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Project Veritas EXPOSES Facebook and Joe's China Problem w/ Brendon Leslie

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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May 27, 2021 3:54 pm

Project Veritas EXPOSES Facebook and Joe's China Problem w/ Brendon Leslie

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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May 27, 2021 3:54 pm

Ryan hosts Brendon Leslie, the host of Unbossed Reporting in this explosive episode on Facebook censorship on vaccines exposed by Project Veritas and President Trump being right ALL ALONG on the origins of the China virus.

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Speaking of how angry we got we got some going on the Truth Network. This can help the world not be so angry, just need God's word is please help the Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word. We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of a poor, impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars. Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word RFA with your host Ryan Fournier thoughts out loud hello patriots, Americans, well-informed wife was as well. Thank you for taking the time to tune into the RF angle podcast will break down what's happening in our country was the world from politics to culture and everything in between.

No holds barred no political correctness no thought police and no gender confusion simply your thoughts out loud before I get into this discussion with my next guest, Brendan Leslie want to talk a little bit about him. He is the founder and editor of Florida's conservative voice. He left his job get this as a reporter in a mainstream media outlet because he was fed up with the fact that someone else was always behind the scenes pulling the strings creating the narrative sounds very familiar to what we saw these last four and five years.

His goal is an independent reporter based in Florida is to deliver the truth about both national and local stories that the mainstream media refuses to show this is absolute, incredible Brendan, I am absolutely honored to have you on the show to have a discussion. I know I first met you sometime last year in the Southwest Florida area. We were campaigning out there. I mean, you came out to that event you had your camera, you and your Mike you in everything you were ready to go. That is what we love to see that is the stuff that you independent journalism is very important.

It's the stuff that really matters because those folks get stuff that the media is unwilling to report in speaking about independent journalism will talk a little bit about independent guerrilla journalism is what project Veritas does into my understanding your organization just held a fundraiser for James O'Keefe in Florida out where you guys raised him in one evening. Think $65,000 in my right there ran a ballpark that's absolute, incredible, especially when you see the work that James O'Keefe is doing every single day. He's the one who brought us the shadow banning all leaks that Twitter was shadow shadow banning users.

He was the one who brought us now.

Recently just breaking the same week that you wrote that you raise some money face. He is revealed that Facebook uses certain algorithms to determine if certain content is quote unquote vaccine hesitancy so if you're out there on your Facebook posts and you kind of, and in descriptive way are against the vaccine without your knowledge. They will as Scott assign a score to the comments made called AVH score vaccine hesitancy score and based on that score will either demote the comment or leave it alone to me demoting seems to refer to either being seen by less people are or know people at all me what your thoughts on the stuff that were seen come out of this and then please do tell us will be about the cell fundraiser. You did yeah so the stuff is very real happening behind the scenes and that is exactly why I felt the need to bring these guys and given the connections they can get in Southwest Florida and raisins the money and help them because because they're doing a great job and I'm very much a team player.

Yes on an independent report is that my own business but there's not a if I find a good truthful voice a conservative voice in American first voice. I'm in a bring in the Southwest Florida make give them my connections, introduce them to my people, my supporters because they're great and like similar is a ton of money in a short amount of time for them and it's going to help them sue the hell out of all these crazy corrupt organizations and they are setting the new precedent and with Facebook we all knew we knew that this is happening.

We we can if you're smart and you have a mind and you look at what's happening, you know that they're censoring you and then you know they're being shadow banning source conservative thought. That's why when you project Veritas because they have the people to expose it, and I would love to be the one that's doing that but hey, if there's something else that I can focus on like amplifying Rhonda Santos his voice and drowning at liberal news and I many years my connections in my platform to raise money for the other people for the stuff that I can't physically do. Yeah, I mean, and in that this is something that we seen for the last you know for five years now her project. Veritas is really come in and save the day on a lot of different issues and in terms of big brother big tech it you know we have to hold them accountable. I want to get back into this stuff though on what James O'Keefe just in bill because this is really scary stuff that were dealing with. And it seems like Republicans in Congress and Democrats been blind to the issue to the in the entire time because they they're not the ones being censored are not the ones having their opinions and their content fact checked every second of the day we'll big brother is watching. If anybody is read 1984.

This is a chapter right out of the book Orwellian times. According to James O'Keefe.

