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October 20, 2020 4:42 pm

Big News!

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October 20, 2020 4:42 pm

Big News!

As we near the Election the effects of what it could mean are becoming more evident.  Today we talk with Joel Rosenburg about how the election will affect Israel and the Middle East.  Ali Pardo the Deputy Communications Director for the Trump Campaign joins us to discuss the Trump campaign and upcoming debate  We also talk with Steve Bergstrom the Candidate for Wake schools District 8 on why he is campaigning and what he will do if he is elected. 


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Everyone is fine for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred portrait of 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble from day the election prayer like a good, good food, good Mika, God let. We need to be in earnest prayer over the selection and so today on the show organa, look at that from an international perspective.

They were to look at politics from a local perspective. We have a local wake County school board candidate that got a call and also served our country in the Air Force to talk them in order look from a national perspective. As Allie Pardo is going to be with us in the final segment of the show should the deputy communications director for the drum campaign.

I think I Vaca Trump is in Raleigh today so really all over the globe literally, but will start back all the way back where I well for most of us in our faith where that started which was back in Israel and Jerusalem.

And so our good friend Joel Rosenberg is back with us, who last week the Internet went down something crazy happen there and what we were able to be together but is live with us now staying up late there in Jerusalem. Joel, how are you will doing great and start out last week but glad to be with you and your audience was great to have you on end. Of course it's been a momentous will talk about the campaign in here and a little bit, but you were in DC not that long ago we were talking about it when it happened it was just really historic amazing to see this this piece a deal. This record whatever you want to call it will get into the details a little bit between Israel and Bahrain in the United Arab Emirates and you are actually in DC which is where everything. I'll just see you guys know is Joel's in Israel now locates on torii and his family live. Now you come back from the states and Israel, because they been very good had some real challenges with COBIT. It's like a 14 day investment. Could you go back in your bedroom and quarantine for 14 days so we appreciate you being over here for that.

But what was that like for you joining you. You been writing about Odyssey 13 New York Times best-selling books in your there your heart is there, and as an American there in Israel. What was it like for you to be over here and to see that historic peace deal come together. I was fashioning Steve because as you know, two years ago this month, I was invited by the Crown Prince of United Arab Emirates to come and visit him and bring a delegation of evangelical Christian leaders. The first time that the government of United Arab Emirates UAE ever invited delegation of evangelical Christian leaders and we spent four days in the emirate. We met with the Crown Prince Mohammed yet they call him affectionately MBC and he said and I and we spent two hours with an eye and we talked extensively off the record at the time but I like it. We've been praying as Christians for decades for the peace of Jerusalem and we haven't seen an Arab leader make Israel for pointing almost 25 years and I'm ready. I'm ready to make fascinating conversation we had with and he will hear. I was then two years later, sitting on the South lawn of the White House. He is younger brother Abdullah didn't die yet is the Foreign Minister. I met with him several times including on that trip and there he was fighting Abraham accord the peace deal between Israel United Arab Emirates Crane training very well and I Mr. Israel used to work for. And there's present from my now wooden VP Pat no there. It was very emotional as an American citizen as an Israeli citizen whose son served in the Israeli army and praying for peace and front row seat to a lot of what the answer to prayer, and we should not under estimate what they feel this really is so glad you you you brought up the fact how emotional was my wife and I were watching live that day because we understand the historic nature. What was happening in a Michael hey look, there's Joel and then we were both very emotional. Joel and we were not tied into this nearly as much as you are. But as believers and as Americans and we both ended Israel separately and hopefully one day we'll get to go together, but it was it was. I mean I was kind of blindsided by how emotional that was to see that happening because I understood, at least to a certain extent, the depth and the weight of that moment and to see that is beautifully done as it was and is as well put together as it was, you just knew. This is really an important day and praise the Lord for it and for all those prayers for the peace of Jerusalem and just like going back two years is literally I think part of it got marred by the fact that media is so partisan right now. If the president they hate anything right. Yeah, they don't want to get attention and so if that's the thing is, the international anti-American president did this one the Nobel Peace Prize this fall but worse. The president didn't the Prime Minister King of rain didn't United Arab Emirates the Crown Prince didn't know Nobel peace prize and air rating make peace to countries with Israel first time in a quarter-century and don't we Peter Peter you know in the next year.

