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Theology Thursday: Pastoring in Perilous Times

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 6, 2020 1:32 pm

Theology Thursday: Pastoring in Perilous Times

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 6, 2020 1:32 pm

Theology Thursday: Pastoring in Perilous Times

On the tail end of the election, we the people have turned to the news for who won the election, and to our dismay, it’s only been filled with fear and worry.  Among these hard times, pastors are working in some of the most difficult times in recent memory Chad Harvey joins steve while they shed some light on pastoring in perilous times.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble value Pres. Biden fans out there, how are you guys so by then I aware that today well. It is theology Thursday so I'll step back a little bit from the precipice of our ongoing political conversation.

By the way, newsflash, I know I've been pounding the tar out of politics on the show for about the past four months because when it's time to strike, you strike okay but that's not the normal tone of the show. I do not talk about politics every day, ultimately, is not very healthy for you deftly not very healthy for me and by the way when it comes to politics. The state of the nation don't sell and I'm talking to myself right now. Okay I don't sell your joy in the Lord down the river for a bowl of stew. In this case, the bullet still is the United States of America. It matters because we have a country full of 340 million people every single one of them made in the image of God with inestimable worth, which is why we engaged the life issue and other issues.

And it matters, but don't get caught up in the notion that that will talk about and will spend money on it will invest in saving America and won't give to hoots about seeing Americans saved so please get your house in order. I need to check on my own life as a Christian to primary kingdom residents is the kingdom of God.

Secondary citizenship is in the United States of America. Okay, I'm just to keep reminding her that's a once we get past this this. This transition whatever it is another week another three weeks in December got only knows God help us, then I will be talking about politics back to a normal balance.

But when the time is right you have to do it with the state in the nation at play today on theology Thursday, pastoring in perilous times somebody that up apparently doesn't have a big problem with that is pastor Chad Harvey here in Raleigh, North Carolina RFA church at good to see you back vertically got out of bed man is Anna hey hey look I did everything else was to do stupid truth I've got it out there.

Obedience is Marshall's bill to the results of God and so is interesting.

I guess it was over to you. We had ABC's Nightline on Sunday Graham dart jersey while I drove Kirkus astrology, central air actually know it wasn't for Charlie Kirk may just said we want to get an evangelical perspective on the electric meter and Byron Pitts from Ma used to be 60 minutes is money. I learned from by the way you on the heels of a couple of senior vice and don't have them in the media hatchet job interior part of the honest with you and I need to trust in you, the Nightline thing. They were really really fair to else walked up the got call with the reporter called me yesterday Chad I wanted to follow up story. He said you okay swimming looks like Trump Ballou and Joe are you okay will submit. God is sovereign.

Here's what I said. Romans 828 says God causes all things work together for good to those who love God called corners progress and reporters of man is beautiful wares at what what coffee mug did you get that.

That's Romans 828 ma'am after he got off the single mode you know there was one as it always does.

I carried you and I but he wouldn't want him to know this is a look. The gospel is not dependent upon who's in the White House. In fact, this election has absolutely no bearing on the advancement of the gospel is a Gazan charge Johnson control on the interest. Yeah and and that was a probably a shock to him. It was honestly really wants and that's that's a that's a bar that we all need to be working towards getting over again. I am not dismissing the seriousness of this I think is an existential threat.

I been praising the Lord since about. I don't know 3 AM on November 4 that it sure looks like the Republicans are going to retain control of the Senate, because if Joe Biden win and actually thinks he's going to and I now live able to still lose your junk okay if he wins, then, that the only stopgap measure in place absolute as the U.S. Senate was going to conclude cause complete stalemate, which is great in the Congress will go ballistic with his running partner, Harris, with all the executive orders a candle refund Planned Parenthood to the tune of 50 or 60 million. The site will read the reengage the a Mexico City policy so that we can spend federal dollars on abortion around the world. The do everything that they can from the White House, but they want to Jack and Congress and praise the Lord for it but but how did you react as a started unfolding again. I mean I type. I personally don't expect to see Trump get a second term. Maybe he will nevertheless how did you respond and how you can work through the children to church and mean there's been a lot of this is the hardest you'd ever pastoral people give their pastors grief for signatures of injured level isolate.

