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The Caravan, The President, and The Pope

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October 21, 2020 4:05 pm

The Caravan, The President, and The Pope

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 21, 2020 4:05 pm

The Caravan, The President, and The Pope

As the election grows nearer more and more rallies are being held for all parties and people groups.  Today Steve talks to Gil Pagan who is one of the leaders of the Hispanic Caravan which is a rally for Trump and the Hispanic and Latino voters.  Later this week an Event in North Carolina called Evangelicals For Trump is happening and one of the speakers is Todd Lamphere and he joins us to talk a little about what will be discussed at the Event. 


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Now here's your host Steve Noble well another caravan another caravan here.

Raleigh line north of the border and it's not made up trying to illegally enter the country is made up of patriotic manic Latino people and so really excited about that. We talked about this briefly a few weeks ago. Why would Gilbert gone one of the gentlemen were inherent at talking about conservative Hispanics and yes there are some, and it's a growing number and Donald Trump done very well with that and hopefully we would see more more people more more Hispanic people becoming conservatives if you stop and you think you set aside your motions and what you've always done and kinda putting aside the regular narrative and just engage your mind and read and educate yourself. Most thinking people. Freethinking people end up as conservatives and Gillis talk about this before, but now it is upon us this Saturday here in Raleigh that has Barrick Hispanic caravan Gil how are you man I'd I couldn't. I could not resist the talk talk making a joke about a caravan in the north of the border so south of the border.

Thanks Colin and how are you I'm good thank brother the Fermi on in my yet this caravan is within our borders and further within the borders of North Carolina versus coming at the border is our great country and we are looking forward to having a lot of people participate this Saturday. It is Hispanic caravan that's going to start at about 2215 New Hope Church Rd. in Raleigh enough in the parking lot of international foods will meet there for about 1/2 hour make sure everybody's is daring is on the same page and know that I head down to the state legislature to have everybody to get together over there right across from the state archives with a big parking lot is called a massive event were actually looking up down there and have a great event because some people that are already fall for the speaking within a share proclamation of Hispanic values with you want to share that with Phil Berger and with more. And the reason why we doing this caravan is to highlight to the community in in Raleigh but also in the state that the Spanish are have conservative values right like we had shared before that we support additional family unit that will betray and marriage between one man and one woman that we are pro-life we are hard workers. We are people of peace and did you know Steve that we contribute to Hispanics alone in this state contribute $9 billion economy budget this state. The budget in North Carolina about 24 billion were responsible for 9 billion of that that that it's amazing want to share that with everyone who's going to come down and when we are inviting everyone who supports Hispanics and our value with your black-and-white I need no oblast bond all week. We welcome you come with your flag, your banners, your trunk gear American flag your mariachis your urine All the stuff come down and support what we're doing here in the Carolina that's awesome and that's something that we've seen people on the left. We talked about this before go on the year end and for us as conservatives, we generally do not do groupthink can all come together unless things get really bad because were generally hard at work were entrepreneurial were doing to what what what it takes for spending time with family. All that kind of stuff and so we generally don't I go gather all together. That's kinda been something that the left has done a lot in the past but obviously with the Trump rallies and everything we seen especially in 2020 with these things that started.

I think in many ways as noble, peaceful protests, which then turned violent and then it becomes the season entire city of you looking to Portland around Seattle and that's the movement on the left.

We need to see more conservatives across the spectrum coming together because we actually are in possession of the truths that will save the country and be able allow it to move forward in a in a way this can be good for everybody, whether they agree with it or not, but it's so exciting to hear this and it will spark behind the skill to get get this going, to the point that there's an assumption in the political circles that the liberal and that we can devote Democratic and and generally speaking I think that's accurate and we want to share our message I got in our value system with the Spanish but also with others to demonstrate that we are our value system more aligned with Republican values, and I think that we need to do a better job of getting that message out and that also.

This is to be a concern that I collected a subgroup of people out there in particular cultures that don't behave the right way which are you, the people are hard-working, family people, anyone you know plant their flag here in the US and they want to do good things and they want to have faith communities in the below taxes and a lot of business owners all these kind of thing need to be shared with the public at large because I don't think we doing a really good enough job to do that and looking at you know, if you follow the polls.

