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Critical Race Theory and The Destruction of Socialism with Dinesh D'Souza

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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May 13, 2021 11:06 am

Critical Race Theory and The Destruction of Socialism with Dinesh D'Souza

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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May 13, 2021 11:06 am

Ryan hosts Dinesh D'Souza in this jam packed episode on why Critical Race Theory is a MASSIVE threat to America. Next, they highlight identity Socialism and how the Left is trying to collectively push America in this direction through fear and intimidation. They also discuss how companies like Disney have gone WOKE for BROKE. 


This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network for partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible.

$100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring welcome to the RF angle with your host Ryan Fournier and thoughts out loud hello patriots, red-blooded Americans, well-informed, wise, and also hello to Democrats is well. Thank you for taking the time to tune into the RF angle podcast will we break down what's happening in our country and lost the world from politics to culture and everything in between. No holds barred no political correctness no thought police and no gender confusion simply your thoughts out loud before I bring on our guest Dinesh the Sue's. I want to take a moment to speak a little about a little bit about him, and believe me I could spend probably the next 45 minutes just cataloguing his accomplishments.

You all of heard his name before he has produced some of the best films I've seen, including Hillary's America, which I would argue, and many others argue help Donald Trump when the election in 2016 and is also written numerous books including the New York Times number one bestseller.national bestseller, the big white Dinesh has been shaping conservative thought for 30 years now with 20 books on a range of topics. Five movies to go along with that, no doubt, hundreds of articles podcast video speeches appearances on panels, debates, seminars, you name it. He is considered by many to be one of the premier thought leaders of conservatism, and deservedly so. I also want to mention he is a podcast out now all the Dinesh Desousa podcast I listen to a few episodes.

I love it. I've added it to my daily listening stack so please check that out. But in addition to being, you know, a brilliant Ivy League educated conservative scholar. He's also an immigrant someone who came here when he was a teenager and experience firsthand the injustice of the American justice system in this country a few years back which makes him. In my opinion uniquely positioned to give us some perspective on the times that were living in right now, or perhaps more accurately, suffering through together and in without. I like to welcome our next guest, Dinesh Desousa here I be on the show. Thanks for having me and I'm thank you, but a great introduction and I'm looking forward to our conversation. Yeah so you know I wanted to jump into critical race theory because this is something I've seen you talk about. Recently you've mentioned this on your podcast. You know it's you know if the people were listening who don't really know what critical race theory is can I know for some it can be confusing your scenes come out of nowhere. Pres. Trump got re-eval, the federal government now biting is putting it back in your seeing it happen to companies across the country. I get emails countless emails from people every single month saying that they working for company like you know HP were Jeannie and then they're going through these trainings down there just discuss it with her because they're basically being told that they're wrong for everything that they've ever believed in and that their racist and I can really do nothing about it. But this theory is wrapped up or wrapped itself up in many institutions and it contends that the most important thing about you is your race. The color of your skin. That's who you are not your behavior, not your values, not your environment, not your intellect but your race totally throwing out you know intellectual diversity in any way shape or form in critical race theory it and get this if you are a minority. You are a victim of a system that is rigged against you. These are my words. This is what critical race theory is they believe there's a system that that's put out there. They don't when you succeed. On the other hand, if your racist quote on quote privilege. You are in exploiter whether you intend to be or not the premise here is that racism happens with all interactions and I want to give one example. For we jump into this even more from Prager you they did an amazing example here when they say, imagine you own a shop and two customers enter at the same time, one white, one black, who you help.

First off, you help the black person first critical race theory would say you did so because you don't trust black people to be left alone in your store, that's racist if you help the white person first. Instead, critical race theory would say you did so because you think Blacks are second-class citizens.

That's racist to the really it's a lose lose in either situation and and you know, I know Dinesh you have been really a thought leader on this topic and really provoking statements that I think make a lot of sense.

Common sense which we almost run out the door you between critical race theory.

The 1619 project and all of this woke next to me seems to have one common theme.