I mean not covering it with the magnitude or member present. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and he didn't make for doing nothing why one echo thing. I don't know what the reason why I don't know what the reason is now leader were involved with when you understand the reasoning. The rationale is remarkable. So of course president trumpets talk about this.

You alluded to at the last time we did the show together talking about other nations there in the Middle East and play in terms of these types of peace agreements from Israel to give us an update on that.

We got about a minute and will in a commercial break them will come back after that your will is that the Arab Republic of Dan in North Africa or just on the coast to coast of Africa is getting ready to make peace with Israel. There's been a lot of negotiations.

Secretary of State Pompeo travels from Israel on the first ever direct flight from Israel to Dan while just a few weeks ago and a lot of fun that could happen.

There are other wells on Morocco is yeah yeah well you keep praying. Hold that thought talking to Joel Rosenberg. Of course, 13 times over here says best-selling author just excellent expert on the Middle East, especially from a Christ centered perspective, this is Steve Noble will be right back live with Joel Rosenberg. Of course in your selling author and his website. By the way, you can check that out at Joel Rosenberg with the BER G will, newest book, the Jerusalem assassin but also you to check out Israel news and Arab news Israel news. These are two new websites. Joel just launched and recently we talked about that that lesson is on the air all Israel news because there's two different perspectives you but the same information but the yet two different groups here and Arabs are going to go to a website called all but that's that's a tremendous source breaking news all the time and things that we would normally never see over here. You can check those out all is all Israel news and then all Arab news all and I noticed Joel and again thank you so much for your time today especially be alive conjure seven hours ahead so I know it's late. There we are talking about this historic deal and and realizing we need to we were talking off the air for our friends on Facebook live about seeking peace and pursue it. The psalmist said that some 34 that should be a part of who we are blessed are the peacemakers.

So when you see something like that's the Middle East. Of course some people immediately came out there tweeting in their posting and say no. Here is the antichrist again, but we need to really celebrate anytime we see this type of peace, even if it's not super long-lasting, and to see right on right now, Netanyahu greets first ever official UAE delegation in Israel quote we are making history.

And that happened is that today over there yeah yeah every every day we are having history making event American media covering people don't even know what that's why we started all Israel news right but you're right.

There are huge moments we had the first ever delegation of senior leadership, United Arab Emirates. They arrived, they set up a 3 billion with a B, billion dollar investment fund to encourage Israeli businesses and and commerce and trade and tourism between the two countries already very warm peace if not at about two militaries standing down to countries that had no connection thing, let's go let let's get to know each other, UAE. The high-tech country effect very rich and prosperous and and put it thing country and they see Israel as an ally against the Iran threat technology they want to be part of make money off of us. They will build factories and sell things for the rest of the world and were thrilled and we are promised or welcomed them with open arms and back training is a country or country doing the same thing and I think the more I think the Saudi big story. I think they're letting from the other countries go first, but I think were trending toward the initial radiantly Saudi peace deal and that will be the mother of all peace deal that will rise in the region so we need to be deftly praying about that I want to ask you about that the presidential election Odyssey two weeks from today here in the states and before I have a several people in Facebook live are like yes Joel, he's got a new book coming out so give us a update right quick and then will dive into the election sure superfast one book you mentioned it out now that's the Jerusalem that that's a political thriller in which the Saudi's and get really want to make a peace deal, but all the terrorists come out of the woodwork trying to blow up the peace Summit insurance will that's the Jerusalem assassin that's out now and hardcover audio and e-book coming in March, a root protocol.

