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Heartbroken and/or Enraged.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 12, 2021 11:00 am

Heartbroken and/or Enraged.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 12, 2021 11:00 am

Heartbroken and/or Enraged.

Should we be heartbroken and/or enraged?  Today Steve talks about the Governor Cuomo Covid cover-up, Disney firing a conservative actor who pointed out they make movies in China near concentration camps.  He also covers Planned Parenthood, Transgenders, and a broken Transgender man speaking up.  Finally, the dark and heartbreaking story of Ravi Zacharias keeps getting worse.


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Everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host noble well governor of doing an interview with brother from a jail cell wearing jump when every night and Star Wars/Disney/Chinese concentrate concentration camp will talk about that Planned Parenthood finding another way to make money off of human misery in the really really insightful article in Newsweek that with an op Ed having to do it. Planned Parenthood yet another scheme for Planned Parenthood to make money up human misery that deals a transgender is him and then a couple of especially the Ravi Zacharias story, which is horrendous, just heartbreaking. Dark.

Confusing yet not. So now and end up there little bit about John MacArthur and us eating our own and then will finish with the devotional that I wrote this morning continuing. Almost like another couple weeks will be done in the Gospel of John, and on this this morning's gospel daily dose out of John was in John chapter 19. So where post crucifixion.

Jesus dead on the cross and I entitled it out of the closet so to share that with you before we finish the show together today but so much to talk about so entitled the show today.

Heartbreaking. Eight heartbroken and or enraged. It's a little bit of both, but that's just the deal here today in America is not now. I just, you know, the defense rested earlier just about 1/2 an hour or so ago and that trumps defense team in the so-called impeachment in the so-called Senate and the so-called Congress and that was amusing. I watched a decent amount of that earlier today and then I was watching part of it on Twitter which was an ABC feed with the Stephanopoulos who hasn't been a journalist in probably 30 years but it was shut out. So in reaching when you watch any of the mainstream media.

And then they come out of live coverage and the defense team for trump rested in and Stephanopoulos as well.

That was an angry presentation as compared to the Democrats, not angry, unhinged gray gray. The whole time and under that one thing was untrue. Like Ari, are you in the you in the prosecutorial team by Mr. Stephanopoulos course answer that is yes so that was ridiculous. Another going in their Q&A. Which will go for hours. I have better things to do this afternoon, especially spending time with you and will see hell on that last end than what happens on Monday Tuesday hopefully get this big joke are wrapped up soon and and move on. But I want to see how about this. Can I get an amen for seeing governor Andy Cuomo perp walked, and maybe will do another show at his brother Chris on CNN from behind bars will not be nice. This is just getting worse from the New York Post story.

What we ever see justice.

I think it's dead in America.

Governor Andy Cuomo stop, a privately apologize Democratic lawmakers. What about the families all these people for withholding the states nursing home death toll from coping 19 telling them quote we froze out of fear that the true numbers would be used against us by federal computers i.e. Donald Trump. The stunning admission of a cover-up was made by the secretary to the governor, Melissa DeRosa, during a video conference call the state Democratic leaders in which she said the Cuomo administration had rebuffed a legislative request for the tally in August because quote quote right around that same time, then Pres. Donald Trump turns this into a giant political football. He starts tweeting that we killed everyone a nursing home. DeRosa said he starts going after a New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy starts going after Gavin Newsom starts going after a Gretchen Witmer. Oh yeah, that's the most important thing here for the liberals is politics, not people obviously from that wound to the two in addition to attacking Cuomo's fellow Democratic governors. DeRosa said Trump directs the Department of Justice to do an investigation unless basically she said we froze because then we were in a position where we weren't sure if what we were going to get the Department of Justice you know could be used against us, but played a very large role in us into this.

