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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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January 14, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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January 14, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.


This is the old trailblazer broadcasters past our Pandora's writing out an old and again at this time. Blaming the path to the hearts of sinners called Alice Coletta get up to getting gotta get out the bona fide folk stand around identity. Oh Saul Miller down it crinkled down his little country church or maybe not yellow 18 wheeler hidden up and down the highway somewhere is God's people. The Lord is caused to tune into the old trailblazer about this a week, we happy to be with you folks at this time 00 trailblazer passed up in dollars, just an old sinner saved by grace, and this is our regular trailblazer broadcast coming out day by day, week after week, and we own the station same time everyday. I wish I could hear from some other over there in Kalamazoo, Michigan in different places and like to hear from some of your folks. Let us hear from you looking at this study on the Rose 11 chapter of Hebrews and we were been studying Enoch how Enoch was translated. The Lord took him.

He never went never experienced death like you and I will with the Lord took city walk with the Lord, and he was removed from earth to heaven. Now my friend has nothing stand between the sales center in the Lord Jesus Christ because we have passed from death on the log. No limitation on them mistake. I hope take hold of it is old trailblazer you to say the new birth.

The New Bern is a supernatural thing is a miracle. I often tell my folks here that is a miracle in the Lord saves a sinner but it's a miracle of God's grace bear lesson bear knowledge of the doctrine is practically worthless just to have a head knowledge of that doctrine that meaning the thing we have so much of that now of the what we call God. Religion is no know nothing heartfelt that is just a doctrine.

We have a little book to hear about Pastor Sheldon entitled Dr. not associate Reitman get it free and postpaid. It it did refutes a lot of the stuff that you here today bullishness. Another thing to live in there in the realm of life did you get that is and is which one thing to believe that you are judicially passed from death to live with us. Another thing to live in the realm of life and to know the life of the son of God know my friend. That's what we contend for here, day by day, day by day and Esther Battleground in Everest and in this assembly and ever other similar where the friction God's way of grace and the way of grace is a battleground now boxer Paul said I live yet not I but Christ which lingers in mean escalations to 20. Christ is our light, I wish everyone you could realize that there is a vast difference in believing you have the light and and living in the realm of light and knowing the life of Christ which is by faith, living in the realm of the light of light.

Christ opens a door into the realm of light for sinner before that you lived in the realm of death. That's right. Now we hear this often time. Oh you don't expect us to live the translated life today in the midst of such power of sin.

Do you that's what folks say to make me sick. Her deacons and preachers and Bible teachers and average church member say, oh, those are Bible characters. You don't expect us to live like that today. Do you what they say.

One of the say that Cody had no knowledge and have no knowledge of cry.

But remember that when he live time were just as wicked as they are today. I believe it could be if there was any possibility maybe more. We have been more wicked and it was just a typical old sinner. I wish you could read word read the 14th and 15th verses of June. Let's turn to it. Read want a good man term not overlaid to the book of Jude. Let's read at 14th and 15th verses and Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of the saying, behold, the Lord cometh with 10,000 of his saints to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. Now that's what he preached. That was his message in its message was a message of judgment in its message primarily was a message of the second coming of Christ.

The first and he looked beyond with their works. There are two great mountain peaks in the Old Testament.

I wish you could see him one. The first one is a coming of Christ. Second is a second coming of Christ and these old father stood there on the mountain peaks of the Scriptures. Looking into the future of the kingdom of Christ. Many of the things they didn't see down in the valley but we we have in the New Testament. Listen, but they were true they were true to the word of God, and in all that they had in the midst of these perilous times, divine grace made this an actual experience in the life of Enoch he walk with God is what the Scripture said nonminorities sent me a friend you can walk with the Lord you can walk with the Lord's right day by day walking with the Lord unit walk with the Lord. 300 years and I would mind if the Lord the ladies come in. Would you and then give us strength and grace to walk with the Lord for 300 years will it be great but listen, you say old: past, you can know the Lord's a personal's salvation is real. You walk with him. Talk with love and worship and obey him and walk with the Lord say this while we gratify the flesh, the blessings of the spirit will be with hail.

You heard that statement before while we gratify the flesh while we serve the flesh while we live after the world the blessings of the spirit will be with hail while our hearts are so much occupied with the things of the earth. He will not make the things of heaven we'll know and eight and experimental through our hearts as they should be no just won't do it faith that walked with God comes by divine revelation and faith must have.

