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"Election Fraud 100% Likely"

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December 8, 2020 3:37 pm

"Election Fraud 100% Likely"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 8, 2020 3:37 pm

"Election Fraud 100% Likely"

Today Steve talks with Patrick Byrne the founder of Overstock to discuss the election and the fraud and conspiracy surrounding it. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble that that next week on December 14 that from the electric boat and date for the January joint session of Congress that account electoral votes and declare election results and that's when they meet on January 6 and then during that joint session of Congress.

You can actually have electoral vote challenges right there on the left tellers announced the result. Members may object to the returns from any individual state as they are announced. So you got that possibility right now. 47% of Americans believe it's likely Democrats told votes are destroyed from ballots will yeah that's easy to safety because you pulled all the all the other mega hat wearing people right well. Knowing this, Paul. This is a Rasmussen poll December 3-6 thousand likely voters. Three quarters of the Republicans believe it's likely okay that's connectable but 25% of the Democrats also felt the same way so all this information coming out lawsuit Sullivan plays not really anything super successful. Everyone is looking for the smoking gun.

All this information coming out at you. But you know the countries evenly divided right down the middle. It's deeper and wider all the time so can you listen to your beliefs. So when I come across information. In this case it was an interview on YouTube is said Roth is been around for a long time, and a Christian communicator and he's talking to Patrick Burns is a very successful entrepreneur, you would know him because he is the founder of, a patriot and a constitutionalist about a 30 minute interview Mike. Okay, here is somebody that I have an easier time believing because it is primary motivation is not to try to help president trumpets to the Constitution into the United States of America.

Fortunately we had a chance to get Patrick on the show with us today. Patrick Brent, thanks for con and man. Thanks so much for your help and do not agree on your shirt. Okay so let's let let me get this out of the way first. I want people to understand how many magna hats do you wear and do you own because I think you understand. Yeah, I don't zero mega hat but did not vote for Mr. Trump first or second, I've never voted for Republican and my life on the small L libertarian, and I've never voted for Democrat or Republican in my life for president now down ballot. I vote Democrat has to do with social welfare and money. I vote Republican but presidential my entire life were never voted for anything but a libertarian. I did not look accomplished on so why are you involved with this and tells about the bad news Bears in the cybersecurity guys. It's an interesting cast of characters obviously but I see what you're what your intent here is, and it's not about trumpets, about something much bigger which I've been talking about on my show for weeks right. Of course I'm worried about the trunk line election, but even more so I'm worried about the integrity United States elections in the United States help but what kind of triggered you and tell us about the bad news Bears what's going on what you're working on. Oh yeah, you happen it's over for the work done what going on is that the boundary bears are warmer during the night. I had cancer three times in my 20s and wallowed in England I did a PhD in philosophy on the history of the intellectual history of the U.S. Constitution that is my religion. I'm not one of your religious folks like my religion felt that my U.S. Constitution was the last deal we made and that that we are done for.

We what we have going from before the selection August 3 19 that I've been funding of various cybersecurity groups and white hat hackers and such, and that the truth is they started company started in 2018. When a Dallas election got in 2018. The government together blue-chip panel bipartisan the study what happened in a higher cybersecurity group who had two years to figure out the stuff the rest of Americans had two weeks to try to understand what they figure out actually are easier than you would imagine to cheat and election.

So we we work on this for four months.

Together we knew, probably by November 10. We after the election we understood how to check how it been treated and where and how we been gathering the data we've been exploring things we been hacking we have is no question in my mind that this was this was Greg and no one should go along. This was a rigged election national what they did was they found political consciousness. Five or six counties in America to steal America. You don't need to steal the whole country. You need to steal the living. But Jesus out of five or six counties in the right and Dave.

