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Death of a Legend

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 17, 2021 12:26 pm

Death of a Legend

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 17, 2021 12:26 pm

Death of a Legend

On the morning of February 17th, 2021 Rush Limbaugh passed away due to complications with Lung Cancer.  Today Steve talks about his life and legacy.


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Everyone use time for those the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay anger and rage and frustration. Some of it just being profound sadness and I am not sitting in the office of my dear friend Engram, lots daughter of Billy Graham and a couple of reasons. There academic Facebook jails will talk about that and then of course the passing of Rush Limbaugh earlier today, which is as though left me with a profound sense of sadness that somebody that's been in myself and in broadcasting and radio since 2007 I started listening to Rush Limbaugh. I think he went live in 1988 and 33 years. It would've been hitting a 33 years. This year, and I think I started listening around 1994, 95 somewhere in there and then I ended up on the radio myself in 2007, sought about that today, but do Engram lots we will be doing the show together it'll be next Wednesday, so one week from today, February 24 will be live at Engram boxes office at eight and Angel Studios, which is an angel ministries, which is here in Raleigh so that's that's still happening.

Never fear, we will do that. So just trusting the Lord with his timing is behind everything, pulling levers and doing what he will and we trust that and I believe in that. And I just leave that in his hands.

The reason we had to move it and I want to talk about Rush Limbaugh that I got a buddy who's been in radio for decades is going to call in after about an hour break so little after 430 Eastern time and he had a chance to sit in and host Rush Limbaugh for three hours during I think were Russia to do one of his shows at my buddies studio Fred Blanco has been in radio for decades. As I said so, that's really interesting and personal experience for him with Russ on a talk about that and and share some things there, but within today we were to be the live in her office. We are to be doing Facebook live in the last night about 630 I discovered that I finally ended up in Facebook jail. So I'm in Facebook jail for 24 hours can can't post. I can look at my pages I can see what I can follow links of people are posting whatever they're posting. I can look at that, but I can't like I can't. Unlike I can't comment. I can't do can't post can't put Facebook live up today so were not Facebook live. We are however on YouTube lives.

If you go that we just started posting to that page of the Steve Noble show page on YouTube soon go there and join us if you want to be right here in the studio and for those of you on radio which praise the Lord for radio on and on YouTube live Facebook live in the video side. So when you hear commercial breaks which we have to do. That's the way radio works. Then we continue the conversation right here in the studio got hit the pause button and then and then have a sidebar conversation during a commercial break so found out last evening that I was on Facebook and Facebook jail and then going okay why I mean I'm really quite frankly surprised that it took this long for them to get to me but I'm a small fish relative to the big fish in the big giant platform people out there who been struggling with Facebook and YouTube. By the way, for a few years, but obviously it's totally been ramped up with the platforming. Pres. Trump and all that kind of stuff so I been wondering when they would get down little fish like me. It's a little sooner than I expected but I was curious okay what did I do to earn this honor of being shut down for 24 hours.

I think they start with 24 hours and then if you continue to not comply. Whatever that means. Then they move you to probably seven days and then after that they probably movie the 30 days and then if they so wish they just kick you off, so we'll see what happens. I don't know what's going to happen. I counted in honor that this is going on. So praise the Lord for that. But I looked it up and so first they said one of the things was hate speech and that was from a post I did back on December 10 where I link to a story here in Raleigh. A homeowners association tells Raleigh homeowner to remove the cross from the Christmas display and so I wrote a post about that ridiculousness.

It started with this, you dumb Christians. Why do you think the cross is anything to do with the birth of Jesus. We just need the nativity.

The fat man in red and a few other things to properly celebrate Christmas. Oh wait, why was Jesus born why did he come to earth, wise Christmas, even significant because a nice Jewish carpenter spent three years telling some great stories did some amazing things and delivered incredible moral teaching.

No, the only reason Christmas is significant is because that Jewish carpenter ended up on a cross to pay to send penalty for mankind, thereby making it possible to be reconciled to God without the cross, the world would not be celebrating this month Jesus was born for Christmas.

He was born for Easter at the center of them both the cross now for some reason Facebook deemed that hate speech.

