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Civil Rights Hero on Black History!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 15, 2021 12:42 pm

Civil Rights Hero on Black History!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 15, 2021 12:42 pm

Civil Rights Hero on Black History!

Today Steve is joined by a Conservative Civil Rights Hero, Mr. Clarence Henderson a lifelong activist on Black History in America!  Join Steve for a conversation that needs to be heard far and wide by both the young and the old. 


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Thank you and God Bless

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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble backup had a great weekend and had a nice Valentine watching a Facebook live or tuning up her somewhere were this terrible weather is heading. Let's all make sure were praying for our neighbors on that one. Today of course is Presidents' Day and I can focus today on that but the way I will come around to that with my guest today. By the end of the show will talk a little about some of his favorite presidents from the past and that will be an interesting perspective, given the fact that Mr. Clarence Henderson is really quite well known in the civil rights arena in as a conservative American and a patriot and an African-American. This was simpler to understand his letter runs like gold is ground despite strong opposition so we talk about cancel culture today we see nothing like Mr. Hans Anderson and so many millions of others did in the past, but he was there at the Greensboro Woolworth lunch counter all the way back in 1960 and a and stood his ground. There is a great quote from Mr. Henderson. Where else except for America can a kid born on a farm born on the wrong side of the tracks, except there were no tracks, no birth certificate parents only had 1/3 grade education. The same person be invited to first of all, the North Carolina Gov.'s mansion and then to the White House.

Pretty remarkable story.

Mr. Clarence Henderson, thanks for calling in today sir.

How are you I am quite well.

You long time we could not wait long and only talking no way that we certainly will not. And that was up a distinct honor of mine when we were doing the kick off for our good friend Dan force running for governor and I had a chance to interview you on stage which is wonderful and just appreciate all you've meant not only to the country but to the body of Christ Clarence that you just been a great blessing and certainly appreciate your time time today while you have a fascinating perspective. Obviously on not only American history, but American history from out from an African-American perspective.

And here we are with Black history month soap just for people to come to understand where you've come from, lustrous, and if you would be so kind as to share a bit of how you were raised in and how you came to be a patriot, because you certainly have come through some challenging days in American history well after take you back to a narrow when I grew up which will, in the air of the separate knowledge" and for me it taught me how to complete rather than compare our group and Eric were called out and not the kind of care and I've always load or go I learned my lesson in sports because of the beginning in and what I found out was that though one way and she is sleeping soon because of time that I grew up in battle. I will bless all my life.

No account so I have it on how America will now and so I will play with the black kid we had moved into a neighborhood of G, woman, or black families around about like me to do so, even though "life and went on actively with the black evening black bear, my agent, so like you come to my house and play NEVER had any and I found out that racism was not born with what they were great, but down the street and he called it work. I am going to wow your baby go to work. Black holes all in either not because you were not on the back. So I want that entire situation. I work downtown and I love it when I going to go down one thing: one way 111 and the same thing with my how I hear you will not will not word great people.

As far as I'm standing how I my father.

I never heard anything about a person like it's amazing work six days a week right now rain and in Waynesboro and yellow work.

I don't God give you an people so when car came on the wall could not repair but he and I picked that up from him that would Now Monday so I got it given how glad you my mother and three. So I go to work until maybe work so What my mother did not have much land, while right there. Clarence is coming up in a commercial break some to put you on hold it up there and we come back after the commercial break or talk to Mr. Clarence Henderson, who obviously has great wisdom and incredible net depth and breadth of knowledge that we are applied to Black history month, the state of the nation today and look at our past will be right back noble show Presidents' Day today will get around that by the show, but typically focusing on Black history month from a unique perspective.

Mr. Clarence Henderson who is pushing you being octogenarian.

I guess later this year. Clarence right you're going to hit 80 later this summer.

Is that right right right number even seem possible that that's a great thing great frame of mind to have. But I appreciate you being here with us today. In the course you grew up in a different area than most of us can cannot relate to and I that's one of the things I want to explore with you.

