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Grace: The Struggle to Recieve It When You Are GULILTY*** CLICK TO LISTEN

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 16, 2014 12:30 pm

Grace: The Struggle to Recieve It When You Are GULILTY*** CLICK TO LISTEN

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus masculine one feels more like a losing battle for the show go back and listen to someone for a while were on it and even every week I'm on is not even Labor Day Eve you I can feel at some point in September or late August will have the weather feels like falls in there already does.

Now there's something come up right after Labor Day would be really cool to come talk about that you have that someone we are and I couldn't be more excited bits. The dove camp and its like the topic we are going to talk about today.

You can swim elephant can swim around and how deep that subject is for me and that it's an opportunity maybe for people to remember how to before, but it's more of an opportunity to meet with God and have an opportunity. Perhaps experience some freedom that Jesus offered that you may not of expression for this is the whole chance for your whole family and so if I ask you, just very succinctly what is Doug camp could even give a very quick answer to that. I'll do my best. September through the seventh that Friday afternoon we will meet together will have some wonderful talks similar to what we would have a boot camp and talk to an extent that might about the hunt that will take place on Saturday, so Saturday morning I noticed him hunting than during the day were to do some talks for you to eat some great food Saturday night and play the movie. What if, which is a phenomenal movie with Kevin Sorbo like one of my favorite movies of all time actually great family night great family movie. By the way, and then Sunday morning we have some worship lined up for.

That's out of this world cool and I just verify that today. Actually, Sam.

You don't even know this I don't Cameron Horner, who does joy in the midst the young man in the wheelchair will be one of our speakers on the talks that we are giving on Sunday so that's awesome, but it really will be so much that I I'm just excited as I can be to be out there in Jacksonville in a cornfield with tense and stuff my daughter asked the question.

At lunch the other day, dad. Are you really going to shoot does you should happen now is not here, but you know he's been the last two years and in the doves. You know it's is like watching the movie that we talked about last week. It's beginning to get a little embarrassing us by members and close enough to have a heart attack and all browser seminary review helpline is closed out was possible to get inside and out to meet Karen would be worth again was such a cool guy you got to know them at the last boot camp that we ride and what is just an awesome awesome young man and I really think they'll be as many people are not humming as there are hunting my wife will certainly not be amongst the hunters and I know a lot of folks are coming out there again just to enjoy the talks in the fellowship in the camping experience will go to mass concerning to get more information on their it is coming up. Would love to have you registered with Robbie's not cooking which is a good thing Dennis is cooking is collator catered and which is really been a better thing, but said that today show is not about dove camp. No it's not what's it about today. Robbie is a subject that my friend Matthew Henry would say is so deep that elephant can swim around in it. If the word is grace and it's it's something that put the more I walk with Christ. The more that word means to me to the point almost come to tears to even think about the ramifications. Grace is something I think if you you you hold a lot of Christians should predicate a lot of different answers to what it really meant. You know it isn't something that you say before you eat.

I don't only talk about saying grace and I'm sure that plays into it, but it is at the totality of our graces that would sell quite sure would not. Dennis, would you think it would so short absolutely nothing be top of mind awareness that you think about that yet you say grace my grandmother's name was Grace, so she asked. He said grace is grace and grace on which we'll get to later you think of the song amazing Grace. But how deep do we really get into what that word means consumer talked about doing the show we were all passionate about doing it for different reasons. I'm probably the most passionate while we are all passion. I can't say most, but the most vocal with his passions Robbie Robbie where he so passionate about this topic because from my standpoint, there's huge misunderstanding about the word and people apply it to so many different things that aren't grace they miss out on the treasurer that is inside of height because the word from John Owen standpoint. The Puritan was equal to Christ and interestingly, Christ didn't use the word, but in one context to use it just in three versus all on the same subject very very very limited so the it's kinda cool how the word fleshed out to be about him rather than himself teaching on the work you told us before we came in studio. The house that with that word picture of the father the son and the Holy Spirit that when John Owen did the community with the triune God. He used a word to illustrate how we commune with each one of the of the Trinity with the father. The word he would use was love. So the father was equated to love note in the case of the sun which would be Christ. The word was Grace in the case of the Holy Spirit.

