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The Narrow Path 5/7

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg
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May 7, 2020 8:00 am

The Narrow Path 5/7

The Narrow Path / Steve Gregg

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May 7, 2020 8:00 am

this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio!

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The Narrow Path Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg

Welcome to the radio broadcast my Steve Greg and were live for an hour each week. The afternoon we take phone calls from people like you.

If you have questions about the bottle. You can ask them here on the air and will talk about them. If you have a different view from the host.

You can call about that as well. The number to call is 844-484-5737 and just as I give it numbers all of our lines lit up and we are there all taken now but if you hold onto this number to call later the show. There will be lines that open up the numbers 844-484-5737. First, today's stand coming from Newburgh, Oregon stand welcome to the narrow path answer: stand moved from Portland and Newburgh.

Guilt here and listen to your room. Interesting talk on the book of John is looking into the chapter is speaking ability of worshiping God in spirit and truth and you mentioned in your study about maybe you can see little built what really is truth. I'm finding that churches are dividing because they think they have only have the right truth with which you find to be the truth that Jesus is speaking about.

Okay well to worship in truths. I don't think that means that in order to worship you have to have all the right opinions because that's a little impossible. Like you said different churches are fairly persuaded about different doctrines and that's not a new development that's going on for hundreds of years and they do sometimes divide over them. I think they shouldn't. In many cases because a lot of times the differences of opinion the churches have from other churches are not consequential enough to really justify dividing over them, but if we were if we had to have all the truth and had to have the correct opinion on every point before he could worship God. And please him.

We definitely in trouble because obviously everybody believes, at least in his dynamic serious thinking about it.

They believe that the things they believe now are the truth and are doing their best.

Hopefully, to know the truth but if they don't have the truth be a shame if God didn't accept their worship. I don't think that Jesus is saying you have to know all the truth about everything in order to worship God when he says God is looking for those who worship in spirit and in truth, I think he's contrasting the kind of worshiper that God wants with the kind that was for so common in Jesus day and in Israel and in Samaria where he he was in Samaria speaking and that was where religion and worship of God was really relegated to a bunch of rituals a bunch of external things external behavior. External rituals and that's not what God was looking for it, even in the Old Testament. That's not what God is looking for. He said that through several of the prophets, but he's looking for people who have an inward heart forgot their worshiping in in the spirit that is in the inner person not with just external forms of worship. He wants that to be internal worship in the spirit and in truth, I take interest to be a phrase that means honestly are genuinely in truth. The expression in truth, I think means and in genuineness and honesty in integrity so you know the religion of Jesus day was often practiced in a ritual way which is extremely entirely external things instead of internal so he wanted people to worship him in spirit, which is inwardly as opposed to merely outwardly and in truth would suggest the opposite of being a hypocrite.

Member how often Jesus said that the Pharisees were hypocrites. Well, God's not looking for people who worship hypocritically but who worship honestly. In truth, and so I think that in truth isn't referring to propositional truth, I think talking about integrity and in character truth in a person's character is what I'm understanding is his meaning to be in those statement all right. Our next colors Eddie from my Dearborn, Michigan, welcome to the narrow path. Eddie, thanks for calling and calling got introduced to you so far, so good. I have aligned what you have said, with scripture and it seems to pan out, however, was troubling to me is the view of hell that you are not computed about, but just undecided. Could you please give me an explanation of Revelation 20 verse 10 with the devil look at the lake of fire and the beast and false prophet are tormented forever day and night till hell is not a terrible beast and the prophet whom I quickly get people, how are they being tormented day and night. By knowing that you had the system right right so that's is the point.

I believe that the beast and the false prophet are not human individuals.

I believe that they represent systems that governmental systems and and false religious systems and and the Dragon. Of course, is not a human being so this is not an instance of it is not talking about and in this case bad individuals being thrown the like hard so that does happen at the end of the chapter and verse 15 it says all whose names were not found written in the book of life were cast into the lake of fire, but the systems. The systems that St. had used to to persecute the church and to try to prevent people from coming to Christ. Those political and false religious systems. Those are personified.

That's that's what Revelation doesn't personifies things that are not really people are even it makes them either people or animals.