Given the fact that you've been through all of that the civil rights movement and having experience all of that Jim Crow years and I was talking to the Facebook live audience during the commercial break, and I think one of the biggest challenges today is African-Americans that are due 30 or under have no that they'll have that kind of perspective. How could they, but that also were not students of history so as you look at the way African-Americans particular younger African-Americans look at the country today versus the way you look at it. There is an enormous difference there. Clarence is under you black person do not know that black lab over you don't recognize them come to the care they tear down. We have the right to peaceably try it must be stopped not have had the capital had we stopped at last you first start out little bow little bit little over 1001 and 33 arrived in the right level account right now you people understand the resolution of the do it according to what outcome you nation of law, we have chosen to go on and so the bears no Jim Crow law on the books right now so anything and not collective and just lashes that a policeman will the Police Department. For example, an issue with black they need to go to the whole nine and published on one person that God is called out happily yet. Hopefully I have been brave enough to stand the and right now God is all and maybe you be that's right and you're in this period of time and in American history.

As we look at BLM ingested the of the massive ignorance and it's at. That's an accurate word. I don't mean that to be an ugly word but it's an accurate word of American history and particularly black American history and again love these young people black-and-white showing up at BLM arches are in our don't have any perspective, they just look at the way things are now and then there plots and their basically nurtured to believe that America is inherently racist and you hear a phrase like systemic racism, let me what what comes to your mind, Clarence, when you hear people saying America is basically soaking in systemic racism, not corruption right was not able would be hearing from Mike about it, always making money out of trying to draw a different between races you the whole people you nation. They can continue to shape America the way they want to be saved is the reason why was the Judeo Christian nation and people like you show it to make them aware that two minute people have cut on the complex computer and talk to you. I go over weeks back and you may only know that what you should by all fight again, we are right now if you take a moment. First of all know that you BLM you mentioned that earlier BLM Inc. the organization and they were at least wise enough at the time early on when they got the cake they got more more attention to change their about page. But to what they're about is really the destruction of the black family know what they want.

Fathers in the home and they don't say they don't have any Judeo-Christian ethic.

The Eritrean Marxists and it's an remarkably dangerous you want to see life to send even further for your average African-American then you would see that with that that would be the natural result of BLM getting its way deeply twisted and ended in Setanta. Quite frankly, from a black history perspective.

Clarence what what should we. What should we take as Americans. Whether were white or black or whatever. What should we take from the history of African-Americans black people in this country going all the way back to the 1600s. One of the pieces of fruit that we should be pulling up the tree, we should recognize that freedom is not free to be paid. We all have, I file for you, you will you deal and slowly we are allowing the County commissioners also dictate how we should live forever.

We got will align people they should or should not leave people and not to go yet. I think that's one of the biggest challenges that we that's all. MLK did this he held up the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the American people and said all I'm asking is that we live up to our founding principles. That's all I'm asking. We got we got make sure that check is worthy to be cast and he lived under the law utilize the law and also appeal to the conscience of America in an BLM loss that you know going to protest a peaceful protest.

Okay, I'm with you, but as soon as he gets violently start doing property damage and destruction in the many times like with Minneapolis there destroying their own people, their own city their own businesses is completely counterproductive. Clarence are coming up on another break to put you on hold for just a couple of minutes talking to Mr. Clarence Henderson, a civil rights hero patriot man of God and a proud American about black history month will also talk about presidents. I want to find out from Clarence to some of his heroes are African-Americans from the past and the present hope for the future and who some of his favorite presidents event will be right back so great to be with you tomorrow in the cell good friend of mine who travels around the world works with different foreign governments typically equip them to go after literally hunt down child sex trafficking rings. He's a believer great man of God, we usually change his name. He oftentimes appears on in the studio that we can put my camera but they just got back recently from a trip to West Africa so out there fighting the good fight of faith and justice.

And that's just one of the most wicked manifestations of Satanic activity on the planet as child sex trafficking. He usually shares very, very difficult stories, but you need to know the truth you need to hear about it and have an opportunity to at the very least, pray for him and his team, but engage in and support we can, but that'll be tomorrow Wednesday will be on location with n-gram locksets. Billy Graham's daughter Ingram Watsons here in Raleigh.

