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More MAGA Mayhem + Money Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 16, 2020 1:22 pm

More MAGA Mayhem + Money Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 16, 2020 1:22 pm

More MAGA Mayhem + Money Monday

Over the weekend Trump held a rally that the media claims ended in death and violence steve talks about what really happened. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble okay thing hey how you doing my fear for me and I heard you had a good weekend. This is the noblest email itself you know if the going is right here in my super Star Wars studio located in Raleigh North going to somewhere secret and undisclosed location. The Steve Noble show on Facebook if you want to join us there just an interesting year getting more interesting by the way, be thinking about having Thanksgiving.

I mean, repent, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. How dear you want to be with family and stop Thanksgiving.

You just need to repent for that unloving attitude you don't love your neighbor you want your neighbor to die.

So you need to repent of that will move on from there. Sorry little punchy today and a lot to talk about but if you were at little audience participation here today.

If you are up at the million mag rally in DC on Saturday, which was the million. Of course, the New York Times and other people are like, you know, there were there were people there but New York Times, I mean look at this right from their own article thousand rally in Washington is clashes Rupp while thousands of pretty get the New York Times thousands of sport as president from protesting the outcome of the election rally in Washington on Saturday, earning a brief drive by visit from the president himself in a day of orderly demonstrations that devolve into violence as the night wore on, the police made 20 arrests, including foreign gun charges as counter protesters and trump supporters clashed in the streets throughout the evening. That's a stretch trump supporters trump supporters were the victims and in the crazy proud boys were there. Auntie Paul was there and said BLM people were there say at three parts nightmare, one part just trying to serve the country. Three parts nightmare, one part trying to serve the country okay that's how I read it. Sorry, New York Times, and by the way please thought there were 200,000 people there as opposed to the New York Times.

He probably says they're being accurate. Thousands of supporters while you're off by a factor of 20, but who's counting anyway. Were you there.

Did you experience any that I'm curious if you did, if you did please call and I love to hear a firsthand report of how that went down.

I know my friend Cindy was there a bunch of the people I know are there and that Neil was there. I don't know feels listening, but that if you are there and you saw any of this experience and this is the day grew on and as the sun went down, always is when the forces of evil really like to start to play.

I give us a call and let us know what that was like give us a little report that would be great. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 8784 if you were there ASAP turn the rest of the light. The rest the lights here in the super Star Wars studio would be awesome 866-34-TRUTH you're gonna be a camera going 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go on with New York Times version and see how it sounds. The police made 20 arrests, including foreign gun charges.

One person was stabbed but his condition was unknown late Saturday for most of the day.

However, the crowds were under control. Want to know why class anybody anybody anybody why were the cloud crowds under control because their conservatives tend to be under control it boisterous, and many greeted the present with applause and cheers.

We passed by in his motorcade by early afternoon demonstrators had fanned out for several blocks around freedom Plaza on twitter the White House press secretary Carrie McInerney offered an exaggerated assessment of the event calling the million mugger March claiming that a million sport as it turned out counts on the ground suggested that her estimate was wildly inflated, even if shorter numbers. The crowd was not lacking in enthusiasm for the president.

You know they got some quotes here are typical New York Times okay so that's a eight 866-34-TRUTH 8784 is the number if you are up there.

I love to hear what your experience was like being up there with all the trump supporters continuing to rally for the president and his efforts to see this election go his way. As we have wild things going on across the country this that the fat lady doesn't sing until a few weeks from now. By the way, officially around December 9 or December 14. When you get the something is little thing in the Constitution, called the electoral college. If anybody's paying attention. That's when the fat lady sings okay 866-34-TRUTH 87884. If you are there and like to share your firsthand account because were all in the world of social media. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you are now just as much a reporter and a journalist is anybody else. If you have a smart phone and you can't run that smart phone. Welcome to the game, urine, and now we would go you. We quote you in major news articles in a major social media sites and so-and-so tweeted in so-and-so tweeted not like these people aren't even really known very well yet they show up in all these major articles and stuff, fascinating.