In this case is a religious systems an animal and the in the political systems, an animal, the beast, but also things that are not people are sometimes compared with actual people. For example, in the fourth seal is broken and the pale horse comes out the rider on the horse's death will death isn't a person that is personified as if he is a person, and following death is another personified thing that's Hades or the grave. So we see that Revelation is taking things that aren't really human and likening them to humans or animals or things like that. It's a it's you know it's just a manner of Revelation. Daniel did the same thing Daniel compared kingdoms with animals. So for the lien of bear, leopard, and so forth. It's a typical thing in apocalyptic literature to do so now when we find in that same chapter and verse is verse 14 in verse 14 says then death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death, death, and Hades.

Of course, again, they're not people are not living things are not personalities. And yet they were personified in the drama in the story of Revelation, which is told in a symbolic drama death and Hades were treated like they were people and now at the end they are thrown into the lake of fire. The devil and the beast and false prophet are not actual people mean the devil is a personal being that is a spirit, not human, and there cast of life and to say that they are tormented day and night forever and ever. As it says in verse 10, I think we have to ask is this talking literally because after all, in in hell is there really a day and night mean there's not any day or night after Jesus comes back, he's coming on the last day. The Bible says and there's in the new Jerusalem.

There's no sun or moon to light of the sun, the glory of God is the light of his. There's no there's no night there so the succession of day and night doesn't seem to exist in the end in the world and in the universe.

After Jesus comes so how could people tormented day and night literally is not. I don't think it's literal. I think it's basically using the language of the of the story that we find that the babbling when Babel and falls her smoke goes up forever and ever and which is again. I think a hyperbole. I think what we have here were it's it's it's true theology couched in the form of sort of mythological language dragons and things like that and it's somewhat comparable comparables are true theology couched in the form of a story that isn't initially true story.

It's a made up story to illustrate something so is the apocalyptic imagery in Zechariah and Daniel revelations it's it's told to survive a mythological way in ways that are not literal at all. So I think that at the end of the story, the Dragon of the beast and false prophet. These systems and in the devil himself who have been the opposition to God throughout they come to their gruesome and tender describes being tormented forever and ever. I think that's very much the way that we would sort of close a Mithras a fairytale they lived happily ever after.

You know how people don't live happily forever afterwards. But that's just the way the story closes a it's all good now. The bad guys are suffering forever. The good guys are happy forever, and so forth. Now I don't think that the book of Revelation is inviting us to take that extremely literally. But if you do then then yes, that would suggest that some beings at least are tormented forever and ever in hell or in the lake of fire. Now the ones were said to be tormented forever and ever. Are the Dragon and the beast and false prophet. And even if you take the beast and false prophet of the individual people as, for example, dispensations to well they're not ordinary people there like the beast was like that Satan possessed being in the false prophet is is for the devil to speak like the Dragon and so it's not really is what what happens. The beast and false prophet.

Even if you taken as ordinary as as humans but not ordinary humans and so we don't read of anybody else but them being tormented forever and ever and I in my opinion it's hyperbole, but is a notice regarding her Gregory Parton 15.

It finally anyone who is not found in the book of life, and the lake of fire and yet it eternally tormented.

I get what you're saying, no, no, it doesn't it doesn't say in verse 15 verse 15 the ending was eternal tormented it says. Anyone not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire so it doesn't say would have thought eternally forever and ever. I'm tying up the lake of fire was tossed somewhere forever producing in the devil look at the lake of fire in Bristol.

In Britain and be tormented forever and ever and now they are in and in verse 15, the lake of fire is really being tormented forever and ever and it doesn't say in verse 15 and he was tormented forever and ever. In verse 10 it says the Dragon and the beast and false prophet are coming forever and ever.

So that's if we take that literally in some way that somebody is being terminated literally then then find you can. But then you you only hear that the devil and the beast and false prophet. The others are thrown and there were not told whether there tormented forever and ever. Not that's the question there's different views about what happens to those were thrown into the lake of fire and in it, and Revelation doesn't tell us it just tells us that there thrown in their now they could be.

