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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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March 6, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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March 6, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is the Old Trl., Blazer broadcaster Sebastiano Pindar was the Old Trl., Blazer riding out again on old man blaming the path to the heart center, call Dan, let's get up let's go. Let's get this contraption here working on would get on the road now this is the old trailblazer past our Pindar's. I'm happy to be with you folks. I know going on several new stations now out there. Many of you may be hearing this from the first time we just old trailblazer 00. Pastor Pindar passed to hear radio missions First Baptist Church of Algiers formally located in New Orleans, Louisiana on the leadership of Pastor Laura seven ministry. Maybe and now we can walk Louisiana after the storm Katrina, washes out a new all and we've been blessed to go on stations all over this country will give you some call letters and next messenger to, but right now we look into the study in the 11th chapter of Hebrews we been there for several weeks and we got a handgun down to all. I don't know. Verse 15 I believe it was what we were looking at this struggle that God's child go through in this life and how it back there. They said if they do been mined to they could of gone back, but no they didn't go back there they were. They were citizens. They were all citizens of heaven, if you want to say that now in your daily walk do you declare and manifest to the world that in your walk that you are not a citizen of this world where you work over there all around their citizens of this world, and no doubt they said to you. Hey, Joe. Now let's go take a smoke call. Now let's have a little drink, lunch, lives in no no I been in that involved in that many, many years ago after the Lord save me. I had I had been known to do those things. And folks still expected you to.

But no, no, you don't do that. You just walk away with your face toward heaven just walk daily with your face looking to heaven to tell anybody snort and paste hello I'm saved all drink the stuff. No more know you don't want to tell anybody that your Christian you know how to tell anybody that you are a citizen of the other world you battling struggling against temptation you're resisting and you're announcing everything that comes along your eyes sit on the city not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, and I know my friend.

I know how that is. I've been in contact with people. It wouldn't wouldn't even a harder pass in front of a store that sold liquor and all those that just hypocrite, my friend said I wouldn't go there and eat because they sell liquor you just a hypocrite. I had folks say anyplace around here to eat. What it don't sell liquor in New Orleans you can find the place… I hamburger place, or some list now say no why he wears a liquor and I just have to say maybe to under my breath. You'll hypocrite blamed all hypocrite. That's all y'all self-righteous hypocrite and we had a man here and in a minister many years ago in his work wouldn't drink of a root beer called had been on the bottle beer. My friend just a sassafras root solid is all we have is all about. All we hear another kid. We dig up sassafras root out any country where Mark my folks live. My mother sends out to get it and speedball it in the pot on the stove and make make sassafras tea will lessen root meaning of root beer. That's where they get the formula from I know back there many years ago an old B movies, old Western movies.

This guy would come along the young cowboy so to speak, and he was, tender age and he come in the barn.

Swagger up to the barn. He said give me assess the lily with all that was was a root beer all the wars was a root beer but my friend are you hypocrite. Oh listen, listen, don't do that house. It was crowds who drink I've never said a word to the auto beer to drink with a lot.

I just lived there before back there when I was working out on the job and one long. Maybe I had a chance to say one of them how the Lord save me but if I played hypocrite nobody were had any confidence in no and Abraham lived there in Canaan among the heathen, and they respected him, limitation friend limitation. You and I can so Leland walk with Christ until the world may not respect our Lord.

But they'll respect us. They may not have anything to do with our Lord. But you know you know told estimated time is a many a person could be a preacher if they just act like you don't have to preach from approval. You preach from your daily life day in and day out, but they'll those folks will respect let them cuss little rare.

I don't like to be around vulgar talk I moved away sometime eat lunch out on the job I get a move away over to another place where I can hear the vulgarity coded it corrupt so signs correctly. Don't you don't lose your salvation but my friend, you hear that a lot I know, I know that I heard a lot of it. When I was coming up is a child man talk ugly, and although strange and and once in a while I would go with my dad when I was a kid like to play pool old pool hall and you hear that well even when I was a child I would flinch when they use the Lord's name in vain old. My friend, but it was until years later when the Lord same that I saw how behalf how to level II black garden to blaspheme the blessed name of our Lord listen listen let them cuss little rare backlit impeached, but I tell you one thing if one of those sellers come to dine. They'll not call for that self-righteous preacher who may know was so hypocritical know their call for that humble guy that the Lords walks daily before and tell them how to get to heaven.

The individual who finds his satisfaction in temporal things are in doing things is deceived if he got to heaven he wouldn't enjoy the eternal thing you know you won't. The only Christianity, so you've got is just doing things and I saw the individual whose joy is all grown. Now the individual whose joy is all grown when earthly possessions are loved ones are taken away from him.