You know it didn't play a large role care for their own citizens care for the elderly care for the truth care for the rule of law care at all because doing it matters on the left and for decent amount of people on the right is politics. Why do you think any Cuomo when he was presiding over the legislative actions in the state of New York when they lit this literally lit the city up pink one World Trade Center, the Empire State building. When they passed their butcher its abortion laws allowing for abortion. Literally right up to the moment of delivery, and they clapped so is this really any surprise no little care about people. They only care about power. So all they really cared about was saving their political heights right and wears Joe Biden in all this is another story, for it is good New York State lawmaker I New York assemblyman Michael met my Montesano said he plans to ask the state to consider impeaching okay. I got to the beach when I get behind all this news the last several days is extremely troubling to me and I'm gonna be asking today for his resignation and also going to be asking the legislature to look into exploring filing articles of impeachment against the governor. If he doesn't reside good.

This is now criminal Monsen Montesano Republican said the governor wants to talk about how our attacks on him, or political political this.

We had an inkling. All the while that would be recovered stuff up and now she admitted that she discovered step ups talk about the governor's assistant because she knew the department of justice is an active investigation going on. She's obstructing an investigation. He said this is what makes it even more troubling New York lawmakers at the state and federal levels of been ramping up pressure against the governor calling for him to resign.

Quote resignation is one thing, and I have to be frank with you, he's too arrogant to think about doing that is for himself not for these people.

Montesano told Fox news. Absolutely is not about truth for them is not about people thought about elderly certainly isn't as they proven before about human life at all is just about power their own sewers.

Biden in all of this work wears bright, here's what here's a president Biden had to say Ari thanks for that. But back back last April when Joe Biden then Canada Joe Biden was on the Tonight Show.

Here's what he said Cuomo was quote sort of the gold standard" when it comes to handling the coronavirus.

That's what then Canada. Biden said last April. Cuomo's the gold standard and what's good, what's Biden saying now absolutely nothing in Cuomo's lied about covered up. And frankly didn't care about the death of now 15 about 15,000 elderly 15,049, and those are Joe Biden's peeps wears heat. They were just left to die in Cuomo by his actions essentially use positive elderly patients as suicide. That's what he did that and sent them back in 10 15,001. Please Lord, let alone your attack.

I should add that day when I'm raised heartbroken on the world throws at us right now. Going from the let's just pray. Dear Lord, once again, we just ask and pray humbly for justice deployed on Mike River. I meet wherever needs to flow needs to flow in Robbie Zacharias's ministry in his life as much of the doesn't in any other place where you're inside or outside the church in my life.

Anybody else's life.

Lord, we pray for justice and holiness. In truth, and with Cuomo and everything else going more. Just please help our nation but help help the church and help us as individuals in Jesus name.

Human okay you probably don't know most of you probably don't know who Gina Carano is used to do mixed martial arts fighting is something she got a get acting career and stop and then she was on the really really successful because most enormous Star Wars geek just if you're on Facebook Liber YouTube live look behind me and you see some sour stuff so Disney plus is really catching and all that the on the stars franchise in a she had a big part in the series called man DeLorean but then they fired her on Wednesday. Case a lot of stories here, from this angle on this particular aspect of it and some things done Packer and hypocrisy just so you have some discernment and you can see what's going on when you pull the we pull the curtains back Disney fired Carano on Wednesday over an image. The actors posted on her Instagram depicting a Jewish woman running from Nazi guards with the caps all seeing now the left can use the Nazi thing all day long, but if you're on the right can occasionally want to make yourself noted that on your iPhone. Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors, even by children cheap posted because histories edited most people they don't realize that that to get the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views that she's been hammered over the last couple years. She's very outspoken with politics and stop there some things that she's that she's tweeted on my butt. Hello that that we call it the first moment right right like you to be in a playground.

Hey, I'm free speech man I can say whatever I want, which for the most part is true. What used to be Shapiro, Ben Shapiro from the deal wire highlighted the incident on his podcast talk about it.

They tie back in here and second Summit brings background full circle social movements have consequences. We are now in the middle of a mass social movement to expel half the American population from the body politic Shapiro added he's absolutely right, of course. Just a reminder, Disney can correct Carano for an overwrought Holocaust comparison. They brought back teams gonna director. Despite these tweets is tweets. I defended both from cancellation would be nice to see gun cup company defend correct Carano Shapiro tweeted not okay at Disney plus making over at hot Holocaust comparisons and social media. This is still Shapiro tweeting here totally okay at Disney, plus working with government shipping people to concentration camps where women are forcibly sterilized. Why, what, then, do what you talking about what is that all about. Well, Disney in the movie not the original animated one. The live-action one room on part of it was shot in China by Disney when first incidents that they've had a bunch proms over there because this was with the lead actor Lou Ife voiced support on social media for the Hong Kong police during the city's pro-democracy protests.