But if you're there. I love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 to get your firsthand experience 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. Thanks so much for helping our going to be Jacob Cullinan from Charlotte Bianchi thanks for calling re-up there on Saturday I mean, when would be a name canteen happy boarding. I 30 and five the fleet for keeping away from and really nothing happened and Ingram only crowded here with people there. Yeah, I mean that obviously was a large crowd and you said people are having fun and singing and chanting and having a good old time. And then there were some forces on the outside of that, did you leave right when it is over. Did you kinda miss when things started to go south after the sun went down. When everybody our dark curly dark, was there any any interaction at all that you saw Bianca while you're there, just in terms of some anti-puppy polar anti-trump protesters. Did you see or hear anything really carrying signs and negative thing that we will when the rally went over and people started to walk away on and you know speaking on the megaphone. I know when you would think it would not die when the night and open it. Microphone megaphone and right away when he caught ran toward the crowd and grabbed him up right away, but the only thing I thought all day yeah but that's it. Sounds a little bit different than your usual anti-file BLM gathering his people were singing and smiling and in love and up on each other because there is a marked difference between the way conservatives are doing this as a way the radical left is doing. If you think so much for John and I appreciate that report. You're welcome. Okay Cindy you're up next. Gonna go to you right after the break. So if you're okay holding, to keep you on hold and will go to my friend Cindy Wachtell. She was there. Had some interesting interaction as she always does good conservative godly woman would be right back back is covered. They are off Monday Monday up to show the last segment with David Fisher but you folks to call in and share your experience if you're up there in DC over the weekend with the massive rally that was for the present trumpet what's going on with the election. My good friend Cindy Wachtell, my sister in Christ as well as up there so you always show up in the middle of these things are such an active patriot and a lover of the Lord. I appreciate your call and answer tell us about your experience about how many people trying to get enemy traffic went unbelievable and I would really, I underestimated how difficult it was getting in because I thought you know yeah will be a couple out.

Then maybe 100,000. But it was just getting it out and all the streets were blocked off by the time I finally parked and walked down to freedom plot that whole area was completely filled with people waving flags waving trump flag with every ethnic group, every race, all ages, and people were singing patriotic. It was so crowded it was hard to get in there and tell everybody was happy there were speakers and we couldn't see the speakers because we were far away, but we could hear them which of Constantinople uplifting. We love America, were not giving up.

We don't believe difficult account work in a fight to the and and so it was confusing after like where we were going and what were we doing that. We started walking up Constitution Avenue because we knew they were to march up to the Supreme Court, and as you went up toward it, even though the freedom where people hadn't left yet you still some people so far ahead of you that had gone on a hat and then by the time with media everywhere and and families black families spanning families with the people from Hawaii Minneapolis New Jersey Long Island from all over Texas and California off-line and specifically for that and then when they told the crowd okay march up there as well. Alternate marching up in March for life yeah like the March for life kind of movement right applicant around to the capital one street because Apple you could walk straight to the graph capital but most people walk on the road. We found a huge and there are people coming back toward it and I and what are you doing later.

We've been gathered up to the Supreme Court for a couple hours with that group and now were headed down to freedom. Square so it was true in that a black candidate for the people that were all they are and then by the time we got to the Supreme Court. You could not even move. It was so crowded and that's where again they had Mike Lindau. He was in two places Louis Gomer Sebastian Corcoran. He was awesome and it was just a big piece overly and we turn to leave from that because of the big crowd kinda can get a little scary when you're in the middle of that silly thought to the right of the Supreme Court that if you're facing the B to the right equipment to the left. A group of then chief quote" and he dug 15 or 20 white kids that look like little punks in their 20s wearing their little facemasks really were completely surrounded by Capitol police at and that lady was next to me for the schoolteacher and she said don't look like my delinquent students. I should get up there until in mind their business and tightening with the police all around them walking back down the Constitution and headed back to freedom path and people were playing music. They were huge celebrations of like reggae band for the bands that you heard in Miami. The Latino music found wrappers along the lines of all their and parking areas of all the buildings the federal building.

