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Covid Vaccine: Yes or No

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 8, 2021 4:51 pm

Covid Vaccine: Yes or No

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 8, 2021 4:51 pm

Covid Vaccine: Yes or No

Today Steve talks about the Covid Vaccine and some of the myths and theories surrounding it.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show entity meets the everyday issues of life at work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and no sacred 634 three 866-34-TRUTH check it out Now here's your host Steve Noble 70%.

A resounding no. I'm not to get it up 13% said yes and 9% said maybes want to go through a bunch of COBIT vaccinations stop. I'm not getting it down into the nitty-gritty, I'm in a deal with some numbers and trends in what's happening there relative to what's going on with COBIT in the nation, and other vaccination stuff and some questions there and it interesting to see how the governments going continue to manipulate whatever they can in order to meet and talk maintain whatever control they can. But of course the thing that everybody's talking about. Forget COBIT, forget Biden forget the border crisis. That's just exploding down in the southern bottom of the country. Forget all that stuff because it apparently in the world, Fox News, or wherever you want to look. Nothing matters more then Megan and Prince Harry if he still is, a title in their sitdown conversation with Oprah so here's what I wanted. Here's how I'd like to address. Okay, here's what I have to say about that interview. So here check check check that out. Let's let's just let your students. Go ahead. That's all I have to say Markel Prince Harry conversation.

Because really, really nothing better to do with our time. Okay going on setting that aside, for obvious reasons so peaceful pull. Would you take the vaccination I one of three now up to and then the Johnson & Johnson coming out. Would you take it. Yes no maybe no resounding 70% yes, 13%, maybe 9% in United States. The US reported a 12% decline in new cases of COBIT 19 last week while vaccinations accelerated to a record 2.2 million shots per day, according to our Reuters analysis new infections of dropper eight weeks in a row, averaging 60,000 new cases per day and felt you something about that. So we'll talk about that. So were now averaging 60,000 new cases per day for the week ended on March 7 last week.

Deaths linked to Cova 19 fell 18% last week to 11,800, the lowest since late November and averaging 1686 per day, and I know all of the stuff I put an asterisk by because if you die of whatever and you have COBIT, they count that as a cold so I don't know that will ever because it's just the world we women now and so I try to fight to find the truth but is becoming more elusive all the time so who knows what the actual numbers are. I don't know the will ever actually know what the numbers are because I don't know that anybody actually wants to know the truth anymore. Despite the positive trends help officials warn that the country could see a resurgence of course, in cases as more infectious variants of the virus have been found in nearly every state will talk about that Dr. Anthony found G or as I like to call them pope fallacy, which I think I got for my buddies. The base, the top US infectious disease expert and I would add the highest paid man in the federal government even more than the president about four and 34 grand this year. By the way, has urged the nation to keep most pandemic restrictions in place until new cases fall to under $10,000 per day. Well, when was the last time we have less than 10,000 COBIT cases reported in a day that was on March 22 of last year. So essentially a year ago where we had just shy of 10,000 cases reported as it was expanding to the left and we saw that was March 22 last year pup out. She says he wants to get below 10,000 cases per day were currently averaging 60,000 cases per day and so isn't that convenient left yesterday March 7 58,620 cases reported that we know. Okay, so that's that's what's going on.

Kind of the trendlines okay now if you look at a website that's great for a lot of things but it's world oh You can check that out yourself world oh all link to it on the Facebook live feed right now so you can check that out if you like a lot of different ways to look at the coronavirus situation both around the world and in the country and by state subtotal cases is leveling off, you see that in the chart, ideally new cases. We had a bump.

It was early the way back cases goes always back to like March 18 of last year she had a little bump there and they had another bump you go down and back up with another bump around mid July last year and it came down and up up up what up up and went until January 8. Just a few weeks ago, or the daily case count.

