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The Purge Begins?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 11, 2021 12:55 pm

The Purge Begins?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 11, 2021 12:55 pm

The Purge Begins?

Join Steve today as he talks about the state of the nation as the social media purge begins and what all this could mean for our country. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble okay the Vatican hope it's happening in Italy, they took down the facility and I don't know Ukraine.

Abide facility and then trump both address the nation at 130 was shipment of martial law by now trader by www.yada yada all that stuff you know I'm I'm I don't know about you, welcome back. This is Steve Noble Steve Noble show coming to you live from my studio here in Raleigh all by myself. Still, because still fighting the coalbed started a week ago Sunday, so my production assistant will be back in here on Wednesday after we have the official all clear button press somewhere by Pope algae out of whatever I don't know that's that's the least of our problems in America, but the purge has begun to have you noticed where is this going to go. How long is the last.

How deep does it run how dangerous is it to conservatives and specifically to well people like me and people like you as conservative Bible thumper's people that name. The name claim exclusivity through Jesus Christ. The veracity and truth of the Bible you know radical fringe elements, stuff like that and but none of that.

If your house is built on the rock should ultimately throw you, you should be freaking out you losing sleep.

I don't know maybe a little bit concerned for your nation. That's fine be a patriot. That's good and care for your neighbor, absolutely.

But if this stuff completely wrecking you, then I would just encourage you to get back to your foundation.

I would ask you what is your foundation and be very careful. Maybe you just need to take a pushback from the table and not dying so much on everything that were getting right now I'm not saying it is an important. I'm not saying it isn't a big deal. I'm not saying it is a dangerous it isn't. The only thing, and if you edit the whole of your Christian life is wrapped up in what happens to the United States of America than I think you're selling your Christian life short is a whole lot more to being fought a follower of Jesus Christ and there is that can be found in your residency as a citizen of United States of America. Okay, that just needing to say that so get a bunch of stuff going on here today.

Of course, the purge going on was going to get to me. I'm still having Sam a small frying compared to the people in the institutions that the purge is affecting the purge being now there's this whipped up frenzy. The phrase domestic terrorism is catching fire out. Now you can even speak and analogous language or metaphorical language right because now what what what you say Steve I think could burn something down.

No you idiot. That's not what I'm saying so sorry and so that's going on, and so when it started with the president not spread out from there obviously not parlors suing Amazon for suspending the app from the cloud service claims antitrust violation or breach of contract. That's just one part of it but it started with Pres. Tromp, of course, and I want to get into this because are using some of this language in this a sham impeachment which is like Nancy Pelosi's part time job is figure out a way to impeach the Tromp anybody else that gets in the way of the liberal agenda now as this expands out beyond trump right so you get this what the Pres. Tromp Twitter, of course, suspended forever. At this point, Facebook two weeks off, probably forever. Read it got rid of a bunch of Donald Jones Donald Trump sub Raddatz twitch I disabled his channel shop.

If I which it what so you want to buy a mega hat can do that in workshop if I cleaning everything out purging everything trump Google. Of course, pull parlor July parlors suit suing Amazon, Google play and the Apple pulled parlor. From there app stores. Gotta get rid of them. Why, because on parlor, they believe in free speech even though sometimes that speech is uncomfortable. Okay, now there's people making direct threats.

Go ask a Ben Shapiro. That's why the hypocrisy of the left here in big tech is a joke. Ben Shapiro was the most threatened person and on Twitter in 2016 and they did next to nothing.

I mean threatened to kill him anti-somatic kill the Jew right kill this conservative Jew. He was the number one threatened person on Twitter in 2016. Not a whole lot happened right so you got YouTube. YouTube is now etc. relating accelerating their enforcement of anybody putting a video up that's calling the election into question Instagram two weeks are probably forever for Tromp Snapchat same thing Apple like I said remove parlor from the app store stripe.

This is where this gets really scary and really end times this fast stripe won't process payments the trunk campaign so you get how far is this purge going to go now when you look at Twitter especially.

Hey they've made their print tweets.

And there still are tweets from the leadership of Iran, where they routinely arrest, imprisonment chemically castrate and kill homosexuals where they talked about wiping Israel off the planet off the face of the planet. Okay taking that's that's evil intent on international scale.

