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Agreements and Vows; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 7, 2015 12:30 pm

Agreements and Vows; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many why feels more like a losing something, request no blood there is a warning.

You are one week away from Valentine's Day one week that you have seven days. Don't wait six days and go get something your one week away so you pay attention in market under counter whatever you gotta do. Butů But there on the show today were not talking about Valentine's Day. We are actually continuing the conversation about the spiritual warfare in with us today.

We have a special guest. I get the privilege of going about it with my wife Heidi on the phone I Heidi and she can help share some of the perspective from a woman's perspective on a topic today and we have the Valentinian studio rubbing Dennis couldn't be with us this week ahead of other commitments but to continue talking about spiritual warfare now. Last week we talked about miscommunication obit in Rio yes we did.

Then we also talked about how that went into really attacking that other person's character, for lack of better term on how we saw each other and we some really good clips. If you missed it. It was probably the funnier clips. We had the Knights of clips. We had three really good data collected through a really good clips and this week were moving on to another ploy of the enemy. And it's it's called agreements and vows and just because I don't enunciate well it's not vowel like a BAE IOU. It's Val like BMW and what does that really mean and so how's we start to kick that office. This something that you heard often in church that now that I've heard Val before I said right but it is in Scripture and places yet immigrant can't talk about that obit set up room to talk about this concept in an agreement and agreement is a mutual understanding that you enter into with somebody with 1/3 party with another person or another thing we could say gave us the is a dissent gave us the the definition of the act of agreeing coming to a mutual arrangement, a contract or other document delineating such an arrangement, a contract of any you know what contracts are you heard that term before authorizing you to contact a serious thing is very serious and is it serious in a lot of ways and it serious here, but listen to a clip here in a second or someone's made an agreement and they made an agreement. As a young child, but they really don't understand the effects of that until they're fully an adult and so it's from the movie the kid played a couple times before. For me it's absolutely the most painful clip just about we ever play will talk about that obit would come back as you will see the movie Disney movie it's family-friendly. It's an incredible story of this agreement. Impossibly Val here that gets broken.

As we talked through this, but also the journey of a man goes through, you know, and in the actual movie Bruce Willis's character is back in time to his childhood to help himself through the difficult times share wisdom with in the process. Answer understands himself better right and so he's made this vow.

The first part of the clip he is made this this this vow I'm never going to cry right because his dad said don't cry grow up in any said your Killinger, and so that was the final cry I don't make a mess and nobody gets hurt and implies timing of the rut be a man. Don't cry, and so eager to see Bruce Willis's character as an adult through this movie just been really hard is just a hard man.

It is almost like his dad was to him when he went when his mother would not write in and through this they go back and as they discover where that Val was made and it gets broken right right then the tears are able to flow form and so it's really powerful movie and I know that's one that's it's hard for me to watch and I feel as I said before I fill at times in my life. I was especially younger parent. I was very much like that dad, you know, I think a lot of that was driven out of fear is driven out of uncertainty that I get to redeem it later today little bit I get to do a project with my youngest son for her school to do next week and right.

Then he told me about a week ahead of time and organ work work on a wood project that's really pretty cool no screws involved So it should be really should be really fun as you talk about this topic of agreements.

How does agreement come about out when were talking about an agreement with the enemy wants that really mean what's it look like in similar to the kid. The agreement is something that happens and so he makes an agreement with himself or the enemy that if I don't cry and I do everything perfect and bad things will happen and so by shutting off his emotions. In that case, you know, he has no empathy for anybody and he becomes the product of that agreement that that coldhearted ruthless emotional shut off me agreements do usually come from our childhood. Not always. They do come from her childhood with anyone ask you a question your own little bit older than a child writing ready for.

If I get Carol child that's right I'm going into my second child, second childhood and we talk pretty opening times that unite you're having trouble with your vision that you're losing your vision is that is and it would be easy for you and your position to make an agreement. Hey, I'm waiting for them losing my sight. I just can't do anything yet. It would be easy for a lot of people. I guess in. Probably we would look at it as that would be a normal decision but it's not for me and I'm so thankful that I restated for the biggest part of my file is that my wife is blind to know and also hot appearing my file now is stay strong to get about my problem because I need to take care of and it becomes a thing like natural I think about me going blind Sam at all at all and almost people just break up justifiably but it doesn't bother me. Something will happen when that day comes, opus Jeff away and not to confuse people to different types of vows in the wedding vows which are good vows aroused in a with with God that are good.

