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President Biden?

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November 4, 2020 7:08 pm

President Biden?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 4, 2020 7:08 pm

President Biden?

Every four years on November 4th we wake up to the results of the election but this year we didn’t.  Instead, we once again woke up to controversy and hate with both sides throwing insults and social media riots. 


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble well are you okay out there that that element Joe Biden well with me. This if you're a conservative like I am. And you were pulling for Donald Trump in the game isn't over yet, so be careful not to.

Although I did hear that any second now Joe Biden can come out to a live camera and do his best to get through a statement, essentially saying I we believe we have the boat bubble bath will see. But let me let me just go to this, which I appreciated because I heard this earlier today I was nice to hear and come from Glenn Beck now is a Mormon executor. How exactly in touch he is with this, but what a great reminder and you'll recognize it. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. But on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace in all circumstances take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation in the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication so I tried to keep trying to keep up your follower of Jesus Christ, tried to keep your spiritual acumen front and center as we go through this process over the next several days could be over the next week to be over the next two weeks. I think it could be. And so I'm in a take it through. And I know that did that. Listen, I've been getting this stuff in my brain ad nausea for weeks now, but now were on the other side and November 3 and and been saying for weeks now. I didn't really think it would be over. But by the time we went to bed. On November 3 i.e. actually November 4 I went to bed at about 3 AM this morning. Her cell and slept on the wrong chair and I didn't sleep well so I'm running around about three hours of sleep doing better. I think then my buddy Steve Daisy was on the blaze all last night, just doing an awesome job and then you go to bed for a few yards and you wake up and all of a sudden things have changed a lot in the battleground states really well will then second what's going on there and then you look at here in North Carolina and just because I had my pics out there, let me run through that real quick run through a bunch of things here at just some update stuff and stuff is moving quickly. I don't have all the answers I was going to be a few angles and some commentary here and there as we run through this and try to calm you down, try to call me down and by the way, if you want to have something else to pray for just pray for the that the Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate. If the Republicans maintain control the U.S. Senate, which is what it looks like right now. Susan Collins a means of earlier today was declared winner so that's good. You know she's total rhino, but if the Republicans remain in control the U.S. Senate that is an awesome stopgap against Joe Biden, i.e., Harris in the radical left and stack stacking the court no they can't do that, at least not in the next two years and pass radical legislation like in the house but they won't get a pass the Senate and so you will have an absolute stalemate in the Congress unless the Republicans in the Senate just fold like a cheap suit and we have yet to see on that one.

That's a big deal if Biden wins in the Republicans remain control of the U.S. Senate didn't make sure you praise the Lord for that because that's a big deal. The big effective stopgap measure and that that I'm like okay that that feels little bit like mercy to me so will see as we go through it.

Of course Donald Trump most likely going North Carolina Tom Tillis is going to win so that was very helpful for the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, our good friend Dan Forrest did not win remarkable that Gov. Cooper who is just an absolute empty suit and shut down the sit shutdown the state and pick winners and losers is okay to go kill babies which can't gathering church until a federal court said otherwise the unbelievable but the people in North Carolina as is a goopy state you live here, you know that so I'm heartbroken for my friend but excited to see what the Lord does with the next enforces an exemplary man of God.

Husband and father and friend and leader and I we know that the Lord will lead absolute historical Mark Robinson first African-American lieutenant governor North Carolina. That's awesome.

He's gonna rip rip roar. He will not be very quiet about the governor so that's got to be good will like that like North Carolina Atty. Gen. Jim O'Neill 10,000 votes is up by 10,000 votes out of 5.3 million so there's several things here north Ghana, whether you live or not. Just learn the lesson.

Okay, learn the lesson because like our good friend Judge Paul Newby put looks like is going to be the Chief Justice that there's a there's a miracle brewing there, the North Carolina Supreme Court, which is been 6 to 1.