That's what they did in those happen to be the counties with the think back to election night a month ago you had water main break gang and you have been shutting down five or six voting tabulation center. Those were all the exact one with a water main break in the toilet had overflowed for them to clear people out to the water pipes knew that it was Atlanta and Philly know exactly right that they had to break show what they did was to a variety of me and she did most of our ballot.

Some of it has to do with actual, perhaps physically hacking machine machine. Some of it has to do with things administrators can do within their precincts and that explains why assault is Boone activity in goons pushing Republican observers out of bed and remember Republican goons pushing observers out and shutting down voting districts such they ran through hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots in one way or another place of work comp lost by 10,000, 12,000 states like that. He actually had maybe 600,000 they closed entered on his behalf. It's not even close.

I say what that that's what happened in the deeper story, if I may show show your text to ask more questions or you want your one more big thing going over Sorensen. This is what's going on on folks, this is a slow crew soft to was organized. Think of there being three parts to the system and just like when you buy a Dell computer software and it is Microsoft and that's inside the Dell box to follow me. Got it okay will similarly with these election systems inside there's a piece of dirty software called Smart that will have the people body election software than that inside of machine that your voting and that they manage the electric and then there's another company that the tabulation of the software hardware tabulation company. In our case the software when it comes from smart matter which has a very steep parts of the US market.

Smart matter is that as well be right.

There is a break Patrick because that's where we talk about smart. Manically all the way back to I think I like 1997 that also brings dominion software incidents. I got home Patrick is very old) talking to Patrick Fern 100% chance this is rigged. He's got the details will be back by the way you talk about election integrity you write back to Patrick Fern with that super successful entrepreneur and founder of got very involved and is been funding some guys some cybersecurity folks getting involved here did an interview with that rot the other day on YouTube showing up in a lot of immediate places, not mainstream media. You can't find Jack there for obvious reasons because it's what we call the mainstream media is not media anymore so don't think about journalism. It's not journalism spring much. Dad news is pretty much dead.

That's what they tell you more poorly now. What they don't tell you, and I noticed a lot of people's tinfoil hat time and all that kind of stuff but this is really going on. This is not new. Okay I was just saying on the break on Facebook live I put on LinkedIn and Facebook like go go look at their voter fraud map and then go and look at the election fraud case is just a sampling from now until all the way back to 1982 and you can see the little cursor on the right side of the page as you slide down about the size of a pizza rice so the been happening. It's just been building over time as we been kinda soft and cushy and not paying attention now are seeing the robbery. Most likely of a presidential election.

There is a lonely cow. How do we get here well with its death by a thousand cuts. It's the frog in the pot in decades and decades of apathy and I can hear Edmund Burke from the grave saying hey all that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing and we pretty much made a national pastime of apathy and so now are swimming in the swamp that are apathy help create and so but it's not too late. We can be praying and we should be we should do nothing without it, but is not the only thing we should do. By the way on on both my Facebook pages personal page and the radio show page I just put a list up of Republican House leaders and Senate majority leaders in the five most important states with their phone number. So even if you live in those states. That's most important to help encourage them and give them some backbone but outside of the states column anyway because your fellow US citizen were talking about the integrity of the entire system, and that's why I think you have a right to call even if you don't live in Pennsylvania or Michigan or Wisconsin. Whatever the case may be, but again Patrick, thanks so much for being with us today and they are slammed and you were talking about the software. The tabulation and the counties of these three things that I hated not a great software, hardware, tabulation software supplied by Venezuelan company. The hard work permit is supplied by dominion. Dominion is known.