All you really get in bed with China you can't do that Disney then it was later revealed in the film's credits is Milan the live-action one that parts of the film were shot in a place called Chin J Robinson China that has become notorious for being the region where Uighur Muslims speaking ethnic minority live under a brutal system of oppression and human rights abuses, so what were Disney were family-friendly. The happiest place on earth except a Bureau Uighur in China. So what's going on over there. Disney Titus to Tim Cook and Apple in the second, the Chinese government has reportedly detained get this more than a million Muslims. These are the Uighurs and REIT reeducation camps" is not what AOC was talking about here.

For people like me and you probably some 100,000 to 2 million Uighurs and other Muslims including ethnic as accident whose backs have been detained since April 2017.

So let's go shoot part of our movie. Disney says in that part of the problem but but you, dear conservative, you see your gone right most people in the camps of never been charged with crimes and of no legal avenues to challenge their detentions. Detainees are forced to pledge loyalty. The CCP and renounces long as well as sing praises for communism and learn Mandarin see why she would start comparing this to concentration camps in terms of what's happening in our own nation.

I know it's a stretch, but it's not like from one universe to another. Others said they were tortured and subjected to sleep deprivation during interrogations, women have shared stories of sexual abuse with some saying they were forced to undergo abortions or to have contraceptive devices implanted against their will.

Children whose parents have been sent to the camps are often forced to stay in state run orphanages. This is in China. This is where Disney is now getting all bent out of shape and fire Gina Carano made their movie made part of their movie Mulan. That's what they did Disney and now there they had the moral high ground. They have nor no moral ground whatsoever. Not bad, not which reminded me of the deal a few years back when we were doing the bathroom Bill stuff here in North Carolina and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is blasting away at North, I was like this is interesting openly homosexual man blasting away in North Carolina for our bathroom.

Bill stuff. I wonder if Apple's doing business in places and countries that hate and and abuse and arrest and torture and kill homosexuals. So I went online.

Thank you Google and I found out that Apple doesn't have not one, not two, not three, but 12 stores in Saudi Arabia Arabia where they routinely arrest and even chemically castrate homosexual men and Tim Cook is fine with Apple making money. There how much moral authority does Tim Cook have nine and is an open homosexual himself. I looked a little further and found that they were trying to negotiate with Iran. Thank you, Pres. Obama to open but do get Apple to do business there at Iran's even worse than Saudi Arabia with the way they treat homosexuals but we wanted to hear North Carolina limit of amends bathrooms to yield men, people with Audis and women's bathroom to win and people with pennies and in all sin were terrible.

What an immoral, horrible state we live Tim Cook really and then this whole thing with the Nazis.

Like I said earlier, you're on the right.

You can't use it. But on the left. Apparently you can Joe Biden in September 2020 trumpet sort of like Goebbels said, invoking the name of Joseph Goebbels, the mastermind of Nazi Germany's propaganda machine that's fine AOC June 2018. The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border. And that's exactly what they are there concentration camps really can you be that stupid, ignorant, apparently so.

Don Damone speaking with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo down the mountain said suggested Pres. Donald Trump's rhetoric and immigration could lead him down the same path as Nazi Nazi dictator in all Hitler sing.

It starts with little lies and then Cuomo Chris, push back on the kneecap going.

Lou moaned double down Jim Clyburn speaking with CNN's Chris Cuomo House majority whip. Clyburn compared Trump's refusal to concede what Hitler did in Germany quote I'm beginning to see what happened in Germany back in the 1930s and never thought that could happen in this country.

He said how do you elect a person a president and all the sudden you're going to give him the authority to be a dictator. That's what Hitler did in Germany.

The battle O'Rourke by reason talk about it outside of the Third Reich. He said to me. Another example of the Western leaders Trump was called people, one faith, inherently defective or dangerous or disqualified from being successful in the country.

