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America on the Brink

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January 5, 2021 12:28 pm

America on the Brink

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 5, 2021 12:28 pm

America on the Brink

Today Steve talks about the Georgia runoff election as both parties race for control of the U.S. Senate.


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Everyone views on global show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay not to let the little culvert. I didn't want to go through the official testing with a couple reasons that we had to and and so you get any email back this morning and I you login alike. But here's the deal, everybody might this. I know this might be a shock to you but I'm already on the radar screen.

I been on the radar screen.

The federal government for a while now because I've done enough in politics and activism and international travel in meeting with a couple of interesting foreign dignitaries. One in particular since northern Iraq and so you know, I've been on that radar screen for a while. Not trying to hide and but anyway EE login and the nonzero big black letters detected so I'm on this huge regimen of vitamin C and D3 and zinc and elderberry syrup out it and sleeping a lot and got achy and tired and and feel like I have a cold head of that fever little bit of a fever. Not horrible. I'm up and about in but with everything going on today in Georgia and tomorrow in Washington DC. God is just, you know given me a platform that I need to be responsible to in my personal health if I can manage it, and I can think God is knocking to keep me from getting in here, especially today and tomorrow so that's why I'm sitting here, I just pray for me and my family. If you be so kind and just lift us up as we should be praying for each other and end up for the vast majority of us if you get coven if I get the flu or summer mild version of the flu for five days seven days. 10 days after most people 80% of people I don't even have to go see a doctor in and we know that the mortality rates continue to fall, so it's not like it's a death sentence so don't act like it is is very serious, especially the older you are, the more more court comorbidities you have more health struggles. You have been. It can be very serious and deadly, and there are outlier situations here and there young people for no obvious reason to lease up front that were being told I have actually died from culvert so it's still a big murky mess, but given everything going on today absolutely epic future altering election in Georgia so we need to talk about that were to pray about that okay and will will will do that together and that of course tomorrow what's going on Washington DC starting roughly about 1 PM Eastern time zone to be glued to the screen watching that happen. Then I'll be in here covering dad and then we'll see what happens because they're most likely going to object to six different states. Mike pence.

Most likely is going to have to follow the law and the Constitution on that where they've hit the pause button.

They dispersed to both chambers and who knows what Nancy Pelosi is going to do in the house tomorrow because you got over 100 House Republicans that are objecting in collusion or you could use that word now in collusion with a list of 12 which could grow you got Republican senators US senators yet that one on each side the house in the Senate in order to actually put an objection in in writing. Then they did so then pence is supposed to constitutionally and by law that was passed in late 1800s regarding this is supposed to hit the pause button dispersed to both chambers go argue about it for two hours then come back and in the day, take a separate vote in the Senate you notes will the Republicans actually use their existing majority and say no to any of these states based on what's presented tomorrow, that's a question in the house will Nancy Pelosi even allow them to present an argument or will she just sit there and twirl her nose binder Plexiglas for two hours which she could probably get away with and and then they take a vote and they don't have the votes in the house so they got a come back and then my pencil asked the vote from both the house and the Senate and they both would have to agree.

So here's where it gets interesting.

Depending on the information that is presented tomorrow.

Will it put enough pressure on members of the house. Democrat members of the house at some of my go yeah I don't know that I want to actually put my name on this.

Given what I've just heard over the last couple hours, so this is a massive pressure cooker tomorrow which will handle that when we get to it.

Although I have some stories to talk about it today and then today in Georgia over $500 million in ad buys alone okay. Hilary spent about 580 $580 million across your entire general election running for president 2016 when Donald Trump one and they spent as much. They spent almost as much of that in two months in Georgia, so I imagine people in Georgia are just so done with ads and text messages and everything else, but that's happening now had 3 million+ votes early so this is all got the same concerns that we have now in Georgia with this election that we had with the presidential election, and ravens burger and that that did the DA there and end in what's going on in Atlanta and it's just a colossal mess.