I don't know too many names out yet, but dominion is own by fund that Chinese bank invested a large amount of money on October 6 of this year or weeks before election Chinese bank put in a large amount of money into the fund that owns the menu what's the name of the Chinese bank, the name the Chinese bank's credit suites, laughter, Swiss Bank, noting Chinese bank. They bought it and then third the tabulation system or a chemical cycle as she wiped yearly based in Barcelona actually servers are as you probably heard yet and that company in this summer that company declared bankruptcy for no clear reason and its assets were all and pulled into another company that is controlled by a George Soros flunky Masters George Soros and them as well so you got Venezuela supplied as the software Chinese related entity that or weeks before the election make a $400 million in is part of the dominion the machine company in the tabulation company is a company with ties to I flunky of both vendors. I got both Venezuela and George Soros Soros Bennett well in China all over the system by which we just ran our national election to did in a very scientific way, what's really going on here Thursday and go Michael Pillsbury wrote a book in 2015, called the hundred year marathon. He was a lifelong China lover part of the Kissinger team that opened it up. 50 years ago five years.

He wrote a book, so I was wrong the whole time I was wrong, try to take us down on the hundred euro plane landing collapse of 67 years into it, but the running 20 years ahead of schedule. Their ultimate plan is from the Colby assassin's mace. We don't know what it is, but they refer in their national security literature to the one stroke they have got a take out America all at once in America's been wondering for 10 years because we see these references in the next lecture we been wondering is a hypertonic missile-defense is a Kurt know the assassin's mace is something that you take your enemy without you having to have and I think it works right out the assassin's mace.

I think this is coordinated to that late in place over more than a decade in the spring the trap. Venezuela and China and some Soros flunkies involved in this election is so corrupted.

This is not a matter of a few ballots, a few dead people think is the whole DNA habit has been corrupted right down to the cellular level is ultimately the ultimate goal would just be the destabilization of the United States of America than it collapses and on its own problems and you no longer have to worry about it and that's obviously missing sign operating that way. That's the big think of you keep hearing Patrick. They are doing this and they are doing that they set this up and they the other things I've been wondering about what this whole situation with the voter fraud is this like Al Qaeda were you aware even when Osama bin Laden was in involve that every cell around the world. They all had the same goal in mind.

They all had the same ideology for the our independent yet working on the same thing. So are we looking at that, or there's these huge players.

It sounds like you believe the latter that it's China and Venezuela and people in the major players on the globe that want the destabilization of America to get us a way that about right. That's about right over.

You don't look at different levels go down one level and you will get to a group of highly small number of highly organized actors in each state.

We've had eyes on and had been some church people but they but small group of highly organized actors in each state.

If you want to go deeper level behind them. You immediately run into all these Venezuelan tray and Soros connection.

We can just keep well, it's the only word, ultimately, which is oligarchy. We no longer have a representative republic. At that point of oligarchy, which the basically central government. Very small group of people we we have two minutes left Patrick to let me get to the question. I absolutely ask you is what can we do what we do as individual American citizens. Obviously I'm a Christian father cries so were praying were looking to the Scripture were looking to things that the that the Bible teaches us about in times but just as Americans as constitutionalist whether a mega hat wearing person or not. What do you suggest that we do to help this process well good all have well beautifully planned all going to end up in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is about a politician on it, e.g., John Rob there only under the right thing. If the public create space for them to do the right thing which means we have to have rally. We have to get out there in one way or another and make just like other people and having their rally. This started you believe in America you have rallies and show the public does not believe that only then will that crazy umbrella for the judge to do the right thing which they know they will. They don't shoot, yet they will receive hundreds of affidavits they know what will happen, but they don't want to be saying a word and overturn a national election so only they will only take a dramatic step, which is what you need to take if the public has shown city after city, this will not fly. We do not accept.