They could be tormented forever and ever, and it certainly is one of the that's like the traditional view of hell that everyone who's thrown in. There is tormented forever, but Revelation does nicely say that they are you know some people use Matthew 25 verse 4100 1241 and 46. But in verse 41 Jesus says to the goats yelled depart into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels so the devil and his angels are going into this everlasting fire, and so are the goats.

The people who followed him.

Now what happens to them in their well if if Revelation 20 is speaking literally which I don't think it is. But if it is the devil and his angels are tormented forever and ever. And there, but when the goats are thrown in.

There were not told whether they express the same thing thing on the same fire but they may not be the same kind of beings. I mean if you throw if you have an incinerator in your backyard.

No one does.

A more when I was growing up in an incinerator could burn up trash in the backyard that Debbie environmentally unacceptable now, but if you had an incinerator you could toss all your stuff garbage in their trash and paper and cardboard something that just all burned up tin cans and things that they wouldn't bring up it still be there. They just get I guess they get purified in a way, but the point is, they wouldn't be interested if any rocks were thrown into the rocks would get burned up either in a fire.

Some things burn up and some things don't. So to say that okay where to put all these things the devil and his angels and people in route from all the same fire okay well that doesn't tell us that the same things that happened all of them.

That is to say I'm not the devil. And I'm not even a spirit be.

I am a human being and therefore what happens to a demon or us devil in the fire might not be exactly same thing happens to a person made in the image of God, who's on the fire got me versus you can't wait, we assume a great deal.

I think when we read this and that's what I'm trying to avoid doing. Thank you and and thank God bless you for calling okay. Our next caller is Sue from Lake Oswego, Oregon Sue, welcome to the neuropathic for calling hi hi Emily why the grave opposed to just to maybe four or five days special significance to the three day well it did fulfill prophecy, but on the other hand, if God wanted Jesus to be in the tomb for five days or two days he could have the prophecy predict that you know I that the three days and three nights in the in the heart of the earth.

Jesus himself said, corresponded with the three days and three nights that Jonah was in the belly of a whale, but again there's no know as far as I don't know, existential, unavoidable kind of reason that Jonah had to be three days and three nights. Only God could have if he wanted to match those two events could made either of them or both of them at different length so I don't know why three days is all important. Now the Jewish calendar. Of course, had the Passover in a certain day and then the firstfruits was on the first Sunday after Passover and Jesus crucified Passover any rose on the first Sunday after Passover refused to firstfruits and we can say will that's why that's why he was in there that we had to come out to fulfill the feast of firstfruits, but again, God could have back 20 or gain, the feast of firstfruits he could put it at a different interval. He could've had two days are far four days or whatever after Passover so I don't really know that the that the three days as an as a number is significant. It certainly did correspond with certain other things that were in the Old Testament. Like the time that Jonah was in the belly of the whale and the distance between Passover and in this case, the first Sunday after Passover, but I don't really know if all of that was dictated by some larger plans that the that the three days was the number of days and had to be God I can't think of anything. Okay thank you very much to good talking to you right.

Our next caller is looks like it's Paul from mom, one of the state of Colorado right okay welcome Paul looking to the narrow hi about John to quite a while word, but the end of all mankind for all time and I don't have it, is that word for word that to them unit that would mean that he would payment acquired privately in God the father right and my younger brother and argue about what time I've been trying to mount an ear. The hard time visualizing why God would require a payment for something like that we would take out all you are, you did pay got off the why would not even require God did not written God did not receive a payment God made the payment right right so sick I didn't get laid off. God didn't require being paid off. There was and there was an imbalance in the books of justice and God. God cannot simply sacrifice justice. Justice is his character.

I think about our people don't realize how how important justice is in the whole scheme of things in God's power is because it's it's one of his leading character traits as he suggests, God so so justice there was an imbalance there was an inequity and something had to be done to balances. So God made the payment he didn't require us as he made, he made the payment to redress that so I mean when people say why did God require to be paid before for gay people. I don't know what religion teaches that you know God didn't require you bring from his own mind. I'm sure but that goes to want to read the gospel of Christ by hearing the gospel something that I've been really working on lately trying to get out and reach as many people as possible. It just seemed like to me that were probably in the last days prior to the work and if Christ did ready to come back sometime the next day in our lifetime. Wouldn't it be why no proverb wing sold.

