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The Code That Men Live By; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 13, 2015 12:30 pm

The Code That Men Live By; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore

Jesus many losing hand. One feels more like a losing battle when something last night and now welcome the journey we are glad you're with us today say that every especially glad to talk about a topic that I don't think people often openly think about as much as this is something that's wired and under some degree and for going on that we have a room full. We have a right here and it's your way back or hi Dennis, good to hear. Say hi there you and Alan Bennion and Robbie were all here today were to be talking about the code that men live by, so if you had a look in the mirror and ask yourself what's the code that I live by. Have you ever done that if he did, what did you say if you haven't, what you think you would say it's over and try to help you along with that as we talk about this topic today. Robbie, you had a lot of time this week to think about this topic and you know everything you doing anyway are you well.

The cool thing is actually in the intro there said that if I keep to the show today. It says what is worth dying for. So where do you draw the line in the in in what is in your own sense but as a listener is myself. You know what is it that where I absolutely draw the line.

This is worth dying for, and we have a really cool show. From my standpoint because we have somebody that lived a certain code that not everybody has had a chance to get all that familiar with and that was kind of the code on the docks in New York City back in the 30s and 40s and 50s that the movie on the waterfront was kinda made after and so we're doing you some clips from that movie and in kind of this see what's inside that code and hopefully unlock some understanding of what may be the code inside you and me was a cool thing is good to listen to today and participated in with this is is listen to Vinnie tell some stories a little bit about this we watch a movie like on the waterfront in middle haven't seen the whole thing to try to watch it too late and fell asleep with the parts that I did see that have any kinda given little breakdown of that is really pretty cool video of you this movie are very familiar with right it's it's something that is more than moving to you, so there was kind like a documentary and all yes and I lived good but I don't hope for was the good part of their plot, but that's the way it was when I was a young man that docs shaping up unions Irish fight battalions, you know, just it was a way of life and you just didn't break that code. The code for the Italian people as you do it. I tag otherwise I'll break your legs the Irish. It was light them to go to church and fight them, and that's what this movie was really about, you know, actually was a very powerful movie. Those of you that were outdated saw the movie it was really a life story of a Fido bracket Castellano and you know, as I don't know if I should jump ahead on all four is a part they will and he says I could have been a contender. It's only because they used no gave him fighters that took a dive. As we would call it you know they would bet money against their own brothers, which in this movie that's exactly what happened, Marlon Brando and his brother as he says that go on you hear from the tapes what I'm talking about, but it is a lot at stake in this clip they were in apply organ play garment and you probably heard the Norma contender thing again. Watched VRAM a great movie ride at universal start, but wanted Disney World like camping name Universal Studios if you go into that any government you say that you know I could've been a contender. Everybody's that line but there was a lot at stake in that clip that literally his brother was outlining some criteria that if he didn't take it. Marlon Brando himself, his character Terry was going to die or Charlie was given directly exactly. And so as we listen this clip from a very classic movie realize that this is a life-and-death struggle.

It's going to brothers right it's Terrien and Charlie boss Lotus live it's open on the new casino.

It pays six cents every hundred thousand 300 sickos out you have to lift a finger to $300 a week $400 a week just video I get all at though, for not doing you don't do anything you don't say anything understand more and you're thinking of testifying against some people that we might know how much she weighs 168 11 managing that was show them at night and gotten came night price on Wilson member is what happens when I get you what you should Be just a little bit so short money money in this class. Somebody I am so Vinnie. There's a clear situation there. You understand that movie better than anybody, but I know that if Marlon Brando's character Terry doesn't take this job on the docks and he goes on and testifies in their lives that that was sent simply they are drawing that line. What's worth dying for, and so as you see that interchange between his brothers.

What was work time jump back to the beginning of the movie really understand it. There was a young fellow that was a friend of Terry and they had pigeons together. Terry was in the shoes of Marlon Brando when Marlon Brando sought to revolt against his brother, but they told this kid off the roof and killed him and now Terry wants a justify that what was right and what was wrong. The code Cannot shut everybody in the neighborhood knew what happened but nobody could talk, nobody would talk so we talk about the code and that was it and no one the brother happened to be on the wrong. Terry's brother happened to be on the wrong side of the code and no one. It affected Terry as he said I could've been something but he had no choice really have no choice.

You shape up on the dock and the foreman comes on picks out who he wants every day.

That is a message that everybody I'm picking these certain few guys that better workers.

