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Relationship vs Ritual; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 21, 2015 12:30 pm

Relationship vs Ritual; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many losing hand. One feels more like a losing battle when something done here, request no welcome to day. We are on an adventure and adventure to try to discover what's the difference between ritual and relationship on posting the day rubbing his Bobby Gilmore friend Sam is actually recovering from surgery right this very moment, so our prayers are out for him we missed him and we won't pick on them since we know is in the hospital at the sacraments will be hard but relationship versus ritual or ritual versus relationship on the show with us today. We have a man that certainly has experienced many many many many church rituals and over 80 years as coming up Catholic in the right downtown Manhattan New York you got an opportunity to see some of that is a young man that there was my Type admitting old time every time I went to church like a spot in the didn't appreciate it at that time like a target inside people I rather be playing stickball outside the go to church. But I'm talking about one before I 10 years old, but no, I realize as I got older that there is a real meaning to the church and of the sanctuary and what I called the quietness of the attention because the priest was talking about what God was saying. As time went by I just listened more and more, and now I II can't live without the church and the priest. There's more to it and get smacked in the head. How ideological is making a bolt organ to jump right in with the clip where young man Simon Birch is actually he's getting smacked upside the head. Now I'll let you set this clip up. Well he was in church and he was the easy kid that has a real personal relationship in he's in the church and he's questioning some of the rituals in his got really involved in the rituals and so he gets called called out by the Sunday school teacher and then somebody recognizes his relationship it comes to his rescue out or leave it that I signed when you can just sit there and think until you apologize to forever how are you ready to apologize. He's thinking about it. What you think you're doing sitting in the corner thinking about God and corner floor can hear the text in quiet course church today on here and you speaking out of turn, disrupting the class telling God's special plan for you and we children he would frighten Simon Birch child has more faith in you and now you know when you see that movie Simon Birch. There's this young boy you is born different than everybody else's.

What about 1/4 the size and that teaching special-needs Sunday school class.

I can relate to Simon that that is he's in a different place, but he has a very unique faith, a very real faith and interestingly, when they describe the Sunday school teacher.

This teaching this class.

In the movie. I say this lady was. Not very happy with life right now and when you think about the feet fitted with the gospel of peace that were supposed put on the full armor that you know that you know happiness and good news kinda come together in whatever and when you see that scowl. That's not feeling like church or or not feeling like wow this lady is really get a lot out of her relationship with her, but she had a flannel graph.

That's a situation and it's in its part of the structure that comes with it, but over the years, go back to Vinnie now your ear you little Simon yeah it's a little venting only singer hairdo.

That clip made me remember sister Roseanne: lame was she unhappy all the she took it out on us. But in a good way. I guess it's kind of neat for me to see the journey that Vinnie's been through all these years, so he he obviously got a chance to experience sister.

What was Roseann sister Roseanne and and that side of things, but then there's another part of church that comes with the relationship with other people and we are talking about the old hands sign that you know you are.

You go this is the church and you would fold your fingers together and this is the steeple and you open it up and you see all the people.

Of course get to wiggle your fingers and if you look at, like me, that's really really fun we had this pastor that taught it this way, that when you opened it up and you start wiggling around your fingers.

You say here. This is the church meeting the people inside. That's the church and here's the steeple that the church is actually B's fingers in a way going around again.

Still fun for me and so when you began to take part in the Knights of Columbus and bring this group of men together in a common cause to help people that were needy, and in whatever something changed for you and your involvement in church) oh yeah well it actually is because your group of men through the church, mostly through the church. You knew who was in want and who is in need, and we dedicated our lives to helping these people you know the meaning there was no discussing it in the weather was money house mortgage is a whatever we just did it wasn't special to us what you do and I tell you inside you know going to Europe when I went to church in Sicily where I come from totally different than what I was used to. You see these kids dressed up in that's all they talk about all week their grandparents and mothers talking about church Sunday. They played, they were normal blowing against the Sunday they were absolutely gorgeous. Listen to this thing and everything that that's a whole different thing and that there's there's different parts to this relationship part of the relationship the church is that body of believers and the relationship or community that happens when they get together and so Dennis you pick this church clip which is called hope it church if you could set that up for us real quick. Mostly it was actually from a movie called not easily broken.

That was a book I believe that TD Jakes wrote that a lot of people are familiar with you.