Liberals versus conservative judge Paul being the only conservative Paul Newby, Phil Berger and Tamera Barringer looks like they're going to win, but look at Paul Newby. I mean he he's ahead by 3742 votes out of about 5.3 million and there's a bigger picture here okay on how tight these races are, but that's for the Chief Justice position of the North Dakota state spring but was a big deal for us North Carolinians because he's been trounced for several years now. All the guy doesn't write dissenting opinions for a living is the only conservative. The only constitutionalist really on the north, state, spring court, but 3742 that's out of the whole state statewide out of 5.3 million votes cast for that that particular position. 3742 votes in your unit. Tell me your vote doesn't matter.

Yes it does. North Ghana Court of Appeals all the way down all the ones I might on my list were all winners. That's great.

Couple of them. The clip margins close, that they may do a recount the other person can call for a recount. North Carolina Senate not so great and see house couple of big ones there, including our buddy Matthew Winslow Winslow homes slots awesomely praise the Lord for the hour heartbroken that my other friend Fred Voncannon didn't win in district 35 but he's a man of God.

An incredible businessman great entrepreneur father, husband, friend, so just say David he gave it everything. His family gave it everything we praise the Lord for that. A great example and that's what were called to do friend you're called to be faithful in the fruitfulness we leave in the Lord's hands and then other places some wins and losses here North Carolina but on the on the federal level, obviously were in a big mass.

So when we come back in a ticket that were to talk about Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona. Arizona isn't done there yet.

Although Fox News called Michigan knitting, splitting a call Wisconsin little while ago and allegedly Joe finds out there claiming victory check in on that a lot to talk about. Do not lose heart. Remember where your house is built back. We're just watching here is why I'm not exactly claiming victory, but confident and talking about you know if I'm the president is a nonpartisan office, the president of all the people by me that we been hearing those sentiments for a while but the DC doesn't work like that it never had. Maybe what George Washington okay I'll throw you that one 1/45 soon-to-be 46. What I'll throw it out.

Whatever that forget always been a partisan office. That's the deal. You don't get in there unless it's a partisan path. The path to the presidency is partisan. George Washington got unanimous vote. The rest the time. Forget it.

And now are so deeply divided and evenly divided that the razor thin margins all over the place is what you're seeing as we look at all the states will get Georgia on Michigan and Nevada and you look at the North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, which got called by Fox will see an Arizona what's going on there razor thin margin. So don't ever think anymore please that your vote doesn't count you in vote yesterday or early shame on you. Your part of the problem.

I love you enough to say that because that's just an abdication of your duty as an American system did you and I'm sure you you say things about politics. I'm sure you say things about the state of the nation, but to do that and complain and whine and be upset about it but to not participate.

So, as the thing is this thing slides off the left end of the clip of the cliff. Part of that's on you if you did nothing. Okay, that's been saying this for as long as I'm in a radio speaking out publicly case a rumor that got a remember that okay so me to get through this is from the Federalist. Just this is just an overall information okay and I will watch as this unfolds of the next days and possibly even weeks about accounting is delayed me sick states of Georgia just sum up a front maintains a consistent but not insurmountable lead of you look at the state if you can get into a website which urges state you look at the areas that are there still counting and you look at look at these Democrat areas a Republican reason to me that it gets a little dicey among them feels great about that less than 10% of the total remain to be counted, particularly metro Atlanta's DeKalb County and Savannah Chatham County ballots arriving after election day don't count in Georgia so we'll see on that one. Michigan is exceedingly close with a slight trump lead that's changed. No late arriving ballots don't count here either.

So just a matter getting the million or so outstanding mailed and ballots counted. We got updates on these old Nevada but abide maintains a small leave here, although if officials said they didn't know how many boats are left account because ballots were mailed to all active registered voters and can arrive get this by November 10. The outstanding balance or logic from Clark County, Las Vegas, and are not expected to be redder than the ones Artie counted at this race tightens and especially of trouble that expected recount in litigation some kind at the Nevada North Carolina he's got a lead, at least when this was written a few hours ago 76,000 vote total and based on where the things still are, and that that he should hold that was about a 200,000 mailing ballots left account and limit counting mill about here in reconnaissance and came in their lot account earlier.