We start talking with her tightness in police officers and young girls and I wish you happy and we said what you know what is your attitude toward this end, like we love it there still people in my friend said not at all like the summer right and she said not at all and we feel so much safer. We feel like we continue our job if something broke and yet we collect the people or states that we feel safe and the people feel safe and I knew about, you know, I didn't know there was anything going on until I got down further to go eat dinner and some people started yelling at me out the window screen and so you know I just said nothing in the name of Jesus to be healed and hurling things out there, let me sitting in the middle finger yelling at POF you and I saw this girl standing there in a blue lives murderous T-shirt and I said you kidding me, and so she starts giving me the finger, and I said you loves you. Jesus died for you and she started saying she Jesus like you were just fast by the devil.

They are possessed by the devil and everything with them incident. As we walked along I asked the police that he how long will you guys be out here because dark you know going on.

We were far away from it by that, I drove home I talk to me and he said did you see all the plants and he said well there's been a lot of people been kicked in the head, shut down the media trying to format something because no violence without no violence. We walked all over that area. You're able to walk it if you're healthy menu. I have no idea been taken place. It was not like that, like a family event you could find taking your families here. You could have felt face of country we love Donald about we don't want our we want a free and fair election we lost. I will accept the results that we don't believe that there were tons of Asians. They are Chinese people with big enter thank you notes stop the steel stop to steal everything Pres. trump stands against China help us stand against China banners and handing out literature on how to scan in the pictures of Joe Biden with his face over the mousy time famous photo Beijing Biden Beijing is all too real and so when I heard later that the media said there were a couple thousand people there and that it was mostly violent and that the proud boy to take a number of starch propaganda infuriates me that it's not at all what happened not represent the love to complete all that is depicted as if that element emerged from the trunk crowd felt like I was in earlier. Cindy was like you know a nice Fourth of July celebration with Wayne friend and banners and we really appreciate and we thank God for America were patriots. But when the patriots leave when the people that value God and country leave then that's when the forces of darkness are set loose and what they would do in a normal like the confrontation like you had with that young lady, which is so sad like the demonic attack and we have to remember that when you're watching these things letters on social media on television wherever remember that you've got just the devil and his minions. These are all just chew toys for them and ended just heartbreaking in which and we we can't come against that carnally when you become against that was spiritual warfare and prayer and praise what you're talking about a lot all the time and that's something that I think were missing live streaming journalist that you hear everybody talking and everybody live streaming it said there's plenty of video out there. If the media wanted to do their job, to shout that there were not that element of whatever they try to stay with the biggest part would have been less than .001 again until the sun went down and after the sun. Who knows what went on during the day. It was like everybody being happy and you could talk to them and asked them how they felt about what was happening and people were saying were still praying for the president were praying for that elected officials were praying for the process to do evil to be exposed in the light of the people gathered speaking patriotic assistance and radical thinking. It was like you know what about America. It was just so different than how it's been portrayed. It just been you know what I would say it's been shocking, but it's not shocking because everything they do with the live right on ensuring that is always always great to hear from you. Thanks for up to date on okay I think. See you later then I was on my prison you walk out here in Raleigh very involved Christian love the country and gets involved doesn't just sit on the sidelines and complain. You remember that that's what's out there. You try to engage them is just like the demoniac is enough length you in this that the other things.

Let's make sure were praying for this piece. These people whenever we see them on media. This is the noble plenty more to talk about medicine called action.

The are on Saturdays for three years that started seven. Then we got off the year and the like Godfather part three.

