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Marjorie Taylor Greene and America First

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier
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March 26, 2021 3:24 pm

Marjorie Taylor Greene and America First

The RF Angle / Ryan Fournier

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March 26, 2021 3:24 pm

Ryan opens his first episode of the RFAngle with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who has become the target for the Left's ire. This discussion covers the border crisis, the Boulder, CO shooting, and much more!

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training with your host Ryan Fournier thoughts out loud one.

Thank you for taking the time to tune in and listen to the very first episode of the RF angle podcast will be breaking down what's happening in our country and across the world from politics to culture and everything in between.

No holds barred no political correctness simply your thoughts out loud.

My first guest needs no introduction whatsoever. She has been a fighter for president trump since day one and is now in Congress writing for his America first policies. I also wanted to jump in here and say you've probably seen some of the video she's posted where she's working out doing your fitness regimen. She is the 47th in her division of CrossFit 47th in her division, meaning she can best, any single one of us. So watch out guys.

Her faith leads her in this fight against these leftist socialist policies that are really starting to dominate within politics right now were seeing it would sink portions of the green new deal were seeing it with women sports now being threatened by the feminist movement, for whatever reason she ran against many many qualified candidates, some having more political experience in years in office.

Her victory in this race is however very oddly familiar. And I wanted to get into this because I think that the people that are following the show following me following what's going on politics would see the you have an untested political candidate similar to Pres. Trump and Mark Walker North Carolina who is now running for Senate run in a highly contested primary in A+ 27 Republican different district. She trounces all of them, every single one of them. She want to go up against the establishment and she the outsider one and she one big and the similarities in these races whether talking Mark Walker president trump all very clear and they indicate something really great indicate that people are completely completely and utterly fed up with the establishment ways the establishment candidates and their compromising on their morals compromising on their principles to get something done. If anything, Congresswoman Greene seems to be less of a quote on quote fluke for what the MSN the mainstream media would lead you to believe more of what Republican voters truly want an outsider with strong conservative beliefs and the backbone to stick it to them and maybe even a rabble-rouser willing to go ahead go head-to-head against the left in this country and she's doing it a very nominal phenomenal job ladies and gentlemen want to welcome you. My first guest on the show. It's an honor to have you. Congresswoman welcome on your kind words are bad about how I have a party member in Congress by training. I felt like I only enjoy yeah. I mean, there's so much going on right now in this country and I think that it's it it's absolutely incredible to see how inefficient how Doug in this administration is how sort of oblivious they are to everything that is going around them, they won't call what is happening at our border a crisis.

I know you said some stuff on this. We got the shooting that just happened in Boulder Colorado now were now they only want to talk about it because the guy was. You know a Muslim who was a heated trump was was you had this rage against president trump rage against anti-immigrant sentiments. That's in the country and he killed only white people, which is unfortunate and so you know all of this stuff going on in this country right now.

It really makes you think you know what is you know you look at Joe Biden view of Kemal Ayres when you look at the people running the nation right now.

You kinda think to yourself. It's like what are they, what do they want to destroy this country. Is this what is actively happening right now you know I wanted to ask you before we even jump into that. You know you were suspended on Twitter and ironically on the same day that the Democrats introduces resolution against you to expel you from Congress and you know at this point I honestly see it as a badge of honor.

Similarly, like when Pres. Trump was impeached twice over total nonsense little fact and merely as hearsay when you consider this a badge of honor. What are your thoughts on all of the stuff going on right now with with these guys come in after you all for your earthly father.