Whatever. And then the other thing that I saw the first time I noticed last night that I was in Facebook jail. They had a picture of a post and I like what I look up familiar member when they Isis upgraded all those Christians they had captured in orange jumpsuits and they paraded him down on the beach and they line them all up in a bunch of the ices guys in black.

They did this a couple times they beheaded. They cut their throats all that kind of stuff. So I there was a story this was.

But now this goes all the way back to March 17, 2016.

So now they want to be in me. In February 2020, 21, and for something that happened in March 2016. Back five years.

What's that all about. I guess you just need to make your case right so I posted a story from Fox news. Carrie determines John Kerry's sectors stay the time determines ices committing genocide in Iraq and Syria. All I said was finally he admits it's genocidal but not ready to say it's Islamic so that's a problem.

Why because it's the truth. And Facebook has a problem with the with any version of truth that's not their vision of truth. So because we were to lose the Facebook live audience.

That's a hunt and we know we have ugly about 102,000 people on our Facebook page. Obviously it all watched the Facebook live video, but on n-gram boxes pages over 700,000 people's we want as many people to be blessed by n-gram boxes possible so I'm like well maybe we can host it through Anne's page on Facebook and that's and work out today.

So instead of missing out on reaching more people we just punt for a week as we want to reach more people because it'll be awesome to have Amber. It's all it's at the first time I did Facebook live. It was with n-gram lots and she's been a friend for years and obviously an amazing woman of God, and I want as many people to be blessed by that is possible. So we punted to next Wednesday.

Right now I'm just on YouTube live or post that on Facebook this this show on Facebook as soon as they allow us back into their kingdom sometime this evening so things are real.

Censorship is real. Targeting is real and we should count our blessings right.

It's an honor and a just like when John and Peter were dragged in front of the Sanhedrin and they said hey listen you know what you do what you gotta do were to do a week got to do and we can help speak about that which we have seen and heard we can help but speak the truth, to do that on the radio on Facebook live on YouTube live via podcast for as long as the Lord gives me breath artillery shuts me up or takes me help I don't care what Facebook really means guys to talk you, Mark. Should you just can't stop thinking of the universe inside of your IPA noble show in my life and Angel ministries next Wednesday got thrown in the Facebook jail for 24 hours for no good reason, but there to work their way down and get to the smaller fish and if you speak the truth, especially a conservative biblical truth.

They have no room for you to get used to it.

This is just the way it goes. Counted all blessing right when you receive any kind of shame you cannot dishonor is the Scripture talks about, all blessing you will be be happy about that and will keep fighting back and will keep talking and they blew it they gotta do and will do what we gotta do that's just the right and good friend, but truth radio Russ Wes said when I was texting people.

I put an email just to let people know is going on today sent congrats then he quoted this and they departed from the presence of the Council rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. I do not consider this suffering. By the way, this is a relative in the grand scheme of things. This is an suffering. Okay, it's just part of the battle and get used to it. I know it's frustrating.

I know it's maddening is angering. I get all that I feel all that up as part of the deal in and if you're the recipient of it because you're speaking the truth, especially if your truth is, is bathed in the word of God as we try to do on the show. Then touchdown awesome hate Facebook. Glad you noticed and you can't shut me up. So good luck with that right so a talk about Rush Limbaugh per profoundly sad earlier today to hear about that because for me and I was texting with Steve days earlier and you'll hear this Rush Limbaugh are Sean Hannity will hear everybody Glenn Beck all profoundly sad because you could really make a case that if it were for Rush Limbaugh. None of us would have a job because he basically not only did he save Amara radio he might've saved FM radio tool as podcasting in the digital world came alive but Rush Limbaugh Way back to 1988 really gave birth conservative talk radio conservative talk radio has worked, it's me.

