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Trump out Biden in

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January 20, 2021 5:02 pm

Trump out Biden in

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 20, 2021 5:02 pm

Trump out Biden in

Today was a peaceful exchange of power and at 12 o’clock EST we had a new President of the United States of America.  Today Steve talks about the future of the country and that as children of God we are still called to pray for our leaders. 


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Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble women objected down the mouth concern angry you are loving what is a good day for you. Finally, trumpet gone and Iraq to see the wizard and all I can to stop and so a mixed bag. Today you would expect that in a country that's literally split right down the middle. Deep and wide divide right on the middle of the country and so I no shock there but here we are, some 240 years later, in another peaceful transfer of power a much ado about nothing. Turning Washington DC in the military state in terms of the massive military presence there and less than a thousand people at the inauguration. They had the mall covered of all kinds of flags and stop to make it look pretty nice but in the covert world and in the Biden trump the transition world and everything else going on. I just Pizarro, the bizarro world today, but never fear okay be be be of good cheer. Okay, this is our country has convulsed back and forth literally since our birthright white when they wrote the Constitution before they got ratified immediately. Yet the Federalists and antifederalists and that's the way it goes your cane versus able.

This is nothing new, because there's nothing new under the sun, so hopefully your house is built on the rock, and it's not built on the sand of Americana or even the presidency United States during the Constitution that matter as much as I love that document. Love it enough to teach it every year just be of good cheer in and out. Remember whose you are and what you are and what your ultimate purpose is and what your ultimate home is what your ultimate kingdom is and that should help you as we go through this a lot of different things going on today. Obviously I got that interesting article on the go through exciting is worth noting.

This was, and I think the Boston Herald by Howie Carr which is this whole list of thanks for everything. Pres. Trump and I different thinking was that he had there, which I thought was impactful and in that helpful to remember whether you love him or hate him. There's some great things that happen, and then you've got this helpline hopes to use executive actions to address America's compounding crises all depends on what news source you are reading these things from, but I want to go through back is a lot of this is happening fast and furious today and since I'm a constitutionalist mission first constitutionalist second. Just a reminder you're gonna see all kinds of executive action and if you're constitutionalist got a go hate. Do we love executive action will generally you doing at your guy or gal with the pen okay but as soon as the other guy or gal or the pen you don't like executive action, so executive action from a constitutional perspective, it can be a little wonky. It's a little out of control again. Just remember, it's all a matter of whose ox is getting gored. So if you're mad about Obama's executive power, and then you love it with trump and then you're mad with bite or vice versa. You gotta think constitutionally going okay. We need to be concerned about executive power as executor have too much power versus Congress and so these are things that you continue to weigh and work through, but we've gone through. Mechanization's back and forth, up and down right and left literally since the beginning of this country and since beginning of mankind against our own creator right. In a perfect situation and I wasn't good enough for us. We wanted to have a little bite from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and so this is been going on literally for thousands and thousands of years. Nothing new under the sun. Remember that so a lot to go through today, but I wanted to start with this.

I told you the other day that the 1770, 1776, commission and project that Donald Trump did under his presidency, they put that up just recently about a 45 page PDF document off the website as soon as true Joe Biden. Pres. Biden got used to saying that in. I know you know that you now my present on sunset and all that stuff aside today okay but as soon as he said tell me God or however he ended that they probably hit the delete button on this. The 1776 report, but I thought it would be apropos to read you something right near the beginning.

Starting your the bottom of page 1 actually have. This is a PDF. By the way, so if you didn't get it.

I'm sure you can still find it online. But if you want me to send you the PDF of velvet just email me that's it. That's my you can email me whenever you want about what everyone okay in terms of show content things you like things you don't like my happy to do it. I'm not rich Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity so you will actually get to me quite easily.

