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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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March 27, 2020 2:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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March 27, 2020 2:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is the old trailblazer broadcasters up after I opened all of the old crib letterwriting out this morning although Dan maybe as late night where you are but oh Dan's birthday flow go pony so we get no down the road we looking at to study have been for quite a while now in 11th chapter of Hebrews and we come there now to look at the life of Jacob O Jago had a stormy passion through his entire life seem like he was always introverted, but he came to enter the port, the water smooth. Yes, many were the dark clouds of his earth alive. But when he came down to the sunset of alive, he was made with lead splendor. All my friend know St. need be stricken with terror as he come to the closing moments of his life here on this are no if you know the Lord, you can appreciate what we say here, and Alice noted by faith Jacob, when he was dying. SR subject faith, we looking at the phase chapter and he knew he would dine for anyone to die. By faith he must of necessity heavily about faith. Are you living by faith, my friend, you can. You say you live by the faith of the son of God that he's given you. You can't die by phase unless you live by faith to the average church member. Today, those whom I've known many, many, many of them including the pastors and deacons and and no others. This is just a leap in the dark and not so my friend, I'm tired and sick of this present day, spineless ministry, aren't you all over this country just dispute you hear nothing but that smooth preaching you hear nothing but easy. Believing is, and we have folks tell us writers initially trailblazer we can't preach like you needed if we do we lose our audience, we lose our good givers and one sermon like you do here. Old trailblazer and I wouldn't have a job and we just I look those those in the face and say Philip I like I told you in a minute and a message back little while ago I had a young man called the young preacher from Georgia and he said he had a nice church 200 members or so when you said my church is run by the deacon board said I have no authority whatsoever and out so he asked me what the news on what to do and I said I do not look him in the face and preach one sermon preach. I just preach one sermon and tell them to go to hell for the trouble now have my coat my hat and everything ready and late and put on put my hat on top of the headstand and preach a sermon, according to God's as God's ambassadors called then I say good thought. Goodbye fellows I'm gone. I delivered my soul tired of this little silk handkerchief preacher. That's what it is, my friend the minister today.

As you know it and I know it is a rule has no authority. Did you know the pastor is a voice of authority. My friend, that's reason I have so much trouble with this so-called women preachers one is not supposed to have any authority in the church door sir no sir now it is just is just no one is awaken on those, preaching, and people do as they please. I just tell folks they can put it back to doing khaki well or stop for a moment and play another one of our good old-fashioned radio saw our radio choir song and new will get back in our study so you listen as we play this one and I'll tell you how you can get these messages on seating will see in an and in an and will will and in and in and in and in and in will and is in and in and in my friend, you say that you say a sinner saved by grace don't really think thing, but I enjoy you know folks thing we sing that song quite often here in our car and used to sing it often when we had our radio choir in place, but now we have these nine CDs violate choir and we have about 1518 song on each one of and they all sell for five dollars apiece and I'll be glad to send your title list of all the song amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, only a sinner, just one after another, saved by the blood washed in the blood $so we back in our study now and we were looking there at the life of Jake listen if you gonna die by faith. You have to live by faith alive of faith is not like some sunshiny day. No, there befall your mortgage every stormy hours there be thunderstorms there be valleys as well as mountains and individual that will tell you what brother is always sunshine with me putting down. They don't know anything about Christ, and I know they don't know anything about the Bible. No that listen listen.

One day there was a man in brother Spurgeon's time over there.

When Virgin was living in the newspapers ever were put out what all this Manny was a great Christian. One of the greatest Christians in the world and Mr. Spurgeon said I won't ask one question when I see know whether he's anything and finally Mr. Spurgeon went over there to Mentone, France, and got a secretary to take them over there and walk into the room what is worry was a sitdown conversation with him.