It makes money and makes a ton of money for those types of guys but it open the door for a lot of people and I started listening to Rush Limbaugh probably will in about 1993, 1994 I lived in Columbus, Ohio, and I was out my car all the time working in a student house painting company and I ran multiple market saws out in my car every day and I started listening. I did not know God knew, but I did know that I was being trained for radio which wouldn't come along for me personally until 2007, so that had a profound impact on me. Not only broadcasting which I did figure out to later but just in understanding politics and liberty and freedom of the American form of governance in our founding fathers in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the battle apply all those guiding principles to the political news of the day and so it was remarkably educational and of course, about a year ago when he announced he had cancer stage. I think of stage III or stage IV. Nobody even expected them to live into the fall, but he did and he was actually on Fox and principal of all the things I was just saying this on the break and you can catch us by video.

If you go YouTube wyvern on Facebook live today because Facebook jail that will be back tomorrow will be with n-gram lots next Wednesday but of all the things Rush Limbaugh said in all the things that he taught in all the amazing stuff that he did over 30 almost 33 years broadcasting three hours a day when almost no almost no gas and in callers but not all the time. The thing that he said that had the only thing he said that had eternal impact is what he said back in like October.

This is on the show quote.

I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By the way friends, a cultural Christian doesn't say that a cultural Christian doesn't mention Jesus Christ by name, and they certainly don't say a personal relationship that is somebody who's been reached with the gospel and understands that believing in God and Jesus did some good stuff isn't enough.

Even the demons believe and shutter release. They shutter but most people in America. Hey, are you a Christian. Yeah know based on what well you know I believe in God. I try to do the right thing.

What else what else what else you got for me. What about Jesus. Only he was awesome. What about the Bible all you know I did some good stuff in there and I try to read it when I can.

What about church all men Christmas Easter. I love it. I try to go and I can so if you died today to go to heaven until you just do this you'll find most people are going it.

Well I hope so. Or I think so. Know the Bible says you can know so these things are written so that you may know that you have eternal life as a people that are cultural Christians don't talk about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But that's exactly what Russia I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is of immense value, strength, competence, and that's why I'm able to remain fully committed to the idea that what is supposed to happen will happen when it's meant to said that on here. Then I didn't hear.

This is with him on Fox and friends of Steve, the subset of them on Fox and friends on election day November 3, 2020. Just a few months ago we had a chance to speak about his faith. Once again, let's play it. I think that we, the way I look at it is life is the most precious thing we have an it's it's probably the thing that most people to take for granted were busy we don't even take time to ship to consciously think of our lives because we're too busy living them.

But I really appreciate mine now. I have to tell you, and I always have. We all only get one and we all have the opportunity of starting out to make the most of it or what ever we want it to be and we get a do over every day if we screw up. One day we got a chance to fix it the next day and so were Americans.

Which means we have the freedom to invest in what ever it is that makes us happy. That's in our founding documents and so we we week we in my in my case I'm grateful that that I have been able to make it to election day. I'm grateful that I am still able to do my radio show. I'm grateful that I am still able to have meaningful conversation relationships with my family. I'm I'm grateful for everything you have.

There's so much to be thankful for. Especially when right in front of you. Was the prospect of it being taken away and it just amps up the appreciation for all of the goodness that you have in your life and for all the we all have rotten things happen to us and we all have unfortunate things. LaToya, one thing I've learned is that there is good in everything that happens it may not present itself for weeks, months, whatever, but there's good in everything that happens if you look for it and even I learned when you ever yeah I actually believe you mentioned God. God is a profound factor Jesus Christ the profound factor. I have a personal relationship. I've not talked about it much publicly because I don't proselytize these things but yeah I I just really going ON cut II don't know that I've going on radio without feeding through the radio set that's people texting me saying they were here in the city need to check on that. If we have to will plate again.

That was Rush Limbaugh just on November 3 and if it didn't go through on radio. We might've just gotten cut off will figure that out. This is one of those days got on the throne, so no word about it will come back in and if I didn't go through and it looks like it didn't will plate again but talking about again labor here even on election day know the Fox and friends host paid it.

Can you be all good. Grateful, even on election day of the election doesn't go your way and that's when he came back around to talk about God and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that was when I heard that in October on the show but when I heard that that's first time this I've heard this clip today and if you missed it will plate again on the ocean the break that was that was that was really encouraging to me because I'm like yeah you know what I read I met Rush Limbaugh once went to go see him. He is playing golf here in Raleigh North Carolina came up. This is like 10 or 11 of us had a golf ball. He signed that they had a couple of comments, super nice, but never had a chance to meet them.

