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Who is Fathering You: Click on Link to listen 27mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 19, 2014 12:30 pm

Who is Fathering You: Click on Link to listen 27mins

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many talk about being fathered by God. I know we talked about a little bit interesting stat from last week that you didn't get to say right about him becomes fathers in the Bible, God looked it up. Blue letter Bible I think is where I went in the NIV, 1095 times. Fathers mentioned sunlight be important might just be ready think it's important topic that they God wants us to know about it. It's actually huge in my world to because I spent a great deal of time studying okay. We got God the father. We got Jesus the son without the Holy Spirit, how do we relate to this triune God and that God the father is gigantic. Actually one third of the equation, absolutely. And when Jesus is pressed you now how the hell I pray he begins with our father so he leads right back to God and we talked. Another shows that even describes himself as the way to the father in Scripture subpoint is the father and Soren continue to talk about being fathered by God. But what does it really look like and how do you do that how do you walk with God father you then as if I ask you how you walk in God father you how you go about doing that in your life you keep in touch. You talk to each other on a regular basis communicate while that's listening you get it through the words that is given us that we were talking about that earlier Army hat how to set any relationship grow it goes through communication and its relationship to Robbie if if I ask you, how do you walk in this and let God. Father you, how would you respond this company because everything kinda comes together. At that point of your identity. You know he's good to have you in certain adventures that bring you closer together a few. If he challenges you to go do some especially ministry. Then all of a sudden you're like well I got nothing I really need your help. Eric as I do not speak here in our yard really Jim Daly gave me a grow once it said that if he if you think you know you're calling it something your capable of doing is probably not your calling is when God gets involved in your life. It brings out these tremendous adventures that quite often challenge you to come into that to lean into the father to lean into an opportunity to to be taught which for me it is his precious precious time in the morning when I wake up at 530 more.

Might my eyes open up like Manny I know is you give me some cool. It's that manna that I think that that that the Israelites gathered every morning and I really really look forward with anticipation every morning to see what Mama, the father, I think that the other question would be, also, how do we walk away from that.

I mean, unknowingly. How do we find ourselves all of a sudden not in the position were letting godfathers. You guys are found in yourself a position of waiting and I'm not where I thought I was at the IRS calls So the IRS Holding 40 Robbie Online Line Well Yeah All Of A Sudden You Know I'm Often Wonderland Some to Be Honest, I Had a Conversation Today and It Wasn't an Intentionally about This, but the Al Who Is Normally on the Show with Us in His Office Had Been Doing VBS This Week's Was Kinda Recuperating from That but He Is Was Asking Me Sam If You Have Even Asked My Father about Your Neck, and Having Trouble with My Neck and He's Been on Me to Pray about It. You Know, Yeah.

Hello, Pray It and I Just Haven't and Finally Today Sit in Front of Me Says Okay so Are You Bringing about Evenly Came down to It, It's Not That I Don't Trust God. I Do Trust God.

There's a Something in Me That God Is Trying to Say, Look, I Need You to Let Go Right. I Don't Think It's a Distrust Issue.

Maybe It's a Control Issue Limits.

I Feel I Don't Bother God with It, but Obviously in That There's Something in It and in the Neck. I'm Sure He Wants Me to Do Something with. I Think the Bigger Issue Is He Wants Me to Address Why Am I Not Coming to Him with It and What Option Did the Does He Want Me to Do My Still Little Thunder from Coaches Corner Which You Guys Can Hear from Roger Price Here Half an Hour or so on the Station on This Magazine but He Talks about How When He Throws the Tennis Ball to His Dog How the Dog Holds on Tightly Won't Let Him Bless Him to Throw It Again Because He Wants to Hold onto That Ball and in so Much of Our Lives Are Exactly like That Golden Retriever We Do, We Normally Go the Tennis Ball so God Can Throw It Again for We We Are Going to Be Talking Today about Godfather Use God Being Our Father Say That What That Was for, but Also When God Uses Other People, Fathers, and Certainly Get a Clip about a Coach, Coach Carter Elicited Right Now, and in This Clip Is Main Agreement Is Basco Coaches Main Agreement with the Guys. It's an Inner-City School That Grades Are Important and They Signed a Contract to Work on Their Grades and He Gets an Update from the Teacher and He Walks into Meeting and See How That Plays out between All of Them in This Hand. I Will Contract Signed by Me and Signed by You in This Hand Held Academic Progress Reports Prepared by Your Teachers. We Have Six Players Failing At Least One Class.