America is bad. Why is that narrative it in all of what I just said you know so consistent with the left and in who really benefits from the perception that that were backed well let me try to tackle the by contracting critical race theory with the civil rights movement itself right movement of which you can think of Martin Luther King symbolic leader would based on the idea that Ralph is a bad thing. It's a bad thing. Not inherently but the bad thing when it made the base or rate which of doctrine. Guardian inferiority I'm better than you and I'm wide in your black and second it bad when it becomes the basis for discrimination. So great is an ideology rate of the theory and determination of the practice and the civil right movement set about trying to fight Bo trying to sell the idea that any group of inherently inferior.

Her and also began to try to remove them because of discrimination. Discrimination. Discrimination. I mean a black eye and a white guy apply for a job.

The black guys better qualified like I get the Aquatic racial discrimination with the right doctor thought to try to outlaw about it, minimize it now only a generation. Back then, American law, the rewritten segregation and discrimination are eradicated from America's legal document and eventually we have a colorblind diet eat insofar as the law is concerned, but something is wrong and what is not something that is wrong. Well it very clear what that is basically what happened is that a lot of people expected that equality of opportunity or equality under the law would produce outcome in which all group would perform equally well to keep in other words that take for example a typical university or typical work like they do no target of Procter & Gamble or any company. The idea is that if there are hundred people who apply.

Let the light and let the 25 black and 25 Asian American and you give them all know the admission that go on and no discrimination and you take about people that you would get a collection collective group that would mirror the population. The racial breakdown of the population of trying out for the job for crying out for the admission plot, but that turned out not to be the case. In other words, what turned out to be the case, is that when you apply a meritocratic rule across the board from groups to better than others. By the way true in every year of life.

I mean anybody let you come to know come to the art form. Are you going visit the port on the Olympic you know it's not your attention that wait a minute you know we noted, for example wax dominate the rent and if you want to break it down further you find that black from the book from East Africa tend to dominate the lawn or the like from West Africa dominate the shortage doesn't look like all raters are equal when it comes to renting across hundred yard dash look like you know and that's true throughout American life and throughout light all over the world group don't perform equally pretty much done anything yet that is the underlying basis of our civil rights laws would expect that they will and that's what you get all the language of black underrepresented over here and overrepresented over there all kind of magical nonsense language is intended to pretend like in the absence of discrimination you would have equality of result. I think critical race theory come out of creating the false expectation when the false expectation is not met, declaring that the term itself must be right.

You make you make a really good point there and I wanted to jump in on this because this is something I've been saying for a long time is that so many folks expect based on you know the premises that have been created by our government through legislation through all based on activist theories. You know that everyone has this equality of results where everyone should have the same outcome. No matter what went when really it. It's equality of opportunity. I think that's where countries try to strive to get to is that if you want to go to college. You can go to college you know if you if you want to work your you can work if you put the work and if you are if you have the merits to do it right you.

Everything takes work. It doesn't take overnight and I think we've lost that in this country, but I really do like the point that you bring up where because I never thought about this because some people not bringing down to an individual level. Not everybody is the same in all one you know you put two guys next to each other. Both of them African-American. One of them is good be good at science. One of them to be good at history right that you know I could be good at the same thing. Everyone's good something different and I think we've kind of strayed away from just you know that merit-based system that you were just talking about is that and that's what I really love trump on immigration was that your merit-based immigration makes sense to me if you're going to come to America build a better life for yourself. Build something in this country that is is beneficial, that's helpful not only just yourself, your community, whatever the case may be, then go forth and do it.

Yes, let's do that but I think we've really strayed far away from that with with all of what were seeing here in the last decade. Well, look at the example of Indian-American in America.

Now I am Asian Indian defendant. I grew up in Mumbai called Bombay, India. I came to America at the age of 17. Now if you look at Indian-American in America. You'll notice that we don't fan out into all field. For example, you probably would be hard to find Indian-American who are involved in farming. Not Indian-American but heavily concentrated in Silicon Valley, wildly overrepresented Indian-American politely overrepresented in the medical community across America. The Wiley overrepresented in engineering. The Wiley overrepresented in running motel all the way through the Southwest and across the country so my point is, if you expected that Indian-American would go into all field no.