Most of the time they get picked as they will be troublemakers anyway. Again I say there is a code there was a code and as I said before that was Castellano and he ended up getting killed and so they give these people think they grew up in these families.

Italian or whatever. And this is what I knew that I would be called a cheese eater and could end up as fish essentially right. If I went up against this system, but there's a really neat thing that happens inside this particular movie that I think speaks to a lot of people's lives. Maybe the nurse to some extent as there was a priest. I came into the picture, and there was a young lady and empty orchestra benefit. Yet when the priest was fighting the mobsters. The people that ran the docks because he knew that the young boy was merited and his sister couldn't do a thing about it because she was a girl and in them days know they didn't have nothing to say but stay home and take care of the dishes and this a long time ago now is that 30s and 40s, and that's every family was that way and there's a romance that starts up. Terry and the young girl she wants no part of it because she knows the truth and the priest is really the one that gets Terry all started up just a kid that they threw off the roof was his friend.

They had the pigeons together and you have it's sort of like a common story and then days there was the code of the Italians against the Irish.

The Irish against the Italian when it comes time to work on the docks.

They had to work together.

You know those hands the unions came in and took advantage of it. So the priest had a different standard right that he got probably from thinking that the easy answer.

Thanks attorney that the Sava there I can figure that one out in as I watched the little parts of movie I did one thing jumps out at me is more of Brando's character. They used him at the beginning that movie and he used throughout his life really is life, and so he had something in him that knew some of this wasn't right and in the priest kinda calls that out in his right ear because one of these does as he confronts the brother and I thought you were just going to talk to Annis about what we did talk to Kenneth how the claimant talk to Raymond and support what was going on in that context is you talked about night and really realized the scene parts of the movie was that the docks away. They were controlled was when things came and then there was a attacks put on those to wear people got money from everything, then they get money from everything going out to get money from the workers and there is lots of money to be had there, etc. by the behavior and talk about what drives your code thing underneath it says you know I it's bigger than the environment to manage bigger than the things that I've been exposed to what's down within me.

That just won't give in on to find out where that truly comes from in our heart.

Okay Sarah I'm dropping you Emily's and Josh are going to soccer right and by the way, when I think you will be wearing my short shorts, short trips doing the daddy dance your friends well I might change my mind if you buckle your seatbelts whatever it takes to keep them safe until he buckle a message from the National Highway traffic safety ministration in the buckle up. For more information. Sometimes it's important. Sometimes it's urgent. Sometimes it's vital hospital treatment within one hour of the stroke can prevent lifelong disability. If you notice someone experiencing sudden weakness on one side were having a problem speaking, walking or seeing call 911 fast stroke. Know the signs act in time a message from the national Institute of neurological disorders and stroke should be such an issue early only just so I say no you would like first keep claimant with that song songs encoded in it. I would always like now here I have got Vinnie right here and now you know what is he talking about. Well, I know you know, sorry I didn't feel the been Mack the knife was a real guy. Okay name was McKenzie and will just leave it at that thing about this McKenzie who used the knife ready as you say he was not a butcher in the traditional Dennis forget that because you need a great job with bringing the intro music and so it's always a good thing to see. Were you going to go with the topic. Thank you and I never listen to that song in Isaac Unitas that it was a actual pocketknife that was the deepest I ever got it. I thought for a long time but I realize there's a code in there and I would just like to know and I can now Vinnie knows more than me selling in others a code that you're supposed to keep quiet on certain things that you never talk little bit earlier you were anybody seen Mickey Mouse yeah good this is about being raised in New York in that time era. I can't help it but being raised in the argument time era that was kind of the norm exactly into it okay to have these norms that we have in our life, regardless where we were raised.

There's a human environmental norm. That's over talk about that. Sometimes that that code runs even deeper than that. And if for you. There is money came in your life a long way to help you discover that deeper code for you, wasn't her. Oh yeah talking about finding God.

Well, I think I said this story many many times it was when I lost my life and that was the very first time in high school.

Upon so that I would change my ways because I wasn't such a nice fella. I mean, I don't mean thoughts are. I just wasn't a nice fella and I changed and I kept my promise to Robbie knows that because I was to go into his place of business to solicit money for and he would got to the pilot was sent. What are you doing now I'm building a church and how he says you doing what yet.

