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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 7, 2020 4:05 pm

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 7, 2020 4:05 pm

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Today Steve looks at the undeniable truth with David Fischer of Landmark Capital.  There will be financial trouble ahead! 


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Wake up everyone time for the mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 634 through eight courtroom or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble about the country and there's a farmer across the street across a little too late. Highlighted are preparing to put his cow down so you hear the cow move and then you hear the shotgun loaded and then you hear the shot and then you hear a cut a busload for little kids screaming because they can't believe it or saw this nice farmer shooting sweet cow and so that's what we say here is what happens the sacred cows on all the action this week which I got a myth that wouldn't happen. I don't get that back a Merry Christmas everybody hope you're doing well and I hope you had a good weekend tomorrow to be talking about this ongoing election controversy. Some people call a controversy. Some people call it accused some people call it just days call it is over. Forget it.

It's just the world we live in. It's all over me nothings over till it's over.

The fat lady constitutionally allegedly doesn't sing until next week on December 14 and even then, the United States Supreme Court.

I could come at it with a constitutional angle and so do you really have until January 3 January 6 January 20 I don't know where in uncharted water and sewer to find up to lose faith alright so working a deal with that tomorrow be praying for truth and justice be praying because it listen if this at this election is quote unquote stolen.

They were looking at. The biggest political fiasco and crime almost in history the world, certainly in history, the United States, so this is not a small thing and ever going to talk to David Fisher for the whole show date the money Monday update being the first full Monday in December. There's lots to talk about the good the bad the ugly work on it today, but just remember that there's a bigger fish to fry. Actually, than whether it's Joe Biden or Donald Trump as monumental as that is for January 5, which is incredibly monumental as well. It Joe Biden takes the White House. Then on January 5 you have a special election in Georgia for two U.S. Senate seats not one but two right now the balance is 50 to 48 for the Republicans. So if they have Democrats win those two seats, which is possible, and in is it would be fair. I've no idea. That's the problem so that it's 50-50 and it Joe Biden's the present United States guesses the vice president.

That's right, Larison Hill, Harris's job is with respect to U.S. Senate at the vice president United States as the president of the Senate.

Do you know when, Harris gets the vote only in the case of a tie or how often it Joe provides the president of the Senate's control is a 50-50 split and that the house is controlled by the Democrats.

How often you think this can be a tie vote in the Senate will pretty much every time they vote and who steps in the news with Johnny on the spot, Harris, who is the most radical voting Sen. in the United States except for one person. There's one person in the United States Senate voted to the left of, Harris for the last several years and that was Elizabeth Warren, Harris is in between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. And so we have monumental massive issue in the near term, which really talk about what David and how it's affecting the markets and finances and how do we prepare ourselves at the worst case scenario happens with this country gonna look like in 12. I don't know that's where rappers like pre-9/11. You can't imagine it right but it's real and these things are happening so were to look at today. The good the bad the ugly what's going on here in the United States around the world.

David, how are you buddy.

Thanks for calling it. I am shocked I am disturbed, but I'm a piece of the same time or in part about the good that miracle you just described. Another good, the ugly. If you know that with family heritage. We move in on the precedented uncharted times in many fabrics of our society. And that's always room talk about Thursday yeah and all that has an impact on the markets, and in whether were talking with the emotional aspect of the markets reacting to the news the day COBIT and otherwise we get front bumper where we can have the Biden explosion. Who knows what can happen there but it's good that were to start something good because were not hearing a lot of good news lately and I don't know that were going to. As we move into the new year. Assuming the new year actually gets here tells about the good David.

I mean, I still see it on the calendar and everything, but I'll believe it when it arrives.

But what was the good let's start with that and then we'll move on. We always celebrate our Savior's birth, the Alps to the left, obvious, or maybe some is obvious that Dell hit all-time highs. Sort of the S&P unit or the NASDAQ show.

We had really good markets in considering we got really bad health times and bad economic times, so this disparity between Wall Street and Main Street continues to be a separated, you know there's many indication the market though is terribly rich to the upside, but it being that doesn't necessary mean it can't get stretch further north of Munich retreat. So were living in uncertain times. When it comes talk about overstretching of the market. The NASDAQ from the tech, which is the leader of the market benchmark is gone up 38% year-to-date and S&P 13, 14%, Dell 5.5% gold, 22% silver 36% in the dollars, down 6%. Big time. Dollar moving downward.