It's not of the present United States and he looks good on the Protest and Fight like Hell, His Language, Not Mine Inlet That That's One Thing but but Israel and the Leader Is Not. They Live in the Real Sorry and Still Fighting Tobit or Iran in the Ayatollah Can Still Tweet and Talk about Wiping Israel off the Map, Which Is Genocide Know It We Can Leave Them on Their and Then of Course China China Government Threats and Talking about All the Craziness That They Do in Communist China Know They Can Keep Tweeting but Not the President, and Sooner or Later, Perhaps, Not You, Not Me.

I Mean Your Little Fish on a Little Fish. For the Most Part but Is Going to Get There PGA until 2022. They Yank That from the from the PGA Championship from Trump National Who Cares That There's People There with a Job. Who Cares That There's People There Trying to Put Their Kids in School Who Cares That There's People There Employed by Tromp International That Have Nothing to Do at Donald Trump's Policies What He Says. What He Doesn't Say What He Does What He Doesn't Do but Now Anybody Could That Be Me. I Mean I Had a Bunch of People from the Trunk Campaign on This Show in the Last Four Weeks of before the Election on November 3. Does That Make Me a Domestic Terrorist Because I Shared My Group My Platform with Them. I Gave Them a Voice. Did I Throw My Shoulder to That Plow That Insurrectionist Plow My Inciting That Was Going on Here.

It All Depends on Who's in Control Rights on the Tickets Are a Bunch of Stories There. But Let's Start with That and Some Definitions Okay so They Officially Have This 17th Congress First Session Resolution Impeaching Donald J Tromp Present United States for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. We like What so I Meditate on That I Got It Right Here.

I'll Take You into That Phenomena Talk about a Couple of Terms That We Need to Understand. Like Insurrection, Citing More Backup to Be with Her Hat Time Pushed Back from the Table a Little Bit. Are You Gorging Yourself on Social Media. The News Day. Everything Going on. We Need to Stay Alert, but Don't Be Idolatrous about It. Don't Sell Your Joy As a Follower of Christ, and I Hope You Are 1 W Born Again Christian Bought and Paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Don't Sell That Joy down the River for a Bowl of Stew like Esau Did Okay Act like Your Whole Christian Life Is Wrapped up in What Happens to the United States Of America.

Most of the Body of Christ Doesn't Even Live Here. Remember That in from a Kingdom Perspective. The Kingdom Tends to Thrive and Expand More Radically underneath Very Adverse Conditions. Not That I Would Pray for That. But If That's What's Coming Our Way.

As Were Looking at This Purge of Conservative Voices and Platforms Then I Say Bring It on. Okay, Bring It on. I Want to Be about My Father's Business, Not about the Republican Business the Conservative Business. The United States Business Owner Be about My Father's Business Okay Now.

Sometimes That Overlaps with What's Going on in the Political World. Obviously, and That's Fine, but the Purge Is Happening.

How Long Is Going to Last and Who's Going to Get Caught up in It. I Mean, Odds Are Your Smaller Fish Than I Am and I'm a Really Small Fish Compared to the Big Fish That Are Dealing with It Right Now and People Jumping off a Twitter and and It's a Battle and Get Used To It Because This Isn't Going to Slow down Anytime Soon. It's Not Going to Slow down Here Is Not to Slow down. Now It's Not in a Slowdown in the Next Two or Four Years since Talking to Slow down until Jesus Comes Back, Suggests Gird up Your Loins and Be Ready for All That Okay Right Let's Do a Little Constitutional Study Here and Make Sure We Understand Truth Even Though the Left Doesn't Want Us to Talk about These Things Come and Get Me. I'll See You When You Get Right so This Is the House Of Representatives 7/117 Congress Resolution Impeaching Donald J.

Tromp, John Tromp Present at Six for High Crimes and Misdemeanors Shall Have the Sole Power of Impeachment. Further, Section 3 of the 14th a Memo to the Constitution Prohibits Any Person Who Has It Cortical and Engage in Insurrection or Rebellion against the United States from Holding Any Office under the United States. What Donald J Tromp Engage in High Crimes and Misdemeanors by Inciting Violence against the Government of the United States.

