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Wife, Mother, Activist

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 19, 2021 1:37 pm

Wife, Mother, Activist

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 19, 2021 1:37 pm

Wife, Mother, Activist

Today Steve is joined by Michele Morrow a Conservative Christian, Homeschool Mom, and Political Activist.  They discuss The state of the nation and how we as Christians can influence our nation going forward.


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble, okay? To be back like by the way, sorry about yesterday.

That was a partner through the radio when Salem and they had yesterday so they were better. Sorry. So we had to play a bathtub shown on Wednesday. Of course, was an interesting little turn of events because I was in Facebook jail first time I was in Facebook jail will say that happens again. I expected a well and I'm surprised it took me longer to get there but where that is a badge of honor. So we punted Jesse know if you like, oh man, I thought you were doing the show and Graham Watson wasn't what I was, and then all that happened in because she's got such an enormous following.

We didn't want to cut anybody out of that. So we just punted on that working to do the show this coming Wednesday with n-gram lot so will be live with and in her office next Wednesday okay coming up next week. Also on Facebook live also now on YouTube so if you if you want to. Maybe you're one of those folks that are like a forget Facebook okay, I understand that if you want to go to YouTube. I go to Steve Noble show there, you can join us on Facebook live plus radio obviously which we praise the Lord for so here's a question. How do you go from being a wife and a mom and a homeschooler in a kind of a normal citizen that loves the Lord loves her family and then all of a sudden you show up and get very involved in your politics and your showing up on on film and in interviews in its it's not a story that's dissimilar from mine because I was running my husband and company minding my own business and it really wasn't my plan to end up where I am today. But God had another course and so as that unfolded before me. I just took little steps of faith and that's probably what you're about to hear from I guess. Today we been friends for a while and and her son Michael here today, who's also been in my classes and my civics and ethics class so we been in the same circles for a while but now you're just a crazy wacko activist Michelle good to see you. Thanks for being here so moral great happy hour. Thank you so much for inviting me tomorrow. Did I say moreover he said not interesting that I know multiple people. One whose first name is Mark Mauro and then your last name is Mark that is interesting and Mauro is n-gram losses daughter is all world is now okay wacko I talked about a lot of things from the local politics and stuff but it wasn't that long ago that I wasn't seeing you doing all kinds of crazy stuff on Facebook and now I see it all the time. So what happened well and we sell.

I never thought that I like to speak in public. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse and a mother and I got to do those things really when we were living in Colorado.

We got to be a part of a Christian camping ministry out there and I was the head nurse, my husband ran a family ministry and in the Continental divide. That was during the Obama years and it was during the second Obama election and that we were there and we had no cable.

We had no television was wonderful. There was no cell service at all. We can get lies. Actually, Rush Limbaugh and I was lit and listen to him for years I listen to him on the radio and I just I really started thinking on my end. I have five kids and I just started striking me that it seemed like almost every other week there was some kind of shooting or something was happening in the United States night and we were in a very remote area of Colorado and so it didn't impact on the way that it would have if we are living had been living in Austin tapping from afar exactly, but I just kept thinking what is going on and when he was reelected, I thought to myself, which is the church. What is happening like do we not see that pattern of what is happening in just the degradation of of the moral code here and and then that you know displacement of the family and I just thought we could do something and so when we moved back to we actually thought that we are going to come back and work at Samaritans Samaritans Park Ella Franklin Graham and did not pan out so but we found ourselves without a home, because we sold our home in Texas and had been living in Colorado in a log cabin on the Cottonelle denied. Not a bad life and there are many days where we'd like to go back up my extra shed.