The market is overstretched previously more overstretched, then bubble in 2000?

It lost no huge losses in the market in Entech rally so you were talking 70 some structure up 70 to 200% this year and that is not even close to being normal just so you know it's good but it's also a sign that we need stimulus to create this which is not so good but this is a one-sided market and investors are chasing their this ideology and the matching your listeners think this way but it's in the market sentiment that they can't lose.

There's no risk in this current environment is just bad news is good news with vendors on Friday and the market went up to talk about the end of the reporting of the unemployment and markets, the market does not hundred 49 points right now, today, and it's still about 30,000 is first rate, some of which is called David, but I now have a name for the phenomenon that you're describing starts calling it the Lance Armstrong market believe that someone please come back. I think you are to get this Joe is on hold. The targeted Monday they will be right that Wayne seems Monday. Pearl Harbor day so we find Pearl Harbor right December 7 and we got we got blindsided we were ready, where fat jolly happy whatever comfortable in her own little world and next thing you know it's a world war and it's not the first one is the second and soldiers died that day in America was in shock because of that. I hope left in me for this country and for our future because of what we've survived but but do you think in 2000 22,021.

If America face another World War II. Do you think we have the grit to date we have the interest he think we have the ability to think we have a sacrificial nature to step up to the plate on something like that. I'm sorry to say I don't. But then I don't know if they thought they had it either. In 1937, 90 that come out of the Great Depression. They were to fight a world war.

How can we hear is the one thing I know whether you're a believer or not is your made in the image of God which gives you number one inestimable worth and dignity.

Okay, and potential. Whether you believe in Jesus are not what you believe in God or not your made in his image, which gives you remarkable potential and so I do have some hope in that but be people of prayer. Prayer isn't the only thing we should do what we should do nothing without John the election stuff to talk about that upperclassman the whole day tomorrow on the show, but today were doing some of financial understanding as we look at the markets we look at what's going on because they have to good stewards of our finances do that's a little easier for us to control then American politics. And that's why we have our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital on with us today. For the full show landmark work we do this every Monday we do money Monday updates and in the first Monday of the month we do a full show with David as we look at all these different areas and and I got cracked a joke, but I was also serious David and thanks for your time today and calling this market and the market conditions Lance Armstrong Celine some friends out there winning one Tour de France after another. We look at him and going eyes unbelievable while he's at the most remarkable athlete in the world about things all jacked up the whole time the guys all jacked up on steroids. What you think is natural ability isn't and and it's just a farce and eventually that was found out and that's as I look at the finances of what's going on. The stock market. Despite the fundamentals being bad and sure and trouble around the world in trouble with their banking system in the amount of debt that we have yet there you go, the American stock market winning another Tour de France but we have to rumor that the holdings jacked up on steroids is that about right.

You nailed it on the head and lead them to how we can go from good to bad. If we don't get stimulus you know the you knew this book.

Most people probably wear this Congress is talking frivolously about two major things. Remember government shutdown on Saturday if we don't get this temporary one week stop spinning stop spending our stopgap spending bill in place little words for just enough money to keep the government open for week this sounds insane but that's the feel feel the theory behind all this epidemic in the boat on this gigantic $1.4 trillion spending bill which is huge for them.

This is in will fall behind times is Congress. This is something that should've been working on this bill. 1.4 trillion. They should when working on a path back in March and February in April. It's the total part on the Bush spending bills are not up-to-date in their formula and because of the coronavirus another things in political political things such as one portion of it the other side is that there trying to get this stimulus flashes are pandemic really fill out which is $908 billion a used to be 2 trillion but Melvin will down the 908, 288 billion goes toward small businesses 180 billion towards unemployment benefits one 60 billion for state and local governments are cash-strapped and about 17 billion for the airlines. What it doesn't do it doesn't give the previous $1200 check to the household for income right and this this could get not only bad it could get ugly because a lot of people are in all this stimulus. There is all ran out and their interface, you know, 12 million people in the face losing benefits in these there unemployment expansion provisions at the end of this month. Then worksheet millions of Americans being evicted if they don't get some help here so it's it's just I mounted the free market guy amount of love for God or socialism among any of that. But there's something short like okay here's a little exception to almost.