They hear them out to their agenda meeting at the majority of their nocturnal aunt Helen to treat story about people like me for any current or new or any other strong on wanted and I'm sorry. I'll be at the party and it's raining. While no creeping email but with letter and I'm looking for the Democrat inserted directly tell me you can only whine that perfectly furry thing email Claire heard never find out that later on that 12 hour I never thought our meeting and it went. The 12 hour and 10. But what they called her outlet out there error that my my Well any targeted by the lie. Isn't it ironic though that always conservatives that are you know there's always an error when they ban us. It's like all our attention, or now we gotta come out and say oh it's an error. It's an error. Yet right there why I where they knew I would be again trying to tell me I'll get done nothing wrong. Don't like me back down and wanted all about that media training meeting my I wanted take a moment to talk about my good friend Mike since I joined despite Mike is always gorgeous. The consequences to his family business now as we speak the cancel leftist canceling my pillow almost 20 sources of my pillow off their shelves. I'm asking you for a favor. I need you to support my pillow show Mike we stand with's code hope 45 to 66% of guys coated by five or 66% off. We cannot let cancel when hope, 45, 66%. Mike is fighting Russ Millet's fight for him.

Welcome back to the RF angle with your host Brian Fournier. You know I don't ever like to make this comparison for anybody but I think that you may understand that if you remember when AOC was elected in Ohana Martin no way shape or form. Are you are you like them in policy or belief, but you kind of worry or they were kind of a stick in the side of certain political people, you know, trying to hold Nancy Pelosi accountable trying to hold me certain party figures accountable because they were doing things the way that they thought they should've been done right in a way, I kinda see it where you were making this party. I think more America first you're pushing more to the right.

You're really doing God's work in a sense, I know you mentioned. I believe I read a press statement saying that you know being stripped of your committees them attempting to try and silence you and stripping your voice away from you, gave you more time to do that, you know what is your take on that me because in a way you would've thought that if they didn't like you, they would've done the same thing to AOC in Ohana Omar write him and you have a very powerful voice when you say something, people listen and with AOC with ill hot Omar was been under investigation. More times than I can count in my entire life. These people should've been kicked out of Congress. At this rate, years ago me what is going on why it's it seems that there there unfairly targeting you when they had in their back pocket.

Throughout the last four years were doing with AOC ill hot Omar shoot to leave Ayanna Presley.

You would've thought that these guys would've been expelled from Congress by next stripped of their committees for the things they said the things they've done. I have our people here that one woman that Mary brought our had come to America about America, so if anything is an indicator to get the burden committee to get kicked out well.

Member line right there. Dr. woman in Pinedale by Lincoln Park and people donate money to bail out criminal and burned.

I anything. You're right, dear, dear member, I can't fall out but I felt exactly the latter calling for Trump and Porter work goes on and on we could spend all day in Dr. everybody marinate Descartes target me very pointedly. I don't act out one block I am a regular Kurt I'm like I can happen to be a member of Congress now and I'm coming and they're all bent down, or we wouldn't do that, and my dad we would play in the at work and the lady got one block glassware and $30 in back and deeper things that are wrong. You stated that hierarchy at that line in the way they want and I got a problem. Everyone outside of the aisle and and they're not happy about that and then the other thing, and why the fact that I got America part and wonderful policy started our year really were widely why we thought our border here for the first time and why we thought and that is a foreign war that we we have been America and the reason why we thought American company for over one country and their company. Why why all the dead for being a loud vocal boy.

What we wanted, what America want and I want I want Rick and Kelly to get back and and they don't want you know a lot of people like that and bring in money involved where the power line the border right now their money changing and collected my cartel and the coyote made you got nonprofit organ like the one impacting all endeavor awarded $80 million. I did my contract cartel ran for 1200 illegal. Meanwhile, below we have veterans all across the country who are suffering right now and were giving what is it 80 million+ dollars to house illegal immigrants, who by the way, you know, we write.

This is common sense dots Congress limits Congress a common sense us to say you enter the country illegally. You broke the law law that's been on the books for very long time.

Illegal entry right president from that was that's what he did. He made it where you were going again to the country unless you did it through the legal means illegal processes and in it, they have no regard for the law. This party has no regard for the law in this country now A lot about about radically what Barack Obama out there there playing under long-term plan had your got interacted by Fred Poirier. Okay now by that is in the White House and the Democrats control the how and we can set that is network. I won back from our current fighting waiting Democrat. We have a government now, but it's been a critically controlled, which mean they are keen on web on a radical formation of America. Our country is being changed practically is nobody understand that Jemima and I mean all of them.culture that are shocking and appalling when I'm talking about how it will all be undone. On the one that coming structure package that's going to be $3 trillion rides and bridges and things like that structure broadband broadband in their white gear.

