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Forgiveness: click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 13, 2014 12:30 pm

Forgiveness: click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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One. Jesus makes masculine why feels more like a losing battle, and something less.

Glad to have the post to hear some slick side. That's good. I am excited about the show today in different ways. He knows as you listen to the intro. It says that as many twists and turns right and there is some guidance needed in the mass going journey and I think that there are times that we help guide each other.

That way there's always times and God helps guide us and God uses different ways in for me this is a topic that I've needed some guidance on from time to time, and I'm sure that you guys might relate would you say that that's been your nine. I would set the topic at on keeping on.

Suspect that's the Taser. It is all no doubt that there is a lot of parts that are given over to this one where the topic really talk about today is forgiveness, and so were going to talk little bit about forgiveness and and why they were called to forgive why that's something it's pretty important in Scripture there's deftly more than a couple scriptures that deal with it in Jesus actually says that from the cross and so forgiveness is something that's quite important to our walk between us and God in between us and other people and so you delve into that today and just talk little bit about that and talk a little bit about what happens if you stay in that unforgiven place and what some of the effects it can happen to you.

And so Robbie is talking about this topic initially with all over the place with this topic a little bit heavenly because he got all sorts aspects to it. Forgiveness of yourself. Forgiveness of others you know just forgiveness throughout the day little bitty family forgiveness is there's there's a lot of stuff there as being able to accept goodness right sometimes that goes along with forgiving yourself. And so I'd like to actually get into the clip pretty early to set up why were talking about this topic and this is from a movie called October baby and in this movie.

This girl has found out that she was adopted and her birth parents had tried to have her boarded and that wasn't successful and she was adopted in she was back to meet her birth mother and she still doesn't want relationship with her and so the girls been on a trip to find out something about her past and she finds out she had a brother at one point in the pickup. This the scene sitting in church with the pastor.

I guess the priest as might be and she's talking with him in a way you just listen to this exchange and where he goes with her forgiveness. Like Alice, like I feel hatred for myself and others. I see this 99 for St. Paul the apostle letter to the church and said God we should give each other you give is beyond my son shall set you free free from the NIV Colossians 313 says bear with each other and forgive one another. If any of you have a grievance against someone.

Forgive as the Lord forgave you as part of that letter from Paul, the church and colossi and so as we talk about this topic. It's one that we know the important right Ali Sarah Godwin of devoted a lot of attention to it. It's it's important for our own hearts as you listen to that clip bow and this girl first.

She says she's hatred for herself and for others but what's what's up priest really telling her that she needs to let go of. Why is he telling her that because forgiveness is the road to healing and the destination is restoration and that's what every human being since the beginning of time in the fall is seeking to Romeo. If I ask you the question I just decide not to forgive Jan forget I'm not going to let that person off the hook. What's really happening to your heart.

That's the challenges that you've got a party your heart that is now tied up in this bitterness in a Bitterroot in a complaint that it is continually dealing with. And if you've ever experienced it and I know I have many talk just recently.

It play scripts at your heart all night long.

You'll see things that you should say to that person. Things that you should do that person ways to protect yourself. All sorts of things are that your heart will throw at you and trying to deal with this that you are holding onto. In the result is you cannot be wholehearted because your heart is now consumed with that which is holding onto the bitterness.

This pain and sorrow. If you think about a heart patient who only has 1/3 of their heart, working, functioning how limited is there life that I think it's a great analogy Robbie because think of it as your heart is being held hostage. It can be freed.

You can regain full wholehearted nests, but it comes at the same forgiveness that you are given. It the enemy knows that you have a Lego of it, he knows it and so he pours it on and I don't how much of that comes from your heart and your hearts holding that broken piece and it's not gonna let it get healing when it's essentially what's happening and then the enemy is just looking at that he's is porn on all the stuff on top of it in with those thoughts with those things that come out yet. You know trying to suggest this in some way or trying to seek read read revenge redemption or something in that order in and so it's a it's a it's a great foothold for him to have access in your life. Ask a question Sam if unforgiveness or a garage is a storm. How hard is it to get to the far side of that storm.

This a math equation particular something in there that was about five. I go to try to throw something that's just off the wall.

But before you.

I think that's the magic question. How hard is it to get there and what are those things that keep you from going there it's really different for everything, every issue you ever had and it will always be different because relationships are different. People are different and circumstances are different.

We have a few minutes to get a break now going talk about this next clip from the movie, mom's day out. This is a new movie, it's that she's been released on DVD to great one. But this is a mom who has this picture of a perfect mom and she cannot hold her seller which you hold yourself to that standard.