They pulled me back and I will God and then back on the air a few months later and started doing the daily show and it was called action to Daisy to a today was one of our taglines got medicine to the church because of your old enough that your old like me then you remember on top medicine tasted horrible right so you like plug in your nose. Whatever you can hardly take it taste horrible but is good for you anyway once, like the truth so I was saying on Facebook. Why would you want to join us in the middle of these commercial breaks appear on the radio. You can join us on Facebook live here in the studio.

Just go to Steve Nobles on Facebook and we continue a conversation is sidebar conversation. I don't rob Peter to pay Paul Eitel poll the majority of that of the of the content for the radio show happens when were on the radio segments of gators for Bob between 4 and 5 PM but I keep going because I do that on the commercial breaks and so on.

The commercial break I was I was encouraging and challenging all of us like Cindy Walker who called in when were faced with that kind of demonic activity and in hatred in the F bomb and all that stuff. How many of us will look that person in the face in and say you know I rebuke all that junk in Jesus name. And by the way, do you know Jesus loves you. I mean how many of us have that kind of boldness to it to remember that we are more than conquerors.

We have been given authority to do this stuff and you're dealing with spiritual forces forces of darkness which means it's not a Molotov cocktail it's not that it's not it's not pepper spray.

It's the word of God and the truth of God.

That's our weapon that means you get beat you get beat physically. They are weapons are not carnal or spiritual for tearing down the strongholds and we need to do that.

The days are getting darker so we need to have that boldness, not because we are so pumped up on ourselves all show you my authority. No, like John the Baptist, I must decrease. He must increase, but these days are getting darker and we need to be willing publicly boldly and outwardly to declare the truth of God so thank you Cindy for your example. Not to bring attention to herself but to glorify God and to try to share at least the one word and that antifog girl's life that will change your life and that's the name of Jesus, and we better start getting a little more bold eating locusts wearing skin.

John the Baptist, when our faith and in just speak the language speak the language of faith when her in the public. You know Jesus hey think they God loves you what God loves you.he proved it 2000 years ago, Donna Crosby, what appears to okay God loves you anyway.

We waiting for you when you're ready. That's where were going, that's what we need in the world here in America even push back it's going to darker more difficult. We need to pray like the first century church for boldness is like the number one prayer request in the book of acts with boldness and we need that now, perhaps more than ever. Here in America. Okay, let's see, let's do this a little loving rebuke, raise your hand if you didn't vote as your hand didn't vote anywhere wherever your listening but specially my my fellow North: answer across the state. Raise your hand if you didn't vote okay Allison, here's the deal. This is just this just this breaking news like as of about I don't know an hour and 1/2 ago. States report. Justice Paul Newby is pull that of incumbent Chief Justice Sherry Beasley after officials in eastern North Carolina's Washington County fixed a problem with election results Monday morning. Today is the latest shift in the race for Supreme Court Chief Justice and there could be more.

In addition, Washington County counting mailed in ballots.

Weiss recounted mail-in ballots twice OD loops*groups Robinson County forgot to count ballots from an early voting site loops Nubia Republican led the race by 231 votes as of 2:45 PM today. Paul Newby is been on the north, states report for what I do to terms now is limited and so he's running he's the only conservative on the court. He said when he was on the show recently. You know what his job as he writes dissenting opinions, six liberals, one conservative I'm talking about constitutionally conservative like the document says what it means and means what it says in a couple of days ago he was down by 35 votes. Now, I guarantee you for my North Carolina friends on the radio and on Facebook. I guarantee you I know it for a fact based on the statistics for the last 50 years that at least 35 of you didn't vote or you voted part of it, but you didn't vote that part and I would say if you look lost by 35 votes that squarely on you and we said there's a my vote doesn't matter really let this be an example to let this be a lesson to you I have somebody email me or send me a message that recently a social media you want to me to apologize because I said on here that I think it's a sin, not the bow while fire an eight-year-old. I throw out a meaningless apology for you, sir, but I'm not eight and I'm not apologizing because I believe it to be true that if you don't vote your abandoning social responsibility, not caring for your neighbor in a country where your vote actually does matter and the laws from the local to the state to the federal level affect pretty much all of your neighbors. All three and 30+ million of them, and to say it doesn't matter or doesn't count means you don't really care. In practice, whatever you blow it off.

