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The Fight for Election Integrity with Vernon Jones

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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April 7, 2021 5:02 pm

The Fight for Election Integrity with Vernon Jones

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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April 7, 2021 5:02 pm

Ryan Fournier and Vernon Jones discuss Georgia's new Election Integrity Act, potential backroom dealings between Stacey Abrams and Georgia's Secretary of State, and Vernon's potential run for Governor of Georgia.

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Every gift counts and now every gift is double training with your host Ryan Fournier thoughts out loud hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to tune into the RF angle podcast will quite frankly down everything happening in our country from culture to politics all across the world in really everything in between. No holds barred no political correctness no thought police and no gender confusion have to say that simply your thoughts out loud is my honor really to introduce our guests on today show someone who lit up the political atmosphere and caused national clamor when he came out as a Democrat to endorse Pres. Trump even officially changing his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican. He was the youngest man elected to become the CEO of the Cobb County County. With 7000 employees and get this an annual annual budget of over $2.5 billion. It was also the first African-American to hold this role in the youngest at the time of the fact is that his story is is really to me beyond fascinating, including his childhood in this day and age when you know people are more worried about canceling, so they don't agree with her getting upset over Sohn's opinion.

My guest today actually knows more about hard living that I would warrant 99% of us do. Certainly more than I do.

He was born in a small rural North Carolina town on tobacco farm. If I read this correctly in a four room cinder block house with no indoor plumbing now II can say this. Most of the younger people today it out.

That would be a big no-no. They couldn't deal with it whatsoever. The Cayman spaniel five minutes away from the iPhone but I think what his parents may have lacked in material goods, they made up for in moral fiber and instill the work ethic and backbone in this man, which is made him one of the most devout thought leaders. I would say warrior for Christ that we have in this country and brought him to the national stage in and of course today to the show in with that I want to welcome our amazing guest son of a World War II veteran, Robert Lee Jones and potentially the next governor of Georgia Vernon Jones welcome sir.

Zero or better yet to come. But what you're doing and that you're reaching for your Great American. I appreciate that, sir, thank you so much.

So I guess let's just jump right into this because I know you're down in the heat of everything right now in Georgia. There's so much going on I think a lot of Americans are confused because of the rhetoric coming from the Biden administration. The left Stacy Abrams saying that this bill is something that suppresses voters which we we know it doesn't. The calling of Jim Crow 2.0, which I think is quite's honestly a slap in the face to African-Americans who actually lived through Jim Crow in the South but you know, this new bill SB 202, I saw your statement on it but for our listeners. Can you break it down well. There will not talk about Jim Crow not knowing about Jim Crow will work. Your credit card bill in their part and their they were told about they were dog law-enforcement boating elected official By requiring ID I'm talking not required what they know you didn't have all the larger people who truly were not right to vote at the right. My parent, my parents were not given full opportunity to go right and go completely. Now you and then when you call you, requiring ID think about not required to go now. Your ticket from the great require a covert shop required a book from the library required almost like Vernon. It's almost like they make this assumption that African-Americans are either too stupid or too poor to obtain an identification card which I know is not the case because we just saw this this search historic search and African-American gun ownership. You need an ID to purchase a firearm. I just did the other day. You need identification card. It's it's a null and void argument that they are using.

The black people for we hold our whole think we cannot afford Georgia ID and call me I will pay for their ID think about supposedly provocative.

There warrant being really American looking both ways before they call. You have a job in our program and make their euro crawled by word Kroger talk about packaging and figure everything out all black people are more affected by or affected by covert white car for your brother Joe broke that little girl are you coming to get black Republican where you have to lose black people start waking up. You all day playing paperback plantation they would get played writing play plantation. You know what little white on black people and all. Leaving no more your hundred percent leisure. I mean we've vetoed. I think so. For many Democrats, especially Stacy Abrams. I think when you kinda woke up and you and you saw what was happening around you know Kennesaw sucks about this all the time of the they think she's insane but it's there afraid of losing even 20%, 15% of the African-American but because of they do there.never been another national election.