She just hold yourself accountable and feels like a failure and how hard I try I just cannot, for who not enough any Sean my mother now you work three never met Monday and get up early and walked to school, but waited for her coming home from the diner I wake up every night she'd come home and she tell me some same thing. He loved what to do for you.

Jesus will always be living with his arms open wide, just for being so much yourselves exhaust Lord made a mistake. Given your kiddo so you just be you. If your heart is held hostage situation like that, you're not able to give full wholehearted love to your family and we can you see will Robbie was talking about your just bound up in you can accomplish the love that God put you on this earth for now, we don't.

I'm not seeing the movie and I have but we don't. I don't know the rest of the story this, but there's something it's happened in her life. It's led her to believe that she is not enough there something that she's made an agreement to something that she not forgiven herself for a lot of times and I was kinda some appointment to talk about that that forgiveness of yourself sometimes gets in the way he gets in the way of being able to forgive others. It's hard to treat someone else's heart better than your Nutri your own. At times some people can do that beat up their own heart. Really, the way we treat ourselves is often the way will treat others and if you live such a high standard of yourself you can't forgive yourself. You probably struggle for giving other people that a good friend of mine that challenge me with that last week a little bit saying thing that topic and I start to think about that and that's that's part of my story will come back a little bit is not forgiving self is a big part of that talk little bit more about unforgiveness and what it really looks like. To forgive in a way that you can forgive even listen messenger to come back and listen the more this great topic podcast we had in the past amassing journey you can look at anything we may have coming up in the events amassing journey phone your tablet, your iPad graduate just became radio that's right you take the Truth Network with you everywhere. Now they start brand-new Truth Network That's right. Listen to Dr. Michael Brown line of fire. The Christian truth, thought life. All of our programming 24 seven) your hand fracture out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport can plug into the Truth Network just go to download the new free app Truth

It's the most advanced technology available engineer with over 200 sensory receptors is altering design is beautifully formed with the resistant reliable, astonishingly high performance even the most challenging of circumstances. It is also the finest search technology in the world. There's nothing else quite like a search dog be part of the search Google search on to see how you can help you in the last thing on your mind. The pain just give forgiveness that is were talking about today and it is something that's hard to do sometimes is not really too hard enough. I order sandwiches order with pickles and they forget to put pickles on I can probably forget that most days I can forgive that. What if it's something that's really important. What if it's something that was really meaningful to you.

What if it's a betrayal. What if it's a situation where you depended on somebody and they weren't there right does get a lot closer and I get a lot harder because it's more personal and what makes those hard guys with vascular question. What makes the situations heart that Sonia displayed. For example, was written because Matthew West try to help the lady get over drunk driver that he killed her son, and you know the thought of how would how would you do that, that this person made choices to that led to the death of your child that was your future you dream in all those things that that comes from and your heart is all tied up in that person. So naturally, now you've got your heart tied up in unforgiveness.

You know, if we were to put some specific things as pride not get in the way of forgiveness does grief like in the way forgiveness just the heart.

You have all you have those. I think sometimes you have fear of vulnerability if I forgives and I want to put myself in a position to be vulnerable again and we talked a bit about before the break of forgiving yourself and why that's important for me. I struggle with that actually probably do a better job of forgiving others that I do forgiving myself as I have a high expectation of myself.

I know that I knew better and I know that doesn't it's silly, but it's really something that in the past is help me and that's what makes it so hard to break because it's kept me from going back to things that I knew were good because I had it like a control mechanism. It really doesn't work long term but that the problem is it works. Short-term and then becomes us long-term embedded thing and it gets in the way of healing in a person who lives in an unforgiven state becomes that bitter old man or that better old lady. I did just is just soured on the world is anything that you plan will grow. Now there is no doubt that you hold onto those things like that, especially for yourself and I love that passage from John Allen when he said it takes the deep cleansing of the blood of Jesus Christ. For me, when I find myself those places you talk about Sam. It's it's there.

I understand more of what happened at Calvary because Jesus question. Did I pay enough to get this over, robbing you know your you you hold yourself accountable did I pay enough is enough. There to overcome what it was that you think you did and what you did in fact will anything they just a good point about perfection know we hold everybody to the standard of perfection. We strive to be perfect and expect things of other people expect them to meet that asked that expectation. But you're only made perfect in the blood of Jesus Christ. No other way.