That's a state deal. Each state has its own rules soundly not how we not lock and load the stuff, like the night of this is horrible for the state of the country is horrible for individuals it's horrible for parties it's horrible for people.

It's horrible for the state of the country not know Pennsylvania. It's a big cocoon. Obviously, when everyone expect to be the tipping state that Biden can win without it. As of Wednesday morning front maintains a lead about half a million votes, with 1.5 million votes outstanding Steve Bates was talking about this last night. He talked about it pretty much every time he's been on the show. He's got this bad vibe that Pennsylvania is going to become Florida Bush Gore 2000 on crack and pour gasoline all over it and throw the devil in their so be praying for whatever's happening here in these court cases and in Pennsylvania by state laws.

Officials can start processing mailed in ballots until election day, which so stupid the secretary to, while Kathy Bovard has said that she expects the overwhelming majority votes to be counted by Friday.

The state spring court controversially extended the receipt deadline to November 6, and even more controversially, get this, so this is why that this is just in a lawsuit crazy allowed allowed the counting of timely ballots without a postmark. You don't need a postmark is no fraud available there right US Supreme Court split 44 and whether to stay. The ruling, the deciding vote. Of course John Roberts Goody purred to kick the can down the road. I one lawsuit to watch Artie involves election officials in Montgomery county which is Philadelphia suburbs contacting voters who voted by mail is ballots have a defect like a missing signature to give the voters a chance to fix or cure the problem, apparently in violation of state law.

So this can be all kinds of stuff going on there, Wisconsin which Fox called earlier but it does very recount going on their Gov. Scott Walker's Artie talked about that and it's within the margin. So the Trump campaign has a right to call for me, Wisconsin, Arizona. This is interesting Fox news what's going on there. Fox news last night called Arizona pretty early, they were there defending at the rest the night buying leads the state which would be the first to flip from from its 2016 result in deed from his longtime GOP status by about 5%, with more than 80% of the vote counted, but you know how many ballots are left outstanding at this point in Arizona, 600,000 telemarketing from comes back to dig at once officials finished account that's courting the story from Cape campaign push back ferociously so those are that the general updates on give us a more specific style based on things that's developing even as the day goes by what's go back Arizona so the major error found in Arizona results on Wednesday a significant error was discovered that could affect the results of the presidential election in Arizona.

Edison research data which major news organizations including the New York Times utilized to report voting results reported that 90% of precincts in Arizona have been counting when in fact only 86% had been counted. Whoops the 600,000 more votes to count in Arizona binds ahead by 93,000 Arizona secondary estate came out and said okay don't call our state yet were not done. There is only up to?

But I'm not trying to give you a false sense of security or personally. I'm concerned that Biden's going with K personally, I am not feeling optimistic or competent. Sorry. Being honest with K but that's what's going on Arizona so take that one out of the win column for Biden and not let that sit for a little bit okay Michigan. Here's a story from the blaze just earlier today roughly hundred thousand outstanding ballots still need to be counted. Biden's lead likely to increase in Trump suing over access access to watch the ballot counting so there are some places where Republicans can get into watch ballot County, which is against the law and not the Trump suing about Trump suing in Pennsylvania Jay Sekulow I just heard earlier and in these up and running and they're going going out so this is going be over, even a summary sentence over the next day or two, yet always lawsuit you get to hear a case of brutal but likely been saying this is an existential battle for the heart and soul. The United States so I'm glad they're fighting cousins work. The fight is that the way you're feeling right now all your consternation, your stress, your up your upset your madness, your broken heart is maybe for some of you insulation whatever but for those of you that that are just horrified at the thought of Joe Biden being present United States, i.e., Harris then you should want to fight the countries worth the fight not for me.

I'm thinking about my kids and their kids and your kids and other people's get something about our posterity as America just begin. Just trying to run down this road to desolation run down the road to national petition and embracing more and more socialist leftist Marxist anti-life anti-God agenda and Joe Biden as he does leave the king of it.

No, that's why I think Nancy Pelosi just a few weeks ago, is Amy and we need to have a special commission and how we enact the 20 but the amendment which is removing the president from their position and acting president, but from the position based on physical health, mental health, what you think. That was about Trump no doubt as well.