I even hate to say this, I think we needed because we had to get through this. Still, this downturn of 8% unemployment 12 million people are some around those numbers you were looking at junk California just did this again we looking at more lockdowns going back to clinical and a lot of places and then that's going to exacerbate the problem and make it even worse. And like you said, the government in a situation where they the literally do not have a choice they have to keep pumping drugs into the system to keep system from crashing and and it's just easier to go. Where's the logic in all of it, but there isn't. And so when you look at this year the crazy 2020 as it's been, and he said what NASDAQ's up 38% and that and then what's the Dalles up just like a little over 5% goes up 22% sobers up 36%. It's just in the background needs a signal I don't understand all this and so to people that say they don't understand it. I say what most of us don't either meet its remarkable remarkable because you have gold stocks going up the same time and usually doesn't happen but it did happen when we had one of the biggest bull markets in gold with after the aftermath of of 2009 in stocks hit bottom and gold was growling because her printer. All this money will stock seven hit their bottom usual article.

Maybe what happened in March but not really that was just related to the pandemic. Now the financial system problem show were still in overinflated market rubbing gold and silver rally because were doing this glanced Armstrong work insulating oak work taking the drug. The Fed is expanding the monetary system like crazy the governments going that that like crazy and we think this is the way towards prosperity as a way towards financial depraved depravity.

It is no country will ever survive this way and that's why you're seeing the rest of the world is shifting away from it all. That's works best when were headed to where we will look back. I even hate to say this but I think organelle of a dollar crisis starting next year.

In years to come.

And this is why Citigroup and Goldman Sachs is a you know 20% downward dollar movements is unheard of a movie another 6% downward dollars this year, which is just insane are currently going down 6%.

That might not sound like a lot percentage right before currency is huge so work were setting it up for perfect storm for financial calamity in the we are the Lance Armstrong world is not just a Lance Armstrong Ryan think this is okay.

It's okay. Just continue to kick the can down the water it down the road and one of the things I did also wanted a couple months ago David to do it again on understand the world economic forum usually meets in January, they printed that the May of next year because the coven and their talking about the great reset which is to completely redefine the entire world economic system and the worse it gets, the more they're going to have a case for doing it and will start here and all that and we start talking about forget that US dollars world reserve currency. China is gonna take that over and Glenn Beck was talking about this the other day and had a Robert Freeman on his like okay if we lose this golf we go to the one what your hundred bucks buys today. It'll only buy $70 for the stuff you see 30% decrease immediately in your buying power. This stuff gets faster talking to David Fisher landmark capital as always landmark back residence back. His friend Stacy to scare me literally right here in the studio.

I said good good. I'm not trying to be a purveyor of beer right were not given the spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind the end of a sound mind and I asked this question on the break with my friends on Facebook life. The buddy Doug and I will go over to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook you can join us, right here in the Christmas Star Wars decorated studio on camera difference. We do the show is on Facebook live at the same time. Okay yeah I said listen, I'm not a purveyor of fear were trying to have a sound mind.

Here, but I asked the question on the break and I'll ask it here right now. What is your house built on what is your foundation is that the things of the world, your 401(k), your net worth how much you don't owe on your house by your income, your beach house how much you have, how little you have is that what you are is out of your foundation is is your just how little money you have and how little you make that your foundation because of it is.

I've got nothing but T trouble for you in this world. Your foundation has to be on the rock. The rock of our salvation Jesus Christ his promises, his word, his spirit, his truth, his eternity okay and when you get that even when you have that through faith in Jesus Christ. That's my rock that's my foundation that's David Fisher's rock that's its foundation.

As were talking to him today. Landmark is always is the website then we are easily shaken. We don't lose our minds.

We don't run around like a chicken with their head cut off.

We don't drug ourselves into deception like Lance Armstrong did winning all those Tour de France as were sober minded and we try to take as much information as we can to make good decisions to be good stewards, but we don't live as people run around their heads cut off because our art houses built on Jesus Christ and nothing less than but that doesn't mean you're not in a struggle and have hard times in this world and this earth, because you are but eventually you won't. That's our hope as I said I love that at the end of first grade. In chapter 13 David which we all hear that when we go to a wedding is the love chapter right. Love is patient, love is kind to get to the end of that says a faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love. And I think about that when we go to heaven when are reunited with our Savior face-to-face you need faith anymore. Note that's history that's been fulfilled. Your faith becomes your eyes. Do you need help. Note you don't need any help anymore. Once you're in the presence of the Lord. The only thing that we carry with us is love and that's the foundation that our house should be built sorry and preaching okay. We Emily in a mirror. Before that, but we will see it clearly, and will see him face-to-face.

