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Biden’s America

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 10, 2020 3:14 pm

Biden’s America

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 10, 2020 3:14 pm

Biden’s America

Today Steve talks about what the Biden Administration could mean for America and the future of Judeo-Christian Culture and the fight for life. 


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Everyone I know will show you every day is like at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble so I America, and that your list of goodies for the thing being dinner coming up where your family might be divided. I know Katy Perry got some advice for you on that.Biden calling for unity. That's hilarious. I will talk about that Matt Walsh from Ben Shapiro land now that Biden thinks he's one he wants us to unite sorry. I'll pass. He said seven big items on bind White House agenda by planning the reverse trumps pro-life policy committee could fill in the blanks and all this stuff but is the Job I next get to be the next president night states. I don't know will have to see. There's a lot going on there.

Just so you know how close it is to do a couple of stories here real quick GOP state Atty. Gen.'s urge, the Supreme Court overruled Pennsylvania courts election law changes and what role can the Supreme Court play in the elections only get through those articles here at the beginning of getting all this other stuff, but here you do your own path's Mike, sorry about that setup with my paper here okay.

Do your own math do your homework. See writer do your homework. I here's the deal. I don't think Michigan is much worth the effort because that's the difference between Biden and Trump is 146,123 votes with 99% and but we don't know rights is just crazy but Michigan's like. The only one in that and in six figures. Okay, listen to this Pennsylvania which will talk about here in a second Pennsylvania out of three point almost 3.0 6.7 million votes 6.7 million ounces shows you how I'm in this country is like crack right down the middle, right down the middle and that crack is getting deeper in the divide is getting wider and more on that as we got on this road to Pennsylvania out of about 3.7 6.7 million votes is only the difference is 46,256 that's minuscule gay Arizona out of about 3.3 million votes total the difference.

Biden is up by 14,746 and that number keeps dropping and dropping an up yesterday. Did you notice on CNN that they turned Arizona from blue to gray, meaning not sure yet about that Georgia matching more people voting Pennsylvania than Georgia and Georgia out of a bounce.

I'd say write it right just shy of 5 million votes cast for the president there separated in Georgia by 12,291.

That's all tiny numbers and then in Wisconsin out of 3.24 our troop 3.24 million votes cast really separated by 20,540 so very small degrees of separation.

Given what were hearing out there and hopefully a lot of anecdotal evidence and things that you're seeing on twitter and Instagram and all these little reports of people somebody says hey here's what I saw.

That's called anecdotal evidence.

Okay you that that that that doesn't do anything other than make the rounds through social media any more than that and maybe bombardment, perhaps off vacation now is going to actually do something and maybe Trumbull actually get some top lawyers and their will see. I agree with what Rush Limbaugh was saying yesterday was that he needs a and elections are somebody to come to run the show will see and I don't know me.

Who knows what's going on behind the scenes but working to keep paying attention to up you can see these razor thin margins in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin. Michigan's only one with a and six figures with the hundred 46,123 boat lead for Biden over Trump so just keep an eye on that.

It doesn't matter. By the way, what the mainstream media has set.

It doesn't matter what twitter says it doesn't matter what you see on Facebook. It doesn't matter what you see and Instagram doesn't matter what you get an email.

It doesn't matter will what anybody's calling the election because the results aren't certified until at the best December 14 on the electoral college gets together and meet. So CNN and MSNBC, Fox News, twitter Instagram Facebook all you guys you got a little little little thing standing between you and you declaring reality in this country and that little thing because you forgot the name of it is the U.S. Constitution. Okay so that's the fat lady and she has insomnia so everybody just chill and pray and also specially be praying and add January 5 to your prayer list. Those are two runoff elections for the two U.S. Senate seat in Georgia and God for bid. If the Dems took those America as you know it will be true literally transgender fied in less than six months starting on January 20 when Biden's inaugurated if he went Skype so you got some GOP state Atty. Gen.'s out there urging the Supreme Court overruled Pennsylvania courts election law changes, and by the way, are you experiencing the peace that surpasses all understanding. I don't talk about politics again is a big deal as a lot of things going on here a lot of pro-life legislation on the things that matter because they affect 333 or 40 million people.

