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Hunting Sex Traffickers Pt.2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 16, 2021 2:17 pm

Hunting Sex Traffickers Pt.2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 16, 2021 2:17 pm

Hunting Sex Traffickers Pt.2

"Mark" from joins Steve to discuss how God is using them to rescue trafficking victims as well as putting evil scumbags behind bars.


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble hey good afternoon [about human trafficking largest criminal activity in world reaching an estimated hundred $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue welcoming them back to the show. Develop rapidly to combat trafficking may they pay really work with former US special operations, law enforcement, contract and intelligence personnel, not just here in America but at other countries around the world.

Host nations, and they help them create specialized units to combat human trafficking right there in the front line so when all of us around here and talk about it when the Super Bowl comes up and things like that. My buddy Mark and his team are out there literally on the front lines fighting this battle in rescuing people and trying to get Marco Ed called me in for a little while and then we lost him. Let me make sure I see where he is that we lost and we had on the phone and in Mark has. He's in Mark is an assumed name okay so Mark is just a normal guy loves the Lord well educated, very involved in the Christian world and Christian ministry, and then he just got really convicted by all of this with that with the specifically sex trafficking but a trafficking in general and into decided to do something about it.

You and all of us complain about things that were concerned about things and we support things and in write checks and make donations as we should.

But but somebody like Mark is actually out there on the front lines in the last time he was on he was here in the studio and we could not show him.

He went to change his name, and you can't see his face because of the sensitive nature of what they do and they do work with the other governments, and it is they had a friendly relationship with the US government for the last several years and trying to see where he is, because I thought he called earlier and and so they have to be very very careful and he one of the first times I had him on the show. This goes back a couple years ago with Victor Markson of Victor Marx is out there and needs to get a big social media presence.

A lot of people know him very active Christian but is been very active in and not trying to combat sex trafficking in rescuing children. He's done a lot of work in the Middle East, and specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was involved a little bit there but more in Iraq and Syria in the first time Victor called in the show he was with my buddy Mark and they literally they were 30 minutes outside of I think there outside of Falluja. One of the other really nasty cities in in Iraq and they were outside there and they had just rescued literally off the street in the face of ISIS under gunfire, a three-year-old girl and so Mark had texted me through a secure texting app and said hey do you do you want to stick to call it. Do you do you want us to give you a call will give you report were literally 30 minutes outside in a pretty temperature was Falluja and in northern Iraq and in will give you report and that's the first time Victor called in with my friend Mark and it was just riveting. Just amazing to hear about this and and and again Mark. My friend did not grow up in the military but got trained and got serious and got involved and has been out there ever since. I think we might have Mark on the phone I'm trying to see how we got them now so I'm in a poem up there to put my hold and I'll bring them into the show and all quit stalling.

You will get off of my commentary and talk directly to my buddy Mark. Mark, a scrawny buddy, how are you. Thanks for taking the time for that's all right. It's great to hear from you, and I was just gonna setting everybody up and reminding them of the last time that you are on the show and and what you are doing it lantern rescue which texted me silly. I just got back not that long ago from West Africa. Give us an update on the what happened there in the will brought it out and talk about the trafficking problem generally run the world. Sure partner always allowing us to update your list your real concerned about this. You know, I know you show it, but you have a real concern and I appreciate that you, you know, I've got a got a dog story along to have.

We got about three minutes in the segment that will take a break and will come back so we have two more segments of McAuliffe break West Africa Keirsey filter paper lamps right, multiple staff. But you know that's what he's doing his sister's three children were taken by Boca Robin to Nigeria never saw him again. He watched his 30-year-old sister have a stroke from anguish that I have to do something about this so you get something you know after doing his sister's funeral. He goes to the order in order to try to intercept children who were being smuggled across they arrest him to send it back to his house. He does this for four months or loss. This man gets up, go to another part of order continues to be arrested every time and they say quit will take care of this need like no have to do something after four months of being arrested, Inspector General of a particular country in Africa actually called for him to come to his office and goes to the office and the structure are you doing what you're doing and upright shares with him why he's doing this is speculative basis of the come back tomorrow and Alona taught you for the week goes by the next day came to get in the building there like no you don't I have a meeting with Inspector General you have to speak for window and a police officer recommend you do have a meeting takes her back.