Biden got, here is the least popular Democrat candidate in the entire primaries the vice president to Nancy Pelosi for the time being is the speaker of the house afflict Beelzebub land crazy so come back and talk a little about Wisconsin something going on there, something that happened about four in the morning and Johnson's crazy. This is no hold your noble show Wednesday, November 4 with that but like there's no way to select redundant November 3 letter some huge landslide and there wasn't end up at some some things out there. Listen, I got some other notes of, and not just in inundated this stuff obviously for a while like vacation would be day soon so Trump demanding a recount Wisconsin you know you had the mess in Pennsylvania listen root that was the new law. This is why you know the fix is in here and why lawsuits need to happen to me like I was sweet enough to do all this but we have to the unit is worth it. Okay ballots received by 5 PM this Friday over six they had to be postmark by 8 PM yesterday in Pennsylvania, but as long as we received by 5 PM this Friday will count November 6, unless there's no postmark.

However, the postmarks a lot less legible or something is off or treated as if it's okay so basically doesn't really matter, does no postmark or if it's a legible emergence can assume you're trying to do the right thing. Oregon assume because that it ought not flight all day yesterday. You could be thinking I wouldn't I wouldn't be against you thinking that's okay as all the boats role in that just tells them how many votes they need and then this a lot of people talk about this in the middle night. 2:59 AM Eastern time room got a stop count hold on timeout timeout tamale a water main break over your noise. Other issues it's time automaton if you thought this was going to be easy. We were misinformed know it hasn't been easy, and for years it has not just expect exact same thing.

Because of Trump's style. It's just from derangement syndrome's real okay it's on both sides, but predominantly in the left obviously and so it's just you go.

I don't understand this is a rational, you're right, it isn't rational because there's spiritual forces behind all of this in the spiritual forces of darkness. And like Charlie Kirk said couple months ago Donald Trump is the defender the bodyguard for Western civilization. I know that sounds like hyperbole.

I actually don't think it's hyperbole now. I would agree with that statement, not on a qualitative basis like I think Donald Trump like Superman but on a quantitative basis. The fact that he takes the positions he hasn't.

Stansbury has makes him puts him in the position of being the bodyguard for Western civilization between the radical left and Western civilization. Without him having to beat you know Jesus, so I generally agree that okay here's some positives believe it or not. Biggest panic moves to Trump in Florida and Texas. Trump picked up he gained in every demographic sea bass and others been talking about that is that Trump is kinda changing the landscape for Republicans in the future if you're smart enough to pick up on it because he gained in literally every demographic plus for black men plus for black women.

He was up in every demographic except white men were. He was already a relatively strong, but that's all good. That's the workingmen movements of the working man down the street just plain guy workingman you know that which for years been assumed that out at the Democrat party for you.

The workingman know they're not know there the elitists. Okay, the Republican Party, which has plenty of elitists, but we need to do about know the Republican Party and a person like Donald Trump.

That's why cities massive rallies and people, not regular folks, deplorable God guns. All I gotta stop farming. They like beef jerky. You know AAA barbecue country music rock 'n' roll. Whatever, you know, deplorable.

So he picked up across the board on the demographics fascinating.

Lindsay Graham survived that was a big deal by 11.2 survived and then let's get this here, North Carolina Tom Tillis is a rhino beat Cal Cunningham was imploding the most asked. Now this is listen. The most expensive Senate race in US history. Just guess how much money they had spent on this race.