We all know this election was rigged and we will not access this standard just the last two seconds like us anyhow. I know that you've been a supporter of hers and she got her legal defense fund. If people want to write a check or give money would you say that's a good place to do it because she's my pending Don't give up fundraising eligibility for funding the subtle and you can read more of Patrick's deep. After that, everything so much man you today and don't mind this is very serious and I think it the other three the nation teetering right now because if we can't trust our electoral process, especially on a state. State officials and federal officials level then let me ask you the question if it's not our votes. Determining who the president is or who your Senators are in certain places, or members of the US House of Representatives who is determining who is they write and I'm not talking about gender in a plane prone personal pronoun games if if if these main players in the American federal government are actually not being determined by the vote of the people than who is determining and at that point you no longer have a representative republic, you essentially have an oligarchy, and at that point does it get so destabilized that it falls apart, which is what China wants, and Patrick Byrne was on first at the show. He brought that up that hundred year marathon by Michael Pillsbury, I believe, is that in the whole point was hundred year plan by China to kill the USA because were the biggest player on the block, but they take us out economically and otherwise, and that is just China right now you can go factor in some end times theology here, look at eschatology and all this stuff starts to as I've been saying I think since the first time I did anything with David Jeremiah when he came to Raleigh North Carolina do one of his rallies and he had written a book on 10 things about it was kind of a prophetic thing into the book Revelation type study and I said back then.

I don't know what 2008 2009 some like Mike, I just looking around going well.

It's all set up nicely all set up nicely when you're talking to the rise of lawlessness. The antichrist Revelation begin to take it literally. We would break this whole world down to about 10 regions or kingdoms, you okay will you look at the debt situation and how desperate people are the great reset and so many charismatic comes in and says you get too many religions is to sell this diverse this division stuff we need unity on the spiritual guide on a Christian than a Buddhist and Hindu and and mostly what is going golfing goodness.

I've been praying for somebody like you. There really isn't that complicated. The way things are working out now. Okay so when it comes to the selection yes it matters a big deal and if we can't trust it you know it's going to happen, right.

Like I said earlier this death by a thousand cuts over about 100 years, and apathy leads the way in Edinburg saying all that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. And as we got fat and happy and prosperous go back to some of even Lincolns proclamations all the way back to Washington, especially with Lincoln, though saying he we've come so far and then we just forget the God that made it possible right yet what ever whatever.

I'm a Christian, but only a Bible, not stuff.

What is cast all that up and were like the people in the movie Wally that the Wally movie and I got so lazy there just floating around on their little chairs out in space inside their little cruiser because they destroy the earth out some totally different message there, but then Nino give me my pill for my meals and altering my little power liquid and everybody weighs 300 pounds and floats around in a chair and are just lazy and didn't do anything. And that's only in their well what a shock. That's like human nature, right. So we talk about day and my friend Forrest on live right now like they equals the CCP talking about China. Okay communist China is doing a lot just sounds ridiculous deep. Yeah II know I know I sound like a Joel Rosenberg no right to get him back in the shows Joel Rosenberg novel, but then you start digging into the evidence, which is all over the place is dark on RA that a grand jury would easily bring up criminal charges here and you just look at one thing here one thing there is is one case, but when you have things going on all over the place like okay that then you become statistically impossible that something crazy didn't happen is that going to get us to start is not making any sense whatsoever in a man like Joe Biden. It's 10 12 million more votes than Barack Obama. And I know Trump is is that is the big player here trumps the big wildcard could Trump drive up the turnout absolutely is. People lose their mind over the guy positive or negative. See negative but we start going to the evidence whether it's with Patrick Byrne and the stuff is white hot guys are doing is white hat guys are doing and only cybersecurity guys to start reading other things in the courts is not appearing to go anywhere except the Supreme Court and that was a great point in a me when I said what can we do. He said he is not Christian, so pray for the Supreme Court.

This is the same reason I put it up on Facebook. My personal page as well as hear on the radio show page.