You know that you have a covenant with God. But these are these are vows you make with the enemy right it's something that he's convinced you and you say I'm example I'm never gonna open my heart up again. You have been hurt by too many people never gonna open my heart up again and Heidi we got a couple minutes for get a break then would ask if the quick question what are some of the agreements. The enemy tries to get women to make the on and on and I think where Don came down the enemy wants to get you to agree to the you know I'm not the way God created me to be many attacks the things in you the beauty that you talked about he talks about Denny attack. Sometimes your ability to be creative into birth things, not just kids, but the birth things. I think there are dark or and how I get out and I want to keep going and that kind of situation right now looked at me confused. I said something I wasn't talking about like an alien was the two timbers you know something of beauty to create a thinking on with the way and I don't know nothing about birth and that's a good now what some of the agreements, many wants me agreements. He thinks it that the enemy tries to get men to make what you know for me. Abandonment was a big one because there were dynamics in my family where everybody went off and did their thing and I was home alone. Not that I was in danger, but it was just a struggle and so that abandonment is that everybody was he leave me at some point rights agreement.

As you know, I don't know when it's going to happen, but what is going ahead of going to happen at some point. Watch for the signs for me. The agreement was abandonment but not a priority and some that stems back to some of the relationship with me and my dad we love each other but he was is not there for me much, and never felt like what I had going on was ever important, and when we come back and talk a bit more about that but Roscoe talked with Heidi about how that's really affected our marriage is a baggage we bring in affects everybody to listen to mask underneath like more information go to mass injury You can check out some of the blogs there. You can look at some of the past shows we had. You can download those listen to. Looking back, it's dangerous is the way to shopping. It's a matter of being when you visit the grocery store shopping cart. Make sure to put it away to the store to the designated spot cards. Think about it save cars for possible damage to employees a lot of hassle it may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference in leaving your keys in the ignition is open and the patient will car thief Rusty away.

Sometimes I don't bother to check inside will protect you arrive.

If you know something about a car theft, call us at one 800 tell NiCd good dog, a public service message from the National insurance crime Bureau is welcome back to mask talking about agreements vows to work for the enemy as he tries to derail us in life things we left off with was talking about an agreement that I made somewhere as a kid that I was just not a priority and had nothing to do with being a loving family was very blessed to be in a loving family that I have had a father that what he had going on always seem to be more important than anything I had going on, and so I broadened our marriage. This this perspective that you know I'm just not a priority in and that that really did well forced and Heidi when I do great things are brought in.

So how does that really can impact you.

You free reign here meaning is it very much out in the open, but that really impact you. For me to have that that that agreement that you know honestly I still battle. At times, but how does that really impact you, especially in the early years. I provide content play your number line that you not really failing. I went to think that maybe I needed it because I always needed to make sure that you are okay with whatever that may be, you know that's that's hard here. That's the truth is the truth of the situation and part of that.

Also didn't lead to make you feel like when I fail I can do this I and that might work anyway that I was a failure and I let them get a not been that got me to believe my that you're right, you are going to fail.

It never gonna be like the back rally technique that might including sometimes you would withdraw.

You just have to and then when you withdrew my perception was I'm not a priority. They were back at this vicious circle just so that I can be clear-cut and how that played out how petty it can really be used to get so frustrated when I come home from work and Heidi would be on the phone and not get off the phone when I came in. It was almost as expectation one home now so I should be the priority and I know you remember some of those conversations early. Some of those looks that sense of the confetti didn't fall in the market and didn't stop with Sam Amo back when I went on which I don't do well with that II startle easy now. I know that this were talking a bit before the show. This is something that sounded somewhat familiar to you it it did.

It really struck a chord because I always felt like there is going to be in abandonment. I was always looking for the signs and when you started talking about that it did help me understand that I was looking for that where I wasn't the priority in. So then I was doing the same thing and Heidi when you were talking my wife is expressing different aspects of it, but it's interesting because I can see what you were saying about how it made you feel played out. My wife not so let me ask you question knowing that I've done that and in that week.

My wife and I been working through that you ever been married 17 years waterways you guys can help a woman through her agreements and note not pushes agreements on a woman is baggage on on the wife telling her story and why agreement she had made, and fortunately that's really hard.