You Inspector General Bob thought about this. What I want to do this. I'm putting you over human trafficking for our country soon sleep that you still arrest you now work for God work this guy so persistent and even in the task of four months of his closest friend was also trying to help the Christian pastor gets hit on the side of the road in a motorcycle accident.get the pick up his body right show me pictures of the artist David Lightfoot. The next day I went back and tried to rescue kids will jump ahead. He's now got authority doesn't know what to do UN police officer gives him my team's name give my name and number and contact information you need to get some help because you know so he reaches out to me about six months ago boss when you come in and it's a video of him trying to rescue a smuggled kit you are you guys really know all this if I don't know all this information and but jump ahead of how God works with persistence in this man's heart is right amazing authority from governments.I promise you the US government is out. I'm a little late to hold back the whole and Mark were talking to Mark from lantern rescue that reminds me of Isaiah. Here I am Lord, send me.

So how are you to respond today. Mark tells us about this will be our best known lantern website talk to my friends on Facebook lives up here in the radio you want to be right here in the deal with us video during the radio show that we during the commercial breaks on radio were here in the studio. Continuing the conversation always hit the pause button so I'm not robbing Peter to pay Paul.

So what you're listening to on the radio as the vast majority of what were talking about about what to do some other things that sidebar conversation I can hit the pause button and I was just telling people on Facebook live hey listen now you're listening like I want to do something. We have a lot of us in America right now is a result of the elections and everything going on in this country. Politically, are frustrated, wondering what what can I do what should I do well with with knowledge comes responsibility.

Someone stuff got allow something to get thrown on your radar screen.

Thank you Henry black be experiencing God and he asked the question Lord you want me to do something with this. In this case, sex trafficking, labor trafficking is $150 billion industry every year. Second-biggest crime industry on the planet anything God cares about it. Of course he does think God wants us involved. If you have an opportunity. Of course, maybe it's prayer meeting is voluntary.

Maybe it's giving and you can do that with knowledge comes responsibility. So you want your like I got to do something that's going on the world going crazy. You're right it is so go to lantern and you go to volunteering. Go to the giving shopping by T-shirt you can help support their ministry and and and it's one obviously worthy of support.

That's where a great grateful to have Mark with us from lantern rescue again. Okay, so mark your tell the story discuss this guy in West Africa and he's persistently showing up every day. Next thing you know they put him in charge of combating human trafficking, and he gets older you right now, she got it so much so you get a hold of you and officer gives her name and number we get contacted that were supposed to be in Asia Pacific region. The new COBIT strain at the end of right after Christmas, close their government so it makes it work there.

So three days later were in West Africa.

We landed West Africa. This guy meets me in a uniform and he says, is the greatest day of my life. Look at it were like these, like boss what's on we go to work well 780 and so you take.

The first two days he has orchestrated all the right government officials of different countries that need to happen. I mean this guy is just such a one in million, and God is really you show your Quicken were able to train a force of border agents and police about 1820 we trained in intelligence team of seven. These are seven volunteers that Joe Frank selected that are honestly there Christian pastors. A lot of them yeah and you know and we got we got busy next day we just sent. We have personally while we were there and since we've rescued over 35 girls from the two border station operations that we set up talk about girl to work nine years old going to your Muslim husband talk about for funeral grow that risk over there pregnant good been taken when she was 12 years old, forced to marry a Muslim. She put her away when she got pregnant soldiering to domestic slavery and her unborn child domestic slavery were talking about girls, you're going into to be sold as sex slaves in nearby capital cities of those countries, you know I am. I just when you said some of God cares about the children about these oppressed people say what you can't read the book of Isaiah that you can get that chapter 1 not realize how much God cares not be oppressed and what you will do and this is what you will. So that's not the end of the story suite we have this operation if they look at him like God how we can I help you continue this good work here decay can't work with just volunteers.

My fever volunteers, but we are America talking these people and they make it Wachovia inside of two weeks God completely spoken event with Gen. Boykin to that group wrote that group wrote a check in it officially became $71,000 check on that intelligence team five and vehicle motorcycles may further gas every month to cover them for this entire year semester accountability with the we go in her at least once 1/4 and that region will do some heavy lifting with them. You know that some of the harder rescue operation and arrest you know and serve God Artie had that figured out get out supposed to get like two years ago and it got delayed and they got delayed because the COBIT I literally came back West Africa called but my buddy was willingly doing this event good group of men.