Eight Players Getting Incompletes Based on Attendance.

Gentlemen, You Failed to. I'm Sorry We Feel We Failed Each Other That There Are Some of You Who Have Upheld His Contract, but No That We Are Team and until We All Meet the Terms of This Contract, the Gym Will Remain Locked in This Chairman Have Generously Volunteered Their Time to Help Us Reach Our Goal Will Coach Abba 3.3. These Go All the Points for the Team to Weigh Richmond Boilers Oil Is Stands for. Know That You're Not Just Walking out on Me Walking out on Them. The Back and Ran.

Although Sprint Killed Myself. You Start Seeing Those Guys Listen to You. What You Hear Will Be the Guy That Stepping into a Father's Role What's Response to Lease from One of the People. That's Inappropriate Is Not Fair Not Fair Is Not Fair Because It's All about Him.

To Him, You Know Say He He's He's out There Going It's It's All Me and What He's Trying to Instill with the Coaches Trying and Still Is No Were Team Were in This Together and I Think That's What You're Talking about Being Fathered Earlier. You Know It. The Times and I Can Best Be Followed Fathered His Mom, Humbled, Is When There's Humility When It When I Get Away from Fathers When I'm Starting to Think That Dennis's Got Going on, or I Can Handle It by Myself or I Don't Need My Brothers to Help Father Me. That's When I'm Not a Very Good Place You Hear a Guy That That Doesn't Want to Accept the Discipline Writers Were Talking about Earlier That He Really Just Doesn't Want to Accept Discipline and Even When You Step Back and Look at It Not Being There. It's Really a Loving Way Meniscus Paid to Be a Basco Coaches Paid to Win Games and yet He's Locking the Gym so They Can Come in and Practice or Participate in.

So You Have Him Say like I'm Putting A Lot Of Risk Here Because I Care about You That They Don't Really Have Eyes to See You Do That Now and I and I Wanders Some of the Stuff That God's Disciplining Me with That He to See Something That but Really I'm Just Totally Getting Blindsided by but He Has This Good Heart That He Knows That This Is Something That I Really Me.

Yeah, I Know That There's Times That We All Walk through Periods of Time in Her Life When Things Happen We Don't Understand and in I Don't Personally Knew I Subscribe to the Fact That God Orchestrates All These Events, You Know It's Not That Way in Scripture Adam and Eve Fell in the Garden of Eden Is Their Own Choice and Course the Enemy the Influence the Enemy and They Had Some Consequences to Live out and yet We Still Find Ourselves in These Hardships and God Uses Those God Uses Those to Come after Our Heart, the Cochair Didn't Create the Situation That He Took Some Ownership of the City May Record on Something Different.

We Have an Issue but He Didn't Create the Situation and yet He Still Entering in on Their Behalf to Help Them Get Some Healing or Get Some Life Out Of It Really Is What Is Trying to Get Them Well Eat and I Think Were Gonna Deal with This in Another Clip a Little Bit More but He Sees the Big Picture with Them.

He Sees Further Than Theirs and Think about When Your Teenager to and A Lot Of Us to Walk around Acting like Teenagers. Some Days, but We'll See. Five Years down the Road 10 Years down the Road and God Tells Us, Though, in His Word That Written That Were Not Really Created for That Anyhow Were Created for Smaller Periods of Time. He's the One That's Looking out Our Best Interest down the Road, and Sometimes That Involves This like Hebrews 12 Six Is Very Specific That the Good News about That Discipline Is near His Boy, You Know That the Reason That This Is an Act of Love and in Its an Illustration to You of Your Position under the File. It Is That Your Enduring This Because He Is Wanting to Get You to the Next Level and and in This Coach. In This Case Is Going to Show How He Can Take Them to a Level They Really Didn't Think I Could Damage Just See into Your Point of Smaller Story Right. But the Coaches Say Not. There's More Here Going on and You Really Realize, and He Has the Greater Need in the Old Adage, It's Easy to Say No to Something If There's a Greater Yes. On the Other Side of It and I Can Say No to This Thing That I Think I Need Now If I Know There's a Greater Yes You down the Road. The Gonna Want but yet God Sees That Greater Yes All the Time When We Don't Have Eyes to See, and Are Also Some Folks out This Some Guys out There Listening Today That Are Probably Going in in the Case of These Teenage Guys.