Oh yeah and tell them love. This is the focus. Amen. So I so were talking about vice president elect to present their quotes Joe Biden as president.

I was going to talk about that. So what will the environment be for business in the morning and come back to something you said and I mentioned, which is the dollar and the debt in 2021 but let's let's let's deal with Biden. First we had the trunk bump when he won back in 2016 but what would you ask anticipating if we have a Joe Biden president will be similar to the dollar and to lead right into it so his budget is 5.5 trillion, which is more than president trumpets put forward as 5 trillion, and present trump lower taxes. Biden is going to raise taxes for people make $4000 or more that is in effect me doesn't affect you probably are most people. But is this going to affect this segment of the economy and on top of that you can arrange corporate taxes shows very clearly so we're seeing Goldman Sachs is preparing for this. There out of New York all largest, oldest firms in New York. They are announced that there waiting on getting plans on setting up the Florida hub this going to move the company they will be paying a coach state tax no longer New York. It's 1/3 trendsetter for the industry to understand that that's what Goldman Sachs does show Manhattan right now. The switches were there to the office space is is is more office space available now than it was right after 9/11 saw me and it's just been saying office spaces just all kinds of offices that are empty right now because the pandemic and I were talking about the largest brokerage company on Wall Street, moving its operations to Florida for because of economic reasons, which is caused more economic problems, but not the only one only one Telstra you en masse who stole his friends and associates used in the motor taxes. I mean his boring companies in Texas. The space axes in Texas. There is no corporate or the notes state tax in Texas.

There is she the horse estate tax in California worry that so were starting to see the orderly signs of the major companies, corporations are saying work prepare for a possible vice president by the lack by moving our company will pay less muscular affect the economies in those places and probably receive more companies follow suit. Ben Spiro doesn't have an enormous company does it but he does have 100 employees, and they recently left LA for Nashville Joe Rogan of the biggest broadcaster on the planet is middle-of-the-road and some things left in the things he bolted out of LA several months ago and moved to a new studio in Texas and three and I read this recently. David 300,000 people, individuals have moved out of Manhattan in the last eight months and those are to be the people that can afford to move these are upper income people. These are regular folks in a strike 11 fire after another's being lit to bring Biden here, especially that increase corporate tax rate that that's where things start getting really ugly. So what happens to the dollar and the debt as we going to next year will city the ratio for the last week that they believe the dollar is going to go to down 20%. We've had a 6% downturn, a point at which is enormous and the dollar, a 20% is over three times as much Goldman Sachs as a 6% decline seducing 20% due to financial institutions, but the money is getting in the system affect the Fed's putting out a thing called swap lines level hundred and 70 foreign central banks are swapping their treasuries for currency, US dollars, so the fence trying to get the dollar out there right now to save the dollar as the world reserve currency in the printing a lot of money more than the ever printed now. If you've never heard anything on this program, that's for sure what I'm going to say next because I think this is the our country's been around for 244 years and it's taken that long to create $27.3 trillion fast for this for years, the national debt clock says this, which is very rock reliable.

We're going to gobble art that what took us 244 years working in four years 40.6+ certain pressures to bills spending bill are talking about where to be over $50 trillion.

Miller, 54, $55 trillion. We are going to double our debt in four years what it took us 244 years. We are going to a financial problem in the next four years. There is no way around it.

You cannot do the things were doing and say oh we can avoid that. It's going to cause a change in the dollar, its value may be replaced maybe massive inflation and the solution for not everything in life is gold and silver so you try that together but the solution for this environment is having some not all of your money in gold and silver can be passionate enough about this because you do not do this to your dad and expect no ramifications that are going to be severe and huge long-standing gold and silver and again this is one aspect of the good portfolio is part of having a diversified portfolio. Putting your money in something that gets out of that maelstrom endowments is a different type of product to use and that's light and were not to talk about individuals or David you been talking about this for a couple years but enormous financial institutions and talking about buying gold and individual investors, and then you've got countries buying it as well and when that happens is it okay got asked the question why are they doing that so couple weeks ago you predicted that the correction for gold and silver is about over. So as it moved up since is it getting pushback or what you see in their dollar store going down and gold, silver has bounced off what you call a critical technical support level which, in shape, simple layman's terms when the market gets a certain level goes up a little bit and comes back down is called a double bottom, then it has a support level that it's gonna rally off of and that's what the gold and silver market has done.