So going to send me an email if you want asked for that okay, bottom of page 1 on the 1776, report a good reminder for all of us comprising actions by imperfect human beings. The American story has its share of missteps, errors, contradictions and wrongs. These wrongs have always met resistance from the clear principles of the nation and therefore our history is far more one of self-sacrifice, courage and nobility. America's principles are named at the outset to both be universal applying to everyone in external existing for all time. The mark on the remarkable American story unfolds under and because of these great principles of course neither American or any other nation is perfectly lived up to the universal truths of equality, liberty, justice in government by consent, but no nation before America ever dared state those truths as the formal basis for its politics and not to strive harder or done more to achieve them. We can aptly describe the American government's fundamental principles as quote a standard maxim for free society unquote which should be quote familiar to all, and revered by all constantly look to, constantly labored for, and even though never perfectly attained, constantly approximated, unquote. But the very attempt to attain them every attempt to attain them.

Would Lincoln continued constantly spread and deepen the influence of these principles and augment quote the happiness and value of life to all people of all colors everywhere. The story of America is the story of this ennobling struggle. And so the struggle. My friends goes on.

We've often heard that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance right you think this kind of freedom. This combination I just happens you think you hold onto it easily that if you get the right guy or gal in office.

She put get the majority in this house or that house. You put enough of the right judges on the bench is that all of a sudden it's smooth sailing. It hasn't been smooth sailing since the Garden of Eden.

So don't expect heaven on earth until Jesus comes back himself and establishes it and that's awesome. And one day he will and until then, we struggle we fight we stand up we act as salt and light.

We live primarily first and foremost as citizens of the kingdom, and secondarily here in the American context trying to be good American citizens just because there's a tree's peaceful transfer of power, which is a phrase that really is the phrase, especially in the face of 25,000 National Guard troops. That doesn't mean there isn't work to do. I think God for a peaceful transfer of power was a battle of fruit flies in darkness for light that goes on.

That's not noble so they'll fight for power and we should all think the Lord that that in of itself. Okay, so remember that that's unique in world history that we have a country that can swing as far to one direction as it does the other direction and can do it on a dime. Literally Donald Trump.

I watched all this morning when he got on Marine one for the last time and they can fly around DC a little bit and the go to jet Edwards Air Force Base and then he gave what I thought was an excellent impromptu comments. There maybe seven or 89 minutes something like that. I thought he was magnanimous. He was humble.

He wished the incoming ministration. He hasn't said a word. Biden wants he may wish the incoming administration lock in at success and I thought he handled that really really well.

I thought his speech yesterday.

If you haven't heard his farewell speech which was on video yesterday is about 20 minutes long. I listen to it after the show is over yesterday.

I thought that was excellent. I thought that was Donald Trump and in the great form, humble and serious but but still bold and proud of the accomplishments of the administration which I would echo and and then you know people are ladies knocking to give organ after get the military enthronement no note that the guy became president and decided to do it. Not because he had to, not because he needed to but because he wanted to and I think he does a fundamentally care about the state of the nation.

I think he cares about most average people in America and and then Illinois unlocks the Tempest and and gets his family, as well as himself, of course, just excoriated and attacked mercilessly for five years. Yes, some of that he brought on himself.

The guy gives as good as he gets and when you have a bulldog in the room. You know, stuff going to get messed up that that was part of the reason that a lot of us hired him in the first place was to come in and be a disruptor and so that's just it goes with the territory.

And so be in prayer for the president, outgoing and incoming.

Okay, let's put our faith where our word is to pray for those in authority over us and I was praying this morning, Lord a dual work in Donald Trump's life and his family and I don't know what the status of is any of them in terms of their faith and being born again but pray that this would lead to all of them being born again and that God would do a great work in and Trump's life and and use him in however way he sees fit and that that Donald Trump would surrender himself more and more to the will of God the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. Amen in Jesus name right. Amen. That's great prayer and then I turned around and I was trying to be obedient to the call of Scripture to pray for those in authority over so I prayed for now Pres. Biden and VP, Harrison was an interesting moment when Justice Sonia Sonia Soto Mayor I mispronounced, was named Calder set a common-law Kabbalah, said that it the right way.

That was just an interesting moment in Bill Clinton fallen asleep in the background and I pray for that they would bow the knee will bow the knee make a claim of faith okay is one thing, show me your faith by what I say what you say I show you my faith by what I do. Jane said, and I prayed for them and you need to pray for them to so let's put our feet where this put a little our mouse to where our word is in let's pray for right now showing as much of the like on down here Steve I'm not ready to do that. Be very careful with your theology right now.

I saw something on Facebook earlier today.