If you're with us for Facebook live. I put up a list of the Republican leaders in the House and the Senate and the five main states and you call them to lend them your courage and your stamina and your strength as a fellow citizen. If you live in those states, even more important. Okay, if you live in the state. That's an even bigger deal because there to listen to you more because you're a constituent, but at this point were talking about the national election day. So I think it's all in Americans and you call, don't why and say you're from Pennsylvania when you're not to say I'm Steve Noble I'm from North Carolina. I'm calling George and talk talk and I want to call. Talk to David Ralston or his office is the House Speaker and Georgie's Republican only states or have Republican legislatures is that just want to encourage you to to dig your heels in here and don't give up and you can allow your state board of election to call the shots are constitutionally that's you guys Up and put a stop to this. So I have the name and the phone number for the Republican leaders because that's is in charge in the house and the Senate in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin. I put them all in their is good to start calling but if you live in one of those states or you know somebody that doesn't even more important for them right now at least you can say you tried at least you can say that okay and then he mentioned I asked about giving money don't get the money to Republicans. Anybody just I mean about you but on my cell phone every day I'm getting text messages most people and begging you, I'm begging you send us money is always Republican fundraising rate is people mayhem makes money to answer people are fundraising like crazy and he said just help Sidney Powell's legal defense fund if you're paying attention this you know, city Palace is on its Releasing the crack okay and she's down there on the front lines trying to doing her best, that's defending the Republic.orc that's her website defending the That's what Patrick said you want to give the money give their help her out.

But again, these dates are coming and next week is December 14. In the electoral college calendar on it give you an electoral college education or because one of the things that Patrick said I started on practice on the commercial break for my friends on Facebook live. For those of you Facebook live with his talk about these five counties. Okay, if you're looking at control five or six counties. Your ear then controlling the boat at the presidential lab lab level V or six states will once ones are the well look at the ones were talking about and look at the cities Philadelphia George R. Atlanta, Detroit okay Milwaukee swing states in big cities because the big cities or blue and that's where you have the most.

The center of gravity to try to mess with things right so the electoral college.

Democrats want to get rid of the electoral college right you know that don't you give an electoral college is unfairly just in the national popular vote. That's not why they wanted then what the national popular vote. They want the national popular vote of about 10 cities because of you will and national popular popular vote and you get rid electoral college. The 10 most populous cities in America which are made up of those big counties are going to determine the presidential election. The presidents outcome until the end of the country and Jesus comes back, whichever comes first. That's all it takes because their deep blue biggest cities, biggest counties in America. Deep blue get rid of the electoral college, then it's just the popular vote in the popular vote is driven by these 567 counties understands that make sense not a reason they can't get rid of the electoral college is because it's in that pesky old document called the U.S. Constitution so you actually have to amend the Constitution which is going to take a two thirds vote in Congress or in a convention of states just to propose it, and then a 3/5 vote to pass it so that's a high bar and they can't get that done because that's a constitutional issue they're not there. They don't have that kind of mojo, at least not yet. So how do you do it well then let's just focus on these five or six counties, and if we can figure out a way to swing the vote. These five or six counties.

Then we don't need to change the electronic pitch we can just pull it off right now.

Unfortunately with the judicial branch, and is the big story break and all over the place today. Texas files lawsuit against four states at Supreme Court over election results and I know everybody's most conserved design or same.

Pray the Lord protects right okay here's the deal. Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton announced early on Tuesday morning that the state of Texas meeting today has filed a lawsuit against four states, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin okay hold on constitutionalists. What kind of case has original jurisdiction, the only county case that has original jurisdiction in the United States Supreme Court, meaning the only place that case can be heard is not the state court appellate court, not a federal court is the US Supreme Court. A lawsuit between states. The only court that has original jurisdiction as the sprinklers got it.

That's what they did so against four states, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin is the United States Supreme Court for allegedly exploding for exploiting quote 19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws and unlawfully enacting last-minute changes, thus skewing the results of the 2020 the general election. Unquote Texas is saying these four states that the so messed up distant site and site are both all things reasonable to and charge all okay cool. Remember that. Please and just cards on the table. I struggle with the balance on the air of how much I'm in a talk about a hot topic like this election fraud versus talking about anything but that, or politics in general. I do not I do not want to talk about politics every day because I do not want to for my own sake and for yours as well.

I do not want to give us an unhealthy diet as far as my little slice here on the wall.