Why so it's kind of been met come up for me lately.

I'm older now, I'm kind of semiretired info, and a lot more time.

The word regular teacher and studying the Bible and I like it even though we have a lot of trout ethical. So this is how can I help you will with the gospel, went when he paid for the invite dad and that is exactly as of late, even though I had heard years I wasn't sure that that was the one thing that could get no guarantee a person salvation and you never lose your salvation because you are forgiven of all your previous president and future. Well, I don't think you see that implication in it.

The our salvation is based on a relationship with God, which is a mutual loving and trusting relationship. There was this issue of sin that needed to be resolved and and it was by Jesus to death but having resolved that issue hasn't brought everybody into relationship with God.

As you can tell, not everyone wants a relationship with God. God has removed the barriers from his side and it says that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting their transgressions against them. So God in Christ reconciled the world to himself.

As far as he's concerned he's removed all the offense from his side, but if people don't want him thinking there's no life outside of him and says in first John chapter 5 this is the message that God is given us eternal life in this life is in his son.

He that has the son has life he that does not have the son of God does not have life. So it's one thing to say that the barrier has now been removed. It's another thing to say that people can take advantage of it. It's as if the president would issue a general pardon that everybody on death row is now free to go, but there's a bunch of trumpeters Lausanne death rose on the neck and give him the satisfaction of deciding whether I go free or not I get on their people just want to who don't like Trump and they don't want to. I want his part. Not only handouts from him and I mean there are people who hate the benefactor and will not receive the gift and and we see that's that's truly light like you just don't want God. They don't want didn't want salvation on his terms what his terms thereafter become a relationship with him. They have to have submitted trusting loving relationship to him. That's the terms and and everyone's welcome to do it and and the fact that millions and millions.

Many people do it, including children and women and men of all intelligent levels of all of all races. I mean, it's obviously something anyone can do. The only thing would prevent someone from there is not wanting to.

And that's something that God can't change on their part. If they don't want him he can't make them want just like if you you want to marry a certain girl and nothing you do seems to win her over. She just doesn't like it fishing she wants somebody else not you well and you can't do much about that. Unfortunately, all right, let's talk to Scott from Phoenix, Arizona Scott, welcome to the neuropathic for calling back something about how to live.

This study nailed to the church door was entirely about 95 objections to indulgences him and I would Take them out saying that he really one where the priest who did that with selling adult the whole church was selling indulgences. I mean tensile test was a priest who came to Wittenberg where were Luther was and he was and he was a marketing guy trying to sell indulgences.

He was saying you know as soon as the coin you know is put in the box you know of a soul is released from purgatory and and Luther. That was an abomination selling escape from purgatory.

I don't know if Luther even still believed in purgatory that time he did earlier died on to give up his view, but whether he believed in purgatory, not he still thought is terrible that you try to sell people escape from purgatory, and so he had this big conflict with this particular priest but the priest was representing the Pope and the Popes. The Pope said people all over the continent selling indulgences self selling indulgences was the normative practice at that time from Catholic Church widespread all right well I appreciate your call. I need to take a break obviously and we have another half hour ahead is here waiting to be on the program you'll get on in the next half-hour to stay and will take more calls to that. Is there some lines of the neuropathic business and are supported and if you like to help us pay the radio bills understand the air you can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593 begin that address is the narrow path PO Box 1732 macula CA 92593. You can also donate from our website.

The narrow The narrow path has lots of resources they're all free go there check it out. There were something but you can also be back in 30 seconds for another half hours broadcast small is the gate and narrow is the path that leads to life, welcome you to the near and had nothing to tell you today that everything in today's radio show is over, we invite you to visit the narrow

We'll find out audio teachings blog article verse by verse teachings in the archives of learn and enjoy the thank you for supporting the listener supported narrow path.

Greg back to the narrow path radio broadcast estate Greg and we are live for another half hour taking your calls. If you have questions you'd like to call in with about the Bible candidate, or different viewpoints of the host.

Feel free to join us. The number to call is 844-484-5737.