Folks know nothing he knows nothing about the Lord. If the automobiles in radio and television all over take away from the average church member that have nothing to live for. Did you know that I'm afraid that's where some of our folks are if all those pleasures movies and TV's were taken away. You have nothing in the world to live for now. Tell you the truth, my friends, you analyze what I'm saying now. Wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God. God is no debt or to any man.

He says for them that honor me, I will honor them and Samuel second Samuel first chapter 2 in verse 30, they confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims. They renounce the world. The sit there hopeful heaven became pilgrims and strangers. And God said, I'm not ashamed to be called their God, my friend. That's crazy you not great.

I know the old trailblazer sometimes get way off of our subject was speaking about 11 chapter Hebrews folks call it the face chapter so much that we can tie into that chapter. I know we been overwhelmed with the love of God lately to think that God is not ashamed to be called by God.

I don't care what you folks are same to me.

I have posted ashamed to me. I know that they don't say it but I know that. Listen to think that the Lord would reach down and pick out some little squirt some little old he'd ever like me and save me and be my God and I could call him father. I can call if all you know what the first words. Usually that a babysitter when he began to talk. He says dad dad dad and hassle. That's a tender word for foster data old in that marvelous in that marvelous, my friend. Oh, that God could be your God.

Some of you out there who whom I know, struggling hard great that you can look up Fonte often time Glatt on the back porch and later vina I hope you got a back porch. I do Glatt on the back post late of the union and maybe sons going down*fixed to come out you able to sit in the cool thank you Lord thank you Lord for some you don't have to say anything just the Bible says he knows our thoughts. Lord knows I thought you think about the Lord except when you're in church. My friend, you know what church is just a place where you can go. But listen, the love of God is universal.

All my friend.

We've had folks are here is on the radio and in cushion because I get letters from folks who call me all condo notes and tell me that I'm confused.

And all this time so that they write me.

They right now. Get some who write me. Don't sign your name. If you write me, please sign your name because I like to write back to you. I'm not pushing with you. Don't flush with you but listen, God is not ashamed for me to call it my God, my Redeemer, I don't care what the world thinks about me. The Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord, to think you need reach down and pick out just in the warm of the dust like me I think and talk about that in the service couple days ago. Did you know what the that Jacob root word there is a wiggling worm magnet old baggage you say were just terrible trailblazer know is just what the Bible describes as how we are by nature, we just a worm of the dust. Now I list in the think he called me. I didn't call you.

Did you commute can you say that you woke up one day want to know the Lord know know you just like me you walking down the road. Day by day not cared for the Lord maybe is religious maybe you weren't. But one day if you save the Lord, trust your heart by the Holy Spirit, like you did not and you give me grace over period of time to admit that I was a sinner along the center and focus ramp on me when I say that because they don't they said don't go sooner trailblazer will.

The Bible says that the so let's see if it shall die. The Bible says there is none righteous know not want all of those same offer. If you go there and read first reports after the Romans between next broadcast. I believe you come back with a different attitude. He says he.ashamed. He's not ashamed to be called. He sees my shepherd, I shall not want. Psalms 23 at the right hand of God are pleasures for evermore. That Psalm 1611.

Now, how, how may I know that God is my God. Do you ever enter into a covenant with him. Have you ever been made to yield to the Lord. Have you ever been made to light his feet crying for mercy. I then he says he has prepared for them a city.

This is the crowning evidence that God is our God.

He's prepared for us to see. He said if I go away, I'll come again I come again to receive you, my friend, listen, I don't know of where these messages are having you not. I hope they are. Listen will take this up in our next study.

If you would like to hear from you write me and let me hear from you and him and that you pray in form and tell me if you listen to one of our new station that just went on the air lately and let me know.

Were you listening from an NRC again that you can go there on your computer and pull up the homepage radio look over there on the left side and you see where you can go across and pick up the old trailblazer pickup sermon and click on old trailblazer you hear the audio there you not great is America what what folks can do with electronics today and it old trailblazer just pull comfortable until folks also green geese follow me around born out here in South Louisiana on the strawberry form and my dad and my mother with poor poor as a snake I called.

We made a living know you can't starve on ramp, but I praise the Lord. He looked at all that time he knew that I was one of his elect all there you go. Trailblazer talk about the elect.

Yes sir. I'm one of God's elect.

Are you if the Lord has chosen you. If you like and yet you want his elect and now that's not in our hands to do but this is the old trailblazer broadcast.

We come here week after week bringing these messages on base chapter 11 chapter Hebrew and I would like to hear from you remember my mailing address. We radio missions are the old trailblazer PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785 goodbye and God bless you and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

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