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Christian Social Media?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 1, 2020 8:41 am

Christian Social Media?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 1, 2020 8:41 am

Christian Social Media?

Today Steve talks with Elaine Beck about her life story which is filled with abuse and hardships.  Blessings thru Action her non-profit came first.  She then bought Christian News Journal and revamped it.  Our Action Place was social media platform she created it was changed to Faithdom recently. 


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred calls 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host noble YEAH right you get out now mature enough to know what people actually know what talking to Elaine back today update is the website which made her with in the applicant by the way, go to Apple Store you go to Google play and get paid you to learn here shortly why you need to get that app on your phone, especially if you're one like me or like a lien that has a problem with what's going on social media. Whether that being concerned about control of things control the methods let out censorship. Whatever the case may be, with Facebook or twitter with YouTube. Even with Instagram to a certain extent, and so Christians entering the social media marketplace and entering the media marketplace and doing a better job we been kind old-fashioned for a while. I don't really do that here in the show. As you guys know where more current and up-to-date and we understand the value of entertainment as well as speaking boldly in the name of Jesus and doing it live on the radio five days a week, but there's a lot of Christian media that doesn't do that we don't do it well and so liberal media has really taken over a lot.

We sort of talk about that, but welcome to the show Elaine back your first is your first time here in Raleigh yes what you think. So far, other than its ridiculously cold, especially compared to Arizona yeah well what I think is it's very much like where I was raised which weighs in Ohio and very similar to Pennsylvania which I have a home there and I know that whole area well but I understand that your weather really doesn't get a whole lot worse than what it is and so you don't have the snow and ice and garbage that we dealt with when I lived there no place when you get a little like I like we moved here from the Midwest. So I live in a different state so first and we moved here 97. There is a big snowstorm like and 98 or 99, 20 inches of snow. But even around here. You get an inch and 1/2 of snow.

Then there/warnings, no warnings, and all will shut down and all the bread and milk those waves, cold everything just shuts down. Everybody goes away.

It's ridiculous, but were glad that you are sort of talk about a lot of different things today with Elaine specifically were to focus on faith, which is a brand-new social media platform and and a great new partner on the show so excited to be a part of that but I want to tell your your whole story to understand how do we end up here.

Who is this woman who was my sister in Christ and then we'll talk about all the things that God is usually to get involved with. Because you're very very active am an activist as a Christian, you're very much an activist where SME is a healing. How do you end up here. Where would you normally start all my goodness I actually because this is faith-based. Let's go to the very beginning, like I was born in 1948.

Does that date mean anything to you.

Well, it's three years after the end of the war, but 1940. It is when Israel started exactly and so I know that that sounds funny to me. Start out with that but if you look then across my life. Which are going to you're going to see that. I think that's very pertinent. I just like I think it's very pertinent that the fact that I was in junior high when an atheist came along and made us take praying the school and then a year later, it was the Bible had to leave and then it was shortly after that that the flag had to leave and because of that I look back now and I realize why God was preening me to do what I'm doing. For instance, if I hadn't have those things and enjoyed them. As a young child.

How would I ever be able to speak to the use now and help them understand that once you had something you can miss it. You've never have it. I'm telling you right now you have lost a lot. We have allowed our kids to go with out in so many ways and it's very sad. But you know we can't worry about what we've done, we gotta worry about God says to look forward move forward and said that's what I'm trying to do that. That's where it all began. I I share with everybody to that you know I came from a very large home. I mean, what there was five girls.

My dad was way outnumbered were not related to Ohio know what what part of Ohio near Mike 50 miles south of Cleveland so still that the Leica facts.

It was really cold, get the blizzards will find I got saved in Columbus. My wife and I both got cool yeah yeah I have a sister that lives in Cincinnati and I've been there about don't know that much about Columbus per se, but it's a great stay.

Did you grow up in church. No, actually I did but I didn't always say it that way because my parents sent us to church. Then take us to church. They didn't talk about God except for Easter and Christmas. And unless we were being threatened that if we do something wrong that God's going to see if you know and that you know I would share with somebody earlier today that if you get the little white marks under your nails when you're a kid that's a liar so bad that you did.

There was all kinds of tricky little things that I was told it of course went. I now know where your back and in the meantime, you know, I my mother was abused as a child and and she had difficulty she was 15 when she got married and so therefore I sorta took the brunt of all that, and so I was mentally challenged as a child all the time. You know, mentally abused in a sense and you know that. Thank God. I know the Lord and and my mother and I she just passed away a few months ago and she left this earth with me loving her and forgiving her for all that understanding that thing is is you know when you're young child and you go through that and as many in this country that do. I don't know.