This is been the hardest year to ever pass you that the race issue had to do with as pastors we got the election, things had to do with us, as we had COBIT things and so I should give your pastor some some mug a break here but see how I have. It was to save this it helps me to see the big picture kingdom gospel stuff aside. Your friend Steve Davis tweeted decisive quote I think is a good perspective, the same people who gave you fake covert models and fake polls this year are now in the third and final stage of the 2020 master plan.

It helps me to see that there has actually been some type of concerted plan. You not I'm not a conspiracy guy, but you're not convinced me there has not been set like a concerted plan. I will obey all the black helicopters to the underground bunkers, or if this is just a satanic understanding here, but here's what bothered me. There has been some type of master plan who's been complicit in this, the media has big tech has the political political establishment has an unwittingly I don't think it's been intentional by Exodus, the evangelical churches played a role in this thing.

When we ally ourselves with Marxist organizations and we wholesale shut down our churches when we know it or not. We have played in this master plan.

You kinda bow the knee without thinking about her knowing that you're bowing now get in and I agree 100%. There are deftly spiritual forces of darkness is they are you calling the Democrat party and Joe Biden, here is evil. Yes I am.

I'm not not this Joe Biden out there like trying to kill babies and drink their blood and stuff are you queuing on folks know I'm not saying that. But if you're not full of the Holy Spirit and completely given over to trying to follow the dictates of your faith through the word of God then you're a puppet. Your Jesus said it himself you're for me or against me, and if you're not running your political life. According to the dictates of the Bible you're against him yeah and I see that and when you're against them. You're on the side of the prince of the power the air that Satan that's evil as it is about you question how you handle missing in my flesh handle it. One way in the Lord, smack me around for his word and I've got a different way.

Now I'm handling this thing we get the right guy to share three things myself. Yeah, yeah, because I'm sure everybody wants to hear those three things question from Pastor Chad who were trying to do our best to make him famous as possible and grabbing little clips of Chad to see things from the pulpit lays a famous man that he write what a great point unpleasant. That's what Tessa said.

The novel, so little of it all. God) of the deal. We didn't have work for you to do it save you point out here but that's not what so there's kingdom business to be done and we have to remember that even in the midst of the women are kingdom here on earth in terms of the United States of America is being shook in its deftly been shook all year. It's been being shaken for years, but how do you deal with that pastoring perilous times, the name of the show today theology Thursday with my good friend Pastor Chad Harvey RFA church in Raleigh which is been open for a while and then you know then who shows up in the church one day. Once Eric trumpeters of the Berlin Charlie, Kirk, and talk about politics and then this is something people need to hear the first time I came and heard you preach at the other location.

I think I told you this reason and in your preaching through David's life and that they you're talking about David and Bathsheba. You made us, and your dinner tonight, but I was there that you know you redefined it on to make sure everybody understands the definition the difficult definition of adultery for you Clinton voters. I never said dormers and so and so then I asked you after that. After the service I said how long did it take because she has always been a very bold pastor okay how long did it take that you didn't have to keep defending yourself and you said it took about three years and you knew that God had placed you in the right church with the right people because you no longer had to defend yourself, your church would defend you and that's what I always said for years now. Pastor Chad want one of the reasons were at your church is because you're not afraid of your congregation fear the Lord and that's it. And then a people don't want that kind of boldness in the name of the Lord and go somewhere else will and all joking aside, if I didn't have pastors and support meet writers and deacons there be an uphill battle. I still do it.

So, be bold, it makes so much easier.

Having leadership is of one mind you know so well, and I have pastors to him recently I don't think you should got political, not my pastors outside pastor, you should not got political these the same guys the support of black lives matter Inc. they don't realize that's political absolute have a friend preached a sermon on Jesus overturning the tables in the temple and using that to justify the writing downtown. Sometimes we need to do it. That's political so don't tell me you've not been political exact area. Okay, so we're talking about handling what's been going on last 48 hours in the flesh, you which was anger. You, you, me both and then you had three points that you wanted to make about how to turn this around and handle this biblical okay so in my flesh I violated some version 1 don't get heated and Hebert don't get heated when you see the wicked prosper in the way I did, that God, right near the coals, and three responses.

Number one the sovereignty of God is God sovereign is in control or do not read this first Peter 5627 therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. Casting all your care upon him for he cares for you.