I would live in a shed out there at this point, but when we moved back here was because my parents live close by, and so we start looking for work at my parents were getting older and they had never lived close to their grandkids I thought and I had I had actually grown up in upstate New York and then finished high school I moved as a sophomore into North Carolina and then and then went to UNC. That's right, nursing degree and I when we came back. It felt like coming home and the kids were very just went about having to leave the camp because the camp enclosed and so it this fell at least like somewhere that they were familiar with. We were a part of colonial Baptist. We had come here every time we would come and visit. So they got involved in sports and things and I just started realizing that and actually part of that was going. I always hated history. Growing up, it was just dates and war unit Worthen and I was like just read this in a book when I need to not like what surprises me, by the way, just chime in here for second which surprises me because you're obviously a student of a lot of things now. Yes. Point being that even if this stuff was in on your radar screen grown up, but in my history bubble bubble blah that can change it didn't change because you know what I always say I always say that homeschool redeemed my education because I was teaching my kids history and reading stories of people that had lived at those times and all this and it became alive and I started realizing like we are repeating the status and and and and honestly when Michael was in your class. It was five years ago. I think I was actually in a co-op with a modern history. We are teaching modern history to our younger kids and he was taking her Constitution class and I started going look at how all this just comes together and then I just started like being in and then I got really active in 2015. During that when Pres. Trump announced because I was like guys, we have to understand like this is not against left and right. This is the spiritual divide and and I started recognizing you know we had we had done church planting we were missionaries in Mexico for four years and might, the first three kids are born there and so I had that perspective to you and when everything was happening with the borders I started making videos because I thought the church just doesn't know but they're just not educated really have. We have surrounded ourselves just by people that think like us and were kind of to the point that were like rapture you know is in the world and I call that abandonment theology that's that.

And I live is the same way. I mean I was.

I started listen to Rush Limbaugh, probably 1992 or so and then we got saved in 94 and then when we moved here 97 I started my own business or like a bike. I can't stand the government to be self-employed work at home schools are not the public schools random I know the end of the book and then we went all the kind of stuff.

In the meantime, I'm just going to sit here on the sidelines and watch it all swirled on the toilet because I know eventually it will. So why should I worry about why like a polished brass on a sinking ship right right and in my mind point of view was.

I feel like if the people who fear God and believe the Bible to true and we know where were going, if we aren't the ones who are making the laws and executing laws, and judging. Why are we surprised us was to love your neighbor as yourself. We got 33 and 40 million favors roughly in this country in a country like ours are represented Republicans much and still is, the laws affect pretty much all her neighbors that are affecting your neighbor as you love your neighbor when you know that Michelle Morrow goes in Libra life so that switch.

That being me, so it's great to be back. Michelle Morrow is a wife and a mom crazy Christian homeschooling type so I can relate to that and also now very much an activist. So Michelle and I have known each other for years to the homeschooling community and her son is been in my classes and then it was, I knew you were just a homeschool mom and a nurse doing stuff in the next thing you know I you getting involved all kinds of things, both locally and in on the national level and the risk of assuring that story that your started paying attention to what's going on here in the church is informed, but integers are getting into the political realm you guys eventually moved here back to Raleigh. What was kinda the first thing that can put you over the edge and now you're gonna take even more action stood studying and reading and getting prepared yourself then you but that's a big change.

Then, moving to the public realm. While I think it was. It was really the 2016 election because I that's me Doyle that is okay. I was I was looking at, Hillary Clinton, and knowing the evil that she stands for and and recognizing that the church was responding in a really strange way and that it was saying no criticizing Pres. Trump or whoever it wasn't honestly during the whole during the whole one. There are 17 people running. I was a huge tent increase pandemic to you and you and I was like I read this book.

You know me. He's totally knows the constant guys that had two one-hour interviews with them. I used to really thought I we got the Pres. Trump with a plant. I thought that potentially that the left was putting him up to run in order to kinda divide things and make it chaotic and then we came up with his hundred and 20 day plan of what he was in the first hundred 20 days out like I totally get on board with that in and at that point he was the he was the candidate and I knew Hillary Clinton, and I know in the history of you know in the first thing that she and Bill did when they got in office is fight for abortion right right and end their intention was not just to have it here in the jury was having to run around the globe for us not only to pay for other people here, but throughout the world. And I thought if the church cannot see that that is absolutely the devil scheme and and I told my kids that Satan is always out to destroy human life because we are we are offended and because were made in God's over the crown jewel exactly we are the one that defeated him to say I mean that Jesus defeated so to save us.

