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Our Relationship with our Fathers; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 20, 2015 12:30 pm

Our Relationship with our Fathers; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus makes masculine life feels more like a losing battle than something less masculine journey.

It is in fact Father's Day. I'm so pumped the study.

I still think Father's Day is been my dad today. I don't always remember the weight, dad, it's common for me to live a special Father's Day. My daughter Taylor is going to take me out to eat in a couple of hours and spend some time together so that's always like Christmas before Christmas and head to the Internet. Well, today we have a studio Robbie Gilmore and we have my good friend Dennis Bredon and not with us today, far away.

Actually, on his way home now from Guatemala's our buddy Sam main you think it's guacamole in Guatemala.

You know that I never crossed, my wife and his wife and his kids. They all went on this medical mission trip and my wife kept sending me pictures back of the food she said this is the world's best guacamole ever or they should think this sounds like it ought to be everything to me look great except for the volcano, the active volcano 7 miles in the background but, the damper, this time to come home right now will. Today we have a great show because it's Father's Day Eve were to be talking about our father, our heavenly father and we were doing the show I start thinking you note my life with my heavenly father before I became father by God before we actually embrace that relationship or I embrace the relationship and then after the difference between and have you guys experience the drastic difference.

After the father by God in us, yeah, absolutely.

And it's still a work in progress very much so what how I look at my heavenly father at the relationship that we have on how it continues to grow. I'm learning how to have a relationship. By the relationship with my father.

Oh it's it's it's an ongoing journey with our father Robbie were to start off with your clips but I want to get your take on it and then I like it introduced the first clip I know it's not the same for everybody.

I had a phenomenal relationship with my earthly father and so is work as we think about the topic of the show. I was thinking of what was like lifelike with my earthly father which gave me a picture of what my heavenly father would be as he began to father me and so we are to put a clip from the river and through it. It actually is a come combination of three different parts of that movie that I put together into the fishing clip because for me. My father actually my great grandfather had taken my father fishing in early years, and so for my father to take me fishing was like bringing him back to his grandfather taking him fishing and so this was like the ultimate picture of the Fellowship of heaven was to go fishing with your dad and so when you hear the relationship there's three people here, which is purposely an illustration of God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. And as you listen to these three characters owner. If you can identify which one you think is with us. I then saw something remarks. The first time all broke free of our father's instruction into a rhythm all his own, say, the Lord is blessed us all today just my that moment I knew surely and clearly that I was witnessing perfection. You will find this one.

My brother stood before us, not a bank suspended above the earth, free from all its laws like a work of art. Okay Robbie, I absolutely love this clip and I did talk about this specifically because I wanted to share with you but one of the most cherished times my life was always been fishing and that was always a time where I really felt at peace and one with everything and always wanted to learn how to fly fish and then no I never had anybody around that knew how to fly fish.

I had a rod but I didn't how to use it.

So I go to a boot camp and so on fishing and I'm I'm at that moment of peace with my father. Heavenly father and this guy comes up and tries to help me finish and then he pulls out his fly rod and I put down my rod and I said you know he said arching fish in us and I learned a lot more about watching you fly fish because I've always wanted to learn then then fishing on my into not only did he teach me how to fly fish. He was my mentor and that when he took me fly fish in the very first pump granted. We caught this massive 3 inch trout. It was impossible not so fishing in Robbie and I have something that I hold very dear. It's one of those cherished memories always when I think of you.

That's the first thing because my mind when I think of Dennis, the first time we ever had a conversation was about fishing and he got on me to boot camp reasons why's were supposed to go out and have time with God, you're always going out there fishing death at your phone around but for me I was fishing with my father because my earthly father was not a fisherman all so for me when I heard that have a relationship with both you guys related. The flyfishing now Robbie is with his as you go through that what you note, think about this. Your great grandfather that was in the 1800s when he learned any pastel your father to pass it on to you and you passed on to countless others.

So there's a gift from your heavenly father that do that through your your radio shows in through your ministries.

Your costly passing something from both your father. What's that like yeah it's it's it's been an amazing thing that my earthly father will love to teach me. I guess because I'd love to learn and he would see me.

My eyes light up when he said okay this is how you try this not to get the this is where you throw the fly if you really want the fish to go after the and my delight in being interested in what my father was interested. Well that has been my relationship with my heavenly father that he's taken me through the Bible on the ultimate fishing trip to an extent. He'll throw the fly a certain way and then I go.

If you throw it like that, you're going to come back with an understanding of that passage and it it's been a similar journey for me and it's led to the actual neck next clip that I got to pick which was this passion for the word of God and passion for my relationship with God that for me.