Here's what it's all about structure package they're going to pack all about the green coming in the next line in beaver and oil and coal and at will for green energy to be the number one thing that worked out, but I don't work out very well and then I acted coming next month and structure package and found that the radical patient in changing the transformation of America to a free country to do what we can call now eight a three literally before our eyes, and unfortunately the media is not a real media three practically have a a Democrat and just as well to see the New York judge on the project Veritas case actually brought that up. He said that the media in this country should not be one side they shouldn't have this political bias like they do like you see the New York Times and all you bring up Dragon very, very, very good point and we talked about this. We were doing the bus tour down in Georgia let you know if we lose the Senate here in Georgia you know were going to see you know working to see Puerto Rico District of Columbia fight for statehood were going to go and see stringent anti-gun. Gun control maneuvers that are already starting to happen right now know you see Biden flirting with the idea on twitter that while staff are posted. He does he not use his phone talking about gun control and taking away our 15th or no. He said assault weapons regular made-up term literally the dumbest thing you could ever hear or say and that high-capacity magazines right we talked about the green new deal. We talked about segments of the green new deal not necessarily coming out in a package called the green new deal they will do that, but they're done up the good to hide it in there like a Trojan horse within your infrastructure bills within your national security. Bulger to see this stuff come out in many way shapes or forms and it's not to be, you know, pretty and all packaged up and have it hidden in there that's what they're doing right now. I'm glad you brought up that infrastructure bought minutes. It's terrible and yet the quality act as well. I mean that there's just so many I've not seen a single good piece of legislation come out of this Congress now and I would encourage everyone, don't read article reading article reading the actual bill you you want to find out what your got read the barrel now and like the quality act read that it destroyed gender trickery.

Transfer right over everyone they declare their email girl did not have time to think) for time, but I need a doctor. Now I will.

I'm a Christian that the woman called pregnancy) for all and a right portion eye doctor that normally perform any early cancer they cannot receive a 14-year-old girl that one paragraph. She only seen the glory, the equality act that the charge that evil and so I encourage people don't know why I knew media. How are you about go to the web, your cell website and work at Belgian first that you can kind, and every development without even going beyond your Grandson yeah I mean the bill is equally no unequal unjust and unfair really what it comes down to is discussing with you. We've talked about this on twitter.

We set everything I think we can say on the issue that you know this is your people suffering from gender dysphoria and obviously we should make fun of people making you know suffering from this a psychological condition but my problem comes when you violate other people. Civil rights right night and I really wanted to touch on this a little bit because I wanted to get into another topic with you, but it's a terrible bill and you hopefully within the next two years we went back the House and Senate, we can go and fight against these these these heinous pieces alleged how jobs are just destroying the sovereign terrible wearing very important we do that will be right out there fighting with you you I wanted to ask you you about the shooting tragedy. The just unfolded in Boulder because I remember you talking about before. To me that you were in shooting when you were at believe somewhere around 16 or 17 at your high school and so I wanted to ask you about this tragedy because you know now it's coming out that this is a guy 21-year-old Ahmed Olle Lee we Alyssa identified as the suspect killed 10 individuals, including a heroic police officer immediately as this is happening and in the moments after it happened. You saw blue Mark twitter as we know with blue mark the mob on twitter saying there was a white supremacist. You know the remarking the Lanna shooter saying that this guy had a quote unquote bad day that he was using an AR someone who supported Trump that he was a white guy you know I wanted to say this before even going the leftist do not care when they're wrong with their hundred percent wrong because it comes out. The next day and I know you saw the cycle happening as well where the guy was not white where he was.

He was not a Trump supporter where he read the Washington Post religiously. The New York Times religiously believed racist Islam of folks were hacking his phone in the moment guys a Syrian immigrant he hated Donald Trump he was on FBI watchlist.

