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Hebrews And Abortion

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 4, 2021 3:02 pm

Hebrews And Abortion

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 4, 2021 3:02 pm

Hebrews And Abortion

Today Steve dives into Hebrews 10 to take a break from the political field. Steve also shares some insight into why is the Abortion Rate falling?


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble title and work for that. What given that that we theology theologically driven and theology Thursday likely that to you here for a second and the next week on theology Thursday afternoon of the show. Let me just going to give you little background information here for several years about five years I did theology. Thursday is a regular partnership with Southeastern Baptist theological seminary which is here in town of Wake Forest, North Carolina. That's where I got my Masters degree so as so many incredibly gifted wise teachers up there every Thursday we would have one of the professors on from Southeastern once a month usually get it when it's schedule cooperated, which was sometimes challenging the busy guy, Dr. Danny Aiken brilliant great theologian and root.

We had a great thing on the air and then remove the studio that was just a season that was coming to a close. I really do want to get back to that but finding the right partner in terms of an institution that can bring that level of theological expertise is not easy and it said it's time consuming, some just not there yet. That something. If you want to pray for the show. Pray for that because I would love to have a theology Thursday official partner again and maybe one day it will be Southeastern again.

I don't know the Lord does there but like to turn the corner. Get away from political issues and cultural things and just kind of focus on theology and so that that made it easy. It's a much harder to do and I don't have access to that kind of a stable of professors, but will get there again. I thoroughly believe that. So today in light of that to do a couple things in the next Thursday and unthought of theology Thursday, so I pastors in next Thursday have another pastors newer friend of mine. Grant Castleberry is the senior pastor of a capital community church was here in Raleigh.

Great preachers smart, really sharp guy Masters in Divinity from Southern Baptist theological seminary in Louisville is working on his PhD in church history at Southern seminary. The only thing I don't like about grant Castleberry and he'll be with us here in the studio next Thursday is the fact that he had completed his undergraduate work at Texas A&M so I might my my my cousin Vance's A&M guide watching Hunt on Facebook. I filled out a theory that bone probably. I may or may not where my University of Texas hat next Thursday when grant Castleberry's is in her.

Maybe I will just attest the depth of his grace and his mercy is my brother in Christ over to talk about the inerrancy of Scripture, why can you believe the Bible do you take it literally how you how to handle that. The Bible inerrant, accurate, and all that it teaches and a lot of people I struggle with that certain people outside the church. But even some people inside the church the next Thursday on theology Thursday with Pastor.

Grant Castleberry talk about that. The inerrancy of Scripture, not can you trust everything that sets and you take it literally.

In other places where you don't take it literally woke will go down on those roads next Thursday but today on theology Thursday. McKenna split into two, and I want to do a couple different things. First thing I want to do. I've been going through the New Testament in the year in my own personal study time and in that I do that, usually before. Sometimes after when I'm writing the devotional which I write most days of the week Monday to Friday. That's the daily dose by the way, if you want to get that you get that in your email shows up on my Facebook page that gets published every day at 11 AM Eastern time. So it shows up on Facebook on the radio page that's a Steve Noble show page on Facebook and I been working through the gospel of John, and I probably got I don't know where in John 19 and probably got another three weeks to finish up the gospel of John. And so I do that and then I am my own kind of study time away from that. That usually takes me an hour or so to prepare one of those devotionals and so I've been going through the New Testament a year Bible app and right now, and in Hebrews 10 in as I was going at the last couple days and I was listening and reading there so much about Hebrews 10 that was so encouraging to me personally as a believer and also so applicable to the days that were in the coming to help us with our focus on a walk you through not not exhaustively but some main points here and there and walk us all through Hebrews chapter 10 will do that today and then only gets one article that's refreshingly journalistic. Why is the abortion rate decline because you would think) in your political mind when it's a Republican, the abortion rate goes down when it's Democrat the abortion rate goes up, but over the last 30 years we've seen an overall decline in the abortion statistics the abortion rate and it's been declining through Republican as well as Democrat administrations of what's going on at the federal level versus the state level. So why has that decline in in really good. Want to talk about it because we can be thankful for those things never resting because were still 800 and 900,000 babies a year of being killed, but it it rounded out and I think in the in the current times that were in where a lot of us are struggling with our intellectual honesty, we read the things that we agree with, we ignore the things that we don't we live in an echo chamber.this this was a rip my son sent me this article recently and I just working through it in my okay this is some really good points here.