I just want death family that's not dysfunctional in some way okay for look in the Bible there all thereto, and so because of that.

I then left home, got married right out of high school because this guy loved me and I just knew it and he only abused me for 17 years.

So at them age of 33, when he turned on one of my children.

That's when I put in for a divorce and left and at that point time in my life up until then, I was very shy and I could have never done this I mean even 20 years ago when I sold real estate for about five years. They chip in front of the camera. This 32nd and you know get to know you, Elaine. You know, to sell real estate and I couldn't get one sentence straight not doing that's really shocking to think of you as the wallflower shot so you're pretty much alive. Why is you got a great time talking to Emily back based FAI. The only place which is a replacement for Mark Zuckerberg in your life if you talk about that as well. So don't show page on Facebook to see I love to see my name upon thing. Never liked doing that, but that's just part of the deal about where you are podcasting podcast wherever you happen to grab those today talking to a new friend, but an internal sister in Christ, leaned back, is in town from know it's warmer part of the country and from Arizona by way of Washington DC's owner talk about your trip up there right right because you're quite the active is now working to talk a lot about when we get to this pretty soon as we understand what God is been doing in Elaine's life a thumb branded social media platform for us Christians and for conservatives a place without without censorship where you can share and and pray with one another in just we need to have more a Christian focused and free exchanges on social media and we have to come up with our own of your sit there waiting for Mark Zuckerberg and a Jew is a change of that's ridiculous okay quit wasting your time. We have to do things on her own and that's what faith is all about you go to the app store on Google or on Apple and get that up. It's Artie got it on my phone. I'm looking at it on the screen here in the studios really talk about that, but we were Elaine learning about your journey to the Lord and growing up in a very difficult situation in an abusive marriage and then in your 30 after what 17 years, you're out of there right you're kind of a quiet shy wallflower Ranger not now, obviously knows a window that start to change in this kind of warrior. Elaine's noted, it is obvious that's what you are not yet, but it took a while.

Mainly my focus at that point obviously was to raise my family keep my head above water make enough money to live on with a lot of times that was bare.

I remember one year I made 3300 and I think it was $27 in an entire year and it was only by the grace of God. And it's always only by the grace of God that we live per se and in but that particular year. I was I got a job at Kent State University. I was a housekeeper and I sorta broke all the rules know I was and that if you worked at the University you could go to school for free that I didn't really want to go to school. I wanted to keep a roof over my kids heads so since I was working for the University. I found out that you could stay in the student housing as long as you were taking courses. So I went and signed up for classes so that I'd have enough money to stay in the student housing because it was like you know a matter of pennies. Anyplace else you live well. It put a roof over the head of me and my children so I worked at the University I went to school, you might say I sorta flunked out.

I wasn't the best student, I was tired I was raising three children. I was working two jobs and you know it it did what it needed to do and God helped me through that and a little aside. Years later when my son went back to Ohio and wanted to go to school he went to the same place to stay.

The student housing and he just went to see a couple classes they said were sorry because of some woman one time years ago they had to change her rules and what how many hours you had to take in order to be there. Wonder who that was, yes, but it it was really I was unintentional but that's the way it worked out. That's God's truth and so at what point did you because now you got. There's multiple organizations here that were to talk about with pride update them, but it also Proverbs media group. You have a Christian news Journal a lot of things happening here.

So how did you come to get to that place. Well I got to that place by the grace of God.

Like I said there was a time in my life that I couldn't even get in front of the camera and do 1/32 ad I couldn't speak again this is all God. This is not me speaking okay what God has given me is he gave me a vision a couple years ago after he gave me a wonderful husband and a great life and opportunities galore to enjoy life. He then asked me to do something and what that was. Was he asked me to bring all the Christians together the nation and all little project. Yes, yet quick little story was one day I was joking around about being bored and finish decorating the house that it my girlfriend came over. She said to my husband by her another house. She's driving me crazy and I he said he looked at me and he smiled.

He said sounds like a personal problem to me.

You need to pray about that. So I did. Ice took that serious and that evening I prayed and prayed at 2 o'clock in the morning. The Lord woke me up and he told me what to do and so ever since then that's been my goal in my vision.