I there's I don't think there's any way really that working to know the outcome of the selection tonight. Polls are open till seven. So if you know anybody in Georgia right minded people. If you know a lefty in Georgia don't call don't text them don't send them anything on social media. Just pray that maybe they sleep through the whole thing. But if you have a right minded friend or family in Georgia. You should be contacting them and saying hey listen you have to do your civic duty, not just first Georgia over the entire country and for our children and our grandchildren because if we if the Republicans win one of these two seats that are up for grabs today then they'll hold the majority to be 5149 okay tight, but they have it. How much they'll use that to block a bite and if he gets in. Will see. I don't trust that much either, but if the Democrats pulled off both of these seats and you get a 50-50 tithing, Harris, assuming they get in on the 20th which I'm not assuming but it right now short of God moving in, and something amazing and literally miraculous happening tomorrow and in the Congress, then that's good to be the deal. And, Harris would be the time breaking vote in Brighton in the left in the new green deal in the squad and all that psycho progressivism would all just get a heyday for two years there be nothing you could do to stop them and what would that cost us as a country, what would it cost us okay that would cost us. Maybe they would work to to get the Northwest ordinance going again. We have seen that in a while and let's get DC in Puerto Rico to be states try we can throw a couple more stars in the flag.

No big deal. And of course are to get four more Democrat over liberal senators for those two places and then let's go ahead and ramrod at L57 more justices to stream court that they control the Senate they can do that to they can do all that stuff before the end of this year. That's how hoarseness election gets afraid to do talking to do for article show happening before. Monumentally important that you you better you better care about Georgia because they've got the runoff election to U.S. Senate seat almost never happens. I can't remember this ever happening in my lifetime but that's just now 20, 21, pull those two together and you got to U.S. Senate seat hanging in the balance.

Right now the balance in the U.S. Senate is 50 to 48, 50 Republicans 40 Democrats so the Republicans win one out of these two seats will retain control now on and out. That's good.

Okay because it's better to have even a bunch of rhinos and controlled the Senate than it is to have a 50-50 tie, which would happen if both Democrats won this election today, which we will know tonight, but if they both will and then you have a 50-50 time, which then assuming a sale. That's just for the sake of the argument Biden N, Harris get sworn in on January 20. Then she has the tie-breaking vote in an end are my friends, all hell is going to break loose in this country and politically okay every little dream and fascination and psycho thought on the left, they will push it all through the Congress, and Joe Biden will sign off on it in the White House for two years. Then God willing never be a tremendous conservative backlash in both the house in the Senate but that's what were talking about tomorrow. Today in Georgia and they had about 3 million 3 million+ early votes which go heavily Democrat Mark Stein is filling in for Rush Limbaugh today. Rush Limbaugh is alleging it to be back out to be great but Mark Stein did some calculations on his own and thinks that the turnout today needs to go 65% Republican for them to build a wet. Now that's not terribly abnormal. By the way, and what's going on when you got early voting versus day of election day of the election. Voting Republicans tend to come out real strong.

We don't really do. Early voting Democrats to early voting. Why I have no idea, but that's the deal. So that's what's going on there. By the way, if you're going up to DC for the there's a whole slew.

There's things going on there today so you happen to be on Facebook live or maybe you're listening on a truth radio app or something.

If you're in DC if you're going to DC.

If you haven't left yet been going there for the most of its gonna be tomorrow.

There's good potential here for enormous enormous crowds, which means potential for unrest anti-file will be there some BLM people proud boys.