The word was comforter and so Grace hears this word in John in his gospel, said got Jesus was full of grace and truth. Yet Jesus himself never taught on this didn't have to. You are passionate about the audit of the day you love that he showed a sincere passion passionate about the subject as well but little bit different angle from the angle of the song amazing grace and what that means, which will get into a little bit later on. I did look at the day I did a pull Sam and looked at the definition of biblical definition of grace and based on what Robbie said, you know, it fits in undeserved favor of gifts, the undeserved forgiveness, kindness and mercy that God gives us Christ on the cross was Grace. I guess for me… It's a lot more simple. I struggle to accept grace in their times. Honestly, I struggle to give grace. As a result an answer were not actually listen to a clip about by grace.

We do use clips once while working using two clips one owns her favorite one of our favorite clips of use. A couple times, once a brand-new clips when you set up that one of her favorite clips are Robbie absent loop masterpiece of the movie is limited to Rob and if you've ever seen at the story is John Falzon who would stolen some bread and end up in the French prison horrible situation back before the French Revolution and just tortured almost immensely for just stealing some bread for I believe it was like seven years gets out and what's worse than the imprisonment is now nobody will hire your he can get ready can get anything and he has his yellow passport so he is trying to find somewhere to to get to where is going and some food in some way to sustain himself and he when you pick it up in the movies.

He said not on a park bench, rain and and eight and the lady says what you doing out here, you need to get out the rain. He said there's no place.

Also, I know I'm a point to the church over there and say, have you looked over there when he gets there.

There's this bishop who treats him like in my work might my definition of word grace with favor. He like use of my favorite. I'm so glad you came over here he treats him like that eat treats and a wonderful dinner that uses silver for that night, John Falzon and utter panic gets up, steals all the silver actually hits the bishop and then takes off in a with the silver will pick it up with what happens. There is one of the most remarkable scenes any movie I've got very angry with usual emotional July didn't he tell you he was.

I guess last night. Oh yes, we searched his knapsack found only silver the clippings you gave it to the silverware. Why didn't you check the candlesticks.

That was very foolish MedImmune of infectious silver candlesticks worth at least 2000 French why did you leave them as you Valjean has to get going is lost a lot of time. As you forget to take you saying you told us the truth. Of course, thank you for bringing him back. I'm very relieved please him really letting me go, and you understand the bishop and forget.

Don't ever forget you promised to become a new man must, John, Jean, my brother no longer belong to even with this approach is ransomed you from fear and hatred and now I give you back to God. So how is that grace should grace their business. When you listen that where you are. Grace from the bishop and the bishop and in undeserved gift in undeserved showing of favor.

He certainly didn't deserve it. The bishop's wife didn't think that he deserved it, that's for sure, but he gave in and in the thing that I wrote down what I listen to that again. Earlier this week was a new creation. If you come to me and I and you receive my grace and your new creation. The bishop was essentially saying you go from here. Your new creation. There's an image there that that I is so powerful to me and it turned out powerful in our lives.

Sam that when you see Jean Valjean in the courtyard is he's got a hood over his head but when when the police leave the bishop throws the hood back uncovers amazing naked with nothing to look at but himself. And sometimes we get a look at ourselves like that in that naked feeling it.

It's extremely humbling and what he's doing is bringing out John Falzon's glory and in throwing that hood back and that's what grace does it's it's so hard to accept.