One Senate seat U.S. Senate, 100 senators two per state little civics lesson for you to freebie two per state and they spent combined $282 million. That's about 1/4 of what was spent in Trump Hillary the billion plus for one Senate seat which shows you the depth that this power of the federal government goes because the forces of evil and on the left in general, no. We have to have control the Senate in order to radically fundamentally transform united states of America. So were willing to spend the spent close to 1/3 of $1 billion, $282 million in little North Carolina to when the sentencing they lost, which is great okay so what Biden wins rim of the Senate right now looks like it's going to be held in control, that of the Republicans. That's a huge deal, so that'll be gridlock and awesome defendant of the Democrats actually took the Senate and Biden wins the White House, i.e., then to me up like Armageddon to listen a lot more attentively every day to hear Gabriel's horn cake that would just be you would see a radical transformation a gender transformation of the United States of America in less than four years mutually great okay Wisconsin and our enemies is on the Solomon map okay so just stick with me. Hopefully just let me just speak this and you it if you're freaking out and buy three in the morning like okay I gotta go to bed and this is a mass in the country's a mess right now you got two very distinct sides fighting for the heart and soul, the future, the nation, so this is a fight the major fight W been apathetic before, and were talking about the future not not just your future. But your kids and your grandkids. What kind of America they can inherit whatever you leave for our posterity.

This is a huge fight, but if your house is completely messed up right now. Then I would encourage you to take a long hard look at it go. Okay, maybe my house be the foundation of my house is sand and stop the rock because this is the tension of the Christian life.

Welcome to the deal.

This is the deal. Okay. We live in the here and the now and it's a mess and it's only gonna get worse great.

Where might have some periods where we come up for air and things look bright for little bit but we know the trendlines based on Scripture is down until the man of lawlessness not to get into eschatology what happens when but the man of lawlessness is coming all hell breaks loose.

And then you have the final judgment, Armageddon and the kingdom of heaven comes down to earth city of God. All that okay so we know that, but there's a major trend line a minute off the cliff kind of thing.

In the meantime, so don't okay this is a this is a real bummer despond and I was talking to a friend today earlier who lives in Arizona and in just broken and borderline despond because I don't think we ever pictured ourselves having to deal with this kind of situation you and I got Steve yet and time. That sounds hyperbole ridiculous really. Okay, really.

It's 2020 project lately to see what life is been like this year so I just don't think we ever I never really pictured myself actually having to deal with that. I thought that was not somewhere out there, but went somewhere out there comes a little closer and starts to print that to burn that the edges of your closing like a well okay, where'd that come from, and that's what I think or start experience and we just in the sit we just I think we all assumed that that's never really touch us is that I mean is that now wanted to be. Now let's be later know I think it's coming a lot closer than we thought so. Make sure your house is built on the rock Jesus Christ not sandwiches the world and worldliness and then this is real question for all of us to be about our father's business. We are dual citizenship gay were citizens of the United States and were citizens of the kingdom. Your first and foremost citizenship is in the kingdom not in the United States but the United States matters because it's made up of people where people are that matters. Matters to me matters. You manage the Lord so you have this tension as part of me wants to go back to my old days of abandonment theology.

Read the end of the book we win. Who cares let it all burn. I'll be over here share the gospel all disciples. Some people and all that other stuff the world stuff just gotten them in a go join the Mennonites room and I moved to Pennsylvania somewhere idiotic, but no were not left with that option, but in our only other option isn't just to engage in the political, social, moral battles of the day it's just a cure for people and to provide hope and try to make society better, which sometimes we do through the political process, and sometimes we do just how you live and how your generous and high impact other people's lives.

So are you about your father's business or are we solely concerned with our citizenship in the United States. The answer is, which should be both, but you can't get that out of whack, which is easy to do, especially in an environment like right now case a rumor that okay Trump campaign demands a full recount Wisconsin which they certainly can demand a full recount Wisconsin Wednesday, where former VP Joe Biden holds a thin lead of just under 21,000 votes. Quote despite ridiculous public polling use as a voter suppression tactic that Scott Wisconsin has been a razor thin race as we always knew that it would be Trump campaign nickname manager Bill stepping in written statement there been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results Wisconsin offers yet another case illustration were Tuesday's results of so far contradicted their doomsday prophecy for Republicans that predicted Biden would win the state by a wide margin. According to state polling aggregate real clear politics. Biden was favored when the state by nearly 7% Reuters published a poem Monday showing Biden winning by 10%. Biden leads as the right as of the writing of this by less than 1%, with more than 90% of precincts reporting Trump.

