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Joe Biden VS The Economy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 9, 2020 5:14 pm

Joe Biden VS The Economy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 9, 2020 5:14 pm

Joe Biden VS The Economy

With Joe Biden as the potential next President of the United States of America, the future of the American economy is in peril as a socialistic future means the total annihilation of American business and the downfall of the stock market.  Today Steve is joined by David Fischer of Landmark Capital to talk about this election's current effects and the possible future of the country. 


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Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Did you watch anything over the weekend that anything to do it something other than politics video I took off Friday Friday DEF Friday morning and did the show from the beach and without. There was some of my best buddies out there and came back Saturday evening and when had just had an incredible church service Sunday morning with the pastor Chad Harvey with our of a church in Raleigh who was on last Thursday so if you haven't watched or heard last Thursday shell which we entitled theology Thursday pastoring in perilous times might I strongly encourage you, exhort you, and depending on how bad your reflux is from the current election debacle mass uncertainty. Whatever you want to call it, then let me pretty much in the name of the Lord in your met your brother in Christ, thank you to go watch or listen to the show from last week because God just did an awesome thing during that show and that really helped me in pastor Chad and everybody else all of us believers who are very disappointed. What's going on politically right now to get our feet back on the ground, trusting in the sovereignty of God rather than the sovereignty and deliberations and mechanization of mankind. So either you trust him or you don't and that will determine the temperature of your spirit right now when it comes to all things are political in the state of the culture in the state of the country. In fact, the state of the world and so last week being the day before election day.

We put off our our money might usually money Monday which we do the full money Monday, the beginning of the month, so we just restructured and move things around in her good friend David Fisher from landmark capital, landmark is always landmark. was kind enough to help us out with that.

And here we are just a week later, and the life on earth. Mr. David Fisher is certainly not stop throwing us curveballs, and keeping it interesting how are you my friend, I'm doing great and I probably shouldn't, even though I have my moment over the weekend with work on what happened on Thursday. I deftly want to push the pause button time and actually do that right now, but to live so we can do that but thank you grill me on her show today and what a roller coaster of a bunch of things today so I just wanted to know both of us were feeling led by the Lord to data spent a little bit of the time just talking his two brothers trying to follow the Lord we we follow a perfect Savior, rather imperfectly, but you mentioned in moment could you share that with the statement what what you talk about over the weekend with an aha moment for you other national radio programs are targeted and I've never met him face to face it, we become your brothers through texting and phone call conversations and you know Dunning at Facebook a few times and he just a great great guy but he was impressed as openness to me solution. I'm just telling you I have hatred in my heart towards was happening important the other side of you and all of the Democrats and you know how I feel this way I can't stop it on so I shared some moments in my life right had hatred. I broke down crying on the phone with them I will be honest with you have the very same thing and I don't disclose my area and being extremely vulnerable election. Here's how I got through that and it didn't happen overnight, but here's how I worked my way through that and because your resentment for that type of belief for strong words and in and leisure him having a torch of the brothers casino just because we can't label Democrats as the enemy and their third not Christian them and there's really some people that will be in the kingdom of heaven with us the help of the political beliefs and about. So that's what makes the world go around so you know I had work through that again talking to him and the part of the walk, the Christ calls us to take up the cross and follow him right in either either.

We trust the sovereignty of God, or we do not, and the more it's like a it's like it's like two ends.

As I often talk about Canada's word pictures David. When we talk about having some diversification in a ball of your portfolio is in stocks.

Then you got all your weight on one end of the teeter totter and when that doesn't work so well.

We know what happens when were kids and 70 jumps off the teeter totter but in this case there's a direct relationship a direct correlation between how much you trust the Lord and where your joy level is that and where your piece is that so when the Bible says that we can have the peace that surpasses all understanding.

It's not some pie-in-the-sky just theoretical thing out there that sounds really Christlike. It's actually possible, but it's directly related to how much we trust God in his sovereignty and trust in his plan and his word and the more you trust and that the less the world will rock you up because year of houses built on the on the rock. It's not built on the scene and yes there is a place in Sarah's thing right now on Facebook like there is a place for right to thing indignation absolutely.

There's no question about that. But in terms of hating individuals I tell you what I'm in a dominant diamond to be praying feverishly if Joe Biden is an ex-president United States him to be praying feverishly for him for number of reasons, not the least of which is because God well has commanded us to pray for those in authority over us that that's where we end up.