Maybe They Hadn't Been Fathered It All up to This Point. This Is Their First Experience with That Was the Coach. Some of Them Probably Didn't Even Have Fathers in Their Homes Based on the Story They Had Fathers in Their Homes.

They Were off to Work Right or They Weren't around for One Reason or Another and We Talked and on past Shows. If You like to Learn More about That Fatherlessness You Go Back and Listen to Some Podcasts We've Done of the Last Few Weeks of Mastering Journey and Listen to Him Then That We Talked about His Many Different Ways to Be Fatherless in Our Society Is Not Nestling the Father Being Out Of the Home.

It Could Just Be Disconnected.

The Other Fathers Is Not Engaged in Your Life and Back and Talk Little Bit More about Godfather New Antenna Finalizes Topic This Week and Then Move into Kelly Still Fathering You Himself, and How Is Using Others to Continually Father Is Making Some Examples of That like Information on Upcoming Event Mastering Journey Get a Couple Cool Things and We Got a Fantasy Football League Is Working to Be Dennis's Want to Meet Vinnie Menino in Person Were Talking the Godfather Is a Treat. We Have an Opportunity Coming up for You. Thursday, July 24. It's Music at Twilight in Kernersville, so Join Us at Downtown Kernersville This Thursday from 6 to 8 Stop by the WTR You Tenant Will Have the Whole Masculine Journey Team There Will Have Dennis Again. I Think the Question Is Whether You Can Sing. The Question Is Can You Thing and How Heavenly Nike Missile and Some Great Giveaways. Downtown Kernersville from 16 on Thursday Gassing Your Phone Your Tablet Your IPad Gradually Just Became a Radio That's Right You Take the Truth Network Everywhere. Now They Start Brand-New Truth Network out. That's Right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown Line of Fire? I Would Probably Do More to Thought Life.

All Our Programming 24 Seven) Are Out Of Range of Your Radio or Traveling in a Busy Airport Plug into the Truth Network Just Go to TruthNetwork.Com Downloaded New for You, Welcome Back to Our Time Talking with That Music I Love Listening to Sit There and Listen Sometimes Way Really. I Just I Do like Listen to Dennis Were Talking about Been Fathered by God.

And Sometimes There's Things That Happen in Our Life That We Don't Have the Full Context Is That Right Will See the Big Picture That That God Sees. We Don't Necessarily Know What He Has in Mind Forced 20 Years down the Road. I Can Honestly Tell You That from the Time I Was 18 Years Old and First Came to Christ to to Now.

I Would Never Imagine That My Wife Would Had These Terms but I See Sometimes.

Now Why Some Things Have Happened Would've Never Been Able to See That at the Time Beckman Had Wind of Cars Yeah Usually Throbbing Revolution Left A Lot Of Links You Want to Know and Are Called Crank That There Is a Bigger Story of the God Does See We Get to See What's Fully Happening Us Her Whole Life. The Things That We've Agreed with the Enemy on He's Got the Whole Context of What's Going on and He Knows What the Enemy Is Trying to Do When We Don't Always See, and so He Knows All the Players He Knows Everything That's Going on and He Has a Full Context in and He's Able to Coach Us through Some Things and Help Us See That Bigger Picture in the Right Time, Which Actually Doing to Equip Them. Coach Carter and What's Happened Here Is He's Continued to Lock the Kids Out Of the Gym. It's Not Just for the Day.

It's Been Longer Is He's Waiting on Them to Get Their Grades up, and As a Result He's Getting A Lot Of Notoriety in the Press Internationally That Hey There Something Different Here You Get a Coach It's Actually Locking His Players Out Of the Gym so Increase Her Grades and so Have Another Team Meeting.

I Want You to Listen to How the Players Go after Him and How He Responds to Them. Take This Time to Say Whatever You Want.

While the Doors Closed.

