they recognize me. You know in the hospital is a big teaching hospital and I would pray with people up operate with one woman, and it was two weeks later she was gone and with doctors and with nurses and with technicians and and because you go back and back and back. You build a relationship with these people, and God gave me opportunity and credibility to share the gospel with them so it was every time I went to the hospital. I told Marna daughter Rachel Ruth. They went with me and asked if like a missions trip Toyota we we would pray before we went going over sometimes when the you know the chemo was so severe, we would name the names of Jesus were good on the alphabet and would go around in the car in everybody's name and the name of Jesus. We had praise music on the radio and on our phones and and just to lift our spirits and and cultivate that awareness of his presence but but as I look back I can just leave it.

He never let go of me, even for a second and he did bring me through, and I believe you are one of the things he told me the very beginning before I even told my family and James. He said that the pray for one another that you can be healed and I felt like he was telling me and let people know so they can pray for you and you will be healed. So that's you know I went live with it, put it on Facebook. I put it out on everything I could and just as people to pray and took pictures. Pictures of my belt had pictures of me checking in for the surgery pictures of me when I was waiting for the surgeon and and just and people all over the world prayed for me. Never the privilege to wear and and I hope that when they see me they are encouraged that God hears and answers prayer the is an enemy die from cancer on mean I don't know what the endgame is going to be.

But right now I'm doing so well and I'm so grateful that I still have opportunity to him what those fields were white and are usually pray for the laborers you realize okay I'm a laborer walking in the field and his wife are business so there's all kinds of the deer did you pray the Holy Spirit.

So what's it like you want to talk about. John 17 to which it is mind-boggling to me because I identify with David a lot of different ways and specifically with Psalm 51 were David and I struggle with is where his sin was.

He said my sin is ever before me, which can drive you to your knees, but the Lord is always picking you up in building up which is wonderful but didn't. John 17 to talk to think about Jesus praying for us interceding for us is just it's overwhelming to me to think about it, it's back in June I felt like he this past June, he led me to John 17 and I just parked there for Msgr.

We just meditate on it you go over and over and over, and what came out of it was after like his message for me and and and I'll give you three things primarily in the chapter that he was impressing on the heart and he's on and praying that you will remain focused on your relationship with me.

So with covert going on with all noncancer follow-up with the political situation is crazy as it is been the rioting in the streets. The racial division and keep your focus on your relationship with me, which means every day spent time in my word, every time every day. Spend time in prayer that you you continued to develop your relationship with me.

The second thing he said and I think that from the first verse. He said father said it was his relationship with God that was right there at the tip of his tongue in this prayer, and then the second thing to make sure your faith is deeply rooted in the word of God because he said he was praying for his disciples but up for myself and there that that we would believe on Jesus because of their testimony and in their testimony is written down in Scripture and so he was praying that my faith would rest not on my feelings, not on circumstances not what's going on but would rest in the word of God alone and then the last thing he said to me, and you can look forward to going home because at the end of that prayer. He prays he said in it and we can long to go home but but he's wanting us to come down so he he says in the end of that prayer that I want those who are with me to see me in my glory, and so he said and you can forgive the best is yet to come see me and I'm going home pretty good trifecta. There is three point once I get a chapter of the Bible and the book of John and and that was what talk about is that we come back, but I think that's one of the challenges covert close to the Lord not certain. There will be right back with angry lots. Everybody is your life side of the spine so will have podcast up before Seth goes to bed tonight. Looking at my productiveness is there right now.

So the podcast will be up what you can get anywhere were podcasts are available.

You can get podcast for the student will show plus it'll be on Facebook. That'll be there as well but the audio podcast so you want to share that. There's so much that don't really our goal today.

Number one is always is to glorify God, but number two was to encourage people and to try to and when you talk about the word encouragement. I love that because what you're doing is you're trying to lend courage or add courage to other people in these dark days as is you been dealing with cancer, and praise the Lord where he's brought you through that. You look great. You're feeling great and in God's not done with you, so forget retirement.