Trump has grant gained significant leading Hispanic community people waking up. Praise the Lord for that.

That's why we come to start a this thing and then rolled and got on Facebook you can find on Facebook Hispanic caravan I could find on Facebook and I was I was gratified the other day to see the wake County GOP put out a note about it, which was great is that the Easiest Way, Gillis just go to Facebook and then literally just put in the search box Hispanic caravan in Raleigh are the best way to do it is going to Facebook but putting away counting Hispanic Republicans got it being coordinated by us all the way GOP has supported where also on doing it with the spinal which is Hispanic to the South put that into your Facebook browser and put it back out there as well and also in partnership with the North Carolina Republican coalition, wake County respond party public and Carolina Republican Hispanic coalition of people even though that that they were out they were out there in math, which is awesome I just put that link up on the Facebook live feeds if you jump over to Facebook on my radio show case the Steve Noble show page on Facebook. You'll find away counting Hispanic Republicans in all the information. Is there a little video from Gil another video down there that actually standing outside the international foods that's going to be awesome.

I'm so grateful that you guys are doing the skill and just praying that the Lord will bring people out it'll be an awesome time of fellowship in and commitment to what's best for this nation, by considering and living out conservative values with most of us do anyway. God bless you real think so much for calling it I will talk to you later when we come back. Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest live from the site of the Trump rallies this evening here Carolina calling for waiting for my eye if you weren't a good friend of mine. I would so blas so casual about it, but trying to get the enforcement and the governor Grayson Regina: where and he's on his way down to the Trump rally, which is, and I think Gastonia a little airport in that area so you even notice if you notice this Trump flying into a lot of these rallies lately, and a much smaller plane is not flying in on the regular Air Force one 747 but whatever plane he's online that is Air Force One and whatever helicopter in the Marine Corps. He's on his Marine one so soon. He stepped foot on their he that becomes your parcel and so is Air Force One.

Regardless of the size the plane, but even going in the lot, a small airport to get around all this other mass with covert restrictions not just go to the airport. They pull up a seven set up on advance and they literally pull up the plane and get some compounding over is doing like three or four a day right now just it's really amazing I appreciated this Rush Limbaugh earlier today was talking about and I'll let you know I'm watching the phone so hopefully Daniel: scheduled and get all messed up.

Move this around already. Because of the Trump rally so we'll see, but a couple things I want to talk about anyway. With respect to North Carolina but Russ was talking about, you know the president doing three or four rallies a day for the next 10 almost 2 weeks until the election.

Of course, on November 3 is coming out the covert thing and and that was a pretty fast turnaround any 74 right at 74 years of age so that it's what you like his politics or not you have to respect his energy level and his is tenacity because it's just like the guys an energizer bunny and I think he only sleeps like three or four hours a night so I've no idea how he pulls that off when I when I get slow and sleep after about three or four days.

First thing that goes for me is my voice and the nights get headaches and but man he just powering through everything which is just amazing. So there's that going on, which is pretty awesome so he'll be in North Carolina will see if we can get Dan on the phone and see if this at the end of a dozen will get another day. But there were a couple things I wanted to talk to him about. So this is a big deal. This is happening in many different states around the country. This isn't quite as bad as in other states like Philadelphia, where it were as long as you postmark your mail-in ballot like three days after November 3 even though November 3 is same with me last election day that their children account right so of all the states is about 45 tossup states battleground states that Trump has to win in Pennsylvania is one of North Carolina's 141 and so up there that that's a lot of posters are saying that's that that place. Pennsylvania is most right for voter fraud. Okay, so we have to keep an eye on that which is why this story caught my attention.

North Carolina's mail-in ballot deadline extension upheld in federal court.

What in a 12 to 3 ruling, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit rejected Republican efforts to block the six day extension ruling allows ballots to be received up to nine days after the election, as long as they are mailed on or before number November 3 see before in the United States of America.