According to this, which is a conglomeration of CBC, and a couple other places, was all the way up at 308,000 now we go from 308,000 cases in one day. Allegedly, on January 8 down to yesterday we were at 58,620 and today as of right now, 43,004 and 69. So when you look at the chart like that, you'll see that it's come down drastically in the last 30 days and the obvious reason is Joe by right and so then you've got total deaths in the country but you have to look at new daily deaths so it it spiked early, around April 21 when we are at about 2700. Remember we were trying our unit 3000 a day. Remember all that minute came down and up a little bit in July and it really spiked over all was the highest on January 12 thousand 513 reported deaths.

Remember, you get hit by a car and die. If you have COBIT, they count the member that that that's just part of the crazy stuff going on. So now were down to to yesterday was down to 750 in a day. Lunch from a high of 4513's obscene that's dropped up drastically since early January and obviously the reason once again, Tom firmly planted in my cheek.

Joe Biden right thank you Pres. by so let's look at vaccinations because that's wondering about her, you should be thinking about herd immunity, which is this people like me that got it and got over it right and so now I should be mostly immune to it. Now my gonna be immune from the variance. We don't know that yet. So you people like me and a lot of you that it hadn't got over it and in fluid be worse for me then COBIT was less than I had the flu was way worse than my Springs COBIT and I'm recently turned 55. So I can one will look at vaccinations look at the adverse incident report and only people dying from it will compare that to flu vaccinations.

That is a big difference there.

And then this will be laughable.

CDC issues guidelines for Cova 19 vaccinated population, which made me think the point of hitting the back change of life that you had with my mother. Lastly, nice rock 'n' roll and 89 years of age with pigeon Forge pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Tennessee which was kind of sad because if you've ever been to so many tiny little businesses restaurant shops in this that and you know it.

You could tell is going to dead been dead for a while. None of the shows are open until April and I just thought him just more devastation from COBIT and our response to it again. I been saying this since about last April. I really think we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight and we got a spirit of fear in this country because he got most people are lost and in the manipulation and politicization. It's just been one big opportunity for all kinds of people in organizations and worldviews to jump in and use it for their own means mostly nefarious, so I did a poll earlier today my Facebook page and just as people you take it. No yes maybe it's the resounding majority 70% said no. 13% said yes 9% said maybe that's probably about right nationwide.

Right now we've got a this is from Fox news. The US had a record on Saturday for single day doses administered at 2.9 million. Any slab at the White House Cova 19 response team Senior advisor claim. The pace marks the fastest worldwide. You know, because Biden the country is now vaccinating a seven day average of nearly 2.2 million Americans upper 900,000 when the by demonstration first took office. Levitt at like it's going up because Biden took 1/2 know we went even happy saying that Trump had done operation warp speed. But we can talk about that cancel the show.

The new service shortly before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rachelle Wolinsky announced eagerly awaited guidelines all get to this in a minute for practice is considered safe for fully vaccinated individuals. So if you're fully vaccinated got your two shots you your freedom.

You're like William Wallace on the table before they disemboweled free.

Not quite get to that second, according to data compiled by the CDC 9.2% of the country's population is fully vaccinated, while more than 58.8 million people have received at least one dose ISO 58.8 million people out of about 335 million. Okay here about 15% wanting to do. Let's say that that the poll on my little Facebook page holds, what are they going to do if 60, 70% of Americans say no thanks, and we keep getting cases what it one thing I do all I can say whether or not to do anytime soon as they're knocking to relinquish control, especially those on the left. You got five states, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, have ended or will soon and statewide mass mandates as much others.

11 other states that didn't have on Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, but never required face covering statewide now individual businesses and establishments can so as that happens in anytime it goes up because you know what did Biden say somebody said the other day I can forget the word they use to describe Gov. Abbott in Texas Neanderthals at the right remember that your Neanderthal sure you so there's that. Okay, now for the people that have gotten this.

There's a couple different things. There's a there's an adverse incident report collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Food and Drug Administration.