There's a grammatical connection between verses six and seven. They aren't two separate sentences. Verse seven is a subordinate clause which means this.

How do I humble myself before God.

How do I say God you're in charge. God you control how humble myself. I do it verse seven by casting all my cares upon God. So if I'm still carrying around this burden of the election. I have not given that got right on going is got. I don't trust you enough to release this to you.

Either God is sovereign. He's in charge.

He's in control or he's not and I can tell you real quickly.

If you really believe God is sovereign.

If two days after the election were still bellyaching and griping and getting upset and biting her fingernails to the quick. You don't believe God is sovereign, you can say when you complain right right you're saying is what they say now I know my way. Therefore God is not sovereign. He is not good. And so I saunters last night. As of guys I'm giving you till noon tomorrow to get the building out your system. If you're still grumbling afternoon on Thursday.

You're saying we don't leave got a stopgap using control and direct the right end and with that you know because you look at World War II and Vietnam look at Korea look at 9/11.

Luckily, seasonal where the Lord and all that's got. God is sovereign.

Either you believe it and I got to be like James you show me your faith by what you say, I'll show you my faith by what I do same thing on the abortion issue which I was appreciate your so strong that you show me your your pro-life faith by what you say, I'll show you my pro-life faith by what I do, you can say your pro-life but what you actually do about it. So go back to this report and call me up if I would've said to him, he check on yesterday your knee. Then Joe is really nice guy ever found.

Are you okay you okay if I was I'm not.

I'm depressed. I'm down wasn't say to a lost world. When I say I believe God is in now griping and you dumplings. I was sure this on Sunday there was a devastating series of tornadoes in in the upper Midwest years ago devastated many many people. There was a doctor and his sons worked overtime to take care of people act that the tornado and the people said you guys are so great a man's I would build you guys a clinic without doctor's name was Mayo clinic became Mayo Clinic and now we save many times over more lives out that were killed in the work unit tornado God brought something good out of nothing bad, and so on. Knowing God is sovereign payment and the share this of the stores will Bruce Larson was a psychologist in New York City. He said when people come to me with anxiety and fear and ask are you a Christian if it's that yes, I say let's leave our our building here, walking on Fifth Avenue. He's walking down Fifth Avenue and I've taken I've seen this before. There's a statue of Atlas got one usual well she's greeted yet and try to keep it up pieces you live your life like that and he said I'll take across the street to St. Patrick's Cathedral and theirs will statue there of Jesus as a boy, he told his hands like this in the world. As you can live your life like that and so your listeners arms like you to live your life like that.

Yeah the weight of the elect right on your shoulders or you can live your life like this, Jesus is in charge.

He's in control release and got a sovereign LME had some that we have time I with trusting in and relying on and leaning into God's sovereignty that does not then give you a license to apathy does not give you a license to be what I used to be, which is abandonment theology guide which is hey I read the end of the book and we went on the skin is still here in the sidelines. Take care me myself and I watch it all swirled on the toilet because that's can happen anyway. Jesus came come back clean it all up and I was gonna preach the gospel of inherent disciple. No, this is not a call to abandonment theology that we we engage because people are worth it. Society is worth that the stability of the nation is where the because it affects people and nine. I says I know Chad, as we engage the political realm of the biblical worldview, which is what drives us to conservatism that I know that the things I advocate are good for everybody, whether they know it or not, or whether they agreed or not. Yet, because God's way is good for everybody, whether you like it or not you follow it. It will bless you absolute you violated it will not. I was it is put in something or Britney but you notices nothing is is original were always roofing other people optically balance of this.