In fact, we contemplated as a group in about a dozen field. Now you'll find one in a while Indian-American comedy used in the art that is by and large the exception.

Indian-American don't going back very few going through the field.

I went into with political commentary.sort of thing. Very few Indian-American but I've run across in my field over my career. So the bottom line try to make that group tend to concentrate in certain area and that's why the expectation of proportional representation, which by the way, is the underpinning of our civil rights law that expectations actually, I would be appalled expectation and now you know you mentioned how individuals very that of the court widely accepted. Some people are smarter than other people about another developer may be morally better than others, but what the left is very reluctant to concede is Same thing can be true of group. I am not reluctant to complete it because it seems to me that groups are the product of a culture or group develop form of behavior that are not biological or written somehow in their genes know it. These are accumulated practices. The group developed so for example you have a group working group patterns of behavior and you can see that by just looking at differences between Jews and other groups. By the way, a very successful group of very acceptable tribe. If you will, and end on the reason for that of the Jews, for example, are very gallant to do the medicine relative to finance their daughter due to an influential field which gives the group a strong position and I say this with admiration in our culture so group different to the very people are very reluctant to admit because it seemed unnervingly close to thing the group is better equipped or not thing the groups are inherently better thing that group have longer or weaker forms of culture and by culture here, you mean the cultural requirement that in a given environment.

Bobby typically did America take certain things and if you look around you.

The group that is acceptable in America are doing those things go meet the tragedy because it because in a multicultural society, we should be able to learn from each other like individual learn from each other. Hey, I noticed that this guy get you learn to run faster by doing this and this and this and that guys getting ahead by doing diplomat until I should emulate that, but we have very little of that group that we created this agreement and the tree will result all that group is more thoughtful than my exploiting out and across Asian Americans of the most successful group today in earnings and in academic performance but not because the Asian Americans are discriminating and anybody it because they're outperforming everybody right so you know I would almost say it's homogenous in a way and what you mean by moderate I what I mean by that is, is it seems like there mean in China, you know, when you go and you meet a student from China, nine times out of 10 they're very focused on education are very intelligent when it comes to math when it comes to the stem science is everything in-between of that engineering you name it. I feel like you know when you look at American society and in sort of what you are saying is things are kinda grouped up in a way where you were talking about how you you being from India, there's a focus for people who are from and you come to the United States.

They sort of stick in a group on things.

I just thought you were kinda getting at, that it might be homogenous taken away. I do not just just wondering. I'm kind of what I would think that a lot of the strategies that are used by Indian-American parent and Chinese-American parent bear a close similarity to what used to be in America called the Protestant work ethic so interesting that were not really talking here about the Chinese come with some sort of peculiar Chinese thing. The peculiar tiny thing is a very familiar American thing which is by and large you know you have a Vietnamese or Chinese family and they don't think very good English but you know it's really important for the kids to learn English and come to the mat.

They make the older child teach the younger child and so these habit are not uniquely Asian or Chinese. In fact there that have developed also in the West. They were called the product and work ethic. The sociologist Max Weber wrote about the pill what I'm getting out of that way. In order to get ahead. Not the way not to get ahead me when I came to America. For example, I would ask if I want to go to college if you pick the right I will either take the SAT you need to have a really good vocabulary, and although I had a good vocabulary. I began to try to improve my vocabulary.

But imagine if I'd always do administer the F-18 English I demand of the beginning of Donnie and fell on the victim mentality and the mentality that would've held me back my whole career.

The reason I'm able to be a chuckle writer is because I acclimated myself to the cultural requirement of death in America and out of the very opposite of critical race theory, critical race theory is a long, big, complicated apologia for why groups are not doing well and not obvious why they're not doing well be the fault had to be embedded in institutions and very often what they're blaming is the very meritocratic measures of achievement and a paid.the problem though.