It helps us work through the realities of this in looking at boots on the ground in actual numbers. That's all to spend some time on that today as well, but I'm glad you're here with us today. Okay I Hebrews chapter 10. If you want to follow along in your Bible, you don't have to walk through the whole thing. Okay let me just get started. And these are just some things that the Lord were highlighting to me that I wanted to share with you and hopefully will be a challenge as well as an encouragement so he receptor to exit this is for since the law has but a shadow of the good things to come, instead of the true form of these realities can never be by the same sacrifices that are continually offered every year I make perfect those who draw near. Okay, so back up a little to talk about a shadow but a shadow of the good things to come. You can also hearken back to Psalm 23 low, though I walk to the valley of the shadow of death. Okay, the shadow of death. So if you're in crisis just a shadow. Are you free to your shadow.

You should be because it can really do you no harm, seemingly walk to the valley of the shadow of death death for you. If you're a believer is just shadow should be afraid of it, it can actually harm. It's just a transition point from this life, this side of eternity in the physical realm to the spiritual realm them back to the physical realm of Jesus comes back were all resurrected at the final judgment and that's an awesome thing, but this is talking about the law. No primitive Hebrew Jewish perspective that Old Testament law and the sacrificial system was just really a shadow of the good things to come shadow that second fishnet sacrificial system that sacrifice a shadow of the good and final sacrifice, which of course is Christ right really cool. That's why talk about sacrifices that are continually offered every year right the how frustrating and unjust. Every year, every week, and basically on a daily basis. Verse two otherwise, would they not have ceased to be offered since the worshipers having once been cleansed, would no longer have any consciousness of sin to be sacrifices. As a reminder of sins every year for some possible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sin. Yes, but yeah man. How frustrating, how ridiculous. By the late grinders still trying to work your way into heaven by the person paying your taxes and all that stuff to follow work yourself. There you can go to Facebook Facebook why there were no screaming on you to write that I think were over there now because we're looking for somebody else's morning. Okay, I don't do Facebook anymore hate Facebook, YouTube, at one of these days will cancel YouTube as well. Right. That's what happening yet base bookings go to Steve Noble show page on Facebook or you go to YouTube whale channel now on YouTube just the Steve Noble show and you go there and you can watch the video of the radio show. I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it is in its the 21st century and you can do it that way or you can watch now.

Remember Rick the one of the biggest ever stinking radio experience in the Facebook live side of it is Facebook live went on and on the radio when you're listening to commercials and Facebook live were still having a conversation I had the pause button so not if you just listening on the radio not robbing you of that content. We hit the pause button and I do's little bit of sidebar and then we come back to the play button when you get on the other side of the commercial break but would love to have you Facebook like to YouTube and so you can kind of different experience and then more if you so desire.

Talk walking through little bit here on Hebrews chapter 10 and never get out.

Talk about why the abortion rate is decline soaking up, wonky Dave about things that really felt led to do so. Talking about opening what he receptor 10 and really what this is pointing out is the folly of the Old Testament sacrificial system and the frustration of it all that you come back every day come back every week once a year to get in the holy of holies all that stuff really, really frustrating and so you get the chapter you get to a verse 11 and this is I love this, so I was like yes praise the Lord. And every priest stands daily with remember that stands daily at his service, offering repeatedly the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. How frustrating right by the labor trying to earn your way to heaven.

This exactly what you're doing is never to take away your son okay you owe. You owe software can go suck and work by Jesus when he did it, could say it is finished.

Verse 12 but when Christ had offered here it is for all time a single sacrifice for sends, meaning himself.

He sat down at the right hand of God. The priest doesn't do that. The priest stands daily working at work and it give me an animal give me some more blood covered up the next day. Oh here we go again here we go again. The frustration of that are you trying to earn your way into heaven. That is remarkably frustrating, mostly because you can't just you're on the treadmill of works I owe.