And I say that I should get all sold out this Friday night, godly people there all at Schultz.

They were God's doing and say what we need. This operation covered in a covered unit were out there now. We got operation of the Caribbean coming up in March got operation in Asia Pacific really really great taxpayer with some good people intercepting a lot of girls in that region.

That is a high region for domestic slavery in that region in the Caribbean. It's all spec slavery 90% it out. Spec slavery or American and European local you know it is just a special right now COBIT country like the Republic is open so you know those guys you want to perpetrate a young girl sliding where they're going.

Talking to Mark from lantern rescue lantern an incredible organization faith-based out there while partnering with other governments and other leaders to help fight human trafficking, regular labor trafficking as well as sex trafficking and so what I would obviously this is huge market.

It's happening all over the place and you know it just about every every country you deal at that that that this is a major problem, but what are kind of the basic steps have to go through Mark from the minute you get there you have to engage the local authorities got work through that process and then finding where these people are and then actually getting in there because I know you're dealing with rescues, but you're also dealing with a plain old going after these people if I'm correct correct Jacob so you know, part of our understanding is what we tell people you cannot rescue your way out of this problem. You have to arrest the perpetrator you know enough. One of the parameters we work under like we don't want to work in a country that doesn't ever make an arrest. Yet we give them Tom to develop that system, but you were going to do that so we work with the government upset on your show managers we work with the highest level of government, we can't usually like the Atty. Gen. Inspector General of the Minister of Interior is the director general of those countries is not local police just like we get jurisdiction over the whole country because we know that it's a regional problem like you know, if you take the Caribbean if all the countries are girls or be moved around quite a bit from country to country and so yeah so are your motivation. We show up, get that authority. God's favor is miraculous that we get it, but we do get it you know and and sometimes that takes a while back and take up to a year to develop network because there's corruption.

But when I walk around the cross. I'll just text somebody in Greece today with Jill attracting issue in the network. There were about the corrupt government like what you do it you go and you find out with with God's favorite who was honest who was pure enough that help you and then the ones that you know are corrupt to give them the gospel yeah exactly, if I'm in a you know Mr. tour the Prime Minister's office and I know he's not a believer I'm not leaving charge of the gospel or I pray pray for your country.

They don't ever say no you know and you establish your and I know that you mean us harm. But I feel like you lead out with doing this because I was calling from God.

Yeah day there right yeah yeah that would be under holographic and spring talking to Mark from lantern rescue lantern go there since possible see how you play part will be right back to Mark from lantern rest device. By the way down seven podcast lantern rescue just the lantern rest podcast stories of what's going on their pride of Aslan field rescues corrupted families, and this is something the more you learn, the more disgusted.

You're going to get, but don't turn your head away from it. Don't be shy about it because it's happening all over the world is happening here in the United States, and I remember message I heard once from Tim Keller.

The pastor up at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York. He said if you're not regularly do.

Doing something at to help the oppressed to help the widow to help the fatherless debt, but specifically to help the oppressed, because it's so obvious in Scripture about the old and the New Testament that God has a special place in his heart for the oppressed, and if you don't do something regularly to help the oppressed is the Tim Keller is not usually this aggressive. He flat out said I think you have a reason to question whether your Christian walk is how can you follow the God of the Bible and not plainly see what matters to that same God.

In that same Bible and so that was a great tendency or from something like Tim Keller and obviously with Mark from lantern rescue. That's the same thing for all of us. What we do with what you now know that's why I want you to go to the website lantern you have knowledge now with that comes responsibility and especially God's tugging on your heart in this particular issue get involved in volunteer you can host.

They do fundraising parties is all kinds of the get a newsletter than the podcast and then you can just flat out, get what that's $25 and $2500 in all matters as somebody that also runs a not-for-profit, I understand that but especially let Mark out what you're doing is way more important what I'm doing but were all in the same wall we place on the wall. We all the different place.the great men girls that week. The girl that we physically rescue are not rescued. At that moment is much as they are when they hear the gospel and to good use to learn about forgiveness so you have rescue has to continue on and you know we facilitate that aftercare. We work hard to get, you know partners within countries that we are no certain the gospel to be given.

We have materials that we try to give as well, but I don't think Steve is justified that you put out there always for the unborn child.

I felt you know I get I get I get are you thousand liberals on pro-choice all that all about tracking. Tell them that one of the worst forms of human trafficking is abortion usually don't what to say to me like you have the benefit commercial benefit expect exploitive somebody else is on child.