They created the bottom and double bottom and now it's rallying upward and 1/2% today alone so city also came out the different segment of city guy whose name will line says he believes that the catalyst for another massive surge in gold are numerous and is ready to rocket the metal higher keys, comparing the price action of gold is the start of the 1978 through 80 bull market. That's when gold went up 500% in that nine year.

The Dow went up 9% here you're having a guy that works for one of the largest banks in the United States, saying, this is were headed clearance. Good timing is selfless and squishy impact on keep talking about that. Yes, these are scary times.

Okay. And most of the study socket is been treated last 20 years, 16 years, starting with Bush 43 hockey states that feeling socialist strata over analysis. The implant will be right back with you talking are different David Fisher today from landmark capital landmark is the website landmark Sorry about that, David. We lost you there, but glad to have you back on and thanks for your time again today. We always appreciate it. All my pleasure, my owner, thank you for having me there welcome okay so there is a question from somebody on Facebook live.

That was talking out which videos I think they were looking at your YouTube videos and stuff. Okay, now what I do. I mean, a lot of people on Facebook live.

I got some text messages but I will Illinois do what I do is so crazy and was in going about every chicken little in the sky is falling on well yeah it's kind of falling when it's going actually lantern her head.

I can't tell you but there's gonna be some hope some levelheadedness some strategies out there somewhere, or should we just just continue to run around like a chicken with norming how you be a good steward of money of the funds of the Lord and trust you if you put a portion of seven portion day.

Could you do not know what you may recall your mind is not literally of all those numbers I don't know if it's bad but it's deftly represents diversification and I think on a side note, if Jesus here. He saw the temple the government so to speak.

He would be irate with the floor talking about. You want to cleanse it. I mean this this is a big problem so we have a thing called a financial blueprint account that I myself little bit but in offering this for anybody who wants to learn about how to protect yourself if you're an investor, which means you have like $10,000 or more in a 401(k), IRA, because you can roll that over in the precious metals or outside of that in a like a checking account or savings account. Aside from money from a rainy day you have emergency fund that's not going change your lifestyle because gold buying stock shouldn't change your life only assured buying gold or silver show. If that's you and your concern.

This resonates with you call my company and get a packet there's no obligation is no commitment but if you go through this packet in your lesson questions and you have a conversation with me and we do think all the financial blueprint which is just an interactive conversation with me educating about how to diversify the benefits of dirt diversification and what that might look like for you just by going through that and not even investing, not committing to that organist, send your 1 ounce silver free American Eagle to you as saying thank you for being committed to your education process if you want to invest based upon what the strategies laid out that you would like to do and we can help you with that too, but we believe in education. We believe you give people facts people can make those decisions, only to be told what to do, but they can make the decision on what is best for them. But let's get some education first and that's the challenges you gotta get more information not less.

A lot of people unfortunately in the digital age.

McKenna, one of the bottom line fed to us, but in this case, you need to get educated so that you can make an informed decision in prayer and through wisdom and getting counseled as the weather's wisdom in a multitude of counselors and to get counsel and then you try to make your decision but you have to get information and and that's becoming more more important because it's so hard to find sources of information that we can trust, which is why we need to pray for discernment, and we really need to do our homework. Probably more now than ever before. You know something is going to give your coming up what we do know, the Congressional Budget Office asserted three government trust funds are difficult, bankrupt during the next four years and the fourth one is right behind it and it probably will be in the next three or four years. Also because of the spending that were doing and the lack of revenue to the government so something is going to give them easier to have to massively inflate their way out of this problem which is in or get replaced by the one something like that of the order competing with another currency like the one or the school under accountant fees or money called the bail and something is going to happen though because Phoebe is saying a 20% downturn of the dollar. That is something aggressive will have to happen if we saw that happen to the dollar.

So get written and by the way, in four years, we will bill the pay the interest on the national debt we've never been in that situation of the coming week so this is going. So something is going to give this is like no other saying I like since that they might start raining, you will almost the idea elegy of it, and shall prepare your Arco grow to be two years too early to introduce Julie and MF. This is about just fine the portfolio and, ironically, but how much gold shoulders gone up. If city is right, gold, silver about this is doing for this reason, the get-rich-quick, it should perform much better than stocks. If city is right so it's it's a great time. Now that we have a bottom of the market and moving up to diversify and learn it before you can earn as they say yes right now the interest on the debt itself is about 10% of the whole budget in four years it's going to be a 20% of all budget and the zeal okay well how do you and that's just the interest so that's the thing about the appeal he makes 100 grand a year. They've got so much credit card debt out there that their credit card debt is 20 grand a year just an interest in people visiting allow how much principal was at that a lot that becomes untenable. You can't make your house payment can make all your car payments and their breathing down your neck and and that one of the things that I think helps the government is that people just don't understand how works so we said earlier, will only learn all his debt literally all this money to and how we continuing to operate will in this case we can cut ourselves our own credit card.

