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Full Money Monday!

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March 1, 2021 10:50 pm

Full Money Monday!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 1, 2021 10:50 pm

Full Money Monday!

Today is a full Money Monday with David Fischer of Landmark Capital.  We talk about the Stocks going up and the concerns of Inflation. 


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The Steve Noble Show
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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host noble. March 1 with our good friend David Fisher who brings his expertise to the show every week. And people say hey Steve, what's with the one you have, like talk financial stop and stock market. Precious metals like why do you do that on a regular basis.

I would just simply refer you to the Bible about the old and New Testament, where we find a lot about money and possessions because God knows our heart full well and for most of us, we struggle. It may be a struggle with it because you have a fair amount of it or maybe because you are working too much to acquire it or we put it on a pedestal or we allow it to define how we see ourselves though so we got a lot of heart issues with money position possessions. That's why the Bible talks about a lot and that's why we talk about a regular serenity awful money Monday. It is the first Monday of the month with her a good friend, David Fisher from IMR capital. Their website is always my but I did want to just say something real briefly and let's all make sure were in prayer for our nation. Our nation's leaders for what's going on Washington DC. I was up there over the weekend with our two daughters, which was awesome. Huge blessing lousy weather but we had a lot of fun but it was also kind of sad and depressing to be in Washington DC. I've never seen so few people there and I've never seen our nations capital surrounded by a couple of different layers of fencing and wire fencing literally twisted wire laser wire -like wire stop on top of the fence only around literally for blocks. We were going to take our scooters and cruise around the capital and go around to see the screen Corp. which can't. You literally have to go three blocks this way are three blocks that weight was really set as a sad state of affairs to see our nations capital like that. So let's make sure were staying in prayer for those in authority over us according to the Scriptures, because they certainly do need it and I just wanted to just encourage all of us challenge all of us one more time on that one. But that being said, let's get to a full money Monday lot going on there. Even though David Fisher welcome back. I think you for your time.

I'm glad you're here.

Stocks are up today who took a big jump up up about 603 points and so we got a lot of things to talk about how are you I'm disturbed but I'm doing this mongoose market management, we never talk about that forever. No, I mean other than the fact that it is from a basketball standpoint, but I think it's always March madness in this country anymore. The final four marksman talking sports first target although you everything March madness the file forward on basketball. I will say this though, everybody has a ticket to the final four, buying it, but everybody by every source to buy probably thrown always twist every limit is cut to the chase in and help you understand where, time of the financial final four. What the Fed is going to do what interest rates are going do we have inflation what's going on.

The stock market.

We it is insane what's going on in this environment is a madness and that's the final four thinker and a focus on today for I don't think March madness stopped on March the with the financial final 4140 not to let you know when what I was mentioning talking about praying for our nation. We need to pray for the financial world as well because as a whole Lotta mess going on out there. Tosh on Facebook live it's it's MS awareness month or so. These are things that we need to be aware of and be about our father's business and as we pray for these things and engaging things, but I received today or you know will will focus on all of these things and so you come off today. Dave and I mean I'm looking into going. Wow. You know, the stock market is up 603.2 but when you look at last week.

Not very pretty start you know they used your on your on Monday in the year down at the 31,000 that gets up and then it's going to read on the way. After that, so how do we look at that what happened last week arena bubble help us understand what's going on will take me to third-party people like Graham Sumner's.

He writes about the newsprint spot on scribe's newsletter heated last week on Friday. The bloodbath here will come to their talk about the S&P dropping almost 2 1/2%. The NASDAQ fell over 3.5%. The big question is this going over why did he go down. Inflation will giving them the second book he says it's just starting were not done, but he should look at Tesla that could be a key to the leader were going to be extremely popular with Wall Street and extremely popular with individual investors and it's a great leading indicator for the broader market and it has pretty much led the charge for when it goes towards the market is there to show Tesla just on Friday broke out broke down. She's made a 50 day moving average. This is opening the door for hitting the 200 day moving averages me for a lower which would put in around $500 a share, but it's already on 25% this last month or $2 billion was lost with her what he's saying is when you look at the technical side of things now at the NASDAQ that support level is around 12,000 S&P supporters around just over 3500 obviously were about those numbers.