And so I'm like if you look at everything, even in climate change, even in don't have big families even in the LGBT cure XYZ I said the only reason I think that the left is is supporting that is because it does not result in more human beings may want to depopulate us and and I started saying Jesus takes 100 years to come back. What are we doing in the meantime, you can't just sit around because now it's our kids, and it's our grandkids and in with the educational system in an economic this is like socialism one I want you to teach and you go back all the way to the disciples right after Jesus's ascension and then they would've been happy to stay in the upper room, right and just pray and let's just pray the gospel to the world and of course that wasn't going to be the deal. And so God brought persecution there to send them out that while you're here, you have a responsibility to the here and the now listen, I moaned and I groan about the here and the now I long for the bear and the Bennett we live in the tension between that's right deal, but if you love your neighbors, which I mentioned earlier then you can't just sit idly by, everything's fine and Michelle's house and Michelle's family and Michelle's church and find there. But everything is burning outside of their especially the image of God being artists as it is, then, if you love God is Jesus encapsulated the entire law with a really quick answer love the Lord your God with our heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself all along the commandments rest on these two things right and so I have to engage because I actually do care about my neighbor whether my kids are in public school or not is irrelevant.

That's right other people's kids are that's exactly right. So in case and in the other thing was I said I've told my kids from day one before you were ever born not already designed good works for you to do kingdom works for you to do and what you need to do is figure out what is your bent like what eat what are you passionate about and then follow that and I believe that we are in the situation we're in right now because the church has given over the care of the widow and the poor, and the orphan and the government trail so then the question is, so the church gives it over the government and then says don't have anything to do with the government in your legal okay well I mean, unless you try to be the arms and freight and the boys piece of Jesus Christ, you are not following the great commission going to go higher if you hire a child molester watch her kids don't be surprised when the job was to bless your kids tell you that you have to pay attention, you have to get involved. So how did you deal with all trumping a person is obviously you became a big Trump supporter, but obviously that there's attention there for us as followers of Christ and some of the ways he communicates in some ways people in his own past and stuff like that. How did you deal with that know I'm on get more current about boats going to write well.

The way that I dealt with it was. I felt like I we need people to speak truth and whether he spoke it with a little bit too much salt or a little bit too much of offensive language. There was a purpose to his tweets and his tweets were to override all of the media because he had no other platform and so when I looked at that and I kept telling people, would you ever if someone came to your church and they were asking you know to befriend you. We just get Dennis and you done that and that's what we're doing, was a resident of the United we are basically saying we are not going to support you because you been married three times and because you talk, you know, crass and and I'm thinking to myself you just had smooth talkers for how many decking and they've never went in there were 100 culture and ironing shadows.

And I thought to myself, and partly I grew up up north and you knew your friends, work, and you knew your enemies wherein I remember moving down here honestly to North Carolina and being like this is really weird because everybody's differently but you just don't know. And so and I got a shell she's really out there, bless her heart.

You know that we could midges ripping into each other but yellow trumping use the word double earlier talk about her for me at the time it was okay. There's the devil I know really well and then there's the devil I don't know very well at all. Right, but I like what he saying I like what is promising.

So to me, there is really no question. And so the number droppers unlike only supposed to be. We can't walk and chew gum at the same time and when I walked in that voting booth in November 2016 and voted for Perez for Donald Trump at the time Canada Trump, God knew that I was not endorsing everything about Donald trying I was endorsing, and voting for what I hoped would be good for the country based on the truth of God's word and I don't answer to anybody else. You can't judge me because I'm in Christ. And so I didn't worry about that, but there's so many Christians that were like I can't walk and chew gum at the same time I can't give him my boat. You know you do both. I say this on their own time and I can you operate the same way Michelle is is were called as followers of Christ to speak the truth we call balls and strikes and it really doesn't matter to me who's at the plate right if I'm at the plate and it's a strike. I call a strike up a Jew. I love you. You're my sister in Christ, I love your family but if you say something I think is contrary to the work on the say something about it and so are allegiances to the truth and so I put most of the vitriol I've gotten online is then when I go negative on Trump and the people you're not even a not even a conservative like you know me, but you can walk and chew gum by the same token, I say you know what we don't know anything about our school board members are ready counsel in our county commissioners are mayors are Sheriff now and those people impact our everyday life right so were to talk about that because I've seen you focus more, I've been talking earlier in the show I mentioned earlier about shrinking our America soul to come back talking to Michelle borrower to talk about getting engaged where you live whether the service triangles under Charlotte and I will where you are. Make your marriage is smaller. God talk so I got anyway there today with a good friend in a public follower price Michelle Morrow and she a nurse to wipe a mom very involved in the homeschool community but also number involved in fighting for the condition of our nation, not just at the federal level elections in Trenton.