The lines have filled up but they there we lines opening up the next few minutes I can be sure. So take this number down 844-484-5737. By the way, if you don't have our mobile app on your phone. Well, you're missing out it's it's free and if you downloaded from your app store from Google play on your device. It's the app you'll find that so you can listen to the show from the app you can even call from the app is actually called the show button to push it and it'll get you in line. Here you can listen to all of the lectures from the website. There you've basically got access to our web resources and the radio show and archives of past relations all app or on your computer. The website either or both the same. The narrow path calm okay were to go back to the phones now and it looks like who's been there the longest is Ron from Oakley California Ron, welcome to the narrow, thanks for calling. Hello hello yeah yes. Yesterday they were talking about the last meal and you said that there was alcohol served in the last meal, and my absolutely yes okay well I argue that Jesus said I will drink the fruit of the vine.

Now the divine is not fermented like you say that well because he said I'll all drink the fruit of the vine yeah wine is fermented instance of the line. Wait a minute now when wine wine grapes or fermented changes their structure sure okay so he said of the vine before the four winds ferments if you crush grapes into liquid you change the structure they were once pieces of fruit and now their liquid, and so the changing structure doesn't change it from being fruit of the vine and when it goes to the natural process of fermentation which all fruit does not just grapes.

All fruit ferments if it's left on refrigerated and so forth. And they didn't have refrigeration and bigotry begins for many really want right away and put it in wildlands. Okay, I get what your argument is now June and talks being drank in the millennial age when you have a bunch of St. Sen. drug format. Why, why would they be drawn because according to you, it would it would of alcohol rights and so what you're saying is if you drink wine if you drink anything that has alcohol in it, you're going to be drunk as everything I would I would be drunk but okay well I would, I wouldn't. I don't get drunk and I do occasionally I'll occasionally drink a glass of wine. I don't like wine very much but if uncertain, I think that I don't get drunk.

I don't see any connection. Logically, that if there's wine people get drunk. Some will, and if their sinners because drunkenness is a sin, but drinking wines not assume Jesus drank wine and infected the Dragon.

I made my final I made my point. So you will not have free will and the other thing is you did not preach Christianity. He preached the kingdom of well you certainly have a lot of strange ideas that you're welcome to have them because nobody's required to believe what I believe. I don't believe like you do about those things okay where talk to Joy from Desert hot Springs, California, joy, welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling I thought we had you on joint, not not getting joy here. Okay, I don't want to do okay okay I promise the front of the phone system at the radio station seems to frozen babysitters for second looks like phone lines come through let me out, which I do if the phones are working to see if I can take to join him to hang up not because your fault give me a call back and maybe we'll see if it works. Let me see if Jeffrey from Baltimore, Maryland. If his phone is working hello Jeffrey are you there yet.

Are you okay that lines working. I'm fine thank you jointly okay. Jeffrey quickly to 42 not yield separate groups. And it's making God that noted is good all the time but you must completely destroy the Amalekites when the amulet getting King salt instructions to destroy the Amalekites, you don't let anything lift you must kill all the men and women and older children. Now I know God is good all the time and in this particular path that she didn't sound too good.

And then in the very next chapter he talks about an evil spirit from the Lord reconcile the legal Line God ordering all chemical women and children number one white, one doing that himself and number two ordering all could do it. No movie theater taking good all the time and count well. Here is a good place at Whiting guy just to himself.

The masochist you think if God did do it himself.

It's got just like that. Men, women and children and donkeys and so forth just unilaterally without using his rights. Would you still think he was bad with that be okay. I don't think that sound that I'm going to because I own it would sound bad at that right that it wouldn't sound probably as bad as, say, the flood which wiped out the whole human population, men, women and children and animals and so forth. Except for a few people in the ark right it wouldn't be as bad as that. I didn't really know what really need embed anything include a little infant. Yeah well guilty of much you know know they're not guilty evening and therefore if if people die innocent what happens to them.

They can abuse the Lord will yeah I was born. If I was born in Amalekite baby.