They're using a tear-based system for your comments. Your posts on the vaccine. He says tier 1 is alarmist and critical remarks on the vaccine. Tier 2 is indirect vaccine discouragement. Even if the facts are true, you will still be targeted in your comments will be demoted.

According to James O'Keefe know this is interesting to me. There really pushing the narrative of the vaccine being good get the vaccine. The vaccine is good for you and if you don't agree with the sentiments you will be silenced, censored, and potentially banned from the platform like we've seen many many many times. It's not just Facebook. It's all of them. I've made many posts where you know someone doesn't agree with me or it's an opinion based posts and then subsequently later in the day when I make other posts. Those posts are getting like 50% or more, less engagement, it makes no sense that when we post an article or a funny name that the post is getting like a thousand likes when usually there averaging about 2030 and 40,000 likes that doesn't make any logical sense to me. If you're following someone you should be able to see their content on your feet. That is how it's worked before, back when I would say social media was more of a wild West where they didn't moderate the door or have these algorithms that are now censoring you because you know someone doesn't like what you say are the post was reported, so now it's gotta be seen by less people. It's it's really discussing. It's scary and we need to have legislators really tackling these issues yet, so the problem is with social media is that it used to be kind of a private company and yeah they do if they are a private company. They have the right to turn and what is on their platforms, but under percent, what is happening as it turned into a public square is a public utility, and as conservatives we know as much as we hate the government regulating things. It's gotten to that point where they do have to because Facebook is now choosing whose opinion is allowed to be voice and that's not America that's not what were found on the center First Amendment speech is right now they can they can do whatever they want they can censor anyone they want and so the government steps in and says no more with this monopoly told Taylor Aryan BS. Nothing's going to change and that we have to start treating it like a public square, because that's exactly what it is at the public utility lifting keyword. That's what it's come to you know I mean you you get so big to where it's almost monopolistic where you know parlor is a perfect example. They were banned from the app store. I remember the left always. I will feel like with being set on Twitter, you don't like the fact you're being censored on twitter want to go your own servers and create your own platform that was a very common theme in the last few years while we went out we got our own servers we built on platform then you banned us from the hosting network and then you took us off the Apple App Store, effectively making the platform no and void and unusable to many people, that that is what you know conservatives facing conservatives deal with.

They made a platform were truly there was no censorship people can go on their have their discussions have their debates and and and they won't have to worry about being banned or the post not being seen by you know there are 15 or 20,000 followers. The fact here is that these companies have become so big you cannot avoid them in your every day life.

They become a part of your every day life and that's what were dealing with time like I have to give it to James O'Keefe here because it seems like you know Facebook, like many other platforms where everyone over. They want everyone to conform to similar ideas. This is counter to two people having a discussion or discourse on the vaccine because if you do this on this platform. It seems like yes your comments are going be censored by big brother you should be able to have an opinion should be able to speak your opinion and you should be able to be criticized for right that is the beauty of living in this country that is the beauty of our First Amendment that is the beauty of freedom of expression right always say I always like to say hey you believe aliens are drill a lot of people say yes I like you have zero proof on that.

So technically Facebook should be in their following can see there being consistent. They would take down any posts promoting that there aliens are life out in space and I mean and I perfect example of of of social media be into being out of control, they would ban you or censor you if you ever questioned if the China virus came from the Wuhan lab. Now all of a sudden the last 24 hours.

Now that Joe Joe Biden is saying that were going to were going to increase her investigation into the origins of this disease. Now all of a sudden Facebook like you know what we will ban you anymore. It's the key can't pick and choose which opinions just like you were sent yet now you know because Joe Biden is launching a further and working to get into this a little bit later in the discussion, but now they're there doing more of a furthered investigation into these reports are now in elk when is Trump going to be on ban from social media now because it seems like everything that he said is true and the facts are coming out now.