How Did He Do That, Let's Talk about This for Second Insurrection What Is Insurrection. According to the Still Matters. The Law of the Land. Okay, United States Of America Will That's 18 US Code 2323 on Rebellion or Insurrection Which Says the Following, Just in Case You're Wondering about Truth Which Is What I'm All about. Here Whoever Incites Will Get to That Word and Second Sets on Foot Assists or Engages in Any Rebellion or Insurrection against the Authority of the United States of the Laws Thereof or Gives Aid or Comfort Thereto, Shall Be Fined under This Title or Imprisoned Not More Than 10 Years, or Both, Shall Be Incapable of Holding Any Office under the United States. Okay, so Insurrection Trying to Literally Overthrow the Government. Is That What Happened Last Wednesday When They Trying Overthrow the Government Know If That Was Their Way of Overthrowing the Government by Jumping into One Particular Building That Represents One Third of the Three Branches of Government Going in There and Acting like a Bunch Idiots Doing Some Property Damage Stealing Stop Breaking in Harming People People Have Died A Lot Of Horrendous Things. As a Result of That but but Was That Their Goal Was to Take over the Government.

United States Of America Is in Insurrection, of Course Not.

I Think There Was A Lot Of Different Goals Involved Including Antifog Paid Agitators As Well As Some Trump Followers That Were Stupid Enough to Go in There and They All Should Be Punished. Cards on the Table and Not Starting out Rounding up People All over the Place. There's Some Cueing on Whack Jobs. There's Some BLM Whack Jobs There Some Trump Idolaters Type Whack Jobs Are Any of Them Christian. I Don't Know. Do You, by the Way, for Sure, Everybody's Acting like They Have Full Possession of Knowledge There Claiming, Thus Saith That, Thus Saith the Other Thing Does Say It's in Italy It's the Vatican It's the Pope It's the Buying Compound over There in Ukraine. This Is That Steve This Is That He's Declaring Martial Law. A Lot Of People Think They Know Everything Seems to Me like We Know Much at All. We Don't Know Much at All.

Right Now, Confusion, Darkness, Chaos. Yup, the Devil Is Afoot Have A Lot Of Fun with All This, but What Is It Mean to Incite How Do You Incite That Means to Encourage or Stir up Violent or Unlawful Behavior to Urge or Persuade Someone to Act in a Violent or Unlawful Way.

Let Me Ask You a Question Based on the First Amendment. Is It Unlawful to Gather and Complain about Your Government Is Not As It Unlawful to Petition Your Government for a Redress of Your Grievances. It Is Not Overprotected Things in the First Amendment Is an Unlawful to Go Make a Big Noise and Be a Jerk outside of a Government Building. Most Likely It Isn't. There Might Be Some City Ordinances and Things like That. But Is That Unconstitutional. It Is Not. So What Trump Tell Him to Do a Work in a March down to the Cup of the Living Room and Protester to Fight like Hell Fight like Hell. By the Way, Is a Euphemism.

All That Is Is Is a Metaphorical Statement Is Hyperbole. Hey, I'm in a I'm in a Fight like Heck for My Family. I'm in a Fight like Heck for My Wife to Beale That Finish Her Five Semesters of Training to Become a Sonographer to Do Sonograms, Fight like Heck for That Steve Set up Violent Statement of Course Not. So This Whole Thing on Its Face Is Ridiculous.

Okay and Eddie on Facebook like Yeah They've Got about 6000 National Guard in DC Now 6000 Which by the Way the Breakdown in Leadership and Clear Thinking. Aside from Politics Is Being Exposed All over the Place in DC about the National Guard and the Assumption Why Don't We Have More People There. Of Course That Now Get Again. We Could Do This at Nausea Every Day. Okay Yes, the Police Move Some Gates in Some Places and Were Rather Welcoming to Some People in Some Parts of the Capital and Other Parts of the Capital There Picking up Bats and All Kinds of Stuff Busting Their Way in.

It's Not One Thing Fits the Whole Narrative. There's A Lot Of Different Narratives Going on Here A Lot Of Different Stories, A Lot Of Different Players, so Can't We All Just Have a Little Bit a Humility and Actually Quit Making Such Declarative Statements. This Is like a Big Big Casserole What Happened Last Wednesday and There's a Bunch of Different Ingredients. There and It's Going to Take Some Time to Pull That Apart.

If We Actually Can If Anybody's Willing to but What about That Old Document Known As the Constitution Okay Well There's Alan Dershowitz.

Harvard Law Professor Who Actually Was on the Trump's Defenders Didn't Vote for Trump before in the Previous Resolution to Impeach the President. Quote the Case Cannot Come to Trial in the Senate Because the Senate Has Rules and the Rules Would Not Allow the Case to Come to Trial until According to the Majority Leader until 1 PM on January 20 an Hour. The President Trump Leaves Office.