It's called fairs VA ERS vaccine adverse event reporting system okay so this is from an article in the epic times. Adverse incident report shows 966 deaths following vaccination for Cova 19 which is horrible right, but the question in the forget to think honestly here's okay you control the number at me, but how many millions and millions of people have actually been vaccinated. So is that we get a look at it in context and then what's the percentage and how does that compare to other things we do like influenza or flu vaccine is it more deadly than any other vaccine concerning vaccines and I'm aware of that. Have a 0% impact in terms of death. Sadly adverse side effects cheap amongst them being death but so you get up you keep that in mind to go to read things and remember to filter all the time because you're being moved in one direction or another all the time because we just don't do journalism anymore. According to adverse incident reports collected 966 individuals have died after having received an mRNA vaccine for Cova 19 that's through February 19 to give you an updated number between December 14 of every 19th 19,769 reports were made to the vaccine adverse event reporting system fairs following immunizations with the government. The maternal or the Pfizer vaccine at this time. Bears date is not available after February 19 but this article is a maybe a day or so old. Five got updated numbers 966 deaths represent 5% of the total number of adverse event reports of all the adverse events side effects 5% of them resulted in death. Okay. Of those who died 86, died on the same day they got the shot.

Additional hundred 29 died within one day an additional 97 died within two days and 61. Within three weeks total of 514 died within a week hundred 73 died in 713 days, and so on 85% of deaths occurred in individuals over 60, which you would expect the older we get more susceptible we are to any of these problems below 60 there were five deaths among those aged 20 to 29 eight age 30 to 39, and so forth. Neither of the vaccines are FDA approved. Rather, they have emergency use approval.

They represent a departure from traditional vaccines and that they do not use any part of the suspected pathogen stimulate the immune system, but rather nucleoside messenger RNA on topic. By the way, but from everything I've read doesn't alter your DNA. There's that's the problem here and and by just saying that I know that I just angered some number Steve you're ignorant what you okay that's the problem that were dealing with this across the board is you got all these different opinions, conflicting and politicized. That's why it's so difficult to find the truth. Lord help us Dr. Christine Perrone, head of infectious disease at hospital to garnish in France stated in the complaint filed in Europe. Quote the first vaccines they're offering us or not vaccines their gene therapy products they inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus. That's a true statement. The death rate, following Cova 19 vaccination is much higher than that fault following influenza vaccine and that something you have to look at that's very important. The CDC's data allows only a ballpark estimation of the rate of deaths following flu vaccination bears reports that in the calendar year 2019.

There were 45 deaths following vaccination sets vaccinations for flu okay to provide context in 2018. There were 46 deaths in 2017.

It reports 20 best thing about bears is that that's not a solid system okay is just a it's self reporting system.

You don't have to report as of February 19: vaccination said it had been given with 966 deaths, which means that the rate of .0023%. If you look at the influenza death rate influenza flu vaccine shots okay in 2019. That rate was .0 000265.0000265 covert vaccine rate at the 966 death Mark was .0023 so in an enormous difference right for decimal places versus two decimal places.

That's a big deal when you're talking about a percentage okay so obviously right now covert vaccine vaccinations are more likely to cause death in the flu vaccination.

But again this is all early so now I've got some updated numbers through March 1, as opposed February 19 there been 1381 deaths that a been reported to fairs which brings the rate down to face on all the vaccinations that added were added since February, 19.0018 Celeste down from .0023 so that's an improvement but you think that's an improvement enough to pump out she and all of those folks to let go of the reins of anything there to fight like all get out and remain in control because that their needs will and is appalling that we combat are a continuing way through going on with children. 19 in the vaccinations.

Yes no maybe so on my own personal page Facebook page 60 R, 70% said no way Steve a knock at the vaccination.

13% said yeah, and several of those that Artie got a 9% were maybe I would put myself in the maybe category right now leaning towards no. It's way too early usually got three, four years of data from people that that they've done these vaccinations.