Any other perfection is just the perfection of man to fall short robbing when you are talking about the Matthew West song rate you know in becomes a question, are there things that are unforgivable neck and allegiance to the Clifton address the interpreter clip silent. I took out and went to check me right now jamboree that this clip is meant just a world to me since I found it I have actually seen the movie so I can speak to the movie but I do know in the clip. The lady apparently has lost a child of hers to landmine or make discussion I discussed that for second the tribal ritual that she describes a letter say it and then Emily go back and and and unpack some of what that is in the Christian life that God showed me a tremendous thing that he had come after my heart, what are you not telling me accusing me of how you feel about Sewanee. Nevermind I don't care for him.

What about rage of all the people that I looked into.

Since the thing started the Limited darkest Sewanee history. She is landmine. I currently weigh between you and me actually thinking. Thinking the company family connection meet just tinkering Creek.

There's powerful stuff at the end of that vengeance is lazy, former grief and the thing that can we admit that life isn't really just an as I was listening to that clip and starting to picture this person totally vulnerable.

The person with the drowning mare. Now he needs mercy from the people that he injured and all of a sudden God reminded me of how he had put me in that position where the person that it deeply deeply wounded me was now totally vulnerable to my judgment and he took me back to the dealership that I own in Marksville and in my office manager who had embezzled the tax funds in all those things and as it came to pass the North Carolina Department of revenue called me and asked me to testify against her and that night as I was processing what I might say you can imagine that my heart was tied up there and there were a lot of skip scripts being run that God showed up at night and he showed me exactly what the judge re-told me exactly what the judge was to ask me which was Robbie. How much time would you give her for what she's done to you, your family, your employees and Westside Chrysler and the next day I found myself there and just as God told me the judge asked me that question and I was sitting on the witness stand.

I was looking at my office manager that she was a 66-year-old grandmother. Her eyes were cold. They used to be encouraging when she is to come to our Bible study she was a deep friend but now I looked there she was again she was no different than that African paladins and drowning in the river. Her life was drowning mare and the judge wanted to know how much time I should give her my thought as I was recalling this while God you put me in exactly the same position as what this clip is talking about this person that is wounded me was totally vulnerable before me, and now it was my input that would decide somewhat. Her fate, and how much time that she which Britain spent in prison. The judge would let me off the hook because I tried to say will judge you know you're the judge. You know, August is another Robbie and I really took off that easy. I want to know how much time should you spend in prison. I said Your Honor I don't think the North Carolina would be served at all by having a 66-year-old grandmother in prison.

I don't see how that serves the state of North Carolina. But when I go home tonight. There's can be 20 employees lost her job. Lots of folks that lost their little lives. My kids lost their house in their cars and their lifestyle. I can't look at them and say she got away with it, so can't it give me the dignity and the ability to in some ways, reach out there and untie her as she was swimming in the river and she could tell I know she could tell from my demeanor that the forgiveness was there and got it unleashed it somehow through the transaction that was there. We were face-to-face there in the courtroom and as I thought about that over the last 24 hours. I realize well that happened to me. Another time in my life, but also happen to King David was Saul when he was in the cave and he was totally vulnerable to another time when he was in the camp and he was totally available to him as I wonder you, the listeners you listen to this right this minute, as God ever given you the dignity of having this person literally tore your world and now you are in the position of are you gonna let them drown. Are you going on tithing. In Matthew seven it says with a measure that you use will be measured against you think what happened in King David's heart because he gave King Saul, that mercy and how he could later give himself mercy when he himself was a murmur and so I don't understand all the spiritual aspects of exam.

I really don't. But there's obviously some close connection between justice and mercy and bitterness and resentment towards all these are connected somehow another spiritually and when you choose mercy and and.

And somehow or another that releases some part of that bitterness that that your heart is holding onto because clearly as I think about Frankie. To this day. I know a lot of people are very bitter about her. I completely there is nothing there. I am totally good that I completely credit God with coming for me through that process of what this lady is describing that the staff contracted in it did exactly what your heart Robbie I know you said about we say good what did you do your heart when you forget it.

Sent Frank. That's really the question is a question that we all have is this some degree were all in the driver seat to little bit, especially fear around the person around the people on a pretty regular basis that your kinda holding hostage. Are you kinda in that seat already and I guess a question I would have is really for you holding hostage at the end of the day your own heart and talk about the seeds that are planted. What's easy planning because it's avoiding a wreath down the road if you're planning forgiveness. You have an opportunity for true joy and hope in the things the abundant life that Jesus promised if you're planning seeds is unforgiveness. You have bitterness, hardness, all those things that are going to come so which seeds are you willing to plant today that's totally with me.

Thank you for listening to mask injury for more information on Sarah to ask his questions with some great blogs on their wares and past podcast. You can listen to just appreciate you and thanks for listening to this.

Have a great day

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