That's on Their Meeting Next in the Constitution. Pacific Specifically Says the President Shall Be Removed from Office upon Impeachment Doesn't Say the Former President, Congress Has No Power to Impeach or Try a Private Citizen When There Be a Private Citizen Named Donald Trump or Named Barack Obama, or Anyone Else. Despite Broad Justified Condemnations of His Words.

Trump Never Actually Called for Violence Is down Dershowitz or Riots. But Here's His Supporters to March on the Capital Raise Their Opposition to the Certification of Electoral Votes in the Back. The Recent Challenges Made by A Few Members of Congress Is That an Impeachable Offense Doesn't Matter Constitutionally Anymore. Steve Days Are Good Friend from the Blaze A Few Weeks Back Said That Were No Longer a Nation of Laws Were Nation of Political Will, Not a Nation of Laws, the Nation of Political Will Think on That Twitter Has the Political Will Amazon Does Google Does Democrats to Republicans Usually Not so Much on the Political Will Freda Houston to Make Him Look They're Afraid of a Fight over There. I Said That Word Sorry Political Will, Rather Than Lot 21 Will Be Right Back Back Pay.

I'm Going to Do to Support Other People. I Appreciate You Listen to the Show. I Appreciate All of You Live and Stand Facebook Live Will Keep Using Facebook As Long As I Can until They Throw Us off. I'm Not a Big Enough for Us Would like 100,000 People on Facebook That Are Part of the Radio Show Platform That's Not Facebook Live but You Know a Good Facebook Live for Us Will Get for 5000 Views, Success, Abuse of Mike Occasionally Is Blown up beyond That Depends on the Gas, Things of That Nature, but for the Most Part There Concentrating on All the Big Fish Right Now and Not One of Them. But the Work Their Way down and through the System and Decide Who They're Going to Identify As Being Dangerous to the Nation and Somebody That They Would Want to Label Dangerous and Those Are Pretty Much Concern Is Rumor Big Tack before You Go Back into 1980 and You Could Maybe Make a Case That Big Business Was Mostly Aligned with Republicans but You Have To Go Back to about 1980 Did Not Anymore Baby Not Don't Pull Your Head Out Of the Sand Is Big Business and Big Money Is Mostly Aligned with Liberals, the Elite Okay Not Just Here in America but around the World.

So All Of A Sudden You're As Accrued As a Conservative Your Public Enemy Number One. They Can Paint You with Any Trump Support Because It Trumps an Insider in an Insurrectionist Will Obviously You Are. If You Believe the Election Was Stolen.

Your Didn't Know Better, No Worse Than Him.

You're Just As Much of a Problem Is Him and so We Need to According to the ABC Guide. I Mentioned This Tweet on Friday. There Did Turn around and Rewrote It. The Internet Needs to Be Cleansed of People like Us Cleansed, Where We Heard That Kind of Phraseology before Clans, to Cleanse the Internet of People like Hello People like Trump Okay Expand That Conservatives There Were Bad Were Dangerous Were Crazy. We Are the Problem. We Are in Fact Were Public Enemy Number One.

And so You Have To Go after Us Right and Big Tech. This Is Look at Look at How Our Lives Run through Big Tech Mold. Not My Phone Here in the Studio May How Much of My Life Is Done on This IPhone. Every Day a Big Chunk of It Said to Say and Then Facebook Live around There Right Now. Donations Coming through the Internet.

Yada Yada Yada.

On and on and on a Ghost Who Controls All That Stuff. Could They Control Whether You Could Buy or Sell. They Could Not Whereby Her Decadent Story before You Need to Have Some Kind of a Mark in Order to Buy and Sell All That's Right, I Read That in the Bible.

How Interesting. This Is Really Scary. Ben Shapiro Mentioned This Are: Let Me Finish That Thoughts Are of a Little All over the Place Still Fight in the Cold. You Need to Support Alternatives Okay Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire Right I Mean I Have Their Highest Level of Subscription. There Get News There Commentary There. I Also Subscribed to the Blaze Button.