Then when I lost my husband a little over a year ago. I knew that it was because God had put me where he wanted me and and he was saying to me. Okay, now you have the floor go with it. Yeah. And so in change. I use that language a lot yeah even changes always understand you lose a love when you lose your spouse, but then on the other side of that, there's a new season absolutely around in a new work to do, which quite frankly we could've done before.

Right. And all of a sudden you just gotta trust God right right and in what what was wonderful to me though was. Bob was there in the beginning and he blessed it, and he loved it and he was proud of what I was doing and so now I have that to go with and I always tell everybody I'm living out his legacy because it's only because of his abilities and what he did all of his life and how he gave me and enabled me to be able to afford to do what I'm doing, that I can do it.

So God put us altogether. Any he does what he does so well. He makes things happen the right way. If you let him that's the thing you got a M and understand this is an important point for your story as well as my own.

Everybody else is listening or watching right now are talking to Elaine back by the way is the website that I want to check up, especially if you're right here on Facebook like you could see on my phone to get the app base to learn about your second was a little all what was the will she she had this marriage and her husband and they were successful financially so she could afford to do so or I don't have Steve Nobles got a personality, but will not forget that stuff.

I know my second every single believer has a place on the wall in my place on the walls different than yours is different than a lames and just because ours might be a little more public doesn't mean it's more important just different MSO assume that God is a work for you to do because he does and then just ask what you want me to do. That's what I did and that was my story I'm telling you to get to you exactly when my hands and said pray about it.

I prayed about it, God might guy didn't say well three years from now let you know I mean at 2 o'clock in the morning I woke up and I knew it was God. I went out and I got down on my knees because he said get on your knees and I was there for three hours and I just kept saying Lord just keep telling me over fill me with the Holy Spirit. Tell me what you want me to do and when I got up I knew what I was supposed to do when I told my husband he said I think you better get busy and said no I did. What are what was first what what was first to his blessings or action which you know it's it's amazing how God can take things and make them so perfect. Blessings to action came to me because my nephew came over with a book when he heard that God spoke to me and he said cleaning lady said you know what you need to do.

You need to read this book because it tells you, you know how to bring Christians in the country together and I said took the book in my hands. I looked on it and I said Joe I'm sorry but no, God doesn't want me to read books. He doesn't want you to read books. He doesn't want us to do that. He wants us to literally talk together so that's when I knew you know and so blessings through action is how we get how do we get blessing through the actions that we take that well be right back, fiefdom, a brand-new social media platform for us Christians and conservatives and different from Facebook and the others because it's free speech novel idea.

I read that some old documents or something about free speech, but also where you can exchange your faith and share your faith and pray for one another to great platform operates a lot like Facebook so will seem familiar to you. But since were losing those platforms in terms of freedom and what you can put on their I mean I had my struggles with Facebook as well and I figured out a few ways around things on Facebook, but the fact that I have to figure out anything in order to be completely open and honest on a social media platform that supposed to be an open and honest platform is a huge problem in their massively powerful getting more powerful by the day. So instead of trying to reform them, which I wish we could, could, can't we get to do our own way of the band together and hopefully you'll realize by now, and Elaine and I were just talking about this on the commercial break is that born-again Christians in America by most Barna research even pew polling is about 9 to 11% of the population, born-again Christians, by definition, good biblical Christians. African-Americans, for example, make up 12 or 13% so so born-again Christians are quickly becoming the smallest minority in America. As a group and you think you're in the majority because 70% of Americans still claim to be Christian, but there not convictional Christians also don't even understand the gospel.

So we need to accept the fact Elaine that just like the Bible is always told us God preserves for himself a remnant. Jesus said few there are the go that way.

That's two or three at a 10 and you're not the majority in America.

You're the minority.

We always have been from a convictional standpoint and we need to learn to live like it and we need to be more innovative, which is why I'm so appreciative of all things you guys.

Thank you. I'm very excited about it night.

I like your enthusiasm, then I hope that your audience will pick up on that. Absolutely. Well they keep coming back so the reader create some degree of both, which I appreciate what we are talking about, you know, kind of becoming an activist so blessings through action was the first organization started to tell I will click on real quick in the morning go to the others and it really impact what were doing okay blessings or action was that the name and we did everything under that for the first while and then we realize that what was happening was that we couldn't speak out like we wanted to because there is too much about this country. Changing and happening were in a season that is a little scary in strange and weird then and then Copeland comes along. On top of that, and we have a president that ever since he before he got inaugurated they has been bullied and mistreated, then the government has been doing things that they shouldn't.