We can't control, and this is a mess so we need to potential master. We need to pray, but it is for most people it's an exercise of their First Amendment right to free speech and to gather and to petition the government for redress of grievances. This is just an X in exercise and constitutional Americanism. And that's good. But if you're going. I'd be curious if you're heading up there maybe you're not there right now. I'd love for you to call in and just share with us why you're going what's driving you to do this, and for a lot of people. They probably never gone there. I watch something right right side media early today was covering a rally and they talk to this young man from Portland night and I thought oh no you going to be a plant but but he's a just a young is 20 years of age is from Portland of all places. He flew all the way over never been to DC before and is there to stand up for a president tromp and stand against what he believes is election fraud I believe is a whole lot of that as well and I was like man is 20 and that you said I want people to know that not all people my age are Democrat or not all socialists. I'm here to stand up for my president and I was great so there's people there right now but if you're if you're heading there for you there are any of your heading there tonight or tomorrow. Perhaps I would love for you to call it just share why you're doing what you feel moved to such extent. Believe me, if I didn't have COBIT. I thought about going up there but I also have classes of high school homeschoolers that I'm teaching civics hello in the Constitution, so I think that's probably more important for me to spend that time with them this week. Then the tape basically two days ago to BC I can do that now anyway but Eli love you, and share why you're doing that and what that what you hope to accomplish in and basically what's motivating 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to call and just for that your heading to DC. I want to know it. I want to know why just want you to share and tell the rest of us, then we need to be in prayer for you and everybody else had not there and the people that are already there. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH if you're heading up there to Washington DC for everything going on today, yes, but especially for tomorrow. Couple of things on this was from the epic times that by the way, is a great new site website app epic times EPO CH. I'd strongly recommend you become a member of that is never expensive is from epic times.

This was a commentary by Roger Simon, the ramifications of the Georgia Senate runoff. I know it only get to that after breaking organ right now. Let's pray let's pray together right now over Georgia and I'm also gonna play a prayer from Lance wall.

Now who was on the show couple weeks ago that he did Sunday night on a Facebook group that you can join up with the LinkedIn there and you can just be a part of a global prayer for US election integrity in their and continue to go after tomorrow to keep going okay so I'm will plate Lance's prayer here before the show is over, but I want to pray with you right now over what's going on in Georgia.

But if you're planning to head up to DC or maybe if you're on your way up there right now you're leaving tonight. Whatever I please give is called them to hear from you so you can share with us why you're going 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number a little easier to remember. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or 866-34-TRUTH 878845 a guy we just come to you humbly Lord with her head in her hands and I heard somebody else earlier today and I know Lance said this to the other night. Lord let mercy triumphs over judgment.

Let mercy triumphs over judgment. Lord I know that that we as a nation that Washington DC that politicians on the left as well as the right to serve judgment. Lord we we own that we we offer that up without reservation.

Lord II know that I know for my own life my own walk with you before and after Jesus Christ save me when is born again. I know I deserve judgment, this nation deserves judgment on so many levels. Yet like like my personal resume. There's good, along with the bat this wonderful things that have come out of the out of the soil of United States of America, which was largely founded by people who who get who gave their ascendancy to you in and so father we we we just cry out for mercy rather than judgment and we know mercy is at the center of the gospel.

It is, it is the cross itself is mercy. So we cry out Lord as we pray over these elections in Lord I'm not praying for two Republicans to win because I think the Republican Party is your party as a whole another conversation.

More but I'm praying we are praying that these two Republicans would win because that appears to be the only way that there could be a block in the U.S. Senate in our nation against this progressive largely atheistic godless and moral ideology that is rising quickly on the left and throughout our country, Lord, that seeks to shell religious freedom which seeks to shell the gospel which we know they can do that. Praise God Butler. We do pray just for mercy rather than judgment on our nation more that there could be at least a little bit of a break in the U.S. Senate against an agenda that will just end up disrupting the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans. And then of course because of our role in the world board it'll have a worldwide impact in Lord wheat we can only see what we can see we have to trust your will and your word in your plan. If we do but we do pray boldly for fairness and justice for truth in this election day Lord for your people to come out and stand against the advancing of it ideology clearly against your word in so many different ways.

And again. Lord, you know I'm not lifting up the Republican Party is somehow a party of God that I am praying that we see on the left pray that is a great pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray I've consented to give up frustrated that forget it. Listen, I understand the Bible. I got a pretty strong biblical worldview. I got a Masters degree in ethics, theology and culture from Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. I'm not just a pew Center okay and on the radio since 2007 I'm not your average bear.

That being said, you know I'm like okay I know how this goes.