Next in my series of political thriller about Marcus Riker Marine US Secret Service agent working for the CIA and that Takes Pl. in Lebanon and the connection between Lebanon and Iran Brighton as we speak right now I'm I'm writing a nonfiction book the about six delegations that I led evangelical leaders to meet with senior Arab king presidents and prime ministers in battle come out in the fall 2021 20th anniversary of 9/11. 20 years later, according to that guy you guys where we had so powerful I'm so glad you brought that up in India you told that story on here before and it's so incredible that God's favor and in those types of opportunities which we just we should all be praise the Lord for that. Okay trump I knew of what it what's the feeling there in the Middle East, particularly in Israel on this one and then what happens if Donald Trump doesn't win and we have a Joe Biden no parentheses, Harris administration, so it no polling showing American support Joe Biden 70% to 30% for Trump Americans.

You're very liberal and very much opposed to Donald Trump. Even though present Trump by many people's views is the most pro-Israel present in American history yeah and his daughter converted to Judaism Mary Jared Kushner and that the president has Jewish grandchildren. Your son in law and daughter interesting. Really think that Going to be elected 63, 64% of his reign want Trump to be reelected and only 19% wanted Joe Biden to win.

That tells you out the complete your image and of the American Jewish community and what to how they view the world and how Israeli Jews see the world and that is win by a landslide was pretty sure yeah obviously Israelis are not loading except for me. I flew into America, do and there's about 200,000 will US Israeli citizen battle could every vote now here you are also asking what Trump government and I will say I think it's much closer than most people realize. I think you can pull it look bad, but I would say if you look at the battleground poll in the state. I think that the media is trying to make it seem like a done deal for buying right sure and look Trump has been his own worst enemy on things that the was a disaster. In my view, embarrassing, actually, and tweaks, and he says off-the-cuff are offputting to a lot of people, especially in swing states circling undecided voters but but if you ask people to prefer Trump's policies are Biden's trunk and if you ask them better off today than four years ago.

They say yes 56%. Anything what's going on right now all you 56% and after around Reagan's first term is 48% in the same question a better around anywhere for any right for you right anyone on that number is Trump are now telling you how you get people like Trump approach as a businessman, not a politician is clearly not what he know how to make the note had a big well for the country, create job people see that Mike's ass, but here I dollar tasks. They fear his embrace of socialism environmental that you know, Steve Noble showing where talking to Joel Rosenberg straight line from Israel from Jerusalem over the other side of the pond with an international perspective. Now to go to local perspective vitally. Joel and I were talking before the program we were talking during a commercial break and we talked for an extra 3 1/2 minutes during the last commercial break, but you can only hear that if you join us on Facebook live. Okay that's not on the radio cousin radio have to make money with the paper things and so there's commercial breaks on the radio, but on Facebook live we use. Note that commercial break time so if you want to hear everything that Joel Rosenberg had to say was talking more about Trump in the election.

During the last break the needs need to join us on Facebook live plus those stay on their case. If you go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook.

You'll see all the Facebook live there. Okay, good, thousands and thousands of years there and that's that that's really grown a lot, especially this year.

It's been awesome, but we do never and we never want to forsake and if you forget about what's going on locally for me here and wake County and Raleigh, North Carolina yes the presidential election is massive cortical all the marbles but no matter what happens two weeks from today. You've got local issues as well. One of the places that we complain about the most that we engage the leases in the school board situation.

Okay so here in wake County and North Carolina. We have an enormous school system here in wake County. Steve Bergstrom is the wake County school board district 8 is running for District 8 is a veteran, a father of four, and so we were excited dance. Steve join us today. Steve, how are you thanks for calling in doing a great thing you're very very welcome so somebody that's all I wake County public school parents a father for US Air Force veteran and a commercial pilot. Why in the world are you running for the wake County school board well you know the issues that were family, not just with school closures, but just with that.

You choose whether budget management we see in our curriculum decline on the client. We see families being affected with think it's all around to achieve certain metrics and were saying now that the school board talked about getting rid of the body getting rid of school resource officer so there's just so many issues that I saw and I guess in my time in the military I just learned all about and try to solve the problem. So I decided to run.