The Midwestern battleground by just under 23,000 votes in 2016. I look at this if you're on Facebook lightly. This suit is little picture I put up your showing during the day and the boats going up. Now the votes are being counted and then all of a sudden right here about 3 AM there's a vertical leap for Joe Biden goes in the first place. In Wisconsin vertical leap at 3 AM like somebody dropped off a big old bucket of boats places where he got 100% very best they bring the music down please him wanting to jump right through the Giuliani talking Philadelphia will hear socially have to be Rudy Giuliani and filibuster thousands not enough with 80+ percent I think is only 14% of the vote to go. You think was stupid to think with holes something Democrats do think you're stupid to think you fools. That's what you get cold, deplorable charms over.

Okay, thought Rudy Giuliani a note. This is far from over in a Fox News calling Wisconsin and Michigan today per Biden, but lawsuits are a pending lawsuit already in place. This is going to be a street fight with a couple of New Yorkers in their teams. They got Trump and yet Rudy really Rudy was on the show like we can have a gonna try to get back on so I can reach out and try to get Rudy back in the show to give us an update.

Although he's in the middle of all this you and obviously Rudy's tough dude another New Yorker prosecutor he's been around the block a few times, and so it's can be fascinating to watch that to see what happens. But that no matter what you hear today. This is an over because the lawsuits have to go forward and and that's just not get it and it doesn't get under the timing here okay because right now you've got November 3 it's the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. That's the deal. Constitutionally, do you know what's next what's next is it like to work the electors meet in their individual states and then back information that comes up in early December and Vince in the house and in the house goes through the Congress goes through the electors and reports at all and then that's why we have, we wait until January 20. It's actually inaugurate a president re-inaugurate or inaugurate a new it so this is just because Fox News and MEC. What ever calls it doesn't mean it's over because the wheels are grinding okay this is a process, even if even if there been a clear winner last night. That's based on the numbers and the boats in Yep Yep Yep but constitutionally there is a process in place. Okay, so it's not like on November 5 or November 6 or this Friday and next Monday. Constitutionally, is over because it isn't, there's time for lawsuits really throughout the whole month of November.

Importantly, started to.

That's the deal. It doesn't until the electors vote. It's not solidified okay so this is a moving target right now so just I mean I would say I will pray together after the end of the show here on Facebook. Why we will pray for justice and truth and discernment and wisdom in whatever piece we are bold enough to cry out for for this nation because that this reverses course and through the court system and imagine get your get your get your Portland and Seattle. Anti-fire, BLM, Inc. protests gone wild memory kicked in here and imagine this stuff all ends up with a federal lawsuit or something that goes to the US Supreme Court in the US Supreme Court like in 2000 don't want to but let's say that it gets there and they end up having to make a decision that's going to affect or determine the outcome of the election and what if it's a 5 to 4 vote in the four votes include John Roberts is no longer the swing vote in the five includes any Tony Barrett who Trump just nominated and in the Republican Senate just confirmed literally last week.

Now imagine there's Artie gas. There's already lumber everything is ready to go. And if that were to happen. God help us, because it will get remarkably ugly. I think I they'll get remarkably ugly.

So while just naughty scary stuff.

Okay, let's be prayerful. Let's be people that have that out the access to the peace that surpasses all understanding you have. If you're in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

You have access to that so we can be determined. We can be concerned.

We should be fearful. I I'll use the word fearful because I'm fearful for the state of the nation and its future, which means I'm concerned about that for my kids and everybody else's kids as well is is a real human toll for all this beyond the 61 million babies we've allowed to be killed every so the really serious deal so you need to be in prayer mode as a Christian in an fighting mode. I don't mean literally but mentally, emotionally, politically, culturally in defense mode of this nation which were trying to form a more perfect union.