Good friend personally and of the show and so she's come through just a major battle with cancer and just an incredible woman of God in a great communicator. Looking forward to that on Wednesday will be on location at her office.Angel ministries here in Raleigh so that'll be awesome. But today I speak another good friend and in a patriot brother in Christ Mr. Clarence Henderson about black history month and in Clarence again, thank you for your time up there if you can. If you could kind of run black history curriculum for American public schools, particularly high school middle school what what would be the things you would want those students to learn from. From that perspective from a black history's perspective in America. What would be the main or maybe made me people mean stories. What would be your emphasis to look at the contribution that the black and I want to go to black ship lay to call Jim Crow, which was not represented only look at people like that came to more than one to be more popular at that point in time the Abraham Lincoln will still have one point in time and I love you all with a black clothes so that I also will look at Dr. K who was a drum major for the content of character will always look like I will also look at Booker T. Washington.

That the black community will build out all will because the not economically be able to compete?

You got it built so what he did was he would have feel for the great. However, bodily mail, locality made it work so well that will come to him one by Rick so you can actually tell you it's a great point. So go look at that black history week is what we started that no other general and so that's going to why you I can because of the foundation of the scene.

I just wanted to ask you because you're here your father had something to do with that because he was he was challenging. This is from an article that was written about you talking my dad let you know lecturing your father with political views learned in college and read in CA and see, and he had a little schooling for you. It sounds like I can you judge a book by you know that you are going up and I was glad I caught.

There is you don't know you because you don't go on for how Stephen took me 25+ years ago only and I got about 13 that the occupied. It was okay, even down on the right. When I began to find out how nobody is talking about whether I write both samples. Clarence why do you think it took so long. My assumption is a lot of us struggle with that. Whether you're whether you're an African-American. Growing up in a Democrat contact Sarah or a white American grown up in a conservative context that it's easier to just kind of liver you are you not to think you don't have to explore. You actually don't have to be challenged and images you can to get this right and it's easy to stay there to get out of a rut.

Take some work you got a jerk the car there. You think that was part of that with 25 years. It was just easy to stay in the position that you are already in the word, light. We look at mission rather than we look at people outside and what you owe and we say will this person and why because they hold a certain degree of position which is not so and so I got and everybody will go around the black will be called a laptop loaded decided to go look at all not the population to each person not believe me but go and do your own research and now what the real deal and the only way America is going to continue to move forward. The main focus should be on this declaration, holding that all men are created equal, that they have been invalid, but it created life limited happiness and government just hours of Glover government five. That's right. And from a spiritual perspective that's where, and in the government is in direct competition with God. It has been for a long time, especially in American context and so you said this earlier to compete rather than to compare well in our our depraved human depravity state were sin is running amok much rather point the finger at everybody else than have to take personal responsibility and I've been in conversations with younger African-Americans and and it always gets uncomfortable when you bring that phrase into the picture when you start talking about personal responsibility because it's always easier to blame other people than it is to take responsibility for yourself and then to believe that and I think that's one of the challenges is maybe most younger African-Americans today simply don't believe that they actually can achieve that they been painted in this corner that because the color of your skin, you're not going anywhere, do you think that's a big part of the problem.

Clarence 009 when I was being the king every year birthday was over birthday would have this meeting at the end of the thing is how we shall overcome, and my wife should be you and Alan that we show all the comical modifiable and open, but above all things by future thing is the current now faced with the same on the last day that I will complete all God's Have at least one last time.

Let's talk about presidents only come back okay okay I will talk to Mr. Clarence Henderson so many great lesson so much wisdom and we just think God for his life and his testimony will pick it up there. Clarence Henderson talk about presidents when we come back to your neighbor, your nation a favor and I share today show you shared on Facebook like shared on YouTube live podcast that will be up where your podcast, you know, Apple, Google, Spot applies stitcher iHeartRadio were on all the major podcast platforms and share this particular show not because of anything I'm saying but because of what Mr. Clarence Henderson is sharing with us today and it's so important to be able to assure the information and in people of all ages of all colors and creeds need to hear this kind of a conversation in need to be challenged to seek the truth rather than what's easy what you've always done what you've always been an especially big claim to be a Christian than your allegiance needs to be to God number one into truth. God is the altar is the is the author of truth. So remember that you have to be willing to suspend your position for second and just like David hey pay, Lord, search my heart and reveal in me any unclean or wicked thing you need to do that with your political affiliations with every position you take, you need to be willing to put before the Lord and ask him to correct you where you need correcting because we all do to a certain extent. One extent or another, but that Mr. Clarence Henderson. Again, thank you so much for spending a whole hour with us today. I really really appreciate it.