That is was about this couple married couple that were actually going through a lot of difficulties challenges in their lives. I'm sure a lot of you out there that are husbands and/or husbands and wives know exactly what were talking about and think it's in church one Sunday and he starts reflecting on back home when he was younger and what church really meant to him.

He said come to me all US Harleysville church is like twisted people go to get well needs. Whenever I went to church for all.

So you hear two things there guys you hear him talking about the relationship. Jesus come to me that straight from Scripture come to me all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest to the pastors talking right off about that relationship with Jesus which is a big part of what were trying to speak to you today in but he's harkening back to when he come came in the church went and he remembered church being that way.

It was a place you came in for hope. It was a place you came to for healing.

This is an altar call the wife and the husband get up and they're heading to the altar.

Don't think he's been in church for a long time but it's a place where he comes and they're all in community and the other thing that we were talking about Robbie while ago with the urban African-American church, but most folks show community a lot in and how they they speak to each other they open themselves up to each other's to what's going on in their lives and they were there for that purpose and nanoscale day if that's one of my favorite memories of churches when me brought me by ambulance from ash fill over to Baptist Hospital in the middle of the night in the context of our Sunday school class. I was, so I got there about two in the morning and there's probably about 60 or 70 people from our Sunday school class that were there when I arrived they been praying for me and as I had been crushed by the Jeep and I just finished my chemotherapy. And so it was a kind of crisis sleep for my wife. I was on joints, morphing the time. I never ever forget what the nurse that she looked at me and she goes, you must go to that Calvary Baptist Church and I said you know I go to Calvary Baptist Church. He says when you guys show up, you bring a crowd and that's what were talking about that part of community that when you open it up and you see all the people that's that's the churchman and that's that's something that certainly spoke to me at an continues to speak to me about what church is. And I see that people have that in their life now we've got some really cool music from your that might take you right off your see what I want. But there's another part of this relationship.

Besides the relationship that we have with other believers were given given that we have so much more. Vinnie Menino coming your way so you know what you want to stay can remember masculine journey.OIG press splintering on Facebook multiple sclerosis destroys connection so it's only fitting the connection would be its greatest enemy because connection takes away MSs ability to isolate as more connections born wind up with more knowledge or resources or understanding more ideas and more, and then connections we make become more powerful than the connections MS destroys MS kills connection kills MS you know MS sometimes it's important. Sometimes it's urgent. Sometimes it's vital hospital treatment within one hour of the stroke can prevent lifelong disability. If you notice someone experiencing sudden weakness on one side having a problem speaking, walking or seeing call 911 fast stroke.

Know the signs act in time a message from the national Institute of neurological disorders and stroke body write about 1989 I think when in doubt about that time when that song came out, not about that at all qualified don't remember and remember it's not about that at all. But you know what I thought about when I heard those lyrics was given some to talk about is in the church that you know if we want to show people out here something guys that are listening, ladies are listening that are part of the church Jesus shown Jesus in your in your in your words as you see, this is St. Francis where he said you know, gaunt, going to all the world and preach the gospel and use words when necessary shown that the sentence given some to talk about besides all the other stuff they want talk about is horse church is concerned. Show them that love and relationship that really is what church is all about and you know that speaks to exactly what Jesus said that you have. This is how they'll know you that you love one another.

So to give some to talk about talk about that about that you think you might want what you think it will. The Knights of Columbus is all about what you describe. It is one of the biggest organizations that there is in the most generous to put a plug in Robbie and they do such great work when you know when I walk into a church. Naturally, if you're by yourself so quiet and I feel in are you talking about is a steeply the people I am totally totally at ease and I could hear a pin drop. And I look up at the Lord and whatever Rumsey praying for. I know you listen to me. I know he's listening to me and a lot of people go to church and it's over 300 people on whatever it is little busy taking care of the children on yelling that there husband because he sleep and something no, but I think it's just wonderful to be that there is a God, right there. And interestingly person working ago really uniqueness in Robbie where you don't want to.

It was the Catholic Church that Luther was hanging out in originally, Martin where he was trying to get that relationship in the cool thing that I see this comes as I know Vinnie is relationship with the Lord, and you can see it there in his experience in church. It According this case, catheters in which EP practices get to go to the Methodist Church. We also go to the Catholic sometimes, but set up disk this clip with Martin Luther out. You got for.