Clinical trials yada yada yada before they release it out there because in order to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people are going to get it in the most that we have. I think when they did clinical trials on on these vaccines for Cova and started what late-summer and so you got six months of data, eight months of data as to what happens long-term. That's not long-term is not even a year yet so to me like it's way too early, and most people are saying no, at least on my Facebook page, which doesn't surprise me because most people my Facebook page and we conservatives but yet 74 million+ people voted for trump and I bet you most of those are going to say no.

And so, what's the government can I do when the most you can get to from a voluntary perspective voluntary. We believe in that anymore. What if it's your only to get 50%, 60% of the US populace and why were vaccinating people under the age of 20. I've no idea that really upsets me and shocks me.

But healers control there and it's just crazy. So there's this so you get the vaccination you got both your shots. Okay, yeah, bow shots in your thinking man.

II convinces great to get back to normal him to do well here and want to worry about stuff and him to get back to normal life and the more people to get back to me were just getting it back to life his neck to be wonderful okay well then there's this, the Centers for Disease Control Monday released highly anticipated guidance on practices considered safe for those who are fully vaccinated against the noble coronavirus relating to gatherings quarantining and testing so what you think.

I got fully vaccinated these things are 95, 98% effective, and so why can I just go back to my regular life. I that's what you think.

But strike that you're being logical got a stop. According to data compiled by the CDC 9.2% of US population is not fully vaccinated, and 17.7% have received at least one dose to accept a second dose of the single dose for those receiving a vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson fully vaccinated persons can safely gather inside with other fully vaccinated people about wearing facemask or physical distancing. The CDC said telling these indoor gatherings, likely low risk.

You see what's happening here a minute to take that for second what's happening here is you've got wheat we are re-segregating society. We thought we desegregated and we had for a while now are re-segregating were doing that with critical race theory intersection. Allie ever doing it with bits vaccinated not vaccinated.

We are segregating society and all these little silos and what you think happens with that as you increase segregation. It's just good this is going to get worse and worse across the board.

We set up all your your color. The color of your skin, your intersection malady which means if you're a black email lesbian. Those are three strikes against you. So we need you actually are a little higher in the intersection malady thing in society dumps on you more because you got three strikes again.

She was close this one in the figure blackmail. That's only one strike. But if you're black meal homosexual that that's two strikes. If you're a black female lesbian. That's three strikes day your mail that's better if you're a white male your your golden baby yet mean everything is going your way.

That's that's intersection. Okay, this is all playing it right now are adding this vaccination stuff so calling these indoor gatherings. If you're hanging out with other fully vaccinated people you know because you both got a yellow press you got a yellow star in your shoulder most likely low risk.

Also, indoor gatherings involving fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people you know those guys from a single household at low risk for severe Cova 19 with no mask use presents a low risk of virus transmission location. Our talk about vaccinated and unvaccinated people from the same house as such, of an unvaccinated person is at high risk for severe Cova 19 because they're older they have comorbidities there obese.

Whatever the agency advises mask use physical distancing and outdoor visits are gatherings in space with proper ventilation.

Okay now we get this question can vaccinated people still spread the virus to get them back to convert a deal with reality here as the size of gatherings, increases and involves additional households.

The risk also increases in gatherings of fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people got two groups there segregating for multiple households. Everyone should wear a mask and practice distancing per the guidelines guidelines even you. If you're fully vaccinated in your with unvaccinated people multiple miles what you're wearing a mask. Why what you need to wear a mask, you really can't get it and I'll share this with you in a minute. You really can't spread it.

So why are we putting you in a mask.

Further, regardless of vaccination status. Everyone should avoid medium to large size gatherings you like the Super Bowl and follow local guidance unrelated restriction if fully vaccinated people decide to partake. They should wear mass practice distancing and wash often, to which I say why. Additionally, going to the gym and dining inside poses a similar smaller infection risk for fully vaccinated people.