That's called the sin of omission.

James said to know what is right not do.

It is a sin. That's the sin of omission. I think it's a sent I think the Bible makes it a sin not a matter of conscience really loving your neighbors a matter of conscience. I still feel convicted about that's deep up the Bible doesn't the Bible truth is not based on your emotional reaction to what it sets.

It is true. It is true.

Over time, provide it is true. Okay so somebody one of the most godly men I know. Paul Newby wants to be the north, states Marine Corps justice who has a credible sway conservative in terms of constitutional matters in a conservative and up and just saturated with the Holy Spirit and he were to lose by 35 votes. I would look 35 Christians in the face and say it's your fault and I would suggest you go deal with the Lord on that one.

And yes, I would suggest that you repent nonsense while Steve, that's a little over-the-top. I don't think so, and certainly not come apologize for. So there's that. Okay. January 5 the big double whammy election down in Georgia to the U.S. Senate for control of the US and okay right now the Republicans are 50 to 48 but if you lost these two speed both these runoffs down there to be 50-50 and assuming abiding wins. Guess who is the type vote in the Senate. My constitutional friends.

That's right, here's to check out. This is the guy who now preaches at Ebenezer Baptist Church, which is where MLK preached.

So just recently I picked this article up on Facebook pastor running for Senate abortion rights are consistent with my beliefs as a minister will then Ewing, a minister, Mr. Ralph, a Rev. that your quotes Raffaella Warnock, a Democrat running the special election to finish the remainder. Republican Sen. Johnny Isaacson's unfinished term, then this one came out today about him and him to say something really inflammatory democratic. I'm just I'm just telling the truth okay sometimes.

I know my descriptions a little over-the-top, but trying to just be truthful or Democratic senatorial candidate Rafael Warnock demanded this back in 2016 that America repent for its worship of whiteness. The noise guilty of that during a sermon delivered shortly before the 2016 election if it is true that a man who has dominated the news and poison the discussion for months needs to repent. Talk about trauma.

Bob is back in 2016, then it is doubly true that a nation that can produce such a man and make his vitriol go viral needs to repent.

I think Donald Trump is responsible for his own words are not me no matter what happens next month. More than 1/3 of the nation that would go along with this is reason to be afraid. America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness on full display. The seas, how is it that you consult everybody. Warnock continued call Muslim something other than children of God. Rev. Muslims are children of God unless they are born again and then are not a Muslim people that claim Christianity are necessarily children of God unless they are born again atheists are children of God unless they become born again agnostics are not children of God unless they become become born-again Buddhists are not Eastern Taoism is not a Jew is not a child of God unless he becomes born-again. According to the word of God, which again is the truth to those through faith in Jesus Christ.

He gave the right to be called children of God. If you are have faith in Jesus Christ, you are born again.

The Bible says John three, and you become a child got adopted you're not born in that family. Naturally have to be adopted. Your born yet spiritually separated because your sin nature and it doesn't take too long for us to act on that seal the deal. So you got a reverent here saying he Muslims like who would call Muslim something other than a child of God will that would be God would call Muslim or anybody else not a child of God unless they come to faith in Jesus Christ and then born-again. And this is a quote or quote pastor. So here's my inflammatory remark Democratic senatorial candidate Rafael Warnock.

I think his last name should actually be more like warlock because of this type of thinking.

These types of words and him saying that his his Christian beliefs and his role as a reverent hyperbole consistent with a legal right to murder unborn children, sir, that is beyond dereliction of duty that apostasy that is not pastor from my understanding of the word of God that is a heretic and that's what were facing and he could be a US Sen. United States of America if you're not praying for those in authority over you. According to Scripture sure better start the Steve Noble be right back. And so here's another one on Monday.

