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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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January 20, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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January 20, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is the major broadcast. This is passed out of enormous film trailblazer riding out on old and at this time blazed the path to the hearts of centeredness going to be back with you folks always appreciate coming in your home, and I feel like I know many of you some of you do know well some of you I like to combine either piece upon drink some coffee with Joni Colborne. So would you just listen for a moment and you will get back to our study and a and and and and and and a and 11 chapter of Hebrews is one of the greatest chapters in the Bible and stores information and informative and see what we have in Christ, and we were looking then I last started it. That person said without faith it is impossible to please him now without faith it is impossible to please God. You can't please him any other way. My friend, there's no way to please the Lord, you can't pleasing with all your plan. You can't pleasing with all your given and listen apart from faith. There must be faith connected to those I HAVE no you you can't please them apart from faith here how much you say you love the Lord. You can't please them apart from faith is impossible to please God without faith. Now that maybe I'll tell you, that may raise some eyebrows but that's where you is true in the physical, as in the domestic realm of less true in the church.

I don't care how much you work, how many friends do I have who worked himself to death in the church different soup and Christmas and Thanksgiving all cut the grass for the church in the parsonage and thinking of doing God a favor UK that I don't care how much you want I don't care much you serve. All I know folks who seem to work in the church is open a lab doing some and always there and play and I don't care how much you pray. If you have no confidence in the Lord and you pastor you can't please know if you don't have confidence in me, you can please me how much good if you doubt my word and I have folks to do that. I have folks who treat me one way to my face. Another way to my back, but my friend, a stockholder tale which you can please if you if you don't believe what I'm saying you don't make me happy. Sorry my friend but listen, listen. Okay, how much you may do in the home. If you don't have any confidence in it in your parents you children. You can't please him and hold true in the Lord, the individual to please God must trust him must trust what I asked you you trust the Lord.

I often tell you that salvation is trust in the Lord, trust in the Lord. When the times are good. Trust in the Lord. When the times are hard, trust, and when the rents due trust anyone. Bills come in. You don't have the money to do that with. But listen is trust in the Lord, you know would be nice if everything was easy Street when he would have to trust the Lord put out to depend on the Lord of everything fell into place and you had money in the bank all time list we see here in God's dealing with Noah and the world that were just sampling pledge of his dealing with the world and all ages and that is just trust the Lord. Now that's easier said is not easy to do it not very easily done all away in a world you can please the Lord is to believe him just taking matters word just taken my desolate know we have God's word here that I hold in my hand hold up in my congregation sometime. I say this is God word believe and be saved. Disbelieve it, go to hell for your trouble and folks are so cruel trailblazer yet told me, "no, no, I'm trying to throw something in your path keep you from going out and he turned and I'm hoping and praying at the studies here will throw some light on your condition. Listen.

You know their true feelings.

There's a will of man, you will ever person has a will of his own and that is a will man, there's a will of God and the will of man to walk in the will of God. You must trust him to walk in your all-wheel is to distrust the Lord and often tell folks who asked me about father not saved, and so forth and so on. Well, no sinner ever get saved until I will is broken, you say trailblazer will avoid what you mean about it. I mean that we come here with the will abound.

As you watch a baby grow up. You want a baby grow up just as soon as you start putting shoes on and with strange and and in town form to every time you want timestamp he'll want you Tommy wanted Thomas M. He wants you to want you to hold his hand on Boardwalk North Wabash.

A little bit alone and even just a little bigger heel heel flap Uniface if you don't want to because he has a will you tell them no, and UK you go to hell when he gets to be a teenager. I know you say that's true past, how many do I know who I have never rebelled against her parents and tell you one thing I'm tell you one thing is like is like we often see you got to start when a Mahdi young, my friend make a mine and I say make a mine.

You got to make them obey you got to make him respect you and I know back when I was a child. Many many many years ago.

It would know such as any rebellion in a home because her parents talk to children from the use up to mine. Obey. We said yes sir yes ma'am to everybody come all that's right. We had we had to respect people no matter who they want no matter what color they were, no matter how it will how you don't know what and I know this young man to work for the church in New Orleans when we were down at his son was going to school in his song.

We talked obey him to behave and he said yes ma'am and yes, sir, to a teacher to teach total wanted to say that the meat to say yes ma'am the main bought tell you what I've been up there raisin hail in a minute if you tore my kids.