If you can get into the way back machine with me Go back go back in time where you actually had to be responsible enough to get your mail-in ballot or absentee ballot in the mail in time in order for it to be received here in North Carolina by election day so you would do that you know if your mailing and from another state because you're traveling or at a state prison. You know, a week or two or three weeks or maybe even a month out because you would be a responsible adult. But we don't really do adult thing anymore. In America, so now it's oh goodness gracious. Oh yeah, I have to 00 I forgot.

Today the bony that I can't get to a pole, so I'm just gonna mail it in, and I'm in a male and a November 3. And now, because they're anticipating problems with the mail air quotes here in the studio problems with the mail to give a six day extension to now. You literally have nine days so that is not good right that's right for some problems so see what happens there gets a big deal then there is this for those of you that are here North Carolina my friends in North Carolina.

My neighbors, my North Carolina neighbors North Carolina Gov. Cooper. This just happened like two hours ago extends phase 3 every opening is coronavirus pandemic worsen.

Love how they do these titles as correct coronavirus pandemic worsens. Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday extended phase 3, the pandemic reopening plan until November 13 as guilty 19 cases and hospitalizations reach highs not seen since the summer's worst weeks. That's funny you notice this if anybody anybody that's known it all and appellee legislator elected official and actor anybody that you might know they got covert right so we act like when you and somebody gets covert.

Give a positive test for covert that it's like you are I just got a stage III cancer diagnosis okay but remember I said this before, I'll say it again and put it on camera here still sheet right here in the studio so were unfaithful to live. So they Facebook if you have a problem with this.

You have a problem with the CDC.

Okay, here's the survival rates. So if you get COBIT which we don't want that to happen right if you get COBIT in your 1 to 19 years of age, you have a 99.997% chance of survival.

So should you rearrange your life over that. Know if your age 20 to 49. You have a 99.98% chance of survival if you're in my age group 50 to 69 and 54. You have a 99.5% chance of survival as these are CDC real numbers Facebook back checkers age 70+ okay now it comes down so your 94.6% okay so in the 70+ you got 5.4% chance of dying from covert okay that's significant. And we need to pay attention but everybody else below the worst case age 50 to 69 is 99.5 to have 1/2 a percent chance of dying from covert, let me add to that 840% of all covert positive people are asymptomatic, which means you don't feel anything right. You have no symptoms, percent asymptomatic. No symptoms. I think that Danforth coming in now and I've got a minute and 10 seconds 80% require no hospital visit whatsoever. 80% whatsoever.

No hospital visit 80%, so we go ballistic and the governor decides to shut down the state for extending all the way up to November 3 13, the phase 3 restrictions okay. We got Dan Forrest on the phone. Dan if you can you can probably hear me I'm coming up on the break. Pretty quick, get you in here and I buddy you're having a busy day doing well. Are you the president would speak about how much time do you have someone hit a commercial break about 60 seconds. Well I can I can wait for the other side of it, or we can squeeze everything and write out what size of the real click and hold you to the break and I will talk to just couple minutes after the accident.

I gotta get ready to speak there just talk about the that your thoughts on early voting because early voting started a lot of people are coming out.

How important is it that we look at early voting this year are extremely important. Now think a lot of people got worried about what might happen on election day. There were personal folks to get out early to get out early title) to put on hold you back up after the uniform and afraid to come back you these questions that I was just going over with our great Lt. Gov. Hopefully the next governor to grace in North Carolina.

Danforth you tomorrow. You have to gathering here in Raleigh is often recited about that day evangelical competent town doing a big fan race where aircraft will be there several passes of the great talk and fears with evens out trumpet minutes a lot of things going on, not the least of which today down in the Gastonia area president from flying in one of the people. It's good to be on the stage speaking our good friend, Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest. Then again, thanks for calling and I know how busy you are. I wanted to ask you about a course just in the last couple hours. Gov. Cooper comes out because all he has to sell his fear extending phase 3 again because covert positive cases ticked up a little bit. How do you react when you see the governor. Continuing to push out the lockdown rubbing it all in on the fear and panic Go. Of course I think part of the course will talk about number of cases that you spent a lot of time and money, and energy resources trying to protect people that are vulnerable seem like he is not spending any time and resources director. People are vulnerable to switching the game plan here protectors we know are vulnerable to fire while other people to get back to their lives and livelihood by themselves are meaningless. There are at least 50% of them have whatsoever and we need to make sure that we are using real data profile, but don't want to do doesn't seem to want to do that at all lease until after the election, but speaking of the election.