It we've gone from racism of the problem now merit is the problem.

Yes, you like the work ethic thing to really just falls into it. It's like if you aren't willing to put in me like you did when you came to United States UU expanded vocabulary beyond what you might've known before, and in you when and excelled rights. II think that they're IMing yeah I mean when I was in India when I was a kid in India. I went to my dad and I would study about two hours a day, after school and I thought I had an amazing work ethic but I was coming forth in our class got a lot of blank Unipart second third port I went to my dad that I can't do any better because I'm cutting it hard. If I can I my dad was really only 32 hours a day. I go only what you talking about any of the kids were coming in for 35 to 6 hours a day outside of school and I would like you must be joking right and you know, not looking at by God. And I go, hey listen, now that you 35 thick and I realized, oh my gosh if I want to be in that category. I have to go I have to like triple the amount of homework and when I came to America I brought with me a work ethic that was completely different than any American kid I knew and no wonder.

When I was in the 12th grade in public school in Arizona right To me like I was in the seventh grade. Why not, inherently, a genius, because I had developed a study ethic that was completely packed anything up of of my peer, I say the same thing. Now I know where near you, and that in that thought. But I I know in college you you like to get through college if you don't find a way to study and understand the material and go out of go out of your way to really just understand why other people think a certain way not necessarily take that and make it your own idea come out of college being allowed no reaching leftists like you see nowadays with the indoctrination we got going on to some of the schools but really just going out there in minutes with colleges for right but II think I personally would never been able to excel or exceed if I didn't learn new new habits that were healthy to understanding what was going on and understand the content and being able to apply that to the real world right and so I like. I commend you on them and that's impressive but it's also you know something that we need more of in the United States of America. And that's kind of the thing works like how do you get there. When you have all this other stuff going on where they're basically telling you face your victim can't do anything about them all out to the highest levels and have people consume our lives necessary. I wanted to take a moment to talk about my good friend Mike since I joined this white Mike is always regardless of the consequences to his family business now as we speak the cancel culture. Leftists canceling my pillow almost 20 sources of my pillow off their shelves. I'm asking you for a favor. I need you to support my pillow show Mike we stand with use code hope 45 receive up to 66% off guides the code is 505 of the 66% off.

We cannot let cancel culture with code hope, 45, 66% of light is fighting Russ Millet's fight for him. Welcome back to the RF angle with your host Brian Fournier. We've we've gone to canceling Mr. potato head, getting rid of six Dr. Seuss books Oreos coming out on Twitter talking about cancel culture and critical race theory. I mean it will. Where does it stop you know what I mean. Well, you think about why they're doing it the reason they're doing it it but it felt that their enemy the reason they have to cancel everything is because nobody is and where were operating under a collective delusion and truth of the deadly enemy of God delusion spell out the delusion.

The delusion is that if some group is underrepresented or overrepresented to carpeting here.

The all well. Latinos are underrepresented in the logical underrepresented and backed well if you can introduce and is great because it makes group underrepresented or overrepresented, then the Olympics is rated the odd the NBA's rate that every sport is rape you know where the Asian Americans of the basketball court. How many are there, are they are they in proportion to their to their president of the American population, no soul. And yet no one raised the obvious of the flying meritocratic rule when I would think is true of every other. You can't automatically end her from unequal result that somehow the rules of been rigged, like thing you know if the clock goes off and the gun goes on and you come in seventh in the race that you're the seventh best runner in the race follow the race is rigged right well know I was underage I think that that really sums it up for me honestly and in really some things I never even thought about myself but I wanted to. Also, you know reference back to your podcast and looking into your book here United States is socialism you you sent me a copy of last year I got into it. Really love it. Getting back into it now because I'm's you know were starting to see more of this stuff pick up again and in you talk about identity socialism and you know I think that when you go into this and from what I've read into some of these chapters, you talk about the illusion of of Scandinavian socialism, which to me. It's also kind of ironic and plain dumb that this generation this new generation of socialist believes that you know since they weren't the ones in control of all the time. Socialism you know has been tried and failed. They believe now all of a sudden that will magically work in, you know, a heterogeneous society like ours.