What we see again here, the FBI drops the ball. They're more focused on finding a bunch of people who decided to walk around in the capital building, then they are keeping weapons out of hands of people who do not need them who were certifiably insane. This this is what this is. The thing is that these guys took less than 24 hours to politicize this tragedy, call for quote unquote assault weapons ban, a ban on high-capacity magazines.

What do you think of all of this I I Warren Whiteley called to Marianne that betrayed Colorado. There are a lot of red flag.mod file mental health background check that guy on people and we can forget it. Gun control fan fight born gun control laws, not murder. People will murder people no matter what. Now I think what you need to be big and corridor and the media would love the light 40 and it was an AR 15 control the story they want to tell a forget to talk about how many murder illegal grant in Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, many underpaid and very angle we talk about better children Chicago last week and I've been here a lick of that until I tweeted about it earlier in the week Monday 24 people, including murder in Chicago on that they don't want to talk about that a lot don't work and a lot don't work on that yet that I had been reported.

Then reported that he hears; then reported that he wore a latent I got. I now that radical and wanting. There are a real thing and they will not go away because that belief on radical Islamic Their belief that they do at school on what date you thinking hide and pretend like it anymore and they radical or they can integrate and horrible and we don't want anybody telling people there for your great evil and on. But now the real conversation with Albert and targeting people by identity, political narrative, and that that big problem we have in our media and identity politics and the device and method dividing group of people do achieve goal policy that they want and that's what media guides and they get a party for a Republican that you your hundred percent right on that. You know I think it's also worth noting that now you're starting to see you know this is the first one was in Boulder know God for bid there's more but I remember under the Obama administration. There was a plethora of terrorist attacks, were you at ISA sympathizers in the country in the states committing these harmful acts against people which we saw in Dallas. I mean we we saw it at pulse nightclub saw it at San Bernardino. These are just absolutely terrible acts and I mean everyone should be working together to make sure they don't happen anymore. But you know I think the most ironic thing of it all is that the people who were going on in spouting this information is blue checkmark mafia guys they work for outlets to be there.

New York Times.

Their vice you know there Washington Post writers, people who were trying to stop it in their the ones putting this narrative out there preemptively without knowing any single thing and then just like with the Breanna Taylor case, which I'm sure everyone here is familiar with. It took them close to a year to get anything out on that case and while that was happening, which I suspect we might see something similar Boulder that allowed for a time of misinformation disc misconstrued perceptions buildup and you know essentially glorify the entire situation to something entirely was not and that seems to be with the media's gotten really good at just building up these views building up these things that people want to click on with false narratives and false information, then that's what we do see I think out of the shooting. Unfortunately the problem. Trying got stranded and that whole story that the whole part of what murder you and dad. Now why did you do trying talk and try to get rid of the pancake they're getting a crime, a mental health problem and not reality that so how the treatment story and one authority help all they want, when we travel a lot different country and a lot of the problem. Their Democrat, and it may take and have a great the Obama presidency taught the wealthy activists and she's himself. I always like to say it is very infringement. These tragedies these things are happening now. You were looking at the border and in we can touch a little bit into the borders welcomes any business is just a travesty. I mean just seeing that the double standard.

If you've ever seen one happening on our border right now or you know for years Joe Biden Kemal Harris AOC ill hunt no more the rest of the left, viciously attacked Trump for his practice at the border, but as we see you know right now. These policies actually worked.

You know from the creation of a new border wall to agreements with South American countries that you know would require migrants to seek asylum in the first safe country that they reach not just the United States and now you're seeing unprecedented amounts of people come over here. I saw a video the other day were a reporter asked this immigrant yell did you come here because of Joe Biden and they were saying yes yes yes we came here because of you by this of you came here present trouble softly so now they would've came to present trouble. So an office and now you're seeing 2020 2021.

This is a statistic to the fact checkers is from US border patrol hundred and 88% spike in single adults, illegally crossing the border, 98% increase in unaccompanied minors.

It's gotten so bad that border agents are now releasing these asylum-seekers seeking migrants into the US without even giving them a court date but only think the court day matters because the average time between their released and when they go to court is like 846 days, but if you knew that. I just read that the 846 days.