This is far from head put forth the effort of an Armenian and have the trust of account hello that's good and I good that's good. If that's not ripped off somebody else that's mine you can use, but I definitely miss election thing that lets you have done this man was put forth the effort of an Armenian yeah like it's depending else John Hardy and man God's in charge. He's controls I will have the trust of the Calvinist so it's is what how you can actually attain the peace that surpasses all understanding absolute apps on them to see that where possible, it would be and I was late again and people like this. If you're still griping and complaining and living in depression. You do not believe in the sovereignty of God. Even though we don't know the actual outcome of the election. We don't right now about that. The next one because it had a great big number two is the church does best in seasons like this and I'll be honest with you, the church doesn't do well when we are in power and things one way I have a pastor friend ministers in Saudi Arabia. He said this power reveals the true nature of Islam and weakness reveals the true nature of prescience allow budget and try to steal that with prayer and passage at Harvey RFA church in Raleigh RFA church in Raleigh. This is Steve Nobles feasible sociology Thursday, factoring in perilous times that living in careless time for us Thursday having a hairless time that quite well at Harvey here in Raleigh enough RFA church which you can check them out on Facebook and go to the website, which is what RFA what you are you male or future short, but will change her name to cross cross is starting in January in prime time on local what ABC where the real outing is where is it started and I just works in you probably just ruin the whole thing so things look good and I might. My point being, if you are refreshed today by having a pastor that's very bold. Obviously, I would love the Lord great preacher then you can check up after Chad you don't have to be here in Raleigh. But if you are there you go. There's your mentation of my wife and I'll be there most of the time when we get in the door I when they lost anyway so were talking about.

Here's the question I said okay here's a quick would you if if the kingdom of God working to expand more in the next four years and it states of America under Joe Biden then under Donald Trump. Where would you cast about thought about now pastor Judy Greer is here and in the Raleigh area Southern Baptist president said this years ago and I thought was excellent. It was really great point, because I think most pastors want their churches to grow you want to be big mover and shaker were all like that but he said God really delve them on. That said, he passed age 80. If I decide to have a great movement in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, but I use other churches to do it and not yours. Are you still can appraise the real oh yeah called the carpet and I think that's a real question in this is to your next point is is what the church doesn't and dark times is if the kingdoms going to expand God will receive more glory, more people were here the gospel the church will get stronger and and and will have a deeper fidelity to the things of God underneath the Biden administration the Trump administration, which would you pick now your trading temporal for return, while in now that's a challenge. While that's great have been pastor JD is very insightful and that because I would say if we if nobody knew their answer dress Christians.

Biden in advance of the kingdom and the gospel just explodes in America we get Trump and it kinda stifles the gospel because the church we fat sassing satisfied with what you want until you honestly most evangelicals would say give me yeah honestly better they would say, and solicit the election has absolutely no bearing on the advancement of the gospel. This election does not impact the advancement of the gospel. Did I want Trump and everything trauma certainly absolutely but again it's up to God in the number one job is not to get public about number one job is to advance the kingdom of God and again historically say again for me power reveals the true nature of Islam. But weakness reveals the true nature of Christianity were attacked when we're marginalized the church does the best of point number one and handling all this God sovereignty.

Point number two is actually to embrace when things don't go our way.

Absolutely it's actually you know timber which is about, but dark times are good times, the church, and end up in the number three third let me go back to the number two so dark times a look at. Remember Solomon's right is nothing new under the sun, so I've I've seen this in the tree project which I taught a number of times that you look at the history of the world and you look at civilizations and look at our associate.

This doesn't sound familiar, see if you read this book before from bondage to spiritual growth.

Okay from spiritual growth to great courage from courage to liberty. Okay, we just went from about 1620 to 1776 okay from liberty to abundance number four from liberty to abundance from abundance to complacency. Where do we start to run into complacency, probably postwar 18/50 from complacency to apathy 1960s, 1970s, from apathy to dependence, the birth that I would dependence started to see the dower in the end up in the new deal back in the Great Depression, but from apathy to dependence were deftly there from dependence where back to bondage.

And that's happened in every rise and fall of her that the average age of the greatest civilizations in history and the world is about 220 while clouds were already on borrowed time.

Yet there is guy Dr. Ken Black wrote a book about the rise and fall of civilizations. It was about civilizations in general, not just Rome.

Any identified. Here's 10 things that have to happen that always happen when you see the rise and fall of civilization. 10 things and usually there in order like we were just going through that list because in no time in human history that he could find that all 10 conditions exist in one place at one time until now it's America that Chad was 20 years. Why why why why seasonings if we were so urbane and smart with. We are so stupid we can even learn from history. We've got live and let sentries send hours upon centuries of examples we can learn from Route okay so God's providence, the church lurches in darker days and then what's number three. Jesus made it very clear. This is not an option. This comes from Jesus himself. We have to handle adversity. We have to handle our enemies differently than the rest the world. Listen the world doesn't board up their businesses. When Christians don't get their way with Activa on the left was what it has got interesting again.

