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The War Begins

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 12, 2020 3:42 pm

The War Begins

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 12, 2020 3:42 pm

The War Begins

After the death of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bater Ginsberg, Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for a seat in the Supreme Court and she now faces her confirmation hearing.


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Wake up everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred calls 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host Steve Noble going on hey how are you good to feel good to be with you. This is a great weekend.

Lots going on. I was pretty heavy-handed on Friday and now you're expecting me to apologize. They not going to because I was right, son. I was heavy-handed yes if I if I was unloving and and if I had hatred in my heart than the Lord will judge me about both of these are serious days and they started to get even more serious today with the first opening salvo and Amy Tony Barrett confirmation process there in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which by the way constitutionally. That doesn't even need to happen if they wanted to go straight to a Senate floor conversation back and forth in the vote.

They could this is just procedural rules which the Senate gets to make up their own rules as does the House of Representatives is not constitutional, so if if if omits McConnell wanted to have a boat tomorrow. He could now I would be crazy, but he could do it a constitutional he could do it so I'm going to take a lot of airtime today because Ben sat Sen. Ben sass as well as Sen. Josh Hawley. Both Republicans did an outstanding job today in teaching about civics judicial activism in the constitutional ban on a religious test to hold public office, including the Supreme Court of United States, which of course the Democrats are to go ballistic. Go right at Amy Connie Barrett's Catholic throat because they've done it before and that's all they've got in there to go after her on that. But these guys are just land on the law and specifically talking about the role of of what is civics versus politics. It was excellent because I teach civics and dealing civics and politics all the time here on the show and also with the classes that I teach high school age homeschoolers here in the Raleigh North Carolina area on these things are near and dear to me. We have a massively ignorant nation in terms of specific knowledge and understanding. And so I'm like this at this most radio even here in Facebook like dirt.

They're not gonna play as much video in an content clips as I'm going to in a one hour show. As bad radio people Steve Middleton and they want to listen your opinions below whatever but this stuff is so good and so appropriate that I'm more than happy to turn it over Sabrina working to tee up the first clip here when I can get through all of it so that you have to be ready to stop it when we get close to the break. This first part from Ben sass this morning or the afternoon talking about is this opening comments in this Amy Tony Barrett Senate Judiciary Committee were excellent excellent civics lesson which he was focusing on eighth-graders, but when it comes to civics most of the countries at the eighth grade level. So let's start there. This is just excellent and I want to play this way and will posit will finish it.

On the other side of the break they will do Josh Hawley plot laughingstock about today here in the show. Okay, let's wrap this up. Let's get this going on immediately. This is a great civics lesson that everybody needs to hear, to understand what the world is going on up in DC distinguish first between civics and politics because there was a time, the chairman said at the beginning of this hearing. There was a time when people would be as different as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she was a heroic woman that's absolutely true, and Antonin Scalia another brilliant mind and in your mentor people that different could both go through the Senate and get confirmation votes of 95 or 98 votes and the chairman said at the beginning of the hearing. He doesn't know what happened between then and now. I think some of what happened between then and now is we decided to forget what civics are and allow politics to swallow everything so I can start it like to just remind us of the distinction between civics and politics civics is the stuff were all supposed to agree on regardless of our policy views differences. Civics is another way we talk about the rules of the road. Civics 101 is the stuff like Congress rights laws, the executive branch enforces laws courts apply them. None of that stuff should be different if you're Republican or a Democrat or a libertarian or a Green party member. This is basic civics civics is the stuff that all Americans should agree on, like religious liberty is essential. People should be able to fire the folks who write the laws and we Voters can't fire the judges. Judges should be impartial.

This is just Civics 101. Politics is different. Politics is the stuff that happens underneath civics civics is the overarching stuff we as Americans agree in common. Politics is the subordinate less important stuff that we differ about politics is like if I look at my friend Chris Coons and I say, listen, object, wagon what you want to do on this particular finance gag way I like it anyway.

Too expensive and might banker my daughter is Jordan.

Chris looks back at me and says listen object wagon. You're too much of it. A cheapskate and you're under investing in the next generation that's a really important debate.