You know hate is a strong adjective that affects more votes than the other person and MSO shirt with his brother and I said, you know, I know what he hates like an eye. I can tell you that I sent the video that I verbally prayed out loud before group of brothers and sisters in the Bible study and admitted my shortcomings. That's what is required of everybody. But that's what I thought I needed to do to cleanse myself. That was the David David start getting free of that hate towards another person I can say it was a turning moment. It was a divine appointment.

It was I did the repentance of going the other direction.

Ellie and I no longer nursed the idea anytime that thought came in my head.

I said no one unlocking to think that way I hold that thought captive to the knowledge of obedience of Jesus Christ and I am free from the summer walk in freedom, and it was a process it didn't happen. It took me quite a few months and I would say maybe moving up to a year because it shows interest in my life took your feelings. Those who are hearing her voice is about freedom in your life and don't feel that weight releases and continued walking freedoms. John Haldane was talking to David Fisher, a good friend from landmark capital landmark It is a money Monday we got a lot to talk about so the market last week and today is a just so excited about a flight presidency don't think that will be right back to sleep no more than for lawful money Monday with our good friend David Fisher from landmark M land Mark debating what happens here in the next 60 days that your ears better.

A little bit more attention perhaps than they have in the past because if Joe Biden is elected and fully and then coming God for bed.

The Senate actually were to flip.

I don't think it will all but if it were, I mean there's Chucky Schumer declares Democrats will cortical change America. They can take Georgia Senate seat, and indeed they would. And you're gonna wish you had rearranged your portfolio a little bit of that happens, but our here today with our good friend David Fisher and again David, thanks for sharing all that with us and certainly I hatred and bitterness has no place in the heart of a Christian. There are things that God hates and we need to echo that.

But our hatred as because were not the judge is not placed towards people it's pay place towards issues and things that people can do but not at people itself only to be people that are free that can agonize and walk in the tension of what's going on in our country while at the same time I have this peculiar hop skip and a jump and I can muster a smirk on my face will go on Steve you just sounded so upset about the state of politics, what's the deal with that little smile and I say because the state of politics is only a small part of the story, and I know the whole story and the whole story is awesome. So you can't forget having a bump on the road but I know where I'm going and I know what to waiting for me. As far as my imagination can handle. And it's just a beautiful thing and so that's that peace that surpasses all understanding, but pretty interesting market in the markets. Last week David was fascinating up and up and up. It went. And then today just took off like I'd like us space X rocketship.

It was up what like 1500 points earlier today, right now finishing the day up 834 which is still almost 3% when the world's going on last week's rally would unperturbed by election, which is, ended up with the others in anticipation of a blue wave which would bring much stimulus needed because the expectation just like what you talk about a divided government will remind really have the Senate might not go blue. So with that, there'd be a lot of stimulus which helps the stock market show but then it kind of slow down to nonexistent. On Friday, but today when the market opening was up 350 points you on the coattails or we just talked about the vaccine news came out and that's what rally the market so within minutes the dollars will 900 points from 350 and within 15 within 30 minutes. It was up to much is 1500 points so and actually it's you were home about little still great close coming up here in nine minutes.

But the it's not anything like it was before, but still I mean 3% of the day that's pretty really, really, that's the short term by midweek. We saw a lot of changes in the market.

I mean the if and when you look at the the market and hotels, airlines and crus talks they jump 10 to 25% today and the stocks that are what you call home.

Stocks like Shuman pellet on you got clobbered there down 15%. At least they were earlier today Magenta looked on Netflix was down 5% and just today so I gold and silver got hammered on because she and Auriemma vaccine here that's going to save the world here and hopefully does one day it does not depict you know the whole picture.

Just be careful about vacillating around that story to you guys had herded the pharmaceutical company Pfizer reading from the daily wire says that it's developmental vaccine for covert maybe 90% effective at inoculating people against the disease. The company announced the news in a statement issued Monday morning rate of effectiveness miscalculated by analyzing early data from 94 trial participants in a study involving 43,000 subjects all over the world the small early sample means that the protection rate could change by the time the study ends and all the participants are counted for the Associated Press that there is a great day for science and humanity. The percent results from our phase 3:19 vaccine trial provides initial evidence of our vaccines ability to prevent 19 Pfizer Chairman and CEO, Dr. Albert Gore last said in a statement, not a seminal US government Artie purchased like $2 billion worth of an advance and so that that be the coronavirus vaccine or whatever you want to call it David obviously positive news for those industries because it gets people back out and traveling and flying and cruising and I can't stop so make sure Artie start talking to people and they said that they should've announced this last week is limited to clear that up. If anybody thinking that show Pfizer did not take any from the operation warp speed was what Steve is referring to the $1.95 billion that the government handed out to pharmaceutical companies as a help to get this vaccine out of this was initiated by the Trump administration Pfizer in that statement didn't want to make this private president presidential conductor living political and not tied to that in any way shape or form and they were never the announcer. Initially they were never going to Beale to get the results from this out before elections, and in fact it should came out about a week from now. But what is the clinical trial test takes X amount of time you can shorten that timeline and so when it started. I forgot set up.