It me teaching him everything I can teach them that you can't take away from sleep in one sweep of the hand you say don't obey all know how demeaning her face next morning but listen. We also see here that God is a real water of those who diligently seek him and trust him. You know, walking with the Lord is the last attitude. My friend is your whole life attitude that's re-not tell folks less. Don't judge a person by one little actor one little word is a saying in a moment of law of desperation of some yes this is I look at a person's lifetime. Oh I have. I have friends now going on to be with the Lord and I've known for many years.

I go back and I look how they look out really old they might've been pours a snake with a made everything and never never meet nobody out of the bills never meet nobody I want to go to him in a come on through life content with what such things as a head and they walk with the Lord. So that's what we did we sell that did me.

We sold it, but we we see that it saw walking with the Lord will start believing in them.

When you believe the Lord seeking him obey it and you start to trust you start secant you want to do his will. Are you are you are you seeing anything here folks, God's child, God's child, the truth, the born-again believer is not just some member. It sums sanctimonious church somewhere where everybody is afraid to look around or anything. It is so so tight with pride and rebellion but they don't mix with nobody start walking in God will walk in God's will is to be as the Lord would have you to do all my friend.

I praise the Lord for for the Lord break in my old stubborn will you know I was stubborn child.

I will how stubborn is Missouri menu is what to say Missouri mule discovered, but my friend, the Lord breaks at thing you know what I have to do I have to ask him day after day Lord keep that thing broken teeth that will broken order on broker will do this in jail is senior to hail my friend we had.

My dad was out was a voice of authority in our home and he is will is a supreme I couldn't I know will around after I got grown then I could do. I want to do but no doubt long as I was on the roof of my dad. He said you going to eat supper at my table. You will do say you know baby Odessa law doctrine today. Folks don't do that and we we we we did in/out teachers and none of those things in school but those days are gone so quiet while they go because we've we've lost it. The churches opened the door to the world and the pastors are whirling just like the world is in a you don't teach and preach to obey your parents no looser healthy survival.

That's right now and then listen Lori is a revenger of those that despise him all my friend. God rewards those who seek God is a revenger of those who despises him, and the wrath of God rest upon me. After some can you go through this life knowing that the wrath of God is resting upon you. I can no looser know so what you see that you so sinful you see your sinful sinfulness you want you want to be freed from that thing how you do it come to the Lord in meeting you wrong.

Taking the blame.

You know what we don't everybody take the blame to more do everybody else is to blame all of us right that fellow that he needed. He called me to do it.

But listen, no, and then in the next place we see the destruction there in the world they came by the fluid. God showed his displeasure folks never think of that. Did you know that the Lord is just unite everything that he does.

He does, I tell folks you be mighty careful here folks swear by God's whereby this and swear about it until be body careful, be mighty careful with the Lord showed his just displeasure against sin. When a flood. Listen, I folks deny the flood in the study of Revelation that I reported we come into contact.

There was a series of books I did and I think 45 written by some scientist who takes opposition with all know today in that world of being years old or maybe many billions and that all cataclysm of the world. It never happened. It will happen back on the median three years ago. They take a position proved it.

They say that all the cataclysm that we know all you ever happen to the world that is happened in the last 6000 years during the life of the human race. Not both. I don't get into it with scientists and all those folks who who say that we two tadpoles washed up on the bank.

Here's a more Andy went from a tadpole to a problem from a frog to a monkey and a monkey to apron a human. Those are I told you often time before Pastor Shelton said his some of his ancestors got home from the rope with a didn't hang from the tail that some SS good statement somebody asked you about being come from a monkey you tell him well none of my ancestors home from the tail. They may have hung from a roof some more, but they they didn't hang from the tail and that's what we sent word to teach one time were trying to charge you evolutionist know that we just wrote little notes that I folks might hung from the rope with a didn't hang from the tail.

I like to look into those things.

But I think their printed day by day and it was a very interesting study in those books, my friend is just amazing things happen there doing the fluid he was showing his displeasure upon the human race.

Just so you may get to it a little bit just so glad Solomon Camara the Lord as as as an old preacher used to say you live here. He said the Lord took all he's going to take. He said how long, Lord going to put up with. But I don't know how long he is easily didn't put up with Noah's folks there that long you put into it in the same way with Solomon Camara. He saw that thing developing. He saw the homosexuality and lesbianism and all those things development it didn't happen overnight, and it never happened here in America, overnighting the folks in his oldest same-sex marriage would get back in the lead in our next study and also want to remind you of our book on demon possession and we have it available. Plus also divine healing. True or false.

I have that imprint now be glad to send that to you for your post paid by Pastor Jim, one of the books I glean a lot of meant information from and bring in the study, but remember the trailblazer mailing address PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 divine God bless you

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