A lot of that. I think I died.

I was really good at withdrawing and it was very hard for me to want to share that thing because I went that Sheriff I had a Thanksgiving at their light there. You have to create for your spouse on either side of the coin in today's world we need to define safe place little bit you seal the TV ads are running and there's really some situations and not safe places. Not it's not over talk about, but it's truly a safe place with your heart is that trampled on not come back and bite you in later on, knowing I might not gonna make it out later and backfires on fuel for an argument the future right through question to you know what are some ways it Heidi is giving you a safe place and it helped you through that but I think it's Heidi's always been compassionate person she is just a big heart and not just saying that because she's on the line. It's Valentine's Day and weak. I'm saying it because it's true that she says is this compassion in her. That's amazing. So for me it was was never a factor feeling like I had a safe place. It was more no learning how to try to create a safe place and I was my my anger meter is 0 to 60 very quickly and I think it's getting older and that helps kissing nothings as quick as it used to be, but it I think it's maturity as well. That's gotten better, but you anger a lot of times is my first response. Heidi can tell you when they would surprise me. I can laugh about it that I Heidi is usually the yeah yeah it is good to see if my heart was still really working the way that it should video you had something you want to talk about yeah listen to you guys and it's amazing I got to keep going back to the age thing you know, when I was first married and I was 22 and was totally different than what it is today, and what is expected from a white children and a husband.

I came home my wife just follow openly because the man was considered the breadwinner he was out working on. So when he came home all the attention was given to me.

I knew just, you know that's the way it was and not only your home next to lock the house it we always outweigh, but times have changed. I don't know if I like the wicked is now compared to that. I didn't take advantage of, wasn't taken advantage as was made that he alone is tall. I had kind of stuff different in the 40s note was totally different. Marriage was in the next. It's the difference between the father knows best. If you are writing a good look at it and married with children) totally different dynamics. You know, I think we think of iron sharpens iron as being a guy with a guy, but I'm hearing that from you and Heidi that you do that. I know my wife and I have done that I have. I grew up where I was the prosecutor looking for the death penalty in every argument. My wife is always been you get the benefit of the doubt.

No matter what it is to give you the benefit of the doubt in over the years she's made me a better man because I seen it happen and I appreciate it so much that after five and years of it. I started to catch on the real quickly to a clip there be a couple of my like to get in the room only Jim Daly at one of a man to play if it's from a movie called trouble with the curve and really what that is.

It is a movie about a father and a daughter.

It seems to be about baseball, but it's really not baseball, just the backdrop and spent a foot father and daughter's relationship where he in her mind abandon her. And she's really rough on them and she says some pretty tough things to him out of her agreements of I wasn't. It was my fault my dad left and later she finds out that there was more to the story but this is the part where he kind of explains the rest of the story and want to play that for you that horse in the trailer place form in the big leagues and I realize you find panicking sure only six years old. I can't wait for the police to arrest me.

Since you failed mother. Your before you have to understand can you understand that use anyway protecting me with rejecting me working really hard to not let anyone else get as you hear that it is abruptly but as you get to hear what we've been talking about the last couple weeks is some element of misunderstanding or miscommunication. There's the not believe that the others heart is good right right and they're both living with some agreements and some valves are an egg is back to what we said last week about communication. Now here's a guy. His wife dies is one of his agreements. I can't do this alone.

I am not good enough man to do this alone, and then the daughter is that it's all her fault that you know she actually struggled with no I think you know what I'm saying she she could get past either because how do you move past you dad dropping off your your your uncle your answer. Then again, leaving again when you're 13, which is rest the story. If you watch that movie.

It is a really good movie. There are some harsh harsh language and its Clint Eastwood movie and so the hard part was editing the clip to get that all taken out but is been talking through this what you think about asking God for saying what I do here. Father need to father me in this specifically asked the Holy Spirit's Holy Spirit come in and help me to find those agreements help me to find those valves and answers, asked Jesus to come in and help you break those claim his blood came across claim the death and resurrection power over the enemy as you have that you have God right on the backside of father you through the next stage and take you to the truth of who you really are preset to next week's topic really talk about how the enemy attacks your identity. Thank you. Listen to mask injury. Thank you Heidi for being on the show. We invite you back next week.

Have a good week

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