I gotta keep saying this. This reporter was a great guy he could've done a hatchet job. He was really good, but he said you know your talk about the laughter will bondage you know that the FBI says we have to watch out more for white supremacy groups more than the left or the actual biggest threat. America was. Portland was not destroyed by the KKK of 70% of Jewish owned businesses won't burn down during the recent LA relative to your right wing what's going on in downtown Raleigh where we had a board up our business isn't because of Christians in the KKK. It's all left-wing stuff lit the left lit the liberals let the Lost Handle World Their Way, Bible believing followers of Lord Jesus Christ have got the handle things differently listen if we learn anything from the book of Jonah is that you cannot minister to the people you are bitter at Jonah is sent to Nineveh. Yes, he can't serve them because he's bitter toward better and more bitter toward a lost and dying world. We can't minister to them and then he begrudgingly goes when he gets spit out right. Anything that could you imagine Jonah preaching the gospel. Nineveh repent, you guys need to repent and okay fine Lord, I share the guys on the go, but he'll nominal way for the mushroom cloud is no way these good scumbags liberal Democrats. Whatever, there's not. It's all good and I'm just gonna wait and then then there's a revival, and Jonah wants to die. Yeah, I, men, and we got make sure and I like that that's this is such a great opportunity. When you lose that provides you an incredible platform absolutely man and again.

So what mouth my friend calls me yesterday you because the electorate constant charge control. He is sovereign.

You're not upset when a little disappointed, but God is sovereign and what I'm hoping that does is speak to the fact that our hope is somewhere else media list as it was before for a for a lost person. Earth is as close to heaven as they will ever get for safe person. Earth is as close to Hill you will ever get. We got a better place. We got a wonderful hope.

If we really believe that we've got the handle our adversities differently than the rest the world. So that's it.

Gotta sovereign. He is in control and the church as best we thrive in seasons like this, and number three we have a choice Jesus Love your enemies is gotta rejoice when things don't go your way, fat scriptural lesson and if this happens, and Joe Biden becomes the next president United States you will hear me flip a switch on the show you every flip a switch in my own spirit my own life and we will in and I am going to harangue you guys if Joe Biden is the next president. I will harangue you to pray for them absolutely to pray for him to pray for, Le Harris. Pray for Nancy Pelosi. Whatever this crazy mixed up Gollum in the arcs of hell that are going to be in the cabinet. Pray for them to because God commands us to and also I noticed when I finally broke on this one started to pray for those in authority.

Thank you Jim Young and Capitol commission.

Pray 110 I found that my heart towards the outsider in the people in the other side of the aisle began to soften, absolutely.

And that was good from absolute absolute, you know, and on the whole first thing to thing is beautiful and you know this already, but Paul didn't have Nancy Pelosi to pray for.

He had a guy named Nero it was like making Gordon porches out of Christians and so yeah if he says to us, pray for for that kind of leader. Surely, we can pray for her by exactly right. And that's the amazing thing about Paul's writings like Romans 13 summit to the governing authorities okay will in its context was the governing authority was near right Nero literally put Christians on spike holes covered them with tar and lit them up the latest gardens at night. Nero also sexual deviant married one of his horses. Did you know yet if you get him hand and then of course with burning of Rome blame that on Christian you let me know.

It was crazy and he said to go okay Paul flourished and then call hate you guys could you imagine this in Paul's prayer meeting once a guys, let's let's pray for Nero you what you kidding me that baby killing sexual deviant bubble bubble yelling to pray for you and the more you understand about governance and where start understanding of that with my students. Unlike you guys understand yet. Week five week six in class. You understand, yet the importance of praying for those in authority over us. You want to get in there and try to deal that you using the Bible is very very nervous about few things. One things the Bible seems being nervous about is anarchy.

We see all second Thessalonians, and so the Bible basically the standard of the Bible is this bad government is better than no government that's exactly right. So we gotta think I forgot because human depravity in general is worse than Joe Biden, white, absolute, believe it or not.

I know maybe you reject that right now, but trust me, you know that to be true to study history just for a little bit, but far too many people in America. That's another story for another day. This is the noble task at Harvey to see no Michelle theology Thursday testing. Wrap it up and always on time with their noble title of the song of songs that what will hold the line by Toto, which contains the line. Love is and always on time.

