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Commander in Grief

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March 12, 2021 3:45 pm

Commander in Grief

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 12, 2021 3:45 pm

Commander in Grief

Biden might let you have a 4th of July party at home?  Today Steve talks about the Commander in Grief and that if we commoners are good President Biden will let you know if you can have a few people over to celebrate the 4th of July?


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your house noble now that are being my party don't noble working of a big Fourth of July party and I don't care of your back back whatever in direct contradiction to the present United States who on twitter somebody referred to him after last night's funeral dirge as the commander in grief.

Now I'm coming to be rather snarky, and I'm pretty upset about some things that the president said, and I but I also feel really sad and bad for the guy.

This is like a weekend at Bernie's Washington DC extended version any clearly is is you know an elderly man. At this point is kind of losing it here and there and and it makes me sad when I watch him speak.

I'm just like gosh this is just unbelievable but anyway if the contents of his remarks last night and his one year anniversary of 14 millennia to flatten the curve that really got me up pretty upset.

I don't know if you've heard any of this but it's just ridiculous… To be talked down to and commanded around by the president had states in pope algae and that whole crew really infuriated. It was infuriating to me sort to celebrate our nation's independence, Independence Day, July 4, celebrated by acting totally dependent on a sovereign who was acting less like an elected official and more like a king.

Well, sorry sir, you don't get to tell me what to do, so it's just remarkable zone applicable these clips for you from the commander-in-chief's funeral dirge last night and I don't open up the phone because I want to see what you think. He says this, you say that I'm really curious to see what your reaction is this so I'm just real clips from the president's 24 minute speech last night and were to start with this first one which is listening to pope algae and the CDC at all and just just listen to the tone listen to the content were about halfway through the speech. At this point, which was last night, every ready, set, let's let's play. I checked this first let's get bench in the CDC that came out on Monday. It means simply this. Millions and millions of grandparents who went months without Abel hugged her grandkids can now do so in the more people are fully vaccinated. The CD will continue to provide additional guidance on what you can do in the workplace so places you worship with your friends as well as travel okay. Stop right there. The CDC will continue to provide guidance on what you can do what you can do in your workplace in your houses of worship and travel. The CDC is going to tell you what you can do. Whether you been vaccinated or not.

But even if you been vaccinated there to tell you what you can do right up, Mr. Pres., no thank you. The CDC cannot tell me will not tell me I will not allow them to tell me what I can and can't do so especially when this start start talking about what you do within the confines of your own home so that that's him and that became the theme here what the CDC what were telling you you can do is do what we tell you to do between the CDC in pope algae and King Biden and everything will be fine if you don't kids were to take your phone away and lock you in the bedroom again and shut this all down because you guys are a mess it all up so is really condescending and discussing go to the next. Let's go.

The next one.

This talk about more guidance in getting the facts, and then he gets into this July 4 thing which is really got me frosted so are you ready starting at 1445 ready to go. I let's go in the coming weeks we will issue further guidance. Yes on what you can and cannot do this fully vaccinated. Once you're fully back to lessen the confusion to keep people safe and encourage more people to get vaccinated. Watch and finally shifts maybe most importantly, I promise I will do everything in my power I will not relent and to repeat his fires need you, the American people. I need you I need every American to do their part national hyperbole. I need you I need you to get vaccinated when it's your turn when you can find opportunity to help your family, your friends, your neighbors, vaccinated as well. If you point if we do all this. If we do our part.