Therefore, in public areas fully vaccinated. People should still wear fitted mass practice physical distancing and other mitigation measures like hand hygiene, covering costs, avoiding crowds as a precaution, the CDC says so what benefit do you have from getting back to what will get sick okay you won't get sick. He got up, 95, 90% chance of not getting sick but you can't go live your regular life can't do that. And as we see suicide rates climbing tragically, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug use, abuse on down the road. What so the only benefit is I don't get really sick myself. That's the deal. There's some questions can vaccinated people still spread the coronavirus. What a great question. I found this in the Deborah Fuller's a microbiologist at the University of Washington school of medicine working on coronavirus Maxi number one does vaccination completely prevent infection. Those of you in the yes column.

Okay, let's talk about this. The short answer is no, you can still get infected after you been vaccinated, but your chances of getting seriously ill are almost 0. Okay you want to get seriously ill certainly don't want to die so vaccination is great okay good. Many people think vaccines work like a shield blocking a virus from infecting cells altogether, but in most cases the person gets vaccinated is protected from disease, not necessarily infection each person's immune system is a little different, so when a vaccine is 95% effective, which they're saying about these that just means 95% of the people who received the vaccine won't get sick.

These people could be completely protected from infection or they could be getting infected but remain asymptomatic because their immune system eliminates the virus very quickly so you still get it but it's not very bad. The remaining 5% of vaccinated people can become infected and get sick, but are extremely unlikely to be hospitalized. So odds are no big deal for you.

Your vaccinated does infection always mean transmission so you could be vaccinated in infected but it does if you don't get sick, so here's the question.

Can you still transmit transmission happens when enough viral particles from an infected person get into the body of a noninfected person in theory anyone infected with the coronavirus could potentially transmit what a vaccine will reduce the chance of this happening.

Okay, so that's good right in general if vaccination doesn't completely prevent infection.

It will significantly reduce the amount of virus coming out of your nose and mouth process called shedding and shorten the time that you should shed the virus. That's a big deal. A person sheds less virus is less likely to transmit it to someone else. This seems to be the case with coronavirus vaccines.

Okay, that's good, so I can't transmit it and I can't get it. I'm not to get sick really, but then you tell me I got aware mask and Leo stuck what up with that left coronavirus left coronavirus virus means less chance of spreading it in at the amount of virus in your body is low enough, the probability of transmitting it may reach almost 0, so if you get them to shut the vaccination. The odds of you getting sick are almost nil, and the odds of you transmitting are very very very very extremely low as well. So CDC Polk County.

Why do I have to live if I got the vaccines. Both of them.

Both shots which I didn't. But if I got on.

Then why are you telling me when I go out in society.

I still got to put a face diaper on. I can't get sick.


And I can't transmit almost impossible. So what's up with that you think through this right that's pretty scary. Number 30 here we go, what about the new coronavirus variance. What a great opportunity is new variance with a great opportunity to keep everybody lock down until we get the reset the great reset place new variants of coronavirus have emerged in recent months and recent studies show that vaccines are less effective against certain ones like be one third 1351. First identified in South Africa. Every time SARS coven to replicate the gets new mutations in recent months. Research is about. By the way, this like the flu shot right they give will get the flu shot like yeah you know you get a decent chance of knocking the flu but there's a bunch of variance out there so we don't know for sure it's our best guess that's the flu shot is the best guess each year. Okay so I get into this and keep going through this article very very helpful important information here and helps us to continue the question what's going on with her government, which is all about power and control, which by the way we talk about when we do shows on abuse. Abuse victim abuse is always about power and control well are we being abused by her government, state, local and federal Lyrica lifeline to hold early today.

Welcome back with you.

Took a Facebook poll earlier today, would you get the coronavirus vaccine 70% resounding in oh, 13% said yes 9% run defense and so what happens nationwide up those numbers hold for 60%. That's a 50% of adults in America said no no thanks. I'll wait another couple years and see what happens to do what the government and the Duke is not easily can let go of control right, power and control.