Some he said yeah man, God really let us down on this one may be careful little human peon and that's me too. By the way, I'm a little peon human being, so I'm not gonna look the creator of heaven and earth and my Savior in the face of boy you really let me down now. I can't judge this person's heart. I don't know where that's coming from another than they did say I should be really careful at that. As if God is that is beholden to our will to our desires will give you the desires of your heart, but only so much as your heart lines up perfectly with this so you pray for things in accordance with his will and obviously this wasn't God's will because it happened in Sonoma Lord I'm really disappointed. This image to give you see on this. I'm just telling you be really careful with that kind attitude right. Be careful. I can't judge this individual that put it on Facebook but the words were challenging and I thought I needed to say some so I did allow this time of darkness and difficulty in challenge to the shape you and to strengthen you on to finish the show today with seven shrews. You need to cling to a divided nation by Becky Beresford on

I thought it was excellent and a good reminder for all of us but to go through this one first. This was in the even the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, by guiding Howie Carr thanks for meeting Pres. Trump and I just don't want to I want your hair highlighted things that I think you know we need to remember and be thankful for your great accomplishments. Thank you for restoring the US as the world's leading producer of energy that you were destroying genocidal Isys right which Obama called the JV team right thanks for shutting off the endless flow of illegal immigrants at the southern border of the unending supply of M3 13 gang bangers among the other criminals as well as the welfare -dependent illiterate digit in sewer so destabilizing American society before you became present okay so now when I read some like that I might do, do you really not for me as a Christian I do I need to sit there and talk about people that come to this country like that illiterate indigents what IRC okay check your heart okay.

Check your heart think of for promoting economic policies that led to the lowest unemployment rates ever for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and women, among others.

Awesome, right pretty good for a racist right tongue-in-cheek okay with me think of doing more to promote peace in the Middle East and all your predecessors combined man incredible miraculous stuff just recently. It's amazing what happened lot asking to get undone because by most likely in his administration can get but maybe try to get back in bed or in good graces quote unquote with Iran and all these nations are getting together with Israel as a way to oppose Iran so that'll be interesting.

Thanks for finally standing up to red China and its predatory trade practices.

Thank you for operation warp speed. Thanks for pardoning all the persecuted victims of the Russian collusion notes. Thanks for eliminating Obama care's individual mandate.

Thank you for taking more questions from almost always hostile reporters and all of the last three or four presidents combine which is true, then amazing because he loves the fight, but we haven't had presidents in 20 years that were willing to face off against the press as much as he was. Even when it's like 95% negative. Thanks for getting the US out of such foreign-policy disasters as they Iran nuclear deal. The parish claimant accords in the transpacific partnership as well as ending the fiasco for American workers that was NAFTA well sale on that last thanks for a booming economy that 7 million people got up the food samples that's awesome.

Thank you for not turning the IRS into an instrument of persecution. That's what happened with Obama, thanks for ending state oppression against people of faith like the Little sisters of the poor. Yup, big deal, certainly is basically three new justices on the Supreme Court. Think how much worse Hilary specs would've been the boat, but I still think most deftly true there okay thanks for defending both the first and the Second Amendment's of a railing against section 230. That's the one that keeps Twitter and Facebook at all from accountability. Thank you for appointing US attorneys who actually want to put real criminals in prison. Thanks for the balance of my 401(k). Thanks for the lowest gasoline prices in decades. Thanks for the largest number of Americans with gainful employment. Since the government started keeping records for committee work for ordering the elimination of two of the most bloodthirsty terrorists on earth L bag body and general sum of money to borrow a line from the last hurrah how do you think a guy for a million laughs in this one. Thanks for all the amazingly entertaining rallies.

If not for bringing back the village people song macho man so want to be thankful for.

