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Create In Me A Clean Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 15, 2014 12:30 pm

Create In Me A Clean Heart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 15, 2014 12:30 pm

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Jesus masculine one feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, no well we're so glad to have you with us new member version of messenger you gently mid-November mid-November to know people. So when you get older time passes quicker.

Rob is a passing erotic flashing before my balances. It's passing so quickly.

It started with just a couple weeks were going to be Thanksgiving seemed like it wasn't that long ago that it was winter time, but I guess it does sound a lot like sorry for taking the Mike Robbie, could you give us a little bit of background on the first thinking I would benefit Robbie had to be identified. If you haven't been listening show would you like to pick on a friend Rob it's because we loving and Robbie gives us a hard time off the air. If you been listening for a while, you might notice we haven't updated on fantasy football. That's primarily because I'm losing so I don't like to talk about that. We will update on our website this week so if you look and see how were don't have listeners on their be great to hear who's doing well is one of my division. I think your son has his job is today showed moving on to really why were here today were going talk about a topic that he thinks really pretty relevant force on a daily basis. You started talking about this is, as a group last week and Dennis kinda brought it to us and turn it over to you to ensure the Scripture and some of your thoughts that the letters to the show today.

I just got caught up. I got my bifocals caught up when you read this to you. It's from Psalm 51 created me a pure heart of God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Do not cast me from your presence, or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me as part of it on Monday before last. We were talking last week about my living waters Monday that Robbie kinda dubbed it with his Jeremiah 9 conversation and him in one of the many talks I had that day and all pastor friend of mine, Ty Totten and I stood outside and talked for a while and we were kinda getting at some things that were coming up for for me again some some past agreements some things that the enemy was trying to attack me with and had been doing for a couple weeks. At that point and he suggested this, he said that he said the prayer of David is what he called it. He said Psalm 51 want you to go to that, he said, what would it look like if you start your day every day with those words, if you went to that and ask God to do just that created me a pure heart of God just like David did and that's how this all kind of came about and then I think God spoke to you about the next day really was as long the lines of one of those things that you keep trying to come in and rob you of a heart you know it was your talk right then I started think okay we become new Christians accept Christ as their Savior. We get in a new heart with Vanessa Scripture says where new creations in Christ. So why would we be praying, at some point to purify our heart is because enemy comes after the world comes after tries to file stuff on it to clouded to make things seem so clear some days really opaque on other days and so this is where you get and it's okay. What are the things that the enemy in the world try to throw on me consistently that I need to try to pray off saying God I need you to purify me to renew the spirit in me the spirit to sustain it because it attacks coming again incident as you have the first clips were going talk about learning is a music clip that was times wanted to set up and talk about what you want to say to set it up in the back talk a bit more about actually this is that just a little bit of the part of what Paul McCartney called that the little metal ditty that John asking the right because he was writing a song called that ultimately became a day in the life and John had written a couple of verses straight out of the newspaper essentially had had said this is the kind of thing you wake up in the morning and read about and then he asked John to go off and write this middle party said dirt fault the golf like this other party said you have run out of ideas can come up with something for the middle so we went right this part and not what Paul came back with was this because my drink, go help us understand why that song speaks to this topic for what day in the life out of Tyler morning start off every day for a lot of folks, you heard the alarm clock.

There then it's rush rush rush you get ready as quick as we can get off the work you he was grabbing the bull's to get off the work and then getting there in that last bar he got into work and wanted to try to grab a smoke real quick just sounds exactly like most people's typical warnings. The guys I wanted to ask you something. What did you not hear there. What did he miss out on Robbie. I can get a bath, he didn't know our shower is no mention of prayer, no prayer, but shower stamps that a little bit more sure that people do smile on and all the countries he's not from America but I'm sure they still sweat yeah and that was kind of the point I was getting enough to smell it.

Well maybe the smelly part out because you know we get up in the morning. Why me in the smelly part. I don't know when I thought about that.

Initially the other day, you just came to mind for is top of mind awareness with Albert that you would laugh about this a little bit because it was you get up in the morning.

You've got the you got all the crust and the dirt from the day before everything that's happened from the time you went out yesterday morning and all the stuff that's happened the night which for me and will not get into. There can be some things that go on there were the enemies come in after you. If you go if you do like Paul did, and you and you go and you don't you don't take that you'll take that bath of living water don't have the showers of living water. Then it builds up on you and pretty soon now someone's going to notice that you can't smell and then you're going to notice that your cat, you may hide away after a while because you been smelly for a while and you realize the church, smelly yourself and the thing I thought about with the analogy with that is that if we don't allow God to cleanse us and if we don't participate in that process.

Then, things can get pretty smelly sample they can get pretty rough yeah I usually look to see about where the Pfizer is kind account congregating. It's time to shower that you do have to pray that you have to ask God to kinda break some of the stuff the enemies been throwing on you.

That could be just the world's values.