Did you ever think about retiring.

By the way handwriting to publicly everything I thought about retiring. It has not caused good okay I'll be honest yet.

I have appreciated covert for the fact that I can stay home and not be packing and unpacking.

Climbing on airplanes checking into hotels going to speak in strange venues, you know, so I've been able to do even more work yeah but on video zoom audio in the butt problem right here and I think that's been a great blessing yeah Gina and I would walk around in her neighborhood and Jean is always been an exerciser and we would see all these people walking yeah she's like look at all these Johnny-come-lately now and mouthing a lot, but it was really a great opportunity to slow down. Yes that's right fast in relationships and for people like us that can do things online and stuff. What a great opportunity and God takes the darkness and magnify, which is been wonderful. We are talking to John 17 and talking about prayers and in another thing another piece of fruit that God is brought up the street for the last few years is what I've got right in front of me, which is the light of his presence prayers to draw you near to the heart of God you were mentioning. I think we think we want to pray. We certainly know we should pray but I think a lot of us don't know how to pray. I've struggled in prayer myself with three things and one is consistency and one is concentration.

It seems like a go to pray and I think about who's coming over Mars talking to you are you know what I'm going to wear jeans crazy and then content and so sometimes to help help me with that I write down my prayers so that helps with content and it helps in concentration the consistency covert is help with that because I'm home right and so it makes it so much easier to make that time every day and when I'm not traveling and you're not tired. Catching up with the jet lag or something and so on have written down a lot of my prayers and I took 40 of them, and if published them in this book and name is you can pray these prayers, but in the end, our work, but the aim is to launch you and your own prayer, so we put blank pages throughout the book, so that after you read my prayers and hope for the Lord would quicken your heart you can write down your own prayers and just write down your own thoughts and prayer.

What you think should we have a goal when we pray, my goal is to draw near to the heart of God.

So it's not to get something from them necessarily, you know, in fact, I spend I'm not a good intercessor and spend not as much time in intercession as I should butt out. But I love the worship of love. Every prayer starts with worship and a lot of times confession of sin which you know I think is probably the weakest link in our prayers and then praise just thanking the Lord is taken away my sin and and I know I've been forgiven at the cross, but I think we have to come back to office our sin that we can be clans that we can have that sweet fellowship to him or someone I will what your mom yeah I'm a dad in and when we have problems in our relationship with our kids. Guess what, they didn't stop being our child. Click when Clay upsets me, which he will forget about the night. He doesn't also is not not my child so I still my son, but our relationship fractures back and then we desire and reconciliation at the heart of the gospel we reconciliation and peace with others. It is possible Mike is this only time it is possible's residence on you, live in peace with everyone so we desire that and you have to be reconciled. Same thing with sin in dealing with that regularly yet otherwise your relationship exactly and I don't want that relationship fractures that my whole life is about that relationship is the courts, though the help of my life so so I just wrote down these prayers and have used them to format in my own experience, but with the worship and the confession and the praise and then intercession. Are you right now probably my grandchildren and some ministry things are most in my mind, but also our nation and the world and are continually pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which I know were not going to have until Jesus goes back but I still can pray for cessation of hostilities that the missiles would rain down in the border near Gaza. You know I love that nation and I love the people and not just believe this is a time and this is something that if you saw near Puritan where it was a Jewish wasn't messianic but they sent out worldwide. A call to pray for the Messiah to come and and it was in just that week of pure him and I thought you know hear the cries of your children if he heard them down in Egypt, he can hear them now, but and asking God because I think the fact that now we have a president in America who is not a strong supporter of Israel has caused a lot of his rate is very concerned and shaken and so maybe you know God is up. God is up to something.

I don't know all moving in our walls, and automatic time way and so we we know that Paul said that one day all of Israel would be saved, not not necessary. Every single person, but the majority people so that when they would be a Christian messianic nation. Will I finally I finally looked Israel two years ago the little almost 2 years ago and when we first got there. We ended up at the above, the Garnica 70 and we were out of amount along the Mount of olives and were looking out and and in the thick.