O'Rourke sinew rate. Just remember, if you happen to be a Democrat.

Liberals call me a Nazi all you want but if you're Republican there's a happy ending up say that back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble so I'll get to be a happy and second only to read. This is the last chapter of the last paragraph from Matt Walsh is the wire works Ben Shapiro about this.

The left proves Gina Carano's point by canceling her own which is her point is that what the Nazis didn't just start rounding up the rounding up Jews and putting in concentration camps. They got a numerous people in an enormous portion of the population just to hate Jews. Radiance of neighbors were abusing them and turning a minute have made it that much easier for the troops to come in so that's what she's saying it's it's then with our cancel culture today and just because your Trump supporter or white or male or Republican, that people will hate you just because they don't know you, they don't know anything about you as a pure Christian like me a Christian that voted for Trump twice what kind Christian. Are you I'd be happy had a conversation with you if I want to waste my time, but that's what they're doing over and over and over again is going to get worse so this is Walsh's last paragraph Carano isn't being shipped off to a shipped off to a death camp at her case does demonstrate the sort of dehumanization is become so common in our culture she's being lied about and defamed smeared as an anti-Semite by people who appear illiterate must know that what they're saying is untrue I would disagree with Matt with you on that one. I think people can be so given over there absolutely convinced that what they're doing is true and it's right in his goodness.

People I'll be go to love and come join us tomorrow morning because the Christian life was meant to be comfortable seems to be cold and rainy and yucky tomorrow and big chunks of the country and hear North Carolina come out with us anyway. Your to be standing there at 9 AM.

Across the street literally from an abortion mill and they look at you and they are 100% convinced Nonna not not thinking is the position I need to take know they believe this that we are evil, hateful, spiteful, one rip a woman's right to her own body away from her were like misogynistic patriarchal abusive people and they are 100% convinced of it and the left is 100% convinced like we've seen since January 6 that in future support Trump at any level you're just as bad. You might as well a bit in there yourself and killed somebody just absolute guilt by association, to the nth degree so I don't think they know what they're saying is untrue. I think it totally believe it but Nancy believe Matt writes that anyone who disagrees with them deserves this treatment, that's for sure. They do not recognize any moral obligation or standard when dealing with cultural heretics. The only goal is to shut them down shut them up and cast them out by whatever means necessary.

Cancel D platform Veritas James O'Keefe twitter permanently banned him today or yesterday impeachment.


Ironically, the point Carano was making her supposedly offensive instrument post is been aptly illustrated by the outreach response to it. Here's the upside Gina Carano to produce and start an upcoming film for the daily wire she cut that you will Ben Shapiro announced it earlier today. How cool is that she's always wanted to make a movie.

Now she's going to be anti-Semite, conservative making a movie with a Jew and an observant one at that.

Ben Shapiro is an interesting thing I so Planned Parenthood worker warns kids claiming trans identity are being used as cash cows. Is that a surprise to anyone. The staffer who spoke on condition of anonymity. So I'm saying outraged, enraged and heartbroken to Davis. Both the staffers spoke on condition of anonymity, recounted an interview with journalist Abigail Schreier how she felt morally conflicted about the value of young people coming into the clinic claiming a transgender identity and yet showed signs of emotional and mental health issues those by the way, going. She also expressed great concern over the speed at which they were being prescribed cross sex hormones such as testosterone, young clients were prescribed hormones with almost no examination of their underlying problems. A medical oversight was presently nonexistent. The Planned Parenthood per employee said she's fully supportive of abortion rights noted that abortions with the bread-and-butter clinics, but now she said, quote trans identifying kids are cash cows. So whether there were to kill them in the womb or pump them full of these types of drugs out of the womb. Whatever.

Just like Cuomo.

Whatever about political power saw about life.