It could be trying to get you to buy and old agreements about yourself about God, about other people. It could be lots of different things could be bringing up old sins of your pastoral brokenness, but there's a way that God is look just come to me with your concerns.

I will help purify your heroes, David's asking that makes a difference doesn't now you had this where you really practice this at one point in your life and practice it now, but we're talking before the show a few days ago about this time in your life where God really just interceded on a daily basis was something important you know that is something that has blessed me throughout my lyre throughout my Christian life waking up and the first thing I do is I got out. Well I don't get a couple coffee but I do get a monster, I guess that was a shameless plug but if I get something to drink and I start read my Bible and have a highlighter in the things I don't understand.

Look up highlight it and I look it up afterwards and then a pray and in the salon that Solomon I love the way you spoke about it because what is he do he goes down humility. That's the first thing that I do is I recognize all my weaknesses in my sins and where I was at my lowest point in where my father has brought me to and I continually have fought through you note for my for my past, there were anger issues.

There was insecurity different things like that and father's given me strength to fight this on a daily basis. So you had a clip you wanted to play. Would you talk a bit about the clip sure this is from fireproof and it's amazing to me when how many people have said all isn't that just the way it is in real life. So if you know what you listen to the same. Why don't you get all you that there are two people living in this house and both of them need to eat. If you would communicate what you have to make everything so difficult. Making everything difficult seems to carry no weight on you.

Excuse me.

I'm working the pain is more favorable to the cars which you agreed to do there do not like this house you like a call you first thing about pressure and pulse fires for myself 2 AM myself for myself.

You have no idea why go through. You can find. I will not let Cheryl get from you, me, me, me, you want out.

No, contrary to popular belief, this is not Robbie and Sam before the show.

Nobody wanted to test her theory for doing better thinkers like you did well. So talk little bit about RBC.

That's not you clip it right are some elements of anger we have about 45 seconds we get a break.

Let's touch a little bit will talk about coming back from break.

God help you break that cycle, well the first thing I did is I recognize my flaws.

Had you had to go humbly and sake. You got to change me and that's what I love about the movie is he goes through that process. In the movie. It's only for a few weeks but it's a lifelong process. It's not a destination. It's a journey and note for me I had to go through no a lot of changes, a lot of fighting the demons within and not letting that past attack. My family often that anger is a is a result not necessarily the cause or something underneath is causing that anger. And so letting God come in and work on the cause will help you with micro talk about that tomorrow.

Going to visit one of Robbie's clips and looking forward to Evan Almighty. One of my clips from the show lost. If you want to know how this time Bethune fashioned her new radio. Thank you. Us to start something for Facebook asking journey radio phone your tablet your iPad gradually just became a radio that's right you take the Truth Network everywhere.

Now they start a brand-new Truth Network app that's right.

Listen to Dr. Michael Brown the light a fire, the Christian truth, thought life, all our programming 24 seven) pressure out of range of your radio or traveling in a busy airport. You can plug into the truth that will just go to download for you Truth will be difficult being a servicemember called that's why there's the yellow ribbon program.

We helped thousands of National Guard and reserve members ensure their families are taken care of when they return will talk a little bit about today and if you listen to before the would be what it If you didn't listen to before the break. Go back and listen to that I think you find it a little funny but anyway were talking about a clean heart a pure heart restore in me and the such as mentioned in Psalm only Paul talks about killing the old man are sacrificing old self that something you need to do policy.

This is something that to try to bring back up and when we left while you're talking a little bit about this journey you're on. You continue to be on about just moving past old anger issues in your life and also little bit more about that.

You know, one of the things that had to happen was had a recognizable wife was used for anybody out there can be your spouse and I had to watch the way I spoke because you have the words, but you also have the vocals.

The tone of your voice and I had to change the tone of my voice. I had to change. What bothered me what I was gonna let go of and that that is been even now there are things that bother me and I don't say anything, but let go of it is an issue right but it's a process so long is it's a lifelong process and it's much easier.

You don't have to fight through as much, but God is constantly involved and that all along the way. Obviously not distended on your own. Now there is there. There's a constant.

I call it bathing in humility when I get up in the morning and my prayer. The first thing I do is I start talking. I go back to the moments when I was just deepened my sin. Not that taking that sin back and owning it, but I recognize where I was and that she has brought me to this point and he has changed and he's purified me now. I've had that I've made strong gains and I made no losses but note that one of the greatest things that come out of this is the way my family and I interact that when when I do get frustrated before I lose my temper.

You know will pray about it. The I've given them complete control permission to say what we pray about this and another tech for you may look a little different than the attack for doing this right is the enemy tries to use what's worked in the past. He tries to use what he knows is been effective. You want to try to rob from you that that those things that God is giving you are reminding you of, and I want to go and play the clip that are chosen that the TV show lost in this clip Jack is talking to his grown son, but late teenage son just about this topic of having what it takes.