Good friend David Fisher from landmark capital. By the way through November get passing giving excited about the next week will be live Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday will do our annual Thanksgiving conversation. I'll ask you: be specific something specific that you can want to thank the Lord for the last 12 months. Sunday school answers don't count.

Gotta be specific and especially in this year 2020. That's a good exercise for all of us.

And then there's something I wrote several years ago called 66 things to be thankful for from the 66 books of the Bible all go through that that'll be next Tuesday, then I'll be off Wednesday through Friday and the back live.

After that, but soon let's just assume for the second per second for the sake of argument, that Joe Biden wins, there's gonna be some fascinating difficult and trying things that happen in the financial markets. So as we talk to David Fisher today and and pretty much every week on Monday. Now is a great time for education. If you've never dealt with precious metals before if you can all tilted on the just stocks. If you don't have cash ago Villa property.

If you never look at precious metals. You need to remember diversification with the things or things are really challenging now if all of a sudden we have a Joe Biden, Harris and the White House there to get more challenging, so you need to be engaged and educated which is why we enjoy and are appreciative of spending time with David every Monday in the show David how are you buddy. Thanks for calling I'm doing great and really know that song number 14 Monday so sometime around their illicit goods or contest the appointment is just delay yeah and that's our talk about the electoral college there. When I say the fat lady hasn't seen yet. That's what I meant that that would be the Constitution.

If you ever heard of such a thing.

But jobs in the market today up 470 points. Of course we're talking about COBIT again and in another company stepping up talking about a vaccine.

So let's get an update on market performance a year to date what's driving the markets today because it's pretty big number Dell 9.2.9 percent, S&P 10.5%. The NASDAQ still leading the charge of the three paper indexes 30.9% gold at 24.5% sure over the shining store. Still 38.3% is a pretty impressive numbers and again we look at the NASDAQ explained everybody why you have the down stop at 2.9 and is also a way to mow the NASDAQ 30 will visit 30.9 so what, there's a little trick there, though the people I think most of it. I don't understand the index without meanness or everything will fight for the Dell today. There were 60% of the stocks went up, and 40% went down even though the Dell shows up 400+ points in reference to your questions in this ticket.

Fog stocks the top five stocks represent 25% of the index.

Children are up the indexes up but it could mean 75% of stocks could be down possibly showed some misleading unfortunately that's what happens when a certain area called Raleigh talks referring to Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Those specific stocks have been rallying while most of the area intact has been lagging behind all of most of us will assuage the can be confusing, but that's the understanding of it yeah and so and sent in terms of today with the market being up like Florida and 70 points when looking to drill that today during the pharmaceutical company became ill and announced that they have a vaccine and it was 94.5% effective fundraiser was last Monday. There vaccine was 90% effective, which is still phenomenal considering was 50% effective to put in perspective.

So so this is kind of a repeat of suffered in the last Monday the Dell went up energy trading 1550 points and settle down at 840 points in the net and the Dow is not up, but it's up precipitously, so good news for that's driving the markets today to put into perspective.

During the you can store the vaccine in refrigerators show the delivery of it can be much simpler compared to Pfizer which has 4 below Fahrenheit so it's really cold vaccine in these restore vertical we did see modernity make some big moves to the 12%, while the home stocks went down 5%. So here again just because certain areas of the index goes up to me and all the errors were going up and probably get FDA approval of this week for Pfizer and probably in the coming weeks really get FDA approval for mother.

Yellow will be interesting assuming the control of the executive branch changes hands to see what they do it. That is, they going to the rollout phase next year because you we see stuff from Cuomo's and because it comes from drop them when I can. A trusted bubble bubble bath. This will of course be another political football but fascinating to watch that happen in another big bump today as a result of it. So again, remembering the markets can be kind of emotional reactive things just like the rest of us. But one thing that I didn't even know about was there's a huge trade agreement that was signed over the weekend that could have repercussions that circle the globe tells about that, David. I'm not even aware that happened while we were sleeping Asian agreement trying to live the agreement they been working for eight years and they signed it yesterday while you're sleeping.