So, certainly not about morality. Kids are cash cows and are kept on the hook for the foreseeable future in terms of follow-up appointments, bloodwork meetings, etc. whereas abortions are hopefully a one and done situation. Mary's director of the Center for human dignity for family research Council said for years talking about Planned Parenthood. They've exploited women killed unborn babies for the sake of making money filthy lucre that they have gotten. They have denied that scientific fact that abortion takes a life of an unborn child, and so it should shock anyone that once again, Planned Parenthood is willing to put profits over people know Kitty, but now there in the trans business. Now here's another article puberty blocker stunt children's bone growth. Research finds that was in the Christian Post to its Planned Parenthood people on the left say who cares right.

Who cares for making money which gives us power to change the culture of the Bible is true. We talked about biblical inerrancy yesterday. It's it's 100% true and if you know it if you spent time studying it.

This stuff will be enraging and heartbreaking because of it.

But also, you'll understand what's going on here with human depravity and being given over in the nature of allies and the devil who often masquerades as an angel of light so that the thinking I'm protecting a woman whilst dismembering a baby how you get there. That's what Romans one is talking about being given over to a reprobate mind weathered six sexual issues transgender is an issues all makes perfect sense. I don't feel good about it but it makes sense. This is really this was an amazing article showed up in Newsweek by somebody named Scott Nugent this just came out the other day. We need balance when it comes to gender just for kids. I would know, says the author. I'm a 48-year-old transgender man.

I was thrilled when the medical community to listen.

This is very important, especially as the whole transgender movement thing is just on fire right now, gay marriage was several years ago I was thrilled. He writes on the medical community, told me six years ago that I could change from a woman to a man I was informed about all the wonderful things that would happen due to medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over.

Since then I've suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries a pulmonary embolism and induced rest, heart attacks, sepsis, a 17 month recurring infection.

16 rounds of antibiotics three weeks of daily IV antibiotics are reconstructive surgery long heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD $1 million in medical expenses and loss of home, car, career and marriage. All this and yet I cannot sue the surgeon responsible in part because there's no structured tester widely accepted baseline for transgender health care not for 42-year-olds and not for the many minors embarking on medical transition in record numbers is not trans phobic or discriminatory to discuss this.

We as a society need to fully understand what we are encouraging our children to do to their bodies.

This how do you not listen to this guy. Okay my way I know of a school here and in the Triangle area of North Carolina where the teacher this like third or fourth grade forestall the kids to clap as they did kind of a transgender reveal announcement from one of the kids in the classroom. The parents were involved. The kid in all Billy's now going to call Cindy or whatever and she made all the little kids clap you know opportunities kids these children are normally being brainwashed or being deceived. Molex open wide buddy. We got some more sacrifices for you.

Please Lord help us throughout transition. He writes I second-guess my decisions. But each counseling session and doctors appointment amounted to one more push convincing me. I can be cured of being born in the wrong body. The dream finally fitting in dangle like a carrot.

The idea that I could fit in Qubec catapulted me, and not to a time much like adolescence, with its driver acceptance includes appears in the fantasy of being normal. During my post operation 17 months of sheer survival. I discovered the transgender healthcare is experimental in that large swaths of the medical industry encourage minors to transition to at least part to fat profit margin. Thank you Planned Parenthood I was gob smacked.

Each day I researched more and more became increasingly appalled. My recurring bladder infection not only demolish my body and started to ravage my mind to stop being able to problem solve and then lost my health insurance.

When I couldn't work. I spent many nights in the bathroom and too much pain to even make it to the toilet forced to urinate on the floor.

Sorry just got to tell you the truth, screaming at what felt like razor blades left my body rest came only a 45 minute increments that I induced with four shots of vodka, six Benadryl pills and a handful of melatonin with only sleep deprived hallucinations for my trouble is, what were doing to ourselves and each other in our children. Talk about impeachment stuff all day but how often do we lament and mourn over this stuff most the time we don't even pay attention when I got Cindy can take it. He said I wanted to die across the bed and had another hallucination right then.

Any my children's life/for my eyes he said I saw the devastation my death would cause them right then I made a deal with God, the universe, whatever that of my life are spared and if I were allowed to be here for my kids. I would help other kids by ensuring people knew what the experimentation of transgender healthcare really entail.

I remember my whimpers quote God an eye for an eye, in reverse, I will fight with her mother's passion for others.

If I can be here for my kids and a few other things.