So, it's Christian of me to discuss it because it's affecting pretty much every neighbor you have, but are you are you experiencing are you walking in the peace that surpasses all understanding.

If you're really struggling and a reference you back to the show from last Thursday. I will keep throwing this out there for you theology Thursday, pastoring in perilous times with pastor Chad Harvey from RFA church or Raleigh it's it's tons of people of CNET is been one of our most viewed shows in the last three months and it really was helpful about God's sovereignty in our role as Christians in this nation and our kingdom responsibility versus what's going on with the selection. So if you're really stewing in struggle in an angry and losing sleep and just pulling your hair out.

Go listen to that you can watch it on Facebook Facebook live from the Steve Noble show page or get the podcast okay but as extra content when you watch on Facebook live because we continue to do things on commercial breaks. Republican state Atty. Gen. say the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is jeopardize the nation's constitutional balance of power. See constitutional by legislating from the bench and allowing late arriving balance to be counted.

Now they're calling on US Supreme Court to intervene through the state Atty. Gen.'s Jeff Landry Louisiana Eric Schmidt from Missouri and Mike Hunter from Oklahoma, a virtual press conference Monday to announce the filing of an amicus brief in the Pennsylvania mail-in ballot challenge brought by the Pennsylvania Republican Party which is before the Supreme Court for the actions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court are one of the most breathtaking abuses of judicial authority that I've ever seen in my years as Atty. Gen. set Hunter Oklahoma Atty. Gen. nearly a dozen state Atty. Gen.'s of come together to urge the Supreme Court to review the constitutionality of the Pennsylvania court decision. Why are all of you constitutional students, which I hope is all of you, because the U.S. Constitution that election authority in the state legislature back in fees over the Steve Noble show working through some white in America but I said before if it again. Are you printing the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I am meeting in the flash and in my spirit to I'm aggravated and upset and I'm concerned, but I'm also that's that's strange. I keep saying him to keep reminding you it's the strange tension of the Christian life.

We live in the here and now we mourn moment we moan and groan over it because there's real consequences that affect real people made in the image of God.

So yes, I moan and I groan and I get concerned over there in the now. I long for that, there, and then when all this garbage is gone.

Perfect justice, perfect peace, perfect humility, no sin, I mean it's going to be absolutely mind-boggling. Really amazing okay when the kingdom comes there but until then I we fight for truth and justice and God's way.

Much more so than the American way. By the way the American way includes the slaughter of value know 61 million babies in our past of racism and women couldn't vote and will draft you and send you off to die in a war, but you can't boat yet.

We had to change that B amendment in all kinds that we got checkered past. Just like us as individuals.

This nation has a checkered past, own it, own it, but is also a lot of absolutely astounding and beautiful and amazing things about America and it's okay to own that to so keep your feet on the ground. Keep your eyes towards heaven and be a good ambassador of Jesus Christ and all of the stuff but don't act like this is the whole basis of your life your own basis of your life is American politics and even the state of the American nation. If that's the foundation on which your house is built, you're in big trouble and that's not Christlike.

Okay. That's why in between the red and the blue is talk this brilliant white yet to read over here on the right. The blue over there in the left and somewhere in between. Is this kingdom. That's glaringly blazingly white with holiness and that is our kingdom. That's our primary kingdom.

So yes we engage in the earth and the things of the earth with a biblical worldview. But remember that your citizenship is in heaven, way more than it is in America, and I love this country and I'm a patriot Maia leads my ultimate allegiance.

By the way, I'm not afraid to say this live in person on the air. Whatever is when I say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. There is a little check in my spirit and that little check is hasty. Does your allegiance to the flag outweigh your allegiance to the kingdom. Are you way more invested in things about America than you are and things about the kingdom do do I do I proclaim the things of conservatism more loudly and proudly than I proclaim the things of God. While I have a conversation with a stranger about politics more readily than all have a conversation with a stranger about the gospel. Now I am not your judge, but we should all be wrestling with those types of questions okay what role should the Supreme Court play in the election question is from the daily wire just earlier today. The main issue at the moment is in contested states how absentee ballots are being counted, due in part to the current pandemic federal courts altered state voting guidelines, a move that should have been the sole domain of state legislatures. Hello, according to conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Conservative justices AP news reported object to what they see as intrusions by federal judges who order last-minute changes to state election rules even in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now listen super important. Even a peek at this rate the power to alter absentee ballot deadlines and other voting issues rests with state legislatures, not federal courts. According to the conservative justices. Why because that's the Constitution like it or not.