The S&P is at 3901 circle 400 point drop was what he saying we could see you summarized in saying, we can either grind our way lower to the to those points. Or we could do a full freefall which remains to be seen, but the odds are greatly needs the word in bold letters greatly favor that the next 10% will be a downward side for stocks and he's a stock guy is saying that I just be careful putting all your eggs in about to be really careful with that. We talk about diversification all the time. That should be a common refrain.

No matter who's helping you understand what's going on your retirement money and stuff that me diversification should be a regular part of our lives, and especially comes to finances, but also see look at something like a stockbroker, but also you you quote pretty often here on the show. Dave and were talking to David Fisher from landmark capital in heirs and billionaire hedge fund managers mean that there's a reason these people are wealthy and there's a reason they manage an enormous amount of money so one of eight.

What are they saying what they warning about what kind of market corrections and in anything you can a breaking news, there will be on a breaker about 30 seconds, but will keep talk about that when we come back all finger pretty incredible track record of 44 years in a hedge fund manager. He he has had a 13% average return of annualized things.

This is phenomenal.

He is saying. Inflation is here and it's going to spread. In fact, he says there's trouble ahead. Usually signals Bill Ackerman had a purging Square. We will see inflation spike in the middle of this year is starting to happen. The I were talking to David Fisher landmark A. This is the noble will be right with you.

That means we are doing a full many Monday show with her good friend David Fisher brings his expertise to help us understand the stock in the wild world of finance, not just what's going on the market. What's going on in banking domestic international debt load in this country which continues to move to higher and higher numbers and just nightmare proportions, which is not abnormal. Unfortunately, around the world and then trying to take obviously a biblical perspective on the whole thing. And David helps us do that each Monday landmark is his website and brother in Christ and just really appreciate you bringing your expertise so regularly to the show, David. It's always a blessing in your out here, though for a few weeks right you and your family get to go on vacation and that's awesome I'm happy for you fighting so everything is a rat race but is pretty right now more than busy as it is, and is even more more than normal and it's always a challenge when you're a business owner.

It's always a challenge to try to take exit. You need a vacation from getting ready to take a vacation, like the oh my goodness, yes, really difficult, but I'm I am commanding you as your brother in Christ. I do not want to hear from you for a couple weeks don't care what happens in the market. Just a jaded time with your family and get out of Dodge and go resting and I enjoy that blessing that we are talking about billionaires and it's so important to listen to them because they're that wealthy and they control that much for a reason you are starting to talk about what some of them are talking about a none of this is really good. There's a lot of warnings out there many more to go on it.

So many people coming out of the woodwork that are either well-to-do billionaires or very highly and/or very highly respected individuals that run you know major banks in the United States or other hedge funds course professional managers are billionaires, there is this belief system that's coming out thing we have inflation is here.

It's not if we will have it.

It is already here. So the question becomes and and a lot of people struggle with this one because as a whole lot of folks that just that you know they might have some retirement they might have some 401(k) that's out there, but didn't really understand can all the nuts and bolts that go into it.

We look at it every once in a while, but whenever we hear the I word whenever were hearing about inflation. What should our reaction be as investors of any level will inflation as a whole is the any asset that you hold is appreciating in value.

Here's word goes negative inflation is really bad for stocks. If you look at the 70s when we have inflation, interest rates from 14 to 15%. The Dow went up 9% you hedged yourself against that gold went up 500% silver went twice as much over a thousand percent. Why, because we had a high debt that was unmanageable. So the Fed have them sleep our way down to reality. Get the dent in line with the GDP so we didn't stop spending. We kept spending but that's how they dealt with it back then.