We do this together. By July 4. There's a good chance you your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard all have a cookout at a barbecue and celebrated defendants good chance that doesn't mean large events with lots of people together knows me small groups able to get together after this long hard year that will make this Independence Day something truly special. Okay stop were the stop just stop okay dear is going on here were to provide guidance mean CDC me and the boys really say what you can and can't do and on all dropping all these little not-so-subtle hints about you get backs and make sure all your friends and tell your friends and your neighbors and your children whoever else to get vaccinated as well. And then there's a good chance that on July 4. You can have a few people over in your house. Not that that board telling you hey citizen, if you obey, there is a good chance that on July 4 when we celebrate our nations independence and that independent streak of Americanism were we fight against oppression and we fight against tyranny, then we will tell you that it's okay good chance that on July 4 are Independence Day, then maybe you can have a few people over, which is why oh not I'm I'm knocking to say what I said the first time I heard this when I was listening to it. It wasn't pretty. And then I'm like oh you know what we usually don't like do a big Fourth of July like thing in our house, but I am going to this year. I think where it is news to Mike to my bright so I'm working with my honey if you're listening, working to invite some people over. I'm knocking to check anybody's vaccination cards and nothing. I know mask required outside or inside what will fire up the grill has burgers and in there might be three people. Mr. Pres., there might be 30 people and I don't really care what you are. The CDC says about it because it's in my home and I can't compare I can't compel anybody to come over maybe two people come over. I can't compel anybody but I can invite them and if they want to come over knowing that it's a mask free zone in a vaccine given or not given, don't guess what, in the unites states of America. That's your choice if you want to come over possibly look to see if you don't find will catch you later.

The present United States is not giving you permission. Maybe have some friends over the fourth will be right back names for the part of the world. They were maybe Monday that they often people better check with the CDC in pope algae and the funeral dirge Cmdr. Greif Pres. bite.

Better check with them first because apparently we need to get our social lives approved by the present United States and the CDC and the National Institutes of Health.

So whether it's memorial day he was talking about Fourth of July. Pres. Biden was last night and he's a I you know well, let's see, there's a good chance if you guys do exactly what we tell you to do that. Maybe by July 4 are Independence Day. While we can celebrate our nations independence by having a few people over to your house. Maybe if you follow the rules okay so this was just like this funeral dirge thing from last night with Pres. Biden, which was really just condescending and kinda pathetic again. II feel Cipro and praying for the man I feel bad that is just being used is just an older gentleman is being used by who was wife and pretty much everybody in the left and and it is just an empty suit tease that weekend at Bernie's. He's just a placeholder is a puppet and I will see is us unfolds and we were only what 50 or 60 days into this mess socialist remark. Most of this last one, and you can hear again.

He's talking about. Everybody needs to get vaccinated. So this whole thing leading up to you as an American citizen what to do with your body. Hey Democrat I thought was my body, my choice what happened to that my body, my choice if I don't want to take a vaccine that's only really got seven or eight months with the results behind it then isn't that my choice, oh no no editable it all depends on who's in charge right so here's the last one that I want to play because I just can't take when again you can hear him talking about everybody getting vaccinated or else okay, let's go to this one 1815 into his 24 minutes people. Unity is what we do together as fellow Americans usually don't stay vigilant and the conditions change and we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track. Yes, please really want to do that again. Don't make us to made so much progress to make us this is not the time to let up, just as we were merging from a dark winter in a hopeful spring and summer is not the time feeling it cannot stick with okay that's enough so we need everyone to get back and he said it multiple times throughout the speech everyone needs get back say we need everyone to get back to it so here's how this plays out just watches can happen over the next 9220 days when it doesn't get to whatever level they want to use Dick to wave a green flag and say hey were in good shape. Maybe even herd immunity to do it is a well the numbers are there because we have still have 20 x 30% of Americans. Unfortunately who just don't take this seriously and once they were done they didn't take it seriously before they storm the capital and they're certainly not taking it seriously since then and so. Unfortunately, working have to reimpose a lot of restrictions and he'll wave a space mask around again and then and then you know you people, you cannot. You just gonna have to any artist he does. I know some schools. I know some businesses this is starting to get some traction that are saying you can't come here. You can't do this. Can't do that unless you get vaccinated. So were going you think the mask thing was bad. At least the mass thing pretty much is going to cost you money, but the vaccine thing very well might cost you your job. This is where were going and there to go back to the Supreme Court precedent from I think the case was in 1905 it was a Lutheran minister who refuse the vaccination with smallpox and they wanted a fine of five dollars at the time it should be about 150 bucks today and he fought it.

Only the Supreme Court spring court said whether times and the government has a vested public interest you have to do it if you not complying they find you. That's just fine.