Ultimately, I know the metanarrative.

Most likely you do to your have this arc down arc downward is mankind's sin continues to manifold and manifest itself in an double down and tripled down, quadruple down and as we get further and further away from any notion of truth, the whole thing just collapses sets up nicely. Does it not for the man of lawlessness.

We haven't seen the stage set so clearly in 12 months that we have in the last 12 months.

I mean really, have you. I haven't me no time in my life. I will be 55 next month.

No time advising. Like this. I'm in a believer since 94's. I've been trying to pay attention really starting about 2000 days. About 20 years now been pre-plugged never seeing like that so their spiritual darkness swirling everywhere so that God's plans and what we know from Scripture, you can see all that stuff much more clearly now at least I can than I could. 12 months ago, writes all that stuff going on in in you can go to DC today and tomorrow you can do all that stuff. But you ain't change in his plan right you know that which is also why because his plan is set. It's like rock and that's your firm foundation. The truth of the gospel. The truth of your identity in Christ not in your works or lack thereof, your rock. The rock of your salvation is Jesus Christ. Your future Jesus Christ is your salvation and your rock your foundation your firm foundation, not a shifting shadow right so it ultimately for me as a believer and hopefully if you're a follower of Jesus Christ your born-again Christian all this stuff matters because it involves people and the truth and are a job as ambassadors in this world to be salt and light and bad policy effects be like, not the least of which would be 61 million dead children in this country since 1973. So all that matters, but it doesn't last.

Okay, it's not eternal, but souls are so that's the number one priority is souls, but all the other things affects people mean the image of God, and God cares about them. He died for that right. John 316 so we engage. But I know that in scenario is set and I going to change in my activism, my time on the radio. Whatever Facebook posts how many people watch a video doesn't change God's plan is ultimate plant eating change in it. And so I rest and that man I I ultimately don't have to worry about it, but I do worry about it because he leaves us here he saves you any leaves you here to be a witness to be an ambassador to help build people up inside the church and help introduce the lost to Jesus Christ to be a good example for them to be salt and light in this world because God's way works for everybody. Every time it's tried okay so we stay engaged but is been a part of me is I can't get it, forget it best to stay in the upper room and take care of each other and pray accept that he didn't even allow that right is beautiful as that is even allow that he threw them out. I so that being said, pray pray pray don't give up. Pray pray pray pray pray. Even on the other side. A January 20. Whatever happens, you don't know what can happen. You think God's limited by January 20 think that's on his on his table somewhere in Gabriel's been nudging him and say hey Lord well beyond Tucson by January 20 really think God cares about the human calendar is not restricted by anything God operates in the unbounded now. As CS Lewis said it's really fascinating.

This from epic times the ramifications of the Georgia Senate runoff. This is by guided rights, their commentary, Roger Simon, if the Republicans when the Georgia Senate runoff will be yet another sign, stay with me. This is really interesting as if we needed that one that the November 3 presidential election was corrupted to be more polite clinical had issues. That's a big if, of course, to the extent we take them seriously. Not much the polls are showing a tossup. Nevertheless, of both David perdue and Kelly Loeffler achieve victory. It will be replicate symbolically so it will replicate symbolically something we saw frequently on November 3 one down ballot candidates out ran a very popular president, resulting in surprisingly large Republican gains in the House of Representatives and statehouses. What that means is down ballot when you get a ballot number what's at the top president, vice president, were talking about down balance, so a lot of people like like in this state. How do you vote for Donald Trump and not vote for Dan Forrest in North Carolina that makes zero sense to me With her talking referencing curious no. In today's election. No opportunity will be an offer for people to vote for Joe Biden alone and leave everything else blank is apparently happened in an astonishingly probably unprecedented number of occasions during the presidential election. Awakening suspicions of ballot stuffing on the other hand, it is clear that Republican discuss with the presidential election will deter turnout so the world will be watching today's runoff are a number of reasons.