Beyond that, what I will and I'll have only turned the guys brain and politics fomented by then, which is really cool to be right that the Lord went to be with the Lord. Earlier today and we were to be with n-gram lots in her office that day, Angel ministries, but being in Facebook jail. Today we didn't want to cut out the Facebook live audience. We are now on YouTube live which is great seeing go to the Steve Noble show page at YouTube and watch the video there. Maybe you just blew off Facebook maybe one of the many that have just said bye-bye bye Facebook but were in Facebook jail for ridiculous reasons, and they referenced a post from December 10 and the reference deposed from like five years ago. It's ridiculous.

So the censorship the controlling of the narrative.

All of that's real and that it's getting worse in this tech oligarchy that we live in between mainstream liberal media big tax, Facebook, twitter, those guys in Washington DC.

It's essentially an oligarchy and oligarchy is a form of government where the whole system is controlled by very small, very powerful group of people you may think you live in a representative republic not so much. Not anymore.

And as my friend Steve. They said on the air, but maybe a month or so ago.

He said we that we no longer live in a nation of laws.

We live in a nation of political will, and people like Zuckerberg and Dorsey in Facebook and twitter and all those guys as well as the left media, and many in Washington DC have the political will to in-your-face shut you down. Well, welcome to a 2000 year old tradition. That's the deal for us is rice followers.

And so we continue to speak the truth. Just like Peter and John said to the Sanhedrin you guys do what you gotta do will do what we gotta do.

We can help it speak about that which we have seen in here heard and I'll continue to do that and I know my buddy Fred Sammarco has been doing that for years as Executive Director family vision media family vision Fred how are you I'm good are you today, well I'm okay little frustrated on the Facebook side and stuff and then and then just a profound sense of sadness.

I mean, I knew I was going to be sad once Rush Limbaugh went to be at the Lord but I was I was struck this morning.

Once I heard about it about how profoundly sad I am because it's a for those of us in broadcasting minutes. It's really immeasurable.

I told some friends earlier today. I simply cannot quantify the impact that Rush Limbaugh had on me not only as a thinker and as a conservative, but even more so as a broadcaster, but I know you had a chance to spend some time with them. But what's been your reaction to this with Rush Limbaugh and how long red friend just so nobody knows how long have you been in radio 1979. Okay see you even predate Rush Limbaugh been on the radio so that's a long time back and he came into I worked at Kmart radio for 20 years combined 17 years on the programming side and came away in St. Louis to the Pima radio station 50,000 W.

Cardinal baseball reached 44 states at night, Canada and Mexico and Rush Limbaugh was competing radio station in the early 90s and we had a long time general manager of Robert Heinlein. Once he passed in 1919 92.

Because we were always live in low with local talent and so on. When he passed in 1992 CBS shown radio station brought in runs and remain Anton Lionheart blog was the general manager and timeline by which the program director and they decided to get Rush Limbaugh on camel, which was a nationally syndicated program and so as part of that arrangement. Get him on the air.

They invited him to town and state. We want you to originate your nationally syndicated show on the studios camel asked at least one, and so he came to town shortly after they find him and he came to town and and did his program from camel studios and timeline by the program director came to me a few days before the broadcast. No rush to be here couple of days and I want you to run his control is great and I yeah I got introduced to Russian Bible by Townline Mark before all this station hierarchy and the sales staff and the potential sponsors came in meet him and get this picture taken and all the gladhanding that goes on when you have a celebrity and you and I just at the back of the steel watch it all happen and then a few minutes before his broadcast.

They all left and I got in behind the control board and I started studying up program and and he said you know Fred, I'm sure you're very good at what you do but I like to run my own control. If you don't mind I so that's our problem and so I showed him how to get the callers on the air turns microphone on the button that Marshall and on the good stuff and then I started to leave the yelled at me.

Don't read pulling chair up and sit right here right in my right elbow, and he said if I start to mess anything up on the board, jump up and fixed. I said okay. What was this Fred. This was not 1993 last five years and he was already quite a phenomenon, yet, and so I sat there for the next three hours and so I had his ear the next three hours uninterrupted whenever we went to a commercial break of the newsbreak.