There is no way was going to come out before election so just. There was no motivation behind the scenes so that we clear that up. Yeah the markets are definitely doing some normal things you will, but just again one day does not make a difference. I hope things continue to do great in our economy.

But, you know, the day after Pres. Trump was elected in 2016. The Dow dropped the thousand points and then reversed.

Even when higher the next day the opposite direction and then went on a huge one for couple years so don't make any my advice today to tight don't make don't don't buy gold and silver because of this, even those in the dip and don't sell you know, the financial planner by Wentzville pellet hospital.

The you know I wouldn't be chasing after the crew started right now. I mean just think through this little bit and then make your your plan with education and a strategy for most of us. I talk to are not day traders mugged a tree before and you can do well but you also can lose a lot of money and time.

I can fight about overly emotional or as Gordon got because I don't get emotional about stocks like that. So where are we at now your today because I know you'd silver was blowing things out in all kinds that's what what's going to the scorecard now. Year to date.

Based on everything we see. So take out of today because when we do your due date of the close of the previous market pay close which will be Friday. The Dow was down its positive today though. Finally, the dollars down your today 1.1%. The S&P was up 8.1%.

The NASDAQ, the leader of the charge of the three indexes 31.6%. Gold up 28.7% sure shining star, 43.7%.

That's because the dollar is down your today by index 4.3%, which is a big movement for currency to go down for the US dollar is a really strong downward pressure movement for that index would you say between now and Inauguration Day. Whoever stands up at the dais on that particular day that were going to see a lot of kind of mechanization and up and down in in reaction to the news cycle as we move physically more than normal over the next 2 1/2 months Artie think it's going to say about the what we've seen this year. I think it can be more than normal because rule inaugural the outcome really declared who wins elections by December 14 and then there might be lawsuits on top of that up so crazy talking to David Fisher from La Marque M save enough to put on hold it up there continue to talk about what's going on in this crazy environmental that were noble nobles show Sheridan earlier today on both my Facebook personal pages and think a little bit of a break from right now that I deftly spent too much time on that noble family appreciate that. I know it's been good. Praise the Lord I venture pleases the Lord to because when we take too much of our time, talent and treasure and focus and put it on things that you can make a case for it, but boy can get obsessive and can get to the level of idolatry and especially in the season.

I'm just like, okay, I got back on. So actually pulled the Facebook app off my phone. I only look at it when I come in the studio for the most part and did some things this afternoon but if you want. I mean, I'm still posting things there. Most of what I posted is political, and spiritual in nature.

Even I don't even post a lot of he noble family looking perfect today don't do a lot of that it is good place to for me to share a lot of the information that I'm gleaning of things I'm looking at sea can check that out. But I but I posted earlier today on the show from last Thursday with my good friend Pastor Chad Harvey from RFA church in Raleigh North Carolina. So if you're struggling with what's going on in our nation right now. As a result of the election process go live watching on Facebook or listen to the list of the podcast. Okay you will be encouraged and strengthened and challenged all same time so we had great traction on that. I don't care for me that I'm saying it for you and for the Lord. I really think that it will bless you. So go check that out again on that the Steve Noble show Facebook page or my personal page on Facebook or wherever you get your podcast, you can subscribe the signal shall give podcast of the show going back couple years so it's it's all there for you. Talking to David Fisher today and a full money Monday instead of just an update. La Marque M is the website is always landmark. is in these up-and-down wild wild West kind of days in the world of finance or education is better than last.

And there is a place to consider for precious metals will talk about that a little bit but I make sure you're doing your your your homework and and get educated, you can't. This is our mom and dad stock market anymore. Things are very complicated and getting more so. So, dear Ed dear do your homework. Get educated and talk to David Steve about that aspect of a good portfolio diversification Lynn is always landmark again David, thanks for being with us. You're very welcome.