I had to see this movie because I grew up in the Lutheran Church and I want to know more about the guy, but in this clip he's just given holy sacrament. He spilled the wine as he lifted up to pray and afterwards he spoke to his father, who just ripped in apart for his image is not cut the mustard and so he's back in his room and this is when the priest comes to comfort and listen to what he sees, arguing the debt with the devil. At first, hard here. He's yelling at the devil give the devil a hard time and listen to how the priest goes after his heart the kind of God.

He wants to hot yourself is 5000 years of this he knows a little weak spots. I'm sorry about today not to school you might seem to be increased in two years is never to confess anything remotely interesting to anything self-hatred save you just tainted by sin's faults. This righteous judge's threatening us with the fries I know, I know I'm evil to think evil just not honest you angry with God. What is it you see God speak to Christ find yourself Christ and you know God's I'm yours safely is remarkable clip when you think of the context of this is this is not any Martin Luther.

This is the market. This is Martin and he is being comforted by you know the classic Catholic priest and and and you see this picture, but what this priest is actually helping him to get the point where he can find that God that he so seeks desperately and now can you take us to the moment where you were there where you want to bet God that was it would give you mercy that was that for you that you could have that kind of love relationship with God. You know it's funny, I was before I had that I was talking to some friends that were five point Calvinists there like Alcott's not as judgmental as you think.

I was thinking what, but it wasn't to three weeks later I was at a boot camp and Todd Clark. I'd heard the wound talk and then I heard the father by God, and he was talking about a relationship with his father use the term father. He talked about on his way home he would tell him about his day, telling jokes, the herd there was been pretty clean.

If you telling your father and tell about the kids and you tell him about problems and I thought you did this guy is a complete loon or he's got something I need desperately. And so I went out after that talk I chased him down at Chase. Todd felt like we talked for 20, 30 minutes because I had to know more before I had the guts to try to do it and I went to in an acid father.

I'm here to serve you. How can I serve you and I just felt this arm it when I said spiritually just blanket me and Sam to wait for you to come to me, is my son and I broke down right then just in prayer because I understood you know what Matthew seven is talking about when when he's talking about. You can, and I've been to churches that are both ways you can go out and prophesy you can go out in numeric perform miracles.

You can cast out demons, but when the day comes, you want to get in the gates of heaven.

If you don't have a relationship with me where we we make an encounter I don't know you because we don't have a relationship. Robbie, that sounds pretty passionate here. You're right and I when I was doing research for this show.

I came across this clip that I was so impressed with what the spoke to my heart that actually send it to my wife and my daughters and my son to say at this is it. Can you imagine having this kind of love for another person. Which is to see the face of God, but more importantly, actually, would be to have this kind of love relationship that I would hope to have with my Savior love to crazy by the guy's mind is aggressive communications 21st-century that's for me.

I'm talking about you know what you say is what you don't say only an ounce of excitement whisper through little I want you to get swept away onto the levitate scene with rapture dance like a dervish, deliriously happy receiving several I know it's a cornball thing but love is passion of session by saying he was going to love you like crazy in the same way that you find that you as the truth is is no sense living your life without this to make that you not fall deeply in love, but you have to try this if you have signed what was clip for me. Honestly, I know the guy who lives from his heart like that who loved a woman like her love and had two wives like that and now has a love for his Savior like that and that's what life is all about and can you know what more could we want for our families to have that kind of passion to have that kind of love that you experience through Rita through Nancy and now through your Savior that you speak to at night and I know I would. I would love to know your thoughts is that I know. That's the first time you ever heard that the first time I've seen it so emotional I know you love me.

Robbie, as I love you but you know what came to my mind when I heard the I may have said it one time or another on the show and construction. We will renovate the priest's house. Then at that point I was about 16, 17, I had a lot of questions about God. And when I asked Mrs. how could this man could that be, and I never forgot what he told me and it's coming back to me again this is not for you to question.

It's for you to believe is so much in that no one is everybody here. I don't know your people out there know it I'm blind in one eye and virtually blind in the other like I just love my life and I bestseller to God every night and it gets me through the night and the next day. Please, please give yourself to God willing select I surmise for an absolutely.

I hear that and I think I know what prayer would be for everyone listening right now to have that kind of relationship with the Lord that, relationship with a spouse. That's what lies for or that kind of relationship with your fellow church master check us out on Facebook. Thank you so much

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