I oh so off to work I go. But here's Jesus Stant sitting down at the right hand of God, because verse 14 for by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified are being sent by being made more like Christ, so that word means, but a single offering is perfected for all time those who are being saved by to us Christians if you're in Christ are born-again in the single offering has perfected you for all time. God looks at you and it's like Jesus is completely wrapped himself around you.

So when God looks at you and this is hard as the mind better. He looks at you.

He looks at me, sees the perfection the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. That's mind-boggling to go up while you look at me even though I just said that did this in did that before and had this procedure and did this other thing treated my wife this way treat my husband as we did this to my kids did this at work, you still see me through that. Yeah all my kindness well. To be fully known and fully loved imagine that God knows everything about you. The good the bad the ugly salacious the embarrassing but disgusting. All of it. Any fully loves you anyway mind-boggling incident when he is bent down in verse 17. I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds no more pain. Lord, what about that abortion if you're in Christ we talk about white what don't be a dog returning your vomit what you talking about I accept that back there. Stephen look at that stuff it's gone severed his first east is from the west received that that's true if you're in Christ, no matter what it is abortion, divorce, whatever gone is like we talk about their sins and their lawless deeds he remembers no more. Verse 18 where there is forgiveness of these, there's no longer any offering percent, it's done. It's finished. Get off the treadmill. Not that you're nuts with the cult called to live a holy life.

You are sanctified, becoming more and more like Christ is an awesome thing, but in terms of your entrance into heaven. In Christ, when you're born-again that's done the folly of the sacrificial system is over for you.

Done. Finished. Therefore brother since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus by the new and living way that he open for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh. We just wrap that up here little bit at the holy of holies separated from the holy place in the temple by big giant curtain about 5 inches thick and when Jesus on the cross dies. That thing rips from the top to the bottom. Therefore, you know, no man could do it. He could rip and half yourself anyway. But from the top of the bottom is very tall. And so all of a sudden total access access to the father you need call secretary don't need appreciatively to pastor you don't need an elder you direct access to the God of heaven's pretty awesome thing and then here for 2020 and 20, 21 verse 24 and let us consider how to stir up one another when we do see what we do what we do now binds in the home as well. The progressives are taking over cancel culture censorship. What we do what we do.

Verse 24 and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together.

Hello open the church get to get online and not getting it done. That does not count. You're not meeting you're looking at the same thing on the screen but you're not meeting one another.

So here we are. Hebrews 10 not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near. As it gets darker, we encourage one another, all the more for love and good deeds in all the more important covert. It's what we do shut. The church no meet more things go dark in America. What you do shut. The church meet last no meet more encourage one another. This is how this works. Verse 26 for if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth is no longer remains a sacrifice must be very careful there you reject the offer of Christ, you remain in your sins. You die in your sins and you will be judged newly judging will be eternally separated from God in a place nobody likes to hear the name but it's called hell she could be very careful at that in here verse 31. It's a fearful thing. Think of their lost friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, it's a fearful thing. Verse 31 to fall into the hands of the living God. Without Christ it's a fearful thing with Christ.

It's a beautiful thing. Your friend, of God is your friend. Pretty awesome.

Verse 34.

Compassion on those in prison and you joyfully accepted the plundering of your property. Listen to this.

How how tightly are you hold on to the things of this world or this country for that matter, accepted the plundering of your property since you knew that you yourselves who would mean you you you Christians are people in Christ had a better possession and an abiding one where you want to talk about their everything you have waiting for you in heaven. You think losing your freedoms here in America on earth is a big deal based on what you have waiting for you for ever. Not be encouraged by that verse 35 therefore do not throw away your confidence, which is a great reward for you have need of endurance, that's for sure that when you've done the will of God.

You may receive what is promised.

Wow, don't give up can hear Paul keep fighting, keep pushing finished the race, you have a reward is being stored up. This is where we have to separate ourselves a little bit from what going on to keep the heavenly perspective. Even the best of the press anything for couple more things that he will be able Ali G go Joe Biden. Let's go after the liberals. Let's get Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer their anti-Trump stuff in the that the impeachment coming up next week, please. This is, I'm just saying this on Facebook like will come back and show everybody that over the years. When I do like just focus on the Bible and let's talk about theology and stuff like that.