That's a political debate. That's not civics civics is more important than civics doesn't change every 18 to 24 months because the electoral winds change because polling changes I think it's important that we help our kids understand that politics is the legitimate stuff we fight about, and civics is the places where we pull back and say wait a minute, we have things that are in common before we fight again about politics. Let's reaffirm some of our civics, I'd like to have just sort of a basic grammar of civics for five minutes.

One thing that we should all agree on in two things that we should all disagree.

What is really going on.

It but one thing that we agree about and are in favor of in two things that we agree on that we should all reject first a positive grand unifying truths about America not as religious liberty religious liberty is the basic idea that how you worship is none of the government's business reason government can rage wage wars government can write parking tickets but government cannot save souls governments really important wars important parking tickets are in for are important, but your soul is something that the government can't touch. So whether you worship in a mosque or synagogue or a church, your faith, or your lack of faith is none of the government's business is your business and your families and your neighbors, and all sorts of places where people break bread together and argue, but it's not about power. It's not about force. It's not about the government.

This is the fundamental American belief. Religious liberty is one of those five great freedoms clustered in the First Amendment religion, speech, press, assembly and protest these five freedoms that hang together that of the basic pre-governmental rights are sort of Civics 101 that we all agree on well before we ever get to anything as relatively inconsequential as tax policy so civics should be the stuff we affirmed together so and they were contrary to the belief of some activists, religious liberty is not an exception. You don't need the government's permit) of religious liberty. You don't need the government's permission to have religious liberty just a little reminder there in our founding fathers and the people in the 1700s, specifically seeing the loss of their political liberty. In the 1750s and 1770s knew that it would lead to the loss of their religious liberty, which is what this country is based on a first place will be right back here with you. Yeah, I'm one of those.

I am a theologically conservative politically conservative born-again bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb follower Jesus Christ. Therefore, I am a stone in the shoe just by my mere presence when I open my mouth when I say anything representing anything about the Lord God above, then I became a stone in the shoe.

I stink at to use the King James because to those who Pershing where the Roman truth and that's why in the Senate Judiciary Committee starting tomorrow.

Juergen seems a little bit of it today that there to be just the going after any Tony Barrett but you know I will see Joe Biden said yeah they should go after because Joe Biden the Catholic in any of the Catholic vote. That's why doing okay but they did before. I think they will now what they did earlier today in their opening comments was they put up all these different pictures of all these different people that have these very difficult, challenging, heartbreaking health issues at me, making the point that any Tony Barrett besides wanting to overturn Roe versus Wade is going to make a move as one member of the Supreme Court to eliminate Obama care, thereby casting all of these people a precondition because re-conditions into the fiery pond of hell to suffer until they die.

That's essentially what they were doing today that if you watched it. I did one picture after another. They brought up all these pictures and telling all the stories of all these people who are going to suffer immeasurably because Amy County Barrett. I will be the next justice on the Supreme Court that that's the but then her faith is in a coming into I don't think they can help themselves will find out tomorrow in the midst of all this Sen. Ben sass which we are just listening to her in a finish that little bit more than a minute here doing an excellent job on a civics lesson enemies talking about religious liberty and then want to jump over to Sen. Josh Holly who just did a totally kick rear end job and also talking about religious liberty, specifically religious tests. You need to understand as you study the history of this country and the Constitution and the founding fathers, and they came over here originally in the 1620s for the cause of religious liberty and then as things went south religiously in America in the early 1700s mid 1700s. Get first great awakening. God wakes everybody up brings people back great great harvest of souls people more unity more schools getting started college getting started to preach the word and to teach missionaries. David Brainerd, who was a missionary to the Indians and the Westerners best-selling diary and so there was unity and always thinking back, right before we decided to go to war with Great Britain because we are losing our political liberty, which meant right after that, you lose your religious liberty, which is what's happening on the left, you lose. We lose our political liberty. Juergen a loser.

Put your religious liberty we've Artie seen a lockdowns sought here in North Carolina when it took a federal court to say hey by the way, Cooper you actually don't have the authority to to disobey, ignore, and run over the U.S. Constitution and the rights of religious people.