So now they're saying it's going to be similar to that effect as a couple people live into this that there thing it can be worse than the 70s sis. I can imagine that I can imagine that either in with the students that I have in my government and civics class and I try to explain that back in those days when we had gas lines and we had these crazy and interest rates and home loans were 15+ percent in and trying to get them to understand that once they do, they just like oh my goodness that's they have a hard time relating to that. But to hear that some people think we actually would be in back in that kind of territories are shocking.

So when we look at we we mentioned briefly, but when we look back at last week with the downturn there, but there was an uptick in yields help us understand what happened there really are key here.

It we understand that you understand the whole picture so our country passes bills to spend money when we get there from revenue, but when there's not enough revenue. The country has to issue a treasury bill and investors on Wall Street by that's how the system works in his work that way for for decades I've been saying were to come to the place when foreigners will not by our treasuries right and that happened last week and my understanding is all my studying for the first time in history where my talk amount. The seven year treasury auction happen on Friday. It was utterly catastrophic bid for that investors are willing to buy a treasury was whether willing to pay is called the bid. It tumbled 15% 14.9 to be exact from 232.305 down to 2.045 so people were not willing to pay for debt at the level that the government thought that that was worth and they want to pay less the bid collapse 15%. That is been my understanding is never happened on top of that, the biggest disturbing thing is when you look at we call the internals from others who was buying the debt. There was no foreigner buying our debt of the seven year treasury auction.

To me that's the first time that's ever happened in history. Nobody showed up. Didn't want to buy or debt that is scary. That is disturbing and those are very conservative words, it is going to. If this is the new trend I said we would get here eventually.

If this is the trend were going to have other major financial problems because that is how you fund the debt so as a result of what that happened yields went up to say hey will attract more money will pay you more. That's what this was all about.

It's not fixed. Obviously without all the markets are up today with anything on Friday doesn't fix anything of any data just blew through it. What happened yesterday when you hear that it's a delete when we talk about treasuries that that's the government saying hey what would you be an IOU, you give us money will pay you back 2.5% or whatever and then you Allison you get foreign countries alike were not willing to issue you a new credit card when I can extend you any debt when I can buy stuff as we dig it's not worth it. And that's shocking because all of a sudden we don't have any foreign investors and who's gonna going to issue us a credit card to use really simplistic language and that get scary, really, really fast. So what about the Fed and all of this week we end up talking about the fan. I had Janet yelling back and it's just it's hard to understand because the feds monkeying with everything but they say when I can have inflation but all these billionaire hedge fund managers say we are so which is the markets also say we have inflation if it completely wrong. I mean, just like TJ said that the Fed is the fire department in the arson and in 2005 is from the perspective for Nike was the board that had a board of the Governors of the Federal Reserve and he said in an interview the moderators interview and saying that the housing market is in a bubble. It's going to burst 2005.

This is going to be a real issue for the economy and vernacular.

Respondent says I guess I don't buy your premises. It's pretty unlikely possible so he was simply wrong, though, that this strike one against the Fed Janet Yellen said this recently. I did not see and did not appreciate what the rich were.

I didn't see any of that coming until happened you referring to 2008. She said a while ago so you would think that they would've seen it in today will five days ago Jerome Powell insisted he says the Fed does not see any indication of inflation. He said inflation is still quote soft. I got really oil is up 61 and $61 corners of 40% from you/your soybeans are 55%. The commodity Bureau index is up 75% since April coppers that attend your I lumbers at all-time high. I mean you've add up all the money that ever been printed. 40% of all the money is never been printed was printed last year in which this delay caused inflation. That's when I called monkey business. I hear no inflation. I see no inflation and I speak no inflation that the world is says it's screaming. There is inflation.

The Fed is clearly wrong.

David will be right back will be right back about back.