Those are the least viewed show the lease. Listen to the least downloaded podcasts in the least viewed shelves. Get and not what I'm talking about when other people okay bringing in experts, presidents of seminary, stuff like that.

The hard-core people are like yeah I love this meant giving the red meat but most people in a Christian audience start glazing over which is part of the problem right like a James McDonald, whose fallen from grace a little bit up at the harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.

Great, I mean I'm a great teacher of God's word brings a 2 x 4, which I prefer, because that's kinda what it takes for somebody like me when he said once when he was in seminary that in his preaching class that the seminary professor like okay listen when you get to your message and you do a message on Sunday. You know, 26, 28 minutes to get up, make sure you some humor and make sure that the use of illustrations and keep it light you want to go much, much longer than 30 minutes.

People get bored easily, and James McDonald in that class was thinking to himself, you know, the problem is I don't think it's the problem is people in the pews get bored with the word of God, a professor, I think your board.

I think you're bored with so you think the preaching of the word of God is an enough way, not for most people it isn't and to which I say so what then I hear Paul talking to Tim and he preached the word bro in season and out of season. Rebuke reproof correct encourage three for those negative by the way, in regards to what's going I was trying to do this a little bit today going through a Hebrews chapter 10, which I study recently myself, and I'm just like me. I want to talk about this so I've shown microphones during the turn the corner talk about why abortion rate has declined okay were near the end of chapter 10, and I'm trying a lot of this is the folly of the Old Testament sacrificial system and being free in Christ and you don't worry about earning your way into heaven anymore. You do need to take seriously the call. The signification and holiness in and Jesus if you love me I'll keep my commands.

But if you're trying to work your way to heaven. Hey hey I ask you look a square and if they say if you died today think you don't have all yeah I think so II hope so really what's up based on well you know I believe in gone I believe in Jesus. I try to read my Bible. I go to church. I try to give a little. I try to serve them like you you you you IIII your reading me your resume.

Your resume can get it done by the priest stood up and made sacrifices all the time. Jesus makes the sacrifice he sits down at the right hand of the father and that's why he is able to say it's finished. It's finished.

If you wanted to be. That's the offering makes for you and then it talked about. Of course he don't neglect meeting together and encourage one another and we gotta keep up heavenly perspective, verse, verse 34. Compassion on those in prison and you joyfully accepted the plundering of your property since you knew that yourselves at a better possession and an abiding one.

As America goes down the tubes you act like this is your only hope. This is the only ship you have. It isn't. If you're in Christ, quit holding on.

I mean I mean 38 special pretty good theology hold on loosely. Definitely for you have need of endurance is written in verse 36. No kidding. Don't give up. Finished the race, and then at the end.

Verse 39 but we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed but of those who have faith and preserve their souls. Amen, amen and amen. I'm not font Jason the old sacrificial system and not trying to work my way into heaven, I'm free. God remembers my sins no more there. As far as the east is from the west and this is my home and we need to meet together more as it gets darker, more difficult and encourage each other more, what to vote the right way to know the love and good deeds. Of course I want you to vote the Right Way, God wants you both rightly but that's temporal. That's not eternal so go read it yourself. Hebrews chapter 10 I just asked the Lord, show me what you want me to understand about this today or tomorrow and only apply to my life. Work through it but the cool thing about the Holy Spirit.

You can have 500 people reading through to Hebrews chapter 10, all the same time in the Holy Spirit will be 500 different things and bring out 5000 different aspects of this and always different ways and apply to you personally where you're at.

So when one part jumps out to you just okay. The Lord really want you okay thank you Lord you talking to your word which is his language right critical works okay why is the abortion rate decline really good article the Gospel coalition. I shared it opened up on Facebook live again. Since you know March for life in the sanctity of life Sunday the fix in time to consider an important public data point, the abortion rate the abortion rate is calculated by taking a number pregnancies terminated by an abortion, multiplying by a thousand, and dividing by the female population ages between 15 and 44.

The reported abortion rate that's what's called in the United States has been declining for decades and declined 25% between 2008 2014 the last year. Data is available. Okay this article is from generally 20th 2018 K. Think about that on the second 2008 to 2014 who is the president then all Barack Obama support that right doesn't really fit the narrative. That's good news if it's true, but the reality is that we don't know the real abortion rate. We can only guess at what's causing a decline in the reported rate.