For what happened the last four years whole lot of that's you to be undone. Some of that today we'll talk about that some of it will take a little longer what's gonna happen in Congress. I don't know but I know God rules the universe would be taught is not pulling out here today are Steve Noble will be right back back to Noblesville alive and well. Adriatic wonderful best honest, very great marvelous best judgments achievement, courageous, great exceptional fantastic greatest rates, loyalty, awesome, enriching, patriotic, courageous, awesome best excellent fantastic manga awesome great patriot, courageous, patriotic, stolen, awesome, spectacular, amazing, great incredible awesome great hero magnificent God blessed him great awesome patriot Pres. transparency mega magnificent tremendous greatest of it on and on it goes. That was that I posted that on my personal page and as well as the radio show page on Facebook so make sure you get involved there. Thus Steve Noble show on Facebook I personal pages under my name as well, but I do do a lot of interaction a lot of back-and-forth on both pages personal page and then I asked that question about one were to describe the Trump presidency.

My word today for the drum presidency was disruptive and and I think I covered a lot of it. Steve Day sent me a text this morning about a tweet that he put out. Here is the main accomplishment of the Trump era. In my opinion, we now have clarity we know now who everyone is, is the most clarifying force I've ever seen.

Everyone has revealed themselves no more wolves in sheep's clothing is now up to us to what we do with that revelation.

Well said. I agree with that at to put it another phrase everybody's out of the closet now everybody's cards are on the table you in DC. You know who's who who's for what was and and especially in leadership across both parties. You know right everybody's out of the closet now.

No secrets are met while said this is what the and Shapiro now is not time for despair defeat is on the battle is in the culture.

We can fight there and win if we care enough to put the effort put in the effort make the sacrifices we still have numbers on our side and more power than we think we choose to use it one huge thing is education that Walsh wrote this was of tweet from earlier today, most conservatives send their kids to be brainwashed in public schools. We talked about this yesterday with Sloan and Aaron about what was going on in the public school system and I think we do need to have a movement even more so on the Bono longtime homeschooler not to pull our kids out there give mother because her learning to hate the nation as letter talking to Sloan and Alexander yesterday about education first alliance of your North Carolina you need to be a part of that Ed first in is that website Iran yesterday Ed ED first in education first alliance about dealing with that schism amount Walsh that one thing huge thing is education. Most conservatives send their kids to be brainwashed in public school. They don't have to. But they do pull them out form co-opts the cultural REMIC meant ramifications would be tremendous. Like I said it's sacrifice effort, but it can be done yeah I'm with you totally because that's what happened here losing a generation. It's like the Joshua generation who did not know God, because they were taught about him. You just can't assume the stuff gets passed down, it doesn't.

And you have an enemy out there in terms of an enemy and on the ignoble parts of American history and the beautiful things about our nation.

You got on the garbage with the good. Okay the up with the down.

It's like your personal resume in my personal resume. There's ups and there's plenty announce even though I'm born again, saved. Just as if I had never sent. But there's all that garbage on my ledger need to be honest about it. As a person is a nation try Kurt put this up. I love America more than on the politics or any party try Kurt did in turning point is a born-again Christian.

Okay I pray Joe Biden will do what is right for our country. I am skeptical and I can almost guarantee he won't, but nevertheless I sincerely hope he does what's right for for this the greatest country on earth. Pray for our leaders I'm with you. So what's what's Biden up to date. Stop order wall construction that's happening today because Trump did some maneuvers via executive power to fund it. That's done today in the Muslim travel band.

That's what they call it the Muslim travel been banning an unlimited travel from countries where you know there's a large concentration of terrorists who almost always Muslim but this isn't an insight Muslim band that wasn't the point. The point was trying to keep terrorists from getting into the country easily and just about every terrace in the modern world is Muslim.

Talk about the international situation okay rejoin the parish climate agreement that's going on, but I'll take 30 days going effect and the Keystone pipeline and revoke oil and gas development national wildlife monuments count noncitizens in the U.S. Census again rejoin the World Health Organization 100 days, masking challenge is to do. You can't mandate it, but is going to encourage her money to do it extended eviction and foreclosure moratoriums continue pause on student loan payments defend dreamers program for undocumented young Americans change Trump's arrest priority for immigration customs enforcement ice key protections for group of Liberians in the country restructure federal government coordination Cova 19 pandemic is going to reverse the Mexico City policy so we can start spending our tax dollars around the world for organizations giving money to organizations that include promoting abortion is the Mexico City policy. He's gonna rollback virtually every executive action for the cause of life. The Trump has put in place in last four years including giving back $50-$60 million year to Planned Parenthood. There's all kinds of things. I will contend I will be praying for president by but I will be opposing just about everything that is administration does not. I hate, but out of truth and concern. Okay. And that's real and that's the deal and we seen this before. Like I said there's nothing new under the sun.