This was also fairly new North Carolina's mailing ballot deadline extension upheld in federal court.

Another good now. They're allowing Dan nine days. So as long as you get your ballot done and mailed and postmarked by November 3.

The extended nine days to still count those are you getting worried about the integrity of the election here North Carolina because I certainly think you're going to be your find in the last few days before their math across all ballot shenanigans going on out there ballot after y'all lawyered up the fight to protect all that is valid even if they're not filled out correctly probably think everybody should be concerned about that I should really be concerned when dumbbell federal judge two weeks out stepped into your election process. First thing ruled on the rules were that they were set by bipartisan vote in the Gen. assembly very recently related to COBIT and we should be upholding that striking down what the legislature has legally done to the whims of a federal court. We talked a lot on the show. I know you talked about this and I think most people, especially conservatives and conservative Christians are aware of what stake at stake on the federal level. How would you boil down them will let you go boil down what's at stake on the North Carolina level with with facing a Gov. Cooper with another term or Gov. Dan Forrest in his place your heart and soul of a national level trumped up big government control of more socialistic bonds that you govern versus trusting the people and having a smaller government approach on a light hand approached out government yield thing.

So I think that's it.

At the heart and soul of the matter, Stephen thought about about how government is run literally Obstructionist of the Gen. assembly for four years. Every budget born alive bill the photo voter ID obstructionist. I think it's a matter of trust.

Get the government up and running again to get things back on track. We need to change North Carolina trying to get an answer that question answers Dan Forrest Latina Gov. Dan Forrest.

Thanks so much for calling to have fun with that brother today went with them. With the present last.


Robert will thanks talk to you later greatly Gov. Dan Forrest is out there somewhere know why my hearing that my hearing. That's kind of weird. We can figure that I can jump over the Todd Lanphier: and I think that lost their oh okay monolith let them.

Let's I love the right library. I know might be frustrating to you but actually love live radio because crazy things happen in God's in control.

So don't freak out too much. Todd Lanphier is with evangelicals for trumpeter to be here Friday.

A great event at RFA church have been putting that up that link up over and over again so you want to be there this Friday, 3 to 430 or 5 o'clock, to be a great time of praise and prayer and patriotism and I Todd Lanphier is with evangelicals to trump Todd how are you a good deep thinker.

Have me on your very welcome right so tell us what we can expect on Friday. I have several friends that have been to these events, and other locations. They all loved it.

So what's going to happen this Friday what your night encouragement you know with new themes like everything is down you know what we wanted to we want to spend the night just exalting God for what he's done what he is doing what you can continue to do with our country. It is a night of prayer is used today we're we're going to give out information about integration or also can have a time of patient.

We pray for our country and you can hear some of the pastors in the country coming in and just sharing what God is doing ration yeah and it's something we need to remember. I think we can get downtrodden to easily and we forget that God is on the throne and he's not coming out of the scouts freaking out what's happening here on earth course he's involved in these concern but we need to remember that I think we so easily sell our joy in our hope down the river Todd over and over the over the Evan flow of politics we should do that we shouldn't sell our joy and hope are up for basically a bolus do and I think that something we need to remember that no matter what happens on November 3. Most of us want the same thing to happen that God still rains we still of kingdom building to do and so I think that's a super important thing. So what's in the reception like with believers around the countries you guys have done these events on nominal impact of a large crowd builder outside of the note for all people got want to get together places that were going have been shut down like like North Carolina yeah Michigan together places where we've been, where where I Democratic governor have shut down the, the church and have not made them essential so just being able to get God's people together has encouragement and has broadened excitement Tuesday as I like we've never seen before but it is it is the time in which we are going to celebrate the goodness of God and what he has done to promote pro-life broken faith with Pres. that we can in American recent history for you as a free was a pastor Todd what what's it been like to see a president, engage and embrace the evangelical community. Give them access. I know that the evangelical advisory committee.