You don't have the authority you don't have it.

But now we need to pray for this man. Okay, I doubt that he's a believer. We pray for K first Timothy to pray for, pray, one Tim.

2.or first Timothy chapter 2. Pray for those in authority over us. Okay so ever you vehemently can't stand like if you hate Joe Biden and I would challenge you not to use the word hate you can't stand Joe Biden you better be praying for.

That's really good for your soul really good for your heart and following what Jesus said to pray for your enemies.

Okay government okay let's go to Ben sass get on a finish this. Of this, Ben sass, giving us a little lesson on religious liberty and to jump over to Sen. Josh Holly Geico religious liberty is the default assumption of our entire system. And because religious liberty is the fundamental 101 rule in American life.

We don't have religious tests. This committee isn't in the business of deciding whether the dogma lives too loudly within someone. This committee isn't in the business of deciding which religious beliefs are good and which bullet religious beliefs are bad and which religious beliefs are weird and I just want to say is somebody who's self-consciously a Christian. We got a whole bunch more really weird beliefs. Forgiveness of sins, the virgin birth, talking about the evils of life. There are a whole bunch of you leave your powder dry hazy ideas that are a lot weirder than some Catholic moms giving each other advice about parenting and yet there are places where this committee has acted like it's the job of the committee to delve into people's religious communities. That's not that's a violation of our basic civics. That's a violation of what all of us believed together is not a Republican idea.

It is not a Democrat, I get the Democratic and Republican idea. But fundamentally, it's an American idea and the good news is whether you think your religious beliefs might just be judged wacky by someone else. It's none of the business of this committee is delve into any of that in this kind because in this committee and in this Congress and in this constitutional structure. Religious liberty is the basic truth and whatever you or I or Judge Barrett believe about God isn't any of the governments business just lay down the law.

Excellent job. Sen. bends that that was awesome. Okay then led pull up the Josh Holly one. Let's jump over to Sen. Josh Holly because he started dealing with this as well. This is a great one-two punch.

It's a great reminder to great shot across the bow, of those who want to reach, restrict or strip away your religious liberty. My religious liberty because I guarantee you they do is what you represent and what you represent God of the Bible to the unbeliever is a problem and they just like little kids taken her fingers and ears and let her know that I don't hear anyone he is the power the sword, meaning the government to shut that down so let's jump over to Josh Holly Sen. Josh Holly talking about religious liberty in a religious test ready already got the school and that would laugh out to your family in the last few weeks we got to read a lot about you and in the press in a particular about your religious beliefs one attack after another in the liberal media one hit piece after another. Many of them echoed by members of this committee, like this one, for instance, Barrett longer active with insular Christian group. We've read. We read stories about your Catholic lifestyle stories about how you raise your children stories about how you adopted your children stories about your Catholic doctrinal beliefs over and over and over questioning whether you have. I guess the independence to be a judge or justice on the United States Supreme Court.

And it's not just in the newspapers, its members of this committee, including the Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States who has questioned past nominees come before this committee about their membership in Catholic fraternal organizations like the Knights of Columbus for those watching at home, that's right, you heard me correctly.

Sen. Harris and others on this committee have repeatedly questioned judicial nominees, fitness for office space, your membership in the Knights of Columbus, the ranking member when you were last before the committee judge for your initial confirmation hearings, the ranking member refer to your Catholic convictions as dogma is a quote that lives loudly within you. Picking up the very elegy of anti-Catholic bigotry current in this country a century ago. She wasn't alone. Other senators on this committee last time asked you if you were an Orthodox Catholic one Sen. said she worried that you would be a Catholic judge. If you were confirmed because of your religious believes I guess as opposed to an American judge as if you can't be both a devout Catholic and a loyal American is not just you judge other nominees who come before this committee for years now have been asked by my Democrat colleagues over and over their views on sin, their views on the afterlife, their views and about their membership statements of Catholic organization to just about their membership in other Christian organizations and on and on and on, emotional, clear, tyrannical about what this is. This is an attempt to broach a new frontier to set up a new standard actually is an attempt to bring back an old standard that the Constitution of the United States explicitly forbids you talking about religious test for office supplies) six. Something that the Constitution expressly permit Constitution of the a real pain.