My role on the wall. I don't want to give us. I want to overstuff us overfeed on the things of the world or politics word or just worldly stuff. It matters. It's important but it's not everything in the United States of America is important but is not eternal.

We talk about saving America a lot, but how must we talk about saving Americans or senior him being Americans saved, studying the Scripture.

Discipleship, evangelism, mending broken relationships. Trying to disciple the next generation of young Christian leaders trying to point our children to the Lord, trying to deal with our own junk. The all the bones that come out of our own closet.

When we opened the door, our own sin in our own fight for holiness. There's all kinds of things going on there's ministries doing outstanding work. There's year and things like we were put on an email tomorrow trying to raise some funds here at the end of the year so that we can start next year, at least decently healthy.

It's been a challenging fundraising year, but God is provided we didn't that we do have an opportunity to do our big year you know second half of the year annual fundraiser event called the worshiping and have a chance to that. But God is provided.

We changed our footprint to Ford focus more on North Carolina which is saved us is considerable Obama not about the money but we still need money to run this ministry. I still need to get paid to pay the bills.

And believe me, if I were trying to get rich I would be in Christian radio. Okay sent plant near but that but it's been a challenge, but God is provided in next year if we got up Biden Harris administration and and for one second. Get really dark and think that the Republicans lose control of the Senate, or it's a 50-50 time which, Harrison break every tie you're not gonna recognize the United States of America politically legislatively and extend from an executive action standpoint in 12 months. In this platform that in this my place on the wall as far as what I called to do a becomes even more important, I believe in that type of environment, but I don't want to overindulge and be gluttonous about the things the world or politics. It's important, but the gospel's preeminent people's souls last forever. Governments do not.

Countries do not election doesn't, then there's there's other things going on and what sometimes we act like this is that man liked all kingdom rests on what the heck happens in the next four weeks.

It doesn't but lines do serious consequences here and this is the tension of the Christian life. Do you want to be so heavenly minded you're no earthly good or do you act like this is all there is. And so that's the battle that you hear me fight. If you listen the show regularly. I find it almost every day in terms of what I want to do on the rate on the radio when I get to do on the show. What am I gonna post when I get to share my ever sharing the good news to ever laugh. That's why had Pastor Chris Connellan are the other two just come in here, listen second episode would be really snarky and let's laugh you catch that the other day we slapped. We had fun with each other. Ribbon each other just difficult.

Okay Texas God bless Texas so they're suing Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and basically the point is, here's what he said, this is Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton Texas trust in the integrity of our election process is sacrosanct and binds our citizenry in the United States. In this unit together. He said the statement. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin destroyed that trust and compromise the security and integrity of the 2020 election estates violated statutes enacted by their duly elected legislatures, thereby violating the Constitution.

So he's raising the bar here to a constitutional level by ignoring both state and federal law. These states have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens vote but of Texas and every other state that held lawful elections as point being, if we don't have the accurate accurate actual accurate outcome of the selection that states trump one and our people in our state and then our electors said that that trump one and then by four or five other states actions, you pollute the whole thing. We actually get a result that we shouldn't get its unlawful and legal incorrect falsified results. Then you disenfranchise our voters, their vote doesn't count because you guys violated the US constitutional premise that state election law is in the sole custody of the state legislature, not a portable election not a governor and not a judge. That's what happened in the states.

Okay, this is why why they're doing this lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that certain officials and the defendant states presented the pandemic as the justification for ignoring state laws correct regarding absentee and mail-in voting. The lawsuit says that the result was less secure in the defendant states it's worth noting that the top US election officials have disputed this claim same the last month. Selections were the most secure in American history. Ha ha ha. Elections for federal office must comport with federal constitutional standards for presidential elections. Each state must appoint its electors to the electoral college, in a manner that complies with the Constitution. Paxton said statement the electors clause requirement that only state legislatures may set the rules not stay portable election, not the governor and not a judge. Okay, constitutionally its state legislatures may set the rules governing the appointment of electors and elections and cannot be delegated to local officials. The majority of the rush decisions made by local officials were not approved by the state legislatures thereby is the kicker circumventing the Constitution.