For this will move on to another just really heartbreaking difficult dark glory about Rob exactly what you know will show a few times in the last six months I've been shot by some these articles that I show up in Newsweek and clearly this will be pushed to the top balance when it comes to gender just for kids.

I would know the author, Scott Nugent of the transgender man that means Scott was born a woman and believes she believes she's with me. A man so she went through sex reassignment surgery and she's unpacking in this article he has Scott, whatever you Scott Nugent discount Scott not getting all pronoun stuff right now just unbelievably heartbreaking, tragic Holocaust stick. I will use that not CS not CS in the experimentation going on here with human bodies and I now pushing it down to kids and encouraging kids is now social contagion is asking my friends on Facebook live plus people on YouTube as well.

YouTube life you can beat the signals on Facebook or YouTube and and 16% of the people right now in the Facebook live audience know if somebody or another family member or friend, coworker, somebody dealing with transgender Zumba transgender's only makeup. 7/10 of 1% of the US population at best but yet 16% of the people on Facebook live right now know somebody.

This is a social contagion now and so for a lot of young people there, confused. Anyway, that's what the teen years are all about, and it now becomes like now it's kind of trendy hey what gender you believe what I don't know. Maybe that's this today on that tomorrow. Gender fluid men how you're so free but you're not is what I could not comprehend before transitioning Scott writes what I honestly believe no child is capable of consenting to, that's for sure. Decreased life expectancy increased risk of premature death from heart attacks and pulmonary embolism's possible liver damage, increased mental health complications increase chances a mood syndrome sent mood syndrome symptoms higher suicide rates. The non-trans population by life course. Planned Parenthood just the tannic to the core making money off of this 12% higher chance than non-trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis, a chance of stunted brain develop and on and on and on it goes. Moreover, no long-term studies have been conducted on children who grow up without the benefit of natural puberty peer-reviewed studies show a shocking correlation between gender dysphoria and autism, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other comorbid just crying out from his experience anything in America's proceeding down his path. The total affirmation just as other countries are restoring greater balance. Please Lord Jesus, come back soon. He right so now we were waking up to affect the transgender dysphoria's over simplistically conflated with transgender is him. Some are getting rich off transgender medicine MD transition is a speaking up in skyrocketing numbers. This is heartbreaking.

So endocrinologists and pediatricians, moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans radical feminists and evangelicals, lawyers, and psychologist. Parents and teachers.

My hand is out. He writes I will grab yours and turned down no one together, we can build a circle around our most precious resource. Our children help me fill the promise I made on the night I almost gave up to be here for my children and now yours is with me right so I just shared this article by the way on Facebook live the Steve Noble show on Facebook live.

I share the article we need balance when it comes to gender just for kids by Scott Nugent any WG ENT. If you know anybody dealing with this issue.

Please get this article to them. Let them hear it from somebody that's gone down that road themselves. Also, my friend Walt higher you want to email me. Get connected with somebody while tire is now 80 same thing started when he was four transgendered sex reassignment surgery. Came back from as much as he could help.

Talk to you.

He'll help you to walk with your loved one is helping to people did transition ones. 1901 20 right now. Please Lord, how often do we lament that I just got change the channel watch something on Netflix. We need to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn, and I don't get emotionally affected enough by this.

It's like weeping and gnashing of teeth, rip my shirt open. Please Lord, and then this have you been following the whole Ravi Zacharias thing is just horrendous Ravi Zacharias. I learned so much from him so much and Shirley a man above reproach, but not me.

Not I got one to 345 6 1/2 pages from Christianity today published just yesterday February 11 and all his terrific stuffer for years all over the world is as old devices revealed context of more than 200 massage therapists and he was abusing people over the world just sexual deviancy. The whole another level.

I mean all over the place. I mean you just reading it going. What what what know what Robbie engage in a series of extensive measures to conceal his behavior from his family, colleagues and friends. However, we also recognizes the board that in situations of prolonged abuse are often exist significant structural policy and cultural problems. We were trusted by our staff are donors and the public to mentor oversee and ensure the accountability, Ravi Zacharias, and in this we fail pull things fall apart. He was involved with this up till weeks before he died. Zacharias spoke about the importance of physical safeguards to protect his integrity, but the Miller Martin report notes that as the architect of those physical safeguards.