We get to do some about them.

And certainly they want to they not paid to. That's why this election is so monumental they guarded.

Very great job in her opening humor threatening to withhold. They don't go up the day that they vote to bring it out of what you get a vote remote in the giving of this way Democrats can go that way, but they don't show up to a sailors not quorums on the people here so you can't vote okay so you all steep.

What a bummer know Mitch McConnell just steps in and changes the rules. That's the way it's played is okay, that's ridiculous.

You can't do that sort of pull it out there. We don't need your permission to do anything extra playing we bring out to the floor of the Senate, and even if all the Democrats decide to blow off that day at the Senate which they could still get about and so I don't really see any way of this not going through.

But this was the process started today in the Senate. Okay, so that's what were playing some of these clips were right in the middle playing Josh Holly is talking about religious liberty in the religious test which they're violating over and over and over again. The liberals are because they know the closer you are to a biblical standard, the more you're gonna come against their worldview and their politics and they see that as a problem, then the assumption is there, but it never really good judge because I'm in a trust. This is a secular government document.

The Constitution I I'm a big believer in the Constitution, and if a judge is an originalist and understands the Constitution in its original intent and that is all a lot of things out there, including abortion, that if you're in a rule. According to the U.S. Constitution.

That's good to be good and then it also equate to a biblical worldview. But were not at a theocracy and work in our government is not a Christian government case a secular government, but the Constitution is so brilliant that it would help in all these different arenas were feeling threatened as conservatives and people of faith. Okay, so let's go back let's finish this up, this is Sen. Josh Holly earlier today in the Senate Judiciary Committee with Amy County Barrett talking about religious liberty in the religious test of United States before we even get to the bill of rights article 6 of the Constitution of the United States says clearly and I quote no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States, that was big news in 1787, when it was written, and it's worth remembering why it's because no country, no Republic in the history of the world is excellent at ever guarantee to its citizens the right to freedom of conscience and religious liberty.

Every other country that had ever existed tied together the religious beliefs that would be approved by the powerful and the right to serve in office or to vote, or just to be a citizen in every other country tyrannical history. Afraid of you agree with what those in power agreed with in order to hold office, or be a citizen in good standing, you had to sign a particular religious confession or you had to disavow particular religious groups where not to follow the Pope, for instance, you had to pledge allegiance to the God of the city or the God of the Empire. This was true from 18th-century Britain all the way back to ancient Rome. So our founders put article 6 into the Constitution United States. They were making a very deliberate choice.

They were breaking with all of that past history and they were saying in America it would be different in the United States of America. We would not allow the ruling class to have veto power. Your faith payment over what Americans believe, over who we gathered with the worship and why and where and how know in this country. The people of United States would be free to follow their own religious convictions free to worship free to exercise the religion and people of faith would be welcome in the public sphere to be welcome there may be welcome without having to get the approval of those in power like those on this cutting out a would be welcome to, to bring the religious beliefs to bear on their lives on their office and all that they do for long courses they were peaceful citizens and follow the law religious people of all backgrounds would be welcome in public life is good.

Let's operator pursuant to our right be able to Josh Holly so good Sen. Josh Holly just kneeling at one point after another idling time for but then Seth also talked about in and I put the link up earlier on Facebook. So if you go to my personal page or the for the radio show page. The seasonable show page on Facebook you can watch the whole thing but then Seth went on to talk about something that we should be against two things we should be one thing were for his religious liberty and went into things were against were against judicial activism.

Oregon's court packing and judicial activism is when the government when the judiciary branch at the federal level, which we've seen in and a port appellate courts the federal court, especially in the Supreme Court just makes a decision than all the sin that becomes the law of the land. That's what happened in abortion. Nobody voted on that there is no there is no vote in Congress on that and then again in gay marriage Internet in the case of gay marriage. 31 states that already voted to codify met the definition of marriage in their state as one man one woman and five members. The screen court said whatever and threw it out. That's judicial activism and so he's talking about that that you got people in the yet to be, you have to be in a likely honest year and in you decry it on the left. You have to decried on the right. If you're going to be a constitutionalist you don't allow for the abuse of the Constitution by either party were up nation of laws, not of men were nation of civic laws, not politics, was not meant.