No big deal hundred 50 bucks so we lost and that's up that's court case that people today reference with the stuff.

So here they are not like the week Tucker Carlson responded. This is really worked office. We all should be any innocence was started with three words. Any just mail these and how dear you how dear you, Mr. Pres., sit there and think you can tell me what to do on my property with my friends and my family on Fourth of July or any other day of the year and by the way, one huge opportunity that Biden missed because he just not in charge of anything really. I don't think is it wouldn't of been Mr. unity for the country. He's acting like we spent 2020. Just getting decimated by covert, 19, and then we got Trump out of the way, Cheadle man gets out of the way.

Biden comes in in the last 50 days mandate develop three vaccines and they've done this and they've done that. He didn't say anything. All they did all he did was, slim, and then did it by lying the previous demonstration. He could've said listen, I have a lot of problems with our previous president, but they did get to vaccines out and ready" in record time they got this operation works. Be amazed never been done before.

And here we are and we have the ability to do this because of what happened. Not since January 20, but what happened before January 20 but he didn't do that. Here's what he said. Year ago we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked silence really is from the daily wire on December 31, China reported the coronavirus to the World Health Organization, which came after people have been getting sick with the virus.

For weeks, just a few days later, the Trump administration began to repeatedly reach out to the communist Chinese government in an attempt to get into the nation help respond to the outbreak.

China refused. Of course in NWS international scientists additional early actions taken by trumpet ministration include January 6 the CDC issued a level I travel notice for Wuhan, China do the spreading coronavirus on the next day, January 7. The CDC established the coronavirus incident management system to better share respond information about the virus. A few days later, January 11. CDC updated Level One travel health notice for Wuhan, generally 17th CDC began in plummeting public health entry screening at 33 US airports that received the most travelers from Wuhan, San Francisco, New York JFK and Los Angeles January 20 okay were two weeks later Dr. Prouty announced that the national Institute of health was already working on the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus two weeks.

Generally, 20, 21st, the CDC activated its emergency operations center to provide ongoing support.

The coronavirus's bond but then God president binds that a year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked. All of those actions from January 6 to Jerry, 21st, as I just listed all of those actions were taken before China even launch their quarantine of Wuhan city of 11 million people on January 23 the sale of the pandemic was met with silence as Biden said, is actually false. But who cares as long as you guys do what you're told and listen to pope algae and listen to Pres. Biden.

The commander and grief. Last night it was just like a funeral dirge and I'm with you, Tucker Carlson, how dear you how dear you guys really remarkable and then at the end of his speech, he said, I think really come out stronger nor not Sir were already a weaker nation than we were 12 months ago, and especially with our younger people, especially with our kids. By the way when I come back on. Open up the phones. Do you guys I want to hear your response to the president telling you what you can and cannot do on 4 July. Okay, I will hear from you. The rest of the show.

I want to hear from you so please call in and if you like, hey, I appreciate okay it's fine. I'll give you the room to say that but I think most of your gonna be like how dear you so much for calling and share your response to the present United States telling you you listen to us and will tell you whether you can have a little gathering on 4 July are not 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I am I the only one losing my mind.

Here is anybody else 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and the president and the administration and the Democrat party needs to know what you think. So we need to speak up. Use the platform that we have that we been given by the Lord 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How do you feel about the president telling what telling you what you can and cannot do on July 4 866-34-TRUTH I know you don't want to go. I listen why we follow your orders know that maybe there's a good chance that you can have a few people over, you know, two, three, four people that have been vaccinated probably end up family members only, stuff like that with anybody else and on and you can't. So what will you say the present because he tonight said he did hear my speech last night.

By the way, this will encourage you to get vaccination.

Make sure your mask and if you play along to follow the rules and you do we tell you to do that will let you know. Maybe. Maybe you'll be able to maybe you'll be able to have a Fourth of July party with a few people at your house a few long overdue. It me, what would your reaction be that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number. How do you react to this the presidency and will if you're good boys and girls is good chance that you can have a few people over the Fourth of July. How do you feel how you react to the present night states essentially saying will let you know what you can do with your fourth at your house 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Clay.