It's called the rule of law which doesn't give a rip about your feelings are your political associations. It's just the rule of law. If in fact the margin of victory for buying remains narrow enough to demand a challenge from Pres. Trump. A more thorough examination from the Supreme Court could come either in a postelection challenge or in a less tense setting that might not affect the 2020 boat would apply in the future, which is important whether Trump wins or loses, there actually is a bigger story here is is the reliability the trustworthiness of the US. Some of the American electoral process. If we can't trust the electoral process. The word like one step into banana republic territory here.

Okay, then who's can control while that would be the forces of darkness, aided and abetted by the elite liberal a lead George Soros type so I can stop okay and they were just plebeians plan in their gameplay and their stamp get some really scary stuff, both in Pennsylvania may require screen court intervention. In particular, it's possible that segregating all ballots received at 3 PM on election day might allow the Supreme Court the opportunity to rule on whether those late arriving ballots should be counted. According to Andrew McCarthy in the national review as of Friday.

Last Friday, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered such late arriving ballots in Pennsylvania to be separated but ordered the vote count. Continue the order according to the bill signed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito left open the possibility that the justices could exclude the late arriving ballots in a subsequent decision move which Alito and at least two other conservative justices that previously signaled they might be inclined to take the bounce in question.

The listener some sober minded adjustment here the ballots in question are between three and 4000 without further intervention from the Supreme Court discarding these votes would have little effect on the final outcome given by his current margin victory in Pennsylvania which I previously mentioned, is about 46,000 votes. O'Casey gotta do much better than three or 4000, although take the Trump context out and in a mess up of three or 34,000 votes. In one instance, is a problem for the whole country because it's not just one instance. This is happening and a lot of other places and that's just what we know of right now it is not old news.

I mean, this is not new news. This is old news and shenanigans like this going on forever like how can you have more people voting than people that are registered. How can you have more people and what about dead people and all I can stop what may be a greater significance back to the article is the Pennsylvania screen court ruling that upheld the states mail ballot due date extension. This led justices Alito Thomas and corsets to suggest that quote listen Pennsylvania state court encroached on the legislature's constitutional authority over state elections, opening up the possibility for further rulings on the final tally in the state even when Biden declared with by declared the current winter that is huge. So what they're saying is any rules put in place by the state board of elections and then confirmed by a federal court is unconstitutional because that's the state legislature's role in nobody else's more than a decade after the Civil War, the Supreme Court intervene in the presidential election of 1876 between Rutherford B Hayes and Samuel Tilden due to allegations of intimidation and fraud are from Democrats. According to the conversation in the most recently of course we had in 2000, so this is not new, but where's again ago. I don't know. Best be praying for truth and justice. Okay, that's super important. Okay can we get back to a united America can we all just get along Rodney King once said the answer that question is no comes to policy decisions and lawmaking. Can we get along well. Romans 1218. If it is possible as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Psalm 34 seek peace and pursue it were to be people of peace do you go out of your way to be at peace with others how they react, you can't control but you can control how you react if you have people this Thanksgiving that are biting people. And then you have to deal with right and you can't control how they react God hold you very responsible for how you react price only come back this whole notion of unity. Biden is calling for Katy Perry's given some advice and she gets blasted and Matt Walsh from the daily wire says yeah I'll pass in seven big items invites White House agenda and find planning to reverse from starlight policies very serious stuff. This is Steve Noble of Europe hard everybody will find your nearest liberal and holy talk about unity. That's what Joe Biden talking about are you buying what he's selling, buying calls for unity, but some fellow Democrats contradict the message was bite towards Trump's words no, this is from the daily wire. I understand the disappointment and I Biden said that Saturday when economy to pseudo-acceptance speech. But now, let's give each other a chance.