So you have to obey the law to if you're on the right just like your imposing on the people and left that makes you intellectually honest and very dangerous.

Okay, in a good way so he called that they would they want the Supreme Court of United States to be a super legislature. Wow veto power over so much that the regular legislature does that we vote on and elect or fire but not the Supreme Court, super legislature and oligarchy in black robes. That's what they want and then packing the court taking it from 9 to 11 or 13 so that they can beef up that the liberal majority, which is also a violation of of what were supposed to be about constitutionally that a judge's job is to interpret law based on the original intent of the U.S. Constitution. Now Europe says not the 21st century says what the Constitution sets a set for them to want to do that.

He called that partisan suicide bombing. Those guys were just knocking it out of the park. Most of the rest of it was blocked. If you want to know what Amy County Barrett said, here's some of my favorite parts of her opening statement. She was direct and to the point Pleasant. She wasn't flowery and she was in a charming and inappropriate way.

It was over the top. So the things she said about Justice Scalia more than the style of his writing built with the content of Justice Scalia's reasoning that shaped me praise the Lord his judicial philosophy was straightforward. A judge must apply the laws as written, not as the judge wishes it were anti-judicial activism okay beautiful sometimes.

That approach meant reaching results that he did not like. But as he put it once and is best known one of his best-known opinions. That is what it means to say we have a government of laws, not of men. Excellent. I know courts have a vital responsibility to enforce the rule of law which is critical to a free society, but courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life here that the policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by and accountable to the people.

The public should not expect courts to do so in court should not try excellent. She goes on I come before this committee with humility about the responsibility have been asked undertaken with appreciation for those who came before me this is really smart.

I was nine years old and Sandra Day O'Connor first became became the first woman to sit in the seat. She was a model of grace and dignity throughout her distinguished tenure on the court when I was 21 years old and just beginning my career, Ruth Bader Ginsburg set the street, sat in the seat. She told the committee what is become of me could only happen in America. Awesome.

I've been nominated to fill Justice Ginsburg Gendron Rensburg seat, but no one will ever take her place beautifully set. I will be forever grateful for the past she marked in the life she let if confirmed, it would be an honor of a lifetime to serve alongside the Chief Justice and seven associate justices.

I admire them all and would consider each valued colleague and I might bring a few new perspectives to the bench as the president noted when he announced my nomination, I would be the first mother of school-age children to serve in the court. I would be the first Justice to join the court from the Seventh Circuit and 45 years and I would be the only sitting Justice who didn't attend law school at Harvard or Yale and out on all my all my people said Amen to that, as a final note, Mr. Chairman this is Amy County Barrett early today I would like to think that many Americans from all walks of life.

You have reached out with message of support over the course of, but not my nomination listen. I believe in the power of prayer, and it is been uplifting to hear that so many people are praying for me. I look forward to answering the committee's questions over the coming days.

If I'm fortunate enough to be confirmed. I pledged faithfully and partially discharge my duties. The American people as an associate Justice of the Supreme Court thinking. She believes in the power of prayer, which leads me to a final question before you finish the segment were to come back and do money Monday update with our friend David Fisher. Here's my question for you. Do you believe in the power prayer.

Do I believe in the power prayer we say we do right and if it's really that powerful, and it is do we wield it like a night with his sword in the midst of a battle because that's what were in we need to be people of prayer more now than any time I can think up as an adult when it comes to this country and we need to pray and we need to pray believing that God will show grace to this nation. The we do not deserve it, that he'll move people to think rationally, not emotionally talk about that on Friday. I'll keep talking about it and that will do what the best interest not ourselves of our posterity, our children, their children and their trip when you think like that. Setting aside as a noxious of Donald Trump really is only one way to go. See note on the fact money must come in line phone winning coach to meet Angie with today's uncommon moment where my going to do with my life is a question we all ask. But the bigger question isn't what were going to do, but why were going to do it before you decide on what to do. Figure out what your purposes then decide what to do, how to accomplish that purpose.