If they're the ones behind it. What do you mean by by this.

Can you jump into identity socialism because I know that there's a comparison that's always made between Bernie and AOC. When you look at the Scandinavian countries, Finland, Denmark, etc. and and them making this argument that that system will perfectly work here within our society and the Navy and have a unique type of and you cannot have an argument about whether it should be called social. Basically, it there capitalist in wealth creation and socialism and wealth distribution so they do not kill the goose that laid the golden egg take a simple example corporate tax rate by going to raise the corporate tax rate were after him. He graded to 28, 29% thought of on the left would rate 3040 50% better what Scandinavian corporate tax rate 20% minimum wage.

You know they want minimum wages of $15 or more in America, what Scandinavian minimum wage zero there are no minimum wage of Scandinavia wealth Dr. Elizabeth Warren 112 tax Bernie Sanders. Once the wealth back what Scandinavian wealth. Dr. well with the exception of one Scandinavian country. There is no wealth. Dr. you can leave all your dough, your kid what I'm getting at is, although we think in the Navy." Socialist in the art socialist in their generous welfare program.

They do have a lot of entitlement but there capitalist and wealth creation now everything to the issue of identity, socialism, and I kind of coined that term by taking identity politics and socialism and marrying them together. The new type of socialism were dealing with. By the way, not in America all over the world by like Debbie from Venezuela identity socialism invented well which is not what I mean by identity. Socialism is good Mark. The fighting divided the struggle between the rich and the poor between the capitalist class and the working class, the market all about the plot divide. But if you think about America today.

We also have a race divide. We have a gender divide. We were transgender divide delivered. We had the left or dividing by the multiple ways it there admit they made a hybrid socialism that combines socialism aquatic socialism with the cook on Clark with identity politics jiving. That's a really good argument because I mean you you see it. I mean they they want to be these little Marxist about this type of stuff, but you're not seeing and exact replication of it with the class system. Although some people try to argue that you're now seeing it where they've sort of morphed into their own thing about race, about culture, about differences in in who you are you for your white if you grew up in the wealthier neighborhood or what not wanting you to denounce that you know you you know you talked about Disney before word were now you're starting to see something that you know we used to look at, which is sort of going into a different topic, so maybe I should hold off on to a but it it did kind of make my thoughts go and flow here with the identity socialism stuff is how you know things are just rapidly changing to something new so they can try and win this battle through a different course of action. One thing to do that.

I noticed in an article that you wrote that I really didn't know was that you know when you're looking at Scandinavia and you're looking at sort of the fact that they don't go around and in his prance around calling for things to be free. You know, such as free college or free healthcare. You know II think that those guys recognize that stuff can never be free and at one of the things it will Be free because of the fact that you know they recognize that someone's paying for the right. That's every citizen is footing the bill at every level of the tax bracket to pay for their own college your own healthcare their retirement and I in you mention which I thought was really interesting that it works. There because it's a homogeneous society, homogenous society, sorry I we say that wrong.

For some reason I got a get on Lori as well. These are a lot of tradition rated. It seems like it's it's a you said and I have your quote like a tribal type of socialism and I love your argument that that would be the leading reason as to why that wouldn't work here with a heterogeneous society that we have in this country that is true name is the kind of on it about their cultural "kinda like that you want to have seen a free college you want to have. You know you want to have your education paid for. You want to have your healthcare.

For you want to have your retirement date for okay that means that every Scandinavian except let's just say the very very poor by enlarged throughout your working life. You should take your paycheck cut it in half and then after the government right that's how we pay for all the Scandinavian are very happy and without blinking.