When I come back and talk about that a little bit when I was your age I got it in one single failure to say to me. He said that I didn't have what it takes my whole life going on around you. I will do what you do in my eyes you can never fail to be a part of your life for me. That attack more times than not, is that the identity level Satan used to give me thinking about soon things I'm not proud of, will have those in your life are things we wish to set with setter diamonds that you long time ago got help me get through most of that is not nearly the attack uses now it's the attack on the in my place with God and often got has to intercede. I have to be good at inviting him anything. I need you as I try to strong-arm and it doesn't always work but to invite him in, say, God, I need your help here because honestly I have no clue what to do in cattle so you know what you do have what it takes I will be there with you but at the end that he just wants that relationship is just so powerful and there to hear it in my eyes from father to son in my eyes you can never fail. I think your summary times a world tries to tell you meet whoever your failure because of this, or your failure because of that, by their standards, not by God. That's an interesting contrast to talk about it because you know I'm still going through some of those things Sam with dealing with some things of the past and I wasn't making light in the shower thing earlier.

That's the dirt from a that that needs to come off need to be cleansed, but God is that what I'm hearing you say is God's after the same thing is coming after us is and he's coming after sin away. The count contradicts what the enemies been doing because it at the end of the day. He wants union with you really don't like to talk with you a bit about your clip you have a really cool clip.

I love this clip but also bit about the clip or tell us what everyone told Charlie to turn it right now the clip I have is from the movie Evan Almighty 11 is a TV host who runs for office and next thing you know he's a Sen. in the U.S. Senate and he had said that he wanted to change the world infected. Pray tell God that honestly when you looked at it. I don't know that he believed really exist. And I think for me a lot of mornings I wake up in God's not real and I think for a lot of folks is God real in their life because if he was real in their life. You act the same way if he is not real and so Evan didn't act as old object existed at all until God really did show up and he really like you said, he came after 11. I mean everywhere he turned, it was gopher wood which will mean really get the little gopher on the wood if you know my sense of humor like I could to spend days on that subject, but he went after Evan all over the place. On the one issue that I saw was central to the movie is that he was real and he and he really wanted to engage Evan on something that Evan said that he wanted and so for me as I look at my own life. One of the struggles I fight is is all this real or is it all make-believe and if I come back to that point and I love what Dennis is talking.

God, create in me, not just good behavior. What he wants a pure heart and a steadfast in other words, I'm home on the fact that you really are God, you really do exist and you want to play a part my life. Well Evan because he engages with God. Next thing you know he's got a relationship and every morning he's waking up working on the ark. He's build an ark that is a flautist and God become so real to that that reality changed all the behave, but that wasn't what he was after what was what he was after was that relationship and within that relationship. They have fun which we all know it's doing the dance and so what equipment you should I now issue a new commandment I I'm so everybody my new commandment is that it's okay we can just we can just say that wow that's the deal for me. The movie is you see Evan and God doing the beans and they have this relationship and it's real and you know Evan's heart is been changed because of one gigantic issue that when I look across the counter with her that man over there the day that God became real for Vinnie is the day everything in the same thing in my life, and many other people in God chooses to come after you and make himself real but then we've got to renew that everyday and enemy wants to play the play.

The slice a little bit you know where forgetful creatures right right you know you want to try to why is it that we remember bad things forever. We have a hard time holding on to good things is enemy knows that he can rob us that way. Whether that good thing is just a great moment with God and so I never used to Journal I didn't do that a lot more now as if I don't remember all the things that God's done intervening in my life all the things that he's he's done to make my world different is I had a great analogy the other day and it may or may not apply because right now not do know that I missed or got hit is the thing I got a couple times last but it's it's a concept of Novocain go to the dentist and you get a shot right they can give you a shot and they walk out to come back in and they say are you are you know now in you will so yeah I am but with this ASCII Dennis detailing exact moment Vietnam answer be no not really to somewhere along the way. That's kind of the way it is with the way the enemy of Texas a lot of times is he just gradually does it through erosion. But the other thing that he does he robs from us that trip that we've been on that we lose sight of Lucite that when we look back or not that person or not that angrier when not that sin anymore than we thought we were. We do know that God is real by any treasure.

Rob us from that, but not like this pic appoints only Saddam said I'm to put a mark here like they used to do back in the old a rubbing when they used to put over there put the roster Jacob build altars all over the place to remind them of workout is a pretty common thing. But we don't do those types of things in our life to remind us of those things. So this daily renewal is vital. Dennis is it something we again went on the spot obit is that something you been trying to practice. Yes, very much so. And I just like to ask the listener to think about this tomorrow as you start your day and hear God saying this to you while you relax in my presence, I am molding your mind and cleansing your heart, I'm re-creating you into the one I designed actually.

What a great passage if we got is take you back to that place, that place before everything that happened the way that he so easily continues to see you is who you are as a person we want to remind you that sweet status. Take time to mourn together.

I invite you and purify my heart cleans me renewing me my spirit on this adventure together. Today I don't know where were going to be okay because I'm going with you. Thanks for going with this is weekly. To be with us next week and hope you're safe over the coming days

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