Okay, it's not perfect, but only to be willing to admit that. But even with all her faults. The greatest country in this world. House Democrats expected to increase her majority get shocked by election day losses will keep their majority, but will look the way they had hope why the presidential election hangs in the balance Wednesday morning. House Democrats received election day shock losing at least six seats potentially more as the boats continue to be counted. Projections the Democrats would win a dozen seats in the House of Representatives and several Republican incumbents prove completely wrong politicos Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer wrote her morning news. Later when Lou's newsletter today, both Democrats and Republicans expected the Democratic House majority to expand it didn't. Republicans won upset victories over several Democratic incumbents and now could gain as much is 10 seats in the year the media raised possibility they lose as many as 15 or more. So what we do with polls. Here is an example 2 points. That's what you do a Polska is now apparently all the polls are in the tank part of the cabal with the left media big tack and now the polling companies and so people are like, think about this for second while the talk about this for a couple minutes and will be, how do you win a presidential election with a candidate who's clearly starting to lose his mind dementia. Whatever who never comes out does limited events takes no questions and then he can actually become the president states how that happened because you have the entire cabal is the campaign control of information attacking the president 95% negative stories on the president for years and say got Democrats in the in the political system. Yet the mainstream media give a good chunk of Twitter then you have Google twitter Instagram Facebook controlling all that kind of stuff. Now you after all the posters in their present they have no clue how to find Trump voters and is that on purpose. Is that because they're ignorant present fraud in their role what's been going on for the last four years with the president. Russia collusion hoax COBIT yada yada yada yada yada and Exeter go you okay this is making a lot of sense. Actually and so is it about Joe Biden. Note what's behind because there is to be a war inside the Democrat party because you got the new blood AOC to leadership should he will hand Omar and all of them. The new green deal abortion up until the moment of delivery and then after loaning a will that the Dr. and Bob talk about it what it will let the baby just die over there in the corner's mother whatever that part and then the old Democrat party which pretty much doesn't exist. Nancy Pelosi, but they push left, so you've got that that's got to be a major warfare there, but your ear lit were living in times where you could have a guy that could be president that really didn't run there all kinds of things that ran for him in lieu of him despite him. Despite his running mate being literally the most liberal senator in the Senate based on her voting record even more liberal than Bernie Sanders in the least popular of the entire Democrat field in the primary and she's the vice president I visit you should be scratching your head with all the stuff going okay now this I mean it makes sense but it doesn't end as a nation. How do we get ourselves here. Idolatry, ignorance, lack of civic understanding almost no understanding of history just massive ignorance. It reminds me of Nazi Germany make the lie big and tell it often and sooner or later everybody will believe it. Oh yeah fossil fuels heavier than all the other ones are choosing a reproductive health care yeah okay okay gent gender. Bring your okay big thanks present buying the gender you know if they want to be of switch genders. That's okay. And then you just over and over and over and over again and people that lack wisdom and discernment that on the Holy Spirit which the vast majority of Americans are just like sheep to the slaughter, but this is a story that's already been written for mankind member that started been written.

Old Testament points to it. New Testament spells it out.

Revelation gives us all we need to know and Jesus told us be ready common, you can't avoid it. You know, the head is coming. You know the darkness is coming. You know the evil is coming. Pay attention to the signs beware the seasons be busy about your father's business is when he shows up to be like a thief in the night. You just won't know it. So, will we be found. Will we be found faithful to the calling. Do you think that's a tough question leave you with this. Do you think God cares more about America, the nation, or Americans as individuals made in the image of God, who like CS Lewis said none of them are mere mortal never met a mere mortal CS Lewis every single person you've ever met. Everything a person in history the world today and in the future will either be an everlasting splendor, or an eternal horror on the other. Every single one of United States that we got tech giants got money gone international relations got all gone. What's the last only souls.

That's all only souls so let's not get our priorities out of whack. Do not build your house in the same building on the rock and invest in things that the that the moth the fire and the storms will not destroy us in the kingdom be good stewards of what God given is now absolute fight for liberty and freedom now cousins come right out of the image of God.

Absolutely because it affects other people affects your neighbors affect your kids.

Yes, it affects you to love your neighbor as yourself.this is not to let yourself take care yourself.

Neighbors take your family. I engage because I care about the Lord. I love the Lord and I love people try to love people. Well I often don't do it all Christian. The game is are you ready to be an impact layer.

This is the note on the signal will show God willing, I thought again real soon. Like my dad always is

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