It seems a noble show. It is a full money Monday today was our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital. Their website name and I wish it and I am and I wish this was more fun every once we get lap and we crack some jokes. We have some fine and then under money Monday update statement. We always start with the passage of Scripture which is healthy and encouraging, but as as you go, go down this road I let me just ask you this wasn't part of our conversation today, but for you personally. As a follower of Jesus Christ something that's helping other people to understand the marketplace and try to be good stewards of whatever it is that the Lord has given them financially how you kinda keep your wits about you when were dealing with so many things that are really upsetting and in-kind a troubling how you can work through that. David is a follower of Jesus Christ in a very messed up and broken world. I love my country, indenture Rick Pres. Reagan so I'm told you my background I'm disturbed I wrestle with it. I never thought we get in 26 years of doing what I'm doing right now. I never thought I get we get to this place were right ever see that version on the people buying our debt or note no foreigners coming to the table to buyer that never thought that so I am not pulling my hair out and I'm not lost my money a piece but it is disturbing. So I have to get to work through this. Just like anyone else has to work through this and I'm called as you measure your whole website says and you and your program. I'm called action. Also, personally, to do something about it and when we are given knowledge that then were held accountable and I'm personally held accountable. That's why it's really important for either quote facts based upon what other people were much smarter than I billionaire is you're saying if you know that's there's a lot of weight there, but it's disturbing it really is that something we need to get educated. We need to know facts and figures need to try to understand what's happening in the world around us, but we also need to pray, we need to pray specifically for wisdom. As James talks about in his letter, is that that you know if you lack wisdom, pray and ask for and God would grant gladly granted, but we also have to remember that there's wisdom in the multitude of counselors and if you doing these things on your own if you never talk to your advisor or your stockbroker, whoever you work with. If you never have conversations of you not seeking after information. That's a huge problem, especially in this market and the knees this day and time and so there's wisdom in a multitude of counselors which is why we continue to have these conversations in Siad through that curveball at you but I really appreciate all your fine talking about that I know most of us struggle with that one way or another. So when it comes to the government's debt.

Our debt if foreign countries are can abide it and tried it and undergirded through treasuries and who just anywhere. Does this go if all of a sudden foreign entities like Japan and China and other countries aren't buying are stopped and what we do problem. Finally, at the place where he said we were getting here and on your program about a year ago, I could really get to this place that's really disturbing that we hear so Jamie diamond in December ahead of the CEO, J.P. Morgan. He said this and I was blown away by this court in December.

Quote I wouldn't touch treasuries with a 10 foot pole." I guess foreigners are following this very wise bankers advice effect. I think a lot of people are following this advice and that's that's where the system breaks down. The Emperor has no clothes. Now because you this is how this is work for decade upon decade upon decade upon decade now were at the place of impasse words not going to work so the Army we only added $1.9 trillion to most build $1 trillion green deal.

$1.92 trillion Medicare fraud and keep going on $2 trillion for wiping away student debt to trillion dollar stem assumes infrastructure and 5.5 trillion is that the budget this year. That's 14+ trillion dollars special rat is insane were 5.5 trillion last year weren't really quadruple and almost it's it's totally insane, but this is what this administration want, you will really gotta have a default which I don't think we'll have or a massive massive massive inflation where they go to Caesar money through bailing. This is why comparative now they have gold and silver in your portfolio and never before because we've never been at this level were they have not bought artwork no foreigners showed up and didn't buyer debt so gold and silver protects you from an inflationary environment in the 70s when a 500% in gold thousand percent silver in the Dowling went up 9% nine years. It certainly will protect you from a bail and because they can. Caesar money. My same put all your money into gold, silver, absolutely not just only volume onion paper either. There's a balance there is a balance there, which is one of the things that we have to get educated on, which is why David joins us on a regular basis so you know mentioning gold and silver and trying to understand a pullback with gold and silver as a bear market versus the bull market versus rates.

How do we look at that it's want to make sure we understand how we how we approach that when we talk precious metals because I know maybe five, six, 10 years ago.

David went on radio on social media. Whatever somebody would bring up gold and they have all kinds of crazy thoughts because there was a lot of that you know there were some shocks. There is some height, some shysters out there and some hucksters and all that stuff her, but now it's it's talked about regularly is a regular part of the conversation.