Mr. Zacharias well knew how to elude them.

Many looked up to Zacharias as a mentor model and spiritual father been trying to grapple with the new information and feelings of betrayal questions about their own responsibility as my rather bright oldest kid said today. My son, Hayden. There's really only room for one person on the throne. This only room for one and it's Jesus Christ, the only perfect God man to ever exist.

Anybody else failure.

Sooner depraved everybody else. All of us. However, in this is one of the things I think we really struggle with as we were in kind of a hyper grace reality. Now that we just go will the blood of the land man. The blood of the Lamb covers it all so we don't take holiness all that seriously. I know I don't. There's times when I do. Usually when I get caught in my own sin. Whatever big or little then you're like, oh Lord, no Lord, I repent again. Do we take holiness all that seriously. I don't think we do.

I hope you do.

There times when I do, we usually have to be painted in the corner to do it. Which is why in the grand scheme of the gospel.

Only the blood of God himself, in the form of Jesus Christ would be powerful enough to overcome this level of darkness depravity in sin from somebody that most of evangelical Christianity absolutely looked up to the greatest apologist and hundred years like the Paul the apostle Paul Ravi Zacharias man and he's a sexual degenerate all the time.

For years all over the world because because we talk about power corrupting power as the power corrupting absolutely you don't think power can corrupt a Christian as my friend Dr. Bob record said years ago. He said hate hasty. Every person on the planets one step away from stupid. How can you be so stupid that's so stupid. How could you be so stupid.

How could he be so stupid. How could she be so stupid were all one step away from stupid a Puritan writer once said the seed of every sin exists in every human heart. The seed of every sin exists in every human heart. You think you're not capable of that stuff you are, but by the grace of God. Another reason to cry out, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty right and please, Lord, and repent and be broken just broken. I were enraged all the time and how often are we heartbroken. How often do we lament over stuff like this maybe should all read limitations over the weekend, as I think we'll need a reminder I wrote this this morning but working through the gospel of John.

John 1939 I entitled it out of the closet. Short little verse. Nicodemus also earlier had come to Jesus by night came, bringing a mixture of murder in aloes, about 75 pounds in weight. He was there with Joseph of Arimathea right member that is what I wrote Joseph of Arimathea, along with Nicodemus, the Pharisee had been secret disciples of Jesus, but not anymore. Joseph went to Pilate asked for the body of Jesus and the Met Nicodemus that Golgotha.

They took Jesus down and carried into the garden tomb given the best Jewish burial they could in the short few hours they had before sundown. In the beginning of the Sabbath, their love for Jesus and believe in his ministry was officially out of the closet is yours. Must've been a gruesome and difficult job pulling Jesus down off the cross. Sure was no easy task for these influential men to have to remove the spikes from his hands and his feet. Can you imagine it can be difficult to remove a few males for a project at home, but iron spikes that were seven and 9 inches in length driven through flesh and bone and into hard timber is probably the most strenuous manual labor. These minute done in years, yet they did it and they did it publicly. The sweat that dropped the tears that flowed the blood that smeared all over their expensive tunics. What a mess.

But what a privilege considering these two men, Charles Claude Spurgeon wrote, quote fear, which leads us to conceal our faith is an evil thing, be a disciple. By all means, but not secretly you miss a great part of your life's purpose. If you are above all, do not be a disciple secretly because of the fear of man. The fear of man brings a snare.

If you are the slave of such fear demeans you belittles you and prevents you from giving due glory to God." You'll never know.

Again, this is the daily dose devotional wrote the story. Hey Steve, can I get the churches to 6686 deal SE just text that the 66866 ago to see Miller you will never know the fullness of joy available to you as a child of the risen King choose to remain a camouflage Christian. Jesus said, everyone who acknowledges me to ferment. How would know my father was in heaven but nicely beforehand. I also will deny my father's really a crisis done behind that reality in your daily comings and goings, what are you afraid God's promise never to leave you nor forsake you will we do the same for him publicly without shame. Sure hope so. God will always

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