The and he started pepper me with questions. He was a big fan at Kmart radio because he grew up in Cape Girardeau south of St. Louis was very close to the Cardinal game on camel exit night Jack box and Harry Carey, and so he that will still check the and tell me about your account manager Robert Heinlein was really a workaholic and did he come in at three in the morning, and he knew our lineup from top to bottom tell me about Tom, who's the man I walked and talked a bit and then he went through the whole litany and we talked politics. We talked baseball. We talked, we talked what was in the news and at one point I remember asking so rush Tommy. Why do you think you're so successful that you know Fred because I figured out early on in my new stuff career that I had to be an entertaining and I had to be entertained in matter what my political views were what my take was on the news I wasn't getting anybody to listen unless I entertained and saw a lot of the bravado that you heard.

You know I can do this type grass that is half a brain tell a loan from God all the guests that will showbiz you know that was how you got your attention, you but austere he was very approachable and easy to talk to any and he said as part of being an entertainer.

I have to be bigger than life, well staffed, and I think that's that's like you resonate with the audience, but here's why.

I knew he was once in a generation and I worked with how to know 567 Hall of Fame broadcasters. My career I produced at that time, the program that led into it called morning meeting and so the first couple of weeks we brought Rush Limbaugh to the radio station.

The first couple weeks she was on the air. Camel asked which up until that time was why the local all on local notification. He used the first show to to break that cultural phenomena that was camel lack and just to let you know you understand this from a rating from the radio standpoint, where 25 soldiers and that one in four listeners were listening to us in the St. Louis area, so we were big radio station and and that but I produced to show that led into Rush Limbaugh and the first two weeks he was on the air.

I got inundated with phone calls and these were listeners and they would say I hate Rush Limbaugh why your management never gone and not one of us. I don't. He's he's he's a braggart he's got all the bravado I can't stand what is it that you don't like about in these people I God's truth state they would say well, last Monday. He said in on Tuesday said that last Friday is not right and I would sit on. I thought you never listen to you and then they would hang up on so I can call them out on the air and that's what told me that he was a once in a generation, but because even his detractors now and I would guess, I would guess 15 to 20% of his audience nationally didn't couldn't stand them all could stand now, but it wasn't. Don't they just listen to him and they keep coming back. One of the things that I learned listen and the rest of the year's number one being the entertainment thing because I know you and you and I mean you been around Christian radio for longer than I have, you know, it's fine, teaching and pre-preaching program that's fine but when you do live radio if you're not entertaining.

It is boring. Forget it. That's at me and I tune that out.

Most people tune that out.

So I learned that in no wise being trained to do radio God did but I didn't. In listening to Rush Limbaugh. Learning the value of entertainment. The other thing I learned from rush is that I tried to never talk about stuff unless I really want to talk about.

So I lean into it. If I'm not interested in it. If it doesn't get my fire raging, then I can waste my time and maybe four or five times a year.

Fred I walk away from the studio going yeah I mailed that one in, but almost all the time. I've just never rush saying that's one of his secrets. He only talks about what he wants to talk about, which is why I need some and got great and he had great curiosity well yeah it may only last 15 minutes at a time on any given topic, but he a great intellectual curiosity, whatever he was talking about. Use great passion that I and that's not not to say he was instant.

Very conservative thought in his computer conservative viewpoint. But you know what's rush you will divert the wave of Reagan conservative's right to popularity, but what he really did it. He stepped the effect of cable for Fox News and all the conservative websites out there. They follow flock they followed lusciously rails basically took took talks radio conservative talk radio as defined by Rush Limbaugh and that became Fox. Yes, really. It's really you cannot quantify the man's overall impact of praise Lord, you and I both. I will see him in heaven one day friends Longo family vision thanks for calling buddy appreciate your perspective.

Thank you safe. I talked My friends will be right back after this some more thoughts on the show next Wednesday and we can today we will be live with n-gram lots and plan to do that day, but please put in jail but me in Facebook jail. So we wanted to meet reach as many people as we could. When engrams on the shell.