Whether were talking about individuals, stockbrokers, investment advisors, thanks hedge fund managers meet. It's amazing when you look at, mainstream players that normally include now talking about gold and silver.

So how should we look at it.

How do we approach it and what can we expect from that because it looks like it's going to teetering as it can be a bear market is to be bull markets and speak to that place. Absolutely no market goes straight up ones that do you want to be involved in a cracker come straight down in the 70s when we had a massive bull market in gold and silver Wheaton. We had a 50% retraction in both market and people said don't ever bite it all over with. I was on in the industry them. But that's what the old-timers told me you know when gold broke up through $300 in 2002 people said of the Wall Street Journal on the front page for gold's losses luster stairway.

It was the very bottom of the market at 252 32323 skews me when gold hit $500. A civil never breached the previous hiding 50 when he went to 850 of say they'll never go through thousand. They went through thousand thousand people said is going to crash and half went to 12, 25, it went all the way up to 1905 people to say they'll never happen. Gold new 6.5 times in the naysayers. It is never really a thing I heard all the time. We are in the long term bull market and you will have these types of pullbacks there will be a time when it will crack and Colbert but were not even close. The bear market is reprinting all the money right now in the spending. All the debt when those two things come to a parishioner in any sort of slow down on that gold and silver return from pole to bear, but work 9 to 10 years away from that because they're looking to solve the problem and inflate our way out or Caesar money how things can be.

Inflation is going to be a big key to this, plus a bill and I think ischemic combination of both inflation can be really bad yell.

We talked about feelings in a while so just going to do a bail in 101.

We got about three minutes. At the break, but bailing one-to-one so people understand what is what it is, where it's happened and how it might happen here.

It is the opposite of a bailout. They build out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Motors and AIG why because we those companies with a gun under open even worse than what we experienced a bail and is opposite of a bailout.

Nobody comes to the rescue and they go internal procedure counts Fox News to expert on this thing.

What can they see your 401(k) or IRA any financial product anywhere in the economy is the exact terminology in this article I Fox News stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash in the bank CDs, treasury bills, you name it. Annuities just about any financial vehicle. They take a portion of his 56 to 71% is the Wall Street Journal article what they would happen for America.

There's been eight feelings historically and in eight countries.

We saw some double balance, like Greece.

That's why there was writing and so it it was established in 2010 because in the aftermath of 2008 the government knew it could not bailout the system.

The next time around.

They would have to do a bail in and that's why the law was set up yet is increased by rooms that correctly was literally shut down the banks to so they can do you want it you go online to check your account.

It's missing money and you go to the bank and the doors are close was the kind of that remedy sounded like it was right out of a move that was cypress thousand 13, banks closed on a Friday. They never opened up on a Monday and they were closed for 10 days you can get your money up the bank and ATM lines were jammed and then eventually those machines ran out of money. So yeah, that's why. Encourage people to have a little bit of cash on hand. Even though her going cashless right now make sense to have some money outside the bank on the same pull all your money out the bank don't do that, but how some cash on hand couple months worth yeah and again this this I think for a lot of people.

David and in I know you and I have been having these conversations for a few years now, so I I don't freak out as much as I used to, but it's pretty sobering to hear this kind of stuff and I think a lot of people are probably I'm just can ask you were coming up in a break in your conversations with people that get a hold of you and your team do you think most people are beginning to kind of be sober minded and say listen yeah this is all looking like some really bad stuff can happen here five years ago. I didn't think like this but say I do I want to ask about that woman applicable for Martine is rough against the break. I want to talk about that a little bit and then again some more about how do you utilize precious metals like gold and silver rock concert that ran this is developable money Monday today I might have McAfee normal to feel for money. Monday was a landmark Website landmark Lynn and I David just done on the break with Facebook live with my friends there I was, I was talking about. I started to read them a little bit from an article that was in the Atlantic all the way back in March 2013. Everything you need to know about the Cyprus bank disaster and coming in and taken just like that right and that the first opening paragraph imagine you woke up one day to discover your bank account had been rated by another country's government or your own, just like that one dollar in every 16 year supposedly save money is gone and if you're wealthy enough to have more savings that could be one intent is it a nightmare. The opening days of Akaka story, a Bond villain plot to start a bank run and bring down the government and I'd read that now go no, this actually happened in 19 I could just hear the PR campaign, David.