Not on the basis of money, convenience or availability but on the basis of what you're passionate about user gifts. Pursue your passions and work towards your purposes when you do that, you'll find that work is in a burden but a gift from God and it can be a key to living a fulfilling life. New York Times best-selling author Tony Jensen on there in the popular uncommon book series coach that's coach and show silly things going on market from when and I think the only way this will be over on November 3 or fourth is that there's a massive landslide which would be just you thought 2016 was a shock, especially shock to those on the left of Trump. It hundred and 2330 electoral College win and it shows up that way to let all the absentee ballots and missing ballots whenever mail-in ballots could not overcome. That means that this is going to get ugly okay I'm I'm not I don't be Mr. conspiracy and not Mr. dark cloud trust the Lord Jesus. He's in control, not Trump. Not the right not the left. But this is going to get crazy and if that bike gets in there. Then you can see the opposite of the Trump I think so, what happens financially based on what's going on in the country over the next three weeks is a big deal. We need to be thinking about this I which is why were always spending some time every week with a good friend, David Fisher from La Marque M is the website landmark David, good to hear from you. How are you great I'm doing great but I think it would be a shaking coming up. Unfortunately yeah I hear you. It certainly seems like the writings on the wall Aggie I 26271 when we got the money Monday update for those of you that are newer to the show. We always start with passage of Scripture.

David's been added in the in the precious metals in the in the in the world of finance for over 25 years nobody started as a pastor is a follower of Jesus Christ. So we go to the rock a firm foundation which is more important than anything the NASDAQ can offer. We always go to the word of God's let's start there and them will get into some of these updates. What the Lord Almighty says in a little while I will once more shake the heavens and near the sea and the dry land I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come and I will fill this house with glory to the Lord Almighty in my spirit that working out some sort of a shaking coming up. It could be a political shaking rebuilt races to close like you're just saying Steve could be a financial one that I think will talk about today and what we've talked about in the past confirmed and you lose tomorrow that that could happening but there's there's signs that are pointing to a shaking great news though is as the earth the financial market society shaken.

The whole purpose is to bring all those that don't know him to come to know the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and those that know him deeper relationship with them.

So this is actually you know not good news but good news didn't really like it, or Jesus went to hell before he could to send to heaven.

We have to go through some shaking sometimes is allow the Lord to allow this to happen.

He doesn't we embrace it and the great news is there some blessings around this will prepare and prepare for a shaking of some sort. Yeah, absolutely. It certainly seems like the season said that in the end it's amazing that just nine months ago. 10 months ago.

This was not on our radar screen at all. Everything just seemed fine and then whammo literally is in the matter of months. Our tech entire lives of been changed not only here in America but around the world in is just talk about shaking and shocking and just out of nowhere, but that's what Jesus told us is be like a thief in the night and my friend Steve Davis is on the blaze network going back was like a this is looks like a really good dry run for the man of lawlessness and what those times are to look like but perhaps there a lot closer than any of us thought about so good to be reminded about that that the just like with you had a game in don't don't let the world shaking depressed you because God is doing it.

Ultimately, for his glory and for the good of the loss to wake him up and to look to your look to the heavens instead of to your pocketbook to Washington DC. Okay, let's get out an update on the market, how they perform. Year to date and I what's the look alike for this week, so when the head of gold this week for the first time.

All because of stimulus I believe. But the now numbers year-to-date.

The Dow is still down just a little bit .2%. S&P is up 7.1%, NASDAQ, up 28.1% gold slightly right behind that 27.3% over leads the charge 42.3% in the market this week is we actually have the biggest rally in the last three months in last week was the biggest of those three months, but we having corporate earnings this week. Today, the Martinsville was open, but the bond market was closed for a Columbus Day but were coming from bank stocks report to the top for JP Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and their doubling down and wandering about on the loan default loan cultures twice as much is there normally would be sort of problem I can see very good earnings from the banking industry and built an American Art Delta and United excuse me are also reporting the earnings file because there but there's been a few companies that reported some good earnings 25% of the earnings companies would be earnings this year which is not normal uses about 6% only be earnings, but the Fed's quiet this week. There's not much going on working at some CPI numbers on Tuesday, retail sales, things like that so I think her if she more stimulus to yes to what was going to put the stimulus. Is this is this really a financial battle over that. Or is it purely political. I mean Trump was for and then he was against it.