What a day today and they were just going to get started. I think you know I want to say something here that you do with the markets, more like were talking about you Scripture says her house is divided cannot stand every election since year 2000, has become more divided than the previous one to read something real quick that caught my eye condition was nice having my moment to help my friend just to clarify my my time when I really work through the hatred back in 1996 and I went to the depths of despair. But God brought me out and you maybe someday we'll talk about that, but it really ministered to me the I could've gone the other great direction in my eye would be to be in jail for what I was wanting to do so. I know the power of forgiveness going to read something triggers that was in time magazine. This is after all the outreach and activism. The projected $14 billion spent, and millions more voted this time the louse trumps term if it is ending the way it began with an election once again teetering on nice edge, a nation entrenched into stalemate torn between two realities two orientations and two sets of facts.

My prayer for our country is that God would heal our land that God will bring unity and it doesn't matter who is in office that should be always our prayer.

I'm not saying we have to agree with the politics and the philosophies or will orbit what the law that is getting voted on but we have to find some sort of a common ground. Otherwise, it will be will look back in our lifetimes. The demise of America is the greatest nation on the earth, and that is what I that's why talk about what I talk about that is my circle, my passion, our country would still leave the light on the shining shining light on the hill. The salts in light of the earth and the challenges he talked about the commonality and things we have in common and that's one of the biggest challenges I've likened it to the Tower of Babel when the people back in the Old Testament are building that edifice to themselves into their own desires and God comes down and confounds their language which led to nothing but chaos and right now in America we don't have a common language anymore used to be up until about the 1950s.

I think there is deftly more of a common language around just come to God and country. In the Judeo-Christian ethic that was there as well is just under a general civic understanding of the foundational principles of this nation which I've been teaching to high schoolers for eight years now and when you lose that you lose that common denominator of a general sense of God in his providence and his holiness in his place in our world and in our nation, and then alongside of it, you lose any notion of a specific language understanding what is what is liberty what is freedom what what did the founding document actually mean for everyone. What is it mean to form a more perfect union never been a claim that we have a perfect union because we won't. But that kind of common civic language and when all that languages confuse you get division and hatred and wreckage. And that's the challenge.

Which is why I'll continue on this show. For my part to teach as many people as I can back to that common language. I know that most people on the right understand the common language of founding principles, but not necessarily biblical language and people on the left and people outside the church. I would do my part to continue to educate people to that to try to return to some common denominator. We just don't have one anymore and that's it's it's heartbreaking and it takes it one supportive of the financial site financially is the spiritual symptom, you know, and I met management of funds will engage her overnight and were looking to get out in one day or whoever it gets elected next term is not going to fix this and but at some point, we have failed common ground spiritually, fundamentally, specifically and also financially, otherwise it will be the fall of our country and that's the thing I when I say fear I don't fear for fear of it happening but I don't live in that I see that is the end result.

Unfortunately, because I don't see anybody standing up and it being changed. Otherwise, that's that that's the dry Jesus himself, and they tried to take a moment you know what's the greatest commandments and he encapsulated all of it. Love the Lord your God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and second is like it.

Love your neighbor as yourself. That takes care of the entire 10 commitments right there in loving your neighbor as yourself as well as your neighbors that are your age right now but our children and their children and their children's children our posterity to use the founding fathers pregnant word. We need to be concerned about what's coming behind us, not so much for ourselves but certainly for the people Coming behind us a short-term David that that the markets are moving but give us kind of a bigger picture look from your perspective as we look towards the end of the year and into 2021. Overman summed it up on Friday and he's a billionaire investor and spoke many times about what's going on and he said the electoral short-term outlook of stocks, but the long-term outlook for the stock market is helping problematic because too much debt is been created, and he said ultimately this is going to be a problem and he believes that there we will bill skirt around the consequences of the actions we've done and what are you talking about this mistake. Take a look at 2008 versus 20 stimulus 2008 through 14 government quantitative easing debt rose from 10 trillion to 17 trillion in six years versus 2020 government debt rose 3 trillion in less than a year in 2009 through 2014, the Fed balance sheet the other day that increase $3 trillion over five years and we increased increase $3 trillion in less than nine months. The Fed balance sheet so in 2008, the Greek it was the purpose of all that stimulus was to recapitalize the banking industry. This time in 2020.

We recapitalize businesses in the consumer. Why such a difference.

Well, when it when the banks didn't get into the system so therefore we didn't have inflation.