Here in a course legislatively to be all kinds of stuff going on there, a slim margin will make things easy for Biden, particularly as moderate Democrats such as West Virginia Sen. Joe mansion continue to oppose ending the filibuster. It does mean Biden's agenda has a real chance the filibuster rule in place. Legislation requires a filibuster proof 60 vote majority to pass the Senate meeting, Biden and Senate. Senate Democrats will need at least some Republican support for their agenda, or pursue some policy through an obscure Senate loophole known as budget reconciliation, and believe me, Schumer knows how this works because this is Mitch McConnell did the same thing which allow certain legislation that affects primarily taxes and spending the pass with a simple majority, which is what they want when they go nuclear option on everything and reduce everything down to a simple majority vote. What's a 50-50 tie Steve well yeah but then you in a 50-50 tie, the vice president United States was now, Harris cast the deciding vote so they would get everything, but they have to do away with the filibuster, which is called the nuclear option to do that will see if they will but in the meantime, by the way Chuck Schumer said I think this yesterday that he was interested in going back and doing the power-sharing that they did. I think in 2001 or so. I think it was during the Bush first Bush administration, 43, and they had cochairs of every committee and sent in the Senate and co-speakers. No head to the Senate majority leader in the majority leader because 50-50. He said there gonna do that will see if they actually do and will see what Mitch McConnell doesn't have a lot of faith in him. I never have gotten $1.9 trillion economic stimulus. The same plan also like the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. By the way they only buy to get only person get the only company to get out of that.

The minimum is get up to employees and be doing least $5000 year in sales with $15 minimum. Our minimum wage up from like 725 will have huge ramifications, cost a lot of jobs. It'll help some people get out of poverty. Be sure but this can be a lot of low income people that make that also there going to businesses in order to maintain the bottom line or net to change their structure because you're gonna double their cost of a lot of their employees.

Okay, they have those types of employees finds immigration plan on and on and on skates on the stuff going on.

By the way, did you notice today if you want it and watch it. I did one of the things it's good to be interesting as I but the national anthem will be back in style now is not to be as much kneeling, most likely because what that ultimately about I think is more about a worldview and political agenda than anything else. So if all of a sudden you have the White House and you appear to have Congress you might not want to make as much trouble for your team. So Lady Gaga was out there today doing they the Star-Spangled Banner national anthem when she's got a great voice right. It was a stirring rendition and she looked like she was right, had a hunger games, so she walked out is like there's everybody else and how they're dressed in his Lady Gaga that she had this big job with what the fig leaf or something in the dove's mouth huge thing on her chest up up near her neck and a look if you're ever watched hunger games look just like Pan Am which was the capital of the longer games world and they had like a little mocking Jay was the insignia was just kind of using covert reporting will lessen definitely the 1776 project.

Like I mentioned is gone already. So if you want to copy that I've a PDF. I can email it to you okay cancel culture that's going to continue to ramp up to deer about Mike Lindell. Now I get I get sick of my pillow commercials. Okay, truth, truth telling. Here they're all over the place but now you're not can it be seeing my pillow in Bed Bath & Beyond and Coles and wayfarer online they're dropping it so the cancel culture thing even though Pres. Biden is talking about unity. That's not can it that's what those are just words. That's not can be the play and there really can use January 6 two continue to sow discord in the nation and use it because if you're not for the Biden agenda then you're like the people that storm the capital, you're either or is only one camp or the other.

That's why this is gonna get played and I know that because the political history and human depravity with those two things together. That's what you get, but these good cheer. Don't let your heart be troubled when you hear Hannity say that is just quoted you let your heart be troubled.

Be not dismayed member who you are always a bigger plan of plaintiff Steve Noble Noblesville will be right back, so please go to the Facebook page. Normal children for life right now. You and I just put a couple of links up. We had our friends on from yesterday education first alliance which is your North Carolina trying to pull hundreds of kids out of public school system and and provide scholarships and help them plus training for kids in learning about the actual history the nation and unbiased straightforward look at our country as well as boot camps for parents. They're doing all kinds of things. I'm just encouraging you get involved love life still doing love life live every Saturday and then were to be having people coming back to the abortion clinics across America soon go to love that will be talk about that more as we move into February. So don't. I think there's think it's fine to limit I think it's fine to be can it be to work through your anger and your disappointment.