I Don't Make Any Money on This Stuff Is Going on in Christian Radio. So Not Here to Make Much Money. So the Blaze Glenn Beck in All His Guys, Steve Days, That's Where He's at Daily Wire and I Also Subscribed Bill O'Reilly like Bill O'Reilly Lot While Stevie like Bill O'Reilly Did This, Then Oh Okay He Was without Sin Cast the First Okay so I Subscribed All Three of Those Websites and Those Are Independent Operators Now and You Have To Support Things like That. That's Picture Becoming Becoming More Obvious to All the Time Why and This Is from the X Axis Just Great Little Overview Here Ben Shapiro References Earlier Today. Republicans Come to Grips with Powerlessness Everywhere, Republicans Are Losing Power.

Power Matters Most. At the National Level in Politics. Media Technology in the Workplace. By the Way, That's Not New White Matters. Republicans Often Felt Mistreated When They Had Real Power in the Form of the Presidency and Senate Watch Fox News or Listen to Ben Shapiro and You Will See and Hear How This New Isolation Will Feed Republican Worries and Grievances in the Months Ahead. Tucker Carlson Warned on Fox Tens of Millions of Americans Have No Chance They're about to Be Crushed by the Ascendant Left Than I'm down That Road As Well. Democrats Will Soon Control the White House, Senate and House.

They Already Dominate Most Mainstream Newsrooms Own Big Tech Companies and Often Band Together inside Corporations to Force Politically Motivated Decisions. Republicans Will Be Left with Mitch McConnell Is a Party Leader of a 50-50 Senate Primetime on Fox News and the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page. Most Importantly, the Right Has the Supreme Court Which Might Prove to Be the One Reliable Counterbalancing Majority Power at the State Level Will See Conservatives Long Ago.

Listen to This Lost so Many Key Institutions That Define the National Conversation Including Culture Media and Higher Education. Let's Stop There for a Second Okay Culture Media and the High and Higher Education, Culture, All This Stuff Is Downstream from Culture. We Lost Culture. When We Stop Investing in the Culture and Start Investing in Ourselves and Our Churches and Our Little Our Little Clicks Right Out Of Little Evangelical Christian. Click Take Care Of Me Myself and I Was like That for A While and You Lose the Culture Politics Is Downstream from Culture, Politics, and Set Culture Politics Is Downstream from Culture. So As We Bless the Culture and America's Secular Secularize More and More and More It Goes Left Secular Goes Left, Because It's It Catapults Any Notion of Absolute Truth out the Door, Which by the Way, Enables the Human Sin Nature and Autonomy Is the Name of the Game and We Been Fight. Not since We Got Kicked Out Of the Garden so There's Nothing New Going on. There's Nothing New under the Sun. Okay, so Here's Some Other Stories Power Drunk Democrats Join CNN and Lobbying to Ban Fox News from the Airwaves Scene and Street Media Correspondent Brian Stelter Because They Tell the Truth All the Time Called for Action in His Newsletter Claiming That Dishonest Companies That Profit off of Disinformation Conspiracy Theory Such As Fox News Need to Be D Platform Is Not Funny to Hear That from CNN. We Regularly Discuss What the Big Tech Companies Have Done to Poison the Public Conversation by Providing Large Platforms to Bad-Faith Actors Live Mislead and Promote Conspiracy Theories.

Stelter Wrote but What about TV Companies That Provide Platforms to Network Networks Such As Newsmax One American News and Yes Fox News See They Got a Go. After All That Stuff. The Washington Post Ran Multiple Columns on Friday That Shifted Some of the Blame for Wednesday's Riot on Conservative Media. This Would Never Happen If Fox News Only and Newsmax Mark Live in the Daily Wire and All the Rest Had Not Been Spreading Poisonous Lies to Allege That the Election Was Stolen. One Article by Max Boot Read Quote the Proton Media World Peddled the Lies That Fueled the Capital Mop Fox News Led the Way.

Read the Headline to Another Washington Post Column. So That's Going on.

Here's Another One. This One's Really Crazy Top Tech Foundation D Platforming Not Enough Entire Internet Needs to Change after Capital Incursion. This Was in the Western Journal Mozilla, the Founder and Developer of the Popular Free Web Browser Firefox Published a Blog Post on Friday. Quote There's No Question That Social Media Played a Role in the Siege and Takeover of the US Capital and Generate Six Which by the Way, That's What Couple Hours. Mozilla Said in a Blog Post since since There's Been Significant Focus on the D Platforming of Pres. Donald Trump Well Means the Question of When to D Platform Had a State Is a Critical One among Many That Must Be Addressed. When Should Platforms Make These Decisions That Decision-Making Power Theirs Alone. Apparently so That's Me Back to This Article, but As Reprehensible As the Actions of Donald Trump Are the Rampant Use of the Internet to Foment Violence and Hate and Reinforce White Supremacy Is about More Than Any One Personality.