It was a lot of things I totally dedicated my whole life to God. At that time. That's the first time, but now finding him again and it makes me happy to think about, you know that he's still in my life. I didn't find them. Another time he's reappeared in a big way and that's with my problem with my highest my wife, having no idea what with due I would go to bed at night time to say well you know he's up there, you know, in the ceiling in this room, just talk to him and he'll make us feel better. That's what we do. We talk to God. Sometimes I get a little testy with them, but you and I figured he knows me by now and take it an obstacle about that as I listen to Rick today. I was visiting with my hundred and three-year-old from the spec at the nursing home and she said to me you know Robbie sometimes such a privilege to be able to speak to God when you can't reach anything else you can always reach heaven.

I thought wow is profound for hundred three-year-old lady when you can't reach anything else you can always reach heaven. That's phenomenal thing.

I see that in Vinnie's life and I see the similarity between the Eva Marie St. character that calls out Marlon Brando and and Rita calling out Vinnie and in his life, and finding himself in God we have another clip is from a movie called the big as it salesman all my life when I heard this clip.

I was thinking a lot about some codes that I built up under so this this clip, speaks for itself. Danny DeVito, another New York into an honest man.

I believe somewhere down deep inside of you is something strives to be honest, the question you have to ask yourself is has he touched the whole of my life is that means that you preaching Jesus is no different than Larry or anybody else preaching lubricants doesn't matter with you selling Jesus or Buddha or civil rights or how to make money in real estate with no money down at this make you a human being, make sure marketing rep if you want to talk to somebody. Honestly, as a human being asked about his kids. Find out what his dreams are just to find out for no other reason, because as soon as you lay your hands on the conversation to steering is not a conversation.

It's a pitch and you're not a human being, your marketing forgive me if I respectfully disagree with talking before about character you are asking me about character. We were speaking of faces, but the question is much deeper than the question is do you have any character at all and if you want my honest opinion.

Bob, you do not, for the simple reason that you don't regret anything saying I won't have any character as I do something I regret. No Bob I'm sitting there very done plenty things to regret. You just don't know what they are is when he discovered when you see the folly and something you've done and you wish you had to do over, but you know you can't because it's too late.

I got to tell you that there there were two gigantic things it that Danny DeVito brings out and that clip about code that for salesman. Some of it grew up in the car business and was taught how to say you know we had a hold pitch. Believe me, after stood, I knew the pitch, but at some point the difference between what I would consider a real car salesman and a pitch man was that person that actually went from I gotta steer this conversation into let me try to understand how I can at the bottom level of the situation, try to help this customer and will now make that transition our God took me there actually through the Bible you know that the greatest among you will become the servant of you all when I understood that my job was not to pitch people or to steer them but really to truly find out how I could serve then you actually become what Danny DeVito pointed out that and then came the second part of what he talked about the regrets and how many things are in my life on all sorts of levels that I never thought about those things. Those broken places in my life. Give me character if I didn't see those and realized I needed Christ in order to get past those you know you there's no need to have Christ if you don't see your regrets and so in there is another code for me that there was a place worth dying for.

That was Christ that when I came to that point in my life for what it really understand what regrets were and things that I could not get past that there would be Christ who drew the line in the sand and said this is worth dying for any and Sam you this this is while this is me just this week you people out there. We talk a lot before we come. Doing the show and they all know that I'm sort of strange for my daughter. My youngest daughter and she called me up to speak and crying. She's 57, 58-year-old woman while my brothers and my friends they have been right all along.

I have been stubborn.

I listen to and I was talking to a 10-year-old kid my and she said to me that he please don't go. I I don't know what I would do without you; the Senate who were about after so many years of being hurtful to each other words and non-doings. God found it in her to say daddy I love you. Please, don't do like I thank them as I don't want to buy. I got a 10-year-old daughter to race. I'm sorry enough that you people out there, but these guys overhear my brothers did like my children and we we speak openly and honestly with each other. That's what makes this show so good, that is the masculine journey and they know mind. Anyway, Robbie. You've been right all along. I got my daughter back and I got Teresa. Thus, the way I feel in those regrets and you could hear it and it was building character and your daughter realizing there's something there that I need to see Christ for how else do I get past those regrets.

Sam, if I don't have it. It's funny that you know whether you think that your spiritual or not. It's hard to find anything that doesn't come right back Scripture if you want to live a life that's about integrity, we can get that that out of this can come from Scripture. All these things we talk about life. All these these books to come out that are secular in nature.

When you really feel it back religious teaching Christian principles on how to have a code in support of the challenges I give you guys this week and in the room is what's my code that I really live by where you take me to that next step in that code with you. We can walk in a deeper relationship, I can become more like you become more the man you may need to be thanked joiners

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