They impose a 50% blood back on the middle class and they just say don't try to demonize the rich. They make everybody pay right and they just accept that they're fine with that. They're fine with that but be in America the Democrats are too cowardly to go to some guy was making with a $90,000 a year and they listen when you get $90,000 a year. Try to $45,000 check to the government wanted to add to what the Democrats do they target you know millionaires and billionaires, but I think it's kind of funny how Bernie found a view to their millionaires and billionaires, but once he became a millionaire you stop saying that now he only billionaire American politics is based upon getting robbing Peter to pay Paul so that you can then count on Paul political support, yet I see that before you know demonizing the upper class.

You know attacking them for their you know their accomplishments really in society mean the corporations and all the stuff that's been built up. You know you really wouldn't be here for wasn't for some of these guys but not me. That's a really good point, and in that's kinda what I wanted to get into on that was because they have a different system that just works for them anywhere in the United States of America were, you know some people where the mass some people burn the mask right at me near you not to get that type of system. I think implemented in the United States and that's why just really respect your point of view on this because I haven't heard really anybody talking about this stuff besides yourself. I mean it's you know no one's really you know they're going with the social you know socialism level work, so she will never work. They reference Venezuela and Cuba but really most importantly, those were the failed, you know, sort of, you know, Marxist ideals, but now you're talking about this new socialism, which they think they can implement here when they do they argue back at you.

I'm talking the left on on countries like Finland and in Denmark and Sweden where you know they have these versions of socialism but yet they're upfront about these these versions of socialism. It works for them because the people wanted that it I was kind of where I was trying to get with that is they are accepting of it, but I think you know we both know the United States and I I don't think that that's gonna work yourself, but you I wanted to also kinda teeter this over to your last episode on your part.

I think it was your last episode in your past podcasts where you know Disney is an outgoing woke for broke.

Essentially, with these these training modules and sort of guy I really enjoyed where you talked about when you first visited Disney and it highlighted you know the the Emmanuel Americana as it was it simplified history kinda showed off all cultures in a simple way and nobody was offended by writing and this was a time in America where now you know you at comedy that was actually funny and they can write it with the thought in their mind that they're going to offend somebody and get counsel for right in and I think that's where Disney was as well. You know I and I wanted you jump in the stew because I thought it was hilarious when you started reading off these chapters in this book were there talking about, you know, the United States is a long history of no systemic racism transfer will be in of this is quote now when you got it and they say white employees must work through guilt, shame, and defensiveness and then as another chapter here that says what can I do about racism. Be aware of implicit biases micro regressions be an active antiracist reflect on Americans.

Rhesus infrastructure and then it goes on to say, participants must learn about their white privilege, fellow white privilege checklist in a 21 day challenge and then you must shift away from this white dominant culture. They claim individualism and timeless, or in timeliness or white dominant values. Upper picture perpetuate white supremacy and they call for participating in reparations and these guys are the only ones to do it and you made up really really good point here is that they have a pervasive presence in our culture as a company. Where do you go where you don't see Disney right it's everywhere on my mentor that much more dangerous than take Coca-Cola Coca-Cola bad because it not good for you but not the payment but cultural or using the Disney reporting and the culture amended it it it got there indoctrinating their employee but the employee then begin to use those messages and Disney films than Disney theory Disney toy know what you have your is a I would pay a national if not a global project of corrupting the inner think of young people, which is the exact opposite of the old Disney model to affirm the innocence and curiosity of young people. It was ultimately to defend rights against virtue and think about what the goat fairytale is somebody evil trying to ruin somebody's life and then you have a hero. What kind of Prince charming if you will save the day for good and evil of virtue invite Disney brand and I think what they're really doing is setting fire to their own brand, but I'm actually happy they're doing it. I think that it introduces become thoroughly corrupted. Now interestingly Disney is run by poor white men who collectively are more than $1 billion.

The people who are raking it in and filled different local business or simply a way of taking attention away from their scandalously large salaries and the huge amount they didn't want to talk about plot because they make 500 times what a typical Disney employee make What if a legal all you were against Georgia law will fighting white supremacy were all the little kids getting transgender treatment become the Disney ideology and I think that they have now become a toxic report in the culture and we should think of all kinds of ways that we could not only not patronize Disney but no go on not go on Amazon going all the places where Disney products are available.