He said is noted that you are great Christian and I hope so why should so he said sir I have one question I want to ask you, do you ever have any trouble with the devil all know Mr. Spurgeon. I never knew I haven't had trouble with the devil. Mr. Spurgeon looking square and said Mr. you don't notice. You don't know the Christ that I know the Christ of the Scriptures is foreign to you. There's no believers life that run smooth. No limit say that you may be lost sinner want to be say limitation is not a bed of roses. I feel my folks here often down.

No sir no sir, is not if you have one day of sunshine. Praise the Lord for because the next morning the storm inside.

Maybe region and in the afternoon.

This thunder may be roaring but listen on outside the sauna still on the inside.

The sunshine steel shine. Jacob lived in walk by faith, but he had a terrific struggle hard fighting's false failures go back and read in Genesis. How he how what happened 00 Jacob and he pries but he prized and elevated his relationship to the everlasting everlasting covenant. He knew his relationship to that covenant and he pries it he trusted in his God Jehovah and esteem. His promises. He relied upon his life was molded by the old nature was very strong, and Jacob.

Yes, he wore he was.

He was a scoundrel. You know you scoundrel, he would not that little quiet, easy-going fellow like his daddy. No, sir. Jacob's old nature was strong and he was hot tempered and high strong and assayed by the circle salt and give it 10 rounds dark and it was manifested minute time, but also did that new nature until 10 Jacob set out on the set on the bedside.

That new nature had conquered and he was dying by triumphant faith because of Jacob's infirmities. He employed all lawful means to secure the birthright you say why Jacob value that for birth right so much until it could almost overlook the unlawful means we used to get it. He wanted he valued it and I've got and I've got to have it. He knew what it meant. He longed for that birthright. He prayed for the birthright. He lived for that birthright, which his brother despised. He knew his brother described it. He knew his brother spoke lightly of it and he knew his brother didn't want until his face laid hold of the promise that was made to his mother that the younger shall rule the elder, and he believed and nothing will turn him away all my friend.

I have you ever had a hunger and thirst after righteousness of Christ like old Jacob did their heavy my friend, it would come down to this that you must have Christ or die get ever been there.

Maybe you say will I'm just Peugeot trailblazer, but no, I tell you is when you become desperate and when does that happen. Lord shows you a little bit of your old human nature year-old inside flash that old self-righteousness that owes us. If selfishness shows you just a little bit of that, you know, we really average person today, religious or not believe. All I'm all right you know I'm doing I'm diamond do good things and I'm okay in the Lord of the look on the good thing yes no that's not right. My friend the Lord shows ever sinner we say that you must reawaken concerned about your soul come to see yourself in a measure of what a sinner you are and then you begin to cry for mercy until you see your desperate need. You have Accra, no sir, you will cry out for the phone. I don't need that that the Hill foreign damnation preaching you put out old trailblazer I'll need need you calling my name over the radio.

I don't need you to know, sir, but my friend, when the Lord shows you yourself you come cry cried under the Lord and Savior. You called old trailblazer, you know clearly you was right always talk is no cook but you right I'm a sinner and a Lord save me and now I'm rejoicing in the Lord not praise the Lord for the old trailblazer which is would you let me know if you do that so I come here at this time asking you to to remember the old trailblazer in your prayers at the Lord will give me that wish to say the gospel as it goes out you know there's not much gospel being preached today a lot of water down stuff with these mega TV preachers. The Magog TV evangelist and all that 30,000 members here 10,000 over there my friend. They don't preach Christ. No, I don't prescribe you rewrite me and I'll send you little book. We have bypassed shown on Christ, a living reality.

You folks talking about the Lord. Were you go to church your fellow chestnut next door to you.

Do you know who years. All my friend had a man coming into the night. He said fast.

I'm looking for a church. It makes you welcome. I said what you found one knew had another couple coming here and he told the wife he said y'all just love each other too much. That's was about here is just making conversation. God is love each other too much would you remember me in your prayers old trailblazer and remember my address old trailblazer PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785 Emma website radio goodbye and God bless you and and and and

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