I said always on time. He said that the lyric that's not the title that's what that's where were at today Helen or Pastor Chad when her teenagers continue to write the deal etc. bill you will hear something is going on right now that Pastor Chad and I would highly recommend all of you is laughter. I think we have to have I really like talking about. As Christians in this place at this time and we did one of our called worship events that are of a church a few years ago and and had our our main speaker came in and a messy grace with the name of the book Caleb called back and he was raised by his parents divorced. His mom was gay. She ends up being with her a lesbian partner.

They kinda are raising a Caleb then his dad eventually comes out of the closet than Kayla. By the time is done with high school becomes a born again evangelical well and now you actually infiltrated us a youth group because he wanted to go expose and see what these Christians were so hateful because the engage some and saw some nasty stuff gay pride parade but then but then got just a great incredible work, his dad died of cancer, but came to Christ before hand in his mom's partner died of cancer and that his mom eventually came to Christ is an amazing story, messy grace of the book, which is every Christian should read but when he spoke that night. Pastor Chad missed the point I want to work through this last segment. He talked about the Christian attention of the Christian life and he's got a rubber band is right so is going through all these apparent discrepancies in the Bible about the way up as the way down and all that right. We all know that we have a consent but is it okay in this world we live in the war in the here and analysis always you said I I moan and groan for the here and the now I long for that. There in the day and were stuck in between in and so we should have this peculiar aloofness that when it's all hitting the fan in the governments going south in the deep state is taking over in the media and black lives matter Inc. and all this stuff and that's all collapsing that on one hand I'm broken and concerned and then on the other hand, I got this strange smile, i.e. smirk I said well Billy, what's up with that like, what's your deal did this just what the the Nightline guy whatever just the news guy was saying to you that's what he was confused by his like I know you care when you talk about it from the pulpit. I know you care about this, but but somehow you're almost detached at the same time and that gives us of really peculiar.

I think when some platform from which to preach. Looking at the sorry book of Philippians, Paul writes this in the praetorian prison.

He's checking and he's chained to a guard and yet overview, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. Nehemiah the joy, the Lord is your strength will Pastor happiness is dependent on certain my Dragon okay I got whatever happy happy joy will have you wanted to find there something powerful about being joyful in the midst of this stuff and that's point number three. We handle this thing differently than the rest of the world and Brooklyn plebeians so flipping chapter 1 pulses. I'm chained to a praetorian guard in in the Dorian prison and this these guards would not only people in the basement of the prison they grow up to be bodyguards of Caesar's family to help all ends the book of Philippians.

All the Christians here in Rome reach you tickly those of C Caesar's household. In other words, this guard has guarded me and he's gone upstairs because I've relating to Jesus. Now he's leaving people outside our studies as God is in charge. He's in control he knows what he's doing that so just remember you got that flashlight we are talking about that earlier. And when it gets darker.

Your flashlight gets brighter now. I don't delight in the destruction of my country. I do not, but I do delight in the fact that in darkness, oftentimes the gospel can shine that much painters and if you're if they know like this.

The thing that I love about being a born again conservative evangelical Christian.

The votes Republican that as soon as the culture outside of that little group knows that's who I am. I know exactly what they expect from you. So if I show up and walk into that now let me tell a story about 2060 so I did some stuff at CNN and there was a thing of the millennial that that a joint venture between Univision and ABC television and they came to town and they wanted to disco breaking bread Breaking Bad but breaking bread three hours filmed over dinner. It was me. The only conservative born-again Christian Republican strategist. One of the top transgender activists in America, one of the top gay activists in North Carolina and a young woman who was claiming to be transgendered and wanting to transition to a man three hours over dinner talk about the bathroom bill and all that stuff. So when I got there and I just got asked like an hour before it happened they could find anybody else is willing to do and I'm always like always up for that. But I got there and and then the Jewish producer who is the host so so gracious thank you so much, Stevie bailed me out to be a train wreck. We had a havoc of conservative Christian here was okay.

Then just you know cards on the table.

I want to be the last hard-core super conservative born-again evangelical Christian, you never expected to be the last time he was what kind is that I smiled and I said, likable. Okay all right okay whatever. Three hours later on my way out. Dan stops me is the point is nothing special about me doing special about me is the Savior that lives inside me. Okay he stopped me on the way on Steve. Let me tell you.