It was beautiful and stunning. I was excited to be there, but there was also a part of my heart that was just broke the sinner thinking they're still rejecting health exactly and I was thinking that Jesus looking out over the masses in between species are like sheep without a shepherd is like a head that wanted to gather his chicks, but they just weren't interested in. It was just so is a wonderful one hand, but heartbreaking. On the other the whole time. I felt like awesome homemade that are still rejecting and it was took my third trip in the last few years before I could get over that and not necessary that I will get over that, but not be able to see past that. I guess you can see that God is here.

He's working all things for our good and his glory. And he's going to bring that nation actually to their knees tenants and different look on the one whom they pierced. In the morning and he's going to deliver them. And I've after all them that I've had several opportunities to speak over there just virtually but also in person right before COBIT and in the fact that when they come under attack that they're going to cry out and in judges you know he would send in the Philistines. The brilliant light. Raise up Deborah Gideon or Sampson and this time I think they're going to cry out the enemies are going to surround them.

Everybody in the world will abandon them to be on their own and then God himself will be to deliver the Messiah will be there, deliver, and as can be a big game changing moment they're going to suffer, and on the Internet but but Jesus one day in a set of his reign from Jerusalem.

It seems like eschatology and time slinking theology however you want on packet five years ago 10 years ago. It was an interesting topic. I think a lot of people struggle with the last year Christians in America because we always thought of end times is something that was a far and also and we've seen so many radical things happen in the last 12 to 14 months.

I don't think we ever imagined ourselves actually in it. So like the movie cool. I know did we win, but we thought we would never really tasted. But I do it. I think this is there's been a condensing it seems like things are moving faster now. Very fast is very interesting. I sort of agree with you that is, I believe the rapture would come and take us out of it before we had the tasted your but I believe the Lord's will get a good taste. Maybe before he comes back for it is really remarkable, but we instead of being fearful about the headlines. I mean, I think we should be excited about because they just it's one more step one more since it there's so much suffering, so call me what it does for me, it just motivates me to share the gospel and that was the word that the Lord gave me for this year's proclamation. You just don't want to waste a minute because time is so short and the people all around us. If they haven't put their faith in Jesus is going to actually go through hell on earth. And so we want to do all we can do to save them from. That's not that we save them, but rather the gospel and they put their faith in Jesus and in their spared that horrible 11 year.

So what what would you charge about two minutes left.

What what would your charge be to the rest of us proclamation, God put that on your heart to be a good steward of your affliction in your ministry and the platform is given you, but for real average ordinary" average ordinary Christians out there. What would be your challenge. The rest of us.

I would ever give John 17 points that you stay focused on Jesus, make time for prayer and Bible reading every day a plot your life and live it out and obedience. Put your faith down in God's word and and then proclaim the gospel, which is what the disciples did and that's why you and I are here because we believe in the message. They gave out and then you can look forward to heaven. You can look forward to going home. This world is not all there is. The best is yet to come. So I think we can look up and we can look ahead and but look around. Don't put your head in the sand and share the gospel share the good news. The hope that we have in Jesus Christ with people as you said were in a dark time and you desperately need encouragement more than encouragement they need the blessing of God and we instantly mentioned earlier when you were talking about asking people to pray for you that but it difficult asked people to pray for you and so you can run around every day you look on Facebook and click on twitter whatever and assume he's okay but they're not because I'm in the image of God, they know that he exists. He's made it plain. Romans one. So there's all kinds opportunity. So, you simply click they're not interested they already are.

And that's an opportunity that here we celebrate about our own desk but we have to care more about their here it is.

A lot of people we know that aren't there and we need to share the great being here with you again next time you come to my place, my place looks a little bit more like Star Wars years is regal and well decorated mindless like some guy closet Star Wars but anyway just to get great having you here. Everybody is noble and noble show, God willing. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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