Here, go ahead. I think your question will yeah I wanted to talk to about presidents and in some of your favorite presidents have been, but I want to ask you one question will jump over that, given that today's is Presidents' Day. Our our younger African-Americans listening at all. Are you gaining an audience there Clarence. How can we pray for that effort.

How can we pray for people like you and are you able to reach across that I'll make a little what we go into the community where the people are not only and begin writing their issues about people because is not about how about and how to look at the political family may contain Lincoln in Rome and allow hellos when I was a member of blackboard same time on work you are doing great right now.

Make sure the state. Alamo modern-day and also the go live got the key Christian that's exactly right. By the way you want to check out a Clarence's website and get some contact information and stop its Clarence Henderson.VP Clarence Henderson.VPS and VP VP so just let's talk about presidents. Clarence is been some your favorite presidents. If you want to talk about Donald Trump in your relationship with him and the trumpet ministration wherever you like to go there to start a happen.

The first will be going. A lot of people think that but it's possible based on the massive patient proclamation which recognize previously and they were recognized for being an what happened with that is that you would be expected in the public square, but right after the end they came that redemption wouldn't want to bring it right back to where it will. My second parallel day Abraham Lincoln. The land is all based on coming straight out of the Scripture Bible, how is that not how he became president and brought the country back.

The next will be now. As far as the black community with the HBC you will work the right to lie, all things that have to and here's what we going right back down from it.

Always faithful will always happen like now.

I and the black community and what platelet check. I also go on the stand and where we are right now this country is that the Old Testament they like what they will curse the people in every time he tried he could keep America saying way you get the putting out based on the altar right now with LB GT Q and all without what it wears light of just the last word on America right now and I go across and continually speaking is measured about bridging the gap between the races. We always open for coming to speak. Amen. And that's an invaluable resource said that we all have with Mr. Henderson which is why we need to take advantage of it trying to do that today. Yeah, it's fascinating. That's the story of when Donald Trump found out about HBCUs, which had to come back to the government. This is so typical in happen and I think this has some racist connotations to it. Come back with your hat in your hand every year and asked for additional help and once Trump found out about that is why do you have to come up here every year and beg for money. Let's just let you operate. And that's when they instituted for 10 years at least that you're going to be fully funded and people just kind of brush that off until paying attention to what what clearance would you say what would you ask of us conservative God-fearing white Americans. How can we help in this fight for true history for black history and for our African-American neighbors for their for their opportunities. What can we would what what can we do and then speak to African-Americans that are listening to the show today what what should they do, what would be your message for them. You can start with one of the other, whichever God will follow a little bit a plan to bring it back. But what we do right now the movement of God because it all way and follow whatever he's come back because and and broke out later on what we had. Revival: Ray and I ask what we are.

Do now and he's exposing the want exposing all the not so, just that the people.

Oh, what kind of country we want by going to only go now. We have not got people that we will show you how I feel black man, the Congress, that's right, I vote for Barack Obama. So now we have to move toward the right person to be personality driven, but the yes that's an important distinction. Of course that's what MLK was talking about. I don't know if you know Bishop would net the upper internship. All you we did a show together right after Barack Obama was inaugurated the first time and I said, well, well, Bishop is can we check the box office, Martin Luther King's dream come true. We now have an African-American in the White House and are you happy about that because well I guess it's a it's a little bit about of a positive that we have a man of darker skin color that's in the White House, but we definitely elected the wrong one and he was all about character.

Not about color and that's where we have to be as a nation.

Whether your black, white, yellow-brown, whatever we need to be about character and what actually accomplish rather than the color as you later, which one will go and lock of hair there you go.

And that's true word could be Jim Crow Joe and lock a brother up Paris now that all pray right after we get off the radio with my friends on Facebook.

Libel will continue to lift you up. Mr. Clarence Henderson God bless you my brother.

What an honor.

Thank you so much for spending time with his eye pal talk to you real soon as Mr. Clarence Henderson. What a blessing Clarence Henderson.VP Make sure you share this show today on Facebook live on YouTube live in and on the podcast and the podcast comes out more and more people obviously need to hear what Mr. Henderson is sharing God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always, ever form

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