It must have a firm foundation in which to rest upon that foundation must be the word of faith, the word of him, that cannot lie. God spoke, God spoke, Enoch believed molasses testing of our faith in yours and mine were not willing father lives to be conformed to the word of God and I find it this much trouble we have today. Folks want to just get by just one live. This will all be molded. We should be molded by the word of the Lord, the lesser troubles men and women today that I find that's reason we don't have men of faith like we often had and women of faith, as should be walking with the Lord seated over the peer time of my life how that's it. The religious life in Christian life is been watered down and diluted down to where you don't have old man of God. What about the land, crying, repent, repent, like John, the better will have it anymore do it know we have today. My friend we have these flashy televangelists and and radio preachers and in all folks are traveling down the land on the big caravans with an 18 wheeler would attend and it may put up now. Now though, so if they don't abuse THE more like you used to used to come through here.

Put up a tent and put sawdust on the floor and all those I would now have his television studios would waterfall behind them in the swaying palm trees and all of those things and the cameras panned the hot pan the audience and you can look out and see those folks all my friend what her motley crew or motley crew. But listen we don't have those radio preachers anymore do like the Charles Spurgeon and Whitfield and AW Pink and and not John Bunyan will have those in a more when you like a little back there during the days of John Bunyan. You know I had to go in a housetop in a barn to preach and turn off all it cut off all the lights and lanterns whatever they had and Mr. Mr. Bunyan was put in prison for preaching a total future operation.

They laid them out, but he wouldn't do it. He kept preaching so to put them in jail and a jailer felt that I had a feeling form. After Wally was there for good while and he would let Mr. Bunyan out at night and he would go home and preach his house and get back in a sale before daylight so want. He said one night Bunyan was moved by strange some some debt with his heart. He got up and went back to the jail early and wanted when it jailer for before he got there after he got mad jailer didn't know for sure birthday the summer wanted ornament. He was out and they come looking for new NRA was laying in his bed snoring away and not the providence of God, my friend, you believe in the providence of God. Sure, I do, he would bend Baalbek a Honda fit, a founding mountainside to jail you not not studying and reading God's word is we should know want know you don't know that no I want the Lord to have his way in my life. Do you all right take the word and read, study, read it and reread it read some more until every move you make every breath is the breeding of the word every move that you make as directed by the word of God is the foundation of your faith in you and your life will be molded by the word and the word is the foundation of our faith. Is that clear my making it halfway clear. My friend listen. I hope so. I'm getting down right where we live on as it is an old fellow said we down where the rubber meets the road. I'm making myself clear. I hope so we go back let me go back and make mention it. I want the Lord to have his way in my life. Do you take the word and reading study highlighted in your heart. Every movement you make will be controlled by the Lord and directed by the word and force the foundation of your faith and not we make in making that this is clear we can all right now you got to have a foundation to rest that faith alone and that foundation is the word the word of the Lord. It is you say the Lord and Savior.

All right, Leslie, about the word list read it. Let's meditate upon it.

As I said until our two we breathe the word of God it it's it's our life. This is our eating aside drink in this our food if we set there is a Holy Spirit takes it and shows us the things of Christ and directs our lives by the word now we let me say this to you. That is a promise in this book for every moment of our life if we will only study and meditate upon it now want to give you this recommend this book to you. We have here by Mr. Herbert Lockyer. We have a said he has a whole series of books but he has one entitled all the promises of God been recommended highly and folks are binding which you write in our culture price on.

I don't have it with me in the studio at this time but listen, you will give you all give a promise that the Lord ever made and I asked you this.

If you ever read a promise or fail header, that the Lord and keep heavier was no one of the Lord, going back on any of his promises. No, you can't say that you have.

You just had knew the Lord and do that.

Lord Dunlap, the Lord, you know, will we often compare that with Satan. He can't tell the truth but I Lord Trevor never lost through with my friend. His word is sure is it'll stand is the foundation of our hope, and that's what we have we have his word right here in front of us. We have the holy Bible. And if you read it and study it, and in Cartwright get this book owned by Mr. Lockyer.

All the promises of God in this culture price on and off and then send it to you but if you would you write and get it and then I've mentioned that book by Pastor Shelton or Dr. Norris that'll be a good position to dust free little pamphlet and if you would right now send that to you with this is the old clear busily bringing the studies on the 11 chapter of Hebrews we really just getting started in the Lord has given us grace to come here and they by day and bring the studies and you pray for him.

We do that though trailblazer not Morganton have much going form but you pray for me. After Lord take all these things that I miss up and straighten them out and bring them to you where you can read them hear them understand and if you would appreciate and remember old trailblazer addresses though trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 Emma website really until next time, goodbye and God bless you and let me hear from you and a and in a will and is will and and and will will and

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