The most obvious and talked about being control of the U.S. Senate for the citizens of Georgia reelecting comments or will they offer a near clone of Jeremiah Wright under accusation of spousal abuse that would be Mr. warlock as I call called himself a pastor Warnock Ron warlock engine June fellow who seems like particularly devious adjunct sociology professor to community college is funny.

That seems extreme. Although it's not I would remind you that this is an opinion column.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty confident that many GOP senators listen, this is for tomorrow. Those who follow the lead of Josh Hawley from Missouri and refusing immediately to certify the electors and those who did not will be watching closely for other admittedly political reasons which side should they be on that's so cowardly.

By the way victories for Loeffler and perdue will encourage those who didn't follow Hawley to suddenly join the other dozen or so Republican senators who had the spine to declare themselves before the runoff is talking other people tomorrow that an object no matter how this plays out, however, were all we are all we are in a hall of Catch-22's. The cruise Hawley group of in column that have asked for 10 days to study whether there is been fraud in the presidential election. While that's an understandable number since the inaugural is slated as of now for January 20 is nowhere near enough time to make a determination were indeed in one of the strangest moments in our history. While China. As stated in the interview secretary of state Mike Pompeo is already inside our gates. We are at each other's throats, or incredibly almost beyond comprehension.

Seriously debating in our Congress, whether we are allowed to call her mother and father mother and father, thank you, Nancy Pelosi, so it seem all hopes reside with the voters of Georgia. I don't know anything about this gentleman, Roger Simon, most likely Jewish so he's not thinking like a New Testament father Jesus Christ. All hope doesn't ultimately and with the voters of Georgia, Sir, all hope begins and ends with Jesus Christ and God the father and the Holy Ghost right they got the Georgia Senators. This is great: pens to delay the January 6 electoral vote. That's where you should have been this whole time I contacting state legislators in this keep hot button states because what they're doing affects the rest of the country. That's why most the time it's a don't bother because if you live in Pennsylvania and I can listen to you anyway. But what Pennsylvania does what Wisconsin does what Michigan does what Nevada does what Pennsylvania does what Georgia does affects the whole country. In this case. That brings us all to the table.

I think so. They print out bunch of senators state senators calling on pens to delay the electoral vote which is going to happen tomorrow and Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis said that she actually thinks he has a right to do that pens can ask that question on the states and say well legislators you know I have an oath to the US Constitution to uphold the Constitution as written.

Article 2, section 1.2 which says the state legislatures direct the manner in which electoral delegates are selected so you tell me which of these two slates was selected in the manner at your Gen. assembly has designated she's talking about the fact that in the six battleground states. The Republican electors went ahead and signed asleep and they sent that the Congress along with the Democrats late.

So for these six states they actually have two slates of electoral college votes, one for Democrat Biden one for Republican Trump and that's a fair question. She added that's not exercising discretion. That's not setting up any sort of bad precedent. That's actually returning the authority to the constitutionally protected entity just simply directing that question I think would then require a response from these very committed to put it lightly. State legislators that haven't been willing to act, and when, in fact, then give a very clean outcome to the selection, article 2, section 1.2 the U.S. Constitution says the Constitution provides that each state is to decide for itself. How it's electors will be chosen say that the pull a couple things together here to make her case. Constitutionally, which is where I'm always coming down. Can you make the case constitutionally, but does the bigger thing is pray for my pants because he would need to be full of the spirit of God. Tomorrow more so probably than he's ever been.

He would need to be strong.

He would need to be courageous and he would need to be willing to take the heat, because he will go down in history if he manages tomorrow strongly and I'm not saying necessarily in a good way because there Baptist countries can go ballistic. The other half countries gonna be cheering and you've got potential for more civil disobedience and civil problems around the country and in DC tomorrow.

We've got hundreds of thousands of people potentially organizers say maybe over a million there gonna be there protesting all of this and trying to stand up for a present from this is all very sobering. Scary stuff, which is why we need to pray with you somewhere that together in the last segment off the land. Well elsewhere in Europe, Americans seem normal to feel pray pray pray pray pray for my buddy Fred Blanco is doing a great job the Christian network out there. We been friends for years for anyone if he just texted me this for anyone attending tomorrow's rally in Washington DC. Be careful. Stay together know that the cowboys are not going to announce their presence. They plan to wear black and blend in with auntie for protesters so you got a good thanks Brett, you got.