This time it went directly into the consumer's account and this is going to result into inflation, and some say like Paul Tudor Jones, another billionaire and a brother in the Lord who shows were not just have inflation if we keep going this route organelles hyperinflation which is inflation on steroids so gold rose without inflation from 2008 to 2011, more than 150% in those three years, and it doubled before that I've already because of that. Now we have debt on top of this, more stimulus plus inflation, gold and silver should rise significantly. So the long-term look. It doesn't look very good for for a full bull market in stocks because inflation is not good for stocks in the 70s. The Dow went up 9% in gold with up over 500% because we have massive inflation, double-digit interest rate. This is all I can change overnight. But this is the direction were headed to probably have gridlock in Reno probably have said stimulus to all talk the other day and we should live all that you will still this means we issue a lot of money out of thin air which is going to be inflationary yeah and all the dollars they print just everybody remembers this all the dollars they are not green.

They are red they are red red red red red number green money coming out of that that is all red because were just continuing to pile on to our debt which is stealing taking out credit cards and our children's grandchildren and great-grandchildren's names running them. The total and then we get another one really terribly immoral. Talking to David Fisher landmark capital will be right back here with federal government and I'm here to help Ronald Reagan things that blessing you want to hear him, and with the beds in here to help so you've got in our buddy TJ just said this on the Pfizer this and so the government can handle this because the Pfizer vaccine did you read this summer has to be kept at a temperature of 90-94 per -94F. So when you're trying to dilly out you know couple hundred million doses of that. I'm sure the federal government will be able to handle even with the military. No problem whatsoever because they're so efficient that the feds are so efficient.

This on top of the game, cutting edge, leading technologies, you know, because that's why our voting system is 100% reliable in all so don't worry about just thought I'd drop a little human humor in their okay buddy relax.

It's good to laugh, especially in this environment.

David Fisher could have you with us and just trying to cut up every once in a while, trying to keep my mood light and a night -94 per night.

No problem.

The federal take care that not not an issue whatsoever. So anyway were to talk about short-term versus long-term in a bigger picture look and in going to finish that and then look at the fundamentals of that drive gold and silver, and because these fundamentals are to be at play. They are right now. They have been all year and will continue into a new year. If we have a bite administration that can have a factor. The big the Armageddon card on the table is what happens in Georgia so you guys if you do not have Georgia Senate races on your prayer list.

Get them on there before the show ends because you've got not one but two runoffs January 5 in Georgia for all the marbles. That's why Chuck Schumer was saying that what he say that we will change America.

They take Georgia Senate seats because they will have nothing stopping them.

They will, they lack control the house then they would have control of the Senate, it would have control of the executive branch and all the craziness that you've heard the last four years. From that from the from the squad and everybody else that's exactly what the grill after packing the cords adding DC and Puerto Rico. It states all that crazy stuff is on the table so let's make sure praying about January 5 in the two runoff elections in in Georgia, but even then God's not to come flying off of his throne and pull his hair and all my goodness what's happening so just remember that that's good enough. So as we as we can finish up that David and I talked about the fundamentals of gold and silver take away. Sorry your financial supply and demand, and we outstrip the government to supply the demand has for quite a few decades. That's why you seeing one of the reasons why seen a rise in gold and silver government debt ballooning causes gold silver to go up for learning. We just went over the numbers nor the timing that's completely everybody would.

I would think a group of whose hearing my voice government and the Fed that has ballooned so that means there's going to be rising gold and silver, inflation or financial uncertainty 2008 was a financial and shortening inflation of the 70s both times we had big movements in gold. Obviously inflation is a bigger moment in gold. The bottom line. Central banks buying gold in 2017 Naples the most amount of gold in history.

Looking back 50 years 2018. They exceeded that number 2019 exceeded 2018 number 2020. They did not exceed so far, they probably won't because a call with 19 the 2019 numbers but I can say will be in the one of the top five years of purchases and usually when central banks do this, they say there's going to be a big one in gold as their actions, but they also say usually there's a financial calamity in the near forefront which we know by the CBO Congressional Budget Office.

There's at least three trust funds that will default whoever's president. Next, not because of their being president because how the fund is become become insolvent.

So we have a financial problem probably alluring in the near future.