It's time to put away the harsh rhetoric lower the temperature Biden added intimate progress way to stop treating our opponents as our enemies. They are not our enemies or Americans is not well. Sounds nice. Sounds nice while KL.

Let's get along so let's is unity message right but some members of the party.

Biden is now set the lead for the next four years. Do not appear to be getting his memo as they live angry rhetoric at those who've worked with and for. And even those who simply supports Trump quote is anyone archiving. These Trump sycophants who when they tried to downplay or deny their complicity in the future representative Alexandria Acosta Cortez said in a tweet. I foresee decent probability of many deleted tweets writings photos in the future. Well, whatever else he says goes right. You can't heal a reform the GOP who are now an extremist party watch a hot alee, contributing writer for the New York Times said they have to listen to this. He's talking most likely to you and to me, my hand up they have to be broken burned down and rebuilt while sounds like a typical protest going back when Biden is in a power is in power, treat them like the active threats to democracy.

They are, if those who committed crimes are punished and they will be more emboldened some of advocated for a truth and reconciliation commission commission that was Robert Reisch to go after those who have worked for the president.

In fact, a group to catalog back a group to catalog those individuals already exist. Called the Trump accountability Project.

All wired like a Trump, a member of the Trump campaign team on almost every day for the last three weeks so I hope I'm on the list. Michael Simon previously worked on 2008 Obama campaign and in the former presidents administration pledge.

The project would provide a record of every staff or appointee donor endorsed see an enabler. But some of the left attack not only political types who might've worked with her for Trump in the Trump GOP but also the presidents rank and file supporters. Whether Trump supporters are hostile or misled makes no difference to victims of gun violence, uncontrolled pandemic and heartless immigration policies, all of which are choices, Brandon Friedman, a former member of the Obama administration columnist for the New York Daily News said we should reach out to clinical those families long before attempting to reconcile what deplorable is another one I won't emphasize with support. Forgive understand, make amends for reconcile what Trump supporters. Not a single one treated Preston Mitchum, a liberal community organizer in Washington DC. Quote he was a proud white nationalist who probably raised up many white supremacists, that's who supported and I make no apologizing, no apologies for saying this, the disconnect between vines unity message and anger toward Trump supporters for some in his party as a microcosm of the Democrat party headed in the 2021. Biden, however, seemed during the campaign to say that he would control the parties agenda, not the liberal squad in the House or Senate progressives like Warner Sen. Brent Bernie Sanders, my party is me. Biden said during the first presidential debate. Trump accused him of being at the helm of a party that wants to eliminate private health insurance position held by many lost Biden in the Democratic primary. I am a Democrat Democratic Party right now, Biden added something strangely like velvety I am the Senate. I'm the Democratic Party right now, Biden added really, really, sir, actually I don't think you are, but time will tell. But what about Katy Perry, Katy Perry given everybody some advice. So listen up people. Okay Katy Perry urges fans after election to express love to relatives who do not agree with them politically left is unsurprisingly continued to demonstrate unhinged hatred and lack of mercy to anyone who doesn't view the world through their flawless lens. Their latest victim is senior Katy Perry who committed a heinous sent after media outlets declared former VP Joe Biden the winner. The 2020 election. You see, she actually urged her fans to contact family members don't share the political views and express love to them. Tweeted the first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree.

Tell them I love them and I'm here for the family first hashtag family first call your family today. Happy Sunday. Oh the heresy over the scandal right Steve Urbanski. I think this is the daily wire Howdy folks react when he backed us up a little bit.

Chad Harvey talked about this the other day.

Pastor Chad Harvey last Thursday that when the guy that somebody from Nightline came out and did a story about evangelicals and the election results in any call them afterwards is like hey how you doing, assuming that were to be totally down in the dumps and depressed and on the ledge because it would appear that Joe Biden's gonna be the next president and so man just lose it and so this one is really a complete misunderstanding, and by the way a great opportunity for a Christian witness. So, Katy Perry, the first thing I did the present disease context.