If you're going up there. Be very careful. Soon, nothing. Well, I would assume that there's trouble assume that there's trouble. So be on your guard, be alert be prayerful and be prayerful today. I father God.

Again we just come before you, Lord, and we just ask for your mercy over judgment in Georgia today. Lord, we pray.

I know father that there's literally six or seven or 8000 poll workers there and trying to make sure it's legal. It's fair, it's just lords. We pray for that. And Lord there's great down in our country right now whether we can trust any of these election so we just pray for your mercy over judgment.

Although we know we deserve.

The latter, but we plead for the former Lord based on the cross plate based on who you are. Based on the fact that Jesus coming. It was an act of mercy in and of itself that you love the world enough that you gave your only son, that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.

We we call out for that mercy and grace in Georgia today and in Washington tomorrow yes in Christ name, amen.

So pray for, but VP Pentz do that tomorrow to be little already be at play. Okay, 1 PM Eastern time tomorrow when this is probably Comiskey started in that joint session of Congress when they're going to be looking at the electoral votes from each state you got over 100 Republicans in the house and right now 12 hopefully more Republican senators and they both have to agree that they have a written objection. They present that to my pants when he calls Arizona, for example, than they can object, then based on the Constitution and in an election law that was passed in the late 1800s, which was to clarify what was going on with the vice president's power in the situation. Then he supposed to adjourn joint session they go their separate houses. They have two hours up to two hours to argue through why is there an objection and then they vote on the objection and in the Senate. If you have some Republicans that actually have a backbone and they hear compelling evidence than they should vote to reject the electors that slate of electors from that state and then in the house that on the votes, but we need to pray for miracle tomorrow and that things would be so clear that you have actually have Democrats going okay yeah I think we need hit the pause button here not not for the sake of buying a trumpet. For the sake of the integrity of the election process in the future.

This country can these folks can these men and women get beyond partisan politics are not without God's intervention, they can't. So we pray for that to Lord, we pray for my pants as Mike pence willing to go through it. Sen. Josh Holly just went through last night, Republican from Missouri is the first one step up said the group auntie five-member threaten his family and their Washington home on Monday night and he said that he won't be intimidated tonight while I was in Missouri tweeted auntie for scumbags came to our place in DC and threaten my wife and newborn daughter can't travel they screen threats vandalized and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear, my family and I will not be intimidated by left-wing violence run on Twitter. Of course, others came out showdown in and sees what it was called came out and said no, no, no, the Washington Post said no no no is like a peaceful vigil while I watched it I watch the video earlier today and if you have 20 people with signs out front your house in the other had candles, but they had two megaphones in their shouting things like when our democracy is under attack. What we do the rest of them stand up fight back in there on your sidewalk and at one point they go to the front door. Can't tell they knocked or not they probably ring the doorbell left a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Looking they're trying to stick it in the door handle. I might yeah know your private property sidewalk.

Okay private property and all that's home as his wife and is in his new book, newborn baby. Of course he's going to use that kind of language with a pounding on the door. Not that I know of to the screen threats they vandalized while they were riding on the sidewalk with chalk so that vandalizing you primate case that but they didn't sound friendly. Plus, you gotta put in the context of what has happened with auntie five people in the last word. Your unit use in describing what auntie five done this year is peaceful. These are threatening whacked out. People probably heavily under the influence of the devil himself. So pray that members of Congress and especially Mike pence has the kind of steely resolve, Josh Holly has that got put to the test last night when he was out in his wife and his baby are at home in these people show up at us outside his house and they did not sound friendly or peaceful to me. I watch the video 50 minutes of it. K truth matters. Believe it or not. So I want to do this for a quick length wall now was on the show recently and on and on Sunday night they had a global prayer for US election integrity. I put the link up on the Facebook life for you to put it up again right now and you can just look that up on Facebook global prayer for US election integrity and got another one coming on. I don't know Sarah when I board members is on Facebook live right now but if you can put another link. This one's to their page on Facebook. Lots of great information. Great time of prayer length wall now was on on this one. Sunday night and just had a really powerful prayer that I want to play for you guys and I'm in a play it nominal. Here's a studio by myself.