Hey buddy thanks gone and what you think about the Biden telling you what to do.

On July 4 were brother. First of all let me.

Happy Friday. You, you know, I am grateful that's going to be number two thinking for you and you know being able to use it to have been listening to Creek radio and number three is that you go to get a kick out of there. No I did not listen to what the man had to fight the cold, you know, I listen to Jay Sekulow with them earlier in the day around lunch, and you know I've been trying to share with people into being a good thing that I am a follower of Christ. All I was sharing with people you know. You will need to understand that what is going on right now, whether were in before you do a particular figure of the hundred million of your being there and actually 50 but tried to share with him on like this. We talked about before the election was going out that certain things will go to be taking place all brother coming from me, don't you the literal for your brothers because I know that you know that your wonderful follower of Christ. I don't think that we can't let this get to recall this is going to be the downfall that that give babies a little well is everything you say. That's why I say on the show pretty readily. Don't sell your joy down the river for bolus to. I listen to it. I'm reacting, but when I get done at the 5 o'clock today I'm off the air and back to the life that the Lord is given me and Joe Biden have that much of an impact at all. I talk about it for a little while that I've done the trust and I think that's what most people are to be like. Yet what a joke on your to do the 500 and I remember I'm going to Google know that you shared much last year you know that you will go to bringing the bringing forth.

You know the different where you and I'm thankful for that because it helps each one of us that listen to interchurch radio and you know it's like like like an old movie that you came here with church well you know what what's been going on. You see what's been going all Dr. Seuss books writer motor are in MLB Warner say that gone with the women you know what I will have to say is those of you that are deciding to go down this path and say that gone with the windows that need to be very to say that we can know what we can read and what we can walk yeah I mean the thing about this is remind and I got a bunch other calls again to get to Clay, but the thing this reminds me of an eye when I've done shows on a spousal abuse with joy for us and we talked about it. There's this thing called the power and control wheel and that's what it's all about it's not about money it's about power and control and that's exactly what we see unfolding, but like you said Clay, this is nothing unusual that we been we should have known this was coming.

We have known it was coming for a while just coming to fruition now and it's going to continue to do so. Praise the Lord. We got bigger fish to fry than just what's going on with her brother. I thank you Lord for you Bernard I love you and I appreciate you and thank you for doing the job.

God bless you even more so you think and I keep keep your brothers and don't worry about that. Thanks I appreciate it is always good to hear from you. Let's jump over to Tracy: rolling regulator we lost Tracy. Let's go over to Brandy: Randy to okay wow people are.

I don't know maybe a little. I'm not immune to go there were all busy, but I would love to hear from you. I mean seriously about what he what your response to this 866-34-TRUTH 87884. The phone lines are open again 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Is it just me and my the only one that's upset that the present United States is thinking that he and his administration will give us the old but go the go-ahead to greenlight the A-OK in order to have a few people over the Fourth of July in my the only one that has a problem with that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and they talk about uniting the country. All this is going to do is deep by right I think were running down the road at high speed to a stud more deeply segregated society probably than we've ever seen before.

Because we had it before right black and white, but now are adding anything else to critical race theory and were just making it worse.

It's getting worse all the time and so the president and the ministration coming out and telling you what you can and cannot do on Fourth of July based on whether your following their dictates are not is not to unite anything Joe, Mr. Pres. you talking about uniting that's impossible. So I agree with what Tucker Carlson said how dear you, sir. Think you can tell me what to do on with my Fourth of July at my house I he's saying well if you obey the rules and nobody gets vaccinated. The maybe there's a good chance you can have a few people over on 4 July we think about that house that hit you.

866-34-TRUTH 8784 would love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH me go to Greg is calling in from North Carolina. Greg, thanks for calling the Red Hat now.

I will not belt nine I man I can't believe anything that is not that you actually and will you tell him what you need.

Whenever they need. I don't think that you either for the full court either. I think this is all Kemal air one and he can't get after you talk like that's for sure, but so what's your reaction to them saying that to them, implying well. What I thought. Start when they first told us that we had that will start math eyewear clot.