It really is so I you were so excited about what God is doing right now and 2021. You know we've been out of the country working hard. We've been on don't know I don't have a country have been in since no code started and it's been difficult, but our team is just were not deterred man we go we get tested we just keep going you want to make a lot of places so I don't do well to question what I going to get out of the country might well pride and the worry about Polk County and on that last night government.

I know we talked about this last time you when you are in the studio but I imagine if I'm recalling correctly that the Trump administration was very friendly towards this effort. Remind me of that. And then what are you expecting or what have you experience of I know it's early in the bite administration but is that an area of concern.

And, you know, I know that human trafficking is like a five-part right yeah okay yeah but our support and at least in my experience, those you care" sacrificially do something is not bipartisan if the Christian community that cares only if the faith community that does so much around the world.

You know, I've been in so many countries and you know I don't is really gonna be hard to find something that is effective in a country that is not faith-based know you would discard ministration ice can be interesting. We we have some really high officials advisory board.

You know who worked with the Passionist ration and how much will they get to work with this one.

I don't know you know it doesn't deter us much because we report and work for the foreign government, you know, so that we partner with that you were working with Joanne for Francis to West Africa. The relationships we go up there with these government, you know, there are not there for work corrupted in our government but they are meeting us with open arms.

You know they know it's the future of their country and there there so they're just drowning in this issue that their children are being turned over to slavery sex slaves. They know it's such an enormous problem.

They will accept help from a group of Christian men and women coming over to say working out fix your problem. You know, I think.

Chirac, you know, I mean that I was there to help Christians. I was there to help children.

You know what the Shiite and Sunni Muslims that I had to work with. They respected that he gave us the only way to do it because they know we don't do something were were never to show business.

I don't want anybody to get under the false impression that you're out there with khakis and a concert on hand and out tracts in the near where a lot of people are armed.

This is really serious really dangerous line stuff. What about the problem internationally versus domestically Mark because I know a lot of people listening are probably what what's happening here in America versus what's happening around the world because a lot of people will assume, as usual.

America is the epicenter of the stuff. Obviously it isn't, but help us understand the difference right here real quick. I'll try to explain, so you naturally we deal with all the crappy sex slavery, labor, slavery, order trafficking for garage child soldiers. All that we see it all you do all of it and it's very violent weekend as a team in the unit we work in conflict areas. We work in areas that are not soft.

Rescue us rating nightclubs in the Caribbean.

These are highly armed situation and we train the farm team to handle that.

You know, with the network body all around me.

I live in overseas and everywhere ago but sometimes after sleep so you know it's it's that kind of environment you note this NASCAR that you know we know about 15,000 victims are transported into America illegally for sex trafficking here 15,000 were trying to interrupt that were doing a pretty good job. You know, and were trying to support even only HSI in those within our government that work on that note was difficult is that they are forced into it without choice and they can't usually get out of it. No matter what that unit in the American girls are psychologically coerced. They are building a bondage of their mind sometimes or you know a lot what you see is there date to gauge a relationship with an older male begins to print them out there struggling to find a way out of it beautiful thing in America is we have from Memphis law enforcement we have FBI we have special units we have shared with we have such amazing law-enforcement in this country is not apples to apples, not even any compare, you know, outpolled so many people like if your child gets taken over disappears no less than a thousand agents are going to know about it going to be like yeah there is generally you know so many effort is being put toward that Amber alert that use you and they're trying to find that girl and they're going to go really good job.

I think you got a very high over 90% success rate that she's going to be returned in a certain period of time. Now the ones that are not often the forgotten, foster child appears to have a they're susceptible to being tracked in camp but still where is you know there are opportunities for them to to you know to pass on a beard who I am and here's what happening and there's immediate help through our law enforcement agency people looking less than ideal girls there know. I look like and they have nowhere to turn off the cot might be the one who write night last night right forgotten. Not even a blip on the screen.