I don't know what a lot of work. You know there's a lot of pressure you feel from families who are really struggling right now and they need some answers and are more engaged than ever before in these issues like school soon and so appreciate you throwing your hand the ring and getting in there and it is hard work, noise. It's hard work being a parent. I have four kids as well. And that's a huge commitment and we cannot ever think so selfishly that I'm only worried about my own kids. I have to be worried about everybody for me as a Christian I have to worry about everybody else's kids consider all my neighbors were talking to Steve Bergstrom Steve for wake eight is the website Steve for wake 80s run for wake County school board here in Raleigh, North Carolina Steve for wake is the website and so some of the big issue Steve. I know that you mentioned school resource officers and we had another Greg Hahn was on last week and he brought that up as well that were cutting that out. It's really amazing and if so when you look at kind of the this particular school board in this school system here. Wake County. One of the biggest issues do you that you want to get into make an impact on blog. First of all, there is zero diversity going out school board, and if we do nothing else other than shake that little bit about 900 on everything will issue the last four years, so there's no conflict that's going on. Which means there is no discussion right and there is no equal representation of the people here in wake County to be able to listen to their ideas and listen to find out what's really going on 530 stuck in their own little bubble give you an example.

Never would you find a board where you have the performance be so in the tanks over the last three years that they would now go and vote to extend a contract of the superintendent and give them a two year severance package for the school board. We just found out that a couple hours ago the night superintendent cc two year severance package in the off chance that the superintendent is fired after the election, out of touch with with family and how we resource and how we fund school such a great point that there is no opposition when there's no opposition. There's no conversation with is no conversation. There's nothing pushing back on that agenda which we know is heavily bent to the laugher talking to Steve Berg's Bergstrom Steve for wake is the website and and if he's making sense to you. That's because he's making sense NOT just your biasing saying things that we all understand.

Which is why by the way Steve and I don't know if you knew that I put out my my pics every two years in elections and that's my ode to my Chicago background because there's hundreds and hundreds of people that take my list and go use at the vote and you're one of the people that I put up for wake County Board of Education, and I'm happy doing to endorse you and encourage other people to be a part of your campaign and I just think we have too many parents that assume that everything is okay in the school system. I think a lot of conservative parents know things are wrong, but to get in there and do something about it. I think that's our biggest thing that that there's not a lot of leadership there from our perspective. So how can you do if you're if you're the only person that gets in there that's a conservative. How can you provide that kind of leadership inside the school system. Leadership that I have been working on for a while now I have gone out every day for almost every hour of early voting going on about a week now and it doesn't matter if I talked to the most staunch Democrat or liberal Republican or conservative. We seem to find the issues that we agree on when it comes to education just about 90% of the time and it's amazing to me how engaged people now are the cry they are just this night no mind that this mindset that the school board doing things their way and not represented representing family the way they should be represented so my point. The family and I don't care if an educator or principal or administrator is you know, on the other side of local issues or values that I'm on as long as they can leave these agendas at the door and they can come in the schools and teach our kids education. Then I want you in wake County Public schools. That's kind of the message that I think they can out to the public is a let's just focus on education. Stop focused on agenda focusing on what you think your kids should be learning in their home let the parent their kid family engagement is the number one indicator or child must stop marginalizing family and thinking that we are the parent but start bringing them into the question and making sure they know the number on number one priority. Yeah, that's why rack letters with Executive Director pendency of media sees here in the Raleigh area. She wrote an article that went viral on the Federalist talking about the BLM socialist curriculum that has gotten into its in wake County Public schools is another schools school systems around the country and because parents are really involved in up you don't know this stuff is going on. We talk about Dr. Nathan and her buddies like yeah that sounds like it's a little over the top. It isn't, that's not hyperbole that's actually happening so have you heard about any of that. Stephen, are you concerned about what's actually in the curriculum from a worldview perspective, I spent two years living in Venezuela in 20 oh man my first month and well it was when Chavez was elected. I personally think for two years.