That's why we keep printing money and you just keep infusing money but who else do we owe money to.

Like we say Americans and all this debt.

Who who who owns our debt or the world owns our depth of their walking away from a dead end or MF why the Fed is propagating putting out more dollars in debt out there to force upon the rest of the world. So once we get past this pandemic. The world will need our debt. MF peculiar working to get past this pandemic is going to be a vaccine and it is going to the world is going to be out of the pandemic and working to be in a bigger problem of financial debt problem that is impossible to fix and that's the big problem this time you thought 2008 was big that which is surrounded through banks and few brokerages in a few companies.

This is the whole financial system around the dollar. This is the whole enchilada.

This is the big one, and every time we've had a problem. 2008. The next one incorrect escalates to a much higher level.

So get ready for the escalation.

If this resonates with your spirit. This is now a call to action, as Steve would say learn about this learn will how you can protect and diversify your portfolio. Yeah, that's the education component that we always bring up whenever we talk about gold and silver which is obviously at the epicenter. What David's business does a landmark capital then then we always talk about getting an education and then finding out if it's right for you. It's not a one-size-fits-all. That's why I put the link David up on Facebook live to the page on your website where they can fill out the information in order to get the financial blueprint, but it kind of walks into everything see where you're at, see where your exposure is in and give you some options and then you make decisions to go from there right is that about you actually are exactly right of the person you are referring to is watching the video on how much a trillion for subtitled this, but almost $1 trillion is about the debt in the dollar problem and its actual news because we propagating our debt so much more than that sensuous that you know year ago when I made the video but it's you will be astonished what you see with your own very eyes. How much $1 trillion is and then you take that to 27 trillion but it actually is about 110. Sharon is really the whole encompassing that of our country because we throw it in off-balance-sheet and pretend it's not there but it is there and it needs to be serviced is called pension funds on funded liabilities Social Security all those things that are there no money there to fund it anymore. That's before bankrupt funds that will go bankrupt within next 4 to 6 years. That's what this is about the problem that the government is not in meeting the promise is as big if they won't tell us this would be panic so I get asked the question. One article they'll say this if they would ask him just be panic in the streets and that's why you become your own banker you become a steward of your own money that the Lord is entrusted you with and that's where you learn about this and I can be passionate enough.

It's I'm so disturbed when I'm learning again today.

What I'm seeing happening probably next year.

It's all gonna be the start, we will look back and say this was the start of the downfall of the dollar.

I believe is important. I hate to even say unwanted claimant, it's Josh.

The reality of but it's a numbers mathematical scene. No sense is what it is simple as that.

So again with gold and silver which is why we decided to invest some of ours portfolio and that is okay we can get some so we gotta get some of our network. Some of our assets out of the maelstrom that is knocking to be destroyed when these things these impending things that and you have that's I got a diversify because if you're all one thing if you have your big ideas word picture time again here as we finish up your syllable get a big sale above the water right that's catching all the wind and it gets blown about if you got nothing under your sailboat. There's no keel under their then you're gonna fall over quickly towards the teeter totter thing is go back to fourth grade in your own one in Europe and the sky you're down on somebody else. On the other and so you're okay. But if they jump off the other end of the teeter totter crash there you go see. Gotta have some balanced again.

What's the best way people cannot begin a conversation get some education well they can call our company the old-fashioned way. If you want to. Matt is 800 877-448-2646 I give it out again. 87744826464 landmark and keep in mind the wildcard. The Fed is coming out with digital currency. Make sure enough, even propagate this and made it even more severe. So call a company learn about it yet.

Get educated so that once again let's I ran the homepage landmark you'll see it right there get to click here for let out and just give them a call if you want to do it. 774-4820 46 David God bless you brother David Fisher back tomorrow and prayer is not over yet. Okay, not rare clarity. Yes, I even more ennobling and my dad always

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