I would encourage you not to shake your fist at God because Joe Biden is not in there without God allowing it to remember that you got a trust in but do something they don't just sit around and complain all nation full of apathetic complainers. Don't be one of them engage find something asked the Lord to show you where you can server you can give really can make a difference. That's what is good. You think God's gonna hold you accountable for the state of the nation.

He isn't what he is going to hold you accountable for every word that comes out of your mouth, including my own. I'll be held account for every word written and spoken tweeted whatever posted and I messed that up on a regular basis to be held accountable for all that document cost me my salvation. Praise the Lord but find a way to serve and to give in to be a good Christian witness, especially if things get bad and I believe they will hear the nation on a lot of different levels. What a great opportunity to shine the light of Jesus Christ and be salt and light into work for things that the government can't get in the way of a lease not yet know who are you mentor and who are you praying with who are you serving. How are you engage with the poor. The poor is all over the old and New Testament that's close to God's heart, the poor and the downtrodden, the fatherless, the widow, me, what are we doing on that front may be spent as much time serving as we do posting or free spends much time praying is posting well.

We would be a force to be reckoned with. I think so. That's what I'm in a continue to do here in the show is up try to get as many different ministries and things and so that you can know what God is doing out there and I'm knocking to talk about politics every day, talked about it a lot.

For the last for five months because of where were at what's been going on but I want to start turning the corner again fire up theology Thursday every week again and in that talk about just going to dig into the Bible and dig in the theology because that's should be the foundational issue. Gotta make sure your theology is healthy and good and biblical and then on the things that the world will throw at you will bounce off because you're going to have a shield. Have a belt. I have a spear or sword, and you're gonna have a helmet and you can have the right shoes on. Okay you can have your Ephesians 6 get up ready to go, which gotta make sure your theologies healthy and like Anita just sent a Facebook like the dark Parker gets, the brighter God's light shines. Amen. So take advantage okay. I saw this the other day I wanted to finish with this. And then, tomorrow and Friday am to spend some time opening up the phones because I want to give you an opportunity to discuss a voice what you thinking what you're feeling, I want to deny you that doesn't happen. Normally you know you're tuned in and all the different shows talkshow stuff on digital stuff online and listen to what everybody else thinks about but I like to listen to what you think so many do that tomorrow and probably again on Friday to open up the phones to talk about this transition were dealing with America and I'm trying to really hold myself back on talk about Q and on it and all these people that were prophesying this and prophesying that then I expect for a lot of folks adjusting to change it well you know there's there's something else go. This is all exactly what and then there's coming next time I'm just I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. Anybody that's down that road queuing on are you struggling with all these prophetic voices that things that they've prophesied are coming true. Just let let's go back where it where you studying the most what you what your intake what's most of our intake as it filtered through biblical worldview. If you don't have a strong biblical worldview, you're not filtering while you're getting all kinds of garbage in their so this would be a good time to get back into the word of God. Okay, you lose your political control, which is a conservative. We just did stay in the game but advance your faith sure up your foundation get back to the word of God. Seven. True as you need to cling to in a divided nation of that's is really good to go through the seven before we run a time seven truths to cling to. While the nation is divided. This is in a blog post, so I'll put it up as well. God loves us all number one God loves us all. The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Psalm 1038.

There are no exceptions here dear friend Christ died for the entire world and it does not matter where you stand on the political spectrum. God's passion is the same. I put that up on Facebook earlier today and Mike listen, this is a devastating political loss, but the me the big problem is still most people are hell bound.

Most people are lost not the right of the left lost eternally lost.

God loves us all and like us. He is always full of mercy and grace is slow to anger and anchored in an unending love.

He wants everyone to come to him and experience freedom in its most beautiful form absolutely true and we as God's children especially are called to love others like he loves us one number two God is our competent hope and he won't disappoint. I know you feel disappointed today, but we have to deal with that and trust God with that.