I think it matters at this point matter number. We were all working will never outgrow people entering in my heart out in my mind and remember the record number and bar number that we would not have happening right now I'm not polyp the Ellen fight on that protect America HR 1883 border maturity Dell aggregate enter date can't bring together another great entry trunk compartment fight like a bag and on but we couldn't get her all-in-one and that they'll only find the border while building and laying Donald border wall it well defined sanctuary city.

We could not be harboring criminal and illegal alien and came in America 330, it would only find law-enforcement local law enforcement.

I can help them to to Brown that betaine and the court illegal to be back out of the country without a four-year moratorium on all salute and direction for years.

Joe Biden cannot track your car border and many marking three Diane trait that getting artwork on the belt. I bother stroking particle publican plan contract and will keep working hard on trying to get quite yet know our country is out of control. Bring my night rail cried trying to blank and compensate the man and now it's not even bad yesterday that Joe Biden outlined their biases so visitors can search flying, I got a blame and try to pretend like I or why and and that's what we have going on and on.

I want I get people engaged. You know, my bet is that the next four years even two years really. Hopefully, I think, is to wake up a lot of people to realize how good health so good they had it under Donald J. Trump presidency. I mean after seeing the city's tax hikes. This terrible stimulus bill. You know I made a joke the other day because I think you remember with the other stimulus bill with the Democrats wanted to give 20 million.

I think it was to Pakistan for gender studies and they gave us.

With that, Bill $600 and I made a joke and I said you know what my $600 cover a flight ticket to Pakistan to check on my little gender studies investment mean this is how this is so sad that it's so it's becoming set all these bills are just covered in pork there covered in things of the American people care about that. They don't need when really at the end of the day. The solution would be to open up this country in this economy I know you got some work to do. I know you on your behalf you get back out there. I wanted to end this with conservatives. Are you frustrated everywhere across the country and what would you say to them.

Some words of encouragement know what to look forward to, because I know you and I both are not done fighting for this president.

He's fought for us these last, now that curb stomped every single day by the media. His family as supporters we are not done fighting from now on. I felt great wine 100 that were locked out fighting a wild where like friendly boy that was wrong. We can't let the fun out and while everything looked terrible and terrible coming in 2020 and we got a light strong compartment at America for and we have to continue doing everything to America and take getting involved in combining will do nothing to help your family and people that need to make the kind I don't care and I always encourage folks to get on your email and go to people about your rat and your go tell them I never got telling them he called one day that I call every day if you can get on your your schedule for the day and take 20 make phone calls and get your friend, but my doing the same thing.

You're the American people the government for new and it worked for you demand to get The government. The working people again. When I found down now.

Don't ever give up hope and don't think it is not, and we got the thing in here and keep up the fight and on. We can't let them write a story during the writing is a lie on my left big nature of the trip is out there and that's why you do a great job on Your I appreciate it. You know we were hosting this podcast on the Truth Network, which is sister company to Salem broadcasting and it is a Christian broadcasting station and I wanted to do that because we have about 15 million Christians in this country who do not vote, and so my goal here is that your voice reaches some of these Christians will be listening to this podcast. Maybe you inspire them to get out there do something more, be more involved because this has such an effect not only on this country in a cultural way, but in a spiritual way and what they're doing is an typical to our Constitution to the Bible to to how our founding fathers wanted this country to be be managed right where the arbiters of the now were that were the people who should be taking care of it. In this decision is not what they would've won it and I know that for fact I think you do too.

I really do appreciate you coming on. It's an absolute honor will have to have you back soon. Maybe next time they try to expel you again or suspend you on twitter will have to have become hot hopefully that doesn't happen again, but thank you so much.

It was an honor. Congresswoman keep fighting. You are one of the strongest allies we have in Congress.

Right now your fighter for president trump your fighter for Christ in your fighting for all the right things and you're really helping this country out so we really do appreciate you while you and I'm glad you're there and that all all of your life and are hanging in there and leave you in the right way and started talking the talk soon Douglas thank you guys so much for tuning into my show were to be taking questions at the end of each show, so please email me your questions to again that email is patriot or F Thank you so much God bless

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