My family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and I'm here for them. I'm here for you what, why would Katy Perry need to be there for her family members after they assuming there Trump supporters. They lost the election because they're despondent there down there in the dumpster. There just freaking out so she needs to talk him down off the ledge except if you're Christian you should be on a ledge right your feet should be firmly planted on the rock and that was it not becomes a great opportunity for us in this environment hey Steve how you doing you know what I'm great I'm concern for the nation. But for me as a Christian I'm great, I'm saved. Norm: I know loves me and knows got my back. I know loves me enough to chastise me in and chastised me he does any and then I'm fully known and fully loved man all the garbage I've done things I am doing way I sinned and fall short today, and God still loves me, he took to the cross for me man. Based on all that I'm great. What about the election about this serious course side of folks react.

Here's a sampling.

Truth is rich white people such as yourself are never risk the matter who won this election to you. This is more a disagreement of opinions to the rest of us. The selection was a matter of life or death.

So no, I will be calling my family to consult is not one super good to know white supremacy is in a deal breaker for you, talking to Katy Perry or this.

I refuse to bow down to my oppressors. I refuse to extend an olive branch to people who don't think I should exist no sorry that the left doesn't think I want to babysit exists wrong.

There's another one you can disagree and pizza toppings and TV shows Katy not basic human rights and decency or this yes family, I forgive you for wanting to deny marginalized people, human rights, after all, but hate for Sunday dinner to be awkward. Another user quipped another commentator offered better options which were only friends and family have been traumatized by four years of hate and asking them what they need and calling friends and family who are Republican but voted for Biden and thanking them for putting people about politics as well as slapping racism out of others right because that's the way to solve racism just knock it out of people. Perfect.

That'll get the job done. Okay, so Matt Walsh from the daily wire works a bench yet he's not buying all this Biden stress unity this Matt Walsh wrote this I think today Biden stress unity over and over again promise to bring Americans together and heal us, declared an end to partisanship and announces intentions to restore the soul of America. I'm not sure how a soul is restored, much less how a president can do it present something that can be handled through executive order. However it's done. The point is that our souls have been restored. We are healed and we can unite together, clasping hands and fields of daffodils and singing songs of joy, all is right in the world because uncle Joe is here to sniff our hair and calm her fears, but it is an odd thing this healing.

This unity Matt Walsh writes even as Biden lays his healing hands upon us and keeps them there for an uncomfortably long time. Other Democrats like Alexandra OF Cortez are busy compiling enemies list of people support Trump something called the Trump accountability project has been formed for the purpose of blacklisting. Anyone who committed the crime of wrong. Think over the past four years, it appears that before we can hold hands and danced in the fields of flowers. If you say I don't know 70 million or so heretics must be burned at the stake. Biden apparently forgot to mention that the healing shall commence only after his enemies have been slain before him, I suppose that doesn't sound quite as inspiring speech that's all this unity, this Matt Walsh writing that's all this unity and healing stuff really is fodder for speeches, namely speeches delivered by man who belongs to the ideological political club which has for the past several years, insisted that all of their opponents are bigots racist or worse, not worthy of acceptance in polite society. Anyone who threaten their gender defied their wishes was slandered, smeared and ripped to shreds label to gang rapist even if that's what it took. In recent months they have taken the smock of Machiavelli and gospel to the streets, burning and looting and making victims of their fellow Americans, none of whom did anything in particular to incur the wrath.

These are the same people who tell you that if you if you belong to a certain race white and sex male you are fundamentally and irretrievably broken racist by your very nature and probably a sexist to and they have told us we cannot come together under the flag are as Americans because America's system systemically races a global disgrace and its heroes are all monsters who monuments must be defiled and destroy okay. A couple more things there from Matt Walsh and then will get out of the unity things and talk about some actual agenda items that the fines can be working on things he'll do immediately if he wins, and I challenged all of you watching Anton the radio to join us that love life this Saturday and the following Saturday. The next couple of Saturdays as we need to take a stand is only going harder.

Hey, what are you doing this Saturday this Saturday at 9 AM if you're here.

Welcome back to see normal seasonal shelf. If you're here in North Carolina. If you happen to be in other states love life live switch to that with COBIT and everything was done. People out of the various abortion clinics. So we come to doing the regular love life thing that way. But still, but also online via Facebook and Zoom so you you could see 15 or 18 or 22 different abortion clinic locations in multiple states, but this Saturday, and on the following Saturday will be our 40 week 40 celebrations a love Lycos 40 Saturdays in row outside these abortion clinics of the prayerful intercessory presence other people or their calling out trying to get resources just trying this the last stop before death for these children. Okay, so with the potential strong potential of Joe Biden being the next president United States as I'm about to share with you the the onslaught of pro-abortion movement from the White House will erupt immediately.