I pray that God, the source of hope will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with competent hope to power the Holy Spirit.

That's Romans 1513 Anytime We Pl. our hope in anything besides our creator, we will be disappointed right don't you know that we all know that now.

Right place you open your help please your help and your family. Place your hope in your job.

Place your hope in your 401(k), your net worth. Place your hope in Q and on place your hope in a profit. Disappointed.

That's is the deal candidates, leaders, government systems or ideas of getting outside of Jesus will fade only look to God as the source of hope will be filled with peace and joy because our confidence rests in our let lasting relationship with him is our rock won't be shaken the same yesterday today and forever. Right is your house built on that rock where you really get blown about by the winds here lately. Check your foundation. Number three. Jesus is supreme and victory belongs to him.

Amen. Now he is far above any rule or authority or power leader anything else, not only in this world but also in the world to come.

God is put all things under the authority of Christ is made him head over all things for the benefit of the church. It's Ephesians 121 to 22 when I watch people to blogger rights rush at the capital this first ring through my mind. The enemy wants us to remain divided and stir up hate within, but the devil is Artie been defeated because of Christ's death on the cross, we should be focused on the victory of Jesus and he stormed the gates of hell all authority and powers been given to our Savior and it does not matter who sits in the Oval Office are in receipt of earthly leadership. Jesus rains and Satan doesn't stand a chance. The devil will work tirelessly to make us forget who was already one, but we know who sits on the throne in our loyalty lies with him. I like to put it this way. This is a dustup. This is a dustup mission. The wars already one. Jesus said it is finished, and it is now just a dustup mission. Naomi got a deal. The enemy not garbage but one day Jesus come back and that all that stuff will be done so rumor that never forgot. Children need to pursue unity in Christ. Therefore I the prisoner of the Lord as you walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you open call with all humility and gentleness with patients. Man I really need bearing with one another in love.

Being diligent to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

There is one body and one spirit, just as you all are called in one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all, whose overall and through all and in no Ephesians 4126 you know you don't sacrifice truth for unity, but I think a lot of us of just chucked unity out the window because of politics. Can we get together worship the Lord and study his word and love on one another and serve one another without bringing up politics. Yeah, we should be able to. That's a beautiful thing. That's if you're going back to an open church like we are we going going across assembly here in Raleigh used to be called RFA. I tell you what.

When I go in there on Sundays and I'm worshiping the Lord of other brothers and sisters in Christ, not all of whom voted the same way I did.

It takes me away is that Calgon take me away. I it takes me away from all this earthly garbage. It's this great beautiful respite. This rest area from the troubles of this world that comes to the bond of Jesus the body of Christ in the unity that we find when were all looking at the same source of truth on MSNBC or box or whatever that this commentator that counter the word of God. It's only event in this crazy mixed up messed up world that were all playing off the same sheet of music we might apply it differently, but will be get into the word of appraising the same Lord with our mouths and with our spirits men. That's so healthy it's so good. Satan is done a fantastic job putting believers against each other.

The sake of politics. Like it said here.

We don't need to agree on everything, but we do need to be kind, I need to hear this. We don't need to trust everyone but we do need to forgive society wants us to find each other. According to our political party, but the only definition that matters is whether were a treasure child of God or not there are Democrats who are Christians just like the Republican believers to if we say otherwise were choosing judgment which is meant to be handled by God instead were called to stand together in one spirit, with one purpose fighting together for the sake the good news.

Number five got the ultimate judge in payback belongs in never pay back evil with more evil do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable do all that you can to live in peace with everyone while dear friends, never take revenge leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scripture say I will take revenge. I will pay them back, says the Lord.

Romans 12 number six. Do not fear even as things get uglier. The Lord is my light, my salvation whom shall I fear nobody Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid. Psalm 27 one beautiful point number seven.

Fix your mind on what is eternally true for our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs the last for ever look at the troubles we can see now rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.

For the things that we now see will soon be gone things and cannot last forever. Second Corinthians 4 1718.

While Ms. Harding hits our homes in crisis compounds or nations encouraging to know these things will not always be so.

Amen. Amen and amen that seven screws and a divided nation will put that up on the Facebook page. This is Steve Noble and God willing, we'll talk again real soon. My dad always used to say is ever for

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