They, that is why they are piggybacking so much and pandering so much.

But the thing is you can only do that for so long you can only lie for so long until somebody realizes that way to second you told us five years ago we were going to get this and it never happened.

Right now you're in your second term levels Barack Obama right it. I want to get into this buildup.

I want to jump down in this. I want to explain some of our listeners here, you've probably read through this you priority know inside and out. But you know, this bill has nothing to do with voter suppression or Jim Crow. In fact, the election integrity act makes it 100% easier to vote by expanding access to the polls, making it harder to ensure to cheat by ensuring security at the ballot box you. You would think Democrats want that you think anybody would want this. I think 20, 30 years ago, we would've been on the same page but I'll get started here. Number one, it expands access to early voting statewide by requiring two mandatory Saturdays and allowing for two mandatory Sundays if needed during early voting. It requires all voters to provide a driver's license or a free, as you said before, free state ID card number to request and submit an absentee ballot. This is to replace. Of course the signature map process which, in my view the complete and total joke.

This in itself would secure absentee voting on levels. We know quite frankly never seen before. It would allow for secure ballot drop boxes which Weaver protected around-the-clock. None of this to me. You know, honestly, Vernon sounds like voter suppression is a leftist said it's going to protect polling locations from electioneering by private individuals within 150 feet of the precinct. Election officials may give water at stations beyond 150 feet as previous Georgia law allowed private individuals may campaign and provide food and water for voters that is typical. It also requires a local election officials to continue tabulating bouts of this is very important as this is not happening 2020.

Continue tabulating votes until counting is complete and mandates the use of security paper to ensure complete authentication of ballots. This is hands down. What should've happened in 2020. Instead, they stop counting. Or at least let us to believe they stop counting around midnight but I don't get is, you know you have one job one job to count ballots you shouldn't had quit before the job is done. The bottom line. This is kind of the summation of this bill. This bill is not racist. This is not pushing people away from voting. This is strengthening a process that is the cornerstone of our of our democracy. You know that's what your most sacred rights is being able to cast a vote to put someone in office. It should be protected and if you are allowed to vote. You should be able to vote. That is not about saying that all your black you can't voter your spending to get that that is not what any of this means.

This is you know if I was being very honest here. This to me is is fundraising fear.

This is fundraising fear, to give the Democrat party more power. This is literally evil and disgusting side of politics that you are now seeing out of the public, there no longer afraid to hide it you know I think also in and you would agree with me on this.

I think Vern is less the left is a lot to gain in Georgia if they can flip this state for means of allowing everyone to vote, including illegal immigrants felons, they can flip this state easily from red to blue. That's the goal that's her motive and I think, quite frankly, they're just getting started here. Well, back to the beginning whole group. Law law election in Georgia 55,000 votes from Gartner to Arellano, the liberal media regards, almost 5000. She she complying she comes back through the curfew.

Voter fraud.

Every voter and every Jordan and comes back, but their prayer partner lawsuit may run for governor due back that created hold midnight today nightmare of about and County doing their own thing know you know what was in it though. I wanted to jump in on this because I know I am still mean that this is a lot to break down with this backroom deal and in this is why I believe there should be more outlets covering this because when I was doing the research on this. There was rarely anything from a credible outlet or what you would consider to be a credible outlet on this topic itself. I saw a comment you made. I saw something in AGC AJC, but I really didn't see much else but you know what it said. The articles that this agreement requires election workers to consult with two of their peers before rejecting absentee ballots because of the possibility of mismatched signatures and then but it wasn't approved by the Georgia Gen. assembly's what I'm trying to get that that there was no oversight on this gift to your right right right Georgia carpet to provide. The Army family could change your that very moment they now. And I think they are not law, and they did it and you know we never knew what happened, how it happened. There were but even then have opportunity recalibrate and that made it clear that he did not want to bring me all three credit all now play that night and then when you look at the new Jim Crow, including your "body did not allow people who live the bitter campaign. All drop-off are not there plate on well management will provide the background lot that would put a major league baseball now elected female. There and. Court black population to people. After Mayor opportunity what your favorite player play all that the economy, but major league baseball Jordan have advanced vote then they Delaware working Delta pulled out the ticket on their training.