She hasn't been on since before her cancer diagnosis, which is over a year and 1/2 ago or so. Sorry to talk about that journey she going to Bible study come announcing a book that just came out and just plowing the depths of her wisdom and knowledge is a follower of Christ is an incredible communicator. We been friends I met her through her husband Danny is with the Lord now years and you have probably known and for 15 years and we have a great friendship, a good calm robbery when she's with me on the radio. You know she's she's with a friendly audience. It's not secular stuff.

She is she know you were on the same page, so she can kinda let her hair down it, as it were, and we just have fun on the radio and in the action. The first amended Facebook live. She was in my studio when we used to be out of the campus of Southeastern Baptist seminary first amended Facebook live is with n-gram lots and so I did. I wanted to maximize how many people can hear that so Facebook whatever I will do Arthur, 24 hour band and will see what they do after that. I'll let you know but wanted to maximize how many people can be blessed by that. So we pushed it off to next week. And of course with Rush Limbaugh died this morning to trust the Lord of all the stuff like Regulus weight goes. So if you don't want to roll with the punches and role of different things going on in play a game that were you don't have a net underneath. You don't get in the live radio. This was a statement by Donald Trump 44th president of the United States came out early the great Rush Limbaugh has passed away to a better place free from physical pain and hostility is really a profound opening statement is free from physical pain and hostility is on her current strength and loyalty will never be replaced rush of the patriot, a defender of liberty and someone who believed in all of the greatness our country stands for Russia was a friend of myself and millions of Americans guiding light with the ability to see the truth and paint vivid pictures of the airway so important.

Narrative tell a story. A lot of conservatives are good at that. Rush Limbaugh's excellent money and I express our deepest condolences to his wonderful wife Catherine, his family and all these dedicated fans. He will be missed greatly.

Try to play slippery earlier but got figured out now. This is only here this is from rush himself because I know I'll see him in heaven. I did not know that until this past year I talked about it, just briefly in October.

I knew he believed in God.

I met his brother and had David Limbaugh on the show several times very, very strong born-again Christian, but did know about rush but in October he mentioned it on a show and then this clip will play for you which is little over two minutes he was on Fox and friends on election day November 3, 2020 when eventually he gets around to bringing up the thing that as a Christian that you really want to hear his word to somebody stand what they believe about Jesus Christ. Not just God in general are our Christianity, but the thing that really matters to the lining up the cross is what you do with Jesus, so this was Rush Limbaugh talking to Fox and friends. On November 3. I think that we way I look at it is life is the most precious thing we have is it's it's probably the thing that most people just take for granted were busy we don't even take time to ship to consciously think of our lives because we're too busy living them. But I really appreciate mine now. I have to tell you, and I always have. We all only get one and we all have the opportunity of starting out to make the most of it or what ever we wanted to be and we get a do over every day if we screw up.

One day we get a chance to fix it the next day and so were Americans. Which means we have the freedom to invest in what ever it is that makes us happy. That's in our founding documents and so we we week we might in my case I'm grateful that that I have been able to make it to election day.

I'm grateful that I am still able to do my radio show. I'm grateful that I am still able to have meaningful conversation relationships with my family. I'm I'm grateful for everything and have there's so much to be thankful for. Especially when right in front of you is the prospect of it being taken away and it just amps up the appreciation for all of the goodness that you have in your life and for all the we all have rotten things happen to us and we all have unfortunate things.

LaToya, one thing I've learned is that there is good in everything that happens it may not present itself for weeks, months, whatever, but there's good in everything that happens if you look for it and even I learned what ever yeah I actually believe the you mentioned God. God is a profound factor Jesus Christ a profound factor. I have a personal relationship. I've not talked about it much publicly because I don't proselytize these things but yeah I I just try to go thanks everyday. Okay, so all of this reminder have had a blessed life me to share this with you and encourage you and challenge on this one I what just happened that was Rush Limbaugh talking to Fox and friends the morning of the election in November 3, NC. I don't know if she was trying to tee it up or not because of plenty people at Fox are our believers in middle even if you lose an election is talking always think is grateful for you. Don't take life for granted. You gotta really appreciate is grateful he still able to do all this stuff so much to be thankful for East overflowing with thankfulness because he's he's faced with his expiration date. Like that's that age-old question if you if you could find out on what day in the future you would die if you want to know. And then, of course, how would that affect the way you live between now and then and for Rush Limbaugh your door so he found out generally stage IV cancer you not to survive this CT scan to get the best medical attention available on the planet and probably more individuals praying for him than perhaps any other persons been prayed for in the last 50 years and in so short of a miracle you're done.