Every time I took a breath. She might not know let you know people that are associated.

Think about you 3 o'clock dear dear you're breathing in five breath part like any other day and when I tried looking all 24 hours that were being you know not fun.

Can't you spell 24 hours. Never contact you know what I don't go anywhere without becoming Walmart or anywhere like that without language. I appreciate you talking about Greg but but specifically because you get to some other calls, but specifically with the president implying to let you know whether you can have some people over July.

What about that you know what like you know what I I think life right now well and absolutely now obviously don't have any restrictions on doing that at all.

Greg, I appreciate you calling in and use the power they buy proven that they can keep going on this road.

That's why they feel so important to say what he said last night it was no big deal for him, and things were gonna go right ahead. I thanks I will affect thought I need a life that click that and we wonder because eventually click it running this country.

It's more like what I thought like I was really on time.

Please let control to control like ranking, I gotta go celebrate holy word of the state. That's kind of the vibe I got last night. Earlier today when I watched the president by 24 minute speech, funeral dirge, it was not uplifting. It was hopeful it was like his dark winter comments spread out over 24 minutes and it was really about the guy get everybody vaccinated. He made that perfectly clear his desire. The desire his administration is the seat. Everybody vaccinated. So what are they going to do when that stops at about 65 or 70% of people, and 30% of us are like yeah no no thanks, maybe not ever. Certainly not this quick.

That's me. I'm not not this quick, ready to do this quick as in been out for about eight or nine months now. We don't have that much data on a more concerned about long-term effects. So what are you gonna do and then he said well you know you follow the follow the rules, but your mask on washer hands do all these things don't mess it up and then not.

Maybe there's a good chance on July 4. You can have a few people over Donnie feel about the present nine states telling you whether you can or cannot have a few people over to your house on 4 July when we celebrate our independent seems a bit like an oxymoron. Doesn't it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

That's what Americana from Kernersville. Mary, thanks for calling Karen ahead for being an alarm again on Thursday and Friday North Carolina think you locked a couple collar barbecue rail in their backyard. Praise the Lord that that's right that's right night fighting word little bit about controlling and maybe they were actually American clicking last night were looking for instruction back lifting and fighting for his instruction on how to live their life and wants like you gave in and went to think tank are not taken, and how to clean their summary and their independent gain or Fourth of July like the last Dragon (argument one of your collar backing and we need that not lengthening, I think that you Regina and 1/2 minutes Christian and be thankful to the word of God and not get drunk and fight like we are being tormented and aggravated on perfect redneck speech for him knew what they were writing quickly because aggravation and light up social media page inflict more argument and feeling you know if you want to build a case against people on the right from the less perspective than this is another one of those things that he looks you people don't even care enough about your neighbors to get the vaccination your dangerous and we need to deal with people like you, you're literally a threat to society and hear the same people that storm the U proven on January 6 you proven once again because you will get the vaccination you don't really you say this is like Christians you guys say love your neighbor but you do anything, but that you only care about yourself. You're right. I think they continue to pick a fight because they continue to build the case, which then makes it easier for them to shut you down because they build this case that enough people will believe and now you got rationalization for you. Censoring and shutting people down. It's just continues to happen. That's should shock any of us at this point we have to every day, probably before the election.

Make RK how we treat them and be bold start the trend went out being a think that the constantly being the bad guy. Well, I think you can, and I appreciate that question Marion in a struggle with that five days a week on the radio and in my regular daily life outside of the radio show and informed me in my family you know.

As for me, my house will serve the Lord and so work or going about her business were doing what we want to do. My wife and my youngest daughter really struggle, we were all super angry last year in the late spring about the whole mass thing and then one day my wife and my daughter like you know what were tired of being angry like this all the time just it's just no way to live. So you put the stupid mask on. We go to the stores and will comply with that stuff because were just not gonna sell are usually rain the river anymore, and then you have those conversations in personal conversations in your neighborhood, but you do it just like Peterson. Always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have with gentleness and grace and respect and compassion you don't to raise your voice and you just live differently and I think that a great point that even with the fear and some of its valid over COBIT and what's happened there some terrible stories out there. We need to live 1/3 layer kind of life were not the right were not the left for Christ followers. And that's going to look a little different and so we considered him to talk about this stuff, but I'm not so my joy down the river to go about my business on the try to love my neighbor but I'm not gonna lose my mind and I got all kinds of promises that the Lord is good to keep that my house is built on a rock and that rock is not called United states of America. So I think we engagement. You also don't sink your own ship and just lose your mind over that make sense.