I know several people on that like a Greg Laurie.

It's been amazing to watch that relationship. What's it been like because you been involved as well at your work with Paula White and being a part of the evangelical group what's up been like to see the president embrace our people like that. It like the fact that encouraging. You got out great year prior to the front. Yeah, we were not a welcome guest administration over 7000 pastors and ministry leaders to come to the White House in the first four years of his tenure here and it there's an open door policy for the people of God. Here's a president who had stood up in that list and working by fighting for your right. He said that before he was elected he certainly has shown that the case on the first Executive Order signed was repealing the Johnson amendment and I in in in again largely symbolic but my gosh what he saying is that you know I'm on your side and him basically what he's here from the beginning it I'm going to give you your voice back and we appreciate yeah it's really it's really been amazing and nothing early on to me when I voted for the president back in 2016. I think a lot of people that we didn't know exactly what we're going to get.

He made a lot of promises. He said some things that were very encouraging. I go wow if he does half this that would be a new thing for a president. He's obviously done more than half in. And it's really been amazing to watch from the outside looking in to see his embrace of the evangelical community, not just that in terms of like the evangelical advisory Council, but the number of really solid believers that he has in the inner circles of it in his administration is just been really really powerful people need to register for this event Friday, said to come to walk us through that process because there's a lot going on and I want to make sure as many people get in there as possible. But what I think Stephen they go to your side to Arlo Aaron out where they can register on evangelicals per even if for some reason they don't yet the chance to do that they can get.

We like them to register so we can do some crowd control and and whatnot but whether they register was a get the chance to do that come onto our Raleigh person assembly on Yonkers Road doors open up at 2 o'clock Eric Tromp, Paula White Senior advisor to the present will be there all the pastor Jensen Franklin are Ralph Reed with faith and freedom. Coalition is going to be me lined out and not just part of what yeah president has done just super encouraging a time for us all to get together and a lot of people are very hungry for Christian fellowship because we live in a very lockdowns you have an opportunity to do that something fair was evangelicals for something for, but he will see you soon thank didn't want to talk to them.

I put the link subsea can register you have to register before you and there will be right back normal. So I didn't do this one first might help, but I've been getting messages about it all day.

Hope Francis okay. The Pope. The Pope and I try not to because I know some of you are Catholic, so I try not to. I try not to be unnecessarily offensive when it comes to things about any Pope in particular. Pope Francis, but this let me just keeps doing things and he has for the last several years where there it is a very liberal pope pushing way left in many different ways. I do not believe in people supremacy.

There's a lot of things about the Catholic Church and I have a problem with and out, but there are some believers in the Catholic Church.

I've met some actual born-again Christians in the Catholic Church and so I just try to be careful with that. Okay I don't want to be unnecessarily divisive know. Maybe that's one of the reasons I don't have like the biggest Christian talk radio show in America because I listened like we talked about this. I think yesterday that we are to be peacemakers as much as possible slight Romans 1218 says if it is possible as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone so seek peace and pursue it. The Somerset of the 34 Seek Peace and Pursue It Piece the Big Deal, but Not Peace at Any Cost. You Don't Compromise Scripture You Don't Compromise Truth in Order to Achieve Peace. Just like Unity in the Church Is Also but Not at the Expense of Sound Teaching in a Church Setting. Okay If If Somebody If I'm to Go Have Dinner at Sonny's House and There Are Different Denomination and Their Going up to the Opening Prayer for Dinner in Tongues. I'm Not Going Get up and Leave. Some People Will That's Your Deal.

I Won't so II Don't Die in As Many Hills As I Used I Die on the Hills That Have To Do with Salvation. Then When People Want to Argue Dr. Thomas Dr. to Have That Right in Order to Be Safe.