What happens to a country that endorse socialism. And I've had friends and families that I lives were completely destroyed by this document. So I get a little fired up when I start hearing about these kinds of things being taught in the country that I serve and I love so I try not to try to avoid over and try to avoid these types of terms like indoctrination and I try not to go that far, but it's what I the reason I've been harping on leadership because the school board is leading by example. The example of agenda driven curriculum and throughout wake County. We need leaders that are focused on educational performance on results rather than agendas. So one example there was the middle school here a couple weeks back user 13-year-olds who are impressionable and there being taught by an authority figure on them and showing them a video video tells them it's okay to loot and write. It's okay to go out there and try it. As long as it is correct because you believe it-year-olds being taught that this should not be taught in our school and you know when the newspapers per day and it wasn't Just so I am trying not to lose my junk here on the air but it it's so infuriating because, listen. The reality is, 10, 11, 12, 13 are impressionable and you got authority figures in their saying that you were creating this narcissistic little society is like go do whatever I want to. Based on my emotions in their being, let down that road of thinking in the Marxist socialist way and the cut and were destroying our country from the inside out for lack of knowledge, people are just perishing for lack of wisdom to bring up a Bible verse and is just a remarkable how can we be praying for you Stephen. How can people get involved in the campaign. Steve for wake is the website that they talk to their neighbors. They can talk to people about reach out to me and finally the volunteer but really we get everyone involved open garage and bring about fog and it seemed very something so much for calling today brother we appreciate you.

Thanks for running and we look forward to seeing you when getting in the walkable talk again soon. We come back, Kelly Parnell, Stephanie communication directorates from Terry.

The show but I live here in wake County and Raleigh area so every two years and my ode to my Chicago background. I put out on my camp election pics from the from the federal level, starting the president trump all the way down to the state level in the local level. So if you need some help voting just hey Steve, did you do the research. I trust you earn that a lot over the last 16 years of being an activist in the Christian here in the Raleigh area if you want to get a hold of that that that has nothing to do with the other radio stations I'm on. This is just Steve Nobles personal pics and like I said, it's my ode to my Chicago background Siebel hundreds of times every two years and I'm not afraid to say so, but just trying to help out my neighbors to vote in a way that I think it can be best for the country in the city in the county and so right atop the ticket. Of course Donald Trump all the way down.

You just go to the website does Steve Nobles am also posting on Facebook every day so you can download it. You can print it off. You can literally walk into the voting booth and if you want a boat from a conservative Christian perspective. That's the list for you okay to just go to Steve Nobles and you can put that offer on Facebook as well always had a great favor with the trim campaign recently and had a making a lot of new friends and people that can really help us understand what's going on. Allie Pardo is the deputy communications director at the Trump campaign Allie how are you thanks for calling it you're very welcome. By the way, did I see you did you show up on the documentary the Trump. I know that all they really can't be my mom like that because I think I think you are the one that said that there were so many people that were pregnant. All these moms getting pregnant with that with the whole campaign operation was really me with this cool kind of a different perspective on the president that most of us don't get to see and talk about that for second, I want to talk about. I think I bought doesn't in town and then we got Eric Trump coming here on Friday with evangelicals for trumpet your your own experience in working with the Trump administration. Allie what what what what do you see that some Americans don't see that I've ever met and only finding a way to look at the positive find pollution doesn't believe in now, but bad thing, but I think we need a letter to Millie. Great deal of the economy. Any needed let let fighter and I'm naming my like that on on that movie physically. They talk about how he put women in such an amazing condition to grow and learn from other than it is often three.

Mom became little one father on the campaign and working to that part of my heart and everybody else in and showing that that number work we can do it. I think the president worked harder than anyone, but often put the thought of position to work hard and to do what we can do our part to help them yet. He's he's an amazing force of nature, especially given his age is just remarkable to see the schedule and doing multiple events a day traveling all over the country and in Hogan called in yesterday Hogan, Gabe Gidley called him yesterday he was talking about little conversation about suburban women in suburban moms and a and I'm and I'm pretty sure of him because she in town and she and Raleigh today for an out and about right now.

In all the holiday important data pregnant tomorrow, but today there I'm speaking with better hearing from them like every member of the family.

Their product family fighting harder country than they are in making sure that we're hearing from every single one of you. Everything about her about your concern through the homestretch and not talking about the importance of getting out and boat felt both Democrats.