If you're Jean Valjean. He goes out in the rain and tries and scream. How can I take this. How can I accept it, but the truth is that nakedness is where God is dying for us to get back to the same walk into your light nor I liked about several things. I knew it. We played it right a bit of time tempted so powerful in the scene that you didn't see or hear from before that you talk about you know a good meal, a warm meal at a place to sleep for me to be a new man. And that's with the patient comes in our minds and remember you promised to be a new man to give you back to God, and have a lot more this topic coming back to talk by grace replay called the fighting man awesome awesome go to mass country check out this football league you have coming up playing in the 60s, when does Kim family adventure this fall. September 5 through the seventh of camp specifically for folks for the fathering to learn how to hunt, or perhaps just don't have a place to go. I can't because will be intense and that might be in a family adventure because the hunting is just a small part of this weekend all masculine drone events tons of food great talks by both the men and women naturally with great movie clips and most of all covenant assignments time specific time set aside for your whole family to hear from even a movie Saturday night. I think the thing I'm most excited about with that of camp is really learning how to shoot a 12gauge.

I got a Christmas and so kids, my wife and I all got guns for Christmas and it looks like a great opportunity for us to get around some people that know what to do and and really help us learn from. Go register now it masculine journey individuals are hundred and $69 whole family for just $299 masculine journey radio OR under the events. James and John and know about you guys. I listen to set listen, that is so deep and so emotional powerful is the concept that music is something that really speaks to your heart which you can talk a bit about a minute, but what why the song why was it such an important song to you. You want to go look up some the history of, well, amazing Grace and him will get to that my chains are gone I been set free was an additional partner John Newton who wrote amazing Grace in 22 years of age at eight salvation experience on that he was a slave captain of the slave ship thought they were going down with the storm and he came to Christ.

He said he said how far was from God.

At age 22.

The rest of his life was a restoration to God, and you can see is he went through his life at age 47 he was now minister wrote that song as it isn't is a New Year's part of the New Year's service that he was going to do for his church to talk to them about where to get where they were going with their lives, and was influential became friends with William Wilberforce of you ever seen the movie amazing Grace, and in getting slavery abolished in England.

So, what an amazing story that is from that one song if you think about it in the beginning words of amazing grace I once was lost but now found. He said I was totally lost at age 22 but now was found by Christ who gave me a gift. I didn't deserve it used to be my favorite song when I was youth women, Chris Tomlin's version came out. I liked it as well because it is taken even to a bit deeper and deeper different direction while think about grace.

Robbie was talking about grace while ago. What does that mean being set free.

How often do we think of that fruit grace is freedom. You know, grace is a great freedom that we getting you here than you think my chains are gone and I'm not. I don't know about you guys with listening.

But there there a lot of times where I felt rebellious and in my life and that's when you really bound by the chains to talk about someone next week that was bound by chains for most of his life, but being set free and being able to go into works because you no longer have any change to bind you to an amazing thing you think about using credit tenants actually one place to Jesus would certainly teaching about grace is when he quoted Isaiah 61 himself where he said I'm declaring this the year of the Lord's favor.

Which meeting is Dennis is my favorite event is my favorite and then he goes right on the site and same and Sam and some shirts and and set the captives free, which is how that ends up being about one of the examples of that because I've had a chance to walk with Vinnie for almost 20 years.

I guess it's been a long time and how God came after you it in the after years and years and years.

You are John Newton at 22. You are in your 60s right left knee and low 60s and show you amazing grace in ways that are amazing to me this day will you come in here probably night he brought something to my attention that I had totally forgotten about how much grace I have received from God. We knew this lady from church.

It was blind and we had the boat the grace from God to get an operation for half send it to New York to major hospital. Robbie provided the transportation we got her a hotel to stay there anyway. I never felt God so close to me in a rescue way because you know why I just was not a normal all but that's the point that I think that here. Here was the Vinnie is you came up to Rita's death right right and then God began to walk with you and to allow you into those good works which you were talked about that the good works aren't the part where working to earn any part of that grace, but that we get to do once he shown us that's exactly right. And you know for me it was to give myself up totally to God and reply. He provided me with the grace and know it's like you walk with grace and God is with you in providing the grace for me. Anyway, that's the way it works but I love the way you put it when you say he took your soul.