Think about That Question Okay. Do Your Homework How Much Doctrine Do You Have To Have Right in Order to Be Saved. Paul Then Pack A Lot in Their Ditty. If You Believe in Your Heart Confess Jesus Is Lord Linda Hardy Was Raised from the Dead, You Will Be Saved Right Okay so Enough of That. Let's Go over Here Francis Calls for Civil Union Law for Same-Sex Couples and Ship from Vatican Stance in a Documentary That Premiered Wednesday in Rome Broke Francis Perp Pope Francis Culver. The Passage of Civil Unions Laws for Same-Sex Couples Departing for the Position of the Vatican's Doctrinal Office and the Pope's Predecessors on the Issue. The Remarks Came amid a Portion of the Documentary That Reflected on Pastoral Care for Those Who Identify As LGBT, LGBT, Missing the Queue There for Some Reason Quote Homosexuals Have a Right to Be a Part of the Family There Children of God and Have a Right to a Family Noted. Nobody Should Be Thrown out or Be Made Miserable Because of It.

Pope Francis Said in the Film of His Approach to Pastoral Care. After Those Remarks in Income Is Likely to Spark Controversy among Catholics.

Pope Francis Wade Indirectly on the Issue of Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples Quote What We Have To Create Is a Civil Union Law That Way, They Are Legally Covered.

The Pope Said I Stood up for That Set the Remarks Come in Francesco Documentary on the Life and Ministry. Pope Francis, Which Premiered October 21 As Part of the Rome Film Festival in the Set to Make It's Worth America Premier on Sunday. Okay, so Here's Some Some Problems with This.

Okay, First of All That I've Said This Pretty Regularly for the 13 Years I've Been on Radio When We Throw Away That When We Throw around That Phrase Children of God.

Okay Hey Were All God's Children, You Heard That, of Course, Have You Ever Said That Okay Were All God's Children.

Is That True Now That I Happen to Stake the Conversation Than the Next Question I Would Ask Is What We Mean by Children. Are We All God's Chart What You Mean by God's Children, We Mean by That.

Well I We Were like All God's Kids Because He's the Creator and Nothing Was Created without It so God Created Mankind, Therefore, Were All His Children, No Children Is a Familial Term. Okay Your Part of the Family Is Every Human Being on the Planet All 7.6 and .7 Billion People, Are We All in God's Family.

We Are Not. I'm Wondering If the Pope Is Ever Read John 112 John 112 Because That Deals with It Right There and We Throw This Thing around. They Were All God's Children and It's Very Dangerous. It's Very Dangerous Because It Gives Everybody a False Sense of Security. Well, If I'm God's Child, Why Would All Good, All Loving God Ever Send One of His Own Kids to a Place As Horrible As Hell. Well, She Wouldn't so Some Find Some a Child of God, You Aren't. Unless John 112 but to All Who Did Receive Him Him Him That Be Jesus Believed in His Name but Name Is That Jesus Christ, the Messiah, He Gave He Being God Gave the Right to Become Children of God Who Are Born, Not of Blood nor the Will of the Flesh, nor of the Will of Man, but of God. You Are Only a Child of God through Faith in Jesus Christ.

You Must Be Born Again.

Jesus Said to Nicodemus, Nick at Night, You Must Be Born Again Just Because Your Born Doesn't Mean Your Child. I Got Are You God's Special Creation.