Our sorrow life. Find Japan Melanie Australia New Zealand South Korea and 10 other countries from the ACN countries which are fully dimensional to the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, things like that so so big. This is in fact the largest trade deal in the world history will, and we are left out of it purposefully. Triana came out who the deal claims and aims at strengthening supply changes reducing tariffs of much of 70% or be reduced by, and this gives Beijing the opportunity to rewrite the regional rules to diversify its avenues of trade in declining relationship with us actually stagnated the mirror next to nothing there actually right now.

So think with me was for all the talk for all the line the dogs up and let's connect them show Triana wants to compete globally, there are the largest no economy in the world that we surpass those unfortunately and they want to compete with the world reserve currency that you install or how you do that you get 15 countries to join with you in training leave the United States felt, so I will make a gift summation, the speculate prediction. I believe you'll see in the next couple years were to Europe to join him. I think you're going to see the Latin countries joined in.

That's the long game. The trust game. The trying to complain yet because it's important to know and remember that Donald Trump's clinical trade war with China is about 3 1/2 years old, but you said they been working on this deal for what eight years eight years, which means China has an overall strategy that has nothing to do with the present United States as they just want to destabilize and weaken America touches the bottom line. Now you know that on the head.

Jan this will be obvious is alarming because we live in a global society now on the market so you think you're isolated here in America it's not 1770 in your protected by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It's all tied together now.

So we need to really keep an eye on that. That's really quite disturbing, but they been at it for a while.

This is in a Trump maneuver.

This is a China maneuver just continuing to try to dominate the world, so are we getting another round of stimulus. They keep talking about. Of course, between Pelosi and Mitch McConnell do not get anything done but you think is X going to happen and will it matter if we change administration Mitch small one. I don't think were going to get it, but I think we will him in the beginning of next year, whose office of presidency and I think the Fed is going to be the biggest part of the stimulus to have a $75 trillion debt laden economy right now and to put into perspective since 2008, the Federal Reserve and the government combined has pumped $36 trillion economy Expo number so for every $12 that gets spent in liquidity. It only creates one dollar of economic it's not working so if you look at the numbers last year, $3 trillion. The balance sheet of the Fed went up in nine months. Specifically actually call year and in three years 3 trillion was the national debt. The budget deficit was $3 trillion last year the magical number 3 trillion just keeps coming so think with me with second the through the same thing again organelle a budget deficit of around 3 trillion because we got accustomed to it.

That means the Fed have stood double their issuance of debt because they bought $284 billion per month.

They named the double that number and this could be hundred $20 billion a month.

We need to get up to 284 billion is what is coming next year because the treasury can issue $2.4 trillion of treasury sends said only been buying 960.

This means higher prices and goals with the equates to help gold and silver is reacting today and what is to do as we can work through this mess in the future will Wells Fargo just came out and said, expect $2100 goal by the end of year that's 11% increase next six weeks instead of looking at the urine target the Wells Fargo advisor said investors should pay attention to the long-term trend and this is why we have a long-term trend in gold and silver is because we have a long-term spending cross and issuance of this so if it went up this much this year.

Expect that or more next year because you can issue more to spend more, which is why knowing what's happening is only spinning up, you need to get educated. Need to understand the use of gold and silver in terms of a hedge against the craziness that continues affidavit. What's the best way for people to get educated on the old-fashioned way: four 479-8882 four landmark landmark is always David Fisher got bless you brother. Things with Don and help in a summer looking for to talking again next week. God bless you my brother, my pal talk again real soon and this season is a man, back Lord Jesus converting to just drive this machine right in the said but that should help our prayer life should not cost you your joy. This is Steve Noble on the seasonal Michelle God willing will talk again real soon. My dad always

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