Why now training all but the people so will provide about their number to get by Republican pay that they are ready that Jim Crow law, it lately and back with you on Brian that what will be. You might think the paper about their in and that's right always agree with you know I think when you look at who truly benefits in the in this was a question I would ask.

I think it really kind answers itself here.

You know who truly benefits from all of this racial divide in America in when you see with it in the answers right in front of your face with what you're seeing in Georgia zooming the left uses this as a crutch to push their narratives, especially you know the one that Trump is racist and sore all Republicans because there anybody who is African-American asked that question themselves. You know what me Trump are racists in the you know the eyes of the left. Why is he recesses it is it just because people said he isn't gave nothing to back it up or just gave debunked allies to try and use it as an argument because I've heard that done before and it happens all the time people do the research on their own and they get stuck in this perpetual you know sort of boat where they're just voting Democrat their life and there in the thinking that it's doing something when it really is not and you know I mean, they have failed.

African-Americans and you know what you're seeing right now at the MLB and enemy the opportunities that are being lost in those communities that mean that's the price that's deprived men of so many jobs of so many opportunities to help the Atlanta economy, which I think meets the help and and it's a travesty. It's a travesty in itself, and it's so unfortunate that you know we have to live in a time right now where one individual, one man made the left go absolutely over the edge and realize that you know now they need to train change their strategy a bit. Now they be more aggressive now than he to be more forth forthcoming with it. Right now we see it in the open it sound like he used to be resolved behind closed doors. Now you see it and you know I I think what's crazy here though Vernon is that you know Trump delivered and he delivered and let me look at the numbers that he got he got around 30% maybe is 30, 31% of the minority vote that the highest it's been in modern-day history. Any GOP candidate. I mean that speaks for itself frightening that you know that that's scary to them that is so very very wrong regarding our premier product are not working for the law. Your body were effective black people pounded car in jail while black died in jail for all-black duration of the children and literally difficult nonviolent project go back there can be productive. Our country under attack. But you talk about that friction. Dr. Blackford primary memory. And you know what I'll I wonder how maybe black.

Are there major-league baseball black" all-black not being fair to compare out how many black on the Board of Directors management team look like MLB level automatic level, long black boat to carry out their little one. They want to attack Turkey to break down the black family for three people, five they all want help for protected.

They want children that black people and anything and now Ryan will hire now the black candidate white Democrat now.

We can be black and got but we find we can.

I cannot.

And now we can get you there by their own. Here are Now a part of you also go gender neutral and not the family created what he purports black with but yeah oh Daniel Webster, Democrat he called back. There no, I mean you know you get the Nelson had with Warnock communities.

You know it it's heresy.

The stuff that he's out there preaching per se. I mean it. It really is not something you know you compare him to someone like you know Mark Walker is running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina a really amazing individual Baptist pastor background called one day by God to run for office to help fight for this country fight that the stuff that's really happening. And of course get more Christians involved in voting. Warnock is in doing that effect.

When you see someone like Warnock that rising to motivates a lot of people there like we have this guy's claiming to represent God always going out here in in doing the opposite of what God would ever want for for for our world and and and that's that's the problem I have a I think you have a lot of false prophets. A lot of people but you know that's a whole other topic for another day. I wanted to take a moment to talk about my good friend Mike since I joined despite Mike is always good regardless of the consequences to his family business now as we speak.

The cancel pulled her left fist canceling my pillow almost 20 sources of my pillow on their shelves. I'm asking for a favor. I need you to support my pillow show Mike we stand with my is code hope we five received 66% of guys coated by five or 66% off. We cannot let cancel when 45, 66%.