So some great things to think about her right, which is why were going through in this article from the Gospel coalition will avoid using the CDC abortion rate. Why because the CDC does not require individual states to provide data on abortions and three states refused to do so, which one California, Maryland, and New Hampshire will California is a huge abortion state right so the CDC is not even getting information from California and abortion, and a big chunk of abortions in America, California, New York, go figure is on the CDC abortion rates are going and that's a much but then you get a look at the Guttmacher Institute, which is also lessons than reliable, they obtain the data from surveys given at 2300 facilities in the universe of potential abortion providing facilities daily receive responses from 50% of the facilities they use health department data for 20% of the others that estimate the abortion rate for the remaining 17%. So the point being is all the abortion statistics on this perspective need to have a little bit of an asterisk next game boat, but in this case she's Guttmacher, which it again and Guttmacher is not a Christian or conservative organization rights actually associated with Planned Parenthood. That's also part of your company are proud of how many babies they can and they love the fact that there is 800,000+ around the country because Tucci set to make money so according to Guttmacher date of the abortion rate climbed rapidly from 1973 peaked in 1980 to 1982.

You know how many abortions there were in America.

1.6 million, 1.6 million in 1982 were just above half that now that is progress which we should praise the Lord for a decline almost steadily until reaching a new loan 2014 so this is the last day that they had what caused the decline they asked let's consider some of the factors that are often given credit or blame for changes in the abortion rate. Let's start with the most obvious were dealing with her right now presidential policy okay now this is just good journalism because they're just preventing the presenting the facts go.

Did get the information present the back that's called journalism case. It sounds really foreign. Every year we hear how particular presidents have had an effect on the abortion rate. So which of these claims is accurate. A. The abortion rate declines when a Democrat becomes president after Republican was in office, be the abortion rate declines when a Republican becomes president after Democrat was in office or see both a and B are true, the answer is C. Depending on when you start the measurement. Look at the graph below also explained the Republican presidencies are in red while the Democrats are marked in blue. Notice a pattern and here's the pattern blue, red, blue, red, blue, red, okay, you go up and down and you go. The pattern goes up through Democrat and Republican, and then after 1982 starts to come down through Democrat and Republican administrations down down down down down to half of what it was in 1982. Okay, after rising throughout the Carter presidency, the rate was always lower when the next president took office or making a truthful claim.

If we see the rate was lower during the Reagan-Bush area than Carter and lower under George W. Bush than under Clinton, but it's also a truthful claim is called intellectual honesty friends which is why I'm doing this is also a truthful claim to say the rate was lower under Clinton under Reagan and George W. Bush and lower under Obama than under George W. Bush and got guess what it's been lower under Trump then under Obama. And guess what. If this trend keeps going and I hope it does it'll be lower actual abortion rate under Biden that it was under Trump now can you praise God for that. Can you get excited for that. Can you set aside can I set aside my political deference while presence can have a significant influence on pro-life policies. They don't seem to have much direct impact on the overall abortion rate. So how about the economy good one. Another factor often claim to affect the abortion rate is the economy.

But as with the US presidents. There is no obvious correlation between US economic conditions in the rate of abortion if there were, we expect to see the abortion rate spike during times of high unemployment and low economic growth and drop during the years of economic boom, but that's not will be fine. Again, facts don't care about your feelings getting willing to submit yourself to truth, the United States had recessions and 73, 75, 1980 8182 9091 2001 2007 2009.

While it might appear that the abortion rate rose in conjunction. This is all pre-cobra.

This article what the recessions during the 1970s and 1980s the same does not appear to be true from 1990 to 2009 factor in the great recession, 2007 through nine. The abortion rate continues its steady define fight the worst economic condition since the Great Depression will be seen look at the numbers for this past year so the economy can't be looked at alone and said well in economies.

Good has less of an economy that we have more down about pro-life laws for years, a man to name that made it is free, but that will go back and see noble to see there was no treaty with you working through the article I talked about.

Hebrews chapter 10 earlier, but now I switch gears.