Thank you. I think we can probably absolutely thanks Mary appreciated.

Have a great weekend. Let's go over to Sherry Cullinan from South Carolina. Sherry, thanks for calling. Karen had Larry gather collar collateral work that my mouth well go ahead yet yeah and what we can now we fourth of July celebrate our I think you've taken a few pages out of Mao read. She kind because a lot of the tactics used by the common. Nothing new under the sun. As Solomon said, or medical care, medical. I had the one child policy with David for women to have abortions and this not exactly on thing exactly the same level but it's in the ballpark. Yeah, yeah, that level of control Sherry and that's a great point and I appreciate you going to make an appoint because again these are the same people and Sherry, thanks for calling. I appreciate it. These are the same people that are say in my body, my choice, but it all depends on whose ox is getting gored. It all depends on who's making the rules. The golden rule who has the gold makes the rules. So is my body, my choice when I want to kill my baby. But it's not your body, your choice if you don't want to play along with the waiver can use the COBIT thing to advance our agenda which is exactly what's happening. That's what a great reset is out there have done it a couple of shows in the last six months of rent out the great reset all continue to do it.

I keep hearing Rahm Emanuel out there from the Obama ministration summer sand. Hey, don't let, don't let up a situation like this go to waste you to take advantage of it for political gain because it's all about power always has been and always will be, until Jesus comes back and settled all accounts in prison or that's what happened to Teresa. Teresa, thanks for calling a redhead thank you all locked down for July. No oriole day, or any other birthday or any general family gathering and why that one.

That's a great and I think there are locked down and work your comparing abortion my body, my report healthcare.

I know the long-term right right now people are saying Teresa, that's a great point in people's and what about love your neighbor.

What about and I turn around thing.

I do love my neighbor.

That's why I'm telling them until we know some more long-term effects warning you is me loving you that that's right. Now that's a presence in the interior lawsuits and dead people all over the place.

Years later I have to take your time and let's see if we can actually trust this thing Teresa so many great points.

Thanks so much for calling. Thanks for your current appreciate that you think you do as well go do whatever you want Teresa about that prevalence people over have a barbecue that's a great point that you made the trees about why Fourth of July my Memorial day.

Why not June June 30. Why Fourth of July if this is in fact yet another set up well if you want to torque off the 74 million people that voted for Donald Trump. All these Trump rally people. These Rob Ross's boom Bob flag people love America will they love their God.

They love their goons. They love their Biot BL E.

Pick a day in the year to really take those people off well so one July 4 right the most patriotic hot patriotic holiday on the calendar so maybe that's the deal. And again, I'm not going to do things as we approach July 4 and we have a July 4 party at the noble house. I'm not can it do things out of a spirit of just flat out rebellion, and I don't care.

Listen if you if you're not praying for those in authority over you than I I'm set your and sin on that that wasn't a suggestion that was a command and we need to seek peace and pursue it if it is possible. Paul wrote in Romans 12 you if it's possible's first depends on you, live in peace with everyone and then I want to gather with my family and love them enough to be controlled by anything other than try to be controlled by the Holy Spirit by the word of God, the government doesn't control me. So you go about your business and you do your thing and just like Peter and John working to do our thing. You do what you feel necessary to stop want together with friends and family. We have liberty we have freedom we love one another. We care for one another. We want to do in person on July 4 and that's what you do you want to send the police over okay guess what, what if there's just here in Raleigh is 5000 people that love you countries are concerned about the future that I haven't fourth of July party 5 million 5 million houses across the like that.

That's only way you can put peacefully shows God willing always perform the following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network

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