I'm sure you could to listen were in really bad shape.

We had to do something were all in this together. So I you may have noticed am sure you did in the last 24 hours is what we did and we need to survive together were all in this together. Kind of a post-9/11 type ryegrass his boom box and I will get this back to you but we need right now to write the ship and once we get the ship righted will give your money back in every thing we find and it sounds ridiculous but it does is it the money to a more mature manner and and yes they can go in and legally future money, you can Google it on the Internet. Type in white paper between the Bank of England, the FDIC explains that if the balance practice is the term bail in 19 times in the white paper's sword government is admitting this is the route that there gonna be after taking is one of two options. Inflation is the other one but just this idea pupils I hear this a lot will. What about the FDIC's their insured on ensuring the whole thing okay or what is the FDIC's their funding from the government and in 2008, leaving out of money don't have $19 billion on hand, which felt like a lot of money with it for 2008.

That's nothing compared to the banking problems they have a borrowing authority of 30 billion.

But on May 9 president Obama in Maine at three 22,009 he gave them the authority raises 200 billion and gave them a temporary bridge loan of 500 billion, and it still was not enough. Hundreds of banks went under. So if the government have the money to give him FDIC's the FBI fee doesn't have the money to protect you. This is what you have to understand it is a shell game and were at the place and I'm not against our country and the antigovernment or any of that thing does not list all not go there.

I love my country, that's for talking this way and I'm not a conspiracy theory going in the chicken Little. The sky is falling, but we've never come to this place with what happened on Friday ever. My knowledge and that's the scary thing we are at the place where the Emperor has no clothes. Now, and that's where organ may face some major things can happen and that's where we need to be willing to look at that and say yeah you know what the emperors actually make me a lot of things I don't want to do that people call you conspiracy theorists are you spreading your yada yada yada are you just trying to sell something, but now we gotta be willing to admit that I didn't and that's the shocking thing about all this is that it's actually happening in this is this is real. So when you look at because our our our buddy TJ's on Facebook live with us today and he is like the Fed would love to have a digital currency. Gee, I wonder why this just gives them more access to what we have, knowing that sooner they have to know David that sooner or later this there can I have to do it because you just can't get math to work you have to go inward instead outward and when I can't. I can't get money for my friends to steal it from my parents when you're a little kid or whatever and it's shocking that I hope people start to wake up. So what what you do in terms of like gold and silver using that as a hedge against all these kind of nightmare scenarios what what role does it play, how do you use it effectively just with currency going for it on Friday that eight digital dollar would help the US keep the allies China and check if not regional are having this and we were going cashless is where the Bible talks about cashless society, we are going cash flow spelling. It might even start.

Not just in our lifetime and might start this year with the Fed would like to happen so there behind the curve of his gold silver if you want to be helped. A portion of your money outside of the court system wanting you know anything illegal or just being a wise steward and diversifying the portfolio. If you have all your eggs in one basket. You can scramble eggs don't put all your money in gold and silver day. Don't put all your money and paper either but a portion the 7-Up portion to a Scripture say because you do not know what tragedy may befall you. I don't know what's going happen but we are definitely on the cusp of something major change for seeing it to ignore it is not being a good steward. The parable of the talent don't barrier your talent do something with it, and a portion of that should if you believe what you're hearing in this witness is to your spirit. Then then you should get some more information doesn't mean you have to buy the meaning of the commitment but learn about it.

That's why we have a lot of literature.