You been flat out said this earlier to Michelle that I was like wondering if you are a member of the Secret Service was everything I saw Trump anywhere near North Carolina.

You are there right and then you know national things and up on the mall and welcome to stop but but I think one of the challenges that that that's a big part of the fight. I don't think you can deny that.

But there's a whole lot more happening a lot closer to home, and I think we all talk about like we all know what Ted Cruz did over the weekend yeah but you know anything about your own school board were just jealous.

We can go with but what we don't know much about what's going on locally and that's where we can have a much greater impact than there's a lot happening so talk about that in getting involved here okay and I think right now is the perfect time you wake County has just superseded Mecklenburg were now the largest county in North Carolina.

I said you know the way that wake County goes is good to be the way to North Carolina and North Carolina is at the head. It's one of the swing states of the way that North Carolina goes has the potential for where the country goes and so what were doing here is really important and I think right now one of the things that I was trying to get out with people is your there's been a lot of talk of race frustrated with the Republicans that haven't stood up and knowing all this people by name, but we cannot have three parties like it.

We, the Democrats will win every time because they will vote for the NL masochistic you know pedophilia yes and I wish we could do that as a Trump's gonna he's got some big decisions to make as if you decide to do a patriot party or something will immediately split the Republican Party pretty much probably born half and I don't believe is going to be came out and said he isn't going to buy but years he was my take on it.

I say I am a Christian conservative them. I'm a patriot and then I'm a Republican but right now the Republican Party has the patriot platform. We haven't been dealing with it well, but if you were going to set go to semi that starting the patriot. You know platform you'd say what you can stand for and everything that they stand for life less government, you know law in order to school choice you knelt on the same leadership that's exactly right and what I'm saying is, people don't understand that that that County leadership even within the GOP are the ones who are helping to get the word out helping to get these local people elected and so we have an opportunity to go to vote for who our leadership is gonna be, but really nobody knows what's happening on right now on so there's Artie been five recent meetings that have happened and so the way that it happens is there's a recent meeting, which think that is your neighborhood. By the way, let me just interject because this people listening to us that don't live in the Triangle area drive away rightly but were talk about precinct meetings and local politics. This applies to every single county in the nation cannot just North Carolina but all over the country.

So what Michelle is talking about, which may sound if she's afforded talking away County and stuff that might sound foreign to you but at the exact same situation your county right what were talking about ways to get involved here apply over the place right in. My point is what we need to do what I believe the Republican Party why do they exist, they exist to get conservatives elected right so if we are losing which we have here been losing and losing and losing and people don't realize the whole plan of the Democratic Party, which they been very successful at is getting governors and judges elected to go to look at five of the seven swing states that were all up in arms over the voter fraud. Five of them have general assembly majorities are Republican and their hands were co-totally tied behind their back that they are smart at what they're doing. So we need to be strategic. I said I feel like the Republican Party just responds. We need a strategy need to come up with with moving forward, and let them come in that way deal with way too much deeper and that's exactly right. And we need to be in office yes and in wake County. I think it's 44 seats are actually up in the 2021 elections and were talking mayors. This is a cross that this is across the country. Usually the odd numbered years.

You are the local election at all the municipalities right and then in the even even years.

It's it's things that are more statewide in federal and so but you can make a really big impact in doing city Council and County commissioners and mayors and and finding good people who are God-fearing people who want us to remain a constitutional republic and who want law and order, and he want our children to not be indoctrinated by socialist ideals and hatred for the United States and each other. Now I will raise their young player is that there were everybody gets put in a silo and then we foster covetousness. That's right, we foster hatred we foster we they want to talk about the coexist bumper sticker but that's it.