Just like the power and control. We own are talking about abusive done a lot of shows about abuse and spousal abuse all about power and control, and you see all these things in the power and control we'll go look it up and you look at that you struggle in Mrs. this is sounding kind of familiar when it comes to the way our government operating because again, bring in your biblical worldview you understand the nature of mankind in our fallenness were given to or given to depravity. When we have power. We tend to abuse it.

And so you have a Romans one understanding of the world, we suppress the truth. Replace with a lie. At the end of Romans one are clapping about one another, sin because then we can all get away with everything all the time it's all get in on it. That's all you gotta kill God. Although there's no such thing as an EPS back to Romans one, and a lot of the stuff starts to make sense, and then the question becomes what you do about it right. That's a lot of people. Continue what we do about what what resistor you can speak the truth where you can but know this, there is a grand narrative at play in the world.

If God's grand narrative.

It will come to pass, you won't slow it down. You won't change it, you won't alter it. You certainly won't stop in the world's trajectory until Jesus comes back is downward, it just is.

Now I'm not advocating I used to, but I don't anymore. Kind of an abandonment theology. I reviewed the book and I know you and we will so who cares what happens now what we should all care. Love your neighbor as yourself right love the Lord your God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and second is like it. Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself.

So we live in the real world, things are happening to our neighbors and so we should care including what's going on here with the coronavirus situation. My buddy Bill who is very knowledgeable on Facebook like the clinical trials for vaccines very large, relatively speaking in no man's data points patient's for safety long-term safety. Still something to have a conversation about the long-term think that's my concern is that this is a relatively short window of the coronavirus vaccine results. So we have what 68 months of data with a relatively small sample size 35,000 people.

Whatever it was, so to me, relative to the vaccines of the past and the ones that we use today I'm like yeah still pretty small data set relative to others, and so me on the sidelines going. No thanks I had a ready, not the vaccine coronavirus.

Unlike now I'm a sit here and watch and see what happens. So where I'm coming back to this. What about the new coronavirus variance dry left off in the last segment new variance of coronavirus have emerged in recent months like the one first identified in South Africa B 1351.

Every time SARS replicates gets new mutations in recent months, researchers have found new variance that are more in it and it infective meaning.

A person needs to breathe in the last to become infected. So the more infectious okay another variance that are more transmissible meaning. They increase the amount of virus a person sheds. So how does this relate to vaccines and transmission for the South Africa variant vaccine still provide greater than 85% protection from getting severely ill killed 19 but when you count mild and moderate cases.

They provide at best only about 50 to 60% protection, but do we want to train wreck our economy and throw our kids in jail for a year now. We kicked our kids out of school for a year now because you have 50 you have a 40 or 50% chance of being mildly ill talk about idolatry of self not want to be mildly ill so I don't care what happens to 76 million kids between kindergarten and the end of college. That's his idolatry to the nth degree. It's so selfish and shame on the vast majority of our teachers, why isn't there. Maybe there is of you know this, please let me know Steve, this email will is a growing group of teachers out there that have organizer coming out and saying we need to get back into the school. Our kids are suffering. This is not about us.

The sign says they could kids are giving it to us. And even if we get the odds are working to be just fine. I might be sick for 10 days might be out for two weeks but we had to do this for our kids. We talk about for the children.

We in opening schools for the children were keeping him shuttered for the teachers but not all teachers I know that man this means at least 40% of vaccinated people will still have a strong enough infection and enough virus in the body to cause at least moderate disease talk about the variance. Okay, vaccinated people have more virus in their bodies, and it takes less of that virus to infect another person there will be a higher probability of vaccinated person could transmit these new strains of the coronavirus.