There's just all kinds of odd things going on so here we are, and we realize that if we wanted to speak out that we were to get in trouble if we stayed with the 501(c)(3) so we left it. We only have blessings to action, which is our nonprofit arm and that are going for you guys so you know 501(c)(3) base. We were your churches okay then you got the Johnson amendment, which is bogus. It's like a shadow and you should be afraid your shadow, which is why I'm never worried about what I say on the air. Even though this radio ministry. The 501(c)(3), but the government looks at you, like a church and and so there's all kind of baggage that comes with that so you need to get out of that which is what you did.

So what what was next was a Christian news Journal down next then then I what I did is I actually had blessings to action, which was our action place was what faith and is now our action place came next.

Our action place is when we first started doing a social media. It was small and we we needed a lot of growth a lot of change. We did that recently we changed it to faith them. Now we are ready and you alone, you know where I got her Craig will chaperone the same master. We had the same Holy Spirit. We worship the same God read the same Bible we both have the same concern for nation or culture. Amen and understand that that which is why am on the radio some reason you're doing things with faith them in these other entities because were engaged right right and I know that you're doing the same thing.

I am to because we just keep following God in whatever direction you give us in the next direction, that he gave me was he told me a year ago to buy the Christian news Journal. It was on the market.

I knew the man and had been to some things and met him that owned it in he called me up and offered it to me. It's an award-winning newspaper that is online and urgent news looking at it right now. The Austin news so I bought bad. I revamped it and and it is where you going to go and honestly I can say this. We do everything in our power to check out all of our sources in the meat sure that what were putting on, there's the truth you know how the Bible is the truth.

That's the history that's the truth that we should know we have to know to find wisdom and knowledge. But the truth of what's happening in the nation. Now is the only way we can go forward is to understand what they're really doing and what were really doing and so we incorporated that in which we think it's been great, and especially now that we have faith them because the idea is as I was sharing with him is that you go on the Christian news Journal you read about what's happening in the country you take any subject whether it's about the fact that the president is trying to get the legal votes counted, and not not the other ones and you read that and then go on the outgoing faith them in and tell the world tell the country tell the Congressman who I've been speaking to Annette that are on their tell them what it is that you like and you don't like to talk to your other friends that are friends in Christ. Do your Christian brothers and sisters speak to them about what they're doing in the schools and about abortion and pro-life, and the differences in how you feel. That's what it's therefore say we can have a voice. What to tell you this Elaine start interrupt you but I would say the number one question, I've gotten this year starting in March with all the covert stuff happened and everything else started on full and is where everybody's getting conflicting information over information almost is the normal question is steep, where do you get your news from like like what source can I trust. Can I look around an hour looking at election system and ago okay.

The smaller issue right now is trumped by the bigger issue is can you trust the electoral process in the United States of America because if you can't, and I think were getting to the point where you can't know the world's deciding who's actually in charge in this country is no wonder we the people, which means were not a representative republic right.

That's why something like the Christian when you look okay. We gotta find a place you go to my Christian news Journal go okay I need to start at least with some sources that are run by people that I can trust the highest same worldview in the same definition of truth, which is what Jesus said the Pontius Pilate. For this reason I was born and for this reason, I came in of the world testified to the troops which Pontius Pilate what is true and that's why that's so important Christian news Journal right exactly so anyways that came next. Then when we changed and got everything solidified and right where it needed to be with faith them and we change the name because our action place was long people can connect with it and it didn't say it was our.

It was about our faith and we want people to know that you not people actually say to me what why do you put that in there. Maybe more people come on now, none like, but I don't want just anybody. This is about. This is about what God wants us to come together.

Those true believers that love him and stop. I'm not worried about numbers you know there isn't anything on here that that we how I put this, we want people to see how the voice that is real and true and that you talk and get people on their go on saying bad things will we do, we have people monitoring 24 seven because you always get people on there that's going to freak out things you don't want sad. We have to watch for that. Other than that, you know, we like controversial subject while I was on faith from yesterday on the app on my phone and I had a little back-and-forth with the gentleman on there that was supportive of Joe by an in and I'm okay so I engaged that's fine should run away from that you should be willing to engage that and always being ready to give an answer for the hope that you have by the way, read the rest of that first Peter 315 a with gentleness and patience with patience and respect. That's where he often dropped the ball right we have to be willing to engage and by the way the fish on the back of your car enough rest. I know it's not that off my shoulder.