I will say this if Pres. elect Biden becomes an ex-president, you're gonna want to get some gold because and will talk more about this another time under his leadership to his senior approach Obama. That's when the bail and was put into effect all and I think that's the route that Mel will be put into effect in there's a lot of things have been set up since then. But if Georgia goes the direction that we don't wanted to go, then you're in a policy doubled down to the cells like put all your eggs in that case you really want to take a look at your leave and what's going to happen because were going to have a whole lot of spending a bill passing like never before had health problems and of itself, but this could really they really will change the landscape of America. And that's when you really don't want to protect yourself so financial crisis is luring rollover 401(k) rollover and IRA. You can buy gold in those mechanisms we can tell you how and we can help you diversify get educated first. Don't just say let's primarily apply because what happened here know this good education. Get a plan. You people of purpose and that's what this is all about okay yeah because the link up again. US debt okay because I want to ruin your day as often as possible. US debt to go to that website and watch it happening at 27,230,465,000,000 and we just added 100,000 since I started saying the number okay hundred thousand and another hundred thousand and a.m. and then another hundred thousand and then another hundred thousand. That's how fast were doing that and so that training is on the tracks and it doesn't matter who the conductor.

It doesn't matter if the conductors Donald Trump Joe Biden does matter of the conductors a Republican or Democrat.

At this point that training is on the track and is barreling down into the depths of financial hell in terms of what's going on in this nation and our debt. The one issue that will roll this place over is the one issue nobody was talking about the entire election cycle. So again when they call in. David and I want to get help, landmark capital Lynn know and I know you have a giveaway so let's get to that as well because we want it. We want to engage people with education you guys make up your mind not just like I did years ago.

You get the information you pray, you decide we want to give you the information and help you out with Tell us about that in about the giveaway, so also transported to clock time machine to four years from now $48.3 trillion .2 trillion 48 trillion were going from 27 trillion under the next president K we was the same number that was there before you can assume Donald Trump is going to be that the second that's that that's the train that's on the track exactly the conductor is nothing to do with.

Unfortunately I wish we did have that thing and all that magic letter okay abolish the head of the frustrating to see about the reality were were going to have time having one or talking on having an emotional moment that this is really my gosh okay baby get it together.

You know what you put hundred percent of your money into gold and silver. Don't ever do that. Don't ever put on the percent of your money in the stocks either, but diversification is the key in this environment more than ever, ever, ever, can I say that passionately taken some cash to doing so. We have a saying the financial blueprint you and build your house without a blueprint, and neither should you invest without a plan.

So with that. What is that call my company get a packet get educated. There is no obligation, no pressure, and none of that nonsense. But as you go through the financial blueprint which is you will personally be able to talk with me in interact with me everything in my voice that calls my company does this, and we go to the financial blueprint together which is you learning about gold and silver learning about stocks.

Are you driven one sector versus the not you might be off-line after going through the house that you look great. You don't need more gold you'll need anything just keep following this pattern.

Right now this planet works in this environment right now or could be. We need to make some changes and here's why.

But it's your choice match that up with your philosophy. If you those that have $10,000 and that's without investors considered either in a checking savings account and that's your money beyond that you live with them money for a rainy day. Just only that you're sitting there doing nothing and not for a medical emergency for order in your 401(k) or an IRA.

I'm in the award goes a go through this plan. Between now and the end of the year or until current supplies last. I get a free silver American Eagle valued around $27 right now, so we want to not just tell you about it but we want to give you an incentive we want to help you understand and that is going to be an ongoing thing room talk about between only in the year and that's what we believe and not just saying really hope you will assure you that were going to help. And that's and that's just going through and getting the financial blueprint done. Is that correct. Yes, there is no commitment up after going through this Warnock MSA. Okay, you're ready for your commitment. Are you ready to do this know you're going to make a choice. If this is for you are not for you and and the choice might be at the end.

I don't think you need any more silver your answer so this is just to help people get their eyes open to see what gold silver does enter she will probably go in the future with all the markets such a great point does it take to get through a blueprint like it's an interactive conversation usually about 30 minutes with myself so that's better than the federally even Joe Biden. That's way below what a way above what he would want as a federal minimum wage four bucks an hour that's pretty good that's too grand a week is 100 grand a year in about an hour together. Not too bad for $27 silver American Eagle. That's very kind of you and helps people to say, well at least listen earlier call. If you don't listen if you don't take the information and get educated landmark

As always, website landmark or if you're feeling nostalgic phone not accordance pick up a phone 844-879-8882 to call David in the scene 844-879-8882 and a friend on Facebook.

David mean is that the staff landmark are so knowledgeable and helpful. She just posted that two minutes ago so that's awesome here, and certainly through God bless you, friend. Thanks for your time today. Amen. Absolutely.

Will talk next week. This is no longer selling God willing. Again real soon and like my dad always ever for

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