January 20 that afternoon. They will go right back at it to reverse everything that the president is done so and so this Saturday. In the following Saturday 9 AM go to love and were in Greensboro or here in Raleigh to locations down in Charlotte multiple locations and then online. If nothing else it can't get there online but go to love because this this fight is we've seen some advances over the last four years. Praise God, but a lot of that's going to get caught Biden's up in the White House. A lot of that's going to get reversed literally within hours. Okay, so we need to double down back to get rid of the assumption that were gonna move in the right direction because you have somebody like Donald Trump in the White House and assume you have a total pro-abort and that whole agenda case of this from the Christian Post by complaining to reverse Trump for life policies by executive orders.

According to the document Biden would quote reverse Trump actions on abortion and reproductive health care, including reversing the Mexico City policy, which by the way's are using American dollars for organizations around the world that also provide abortion, solace, and were spreading some of our wealth to abortion providers around the world.

That's the Mexico City policy soil reverse that immediately restoring funding to Planned Parenthood in contraceptive coverage under the ACA Obama care, but restoring funding to Planned Parenthood. Trump was able to using executive authority pull about 50 to 60 million bucks out of the 550 million that this country gives the plan to put your hood every year he can bind and reverse that before he goes to bed that day at 6 PM or whatever the Mexico city policy for sign in the lot at present. Ronald Reagan requires foreign nongovernmental organizations promise not to perform or actively promote abortions as a method of family planning using Tet US taxpayer dollars to reverse that in 2019. The trumpet ministration implemented a protect life rule barring health facilities that receive title X family planning funds for performing, performing, performing, promoting, or referring to abortion as a method of family planning rather than comply with the rule plan turn of the largest abortion business in the country withdrew from the title X program. That's what caused them about 50 million bucks binds vow to restore full funding to Planned Parenthood indicates that the protect life rule would go by the wayside in a Biden administration restoring the contraceptive mandate under the affordable care act could result in religious employers having to pay for birth control coverage and their employees health insurance plans in violation of the religious belief that was the big lawsuit by the way, with Hobby lobby fighting that that Obama care was forcing a Christian organization to provide abortive fashions like are you, 46, the day after pill Brian Burge, president of the faith-based advocacy organization Catholic vote noted that Biden supports quote forcing Catholic religious orders like Little sisters of the poor to provide abortion drugs in their healthcare plans.

He cited the Democrat candidates posture regarding religious employers is evidence that a Biden Harris ticket threatens the values Catholics in this country hold most dear, but Biden so-called Catholic doesn't care, obviously so does give me stuff like that going on okay which is why this call to unity and stuff.

It's not unity and peace over everything. Truth trumps everything God's truth trumps everything. So I'm knocking to unite and play Kumbaya on a policy level with people that oppose the word of God. You do not. And there comes a time. By the way for a peaceful resistance and for outright disobeying of a law. If a law federal, state, local law contradicts God's law, you have an obligation as a Christian to obey the higher law, so if you work in a pharmacy and somebody comes in and they say I want the morning-after pill you can say I religious conscientious clause your hymen after your grandpa work with somebody else on it to get somebody else will be here because that's a violation of my religious conscience.

There's conscience clauses. But under a very liberal organization administration that stuffs going to be under threat and now you can use a conscience because it all for yourself so that's why Ms. Matt Walsh article he's talking about.

Yeah, no thanks on the whole unity thing, finish.

This is what he was saying Matt Walsh if you don't know him rights for the daily wire with Ben Shapiro, hard-core Catholic and very aggressive. Okay, I don't always like his tone, but Wisconsin is usually excellent but now man steps out from among this group of bullies and smear merchants and bids us to unite unite around what though. And for what, what commonality, what shared sense of purpose what universal goal or value supposed to bind us together as the huge point that I'm to be making a lot a lot.

This is our problem. The Tower of Babel.