Well I think that's a lot of it too is what were realizing is that we been complacent and and and I'm sorry to say this, but many of the pastors in this country, you know that we want something is another thing that I had as a child we went to church. They said what was happening in the community and what was happening at the school and and what was happening in our state and window when there was things like that Vietnam War.

It was brought up and they were talking about it in the church. The pastor get up there and and we knew these things and it was a bow that God had happening. What was happening in the world now where God was playing into it. Now the churches won't mention anything.

So many of them. They don't talk to you about that be think that as long as you're praying in your reading the Bible that years that that's enough that you can just quit right there and and most people don't spend that much time in the word and they should and most people don't do a lot of things that they should do. I mean all at fault Thursday so we don't should the truth of the matter is we get more real about this is not an option for your elders. Having gone through out Jerusalem finally got one thing the upper room of the persecution all the way around the world and how when your country with my is but I have a little older yellow folder and scream to flick all you guys and I have social media right on the home screen were all addicted and right there you got your usual stuff, Facebook, twitter yeah but then there's faith okay the little dog with with red white and blue was reminiscent of the flag reminding you that were talking about America mostly so faith them is the app you can get it at that III. The Apple Store you get it at Google play get on your phone in.

This is a R, R version. Oh, you are our version of Facebook and Elaine back is here in her organization and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and what God is called her to do in her life.

This is just one of the arms that they've done, which is faith so much as a way for us to then have a platform for ourselves. We don't have to worry about Zuckerberg's opinion or some Supreme Court of Facebook somewhere is deciding what is and is not worth it because we're people of the book, and so were to talk about tea capital truth and that's why faith them such important platform for you to get today and get on there and start sharing and start engaging in the conversation so guys are never to come around Lane heart, then we need to do our own thing right right and I understand that there's a lot of people that you know that yes they are given out bonds on other sites, but at the same time. I know there's another good site out there called parlor for people that I want to say strictly political that's more or less there there thing we as Christians that we have a lot to talk about and there's a lot of things in this world that are important us, our families, our children are our schools are, you know, and I know that Don has some politics and it also has a lot of personal stuff that that we need to take ownership of again and get back in and get our morals, our beliefs and our standards that God set forth in that holy word and we need to get back to that, and until we until we share it and spread it amongst each other. I don't see it happening to you know not all will. Here's an example.

This is Eileen. She posted this two hours ago. Peace be with you for the lit days and I'm reading right from my beta map on my phone okay for the days leading up to Christmas.

I want to highlight some of the names used to describe the Messiah King issue at the idea is to focus that name that day on the characteristic attributes of the name for our Lord. The apostle John uses in John 11 the word to describe the Lord been cheaper quotes that just starts to share enough I go start going down my feet. I see Scripture I see politics. I see some like jingle jingle Netflix is most family film, family, family friendly movie ever.

My okay was a skeptic and like what can you pull out Netflix. It's any good anymore right is apparently something there and people just sharing rise are all people sharing from a Christian worldview. For the most part right right exactly and and yes it does get into politics.

You don't have to go to parlor to get into politics or if anything, you know, our political view I think is is much stronger if we are together and I think that's why God told me get the Christians to come together make this a voice that you are more powerful under one voice, rather than all of the little churches in the little and and and I talked about somebody else to somebody else today about that that you know it's it's the coming together that God wants us to do. That's that's what he expected us to do and so I think it's really important that we do that and that's why.

Politically, I've gotten involved to because I know that what's happening in my country is important and it speaks to that in the Bible that we are we are to live by the law of the land of wheat we've been given a mandate for the good of the city right and engage the kings and princes of the people in power.

While the watchmen on the walking to talk about that from Ezekiel and and people's blood is on your hands.

If you're not crying out warning people right and you were just in DC right exactly what was that like my love DC and I hate all seemed yes I I have that same love-hate relationship with it. It was amazing. I went there, basically because I God told me I needed to go and and talk to the Senators and stuff and get them involved and and help them understand what God wants, not just what they want or the country once, but what God wants. And so I went up there just an open book. No plans and as we were getting ready to go, which we did. Within four days of the moment God told me do it in four days later I was in Washington DC with three of my employees and a friend going along with me and when we got on our way up. We found out that the march was going to be that weekend and we was going to be there during your tote that was God's timing.