This Is about Us That This All about Coach Carter Where the Basketball Team Sees You on TV Get Famous, That All You Sleep Last. Let Me Tell You What I See I See a System That's Designed for You to Free Men Know You All like Stats a Limit Gives Richmond Only Graduates 50% of Its and All Those That Do Graduate Only 6%, Which Tells Me When I Walked down the Hall. Then I Look in Your Classroom, Maybe Only One Student Is Going to Go to, Go Scott Going to Collect.

That's a Great Question and the Answer for Young African-American Men in Here Probably in Discounting 33% of Black Males between 18 and 24 Get Arrest Some of the Gang and Left Not Look Beguiling Right One Is Going to Get Rest Growing up Here in Richmond 80% More Likely to Go to Prison and Those That Want to Go Home. Look at You Last Night. Ask Yourself the Answer Is Yes, I'll See You Tomorrow and I Promise I Will Do Everything in My Power to Get You to College into a Better Life Coach so Little Bit of the Bigger Picture Rubbing You Think That Something That You Kinda Had in Mind Is He's Is He's Doing What They Feel Is Unreasonable. It's a Remarkable Collection of Discernment and Understanding That of a Loving Father and in and We Did Exercise Based on Being Fathered by God Where We Were. We Set down and Try to Determine How Many Father Started Sin into Her Life and As You Mentioned, I Listed Mine. I Went Wow One after the Other after They Were 28 People like Coach Carter Is a Godsend in My Life at Different Times to Speak Those Truths in the Me in Unique Ways. Still, with the Message That This Is Love Is Coming through.

If You Can Hear God the Father's Love through Cards. Coach Carter and I Don't Think You Have Your Team, You're Truly Not Listening to the Heart That's behind It in God's Not These People Are Taking God's Place. Jesus Using Them to Help Get to Us. Maybe in a Way Were Not Allowing Him to Her to Reconfirm Some Things Are Helpless to See It from a Different Perspective. And so He's Using These People in Our Lives to Become an in and Really Does Help Us Move through a Difficult Place and Then a Severe an Opportunity to Think about Some People That's Fathered You in Some Situations Yeah Manny and a Couple of Years Sitting in This Room Right Now. In Particular, I Want to Mention Robbie Because There Was That There Was a Time Just Recently Back in March When I Was Having a Really Tough Time and Called Robbie on the Phone.

He Called Me. I Don't Remember Which. But We Were Getting Ready for Boot Camp Where We Could to Out Of a Boot Camp He Called to See If I Was Coming to Boot Camp Heard What Was Going on with Me and He Been Reading Isaiah 61 and He Said I'm Just Can Proclaim This Right Now. The Year of Dennis and Just Spoke Love to Me Spoke Hope to Me and and I Have To Tell You That's Lasted That's Lasted from That Time to Now. That Was the Start of It. Sam You Been Involved in It As Well, but That Brought Some Change into My Life and Him Telling Me There's a Bigger Picture God Was Using Him to Say There's a Bigger Picture for You Than How You Feeling Right at This Moment and What's Going on with You Right at This Moment and I See These Things down the Road for You and He Used Robbie in Such an Awesome Way Using His Word Using God's Word so Yeah What a Great Experience That Was. I Think There Are Times in You Can Look Back and Say Okay I Understand When People Are Close to Me. Maybe God Using Them, but As a Been Sometimes When Is Somebody Completely Out Of the Blue, or Someone That You Wouldn't Say Was Really Grounded in the Gospel. We Have A Lot Of Friends and I Can Put Robbie on His Father. Robbie Is a Guy I Know That Is in the Bible Every Single Day. We Have Some People Including Me and Says Everyday Robbie Is There Every Day and so We Know That He's Is Grounded in a Bit. As Urban Times in the Gods Used Other People, Not Necessarily from a Christian Perspective, the Father You in the Midst of Some Things, How I Can Basketball Coach. Similarly, I Because This Is a Young Boy. If You Read My Upcoming Book, the Legend, a Banana Pants Because I Was 6 Foot Five and I Had Regular Corduroys and I Weighed 135 Pounds and I Was Following All of My Own 2 Feet and and I Filed Out Of This Game Because I Could Barely Walk without Falling Every Time I Fell Another Player They Call If They Didn't Realize It. You Can't Walk in so As I Came Out Of the Game on the River Forget That Coach Just like Those on Labor and He Spoke Love in the Me like Your You Didn't Fall out This Unit.