Why has the abortion rate declined. It's looking at different factors over the years that we consume because we are such political creatures ago was it presidential policies. What I can have an impact, but through Republicans and Democrat administrations. The abortion rate is been steadily declining and can you say, praise the Lord for that is that the economy economy is doing well. We see last when the economy is doing bad we see more well-known now because it's been steadily dropping for both of those. What about this one.

What about pro-life laws and state level restrictions on abortion be the cause of the decline while the said this is two years ago. Not likely, at least not yet. Again, don't look to one answer is one a big one that they don't talk about them to get water restrictions may lead to further declines in the future. They appear to be a lagging indicator rather than the primary cause of decline. Most of the new laws of come around since he doesn't want to 2013, long after the rate started to decline civil rate was declining before we started to see some awesome legislation, especially at the state level. The feds I'm constantly disappointed and torqued off at what conservatives are doing in Washington DC the put up some bills and put it to good fundraising thing but I'm like, show me the money, meaning where's the beef show me the actual some actual law and Trump got bless and was able to remove at least 50 or 60 million from Planned Parenthood to get a bite to get it right back to him.

But when he had the Congress in the first two years of his presidency late in the fund defund Planned Parenthood. Shame on all but on a state level. Praise the Lord for Republican.

There I said you okay Eric because they've done some great work in the state level, but even before that was going on in the last 70 years. Rates were declining. So that's what they're talking about a wave of restrictions, then there's public opinion. Now for all of you that speak up for the cause of life and engage and have conversations get trained yourself like through a justice for all, which is one of the DFA's on the best training facilities best training options out there and asked him online thing.

Therapy can grab that right quick and run a Facebook like that would be great and will get something from GFA on to talk about that soon, but you get engage get educated and you start talking having conversations in public opinion is changing and or something else behind it which of the get to could be that America has been steadily becoming more pro-life.

This is the Gospel coalition article from two years ago. This is also unlikely to be the primary cause as a scalpel survey shows there hasn't been a significant shift in opinion on the legality of abortion. So they're looking at going back from 75 to 2009 for this Gallup poll and 75 terms the legality 54% okay I'm good with that being legal today 53% just like to climb but hardly in before.

It just doesn't change that much is also not been much of a change and they all number people call themselves pro-choice or pro-life since 1999. Back in the day.

They said pro-choice was 56% not 47% back in April like this was 33% 1995. Now it's 40, 47% when accepting the claim as younger people. Whoa. Listen, this is super important and really encouraging.

They tend to be more opposed abortion on demand than older generations are younger people then there's this. Now this is the big bell that the Democrats and liberals like to ring contraceptive use. Therefore, comprehensive sex ed right.

Many pro-abortion advocates including the Guttmacher Institute credit the declining abortion rate to the increased use of contraceptives. This argument has an intuitive appeal, i.e., fewer unintended pregnancies, the less need for abortion. But, as Michael Lewis pointed out quote it is true that contraception uses increase since the early 1990s, but is also true. The country systems contraception use has been rising steadily since the early 1960s, and obviously predates the abortion declined by a significant number of years. Nevertheless, it appears, increase contraceptive use is likely to be at least partially responsible for the decline in the overall rate of abortions case or cooking up kind of a stew here with a lot of different elements then there's this fewer unintended pregnancies listen to this. This is encouraging. I think the unintended pregnancy rate for young women may hold the key to the decline in the rate of abortion actually think it's a mouse will get to that as this chart shows the rate of unintended pregnancies for this demographic has declined considerably since the late 1980s. This is rates of pregnancy among US adolescents and young women reached historic lows in 2013 and continues to fall in 1981, Guttmacher found that 54% of unintended pregnancies resulted in abortion by 2011 Guttmacher found that 58% of unintended pregnancies ended in birth. Praise God, whereas a majority of unintended pregnancies, once ended in abortion a majority now in the child being allowed to be born, combined with the fact there are fewer unintended pregnancies. Overall, this is likely to be a significant factor in the decline now.

Here's how they finished the thing and then I'll bring it back around because they're missing the huge thing here, the Gospel coalition clear answer? What then account for the declining abortion rate. There seems to be no clear answer. If we had to hazard a guess though we could say that it's likely a combination of fewer teens having sex.