At least we were to be there. There was some amazing things that we learn we had an opportunity to talk with Brendan Jones into an interview with him. He is in the Georgia legislation and that's the vapid American. It's still a part of it and I think the law and I don't care I don't either.

And that was the beauty that it's like okay God. You're you're showing me something very powerful and the people by doing this video that just because somebody was a Democrat.

Just because it they are black, doesn't mean that they can't think the right way they do, they heat like he said he spent been a Baptist boy all of his life. I love the way you put that when I am only write one another off the left right right up the right right left off and we don't have a conversation or our skin color. Whatever my lot. But if somebody is claiming to be a Christian. Always start their right exactly because he primarily thinks biblically, which is gotten in trouble with his own party down to Georgia sir, but we don't even usually bother to have a conversation we just there on that side. I'll will never be able to talk and that's part of our problem.

My darling gave talk and and is always God's timing was perfect because when else was I getting a chance to have an interview with Vernon right and and talk to somebody from Georgia. We've got this a race going on in Georgia and and were all supposed to be and I encourage you right now. Get involved.

You know on our app also what we call tax to the top.

There is a call for people to, you know. Hope what's going on in Georgia, you know, not everybody's got money to send that's fine. You don't make some phone calls to people in Georgia don't give you a list of set you up be part of that you know in this is what we what were called to do. I think right now I really believe that God's put a call on all of us as real true Christians to do many things, not just you know, even if your second home and and and you the covert things got you shot up doesn't mean that you can't pray for people to call people and and lift them up and bite by sharing with them. You know I'm one of these people and things I like to point out everybody with two things.

Number one is you know if you have a Bible in its closed mind. It's closed so I always tell people if you really want to get into the word you by yourself at people go to.

I don't care Salvation Army by cookbook holder and picture Bible open on it anywhere in your house and let me tell you, you won't walk so that's a great thing. The other thing is you know, it's very important that we understand that there always is. God didn't bring you here with no purpose or pray for that purpose. Ask him to show you what it is.

Even in this day and age, no matter where you are, God has a purpose for you so you know you're a Christian, you're somebody who already knows that. So work with him. You got a friend that works of Greg Laurie on the West Coast and he says they listen prayers of the only thing we should do but we should do nothing without and most powerful thing in your arsenal already, which is prayer but I gone the Georgia thing on just on January 5. These two Senate runoff races will literally and can literally determine the future of this country for next year. If you have two Democrats that when this they take over the U.S. Senate.

They have the house and most likely at this point. Got to bed but think that the White House this country will be unrecognizable from a Christian conservative perspective inside 12 months back I say I would even say two years I'd seen for the rest of your life. Oh, it'll be shocking how fast the changes in how radically changes so you should be praying for Georgia to generate Fitch's be praying every day about that but you can go to produce website or you could go to Loeffler's website and sign up and make phone calls you want to live in Georgia to be engaged right now is complaining and whining to talk about all these things though Job I know what the Democrats take over the Senate. But if you do anything about it. Your part of the problem right right. I appreciate your handwringing but that'll ultimately doesn't get thing done right and that's something that I hope we've learned how we not seen this as things have gone down the drain. I mean, the fact of the matter is, is I'm also going back to Washington next week and I meeting with a bunch of senators up there, you know it's really neat you know when you let God do what he does it. I mean all these months I prayed and prayed Lord, how do I get this word on how I do this and then last couple weeks ago when he said to me go to Washington and went to Washington and I got bolder and because he told me to be bold and I walked up to these guys. I start time and now they're calling me you know it's like just open up open that door for God to walk in and then once he's there do his bidding because you will be you will have more joy than you've ever had in your life you will have more contentment you will have more peace.

I don't care how bad covert is I don't care how bad things are in your life or what you're dealing with. He will get you through it and you will have peace in the midst of the storm. Always remember that and and the other thing is is and I wanted to share something with the ends now know that I'm really excited about because next week I mean I've met the president I've had my picture taken with him and so that was pretty special about our last martyrs and next week.

I've been invited to the White House to go to a Christmas party with Donald and and I like Milani is so go ahead and covet my wife and I every year for years. We watched HDTV Milani is or like we've never seen the White House look as good as it does yet so that's awesome to see people this week you will get degrees but this week you will. It's full of the Holy Spirit.

All I got a favor letter to Washington school neighborhood get involved in all lead back to hear about all the time now for the kingdom only get on the app store for your but also like the news I wasn't thinking about everyone digging there you have is God willing, we'll talk again real soon. Always

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