Maybe they weren't there. Then maybe you know whatever the case may be. The left just didn't want to look into these these facts because they had their own narrative they hated Trump more than he loved America and now you're starting to see the stuff come true. I you should be a man from all the platforms at this point because he seems to be right on every little thing they said it was wrong on you know it, and on this this topic of of James O'Keefe and the censorship is according to this whistleblower. Now they're saying that this policy seems to be expanding and adapting to other things happening our society, so expect this to be not just related to vaccines, but essentially, anything else that happens that is a big talking point among Facebook users. This kind wants me or allows me to bring this into another part of the censorship discussion. You know, folks were dedicating this episode in part really to what would James O'Keefe has discovered what's happening with Facebook and how we as conservatives can fight back. In this in this battle. In this war of tech censorship Gov. Ron DeSantis no Brendan you live in the great state of Florida.

I'm very jealous every time I go down there. It feels like America you don't before all of this happened, it feels like the pandemic didn't even hit Florida just how free people are living in that state, but this is one of the first governors in this country to take formidable action against big tech just this past Monday. He signed a bill that he calls the big tech bill.

It allows residents to fight back against the platforming and censorship, allowing them to sue tech companies for up to $100,000 in damages for each proven claim, in a bid to ensure companies are more transparent about their content moderation process practices.

This all requires companies to detail how they reach conclusions about content moderation and stick to those standards consistently among and anybody doesn't matter what you you views you believe about ritual religion you believe in. This will apply to everybody.

The bill also gives the Florida Atty. Gen. The ability to bring action against tech companies that violate the law, which prohibits the deep platforming of political candidates as well. I mean Brendan, I can improve more this bill. If we are to fight this at all. We control more legislatures across the country than the Democrats do, why not. We just take this to the local level and start really pounded the stuff out to me. We are perfect we were at the point now were living in Orwellian times and this is the whole point as to why I exist I need to amplify what Gov. Ron DeSantis and what the state legislator here in Florida is doing so that the resignation takes note and starts actually leading like America something we forget this state is more powerful, has more power.

It's meant to have more power than the federal government so Ron DeSantis set the precedent, now you're innocent. You can see it.

I guarantee a domino effect and other Republican-controlled states.

With this type of legislation and is important to know you know who else that happens to be a Floridian citizen, Donald J. Trump so you know, the critics want to say he only passes Guilford for Donald Trump.

I say no.

Ron DeSantis is the perfect amount of libertarian conservative and understands all freedom of speech, freedom of thought, all that stuff and it's really gives power to the everyday Joe to stand up for themselves and hate someone like me who my business runs through social media. That's how I make my money. And Facebook is Cheryl banning me for year they told me, and they're not suggesting a page and if you like my page they they give you a little disclaimer before you like my page so how many likes that I miss out on because that disclaimer came up in Summit and realized I don't know.

It's a good question ask.

This is something that I can start now pressing back against these companies starting July 1.

Yet another you mentioned it.

We were searching your page. These vacuums was not at the top 10. Find which really just reaffirms the point that they don't want us to see your content. My content Charlie, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my good friend Mike since I joined this flight like is always gorgeous. The consequences to his family business now as we speak the cancel pull through left is canceling my pillow almost 20 sources of my pillow off their shelves.

I'm asking you for a favor. I need you to support my pillow show Mike we stand with my use code hope we 566% of guys. The code is 45 x 66% off.

We cannot let him win 45, 66%. Mike is fighting Russ Millet's fight for him. Welcome back to the RF angle with your host Brian Fournier and we saw big tech at its worst in my opinion when they blatantly censored that New York Post story last year on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop. Now keep in mind they did this immediately after the story was published, was picking wind up on social media. They did this without even checking to see if the story was credible. We saw this again earlier this year when they banned a sitting United States president from social media. They even removed a video posted by Lara Trump of her interviewing president Trump absolutely ridiculous that they don't even want his face up on their platforms, but I wanted to also come again to something personal here that's happened on my page that I posted about on twitter actually called out the fact check and I think when you start doing that more often is is actually you know, adding these people directly on social media putting the pressure on them to actually do good work if they're going at you.

I can understand if I get something wrong you know and it's fact checked and it's a credible fact check and I'll take it will make the correction will we will make sure people know that you know I was wrong on this.

We done that before in the past but when you're coming out here you know, most recently again this are most recently I posted the meme of Kemal Harris in Nancy Pelosi. It was a perfectly framed photo with both of their eyes closed during Joe Biden's address to the nation. Brendan I believe you reported on this so I really do appreciate that. But will we capture the meme's quote did Biden already put them to sleep and we set our post that it was a parody that it was a joke. It was prime to be made into a meme. In fact, many people in the conservative movement made this into a meme well come to find out the following day I was fact checked by a college aged students who, in my opinion was just looking to get there next to pieced up on USA Today.