Remember that I started talking about yesterday. I would know how to unite with Joe Biden and his ilk up even if I wanted to, which frankly I don't because I know the answer to my own questions. We are meant to unite in submission to the Democrat party and its doctrines.

We are meant to come together around the Democrats and their hollow vessel of the leader to say congratulations and who Ray and we agree and about four or five other preapproved sentiments. This is the unity for which Joe Biden please I am quote I once now we can be friends. As long as you follow the marching orders. He says with a magnanimous smile.

You being facetious here. Well, call me ungrateful, but I do not find this pitch very appealing or believable. I don't like division but I'll take it over a false and empty unity around the false and empty man is Matt Walsh writing okay yeah I'm I'm no interest in unity for unity's sake. That's not the deal for Christian inside the body of Christ. Yes we fight for unity, but with the world.

There can be no unity what fellowship. The Bible says does darkness have with light, not rumor that doesn't mean to run around and act like a jerk which I've definitely been guilty, but it does mean you stand for truth and righteousness.

You stand for God's word and of course the challenge there is while at the same time, we've violated ourselves, which is why we should be pretty humble people as followers of Jesus seven big items on bike bind White House agenda tax payer funded abortion. Yup, amnesty wall funding COBIT 19 board and he's talking about a national mandate. Good luck with that, sir, I can enforce that by the way that's going to cause problems. He tries to do that these studies of governors will play ball will go around him and talk to mayors of cities to cities like we had here in North Carolina were doing their own thing. The green economy which will bankrupt us. Biden care and the public option more Obama care stop free college bind is called for providing two years community college for free kind almost is already that's community college, but he also said he wants to make public colleges and universities free for students who come from families with an annual income below hundred 25 grant yet because were not already $27.5 trillion in debt and another 40 years were to be 40+ over $40 trillion in debt so we can afford to throw a college education course that's free, here's the big one okay this is very scary which is why I will continue to exhort you and myself to pray for January 5. Pray January 5 because those are the two U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia and if God forbid you want to know what political Armageddon in America looks like Republicans lose both those seats and Democrats take control of the Senate than they have the house and they have the White House in your worst dreams is a conservative will come true rapidly, but here's a really scary one for us, religious nut jobs.

The equality act.

Biden said he would push for passage of the equality act for transgender Americans during his first 100 days in office already passed by the Democrat-controlled house, the law would add sexual orientation and gender identity is protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1960 4K that's huge. Many conservatives are concerned that the move would threaten America's religious liberty and privacy, particularly faith-based faith-based charities. The plan which would require American institutions to enforce LGBT rights would be harmful to religious liberty into the rights of women, parents and children Andrea Jones and Alex Ritchie for the daily signal earlier this year. Remember that that's huge. The equality act. All of a sudden in your church and your preschool in your Christian organization when you use your statement of faith as a way to screen employees. Because yes, if you want to come work in the Christian radio show. You need to be a Christian and you need to agree with the tenets of the faith.

Why don't because I'm a homosexual. Well, you can't agree to the tenets of faith in my Christian organization. I'm not gonna hire you will be equality act with tasty the same thing as saying you're not going to hire that guy or that gal because they're black or female or male or handicapped. That's the power it add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected classes as established by the Supreme Court.

That's what the equality act.that becomes an Adam bomb to destroy religious freedom and Joe Biden is for bro. My Catholic friends that voted for Joe Biden.


Okay, back to this unity thing and in the Tower of Babel, to beat this drum a lot.

Hopefully one of the beaded beyond I don't know Christmas, but it fear that I will have to here's from an American will leave it at this we have nothing to unite on anymore. There's no unifying factor is that a constitutional civic language that we share anymore because people just don't understand the Constitution of the founding fathers of the founding principle and we don't have a Judeo religious language to share anymore.

We used to do for the most part we don't anymore. So were just like the Tower of Babel.

People can't communicate and therefore nothing gets done. You just get a deeper and wider device that's the problem we've lost that ground because we have an educated hard generations behind us on civic and we haven't been good at advancing the cause of the gospel lost the common language of Christian ethics lost, we have to work will any hope for this noble decedent was so gobbling up talking and always used to say never for

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