Okay, that's the whole point of the Texas lawsuit and because it's Texas going after fellows states it goes right to the.there is no court in the land that can hear that case, other than the Supreme Court, which is why Patrick Byrne who was on the first half of the show, founder of super super successful entrepreneur, not a mega hat wearing guy, not a Republican you both Republicans and down ballot races on school issues and socially liberal, was himself a libertarian, not a Christian but because he's fairly wealthy. He's been back in a bunch of this stuff and he's been looking into this for a while and they're finding all this evidence he's got all these can a hacker cybersecurity guys like Elliott and this whole thing stinks so Catherine and Facebook like I know Ted Cruz, the state of Pennsylvania at this report.

Here's their case is asked him to argue that the sprinkler hears it agrees again argue the case for Pennsylvania Catherine on Facebook lives saying same things true Texas well maybe he's argued in front of the sprinkler eight or nine times that about amicus briefs obviously so will see. So this stuff is so I would encourage you try not to get too far down in the weeds, but don't stay in the shallow end of the pool either and I put a link out. This is from Patrick Byrne's website. Deep which I sit there reading this going, so Mike Alex Jones but I'm saying things and talk about things in and investing in things today that I would totally blown off 12 months ago as ridiculous but it's 2020 and everything's changed rapidly okay so I'm just trying to be honest going okay. There's so much stuff out here that it's implausible statistically implausible that this election was not tainted because there's so much out there okay but it is a pretty good job here at the Deep

The name of the article as evidence grows to doubt the 2020 election was rigged. Okay decisive, but targeted non-ubiquitous election fraud occurred on November 3. What follows is an explanation in the evidence behind you look at it for yourself.

That should affect your prayer life and it should affect your your desire dear I say your responsibility to pick up the phone in the next couple days this afternoon. Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Monday, even even all the way up. I would say till the end the month and I put a list on my Facebook page. Both my personal page and radial page in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, the House Speaker Senate majority leaders, all of whom are Republicans and their phone numbers just Coleman and encourage the share some of your courage with them.

That's what it means to encourage and give and help them have a backbone, like Aaron help and no hold up Moses arms we've got your back and that's why Patrick Byrne was saying hey we need to have some rallies to show the United States Supreme Court, at least five of them that were with you were okay. If you happen wait into this thing and if you stop a US presidential election outcome over the Constitution that were with you, but they know that half the country is that's the problem we are in a cold Civil War cold. Now it's getting warmer. We saw that this year with antiphon some things that happen with the BLM movement and with some of those peaceful protests during the day turned into rioting and looting and just general mayhem ignited lawlessness that's that's all out there ready to happen.

This is like a really well-built fire put together by a bunch of Eagle Scouts including my two sons, and then you doubtful sinking thing with gas and then it's your body heat. If you get close enough's enough to set it off. That's gonna where were going right now. Do you feel that in 12 months ago Hastie were headed towards another Civil War. I said yeah easier listening to Mike's.

Alex Jones now I'm like yeah sure looks that way. I can't deny it. What you do what we better be praying the prayer for those in authority over us.

We pray for truth we pray for justice.

We pray for the deeds of darkness, to be exposed to the characters involvement darkness to be exposing pray not are our weapons are carnal.

Craig is flesh and blood pray against powers and principalities, spiritual forces of darkness. That's only Craig and that's when I noticed was America represents a lot of the world. Christianity, even though we got the blood of 61 million dead babies, running their street, we still represent that anything that kind of represents God the attention of the horse is all this going on right all be in prayer which you can call legislators give money if you feel like it, not the Republic defendant Republic that are to secede noble, God willing, with always is ever for

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