Of Course, It's Always about Skin Color. Always Donald Trump Is Certainly Not the First Politician to Exploit the Architecture of the Internet in This Way He Will Be the Last We Need Solution Was Essentially Called Everyone Who Don't. Didn't Vote for Democrats of Last Election Races Been Advocated for More Censorship and More Voter Disenfranchisement for Conservatives Who Artie Pay so Much Discrimination in Their Daily Life, Politically Speaking, the Company Said It's Time to Unmask Who Is Paying for Advertisements. Listen, This How Much They Are Paying Who Is Being Targeted at Sounds an Awful Lot like Abdication for Detoxing People. Surely That Will Be Misused and Unevenly Applied Dock Things and You Cannot Tell People Hey This Is a Hey This Steve Noble Guy. He's a Problem. Here's Where He Lives His Phone Number at What It Means to Doctors Docs People Okay Get This One.

This One Had a Little Closer to Home for Me Talk Radio Owner Orders Conservative Host to Temper Election Fraud Rhetoric. This Was in the Washington Post Today. After Months of Stoking Anger about Alleged Election Fraud. One of America's Largest Talk Radio Companies Is Decided on an Abrupt Change of Direction Cumulus Media so They Have Shapiro the Van Dan by Gino, Which Employs Some of the Most Popular Rightly Leaning Talkshow Host in the United States Has Told Us on Your Possible Personalities to Stop Suggesting That the Election Was Stolen from Pres. Trump or Else Face Termination. We Need to Help Induce National Comb Now, Brian Phillips, Executive Vice President of Content for Cumulus, Wrote an Internal Memo Cumulus and Its Program Syndication Arm Westwood One" Will Not Tolerate Any Suggestion That the Election Has Not Ended. Election Is Been Resolved and There Are No Alternate Acceptable Paths Memo Ads If You Transgress This Policy. You Can Expect to Separate from the Company Immediately. So If Your Opinion Differs Even If You Have a Great Case but You Want to Espouse Your Opinion. First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Even If You're an Idiot. Then Wolf Fire You Dig This One, Missouri Congressman Congresswoman Cory Bush. She Tweeted This out on January 9 or She Will Be D Platform. Yes, It's the 14th Amendment and It's Why Am Introducing a Resolution Resolution to Investigate and Expel the Members Who Attempted to Overturn the Presidential Election and Incited a White Supremacist Coup Attempt and Everything's about Skin Color. So If You're White Intersects Analogy and Critical Race Theory. You're a Big Part of the Problem Here Skin Colors Look at Your Skin Is a Caucasian This Whitish You're a Part of the Problem Simply Based on the so She Was Used To Forcing the Memo, Which I Referenced Earlier. That's with a Reference for Prompt Say These Guys Are Guilty of Insurrection Because They Wanted to Check Nuts Will Be Right Back. American Grocery. I Know Today by All of Us.

That May Be on a Daily Basis.

Now We Should Push Back from the Table a Little Bit and Not Have Such an Enormous Diet of the News of the Day and and so and in Order to Kind of Put My Money Where My Mouth Is, so to Speak, Organize, Switch Gears Here in the Last Segment of the Show. It Is a Monday. I Which for Those of You That Are Newer to the Program Either on Radio or Facebook Why the Last Segment of the Show on Mondays. We We Talk about Something Else That the Lord Has Spoken Much about Because He Knows Our Hearts. He Knows the Things That We Struggle with the Bible Talks A Lot about Money and Possessions.

More Specifically about Money, Possessions Than Even Things like Faith or Prayer. Go Look It up to the Numbers.

I Know for Yourself Because God Knows We Struggle at That Issue and As We Walk into. We Were Talking to David Fisher Last Week When We Did of a Full Money Monday Show Together to Kick off the Year. Last Week We Were Wondering, David, Welcome Back. What's It Gonna Look like If in Fact the Democrats Take over the Senate. That's Exactly What's Happening and I and so This Will Continue to Be 2021 Starting to Make 2020 Look like a Relatively Simple Year. Anyway, Great to Hear from You.