Increase contraceptive use lower rates of unintended pregnancies increase opposition to abortion by the young and a greater willingness to have a child after an unintended pregnancy while you donate may never know for sure what's the cause we can think God for what appears to be a positive shift towards life. There's one big thing here that they're missing talking about the truth is science which I would define as the revelation of God's genius mankind peeking in the various corners of nature. Various realms in finding these amazing things going on that science day all the stuff I got there he put in place then we get the peak inside the box in the well Maisie while it almost looks design humans because it is an and yes, great is on Facebook. Life answered prayers definitely.

But science is a big thing here.

Okay, so if your antiscience. We challenge you on in 1973. You think we had detailed ultrasounds, 2D, 3D 40 no we didn't, and it was just a clump of cells they thought so. Science was a problem. Same thing with evolution.

Darwin could get away with it. But science got to be a problem as they begin to look at subatomic structures in the cellular level like whoa but things in here that have irreducible complexity, meaning they could never arrive. It makes no sense that they could have arisen out of a random purposeless forces over millions of years.

How do you explain the human I had explained the flagellum that operates inside the human cell SF 40 parts assembled in the right size in the right order. Otherwise it doesn't work it's porpoise before that. Same thing with the human eye is called irreducible complexity. So science all of a sudden starts to not destroy the Bible start to pump up the Bible to back up the biblical worldview. So in this case. Now we go over. Now we start to do ultrasounds go you know what that even at 10 weeks. That does not look like a clump of cells that looks like a foot that's deftly a hand, those are fingers that the head close her eyes.

That's a nose that those are ears. What kind ears are they steep well they're not Buffalo is not a chicken.

It's not a monkey that's a human being. Whoa oh problem then you get more and more advanced ultrasound now. We got 3D ultrasound. They see that their face see her face and then your learning more about what's in there and the formation of the spinal system and nerve endings and fingernails and eyelashes. What kind eyelashes Steve, those are human eyelashes and now you've got the scientific community and leisure science and the science community is like hey what is that thing at conception. You know what conception you got 100% of all the DNA information you'll ever have at conception.

So what kind of thing is that it conception a human thing human being in biologists all over the world.

80% of whom 85% of whom and not 6000 of them in the survey from University Chicago PhD student a couple years ago were like hey I'm pro-choice but I'm also pro-science and yeah that's a human being that's a human being. Human DNA is never anything else. Sorry Debbie Wasserman Schultz when your daughter before your daughters were born.

They were human. She couldn't answer that question with a human. While I've always believed in a woman's right to choose. Oh my goodness, so feel so bad for that woman so depraved so deceived, but science somebody somebody of the heart and then also you can see now what you see when you have knowledge comes responsibility and now people, whether they're willing to admit it in public or in a conversation is nothing but everybody knows the cats out of the bag that that's a human being from the moment of conception through delivery and that I think is the big missing piece here in this article is that the reality of the human life in the will, over time, people know what they're doing. I read a very difficult article to you last week, I read several excerpts from from abortionists who know exactly what they're doing. Yes, we know were killing little people we know are killing babies those are human babies that we dismember and suck out of their mom's body. We know what were doing. We know it's murder. We know it's a human. They don't hide that everybody else you stick your fingers in your ears think about don't want to know now science is shown you in an ultrasound. That's why in some places they call you think Planned Parenthood when they give you an ultrasound they want you to look and see that little baby moving inside you. If you want you to see that no do you know why they do an ultrasound they get to see how far along you are want to know how why they need to know how far along you are pitching so they know how much to charge. It's like put no want you to go to the store to buy a bunch of bananas and you gotta do what put it on the put it on the scale, which is away. Therefore, that's the price Planned Parenthood science or truth now is in anybody's face.

They see pictures of aborted babies. Praise God for that. And you got a deal with the truth. So, more more people to talk to me about global warming him and ask your thanks and I are on the right side we should praise God for that one thing if everything was all prayers to defend the cause of my cell. Elderly people dying over thinking maybe Cuomo and the baby in the room itself. We need to speak more mom by the way that makes it helpful is I love you guys got willing talk again real soon. My dad always used to say

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