They were USA today quote on quote fact checker still college student. They did not care or even adhere to the fact that this was in fact a parody.

It was sacked satire. You know when they start fact checking memes and opinions. You know that we are heading straight for the cliff yelp. This is why this is why it is so important for Republicans to become fierce on this issue.

Demand accountability demand oversight on these companies start holding them accountable at the state level and work on reforms to section 230 at the federal level.

This is not hard. We can combat this stuff.

Like I said before, these companies have become so big you cannot avoid them, and they become part of your every day lives. Yeah, we really do need to I tell people all the time. Do not leave Facebook and Twitter can serve as a little want to hurt their bottom dollar trust me no matter what we do with nothing or not, are hurting, they're not hurting, they're not going anywhere.

Don't listen to the stock prices they're doing just fine. I assure you they want you off of their and so if you get kicked off, I say you go make your mark as those accounts get kicked off you go make another two more accounts and you never stop. We are in a war where in the trenches. This is how you fight back. This is you have to make your voices heard at guest parlor and of that inevitably Donald Trump's social media is great and all to have for us as a backup. You're not getting the crazy left this on their so you not changing any mines or fighting back.

It's just a bunch of people agreeing on one platform which is you know, enjoyable and younger get hate yes but again were in a war you don't retreat you don't retreat retreat. You keep pushing forward and you know what I have faith that Republicans America first limit money. Make sure I specify that America first candidates are going to help us take the house and hopefully even the Senate back in 22 and you know what things are gonna look a lot different merely to see actual change coming. So for now, in the meantime. That is how everyone needs to fight on those platforms. Yeah, I mean, you bring up a really good point.

Every week we don't need anymore Liz Cheney's Adam Chisholm jurors Peter Mayers will need anymore these folks and the 2022 is coming up very quickly. I got bind a few candidates one here in North Carolina running in the 13 congressional district is Bo Hines who to me is just one of the most solid people and you know I never jump in races early on. I don't get involved in primary elections, but I personally got involved here, because I see a guy who is pro-God, pro-gun, pro-Constitution raised in a in a successful family that is that is really put you know put some really good economic power into North Carolina's help the state a lot you know really just a phenomenal guy. I mean, I I could go on about this all day, but you we need candidates like that when he people like Madison called her we need people like Marjorie Taylor green who have gone out there in despite all of the attacks and bows receive some attacks as well.

If you get selected. I used to get a lot more attacks because he just an upfront guy and in that's what you need you need someone is upfront, not afraid to speak the truth speak their mind call out the people that need to be called out like a OCL Hano Mark that's what we need in Congress. We can't have people are just willing to sit on the side sidelines and in and vote down partyline and just not even care about really what they're doing. You got a call the left out when you call the left out when they're doing these terrible things like you. House Bill five. We just saw the equality act. I mean, you know they want to punish people for their opinions. I want to punish doctors because they don't want to make a decision that would go against their religious faith. And you know this this this is the stuff they were dealing with were were going back here to and I've said this before, the ideas on a college campus that you know you would hear at UC Berkeley in the 80s and 90s will Dave escape the walls of these leftists institutions and now there they're written in Congress. I was used to joke and I said you know AOC you know, wouldn't when she was younger and the civics class, you know, the teacher would say you know I am talking elementary school here were the teacher said you know if if if you could be a US Congresswoman today would be the first bill that you would write and she pulled out her crayon and wrote the green new deal and save that until now and pay an and is working to get a passes legislation in our Congress.

That's the scary thing here is that this is very rudimentary stuff that really doesn't fix anything. It actually worsens the problem but like I said guys go check out people like Bo Hines, you know, go check out some of these America first magnet candidates like Max Miller go out there and in get involved in these campaigns.


We are not gonna win these elections in these races. If were just sitting on the sidelines palling on social media.

It's knocking to work and like what you sent Brendan I I'm not leaving these platforms because I'm in this fight. You know were not going to be able to win this battle effectively. If were going into our own accurate check of chambers now.