They Dismissed It. And Even Though He Was Disagreeing with Rafe Did It in Such a Loving Way Is Something I Will Never Ever Ever Forget Because What He Was Tell Me Samoset You Tell Me Quite Often As You Got a Good Heart and I Know You Didn't Mean to Follow and You Are Trying to Play the Game and I Knew You Were Trying to Play the Game and He Spoke That into Me the Time It Was Just like I Was Just Totally Detect You Know It. We Talked about This Topic Often on and in It I Think It's One That God Will Continually Bring to You. Some People in the past and Also Currently Uses Event Today. I Told about the Meeting. Without That Is Just What I Mean Talk about Something Else and and God Had a Message for Me and It Wasn't That I Was Avoiding God to Guide You As My Friend out to Get My Attention and Turn Me Back to the Father to Ask the Right Question and That Was Really Pretty Cool for Me to Have That Happen. We Have a Clip on My Go to and Then Organize Back and Talk about a Little Bit, but It's a Summary of What Happens in These Guys Lives. They They Go Ahead Night They Get Their Grades Turned around. They Have a Pretty Decent Basketball Year within They Have Another Meeting That They're Not Done.

What Happens Is Someone Comes in and Cuts the Locks off the Gym.

So Think a Practice Incident to Have This Team Meeting and I Had a Good Year yet Is in You and I Going to This Team Meeting and Listen to What the Boy Said. Now the Locks Please Cut and Cut off Their Still Gathered with a Been Gathering to Study and the Coach Walks into Listen to How This Tacos Cannot Make Us Think We Decided to Finish What You Started Yesterday Must Be Coach I Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are Not. I Deepest Fear Is That We Are Powerful beyond Measure Is on Right Now in Darkness That Most Frightens Us. Your Playing Small Does Not Serve the World. There Is Nothing Enlightened about Shrinking so That Other People Won't Feel Insecure around You Will All Meant to Shine, As Children Is Not Just in Some of Us and Everyone. And As We Let Our Own Light Shine, We Unconsciously Give Other People Permission to Do the Same As We Are Liberated from Our Own Fear, Our Presence Automatically Liberates Others. So I Just Want to Say Thank You Saved My Life. Thank You so If You Haven't Seen the Movie, Spoil It so You Can Still Watch As Seen the Movie, the One That's Talking at the End That's Doing the Nelson Mandela Quote Right Robbie That Had a Minute It Is Doing the Quote, Which I Thought Was Actually Just from the Movie, That's How Much I Was the Same Weather Walked out Is the Same Boy That Walked out and Said You Know I Am Given up on Going to Go There in His Life Was Turned Drastically around Now This Is All Based on True Story Which Makes It Incredibly Cool That a Coach Cared That Much to Risk It All to Impact These Boys Lives and so As You Listen That That's Such a Great Clip Would Eat What You Pull from That to Me There's a Phenomenal Truth That We Find. Actually in Psalm Two and David Said It Was Just Grab My Attention Completely. Actually This Morning but David Said in Psalm 42 That How Long Will You People Turn My Glory into Shame, Meaning That Wow I Have This Glory and My Biggest Fear May Not Be That I Fail My Biggest Fear May Be That I Succeed at Some Level Where I'm Called upon to Continue to Prove to Succeed at That Level, Which Is Is a Really Scary Thing and and John Eldridge in His Book, Wake the Dead Magnet Talks about One Time He Gave Us Tremendous Performances and Actor and He Got the Standing Ovation. People Are Crazy He Ran off the Stage Scared to Death and I Can Totally Relate to It a Different Level in That One Time I Had an Opportunity Be on Fox and Friends in New York City and They Were However Many Million People Watching That God Gave Me an Opportunity to Do and Not in the Same Exact Way As I Was Reading John Eldridge Is Worth.

I Remember How I Ran from the Studio Go to Try to Hide Someone Because of What That Is like to Be Unclothed in Your Glory Is Phenomenally Similar to What Elijah Did You Read the Scripture Really Did As Well and so Say Okay God I Let You Father Me Right Now the Situation I'm in Today. How Do I Let You Father Yes with My Kids Just with My Spouse Yes with Work. How Do You Father Me and How My Walking Away from You When I Don't Even Know It Was a Messenger Need More Information on Upcoming Events and Listen to past Podcast Could Amass concerning Have a Great Day

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