Anyway, in any way shape or form like it so you know we here in America. I know it's a growing problem, but what the best way to fight America's support dispute. Thankful for your law-enforcement note to support Dan and there are some good groups in the state that run great statehouses that should be commended and your giving and aftercare because you know really it's about bringing those girls who fell in fell into that got got coerced into it got bonded into it that come out of it. They are the best advocate they need to hit the ground running. You know to these girls that are trying to prostitute themselves were being forced upon students of the site looks. There is a better way. You do not have to use America really got about 30 seconds left a mark. How can we help you with let down lantern rescue is doing just, you know, continue supporting Celena rescue not a word that is the primary you know Spain entry with us. Praying for is the way to support us yet support by prayer and getting of all this places you can volunteer to go to lantern And of course you can get plan I get when there's $25 $250 $2500, but if you're capable of and that goes a long way overseas. That's another thing about these foreign focus as opposed to American get a lot more done on their with the dollars mark is always a let's and let's not wait as long. Next time let's get you back, regularly so you can help get their man.

Thank you so much American seasonal was so great to be with you as great as our friend Martin Brown is out there literally in the front lines dealing with sex trafficking and labor trafficking around the world again.

That website is lantern I really hope you'll get involved in sport and one in whatever way you can lantern will be on location tomorrow at Angel ministries that's run by Efrain Engram, lots daughter of Billy Graham and the greatest preacher in the family.

She's really amazing woman of God came through a very difficult tribulation in trial with her cancer so will be in her office tomorrow, so that's always a treat. Counsel will be with and tomorrow and we'll talk about that that experience for her. When all the Lord taught her what she sharing now as a result of that will talk about the state of the nation what's going on. How do we live in these strategic times in which the Lord is let us to be allowed us to be alive and what we do with everything that is given us in one of those things that we need to talk about these given us of how we handle our money and possessions, which is why we spend a little bit of time each week with her good friend David Fisher who brings his experience and expertise to the table for it's his website. As always, David, how are you doing great things for them very welcome. Good to hear from you and is always on her money Monday updates which I really appreciate where in the word of God in the Old Testament. Deuteronomy 8. So let's start there and I will pick it up.

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirmed his covenant which he swore to your ancestors as it is today, so I have a dear, close brother and getting over getting to know each other, even more so you just just a great guy actually work ironically was over talking this morning to take the Scripture for.

You can fill it and I told Mike that long, doing radio today remind me use that. I've never used it before so this talk about wealth.

Wealth is not always money apply money to it today. So if the Lord is the same yesterday today and forever. It is coming. Covenant back then is still true today and I'm not sure about preaching a prosperity message here. Balance is the key.

I am but the Christian walk is a walk of action, and action is required on our part which what is that acquire wisdom knowledge.

That's why we believe the landmark capital education, access, access, and assess the environment. You know there's a difference being concerned and being held captive in fear. Don't let your holy Divinity decision process would be financially or anything else would be concerned about that decision and make it with wisdom and knowledge and I think the key is especially now is diversify because there's no Scripture that we talked about before apportionment seven apportionment eight because you do not know what tragedy may befall you. So if wealth is if God is given us the ability to produce wealth of depth of how we partner with MMS the action that we have to do those few simple things yeah yeah so important not operate out of fear, but that this is a big deal as I often remind people that the Bible talks often across the old in the New Testament about money and possessions. God knew that we would struggle with that. It's a hard issue ultimately but also stewardship issue and wisdom issue in its that's going to show up regularly in the Scripture that whites can show up regularly on the show as we all seek to do the best with what we been given and that some people have a lot some people barely have enough but were all called to be stewards of whatever that amount is.

That's why it's important that we have these conversations really appreciate is always your expertise so that markets this week in the near today looks like a good roller coaster ride.

But what's until this week and then today I think up a little bit and still and kinda record territory will world stocks. Actually, Steve is the longest record stricken for 17 years feels absurd here now. There's been a rollout this covert vaccine is causing optimism. Obviously, the stimulus, the Fed and the possible economic recovery is the general thought that sweeping across the markets were in a four-day treating penetrating week this week and best investors are tackling the question though inflation is going to come.

Now we see interest rates rise was coming to play in the future you know this, your neck sure in the near years in what will stimulus be through the legislation of our government in DC this was happening right now and last Friday something key happened.

The Fed put out a stress test for 19 major banks.

This is the test is simple, what would happen to banks if their stock fell 55% striking scenario CSI question is why is the Fed suggesting that this is not concerned about the bubble. Yes Rally is to we think that's you know we had to trump up. Now I can have that by depression or whatever you think this is going to come to an end. To keep going because I know there's this strange relationship between economic realities on the ground and the stock markets will help us understand where this may be going up or down or otherwise why think we had more to the upside in the short term but there is a growing increasingly clearness that the global markets are going to probably be driven by Fed stimulus, but were also beyond the tops of previous markets, the crash of 1987 Black Monday in the spring of 2000.