If all goes well. Vaccines will soon reduce the rate of severe disease and death worldwide but reduce it to what it will be zero and they just can keep saying that all we had 6000 new cases and 27 people died. That's just unacceptable because all of a sudden all the liberals and progressives are very pro-life, digit onset. All of a sudden they're very pro-life, we can allow anybody to die with a course of treatment will but you you wonder we owners could happen when Jesus comes back in God's been storing up his wrath is whole time. The only thing keeping me from absolute death and destruction right now is the fact that I'm in Christ. Other than that I should be in hell right now and God storing up his wrath minute that doesn't distribute should, but because of the emergence of new variance vaccinated people stop the potential to shed and spread the coronavirus to other people vaccinated or otherwise, this means it will likely take much longer for vaccines to reduce transmission of the populations to reach herd immunity then at these new variance is never emerged exactly how long that will take is a balance between how effective vaccines are against emerging strains now transmissible and infectious.

These new strains are okay select from another article can vaccinated people still spread the coronavirus not much gay. Not much so that if you still know where mass can do all that mess. Why give vaccinated socket to change your lifestyle just to keep you from getting seriously ill, but you still get to be locked up. I'm looking at the government going why what you care. Let me go and look the fact that I just said that should point you to a very dark reality that work that I just I'm talking about our federal government here in the United States of America and saying let me go. That shouldn't even be a part of my vocabulary that I have to look at my government and say hey would you guys. Can you let me go now cute cannot go can I go do what I wanted to cannot make decisions for myself can experience liberty and freedom in my neighbors as well. You want to wear a mask where mass no one awareness to wear a mask you want to be around people that awareness don't be around you want to sheltered home until you die. Go ahead, that's up to you.

I think it's foolish and fearful.

But what can I say it's America, that's what you want to do, do it, but now are because of critical race theory is all about your skin color intersection malady strikes you have against you in a world run by white men. So if you're a black female lesbian. That's three things three strikes against you intersection out of those three things intersect and we need to help you more against white patriarchy with men, and now are segregating based on mask, no mask vaccinated not vaccinated in all this is Lee.

It's just increasing hatred and division animosity unforgiveness, bitterness in the country.

At United we stand, divided we fall.

It will fall as we segregate were going back. This is were going back into the Jim Crow days here because if you walk in somewhere you don't wear a mask. That's like, hey we got up we got on the waterfront over here for you non-Masters right or for you nonvaccinated people who obviously don't love your neighbor and honestly don't understand. Romans 13 you so-called Christians because you're not submitting to the government is just bad theology.

Misunderstanding in the devil's playground all around you really threw it. The only way I don't lose my mind is because of Christ only way Julio got the only way I can go okay to set the push back on the table and in when I walk into an insane asylum. II expect people that crazy okay what's crazy crazy being out of touch with reality what is reality reality is that which is true what what is true. Okay Pontius Pilate could question the author of truth is what is true what he says what he decreed his principles from gravity to the moral law is what's true and when people reject the moral law on the reject his word and reject his existence.

They're going to act crazy, which is what you see. So what's the ultimate answer see what we do what we do what we do well.

The number one answer is you get to see more people come out of craziness to embrace and live out reality which means they have to be born again. That's it. That's the ultimate change you want to get somebody to go from pro-abort to pro-life imagine what happens in many of you know this already. When Jesus enters the picture and enters your heart and enters your brain then you begin to see clearly you come out of the insane asylum which the world the flesh and the devil, and you see the truth. I can see clearly now the day has come right near the song.

Do do do do do do do do okay cool, right that's going on cleaning the Christ and his work understand the true games for the sake of your neighbors, but don't sell your joy down the river for bullets do over politics over Christ died to give so much more fear and worry, you can be free of all, you can actually see without fear can be without stress is hard to maintain. Be anxious for nothing is actually possible, but only through Christ word on what happened on this I get to look forward to their new pages started a new daily dose series today in Galatians Galatians66866. This is God willing I thought of her for another program powered by the Truth Network

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