Yes. Are You an Object of His Special Love. Yes, Because of the Mongol Day Because You're Made in the Image of God, You Have Inestimable Worth. That's Why Were Pro-Life People.Pro-Life People Just for the Baby's Blood from the Womb to the Two Were Pro-Life People, for Believers As Well As Unbelievers Were Pro-Life People for the Muslim and the Hindu and Buddhist and the Atheist Everything a Person on the Planet That's Ever Existed Has Inestimable Work Because There Got Special Creation and Maintenance Image That's a My Good. Okay, but Were Not All God's Children. Nope, You Are Not Born into That Family. Naturally You Have To Be Supernaturally Born Again into That Family. So When the Pope Says Hey He There Children of God and Have a Right to a Family. They Are Not the Children of God, Homosexual or Otherwise, Unless They Been Born Again. Okay. Point Number One. And That's a Big Point Number Two When He's Advocating for Civil Unions He's Advocating for the Homosexual Lifestyle. How You Do That How Do You Advocate for Something That the Bible Says Clearly Is Sinful. How Do You Do That Hey Listen I Think We Need to Relax the Pedophilia Laws Because They're All God's Children. What Makes No Sense. You Do Not Advocate Because Guess What, Whatever You Incentivize, You Get More up so the Popes and Their Going Ring the Bell Saying Hey We Need Civil Unions. I Guess the Pope Doesn't Have a Really Big Problem with Homosexuality and He Said Some Other Things before That Makes These Kinds Squeamish on the so My Question for My Catholic Friends Is Can You Guys Do a Recall Election Because This Guy Is Way off the Reservation on This and Again There's People out There. They Are like Steve You Hate Homosexuals. No, I Don't That's Such a Lazy Default Position to Take If You Don't Even You Don't Even You Might Not Even Know Me You Listen on the Radio Okay Facebook Live, You Really Know Me. Do You Know How Many Times My Wife and I Have Had Homosexual Friends of Our Kids in the House and We Love Them Just like Anybody Else Made in the Image of God. We Love Them We Care for Them. We Feed Them.

We Listen to Them We Love Them.

We Serve Them, We Have We Have Very Nice Relationships with Some People like That and and They Know What We Believe, but We Still Love Them and We Still Care for Them and We Still Serve the Thursday Steve You Hate Homosexuals You Eat.

Sorry You Cannot Make That Case but in This Case What the, the Pope of the Catholic Church Right the Holy Pontiff Whatever All of the Other Terminology When You Is Now Advocating On Behalf Of a Lifestyle Sexual Lifestyle That Is Obviously Sinful and Not Biblical.

So He Just Can't. I Don't Know What Drives That Other Than It's Just Either the Fear of Man for the Love of Man Love a Man Being Hey I Just Want Everybody to like Me. I'm Enlightened and Progressive Me. What's Next Well Actually What the Bible Is Only Talking about with Homosexuality As Effeminate Men That's Really What It's Only Talking about It. It's Only Talking about Homosexual Sex outside of a Committed Relationship Because You Know We Got God's Love and so He Loves Everybody That Loves and If You're in a Committed Same-Sex Relationship Then Everything's Fine. That's the Gay Gospel Ever Heard That That's out There. False Teaching to the Core and so Here You Have the Pope of the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church, Saddling up to the Issue of Civil Unit You Know What He Should Do on Civil Unions Say Nothing.

Hey Babe, Pope Francis, What You Think about Civil Unions, I Can Say What I Think about Homosexuality and I Actually Don't Think Anything of It. I Can Just Tell You What My Lord and Savior Has Said in His Word.

I Can Tell You That.

But When It Comes to Civil Unions. I Don't Want to. As a Him As a Member of the Church and As a Representative of God. I Don't Want to Give Anybody the False Impression That Homosexuality Isn't a Sin Because It Is so If I Advocate for Civil Unions and Advocating On Behalf Of a Lifestyle That's Clearly Sinful and Why Would I Do That If I Love People and I Do. Why Would I Advocate On Behalf Of the Sinful Lifestyle. This Make Sense Because Understand This in My Anti-Catholic in This Gnome Anti-False Teaching. My Anti-Pope. In This Case, Yes I Am Because It's Just so Dangerous and so Radical It's Really Amazing to Be Rice Theater. Gotta Say Something Absolutely I Do, but Especially Pure Catholic Pray for Your Own Leadership of Your Denomination. Okay That Is a Huge Problem That the Head of the Court" Holy Catholic Church Is Doing Things like This but Sure Feels like in Time Right That's a Good 2020 Thing Right in There Only on the Pope's Advocating for Sick Civil Humans Was 20.0 Software Right Anyway. Let's Pray for Integrity. The Teaching of God's Word, Which Would Require Pastors and Leaders Know God's Will and Are Willing to Stand on God's Word, No Matter What It Costs. The Size of the Church. The Money in the Place. The Hatred of Man Is Really the Only Thing Here's Here, Here, God on No Longer Steve No Michelle, God Willing Will Talk Again Real Soon. I Always Used To Say

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