The tech blushed and if you look at buffet, Warren Buffett, the most his name. From famous like a tongue twisting famous catch phrase. Investors should be fearful when others are greedy and so right now it's happening is there's a lot of greed out there on its way to be concerned where your heart is when you invest in something. Bloomberg reports that the US Market Is more than double of the estimated GDP, which is the highest ever been.

So that's twice as high. No longer is the market compared to the real economy anymore. It's not your type in Wall Street and Main Street dichotomies are totally separate and the Fed is creating this dependency so most money managers have not been around for Black Monday bubble in 2000 and, certainly, and even in 2009, so they don't know the only seen a one-way street makes a lot of people nervous yet. So when we talk about inflation always comes up. Only the skin of a regular part of our conversations. We talk about an inflationary environment. First, what is that number two. Are we headed towards one.

Inflation is when interest when commodities and assets start to go up in value, and usually interest rates are followed by that conventional became inflation so asset prices inflate that's an inflationary environment obviously stocks are inflated, but that's not usually the key that the Fed goes by that the something that's causing the ice to be taught drawn towards inflation is the 10 year yield today.

It's currently about 1.29% on all technical, but if it breaks above 1.4%, which is not far away.

I'm speculating there's some researchers are saying it could happen the next 3 to 4 weeks.

My break up to that level. Maybe up to 66 weeks from now.

That would cause a market correction.

Historically that's been the case, but the Fed says inflation they put it out there in 2001.

They told us that the best way to see if we have inflation as food prices. This forecaster for future inflation.

Inflation later actually wrote a white paper on it as well as take a look at that soybeans were up 55% since mid/your corn is up 47% during the same timeframe of food products across the border up 40% oil is now over $60 coppers that a nine year high lumber is at all-time highs in gold and silver L joining in the charts and saying they were having inflation so we are on the cusp of an inflation. The threshold is coming this year and probably will be a part of our fabric for maybe quite a few years. You park your car outside of an apartment complex in the city. I just heard earlier today that sapped of catalytic converters is Leah. I think there's copper in catalytic converters and the price goes up and there's more theft you mentioned a gold and silver David so what can we expect there in terms of those types of commodities, a precious metals will obviously remove Seymour spending $2 trillion. We talked about all the screaming that they're going to do, and this causes gold and silver to go higher. Other some analysts are suggesting that there silver shortages and we could see a silver be $50 a few months from now. I'm not adhering to that short-term movement but I can say silver and gold are strategic part of a portfolio specially now and if you look at the inflationary environment from 1971 to 80 government debt became unmanageable. Interest rates rose to 14 to 15%. The Dell rose 9%. Gold went up 500% and silver with 4000% since we are in exact same environment. The only thing is different for another 14 to 15% interest rate were headed that towards that direction. Maybe not the number were going there. So if those things. Inflation happens and were there by all metrics I got diversify now into gold, silver, yes, I think to say that that we should be cautiously optimistic.

Almost starts to begin to sound a little bit unrealistic as well.

Maybe we need to be soberly skeptical. Given the market conditions what's going on out there is is you know that you pump all this money and that's fine, but the fundamentals are still a huge problem in our data skyrocketing and so many people, more more people getting on that bandwagon of talking about major major market correction and so we need to be not paranoid, but we should be defensive suddenly and instantly generally be coming very silver minded thoughts about okay this isn't gonna last forever.

In terms of this market moving up and up and up. No market corrected in 2000, the bubble burst the bubble burst in 2008, the bubble burst in 1987. To say that in this bubble is bigger than all those combined to say won't correct is just insane. It will correct whatever you so you will reap all the debt that we created were attempting to pay that down through more debt and organize them for later. We held a prominent flashlight. We will have gold, silver, and again if people want to get more information the old-fashioned way for 479-8824 website: excellent David, thank you so much. As always, have a great week will talk to you real soon.

I appreciate you thinking thank you my brother. Talk soon. Tomorrow on location Angel ministry that the office of our friend Engram. Lots going to miss that she's just that's an incredible blessing for all of us not list myself. This is the noblest seasonal. So, God willing.

I talked again real soon.

Always is never

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