You hate that he took my soul. I definitely wasn't different man and I live the actually I live like he was my boss and I just want to do whatever he told me to do. I went looking for things to solve people's problems and that's actually affecting only do so much. Robbie was a great part of it. You know, at that time because you need money and you need people to join your you know you love helping people and that's where I spent my life since seven, probably since the 97 and I'm walking with God's grace I feel that I feel that immensely, and I will continue to walk in his grace that when I get up there may be a good meal from Adam and hopefully before I forget to mention this because I did forget last week in the next part of this thing about music for you speaks to your heart. So that's how God really comes after your heart comes after. In such a cool way that that you started to do something really pretty cool about it to you would never mention that we want to mention it is you do a blog right that's on the mask and journey website and what's it called, it's called the journey with music and what I do with that is take songs and they may be like the first one was an old Don McLean song together did American pie is called Crossroads and it speaks about how that song has spoken to me might always be about me.

It might be how it spoken to someone else or or biblical truths or untruths from songs, but in most cases are to be secular songs are not Christian music per se, but in we include the song so that you can see that hopefully the lyrics on the songs so anyone that has a passion for music or perhaps you two have have gotten different messages for music.

Music speaks to you in that way.

I invite you to check it out. It's a great article. It was fun. I never heard the song and enjoy something new. So thank you for that. When you get to clip real quick. It's from a movie called a fighting man and it's one that you probably didn't hear a lot about acumen 2014 at James Conley Gossett Junior other people you might recognize that in the storyline in order to pick up the stories you have a boxer who is an older boxers fighting his last fight. You know there's been some tragedy in his life is a story plays out. You don't know what it is and enters in to the scene organ hears a lady named Diane and she's coming in and what we found out about the story so far up until now she was a drunk driver showed double drinking ran a stop sign and killed this man's young boy in a car accident and worry. Pick up there getting reunited again about five years after the event.

He's in the middle preparing for this fight and where we in the story is after the fight.

After some things changed in his heart to listen to where it begins special. Listen to her words and listen to where it ends with his words.

I came here to see for some sex appeal he was letting me see, was around you every day letting you see, another you will forgiveness spent the rest of the painting is see the hate in your myself asking things salvation me as remove talk about the second Vinnie before went to that that clip there something you want to share with you.

I forgot to say, by the grace of God. This Lucille, but we did follow was a total success at 53 was the first time she have the soul of the world and every Sunday when I seen Richard, she would cry and give me a hug and just an unbelievable feeling and thought she had that grace with me and I just wanted everybody to know that it was a success thing.

Thanks. As you guys listen to that clip there so much and then when I do build unpack all of it right now, but what did you hear as you listen to that clip you know for me I heard somebody that they couldn't couldn't give himself grace and I lady you know I don't deserve it.

Don't pray for me and I kinda wonder how many times you've been there. Happy times we live thereof. I've done some things that can't be forgiven that I don't even want to consider being forgiven as you guys listen that what were some of things you pick up and for me that is that is the point where we need the deep cleansing of Christ.

There's no way without his sacrifice we can get forgiveness for ourselves and and it's an acceptance of the gospel that's required that when I get a really good look at what my real motives weren't all that stuff. There's no way that I'm not guilty that I can go back to that point of innocence that I can go back to that point of being naked and not be ashamed. And that's what Jesus offers and can you accept may not bill or forgive ourselves, but it is a plumber except God over all that you said Robbie next week show. I'm really excited about having Todd in the studio with his timecards in the back room talk about topic that's not necessarily fun when it's about depression were to talk about Robin Williams using his clips and this really dig into the topic of what does depression look like lives, and especially the lives of men who really don't talk about thanks for walking with us today.

We hope you walk in grace Nancy check out the death camp is coming up to finish football and check out Dennis's blog is incredible masking journey. Thanks and have a great day

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