I love places like parlor. I love places like gap, I love these these platforms there's another great one called locals which Dave Rubin helped found great places allow you to speak freely and we could keep using those places, but we also need to work on the thing at hand here is that when I can win any sort of battles if we just let the left take over everything we let them take over Hollywood. We let them take over news media. We need to claim these things back which is why I'm here hosting the show. Which is why Brendan is out there in the field uncovering things in Florida uncovering things national media is why you folks like James O'Keefe while you have people I can do someone Charlie Kirk because we are in this fight for the long haul, were not giving up where going to keep pushing forward. We gotta keep winning these battles holding Republicans accountable who aren't willing to to push for America first values who aren't willing to go out there and put their head and their neck out there really to fight for the people who voted them and put them in office.

In the first place. One thing that we really need to discuss two here Brendan is the China virus that that that the media created this whole narrative.

I'm sure you remember when Pres. Trump famously said the virus came from China. He said it like China. No one believed him. No one believed him because China said it didn't happen. It didn't come from China and the media. The lapdogs in the media just jumped into their jumped into their bag jumped into their pot there stared their little square and said you know it we agree with you despite everything you've done here. You know, putting the Uighurs millions of Muslim leaders in concentration camps. Despite your your blatant censorship and disregard for democracy disregard for constitutional republics.

All of that and were going to go ahead and work in a jump in the boat and believe everything that you are telling us what are your thoughts on this. It's absolutely out. I'm in a keep my my language not as colorful as I'd like to be, but it's absolutely bleeping discussing. We have listen America. Our enemies are communists. That is our enemy communists and it's always been communists. China is a communist nation. The control everything.

They are never going to tell you the truth, and art idiots over here in the media and on the left will just bend over whenever China asked and it's disgusting and it is so entire American and that's why I'm so livid with what's happening with our media and the left they just take China afterwards.

It was the first thing I learned in college when I was get my journalism degrees and it was a pretty liberal college, I was asked kinda blessed with teacher. I love liberal teachers. But they didn't indoctrinate me or force their opinions on your very good with me, so shout out to SUNY Plattsburgh for being great. New York, but the first thing they taught me is your skeptical of everything he skeptical everyone tells you that is the point of the reporter sure this can be time-barred to you for your work more times not.

I have to go look into it and that's what this media is not doing and are not doing it because weight they want to take down Donald Trump.

They want to take down Rhonda Santos by any means necessary. They don't actually care about America, they were rooting for the virus to kill us all. They were rooting for. Make no mistake about it, and that's because they can say, well told you so. Republicans suck. It's all a game to them. They don't actually care about America, they just care about power and control. To be honest with you here know I personally believe this virus was unleashed on the world because they knew Donald Trump to be defeated in no other fashion.

I mean, he was hired quickly and regret him. He was holding them accountable putting tariffs on their country holding them accountable for all the IP violations. The copyrights that they steal every single day and claim as their own. What they do to American companies what they do.

Where if you have a company based in China. They have a state owned interest in your company and they know exactly what you're doing when you're doing and then get involved when they can. That is what happens in China. They are a huge massive geopolitical threat.

I'm going to get into here. Why because I don't think anybody really is talked about China in terms of understanding how their government works, how their country works number one I went again to the silk Road. This is something that you guys should look upon your own. I'm only gonna touch briefly on about what these guys essentially do is they go to Third World countries. Third World developing nations and they say hey you guys got terrible infrastructure you got no roads yet no paved roads you need new buildings, we can help with that. But here's the catch here is an insane amount of money that you have to pay by this date or we will see some of your property will put a port in your city and we will have leasing ship for over 100 years that that's basically what they do they go to these countries with the promise of developing new infrastructure in their nations. They get this. They set this outrageous price with this very euro slow to churn pay date to where they have to go pay off the final debt or China goes into C's as part of their country basically puts a port, there were Chinese goods come through. They manufactured goods there and and also by the way, the caveat here is that none of the workers in the country that there developing get to work on the projects they bring in Chinese workers. So in the end China benefits 100 or 10 on the 10th. This is what they do not let let's talk about their government, which is absolutely scary and they don't teach this in schools, but I you if you take some higher up you know political science classes at your university.