I'd much rather go to go to heaven then be grown up and that pagan atrocious allotted, and she's a little beat and bring the old well he could he could have done that for the Amalekite babies and the Canaanite babies but because he has until the Canaanite babies to but if he did then Israel's you know is will be transformed into a huge Canaanite Amalekite nursery, which is in exactly the plan that God had for Israel. Likewise, I mean when God was sending fire on Sodom and Gomorrah and wiping out men, women and children. Everybody he could have said Abram going there and rescue all the babies because I like that other parents but I don't think it's a I don't think it's the duty of God's people to go and raise all the babies for all the wicked who die if God takes the babies out. He takes him to heaven and wait.

Everybody dies a person dies in infancy. In some respects is better off than a wicked man who dies as a result, and if those babies have grown up to be adults, they might very well become wicked like their parents and their is a wicked terrible barbaric society. The children were taken while they are still innocent, which was to their advantage as far as taking out men and women sometimes it well. Women are noncombatants.

This was not a combat situation as far as God was concerned.

This is a judgment situation. Just like we wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from heaven, or the whole world was a flood, or in this case the Amalekites with the with the swords of the Israelites. Now, what makes it difficult for me to is that if I was an Israelite. I have a real hard time carrying out those orders because Frank that have a hard time telling anybody, even a very wicked man, much less a woman, much less a child to me to be very hard for me apparently wasn't hard for Israel to remember were talking about people whose sensitivities were far from Christian. I mean we we live in a civilized time where Christianity has civilized everybody, even the even the atheists been civilized by Christianity's presence and when they were at the end of 2000 years of that kind of sensitizing throughout history before Christianity came. People just the people just there barbaric a lot more and so I don't know if it I don't know if was such a crisis for Israelite to kill a whole family of their enemies under orders from God that it would be for me. I have a real hard time doing it for one thing I be disobeying Jesus because Jesus wouldn't allow that. But in those days. I mean in all days in all days. God judges people and in all ages, all God is the one who has every right to decide in his purposes for humanity when I should die when my children should die when my why should I when my parents should die when anyone should direct route to die.

And frankly, there's no day better than another. You know, if I live to be 97 and then I die if I'm in good health and happy, and so forth. My hopefully there be people who were sad to see me go or if I died today there be some people be said; you're always written. If you're if you're someone the people to be sad to see go Weathersby people said to see you go nowhere when you die. There's no day better than another, that there may be in God's sight in God's sight. He has a time.

I think for everyone and and also way you know so I could die from a violent criminal breaking into my house and killing in my sleep. That's that could happen or I could get in an automobile accident or to get coded 19 ark you get cancer or I could, you know, I could be in the wrong place wrong time when a drug deals going I have a friend what Christian woman shot because she was a parking garage getting into her car as a drug deal going bad and and two guys were shooting at each other and she caught a bullet in her head. She died yesterday, saw me and I that we to anyone could die anyway.

So we have to ask yourself not, is it okay for people to die, but are they okay with God when they die. That's the issue, and little children are the women and men.

They will agree with the statement that God is good all the time.

Of course that's if he's in charge and more accurate for the guided whole-wheat well, the Bible.

The Bible doesn't have expression.

God is good all the time that's that's kind of kitschy kind of saying the Christians are saying these days.

Vincent was younger, but it's kind of had to say.

The Bible says that God is just and there is no injustice in them. He's faithful there's no unfaithfulness of them. He's righteous. He's merciful. He's all those things raise all the things all the time because he doesn't change, and so there there is of course in his administration of history and of the world are times when it's time for him to say okay I been merciful long enough. It's time for you to go, you know, other times he says I can give you little more time like that. The Canaanites, they were wicked and the time of Abraham, but God said you not to give him a few hundred euros more because their iniquity isn't quite beyond the point that I can tolerate it anymore and I get it would give 400 more years to repent. God can do that but at 400 years later said that they didn't get a better I'm done with yes they've had a chance to come out because they are like a cancer on the face of the earth and of humanity so I'm in God. The Christian is the person who sees God as the one unchanging reality that's always right. God doesn't make any mistakes.

God doesn't lie. He never commits any injustice you know he doesn't he doesn't make a calculated error so God is always right and that's coming it's good it's good that there's somebody who's always right because otherwise everyone would sometimes be wrong. You never know who to trust.