A lot of written material to help you and we we interact with people. There's no pressure ever working with our company. And that is the number one thing I want people here there is absolutely no pressure committed to yourself. Don't get committed to us could commit committed to the Lord committed to your finances. Commit yourself and you will figure out that will give you wisdom but gold and silver can play a vital role especially if Michael Harnett, the chief investment officer is correct. He said last week of the Bank of America, the head guy BankAmerica said we could be going the direction of World War I Germany when they had hyperinflation hyperinflation right. He said this on his latest flow show.

Let me explain what that is. In 1920s Germany experience we call hyperinflation know a lot of inflation and in 1915 before this, the highest denominational of German marks was 100 marks equivalent to the hundred US dollars. That was the highest paper note by October 1923 notes that were common were 100 billion marks. Okay, the finance minister, compact print investment Limited means a person living in Germany well before all this happened, 1950. 50,000 mark in the bank.

You could lived off and retired on the interest. Eight years later, postage cost 2 million marks the 50,000 marks in the bank will close to work closely right postage cost more than that would help in the gold and silver silver was 12 marks before the big printing press happened it was 543 billion marks later at the end of it. Gold was 170 marks before the printing press was 87 trillion marks later. I'm reading from a book called economic solutions that writes about history is a factual data so gold and silver will protect you from a bail in gold and silver protect you from inflation. It will protect you from hyperinflation is not something you go to the grocery store or fill your carpet it's something that's going to be something that you will probably need if we have inflation or a bail and it's going to be a much-needed thing in the portfolio yet it's one thing if it's some Yahoo with a podcast out of 100,000 podcasts out there that's talking talking about Germany and hyperinflation were just talking about one of the head voices that Bank of America you talking about.

I mean that's crazy that you would think somebody in an institution like that will be talking about hyperinflation that we saw in Germany prior to World War II in in your okay that that we should pay attention to that is fitting on this flow show the latest flow show, which was one I'm referring to coming from a February 15 article called B of a instead why Mark 2.0 could something I want to mention you will get ended up about why marketers could be very sensitive and I don't want to go that route back people ended in the Jewish community. Summarize your brothers are Jewish and semi brothers. People who are want to be my brothers art are Jewish and I know I don't want to get sidetracked.

But the bottom line is this is the head of Bank of America, the chief investment officer saying this I never thought I'd ever hear such a thing yet. I really really is amazing. So if you want more crazy talk about education a lot which I really appreciate that.

So we try to do on the show in as many different ways as I can and as many different subjects as I can but what's the best way to get educated because I know for a lot of people. David take some time. It can be a little intimidating you and I talked for hours before we ever did radio together because I didn't know anything about precious metals and and didn't want and didn't want to mislead anybody.

So what's the best way for people to do that if they're interested what we call our company the old-fashioned way, give the number on 844-879-8882 Allstate.

Again, this is not an infomercial going on so I got but if you're writing 844-879-8882 I you get investment packet from us, you can interact and have conversation Asher questions to one of my representatives and you can learn a lot doesn't mean you're given the you're committed to learning. That's all that is and you also give our and learn some things there. Obviously a lot of stuff that you have done together on our website. Some years ago so we been partnering a closer six years now really is crazy. This is shocking to me in and in and if anybody hasn't figured it out yet. David and I are good friends and ended just started out as brothers in Christ. But over all these years talking about all the stuff in ministering to each other in a personal level with the things that we've gone through and add things get more dark and more difficult the more challenging everybody. We need to lean into the body of Christ, even more so when you have some sources for education that's also had somebody that got the Holy Spirit let's take advantage of that care for one another body is supposed to work.

I appreciate you I love you my brother. Enjoy your vacation and will get together and God bless you and thanks for all your help David. Have a great time. Thank you. My brother got bless you to found talking again soon and Dave Fisher and website really really appreciate him and you have to talk to a lot of different people with them. Counselors and that's why try to people in the show. Bless us all.

This is the noble and ignoble. So, God willing on talking and assuming like my dad always used to say adversely

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