If the professors and try to turn into a raging liberal you may get into a comparative foreign government class which is where they might teach you how China works. They love to give off this visceral Aurora that there some sort of you know, representative democracy because they have this elected court" elected body here called the national People's Congress of the People's Republic of China. Now keep in mind they they use the word people alike as a traded output of this democratic filter when it really not this body only needs one or two times a year is about tooth thousand and I think it's close to 3000 people now that are put in this body. They really have no power whatsoever you imagine we have our US House of Representatives and then you have three bodies above them.

Those of the bodies with the power in our Congress is just there for a ceremonial purpose that is essentially what theirs is. And then above, you know, the national People's Congress of the People's Republic of China that that that that's a mouthful I would say you have a few other bodies of a politburo, which are essentially the folks small body of people, I believe, like around 20 folks that make the decisions in the country. When you get to these top tears of of of bodies in China. These are the good little communists. These are the people that have sworn their allegiance to the Communist Party of China.

They been in the Communist Party of China. Probably their entire lives there. Given these roles where they help make the decisions as to what's going on in China they make the five 1015 year plans that China is famously known for creating it in. They make all the decisions they were the ones who picked is using pain to be there president they allowed him to enshrine himself in their constitution. As someone who can be president for as long as they want to be, which we haven't seen since Mao Mao Zedong.

So this is a threat to the world. This country is a threat to the world and the fact that the Democrats because the Democrats make so much money off of China are are so blind really.

It's ignorance mixed with the fact that they benefit from this country. That's the reason were not holding them accountable and that we just bend the knee to the we listen to them when they say they didn't do something when they've know very well that it would not be within their best interest to them. Veal whatsoever.

If they were the ones behind the China virus and in what I mean by that is, there was an intelligence report that was released that was investigating the origins of the coronavirus and it basically said that there were scientists or researchers from China's Wuhan Institute of IR virology that were hospitalized with this quote unquote strange COBIT like illness in November 2019. Now this is around the time that this virus originated now to me that sounds like they were making this virus in a lab and it got out and then it started infecting everybody in Wuhan, China, where the epicenter was at it and then it spread across the world because people started fleeing the city because they saw this platelike virus being inflicted upon them right and in now it looks like Pres. Trump was right because no one believed them. They all believed China though, the World Health Organization believed China, they they even China and they they basically listen to China when China said, you know, don't say that this is an airborne virus or what not mean there was many times with a bent the knee early on. I can remember every single instance but that this is the stuff that that that needs to be looked into a noun. Joe Biden is ordering Intel services in the US to investigate the origins of the coronavirus look at that guys Trump was right again I notice Joe Biden doesn't do anything until he and his hand is forced yeah he did. He didn't want to investigate China. He doesn't want to pass China off. He's China Joe but the intelligence is out there and he has to do it, or is political suicide when he knows why he doesn't want to do this on China. We all know that they have stuff on with every we all know that China has stuff on him and his son and their business dealings with China because every company I said this or every company.

China's Communist Party is a state owned interest in those companies. They know what those companies are doing when and where they do it they'd most definitely have dirt on the business dealings of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden 100% I agree and were starting to learn a little bit more, more, thanks to the diligent reporting of of New York Post where he and Cassondra think of a few, and Joe doesn't want to get out. Remember, politics is a game to these people. They are just sick twisted people there all corrupt for the most part count on one hand how may politicians actually enjoy on the federal level, but you are hundred percent right. You hit on the head and it's scary to think that that's what's leading our country.

Yeah, I mean you know China Joe. It is leading our country and and now it just came out that his son that the big man quote" the big man as they referenced him in texts and emails that were leaked obviously by the New York Post and shown across the world that that that the Chinese did in fact meet with the big man and that that meeting did in fact happen with Hunter Biden while he was VP of the United States of America. Keep in mind he was out there doing corrupt business dealings while he was serving as a second in command of our nation's government really just scary set up. That is the key in this whole entire argument is that it happened while he had the second most important job in the world is completely inappropriate and is corrupt to its inner core and my God. If it was down Trump's Junior doing that while Pres. Trump was in office, the world would be on fire right now so I know it into their trying to destroy his life over 10 minute 10 minute meeting a Trump tower Don Junior and talking about me. What this family is going through right now is absolutely ridiculous and in you'll never see this happen to the Biden family when Joe Biden leaves office.