So this is can a garage band versions on literally an old my iPhone up to my nice speak my nice microphone but Douglas just listen along a player pray along with length wall now is talking specifically about the whole nation. Right now, really, really powerful prayer.

Prayer is a special grace. Pray with your spouse.

Pray for America with your spouse. Great idea why you should extend extraordinary mercy to us. We delete it and know what you sent in the a leader who was totally on the side of what is right and embraced your people and Israel as an extension of mercy in trial over short, we pray Lord that you will indeed rise up and that you will make your name and your presence is not of this critical time. Our eyes are on you. We have no hope in man I you. We pray that you will Lord on your shoulders. You determine rising of patients understood time there other decline. You determine who rules your will upon your help installing jewelweed to Claire Lord create your the one who appoints and you're the one who is going to lead was going to rule and who has authorization to shape the affairs of nations that we are cleaning in the name of Jesus. Extension of mercy prescription strength upon those that are going to be your mouthpiece is waged will not be able to silence your utterance reprinted is going to break clear refuge. Why we pray for divine protection of public gatherings on the large brick gathering of those people that are coming together this week buying intervention is taking place in America's way we will see the hand of God. We will know the demonstration of your outward president grace upon him close floor literally every way mounted as Isaiah 45 says those ways tension of mercy, mobilization and quickening of your people great awakening that is relevant to the nation is already up generation of the nation and the rest of everyone who appreciate sisters in Jesus name, amen.

Powerful prayer length wall.

Now he was on the show a couple weeks ago and such a powerful prayer when I finish with this is going to charge all of us. This is from epic times. Again, the editorial board they put this out yesterday. A time for choosing a test of our souls and read fast.

The political crisis the United States faces brings into the open a contest for the soul of our country as important as this recent election is the stakes transcend particular political arrangements.

They go to fundamental issues about which each of us must make a choice and take a stand. A peculiarity of our current situation.

While every American is an intricately familiar with the pandemic and the effect it has on our lives.

This is not the case for voter fraud.

Despite the evidence being overwhelming. Some Americans are ignorant of these facts, because they been misinformed by media that willfully withholds information. The reason for this might surprise you is been a force quietly at work in our country in plain sight that is gradually taking over ideological control of most of our institutions, businesses, media, and even our culture. The force is Marxism and communism. For those who have been following the story. There's no surprise here. For those who never heard of this.

It sounds far-fetched and even unbelievable.

It's not that we weren't alerted it was the stated goal of the Soviet Union to infiltrate her political parties, media and academia in an effort to subvert America from within. This process is now almost completed this decades long communist subversion of our nation came to a head in the 2020 election while before our major political parties didn't differ that much in fundamental level. Gradually, one of the parties was subverted by communist groups during past elections, both parties would wave the American flag and sing the national anthem, but now once I genuinely believes America is a fundamentally flawed nation over the summer Marxist group such as black lives matter, which was founded by separately, Marxists will hijack genuine concerns over racism for political purposes.

In the far left antifog grouper behind riots and violence. These groups were direct ties to communist groups connect to the Chinese Communist Party to finish this tomorrow, but it's a very start look an honest look at what is happening in this country and we come to the time of choosing.

Today the time and choosing is in Georgia tomorrow. It's in Washington DC. These are heading work days that will determine the future of this nation more so than I've ever seen in my lifetime will continue to pray be back tomorrow.

God willing will talk about what happened this evening. Holzer opens over 70 know anybody in Georgia right minded people call them and urge them please let them challenge them to get out and vote Republican. Against leftist agenda tomorrow in Washington DC starting at about 1 PM Eastern time. Pray pray pray, do not give up his sleeve. No one so God will always

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