There's a picture of life in this clip that I immediately as this first time ever heard it. I sent all my kids and I said this is it guys if you can get this relationship with God. This this is what life is for the so I'm couldn't be more excited. Al gave me a chance to play this clip again because I just think it's one of the best clips ever save hundreds what you don't say only as an ounce of excitement whisper through little I want you to get swept away onto the levitate. I sing with rapture that seconded fish deliriously happy receiving several okay I know it's a cornball thing but love is passion session by saying he was going to love you like crazy in the same way that you find to get you the truth is is no sense living your life without this to make the journey and not fall deeply in love, but you have to try this if you have tried you to check for a moment and my son got this thing from chick four years ago when obedience it was trusting those who lead you by doing what you're asked to do, but there something beyond obedience. It's absolute love where you're not doing it because you're beating you doing it because you love doing it with your father for your father you would mentioned Isaiah and how that was it just scary passage for your exterior chapter for you to go into what I can hear him saying that you Robbie read that again. I want you to find the passion and I want you to find the love in it because now when I hear you talk about Isaiah very many different passages you come out with that same passion. Now there's a really cool thing in Jeremiah 31 seven. That's the word Shema and that word Shema is is like you here like Jesus said he wears ears to hear live here.

And faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God but Shema is when the light comes on and you go oh wow, how cool is that.

And that's what the heavenly father does for me and passages as I as I go through those things and all of a sudden the light comes on and I see what it is they want and that passion that's that this that is describe their and my understanding of God is his big huge part of my journey and what I look forward to. So you know I was just when women Al gave me the opportunity to share another clip along those I the lives of lines of how I see my heavenly father, and of that clip just jump right out at me but your clip there's another story in and I know that everybody did. Now the relationship with her father and and so well your stories what is in work coming up on a break and we can do is right after the break.

What I want to say this, hearing your passion from your earthly father brings on the passion in me. I read it differently.

I read these words as though they were alive, not just black words like page, we come back we'll have will have our bump in music that I want to write a pay attention to.

We got a few more clips your listen to the masculine journey radio.

Now we've got a website that is out of this world. Masculine journey and we also have a Facebook page that we would love for you to come in and share ideas that maybe there's a show that you would like us to do.

Maybe you're like me and you're missing Vinnie Menino right this minute, you would love to hear more of Vinnie's stories from New York City pump that would work. You know it's all cool stuff. And if you go to our Facebook page, which is master journey radio Facebook or go to the Twitter page.

Anything lately love to hear what your thoughts are. Would love for you to get back the way will be right back. Let's go inside the mind of the 10-year-old earrings getting to the kids but it's your job to make sure they're wearing a seatbelt never told a buck a message from the National Highway traffic safety ministration in the Council but look for more information.

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MDA offers help line to way back to my childhood to bring out. I remember that I love that you yet came on in the early 70s the courtship of Eddie's father Bill Bixby.

Bill Bixby from my favorite Martian window is for that and then the and then the kid who whatever happened to him. Robbie the kid that played son. He, like so many young actors ended up okay. In his case is from a video. Here's the thing that struck me about that show and want to hear that song he came back. What a great relationship to have with your father, what an awesome relationship in you hear how he's talking it's really coming from the standpoint of the father talking the son you know mops my downs. My pride and joy. You know how he looks at his son induces son in that loving relationship. There were times I saw that show that I thought that would've been cool but was in.

That's a great point Dennis. You know they had that relationship where they were. There was a synergy. They were one father and son were there was trust. There was love.

There was joy but that's not the way it is for a lot of fathers and sons a lot of times you know the way we view our heavenly father is the way we view our earthly father and that can bring on some some struggles and outcome of the play clip and come back to you and let's talk about how that how that goes. This is from the Alamo. This is one of my all-time favorite favorite movies because John Wayne's and it and also plethora of other great actors. But let's listen to the military style way. It's just the short brief given the orders type of relationship we stand here with God. All 30 will just always volunteer yes you will do this, your heavenly father's test you with doing the dishes, get them done now and do an incredibly double job sir yes sir, it will come relationship is that you know certain amount of discipline is fine, but there's no there's no love in that relationship.

There's no you know it's pretty black-and-white.

There's no conversation in that relationship. There's no you know when I was younger my vision of God was, like that were general. You know was, like this was a guy sitting on the mountain that I had to mind my piece and cues.

Or I was going to get some trouble and I will think I'm alone.