You're never gonna see a singular investigation unless some Republicans grow the cahoots to go out there and actually hold some of these folks accountable you're never gonna see this stuff and it's always going to be Republicans at the butt end of the stick. Because we have weak leadership we have weak individuals who do not want to go out there called these folks out get an independent counsel. There needs to be a special investigation to the stuff, quite frankly, they put us through hell for the last four years with these phony Russian investigations with this phony Ukrainian collusion investigation. All of this stuff a quid pro quo I got collusion on my mind right I mean that there are literally they need to stand up. They need to fight back and let like I'm going back to this point.

Again, regatta work, we can't be just sitting in the sidelines for 2021 2022. We gotta start doing the groundwork you know four months ago for this.

This stuff has to happen, we need to elect people like Bo Hines.

We need to elect people like Max Miller. We need to keep getting folks like Marjorie Taylor green like Madison call Thorne we need folks who represent their constituents who know the base who understand that the party is in America first party now is not the you know the party of of Mitt Romney and John McCain anymore.

There's a reason why we lost those elections. Those two presidential elections of you and you know it wasn't because that they were white or that they were wealthy, it's because they knew how no clue how to communicate how to effectively get the votes of silent America the silent majority, the blue-collar workers who make up this country who make it great. Feel like they haven't been heard, probably since Ronald Reagan.

That is who you need to have running for president running for Congress. That is, the people that we need to work to elect and if we don't do it. Were going as it were to find ourselves losing 2022 and losing 2024 and that goes down valid as well. We may lose legislatures. We flipped quite a few in 2020, but we may go back to losing these. If we don't start fighting, get all social media go volunteer for these campaigns.

Get out there and and and be involved more than you ever been involved before we got it. We gotta win this because if we lose it were to further put our country down the trajectory of failure and in being puppets for China that is what's going to happen and you can count on me to do everything in my power to make sure that stays true here in Florida that we win. I hundred percent agree with you Brendan well II think were pretty much out of time here II love this discussion you note to Hunter. The sum things up to login and read.

As you know we touched on James O'Keefe we touched on Facebook what they're doing to censor people on these platforms.

Now they are vaccine, hesitancy, hesitancy, score, can't speak today where were essentially a view to anyone in this just doesn't apply to vaccines are applying this to everything. Now where if they like what you say. If you don't conform to their general ideology which we all know Facebook headquarters is predominantly left-leaning blue haired screaming leftists.

If you don't conform to the stuff while you know you not, can be welcome on a platform. Same thing goes for twitter. You know we talked about Gov. Rhonda Santos here, who you know in my opinion you look at Rudy Giuliani that denies America's Mayor Walt DeSantis to me is America's governor disguised in the president one day she just passes big tech bill, which is good.

Allow citizens of Florida to directly sue tech companies from 200,000 in damages for being censored on their platforms and then most recently we talked about the China virus and how Pres. Trump was right when he said based on intelligence reports given to him by the Intel community that the virus originated from China and now were seeing that he was 100% right. It looks like it came out of the Wuhan Institute of virology, like you said before, just absolutely astonishing. You even have now Dr. Fauci saying you know year ago that scientists believe COBIT was transmitted from an animal, most likely a bad now is saying there are 100% sure and it could have originated from this this fire up virology center absolutely incredible stuff. Trump was right all along. He's been right hundred percent of the time and they never given the credit because the Democrats hate this country or hate Donald Trump more than they love America, Brendan, I want to thank you so much again. Anything you like to say just keep on supporting the right people like Ryan said early on, get involved. There is in many ways you can get involved.

The easiest way share my stuff shared Ryan stuff share America first stuff content on social media that is easiest way to help the cause and every single retweet, or every single Facebook share we say helps. It really doesn't really means a lot to guys like me and Ryan that a really were willing to take punches for you guys so just Brian, thank you for having me and thank you for everything you do and I appreciate the opportunity and the speak you today. I appreciate you coming on in and for everybody who doesn't know him and his website is unbiased reporting, I right and it's an be changing to FL conservative in the very near future upgrading statewide very near future so you can just find the on social media. It's Brendan Leslie for everything and Brendan is felt weird so I was spell it for when I do audio interviews with the RENDON Brendon we go after complicated us all anyway got a friend of thank you so much for joining and thinking for everybody tuning and make sure you check out Brendan Leslie is up and comer in this party and he is doing phenomenal things already.

Thank you again percent

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