You definitely accomplished good. I've never met at super concise Rob is a very conservative you disagree that everybody the table, but I've never met a Christian like you bet that you were very likable yeah and I said you know Indians Jewish is a do not them. Thanks for saying that if you like me you'd really like Jesus because I'm like a really bad shadow because I never really thought of them like that before and I said to me personally, because you never really thought about like as an individual and I said you need to. That's great and I want out wonderful and you know I deal God is with the absolute. I look at this whole season is that kind of an upper yeah you know, look, we we had to submit to the church on that Friday with Eric Trump evangelicals are the and we had the guy is crazy guy stand up and she start shouting at one of the speakers just me and it finally took a while for security get in. They got out of there very bold, very brash, just mean and Lord spoke to me and it did not all even speak about these jet look if you teach your people to be bold, but you don't teach them to be loving you can produce a church full of people just like that while and I don't want that. I want us to be bold and confident man wants to be loving and like you said the last. The last caricature any non-evangelical Bible believing personal believe is the sky.

She's nice to be nice yeah nice yeah that's a good tickly back to Tim Keller thing the rock my world several years ago and has become a part of my personal walk is that if you're all truth and no grace your bully case I can. I know the issues I pound the pulpit.

I so I got them all truth. But I'm no grace I'm just a bully just kind of a culture where this kind of over known for you then you got a part of evangelicalism and part of the church. That's nonevangelical they're all grace and no truth right and that makes them a coward. You, but John chapter 1 verse 14 Jesus full of grace and truth is man you think. Once I got out of Tim Keller. By the way, about two weeks ago I ripped into Tim Keller based on a series of tweets where he was just totally off and the abortion thing so this is also our role, Pastor Jed, you know this is part of our role as a prophetic edge in this world you and to do good service to our nation is that we call balls and strikes based on the word of God, and it should not ever matter who's standing at the plate exactly and here's the thing man from the residence of this LMC names but I will say we can't just leave the church sit in the corner and treasure Jesus be all right now I'm all for trashing price I got but but with that blog that you don't love it came out and basically gave Christians permission to not take a prophetic strong stand on issues because Donald Trump is a mean guy because Donald Trump has four qualities in the Greek that are not yeah yeah yeah yeah I just have a problem in the same episode, full disclosure, I totally ripped into John Piper's article is a name I started with Keller.

Then I went to Piper and then I shared the story that the letter that Pastor Rob McCoy. He was also recently are features three pastors in California wrote to a mega church and in California they said we don't get involved with politics and like you said earlier he said yes you do you you already are any repute to my dad. I did all three of those in one thing and so so yeah I mean that's where we gotta be bold as a lineman as a lion and the lamb both grace and truth broke. I love it, ma'am. I love it.

But look at the summit up Gazan George Steve using control did he consult me before Tuesday night and had he I probably would've asked him to go a little different drill. Of course, but if you really believe he's got a plan. If you really believe God is sovereign, you've got to just releases thing to him enough. He's doing a positron. Gotta find senior logs out there fight du jour Abdullah my demand yet in the end God as you surrender yourself to God's sovereignty.

So if you have the reverse Bible it says not thine will but mine be done yeah yeah or I can do all things through me. His strength right now I can play that game all day long.

But again, like you said you got a trust in God's sovereignty and the church does thrive in darker days in the what was .31 of the handle missing different rest the world. We can go burn down our cities and it showed up temper tantrums man.

We've got to handle things differently if we can draw people to Jesus. Yeah, my son are all the sons 25. Just move the same Cisco got a job walking with the Lord doesn't hold the old some of the same political positions as mom and dad is very pro-life things sexual ethics, all great but it has different positions and letting you call me on my way here is the dead are you doing I said fine you are. Yeah, I'm fine.

If I were to tell you anything other than fine.

Then I would be dereliction of duty is welling up just as a Christian. So yeah I'm I upset my but in the grand scheme of things interesting, fine Savior is fine. Our fathers on the throne in Revelation says one day the kingdoms of this world our God ever had Harvey RFA church great, and again RFA is the website RFA church that were just as he no longer see no Michelle got welling up talking again real soon and my dad always used to say listen close ever for

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