I think there are other guys are listening today that probably go yeah that was my that was, my view of God and and how I was in my life. A lot of fear their lot, a lack of trust that type of relationship I was in the same situation in I think my closest relationship to that was from the military. You are only as good as your last job and your next job, your you're on the chopping block you know you go from hero to zero with your next task. But the thing I remember about the leaders in the military you got trouble, they were not easy. It was harsh and it was judgmental and was it was brutal.

But something happened for me it was it a boot camp. One of our masculine journey boot camp and good friend Todd Clark was talking about his relationship. He was talking about how he spoke to his heavenly father. On his way home from work. He told jokes that he heard. He told how the kids were doing and I thought either this guy's just flat out nuts or I need.

I gotta change the way I look at things I had to change that relationship.

So I pulled him aside and had talked his ear off and I made him tell me things and he was so kind and patient to sit down to do it but then I did something different and I went off and I didn't fish this time and I went to my heavenly father and I went to Massa father and had this it was my own perception as I close my eyes and praise, but was like a time of King Arthur that again this is just my mount my own mind, but I got down on one knee and I just cannot put a sword which was it in a sense, my faith, my knowledge of God, my Bible, not literally, my Bible, but it was on me as a warrior and I said father. How can I serve you and I didn't see it but I felt him rush down and put his arms around me me nemesis is feeling of oneness with this lease, and I've been waiting for you to come to me as a son and as I go through the Scriptures and I listen to in the synoptic Gospels. When you look at all the gospel side-by-side 66, 63 times that in each one of the Gospels were there all the same. He uses the word father in the book of John 100 times.

Jesus refers to God as father so there is no end in John 1460 says I am the way the truth and life. But Robbie well and wants to father. No one comes the father except through me. But the whole point is to get to the father. Note salvation is one of the most precious gifts we could ever get. And I'm not trying to minimize that.

But there's something better there something on the other side of salvation and that's restoration when we start to go to become the child. We were meant to be an owner Dennis perform come back to you want to play clip the kind of epitomizes how my relationship is with father now I can't kneel down in the middle of the highway and talk about my now Bruce, you have the divine spark gift for bringing joy. I know I created Dragon to see that's what I've talked that's the spark I want you to praise his Lord, feed the hungry and bring peace all of mankind.

If you want the Miss America.

What you really care what that means is I see. I love this clip that was from Bruce Almighty and this is where Bruce actually goes up and talks to God and what I love about it is he's not judging he's trying to bring out the real Bruce is trying to to bring out the authentic Bruce the humble, but confident, bold for his father and I love the fact that the girls name is Grace. I mean how cool is that that here he is talking about grace in but in this instant. It's it's not that he wants this girl to get him or for him to get the girl is that he wants the absolute best for her just like my heavenly father wants for me for Robbie for Sam for any and in for you Dennis as well. While there's there's intimacy in that conversation and that's what he was trying to bring out in him by going after his heart.

There's I just had the experience flat last night a couple nights ago that I was talking to guys about where I'm still learning how to have that conversation that count conversation with my heavenly father and sometimes it goes to what he started out with her at the beginning and then the father reminds me, just talk to me or just listen for a walk is certainly some things I want to share with you and it's this that intimacy of relationship that that transcends any doesn't Robbie just amazing and that is to you know it's good but I think you know how realistic is that what you really want and and Darren. A good friend of all of ours one time said to me, and I'll never ever forget it. He said you know, if you ask your kid what he wanted for Christmas and is well, just whatever you think would be good for me about was there answer there would be no joy in getting your son a birthday present, a Christmas present. But if your son told you what really made his heart come alive and that would be a and that God is in that same thing that when we pray, if we tell them what really what we want. At least we can have an authentic discussion. Can you imagine asking that question of your heavenly father, I which I read about recently, one of John Eldridge's books. What you have for me today father yeah yeah it what I love about that is what he has for you is challenge its push to the limits, but it's also joy and love.

Because this clip reminds me of something the Samoset before that when he's talking to God. God is his father is said something that made him laugh the discount I made fun of Sam and Sam bust out laughing because he knows seems hard and seems since humor you know as we get ready to wrap up the show. One thing I want everybody to realize your heavenly father loves you as a child as a father loves a child, but he wants you to love him back as a loving father.

He wants you to view him, not as a judge sitting on the throne. But what is a loving, intimate partner in your life father a friend, a mentor, everything is you go to your week start approaching him different start thinking thinking of him in a different manner. Thank you for joining us today we say how much we miss our brothers and with this you're missing the masking journey random, which is the Godfather part of any and happy Father's Day to all the gods yeah good good one. Happy Father's Day. Join us again masking journey 167 Facebook every week

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