Mike is fighting us pellets fight for him. Welcome back to the RF angle with your host Brian Fournier and I really wanted to cut a deep dive into you know you have said Democrats failed African-Americans in a and I can would you tell us more in in in in what that means you that phrase I've heard you say the lot and you know why are there so many yield few black voters who see it that way because you know prior to Pres. Trump in recent history. You really never had a president who made promises to the black community and then decided to actually keep those set promises you even Barack Obama made the promise of quote unquote change which I guess was extra change in your pockets was kind of the joke that went around but the only thing that really changed was an increase in food stamps. From what I remember and I think it was over 6 million people in poverty. By the time that he was was getting ready to leave office.

But yet you see what Donald Trump brought forth to the black me brought tangibles which is stuff that you know people can actually use stuff is not just an Obama phone not materialistic things that Obama tried giving you know African-Americans but actually things that could benefit them long-term benefit their families and sort of you know break this generational disparity, you know it we talk about the platinum plan Shiite.

We talked about that before when I was with you before the trumpeter national guy that would feel like I was forever ago but you know is like 3 million new jobs that that would've provided for the black community accreting 500,000 new black-owned businesses, which is been phenomenal because considering now what just happened after the George Floyd riots.

All of these black-owned businesses in Minneapolis destroyed in one night majority black-owned businesses. That is what happened and they were the ones who were hurt the most by all of these riots because they weren't necessarily old writing down in Beverly Hills right that was all well protected.

They were destroying areas that were the most vulnerable.

So that means would've helped tremendously. And then one other thing to his unit give black churches the ability to compete for federal resources in their community.

No important peace right here, bringing the church putting it back in the community. Being a centerpiece of the community that that was also a big piece of this bill will commit to working on a second step back. That is what they were working on prior to the election and an increase in capital in black communities by almost anything was $500 billion. You know, these are things that matter right will start and when you're here them talk about life. First of all, all-black line, all-black white little white little black white off all with birdlike book one black black black lives matter five black matter with all different children plan where eight-year-old baby girl workshop your car around the mall wanted New York for one euro pro and there was no outcry about why that when you look at the black people were appalled nobody did anything right now how important yet very few black lives out there. No more property there closely.

Lot and bump about and then for the body of work holy Go and their hearts are called looking for what they are and never look important because there are no more, no less black people never understand the brain marked by Democrat that Republican don't live there right you need to remember K. Wingard will bill you have that out your program that the government here to help the reader what I would really help me in time where they're not what your country and my family would your family and generate a comment so this whole thing black people. They don't Republican part and beyond in order for the Republican Party by arrived, they brought out white bird and the Democratic Party Republican Republic and happy starting not to blacken a commercial one-time daughter during our campaign until I okay will you know you like to make agenda item Medicare part of your campaign. Not good when you're doing you do it for them when you get elected and why happen overnight line you have a fertilized egg. Bottom of what we went looking for here water parity with American probability but Republican Dr. realize that Randall party for when I draw a bonnet brand-new party for the grand old party with brand-new ideas in a brand-new opportunity brand-new people don't Republican have to make the heart of their don't be afraid of what you call white bread already Democrat called memory load all around our white Republican governor or how the tribe for care that all rapid part of the dam playing three playing three black people to know that that take place and what went when Mama called out white Republican better job and start born at them.I'm not afraid to conflict think they waited. Call me a rate they can call me a big target know what you and I both know that one thing I am not I'm not white, no big white candidate. Why do you let go. Well, I'm program that that letter to you that old car followed. Thank you, Jim Crow and fault by "really go here now and I were working working have to clean that burden, but I know you have to go.

I have one more question for you. One quick question. Are you going to run for governor of Georgia.

I brought country writing Mark Ballard about their own dog bird and right now with our current lack of leadership not standing up to the left with election integrity not taken a man I can tell you I am here to convert the computer and I will be making the next week and give you any idea George Headley on my mark will God bless us are working to be right behind you hundred percent when a thank you again for joining us on the RF angle guys if you want to support Vernon I is amazing work is doing not only in Georgia across the country to waking up America .us that is waking up America .us God bless you sir, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you guys so much for tuning in to my show were to be taking questions at the end of each show, so please email me your questions to again that email is patriot RF Thank you so much God bless

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