Let them know what you think about there not just about the product but about their company that we put some counter pressure on Disney to make them pay a price for all the other ports of that they're unleashing in our culture. No, when conservatives get together band together and are actually united and I heard you were were a lot more united than the Democrats have been here in the recent years we get together were very loud right we fight back with our wallets we make it know we support. We don't support.

We've seen it with Mike Lindell the massive surge in my pillows was seen it with many different companies that we fought for, of the years because of them getting canceled by the left. But I mean simply put the stuff corrupts the mind and we can't just not in and I'm guilty of this myself will make a statement on twitter and I will directly tag the company or the person that I'm going against and I think mainly in the past have done that because I didn't want to cause a total storm of chaos on the Internet on certain things you have to be careful something that I really read regretting that in some ways because I want to start tweeting Disney. I want to start getting people to tweet at these companies and let them know that sure this small minority of people on the left to actually believe in these things are the loudest or have been the loudest voices. The room we kinda need to shut that out. I'm not saying cancel only by him fully against cancel culture, but we have a voice as well and we need to go out there. We need to tag these places, we need to go write reviews on how we feel about things we need email these companies when you put the heat on it because this stuff is a make or break it for the future of this country, you know, I say before we even came on air that having these. These are ideas that once you know were were ideas and theories behind the walls of the college campus behind the walls of a place like UC Berkeley and now you have people like AOC and I and I make a joke about this all the time.

Dinesh I'm like you know when you're young person, usually in one of your classes, they'll tell you, you know, to take out a piece of paper. If you are a member of Congress to write a bill that you would want to pass and I'm thinking you know, AOC wrote the green new deal when she was in kindergarten and saved it and then propose it is legislation when she got to Congress I mean that is like kind of the stuff they were seeing right now but I did. It corrupts the mind.

I've met so many people now who you know, maybe they're more Democrat leaning or whatnot. Who said that you know the kind of feel ashamed to be white. And this is like an honest conversation with. I don't fully agree with me and I've had about four or five of these conversations in the past year and 1/2 of people who feel really ashamed because of the stuff that's being put out there now are you kinda have to revoke your whiteness. You need to, you know, transcends this higher level of being active, antiracist, or whatever they call it your being aware of my progressions.

Being aware that your privilege because of your skin color and you always will be. And you can't do anything about it except try to renounce it in a way I guess Fleming this is they may people hate themselves because they were born whites, which really to me as your slap Jack and logic enemy. We we talked about before you know seeing the massive corporations around the country taken the same stances, Disney and the emails I get enough people wanting to quit their jobs wanting to leave to find something new because they just don't feel welcome there anymore because they're essentially being attacked by whoever these third-party companies are that these you know other communal. The main companies are hiring to bring in to tell them that they are racist to tell them to do all of these things to revoke their their whiteness or whatever you want to call it. So I mean it's it's just a mess. Just a mess you up. Brian I need to run, but let me say I'm gonna grow the urine during the park out for me to do coming. I do a daily now for an hour and open audio and video I put it out on audio and Apple are none on part of find Google and on video available on YouTube and rumble so I'm glad were getting our voices out there from different points of view.

And you're right the last two out there into politics and they go to great lengths to protect their point of view.

I'm glad were getting increasingly mobilized, articulate and kind of outspoken and not getting our voices in there as well that they can hear a lot of companies hear from both sides, not just from the other side will Dinesh I sorry apologized and we ran over the time, but I wanted to thank you again for coming on giving us your thoughts. Like I said before, it's an honor to have Jan here I consider to be one of the premier thought leaders in this country you been taking this fight on directly for years.

Keep up with you doing you ever need any help from us and let us know guys, make sure you check out the Nessus podcast is the Dinesh Desousa show. Please check it out will give them five stars take a listen. Thank you so much again Dinesh for joining us pry my pleasure.

You guys so much for tuning in the my show to be taking questions at the end of each show, so please email me your questions to patriot RF again that email is patriot RF

Thank you so much God bless

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