Not with her about there not about coexistence or about dominance and if you sit there and do nothing, just like good old Edmund Burke said all that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing. That's right, then that's the deal in darkness will always proceed in the absence of light. So if you don't show up you get exactly what you're not paying for and I say the same thing about when things are so dark I give this example if anybody's ever gone to like a cavern young and in they turn out all the lights and you can even see her hand and burn your face and yet if you just have a not Jeff it lights the entire the tavern and son thinking by holistic elements to this question.

When you your your at home in the middle of day and you go over and you open your and open the closet door and inside the closet with dark, we open the closet door doesn't know the darkness spill out into the room as the light goes a light like always overpowers darkness not just just check yet theology nature, but my stuff all that of others, but the end that's my thing is we have the hope that the world needs and I was yeah I've been very active and I think that the way that I saw present from the get go back to his his inaugural address he could very clearly said, I am here to take the power away from Washington DC and got it back into the hands of the people, but just what you said earlier, we cannot be a nation of the people by the people and for the people. If we only vote all you ever do. That's not enough. Were seeing that right and we don't even pray. By the way, exactly, and the other thing is, and I feel like it.

As the GOP what needs to happen is we need to take this enthusiasm in this unity and this excitement and reformed patriotism and and fight for right on that happened at all of the rallies we need to bring it into the party and make it be a place where people if you're passionate about the Second Amendment. There are groups that are already to go reach out with them and then we all come together when it comes time to elect somebody but in the interim work it, you know, go to love life and do things that are you know praying for their families and abortion points. If you're if your passion is education. Go to the school board meetings you know and speak up and get other people to go with you. Make it be something that's fun you know it doesn't always have to be it which is what what and Trump rally was. It was like a Fourth of July celebration with no alcohol right then and in you met people from across the this state that you never would have met and I feel like well it really invigorates our understanding of what it means to be American because you want to go back that far.

9/11 was the perfect example we could hit by Islamic fundamentalists on 9/11 in for about three months.

This was one nation pretty much under God's right, which showed you that it's still there. One of the things you mention Rush Limbaugh earlier this week I was a were mourning his passing and I praise the Lord that he made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior personal relationship. You don't most people don't say that but but but he had this optimism and I struggle to have an optimistic opinion about America.

Sometimes I like of this purpose deserved up binder. Forget it is all going down the tubes. But that's easy to say because it gets us off the hook that we don't do anything right. The foregone conclusion. Or it's like were hoping that it's the tribulation and while you will get me out here right that's a Christian right and I think one of the other things is you know my husband and why watched a short documentary and was called after Hitler and it was it was showing what all of Europe was like it was in ruins. It was just in rumble and I had no idea that that Jews and Germans were being kicked out.

Of these other European nations. After after the war was over because they suspected that they were spies are doing what you are shooting them on the side of the road, but you looked at that and I looked at the pictures that that was at the middle of 1940 and everything was in ruins and my husband went with his father on a trip to Europe, not but 30 years later, and there was no evidence that that those that entire all of Europe. The entire continent had been you could never ever know. So much can happen in on thing like we we don't have to be think saying that elk is it so bad right now.

It's never going to get a letter that doesn't have to be true. I mean, it may be true, it may be that God cannot get anything yeah but apathy is not an option that that's the right and in your to be held accountable for your faithfulness. But the beauty that's a beautiful thing about this job description of being a follower of Christ, like okay limit. He did let me see if I got this right.

You want me to be faithful in all things and tried to make a difference for your glory through your kingdom and the power the Holy Spirit with your truth, and then, but the results of all that actually are my responsibility. Faithfulness is my reliance ability and fruitfulness is your deal and then through the power of your son's blood unforgiven and then I get eternal rewards for this deal is that you're telling me yesterday. That's what I'm telling wow okay cool so faithfulness is the deal you really don't have it out if you're Christian to love God love you get involved. Don't get involved with the violation of the job tomorrow or segment a great activist follower is going on around her. Nothing talk now that there's more than enough evidence out there for you to engage and to engage in something that you're passionate about where I don't have to try to stick a square peg into a round hole. You do that, both things get damaged but you do your talk about this Michelle you do have to just go out and try different things right and something might seem of interest to you and you go, you go to precinct meeting you go to love life ghosting from abortion for whatever it is and if it doesn't really get you charged up. Okay, try something else. You said once you come to find that stream and by the way those seasons can come and go. You'll meet people there that are like-minded.