This will kill you. I hate cancer for number reasons, but then then they set that up. Can you be grateful, even if you lose an election in your talk and she's talking to a man is facing his expiration date and like the election matters. It's important, but does it matter like forever. It doesn't conservatism doesn't matter forever. It doesn't republicanism it doesn't, the declaration, the Constitution United States of America, a free market capitalism free. The First Amendment free-speech the right to bear arms. The right to exercise your religion the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. The right to affairs a trial. Does that matter forever. It doesn't it's all temporary, so when she sets up that question. That's when he comes to the thing that that for me as a Christian, I've always wanted to hear him say I'm agreed of them on so many different political things like it's all for nothing in the end, eternally.

If he doesn't know Jesus Christ. I appreciated him bringing up God. I appreciated him talking about being pro-life and abortion, and he was quite strong on but I always longed to hear those two words. Jesus Christ, not as an expletive, not as punctuation but as a personal Lord and Savior. And that's what he said It is I love Jesus might buy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I don't talk about on the air. You don't want to proselytize and one uses platform for that, but there it was in back and I think it was October on actually on the show.

He said I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is of immense value, strength, confidence, and that's why I'm able to remain fully committed to the idea that what I'm that what is supposed to happen will happen when it's meant to, which is the peace that surpasses all understanding. When you're facing the expiration date of your life. So for a second set aside Rush Limbaugh and that's put you in front of an expiration date and so the question is for you if you died today. If tomorrow is your day like today was Rush Limbaugh's day. How certain are you what are the odds to do it that way that you go to heaven. I say you die tomorrow you don't have it and if you say I think so. Or if you say I hope so.

Then I'm telling your friend you don't know you know the Bible say hope so, by what is say think so. The Bible says no. So these things were written says it first on these things were written so that you may know that you have eternal life will that's braggadocio's how can you possibly be presumption so presumptuous.

No a lot of My Catholic friends have problems with that statement. I know I'm going to heaven by die today if I don't make it into this radio show tomorrow.

I know I'm gonna write that what how can he says presumption is how can you presume on God's grace. I'm not presuming on anything.

I'm taking him at his word. You believe in your heart and confess in your mouth you will be say Nicodemus asking Jesus vanilla night.

Jesus is unique. You must be born again, was that me was born physically. Nicodemus was quite an old man.

What getting on a pop back in pop back out. No, Jesus vanilla now and not born of the flesh for the spirit is when you're born in sin and then you activate it yourself at whatever age it is for you. You're culpable for in your separated. There is none righteous, no not one, not by works, lest any man should boast. That's what the Bible says you can't work your way in. Not until you take all the eggs out of your basket. Being a good person and trying to pay your taxes and going to church believe in God and think of the Bible is a good stuff in it.

And Jesus seems like a great guy you take all your eggs thinking about going to have you take every single one of them out of your basket, because it's not your works. You cannot work your way can't give your way. You can't serve your way. You can't appease a holy perfect God because you're a sinner.

You mess up you been messing up for years and it just keep adding all that stuff together.

There is none righteous, no not one.

Nobody mentioned the only way you get out of it damnation.

The only way you put all your bat eggs in Jesus's basket to what you say Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. That's what Rush Limbaugh is talking on my personal Lord and Savior Jesus save me nothing I could do so I put all my faith in him die for you took your punishment for I came out of the grade to prove absolute victory over death and then he simply offers you that same miracle. But you have to admit you can't do it. You put all your faith in him. So when you get to the pearly gates and like they like to say St. Peter bison LSU and I'm like I got nothing worse Jesus is my way is the year will that's the question I have for you to see no one.

This is also God willing I talked to always used to say ever for

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