So God is the one who's always right and and he does things that we might say while unite that seems a little severe but we don't know how long he's been putting up with these people before he says okay that's enough I given you this much time you got a better level with Betty. God sometimes make deals with the devil ending the devil and how to quickly reconcile that anything evil come from God. Well, the Bible indicates that everything is subject to God, the devil is subject to God the demons are subject him.

I mean that's even something stated about Jesus, the people, or even the demons are subject even the disciples came back with a 70 character, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name and out the demons. The demons are subject to God. Satan is subject to God that we have a story in first Kings 22 of the vision the prophet in my kayak had and in the vision God was asking the heavenly hosts who will go in because King Ahab and cause him to fall agreement skillet because it was time for a heading of diarrhea and remember our spirit can upset I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of his prophets and got it okay go do that you do that and that this line spirit had to be a demonic spirit.

But God the Spirit wanted to do this but had to get God's permission just like Satan wanted to afflict Job but he had to get God's permission, you know, if God, God put a hedge around Job until this particular story that begins to be told in Job chapter 1, which means the devil couldn't get a job and I don't think that line spirit could go deceive Ahab without God's permission and so I think that whatever evil is lying next to the demon that would diminish and pick out when it guided recruiting for anyone I've actually never thought about that for me but it could even volunteer but something that falls within their mission and vision will become of the lie that'll come up with. I don't think I don't think you're saying hey, I'd like to serve God's purposes here, I think the demons are just malicious demons like to do harm all the time, but they can't audit owners have leave, they have to get permission member when when Jesus attended the legion of demons. I said don't send a sale to out of the country. I don't send us into the pit that basically they had to get Jesus permission to go somewhere let let us go into the herd of swine is okay go you know they is like the demons they're not their mother own boss, and even the devils nozzle boss. God is sovereign over the universal. The devil has get permission to demons have to get permission so I think what we have here is demons have been no doubt desiring to afflict Saul and many other of God's people. But God prevented them except in cases where he wanted to judge the person he let them come in and let them do it. Guided Hickory contract in the field contract for hire. You hire anyone who qualified to do it in Angel right intently. When you look at you because I evil spirit is not an angel might be a fallen angel with modern Angel anyone who is good at lying in who qualified someone like this is actually several there are several places the Bible were God's and evil spirits against people saw the most famous case of Abimelech, the son of Gideon is another case in the book of Judges were God put an evil spirit between him and the people of Shechem who formerly in his comrades anyway yeah it's it's interesting to you have to really I think a lot of people mistakenly think there's it's almost like a Zoroastrian dualism where there's two gods one is evil one's good and their cottages find it out and it's not clear who's gonna win in the devils concert like the equal opposite of God. And that's your he's the enemy when he is our enemy unitedly, God's enemy, but he is subject to God. He's not equal to God and he's a created being.

God is not God's all-powerful, the devil is not all-powerful. So, I mean the devil still is subject to God.

God could put them in the lake of fire today if you want to her yesterday or the thousand years ago God, the devil exist because God lets him and goes God has use for him and we see when God wants to judge Ahab he's got use for this evil spirits are going leave me a harvest to his own destruction.

That's your gift God has use for them. He'll give them leave if he doesn't, he stops much I look in your ministry lot on your very insightful and intelligent answers and blessing from you good dear from Maryland got the okay I guess Joy didn't call back. Joyce was one whose phone line got frozen and we lost her. Sorry Joy if you want to call back. We would love to take your call or talk next to Lisa from Vancouver, British Columbia, Lisa. Welcome to the narrow path. Thanks for calling how are you I'm well thank you. Question about learning the Bible using the word here and Lynch and I'm wondering if you can mention the Scriptures like type I found.

First Timothy 42 6310 but are there any other than could you explain who exactly does this pertain to any who would people be, could they be believers, and if they are, what kind of situation would that be for people that are in that situation. Yeah, I don't think the people are there any longer. Believers in percentage chapter 4 where it says that they yet whether they have a conscience seared with a hot iron.

The word seared means cauterized. You know the meaning of cauterized estimate okay Sally you take a hot iron.