What an incredible blessing that night right and and like I was saying to you. I think we all crave community we all crave to be known and when you are with people who are like-minded that that forms deep friendships I have met so many wonderful people in the last year and being active in trying to open up. You know, North Carolina and trying to get the mass of our faces in trying to get our schools open and trying to get our nursing homes open because it is that is the heart of compassion that draws you two different things and I often tell people what was it that brought you here today.

You know like what was that rhino straw because that might be the thing that God said I need you to do that and it might just be for like he said for the season, but he's given us all gifting and talents and he is the one that draws us toward something and I love the story of Moses because Moses you know he was hiding out in the desert for Marty somebody's hope never to forget about them, and God shows up in the burning bush and says a bond way want to go back to Egypt and lead my people out. He's like I think I'm your guy because I know the reasons why doesn't. What a fascinating about that story is as soon as Moses goes to Jethro and says I'm going to Egypt. God says to him, the guy that wanted you dead, he's gone. He knew the real reason why Moses did not want to go back. It was fear. He didn't want to go back and so but I feel he gets that step of obedience that you need to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and then God fills in the gaps. He doesn't tell us what it's gonna be beforehand. He just says I'm with you I'm never gonna leave you and you do you trust me you just look at Abraham and Isaac probably put my lily pad. I'm driving you step on it might spell that one for a while you to move to another one, but is always going to be with you, never losing her for six you and that's the thing to remember that he even if you mess it up is on the other side of that, that's right, he's with you. So that's just a matter of MI gonna act in obedience, which is really loved Ward to act in obedience and then it's amazing in and listen, there's things that talk about Moses. We talked with David, we can talk about Abraham, we could talk about New Testament people you talk about the disciples.

There's what they can do and then there's only what they can do with God. Right as God's never to do what we can do on our own. That's right so you don't really understand, and you don't experience the full power the Holy Spirit until you get yourself in a situation we like I can't do this right and Gaza.

Yeah, the worry about it because I and Yorty know that I can't. But you gotta stretch yourself you just go show up when you put your yes on the table which is exactly what I did after church service on a Sunday in March 2004 and I literally wrote on up on the on the response card to be more outspoken for God's truth in the public arena literally word for word.

That's what I wrote I'd never done anything publicly before and put that on the on the altar and literally within three or four weeks.

Michelle, me and a friend of mine led a group of about 350 Christians in the Raleigh city Council. We lost but that's the day call to action was but that was right, which was in April 2004 radio started in September 2007, and here I am today. It was just one little thing I and then one little thing in the what God does with that. I'm not saying you end up doing something Michelle does or what I do. God didn't create you to be Michelle or to be me right it's it's you he's got things to do with you that you can only do with you.

We can do me.

You have a calling and I think I tell people all the time God never used people who the world says that's the perfect right and we always think the people what knew that he was God and that they are not think that's the most important thing is recognizing our limitation but also our dependence on him, but recognizing he chooses Jesus he doesn't need a statement like he could he could make everybody right now, bend their knees all and he could heal all the diseases and he could, you know, keep poverty out he can, you know, sweep communism off of our shores, but he chooses to let us be a part of the process and it blesses us all have the right yes because a huge blessing very humbling and again until you're kinda getting out of your comfort zone getting out of our little church bubble. There's a whole part of the Christian life that you are unlocking to step out in faith and faith and it might just be hey I'm in a host some kids and do a homeschool class, whatever. I'm telling you, has to be politics right but has to be something outside the four walls of the church that you're sowing into the body as well as trying to reach the lawsuit.

Let let's talk about six minutes left. What it would your plans locally when you try to do yourself. Look well. We had then we been getting a group together to do leadership here in weight GOP.

I have a vision. I've said you know the GOP stands for the grand old party.