How Are You Going I'm Not Ever Give up Her Commercial Partner Recently with What Have All Help in Book Book Will Go through Bistro Flight Code of the Lord Is on the Throne, No Matter What, That's Right Exactly Right. It's so Nice to Have That Reality Which Should Be the Basis of Our of Our Walk through This Life Is the Foundation That You Built on so with the Money Monday Updates. We Always Start with a Passage of Scripture in Matthew 16, This Time so Let's Start There in the Will Dive in the What's Going on in the Markets. Every Little Bit More Longer Neutral Than This Kind of Normal, but She Began Asking His Disciples, Saying, Quote You Saved up the Son Of Man Is That They Said That Some St. John the Baptist Others Say Elijah, but Others Jeremiah or One of the Prophets, He Said to Them, but Who Do You Say I Am, and Simon Peter Answered and Said, Thou Art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Just like Osos Followers of Christ. Even Back in Biblical Days When Jesus First Came into Ministry People out Who Is This Guy in the Same Questions Were Being Asked Today Uses of Analogy, Whose America and so We People Are Seeing so Many Different Things by Their Words and Also by Their Actions and I Can Go into All about You and Also the Spending Is A Lot Of Differences in the Belief System. We Saw the Writing on the G. Disturbing to Say the Least. Life Have To Be so Compassionate and Be Adamant Saying You Know We Are Stronger Together Than We Are Alone and We We Need to Stand Together and Find What We Have in Common Ground to Believe All the Same. That's Not What Makes up the Church, but We Have One Thing in Common, As the Church That He Is the Christ, We Are One Thing in Common That We Are One Nation under God and We All Were Americans and As We Move Towards That Common Goal. I Believe If There's Any Time That We Have for the Lord to Heal a Nation We Need Healing More Than Ever That I Have Completely Ever Seen in My Close to Six Years Walking on This Earth and That Is My Prayer for Today. Absolutely Completely Greedy and That's Got to Remember When We Are Dealing with Christ. Are We Looking to Jesus Primarily As Somebody That's Going to Save America or Do We Consider Him in Light of Seeing American Saved in Light of the Gospel in Light of the 12 Salvation or Loss in. That's Where We Gotta Keep Him in the Right Place the Right.

The Place That He Rightly Claimed and That He Established in All of Our Hearts and Minds and Lives for Those of Us in Christ Jesus. So a Great Reminder about That Well. The Market Obviously This Is Going to Be an Interesting Ride the Markets up the Market down.

I Think Twitter Was down As Much Is 15% Today. It's Not That Diet Coke like down 7% or so Less Than I Checked It so What's Going on. The Yukon of the Great Financial Debate Is That Is the Market Overvalued and so Wise and Still Moved to the Upside.

If It Is Well Versed Actual Guilt so I Purchased Talks but There Is Also A Lot Of Potential for Downside Adjustment and Lower Valuations and One Should Be Prepared for about Calling the Cops Bubbles Is Really Difficult Especially When the Door for Your Currency Is a Bubble in the Markets Are Trying to Patroller so You Know We Why Do I Say That Because the Global Financial System Is the Biggest Bubble.

We Were Had in the World and the Most Currently Hold $18 Trillion of Negative Yielding an Interest in Order to Create the Most Amount of Yield Negative Yielding to This Year, the Fed Probably Will Misquote Some People David Hunter Strategist Micro Strategist at a Year Ago.

You Can See a Massive Melt up in the Financial Markets Followed by an Equally Tremendous Market Crash and Is Predicting 65 to 80% Crash This Year.

He Loves the Market, but You Think You're Ready for Edward Yardeni Some Book You Were Thinking Is a Long Time, Full of Stocks.

He Worked for Prudential Deutsche Bank Burns like That He Saying Couple Days Ago on CNBC Euphoria's Were the Markets That City Says in an Article December 2 It's Euphoric the Most. Since Bubble, J.P. Morgan Shows December 6 the Market Is Crowded with Trees and the Euphoric Is This Consensus December 15, Wall Street Journal Says Euphoria Triggers since Bank Of America Is Saying a Sell Signal Else Cpl. to More People Should Be Economist, Chief Economist Tobias Liquid Which Said Get Ready Quote 100% Historical Probability of down Markets Coming in the Next 12 Months. At Current Logo, Not 90 Not Good Enough. Possibly 100% Duchess like and Seem to Be That Competent and Sir John Templeton Said Markets Are Born Out Of Pessimism Grown on Skepticism, Mature on Optimism and Die on Your Aporia in the Words That You Don't Want to Say That Costs People of the Most Amount of Money Is Quote This Time It's Different and It's Not Different This Time, Very Careful.