A bow and a lead that we need to get there about that.

I know based on how we people I've talked across the country. We've been traveling nonstop for years now that the note that there were for the president is there for recovery in a responsible emerging out of the throne of Eric that if there about making sure our people are doing today. The president will be there tomorrow and we can keep that keeping everything and make it out yet.

It's important for people to come at this from a lot of different perspectives. The first half of the show today.

We had done your Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg knows the president and spend time with them. And over there in Israel now so from an international perspective. Looking at our place in the world and in for Joel.

Of course, the Middle East, but are our role as still as a national leader, international leader, which the president is done a great job of bringing us back into that in that role, but also look at what's going on in the country and specifically for family so is that what everybody's going to get a different message. John Junior's got a different message. Eric's going to bring a different message is Friday. What is a block up up up focusing on in her campaign stops workforce development, making sure that people are trained for the right job for them make the president paid family leave to ensure that government work.

You have the time they need new members of their family and adoption are natural birth but I think that there's so much that they've done to protect the family unit. Help me in a position to 16 but I mean when it comes to foreign policy. One thing I do want no, I'm extremely going at that when I can hear more about foreign policy debate. I look at something and in past years.

The only thing that the candidate based on foreign policy but have you mentioned the president expected on the foreign aid tire are on par with our economy. Get a moment and mean something but trade yelled Millie P there. The list goes on and penny, and not even a contract that with Democrats.

(And Democrat cabinet officials in the left ministration to think that if I hadn't been wrong in every major form and you know when I click undermine the question or denied you any of you know Betty really is betting that people are here will a debate on that promise to make that is no doubt about that how important the debates Thursday night 9 PM Eastern time at house. How important is this debate. Obviously the first debate. A lot of people struggle with that. The back of the fourth interrupting and everything.

This is kind of the last shot literally a week and 1/2 out from the actual election day. How important is this from a campaign perspective extremely important because the American people having people who are still waiting to hear contract that you can have not had a real real opportunity to do that very often the president was debated last week in Miami but you show up and I think that what what it comes down is if people want to hear that the contracting vision for America and we are very confident that when they do play back that that be like now now now you all how easy they really are no clear contrast on the stage and I'll take that on the homestretch present We we going to three and at the end for five day if you want to hear from the year and have an opportunity to yet, whereas Joe Biden's just knitting or something in his basement. It's really remarkable that this this entire media cabal and now through and I think some of the posters obviously social media hot let me ask this question as a sidebar question Allie for for you guys in the campaign for people in the administration and and obviously for the president himself. How do you just deal with me my head.

I think what is spontaneously exploded a couple years ago already.

How do you deal with the fact that this massive cabal is against you guys all the time and you just can't catch a break in the mainstream media obviously go around it. But how do you guys deal adept on a personal level because it must be remarkably frustrating.

My job ignore it.

People don't realize is the majority of the American people date you're going to the New York time, the Washington Post, and liberal order in Washington DC and New York writing that they care about. They care about what you're talking about.

They care about what they're hearing at the grocery store they care about locking a target and tear team trunk but today Lara route like that That is going to get something and at times he walked out. It would read many rallying in the target parking lot.

Real people want to hear from real people, not from an overpaid reporter in New York time is only in it for one reason and enough that I think I think that where the American people are at the we try not tied up in either yeah great plan and tell me how to do our job and and I fight with them every day now.

But I see no home. I walked to the American people walked in and it did not read another article very early viewership numbers C and MSNBC will ever show you that now hardly anybody watching that and that's why whether you like the style of the tweets are not the president has the ability to get out talk to regular people, regular people to carry them across the finish line.

Allie Pardo Deputy from Tempe thinks All and we appreciate your time. You think you will talk you soon and so some great points there and listen most of us most American adults 80% of American adults are not on Twitter and BC were not want such a great point.

Normal people outside of the scene outside the elite. We have to do our job. We pray as Christians number one. First and foremost you need to get out and vote in a way that you can label for the father speak seasonal shells gobbling up again real soon and that all

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