I wanted to become the gathering of patriot on and I think it's time for us to start to start using the people there so many people that have followed their passions and they have these grassroots organizations, but they have no umbrella in which to meet everybody's doing everything it you know it on a different day at a different level. There's needs to be somewhere that we meet together and that we can kind of like you go to church right and you emboldened to go into the the world during the week and then you come back together you know with the soldiers and you can get your marching orders. Again, why think that that needs to be what what happens at that at that at that GOP level in every state we need to we need to tap into the people who are already fighting for the second amendment and the First Amendment in schools to open and and healthcare to not have the government manipulate there's already people that know what we need and what we need to, they just need army of soldiers to be more involved Akron right now all that energy which is mostly frustrated energy. That's right, you need to capitalize on the yes and no. I would imagine because part of politics is people that have been there for a while and not so I tell my students all the time. Listen to that 18 or 16 or 20 you show up at a precinct meeting that you might have for five people collapse with a heart attack at night or over 75 they do not see young people because you generally don't give a rip about society around you until later in life. But the younger you are and I tell him you have all kinds of opportunities to move quickly. Yes, because if you're willing to work and especially if you're younger you little outside the box there, love the fact that they letter Jan if you work you can work your way up to that system and you be surprised how soon you can actually be an impact player one, you'll be surprised to do that we need your perspective, what I've said they one. I think the hardest place to be a Christian in the world today is on the University campuses and we would have meetings at the at NC State and there would be anybody under 50 and I'm like their students right out there who are conservatives and who are struggling every day with their peers with their professors and feeling like they're totally alone.

Why aren't we serving, then why are we welcoming and why are we going out and saying you're not alone. You know we we believe like you do, and let us mentor you. There's mentoring in the trip but there's also mentoring in terms of business. Any who do you know that you minute meet in the air, you know, if you want to be whatever you want to be.

I can be an intern and I can do what you're doing right. That's what that's the community caring for itself and I feel like if the church isn't going to be that. Why not make the GOP that because the platform of the Republican Party is the platform of everything that God stands for, and so why reinvent the wheel, right. Why not if were given all the money over to the government.

Why not work with in the confines of the government and share the gospel with people lying writer edit hello, whatever the rights assured us on Facebook earlier and somebody put this up that they were walking around the government complex downtown Raleigh today. Today might've been yesterday. Things today and these four or five kids approached her and you know they're in high school so she's like oh gosh, what's gonna happen here, and they were actually from a local Christian school and they just told her were down here praying for with as many people as we can. How can we pray for you and and she told him and they stopped and prayed for right there and she took a picture of them as her walking like a she's likely to take a picture because I don't know that they were actually real. That's right it is okay there you go.

Just get out there and asked people like you said earlier just showing up at trunk rallies. Whatever you have and you'll have a chance to really be a gospel ambassador, but precinct meetings and stuff. How often does that happen. What's the first step that most people is okay. I want to get in you. I don't know what I want to do, but I at least want to try first step is go to whatever your county is here were in wake so it's wake and find out what precinct or even in there's all these names P6 in district and right now Raleigh, Zebulun, Glendale and Knightdale all have their meetings coming up and what's happening at these first meetings is you become a delegate which means that you are allowed to vote in a month. On March 20 for the leadership at the county level.

But if you didn't go to the precinct meeting.

If you didn't sign up to be the delegate you can't vote, so C1 were wanting to change things from the very lowest level you have to get in one exactly and settled for people to go.

There are if you can't find that liberty for scratch's roots.calm also has all the listings figure where you are and going meet people.

You'll probably be surprised if you go to that meeting, you're probably going to meet people that you know on Facebook you can't get out that your friends with. Because you're all kind of on the same journey in at that point to you don't meet people and bring friends along and make it be an evening out right. I mean, there's nothing else happening right now that I didn't. But then, then you have the county at the county convention. You become a delegate for the district conduct convention and the districts are broken down into who is our Congress people. That's how the districts are on are divided up and then at the district convention. You become a delegate to become at the state convention because there's leadership all the way up, but at the same time we might find people who are able to run these elections in in November and maybe that's you. Maybe God puts it on your heart you want to go with you Michelle. I don't are you will be you will be one is absolutely yes now come on, when I announce that by the way, absolutely open-door because it got so I spent about 30 seconds on the Facebook life. I just put a link up with a way to link up to the Mecklenburg which is not a link of the foresight over there was so that's three major markets that were in. And now you got knowledge. So now you have responded something to restart website for the meeting and get involved Michelle so great to have you think this is the nobleman still juggling always is

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