Do Not Put on a Person, Your Money, and Anyone Else in the Class.

In This Environment You Euphoria Is Highly Emotional State, and Not Thinking Clearly, We Talking Don't Make a Bunch of Decisions in Your Highly Emotional, Angry, Broken, Whatever the Same Thing Is True.

Don't Don't Think You're Gonna Ride Euphoria through the Rest of Your Life Because It's Just Ridiculous. And We Can Be Controlled by Emotions.

Yet We See yet That's Pretty Amazing That They Continue to Use That Word over and over Again and Yardeni Is Very Well Respected.

I Mean That with the Guy That Handles Most of Our Investment Information Is Is Big on Yardeni Looks at Your Dear Information All the Time in Very Conservative and so That's Just Fascinating to See What's Going on There. Last Week We Did the Top 10 Predictions Right and Talks about a Fight in the Presidency and Waseca Look-Alike and If They Take over the Senate, Which Both Are Both Things Are Happening so Doing, the so Guy Getting a Race around David and Sarah Crossing Stuff up When We Doing Partially Renewed Adjusted Corporate Going Okay so I Said All 10 Real-Time but I Should Publish $1.2 Trillion in Paper in the System They Did 3.3 Last Year. Scratch That out. Here's the Numbers without Any More Spending 2 Trillion Back. More Coming up 9.8 Billion Stimulus toward Hundred 63 Billion More Stimulus and the Fed Printing 3.2 Trillion at 6.5 Trillion War Was Way off.

That's Twice As Much As They Did Last Year Also Said Completions Can Arise Slightly over 2% Different: We Talked about Him before Big Second Largest Hedge Fund Manager in the World Sit on CNBC Today. Inflation Is Going to Rise above 3% in 2021 and the Last Thing That I Think We Need the Race and Just As the Most Disturbing Should the Government Going to Spend 6 Trillion, and We, like Fast When I Said This What We Feel If This Much Wash Them at 5.5. Keep in Mind We Talk about This Republican or Democrat Senate House President, Democrat, No Resistance for Two Years Helping Midterms by .5 Trillion Is the Budget 2 Trillion Stimulus Chilblains Is Coming out Again. He Said That Two Days Ago All Student Loans. This 1.7 but There Will It down. The One I'm Really Comfortable in These Numbers. Medicare Protocol Is 1.1 Trillion.

The New Green Deal Say Some States 10 Trillion 4 Trillion 100 Trillion Present Trump Should Also Institute Run Will Stick with Biden's Number I Think You Way More Than That in the $2 Trillion Previous Super Infrastructure Bill That Obama Couldn't Pass Because There's Gridlock Trunk When Passed to the Gridlock We All Have Gridlock, That's Being $0.6 Trillion This Year Is Insane How Much My Organist. I Hope I'm Wrong. I'm Not Predicting That. I'm Just Adding the Math up and It Scares Me That You Really Amazing Numbers. What You Start Taking the Brakes off the Car. It Doesn't Matter What 10 Hp. The Car Has Defective It Has No Breaks, Nothing's Going to Stop and It Was Interesting. People Are Always Oftentimes on Monday Monday in the Background. David Asking about Pickling and Crypto and Digital Currency. Let's Make Sure We Talk about That a Little Bit More Next Week, but It Was Interesting to See Pickling Was down like Went from 40,000 to 32,000.

At Least When I Look at This Morning Pretty Wild Stuff and Play Garlic 18% Today on the Play around 20% under Treatment Right Now 20% in Three Days Yeah Just Amazing Fluctuation and We Can Expect That Some of That to Be the New Normal.

As We Push into a New Season or Politically, Which Means a New Season for the Budget for the Financials That We All Need to Be Very Very Careful to Get Similar Information. Education Is David Likes the Same Lands Marked Is the Website. As Always, Lynn the Old-Fashioned Way. David, What's the Phone Number Eight 879-8880 279-8882 Got Bless You Brother.

Thanks for Calling and They Will Talk to My Brother by so Keep Praying Push Back on the Table to Drink Tonight. This Is God Willing

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