What you do when when people have a very severe wound and merely couldn't stitch up in those days, whatever.

And you you wanted to keep stop the bleeding, or whatever. Just take a red-hot poker and lay it on there and it causes instant scar tissue just Sears the wounded corsets is to be insensitive after that it it destroys the nerve endings and so forth. So you got. If somebody has had been cauterized. It means that if they become insensitive there.

I mean it's it's something that the nerves are going to send signals anymore there anymore. So to say that they got their conscience seared or the conscious cauterized means that their conscience doesn't send signals anymore in a week. God made us all with an innate sense of good and evil. And when we do wrong. We we feel badly about it. That's a good thing good thing for so that others, we wouldn't know are doing the wrong thing insert like select physical touch.

If you if you put your hand on a hot stove. It's a good thing that you burned yourself. That's good thing you felt that because you pull your hand away if you didn't feel it. You just just cook there and you never know the difference. So having a sense of good and evil is very important because if you didn't have a conscience organ have your conscience sending you signals you just destroy yourself with evil behavior and so these people have done that they what's happened is they violate their conscience so much that it's like it's gotten seared or cauterized and they don't feel that there like what we call sociopaths. They don't feel right and wrong anymore not the conscience. By the way when when we when it afflicts us when we know we did something wrong in our consciences, telling us so the only way to keep from numbing. It is to respond to it and to repent when people are there consciences keep cylinder to the wrong think they don't repent. It gets less and less sensitive. It's like holding her hand on the fire until your nerves are all burned out so that the conscience of these people are there not, they may have formerly been Christians, but they're certainly not at this point they are people who don't have any sense of good and evil. Now the word clinch is the ordinary word for putting out a fire like if you throw water on you, camphor you quenched. If you snuff a candle use quenched, and so quenches just the term for putting out a fire. Now Paul says in in Ephesians 4 that we should not quench the Spirit and is using a metaphor there that the Spirit's fire within a should not be allowed to be put out a way that I think the same we shouldn't cease to be zealous in spirit, that the spirits fire should be continually encouraged in us, rather than put out I'm talking to Ephesians 4 have to turn there to let you know what versus around versus what is around 40. Around verse 30 or something like that you see here senior do not quench not seen it here right off the top my head. Do not grieve this for all you know what, it's not there and it's a dungarees or is in the 10 Thessalonians 1st Thessalonians is don't quench the spirit that sets itself first person, first Thessalonians 419. Do not quench the Spirit.

Five. 5/19. First Thessalonians 519 and so quench means to put a fire now.

By the way, with the word clinch is used a lot in the Old Testament about the fire that cannot be quenched, which is usually a reference to God's wrath. No one can can put it out note note and resisted if God sending his judgment. No one shall be able to make it stop. You know, but yeah, because that's what those words that you did safe seared and quench of the two words you want to get everything done with the quench line from first Thessalonians 519 to God, encouraging authority not to quench the Spirit and not keep it continually kind of burning or keep the fire burning okay with anything else that time Came to your minor with that pretty much what you want another one of the references. Did you have a yes the meaning of the words and 6310 but I don't know if that really didn't have quite the wording.

Well, what does it say that I don't have an instrument I can turn them off. Click here okay sir okay 6310. It says that they rebelled and grieved the Holy Spirit that select the term that's found in Ephesians 4 that is referred to the grieve the Holy Spirit. So he turned himself against them as an enemy you don't see the word quench their work. But the word grief is there such the same as what you know. Ephesians 436 not grieve the Holy Spirit. But that said that if you freight you would be. They were Israel that is hurting. I get to happen again and again supposed right when they brought Greece to God. That's basically what it means to grieve obviously means to bring grief solid, saying that no they were there were people that God had done so many good things for that. All they did was bring him grief. That's expert, and Paul tells us not to bring him grief. Anyway, you hope that helps you been listening to the narrow path. My name is Steve Greg and we are live Monday through Friday for an hour and you can hear us on our website or on our mobile app also which is the narrow the narrow path is listener supported like new. Help us pay the bills. You can write to the narrow path, PO Box 1730 macula CA 92593 Marcos our website the narrow you do that there thanks for joining us. Let's talk again tomorrow

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