Now I say and 86.

He tweeted this earlier today David, I don't know if you saw this is I hate the Republicans are given the Democrats too much time to talk in the judiciary committee. I just get this done. Get get voted here installed in Supreme Court and go get me a stimulus package so what's going on with that fight saw that it's going to start stop and start again.

There will trumps agreement 1.8 trillion Nancy Pelosi say no need to .3 and that's were the last is that but which talk about this. The hope of stimulus stimulate the market and not sometimes not have to serve the economy but the market about 3% away from all-time highs. But this is a clear fact that we talked about over and over and over again for properly greater than here is that market to meet debt does not lead to stronger rates of economic growth and prosperity clearly has not worked in last 20 years and is only escalated for every $7.42 respin right now and that is a country going to the dollar returns was just horrendous, but the S&P 500 tells the story of who's going to get elected. When you look at the history of the S&P 500 three months back from the election day. 87% of elections were predicted since 1928 when the market did well and 100% were remained in office since the year 1984 when the incumbent was running so when returns were positive. The incumbent party present Trump will be in office if the index offers losses. History tells us that will have VP Biden as our next president. But for now the market is favoring a reelection for the current campaign, but it should be no surprise that this is based upon a lot of stimulus does not work. In fact, the committee for responsible Federal budget for this last week about the candidate quote under our certain shooting under central estimate, neither majority candidate neither major candidate for the president United States in 2020 has put forth a plan that would address our unsustainable path. Our physical path that is unsustainable. Present Donald Trump and former president Joe Biden has promoted policy agendas that will likely cause significant annual deficits and increase the debt to GDP over the next decade. Yeah, date date, they are not.

Congress is not both sides have not. Maybe they throw little things out there.

Once again, look at daycare, but ultimately it's just kick the can down the road because I think ultimately David there like we don't really know how we would fix this and and what it would require to fix this is going to upset pretty much 100% of the taxpayers in America one way or another and they still have the backbone for it and end it on the moral courage to do it because this is all going to get dumped on our kids had so with all the stimulus stuff. What's the effect on gold and silver does it just continue to move up or what's the kind of relationship direct correlation 2012. Quantity using stimulus one, two and three and gold went up over 200% left for years instructed less than that significantly shows stimulus because gold silver go up with put the numbers.

Most recently, borrowings for the US treasury in April and June. That quarter was $3 trillion when it normally should be $440 billion with the quarterly borrowing costs for work $4.5 trillion of annual boring parcel for year that they were not even done for the year yet.

And last year we're 1.2 trillion so work two and half times larger. The future looks dismal. Whoever wins is going to lose from the standpoint of the four major trust government trust funds that will become insolvent during the next presidency in the budget for Joe Biden $5.5 trillion Trump 5 trillion, so both are going to spend so you look at it this way. If you believe the current $27 trillion debt is not a problem, and in four years will be $43 trillion. Those are not problems in the Federal Reserve creating trillions of dollars more an economist Fed economist, one of the top ones last week said we need three and half trillion dollars and then the next breath he says I don't see a moral hazard here.

If you believe so so okay gold is illegal when you think that way all my good is it because you're out of touch with reality. This is crazy and like yeah you know what the definition of crazy is being crazy. You're out of touch with reality and and and that's what they are, sadly that's driving this country is a whole you don't have to follow them you want to play the game you can be diversified. So for people to hundred and use of precious metals. David how to get a hold of that information. You pick up the phone, 844-879-8880 284-7988 excellent David thinks of my free time is always God bless you brother will talk you soon my friend right now talking soon tomorrow friends will be back in line with our test run Israel that would be sold as is nothing going on.

Brilliant guy that's tomorrow

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